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The protagonist does have a hard time, sometimes his own fault, but he also gets some consolation along the way. There is some sex here and there where the story demands it. Eight parts, all complete.

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Tammy starts working on her own android, Angelo, McKay makes a demand that takes Sam and Tammy by surprise, and he is even more surprised by their reaction... (-) Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes

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The first time I saw her, she was perched on a barstool on the tiniest little ass I have ever seen. She looks twelve or thirteen, but I found out later that she is a college sophomore, and nineteen. M


(To my other Lisa) After being gone for 5 days on a business trip I was ready to get home and relax. Unfortunately my flight was delayed and I wouldn't be home until well after bedtime. I'd phoned you

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Author Note: I thought and thought about this which is always a sign of naughty things to cum. So, here's the thing. I love and adore an actor who is thirty-five years older than me and he's married a

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Author's Note: I wrote this right after submitting Ch. 2 and I'm really happy with it. In Ch. 4 I'm including the scene that inspired me to write this whole thing. So look out for it! Thank you for th

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((Author's note: I have put Athene's adventures on the backburner for now, and will be focusing on this story for the time being. I do write the storyline out similarly to how my game ends up, minus s

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Author's Note: This book has instances of gross and horrid references. If murder, violence and horror are not your thing, you might just want to pass this one by. Thanks for reading me! ***** Gabe had

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I loved her. She was my Bunny, my fuck bunny, my partner in crime, my companion. There is not a day I don't think about her. I miss her humor and wit, and the honesty with which she spoke; I can still

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Please read "Jake's Tale" before reading this story, otherwise it won't make much sense. As in "Jake's Tale," I've changed the names and some of the places. I'm also writing in the first person based

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Finally... After 259 emails, over 2,000 minutes spent talking on webcam, more than 5,000 text messages and over 3,000 minutes spent talking over the phone; Leland was being fucked hard by his online b

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Note: I've read all the feedback and taken into consideration some of the comments made. Thank you all so much for enjoying this piece, it's really fun for me to write. I've never been with a lady lik

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This is based on a true event. It all started 12 years ago when they build a new medical centre near my place. That was the first time I met my doctor. He was very kind and friendly with me and we had

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Thanks to my editor Papakilo14 for catching my mistakes and my friend yozh4k for his help with the story when I was stuck. They made the story better and the mistakes are on me. ***** When the shit hi

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Chapter Fourteen Inspector Forbes examined the long thin blade between his fingers. "Ingenious," he murmured. "Where do you buy gadgets like these? Or perhaps you don't. You have them custom made." "I

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We sat against the window of the hardware store, her curled up under my arm, sobbing into my side. The night's breeze, cold against our thinly protected skin, only forced us to squeeze closer together

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For the first time in almost four years, Luke woke up next to a woman, feeling more sated than ever. He didn't know how long they slept, but it wouldn't have been long. When he drifted out of sleep, h

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In every generation, there are a few centaurs born with human traits that extend beyond the ordinary. Most of the time, they are born with the characteristics of a human being extending to the torso,

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"Dark Shadows": The Soap Opera, the Horror Show The original "Dark Shadows" was a unique TV phenomenon. A horror show in a soap opera format, the program was a marriage of as seemingly disparate genre

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Nicole and I had met for dinner that week. I guess you could call it our first date. It certainly was the first time we met just to spend time together, with no sex and no partying planned. We met at

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This is a work of fiction. No person in this story is based on or relates to any living person. However, although the concept of a clothing optional cruise and the tour itinerary are based loosely on

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As I said in the introduction to another of my stories, I'm no believer in a lot of mostly splashy anatomical detail in the romance section. And of course, all my characters are over 18. Most of them

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The door slammed shut behind Emma, the lock sliding quickly into place. She was trapped, thrown down into the darkness and left to rot away or so she hoped. The alternative tore at her sanity and drag

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Authors note: Hey guys sorry if this chapter took too long to come out I've been busy lately. So I tried my hardest to upload this for you, I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to comment feedback and be cr

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Thanks, as always, to my awesome team. PapaKilo14 is my editor. Hal cleans up after us with a second edit. My beta readers, Pixel the Cat (who knows even more about English than I do), OldDave1951 and


And that didn't change in the next months. As his body gained weight, it lost colour and stamina, though he tried to exercise as much as he could by running in place and doing push ups and other muscl

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Blake crouched down and swooped his arm under my legs, picking me up and carrying me to our bedroom; he kissed me the entire way. Blake put me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, kissing me in e


First of all, this is way different than any story I have previously written so please be warned. Please enjoy my submission for the Halloween Contest. It was inspired by many sources, from Edgar Alle

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I sit nervously in the waiting room of the office, staring at the floor and pulling my bottom lip, most likely ruining my lipstick. The receptionist with too much make-up chews her gum loudly, probabl

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