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Back on the boards Riding the Underground felt much more comfortable with the coat I had used to ride my bike and a baseball cap, even though I was wearing one of my suits. An old one, because it didn

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If you're just now joining the series, here are the characters: Chad, (nickname BeeBe) age 20, drafted and on leave between basic training and AIT Kathy, (nickname Petey) age 18, College student, Chad

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The wind gently rocks the car as Carley Stimmons drives down the empty highway to her long awaited destination. Snow blows diagonally across the windshield of her late model BMW. The dark interior in

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Chapter 1: Lizzie was well and truly over Tom Keen. She had the proof now of his infidelity spread across the twin bed in her motel room. The confirmation of his lies had stung, but it was his wastefu

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Yes ladies and Gents, it has happened again. My adorable wife has gone into our iTunes folder and discovered one of my songs from the 80's that she (born in 85) doesn't remember ever hearing. The song

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The problem with using a certain parent as material for my sexual imaginings was obvious a couple of days later when John and Sam showed up in the morning, smiling and hugging each other good bye, as


All characters are 18 years or older. Author's note: I got tired of these stories where the husband can do no wrong and is the most perfect man alive. I find it kind of silly that a woman who is happy

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They had been on the island for a few days. Their boat, pieces of which had been washing up on shore. Neither of them were sure what had happened for all they knew their ship had crashed, sunk, and ma

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Chapter Forty Ged had felt much better since he involved himself with Viv's group, though his aimlessness and apathy would often return once he was home and alone. Now he was out in public once more,

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Thanks to Todger65 for editing. ***** My name is Thom, always spelled it with the "h." I grew up in a typical suburban Long Island community. My Dad was a building contractor and I worked weekends and

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Margret had never seen rain like this. She had lived her whole like within a twenty-mile radius. She was a rancher, there were still a few left in Northern California. She had been caring for horses s


Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those are the words of the song, right? Not when you're alone, it isn't. I can speak from bitter experience of thirteen Christmas Eves past. It's t

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A very special thanks to Joe Brolly, Spacer X, MollyGRL, and Val for their excellent help and much needed encouragement. I wouldn't be able to write this without you. Chapter 5: The Heart Remembers Th

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Readers be warned, this is the first chapter in a multi-chapter story, there's no sex in this first chapter. This is all lead-in and teaser for the main event which will be a chapter or three coming.

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"Michelle, my beauty," he said, walking to the cage and unlocking the door. "Come here." Michelle stared at him in trepidation, fear causing tears to well in her pretty brown eyes, one sliding down he

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Where Charlie had taken the night's excitement in stride, Matthew had only begun to seethe. Radcliffe was trouble. Here she was, trying to start a life outside the nightmare that ate up her childhood,

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Chris Over the next couple of weeks, Julian and I fell into an easy pattern of going to either my place or his after we'd gotten off of work. We'd come to a sort of silent agreement that neither of us

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So was all of this just to "get back at daddy"? No! I was not bitter about what they did or how they treated me... I was just sad. At the time I felt as though my family hated me and anyone that I tri


Chapter 7. 'Lewd Lottery.' Opportunities to earn. Bar lore. B.O.W (Bunch of Wankers) meet. Amor becomes the prize. Danny. Jordan. Precious had a flypaper quality that made customers stick to her on co

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I had known for the last three days that someone had been following me. I had briefly considered doubling back and trying to see who was dogging my back trail, but then decided that it would have been

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Please note: There is no sex in this story for the first few chapters. - Virtual Atheist MIDNIGHT A Tale of Misfits, Colour, Education and Science PROLOGUE Hiya, I'm Usiku Wa Manane. Manni to my frien


If you're looking for the sex, scroll down halfway. ***** It was just after lunch when the chief grabbed me as I was heading out the door to go on patrol. "Al, head over to Kara Street, you know, the


This is the second part of my first work and while it can be read as a stand alone piece the full flavor is better by reading Chapter 1 first. As always this is a work of fiction and resembles nothing

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I was roused by movement on the seat next to me. He was awake and trying to re-position his wounded leg. Each time he stirred there was a sharp intake of breath. He was clearly in pain, but I was not

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Anya stared at the handsome man that held her so tenderly, listening as he explained the complicated process of heredity in his family's home. She could feel Raine's eyes still upon her and knew he wo


BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER: THE PAST: Josh met a sexy woman named Mel in a nightclub. She turned out to be everything that Naomi was not. He quickly started developing feelings for her and

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As always, thank you to my awesome team. PapaKilo14 is my editor. Hope everything keeps getting better. Hal does an edit to clean up after us and he's very cool. My beta readers are the best in the bu


Author's Note: This Story is not for those who dislike waiting for the sex scenes. It will be heavily character driven and less plot driven, but I still do intend to add some plot. I have no end in si

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Author's Note So this is not my first story but it is the first I'm publishing here. I have chapter 2 written already but I wanted to get some feedback before I post it. ALL criticism is welcome. ****

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Damn it! This is boring!! This is what was going through Julie's mind as she sat amongst her family that included 1st and 2nd tier relatives at her parent's home. Julie was home from her senior year i

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