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I think I can speak for both of us when I say that getting abducted by aliens that day came as a bit of a surprise. We didn't even realise when it was actually happening, although to be fair we had a

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WARNING: will contain MENTIONS of psychological/physical torture, but nothing intense or gory at all. Summary: An espionage universe where the bad spy gets caught by the good spy; Clyde endures punish


Hey guys, Once again, thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response, I really appreciate it, it's where I get the courage to continue. All errors that may be present are mine, I have not used an

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1993-94: Homeback Confidential Not much sex in the first part of this story. Much more feelings than fuckings, as this is an account of my return home after Operation "Restore Hope" in Somalia. It was


(May 18th 2000) The new year of 2000 had come and gone without remark, full of the usual laughter, dancing and drunken cheering that always led them into a brand new January. The millennium bug didn't

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The story of Jacob Hightower continues. Please read chapter 1 to follow the flow and story line. Constructive comments, critiques, and emails are appreciated. ******************** Chapter Two Jake was


Gabe walked into the bull pen tired and cranky and more than a little frustrated. He'd spent most of the day at the lab chasing down results and calling film manufacturers. He did have one piece of in

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Monica, David, and Karly the cougar are back. Thanks for your patience. I'm putting this one back into the Erotic Couplings category, despite the Mature and Group Sex bits. Most of the sex is one-on-o

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Friday, Oct 30, 2015 Ursa Myller looked at her reflection in the mirror again and wondered if Marcie would put her on the blacklist if she called to cancel less than an hour before the party. It could

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice Summer 2000 "Thanks for coming with me." Alex grinned over at his cousin Joanna as they drove through Candy and


Mia felt her skin flush and wanted to curse out loud at the interruption of her shower as well as her fantasy. Having Aidan standing there, holding the shower curtain open, had her furious. She covere

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A first submission from me, please let me know what you think! ***** We look at each other in the dim light, saying what we know with our eyes. All the frustration, all the wrongness, all the sexual c


The rooms are dim with evening light, cold wraps the world outside the man tall windows.I opened the curtains earlier and now look towards the passing cars, the figures moving on the road. The glass o

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Dennis Eames knew what he was getting in to when he married his beautiful Jennifer Jean. From the outset, she had been completely honest with him and he, in turn, had never hidden the truth from his f

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Chapter Forty Six "Well? Aren't you going to ask me in?" Ged's mother asked him with a grin. How he loved that grin! "Er, yes, Mum, come in," Ged's brain was trying to keep up and failing. "That hug?"

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Last week I turned 43. The anniversary of my birth came and went with little fanfare. Since I live about twenty minutes away from my closest neighbor and about an hour from family and friends, I spent

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"Rosie, look at me baby." She had her arm strewn across her face, teeth clenched. "No." She ground out resolutely. No matter how many times they'd done this she'd be extremely embarrassed. John kissed

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Do you know what it's like to be large? More and more of us each year, the government tells us, are too large for good health. They tell us that fruits and veggies are better for us and that tobacco i

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She looked at herself in the mirror for a long time, sometimes turning this way, sometimes that. She smoothed her blouse down over her stomach, feeling only flat and hard-won muscle. Her breasts, fina


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand o

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I love the feedback the good and the bad. I understand the comments about more focus on Marcello and Rain. However, Jazz and Connor are an intricate part of their story. This story is a spin off story

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"Oh yes, shopping." I repeat with a smile. Together we leave the alley, and pause at a street vendor's stand. After purchasing some lemonade, we share the sweet and tart beverage, while strolling down


Sometimes, it's good to just let the beast off the chain and have some fun between the sheets. * * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (12 min/mp3) * * * * *Sometimes, it's good t

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The meeting room was huge because it had to be. It resembled a stadium styled auditorium. There was a large steel table long enough to sit 25 people on each side. The seats that circled the room went

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My eyes suddenly open wide. Gavin's face is nestled softly into the crevice of my neck like a little baby being cradled by his mother; his eyes are shut tight, and he's clearly fast asleep. His hands

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Sex stories

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