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As always, thank you to my awesome team. PapaKilo14 is my editor. Hope everything keeps getting better. Hal does an edit to clean up after us and he's very cool. My beta readers are the best in the bu


This is my first story here, and as such started off as something that would be quick and easy and exploded from there. Please feel free to comment, all opinions are welcome. ***** She was beautiful,

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Charlie lingered in the door to the AV closet, watching Ronni as she placed a projector onto one of the shelves. Ronni was a junior who had started working with the AV department earlier that year. Sh

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Author's Note: This is for all those who have told me my stories need a noir bent. Here is proof that I write modern fairy tales. I love my characters too much to do noir. To make it scarier, I edited

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Part 2 - Blue (continued) Chapter 17 He kept his promise. He was gone by the time I woke up. And while he left no note behind with my dress that morning, he did, thank God, see fit to provision me wit

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Again, a big thank you to everyone's comments. They're very much appreciated, please keep them coming! Happy Reading! Yours, Hudson Bartholomew Copyright © 2015 by Hudson Bartholomew. All rights reser

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"This is so cliché." Gareth thought as he escorted his mother out of the car. Looking at the cloudy morning sky. "Mom? Can you explain to me one more time why we are doing this?" Ariana Hendricks did

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Even though there hadn't been a new mating in the Billington pack in well over fifty years, it was still only a Monday night and John couldn't really make the decision to throw a pack celebration part

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Lindsay read Oliver's text with trepidation. "Landed. B home in 45" Thunder boomed outside the kitchen window as black clouds crept ominously across the sky. "K. C u soon" she texted back. Her stomach

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--- As always, I thank my volunteer editors profusely. This is a story that took me by surprise emotionally, and it took some work to get it into shape. Imagine a cool evening in the summer when the s


Chapter 11 When Peter Neri took off his Stetson and laid it on the seat next to him. Then he picked up the thermos unscrewed the lid and poured himself a small cup of coffee. Steve McKinny just arrive

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Author's note: Thank you to my co-creator and editor, the Brit. This story's been a hell of a ride, and I'm grateful that we got to ride it together! xoxo In previous chapters: Dan, a cop, had attempt

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As usual, I don't have any idea where this one came from. ***** "Happy birthday, bro." It was a paid subscription to a dating service. A really high priced service, with guarantees of strict confident

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Summary: A nude model and art professor fuck after class. Note 1: This is a VALENTINES DAY 2016 Contest story. Note 2: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, Wayne and cuckdynasty for editing this story. FIRST CU

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Mike got back into the lab to see Anya standing behind Tammy, lightly stroking her shoulders and reassuring her with comforting words. That gave Mike a nice feeling to see his women care for each othe


This is our first submission to Literotica, this was written by my husband Ryan. This is a story of an amazing night that he planned for me. Please leave feedback, positive constructive criticism is a

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A Note to the Reader: although the following scenario is fictitious, it is based on real life. Once again, I must begin by thanking 'Aubrey' - my girlfriend, partner-in-crime and mistress - for allowi

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It was getting towards the end of her night shift. During the holiday period, they were always uneventful. You had to be there, no one else wanted to be there, but you just got through it somehow. Thi

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This is the follow up to Becky's Marine. I've received much feedback concerning the series and many requests for it to continue. This is the beginning of that continuation. Thank you all for your supp

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Tuesday morning arrived more or less, as it always did, but unfortunately for the pack, there were a couple of minor exceptions. The first of them was seemingly minor; Florence's car was in the compou

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This is my entry for the Christmas holiday contest. Hope you all enjoy it. * She was beside me, using one of the rowers in the gym. Her name is Jully and we've been friends since high school. It was o

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WARNING: will contain MENTIONS of psychological/physical torture, but nothing intense or gory at all. Summary: An espionage universe where the bad spy gets caught by the good spy; Clyde endures punish


This storyline has become a favourite of mine. If your comments are any indication, you, the readers, have enjoyed it as well. So, Samantha and Alex are back for round three. I hope you like this one,

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The problem with using a certain parent as material for my sexual imaginings was obvious a couple of days later when John and Sam showed up in the morning, smiling and hugging each other good bye, as


This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead. ***** A Mother's Seduction It was an amazing sensation. A shiver rolled dow

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Chapter Twenty Two Cassie was interviewed by the police concerning Zak's activities in Ged's flat. At first they seemed to be implying that it was she who had moved the money, since it went into an ac

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This story is my first ever attempt at writing something of an erotic nature. I was encouraged to post it by a friend of mine so I hope you enjoy it! It's been written for someone I have been friends

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To all of you "waiting for it to get good", this chapter marks the first of many erotic interludes between the characters. Also, the first few chapters may be difficult to follow because of all of the

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It takes a bit to get to the good parts, but it helps to explain how the two main characters come together and connect. I welcome all feedback; enjoy! All characters are over 18. /////////////////////

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*Before you start reading just know that I wrote this for my girlfriend and she has encouraged me to put myself on here again as a writer, since after her reading this she jumped me on the couch. Let

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