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The insistent pressure from Lucy's heals pressed on my butt as I plunged in and out of her wet, slippery and very needy pussy. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her breasts jiggling with the impact of


By Woodmanone copyright September, 2015 This is the concluding chapter in Jake Hightower's story. Please read the previous two chapters to give you an understanding of the character's actions and the


Author's notes: It has romantic elements as well as sexual situations. Please skip it if this is not the kind of story you like. There are many great stories on this site with more explicit sex. Pleas

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Iona was not sure how long she laid there. A pain in her chest made breathing exhausting. This pain moved through her body till everything ached. Tears were never a general thing with her; she cried t


Growing up, my parents were always a prime example of what a healthy, functional marriage should look like. They fought from time to time just like anyone does, but, for the most part, they got along

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This is based on a true event. It all started 12 years ago when they build a new medical centre near my place. That was the first time I met my doctor. He was very kind and friendly with me and we had

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I woke to a pleasant, wet feeling between my legs and a sound I can only describe as purring. I smiled and reached down, caressing Lynn's hair as she lay between my legs, sucking on my cock slowly and

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"Daddy, can I climb in bed with you?" Turning on his bedroom light, Frank noticed his daughter standing at the foot of his bed. Pulling the blanket aside, Frank noticed the way his daughter seemed to

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Author's Note: Sorry about the extended wait on this one! Life keeps me busy. Edited by Expoh, AnnabelleFalls13, Michael Scott, Zald, and I.C. **** Vuntha stood at the top of the hill. Behind him, dow

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Author's Note: Chapter Four isn't really a "Chapter" at all: it's a separate story that picks up just a little down the road in our characters' lives. If the previous chapter had told you that they li

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This piece came from a brainstorming session with Money, and thanks goes to him for suggesting it. Everyone is over 18, etc. Comments and Feedback are welcome. Enjoy! ***** The music was thumping, vib

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Nicole and I had met for dinner that week. I guess you could call it our first date. It certainly was the first time we met just to spend time together, with no sex and no partying planned. We met at

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Hey Folks, I took some time off to enjoy part of the summer. My beautiful wife and I, loaded up two of our favorite Mustangs (My Boss 302 and my Yellow 06 GT) and we took several really fun road trips

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A first submission from me, please let me know what you think! ***** We look at each other in the dim light, saying what we know with our eyes. All the frustration, all the wrongness, all the sexual c


Friday, April 13, 1990, 4:30 PM I arrive at my apartment building on the northern outskirts of Seattle after walking home from school with my best friend Mike Bailey. We are just in time to see a smal

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I woke up with the beautiful sun shining through the windows and Juliet's mouth on my cock. I saw her head bob under the blankets as she swirled her tongue around the tip and plunge back in until she

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Anya watched as Bonnie coldly entered the house and started walking. She had been programmed with a purpose, not a personality. "Cold as ice." Anya quietly said with a smile as she watched and followe


YEAR ONE DAY ONE A knot of nervousness wiggled and weighed within Jeff as he walked Dana up the stairs of her brownstone. Just before they reached the top step, he grabbed her hand. She turned and smi

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(This story was written in collaboration with hardcoregirl22, to whom it is dedicated.) Victoria leaned on the stone balustrade, the flat coping gritty under her bare forearms, and looked across the b

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Author's Note: I can't thank you enough for your patience! I want to apologize for the major delay in updating this story - we all know how unexpected life can be. Thanks again to SexyGeek and abMarie

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Mike was still awake when he heard Anya walk in through the bedroom door. He didn't say anything though as he was trying to catch those elusive alpha waves and ride them into slumber. He still had his


This is a standalone story. However, one of the main characters, Melanie was briefly introduced in Swapping for a Good Cause and the main characters from How We Became a Webcam Couple, Holly and Keith

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Another unexpected visitor shatters the calm of the city...and his appearance brings out Carter's dark side. A new character is added, Steven (Cisco) Carter. I see Gerard Butler in the role, mainly be

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The safe house was a small two story crack house in a side of town that she'd never thought to be in. It had been taken over in a raid and had been used since as one of the five safe houses around the

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This is a fictional story with all characters over eighteen and all rights reserved to the author. ***** I turned right and drove the short distance back to Elly's house. It was about 11:30 Saturday m

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I looked into the mirror and began cleaning the makeup from my face for the third time. What was it about makeup? It seemed that no matter how carefully I worked with it, I could not make it happen. T


"Rosie, look at me baby." She had her arm strewn across her face, teeth clenched. "No." She ground out resolutely. No matter how many times they'd done this she'd be extremely embarrassed. John kissed

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Recap: In the first two parts we learn about a girl named Kara who is twenty-two and is very sexual. It has been a while since she has had sex. She is four foot ten inches tall and has a tiny waist, b

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ABBY. 1. Abby wiped the steam from her mirror to better see her reflection. Britney Spears blared from her cell phone. Abby sang along into her hairbrush. "I know I may come off quiet, I may come off

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Last week I turned 43. The anniversary of my birth came and went with little fanfare. Since I live about twenty minutes away from my closest neighbor and about an hour from family and friends, I spent

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