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Short sex stories

A/N Complete work of fiction, no girlfriends were betrayed in the making of this story! My first attempt at Literotica. Dipping my toes into the water a little. Hope you enjoy. Any tips and criticism

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Chapter Eleven Although she'd been made to work long days and hard hours for her keep Mrs. Ingleman, the innkeeper's wife treated her kindly. Her bed was soft and she received more than enough food to

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice Summer 2000 "Thanks for coming with me." Alex grinned over at his cousin Joanna as they drove through Candy and


For the first time in almost four years, Luke woke up next to a woman, feeling more sated than ever. He didn't know how long they slept, but it wouldn't have been long. When he drifted out of sleep, h

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When Erich had finished the last of the cleaning, he draped his dishrag over a line strung across the stove. He picked up a candle from the tabletop, and extinguishing the others, crossed the room. Pl

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How does that saying go? When I was a child, I played with childhood toys . . . Well, I have matured to a full grown man and had put away all my childhood dreams and toys but . . . I still have a swee

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Authors Note – This is part 3 of the continuing story of Mike and Amanda. It picks up the next morning after the end of Part 2. Mike and Amanda's relationship develops and deepens. Mike and Patsy's co


Author's notes: Thanks again to everyone who took the time to read, vote, or comment on the previous three chapters. I truly appreciate the feedback and support. I expect there will be two more chapte

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Mia blew gunpowder and her hair out of her face, wiping the sweat off of her brow with one black colored sleeve. When Demon wanted them to practice he wasn't going to take no for an answer. They were

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Chapter 1: It was the worst luck they'd had yet. A freak blizzard had stranded them in their latest safehouse and they had missed their scheduled flight out of the country. Red had been in contact wit

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Author's Note So this is not my first story but it is the first I'm publishing here. I have chapter 2 written already but I wanted to get some feedback before I post it. ALL criticism is welcome. ****

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The next day I called Eve and arranged to see her. "Eve, I need to talk to you about something serious." "Okay, Jeff. As I told you before, you can always talk to me." "It's about Mom." Eve's eyes wid

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It didn't seem important at the time, but I noticed he was uncut. Unusual for an American-bred guy to be uncut. An unearthly amount of meat fell out of his boxers—an ungodly amount. So much that when

Erotic fiction and short sex stories

Sex stories

Short sex stories

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