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Authors Note – This is part 3 of the continuing story of Mike and Amanda. It picks up the next morning after the end of Part 2. Mike and Amanda's relationship develops and deepens. Mike and Patsy's co


Our Wedding was a stressful event. I know, almost all weddings are, but ours was more than most. First of all, taking it place in Piedmont while we were living next to Milan, my parents were more or l

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your encouragement - it really did mean a lot to me. Even though this is not a typical shape shifter story and there is not enough sex in it for most

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Moderate BDSM. Female sub, male dom. Also, the people involved are just playing - they don't "live the life." And they sometimes stop playing for a little. They're playing quite aggressively though. T

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"Michelle, my beauty," he said, walking to the cage and unlocking the door. "Come here." Michelle stared at him in trepidation, fear causing tears to well in her pretty brown eyes, one sliding down he

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He had never really thought much about his next door neighbor. She was a petite middle aged woman who tended her gardens religiously on Saturday mornings. Like clockwork, 10 am and she would be in her


Chapter 1 "Come on, El. We're going to be late." This again. Classes have only just started up today, and she's going to make me late. "El!" I knock on her door for the third time, then roll my eyes a

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Alyssa sat in the Co-pilots chair, plotting the course to Olympus shipyard. She was reflecting to herself on the remarkable recent turn of events. Of course, there was all that business with her body

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Chapter 2 - Champagne Dreams When I stirred and began to wake, I felt the warmth of Janie pressed into me. We had fallen asleep holding one another and it was a wonderful sensation. She hummed and sti

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Life is so good! Most mornings Jacob woke with that statement on his mind. Of course, most mornings Jacob woke to the sight of his loving wife by his side. In the early light of the day Jacob could ta

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Chapter 11. 'Two-Tit Body-shot.' Remittances from abroad. Hotel on Perimeter Road robbed. Daddy's birthday party. Tequila shooters. More Nick. The first two rules. The following morning, Blen carefull

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The date begins with a long embrace and simple kiss where he is graced with the opportunity to briefly get to know the most amazingly indescribable lips. It provides a glimpse into what promises to be

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Down into a Burning Square of Fire My name is Sarah. When I logged into a Minecraft server, I got a starter kit and a rulebook. After accepting the rules, I threw the book away, because I didn't want

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David It had been a stressful week at work. All I wanted was to go home and rest. The every-weekend-barbeque had been cancelled due to sudden fluvirus outbreak in the kindergarten where the host famil


Chapter 30: Recovery Creedon was not a bad being. He was not ignorant of the differences between good and evil. On the contrary. He was only too aware of that delicate balance. How the balance had tip

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Tender love songs were playing in the background. A sweet-sour fragrance encroached on my lungs, making my nostrils tingle in excitement. The faint light that flickered from the scented candles could

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Summary: A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son. Note: This is a NUDE DAY 2014 contest story so please vote. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for editing. "Mom-Son": A Love Story

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Hi folks, This one is partially true and partially fiction. The guy who wrecked his Mustang and went into a depression about it is absolutely true. I met him at this year's dream cruise. Coming to Mus

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Strictly fiction. Many thanks to my editor "Wicked Inside". ***** Bright light was pushing its way around the edges of the wooden blinds. I could feel that it was probably time to get up, so I slipped

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All characters involved in any and all sexual encounters in the story are over 21. Any similarity to actual person alive or dead is purely coincidental. ***** December - Alan finally had everything re

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Thanks to everyone who has followed this series. It has been a pleasure to write. Thanks to VillageWordsmith, for the editing. His arms lifted me, my sleep laden eyes heavy with drowsiness. I try to f


I arose the next day to the most appetizing scent in the world: my sister's body odor. Oh, there was also a great breakfast waiting on my desk. I glanced to my right, and Brooke was sitting Indian sty

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This is Faye writing my own account of when sparrow and I met. You can read either version first, mine or his, I don't think it matters! However, I'm not as confident as he is about my writing, so ple

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by BrettJ © 2015 I knew that my life was going to be complicated from this day forward. After all, isn't love always complicated? Still, none of that mattered. After nearly 27 years of "confirmed" bac


Excitement in Death Valley I met Marian at a fund raiser for the library. We knew each other distantly, but socialized with different people. She had a degree in library science in her past, and subst

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**=*=** ========== This is Chapter 2 to "A Bad Dream".. It is NOT a standalone, so for more of a backstory on Luke and Mandy please read the first chapter.. I gotta admit was the hardest thing I've ev

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Author's Note: Hey, guys! This is my first submission on the website (or any, really). It's going to be a long, multi-chaptered story about two kids falling in love. I know. Original, right? Anyhoo, j

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Uncomfortable Revelations Pete's Postal & Frames Shoppe On a deep red piece of soft velvet cloth spread out on the glass counter, a smooth blue with black vein stone that Gems swore was "the Siren's S


Mia blew gunpowder and her hair out of her face, wiping the sweat off of her brow with one black colored sleeve. When Demon wanted them to practice he wasn't going to take no for an answer. They were

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Chapter 4: Frog Prince The early summer morning light fell across George's back and warmed him to the point of being uncomfortable. George was awake, but he couldn't bear to move, or breath, or open h

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