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It had been a surprise to wake in that bed, hours before dawn, beneath unfamiliar bedclothes. At first, I could not remember where I was or how I had come to be there. When my memory caught up with my

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Prologue Christine looked over her shoulder at the gentlemen across the room. "The fellas over there want to buy you a drink" the waitress explained, and quickly walked away after depositing the Cosmo

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Before I continue I should give you the reader, a fact that I did not include in the first part. This lovely dream's name, is Julia. Over that weekend shared in my dorm room we had numerous moments of

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Author's note: This one-shot story is fiction, written solely to entertain adult readers. The story features incestuous lesbian thoughts and feelings as well as some profane language and a little expl

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The Weekend's Conclusion and a Postscript Friday night had been a revelation. At 8pm I thought I was popping down to the swimming pool for an hour's much needed exercise. By 1.0am Saturday morning, I'

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Author's Note: I wrote this right after submitting Ch. 2 and I'm really happy with it. In Ch. 4 I'm including the scene that inspired me to write this whole thing. So look out for it! Thank you for th

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Chapter One. I met Eric at the tennis club I had joined. We were both single men with no set schedule to speak of, so we played together pretty often. I'm a pretty laid back guy on most things, but te

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Book Three: The Diary of a Hero -- Scars Remain She blew it, and she knew it. It was the worst mistake in the world, and she couldn't take it back. Her on-again/off-again boyfriend Luke, who was reall

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Growing up, my parents were always a prime example of what a healthy, functional marriage should look like. They fought from time to time just like anyone does, but, for the most part, they got along

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It'd been six months since I'd seen my boyfriend and I was visiting for a short break from school. I sat outside, waiting to hear the familiar sound of his bike coming through the apartments. I grinne

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A/N Ok, so this chapter is really long and there is no sex in it. It sets things up a bit. This story is something a bit experimental. Don't know what I'm doing, just enjoy writing it. ***** THEN Jaan

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1984 was here at last. It was supposed to be an ominous year, but I was looking forward to it. This was going to be a good year, a travel-the-world year, a big-brother-doesn't-see-me-at-all -year. I w

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Thanks to everyone who has followed this series. It has been a pleasure to write. Thanks to VillageWordsmith, for the editing. His arms lifted me, my sleep laden eyes heavy with drowsiness. I try to f


His gaze shifted to Kit still kneeling on the floor and waved his fingers at her, beckoning her onto the sofa beside him. Kit stood and sat on the edge of the couch. "On your knees here, beside me." H

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The new King was impotent and I, his new Queen, was to accept an unknown male to conceive an heir. My duty. That the King could not fulfill his matrimonial duties was both surprise and disappointment.

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We sat against the window of the hardware store, her curled up under my arm, sobbing into my side. The night's breeze, cold against our thinly protected skin, only forced us to squeeze closer together

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Tuesday morning arrived more or less, as it always did, but unfortunately for the pack, there were a couple of minor exceptions. The first of them was seemingly minor; Florence's car was in the compou

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Tammy starts working on her own android, Angelo, McKay makes a demand that takes Sam and Tammy by surprise, and he is even more surprised by their reaction... (-) Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes

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Chapter Six Her name was Elianna Spencer and she was a witch of the Third Kingdom. Her father, Lord Malachi Spencer, had given her to Chancellor Abram Black in marriage. A marriage that would give her

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I'm so sorry for the wait. Apparently I'm awful at sex scenes. I'm going to stop setting deadlines, because I feel so awful when I don't meet them. Hope you enjoy! ***** I woke up the next morning tir

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Author's note: Thank you again for your support for chapters one and two – I really appreciate the votes and the comments. A special thank you to DeathAndTaxes, a brilliant and prolific author, for he

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The rest of that weekend passed by with me in a dreamlike state; cheeks too red, eyes glossy, breathing fast and light. The previous worry that he might not be attracted to me had been blown away by w


****************************** *** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains conten


Chapter Eleven It very nearly killed him, but Deok-su didn't touch the woman beside him the entire car ride. It was more for her benefit than his, since he assumed having sex in that backseat of a cab

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This is the final installment of "Six Weeks of Grace". I was taken to task for my misspellings and improper word usage. So I thank "nthusiastically" who volunteered to help with the last few parts. I

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Tyrus' mind had been preoccupied. He'd been thinking about the task that the sub-council had set for him. He wasn't surprised that there were rebels going against the Governance. Resentment against th

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(This story was written in collaboration with hardcoregirl22, to whom it is dedicated.) Victoria leaned on the stone balustrade, the flat coping gritty under her bare forearms, and looked across the b

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice Summer 2000 "Thanks for coming with me." Alex grinned over at his cousin Joanna as they drove through Candy and


"Micah." I groaned slightly at the sound. "Micah, wake up," a voice sang to me. I groaned again, louder this time. "Micah, babe, you can't stay asleep all day," the sing-song voice chided me, "you hav

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The problem with using a certain parent as material for my sexual imaginings was obvious a couple of days later when John and Sam showed up in the morning, smiling and hugging each other good bye, as