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For the girl I wished was mine He woke gently, not with a start as when torn from sleep by some loud noise or a bad dream. With eyes closed and mind in the hazy middle ground that allowed for consciou

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Author's Note: This is the final installment of Eviction. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Special thanks to the reader who requested this piece and worked


So here's another. It's a bit on the mainstream but at the same time not really. There's an editor I owe a lot to but I never quite got the name. I'll update this bit as soon as I find out. Get popcor

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Dinner was an experience in itself. Neither Hank or Lana had tasted Mediterranean food before. We had Humus and Pita bread for an appetizer. Tabbouleh salad, Beef and veggie kabobs and Baklava for des

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It was getting towards the end of her night shift. During the holiday period, they were always uneventful. You had to be there, no one else wanted to be there, but you just got through it somehow. Thi

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Hi folks, those of you who don't like longer stories should probably skip this one. Mikothebaby and I have done two or three shorter little gimmick pieces for the last few and we wanted a chance to st


In the quiet, sheltered darkness of the smuggler's hideout, there was little indication of just when the morning light had finally crept over the horizon. No, it was the nagging chill of the cold grou

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*Note to readers: This story has two endings. The first stops with the PG-13 version. Readers who want to find out what happens in the bedroom can find the adult version right after the new couple mak

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Before I proceed with Chapter 2, I need to introduce you to Emily, or Em. It will be two more instalments before she returns to the story properly, but it will help you to understand the scope of my h

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Chapter 30: Recovery Creedon was not a bad being. He was not ignorant of the differences between good and evil. On the contrary. He was only too aware of that delicate balance. How the balance had tip

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Hi readers Here's chapter 2. Sorry it's a bit late, I've been really busy recently. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. MELD ********************* "Do you fancy meeting up at lunch? I've got an idea," said J

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Chapter Twenty Two Cassie was interviewed by the police concerning Zak's activities in Ged's flat. At first they seemed to be implying that it was she who had moved the money, since it went into an ac

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I'm known by all my friends as a giver. Yeah, I'd give the shirt off my back for a friend, maybe even a stranger. I'm a soft touch. Rescue animals, damsels in distress, you know the type. So when my b

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Back on the boards Riding the Underground felt much more comfortable with the coat I had used to ride my bike and a baseball cap, even though I was wearing one of my suits. An old one, because it didn

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Okay, so I had this idea that poor Marcie needed a bit more back story and this whole thing really blew up on me. There's a lot of 'talky' stuff in the middle and there's so much more to tell, but I t

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Dear Readers, First let me apologize for the long delay in submitting this chapter. Real life obligations have kept me very busy, leaving little to no time for thought or work on this story. It has, h

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Where Charlie had taken the night's excitement in stride, Matthew had only begun to seethe. Radcliffe was trouble. Here she was, trying to start a life outside the nightmare that ate up her childhood,

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This is my first story here, and as such started off as something that would be quick and easy and exploded from there. Please feel free to comment, all opinions are welcome. ***** She was beautiful,

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Suits you, Sir Monday came and Kate had to go to work. She practically ordered me to go get a new suit, for which I was sent to a shop near Holborn, where a very nice elderly gentleman who had clearly

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Thank you all for the nice compliments I received on the first part of this story. Like its predecessor, this story, is totally fictional, like all the rest of the tales I've written. Some of the peop

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Friday, April 13, 1990, 4:30 PM I arrive at my apartment building on the northern outskirts of Seattle after walking home from school with my best friend Mike Bailey. We are just in time to see a smal

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*note: A little fantasy about a human system administrator at a company hiring a new canine-human hybrid for marketing. * Okay, I admit, I thought she was cute as a button too and sometimes damned sex

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Cisco learns that there are benefits to his new job while Ronin goes back to Sateda. Carter has an encounter with the leader of the Genii, and invites him to dinner... (-) Confirming Carter Book Three

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Recap: In the first two parts we learn about a girl named Kara who is twenty-two and is very sexual. It has been a while since she has had sex. She is four foot ten inches tall and has a tiny waist, b

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Okay Folks, this one is kind of crazy. You can chalk it up to the changing of the seasons scrambling my brain, or maybe the fact that yesterday was the saddest day of the year for me. Yep, I put the M

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It was the snuffling in my ear that stirred me. Several light sniffs, followed by one loud snort, and then the offending cold nose made its way to my neck and started the whole process over again. I m

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Anya watched as Bonnie coldly entered the house and started walking. She had been programmed with a purpose, not a personality. "Cold as ice." Anya quietly said with a smile as she watched and followe


The first time I saw her, she was perched on a barstool on the tiniest little ass I have ever seen. She looks twelve or thirteen, but I found out later that she is a college sophomore, and nineteen. M


I lost touch with Em very early on after leaving for university; we bumped into each other once or twice in the holidays perhaps, but always when we were in the middle of shopping or something else, a

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The insistent pressure from Lucy's heals pressed on my butt as I plunged in and out of her wet, slippery and very needy pussy. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her breasts jiggling with the impact of