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The Beauty Alright, here's the deal. This story isn't about me... it's about Betty. Betty the Beauty. But things got awfully confusing awfully fast; and so, for the sake of simplifying it even a littl

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I let out a frustrated grunt as I left the building and made my way across campus to my next class. I really wasn't lying about being nearly late for class as I headed inside of the classroom. Everyon

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Author's Note: This Story is not for those who dislike waiting for the sex scenes. It will be heavily character driven and less plot driven, but I still do intend to add some plot. I have no end in si

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Amy picked up the phone at her job and visibly shivered when she heard who was on the other end. It was one of the other auditors from a local hotel, and every time she talked to him, she could just h

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We sat against the window of the hardware store, her curled up under my arm, sobbing into my side. The night's breeze, cold against our thinly protected skin, only forced us to squeeze closer together

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Chapter Eleven Although she'd been made to work long days and hard hours for her keep Mrs. Ingleman, the innkeeper's wife treated her kindly. Her bed was soft and she received more than enough food to

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My name is Pete, the much talked about husband of Emma. We've been married about 10 years and are deeply in love. As you may have read Ems' other stories you'll know a bit about us and our marriage. W

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Author's notes: Thanks again to everyone who took the time to read, vote, or comment on the previous three chapters. I truly appreciate the feedback and support. I expect there will be two more chapte

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Skip the prologue to go straight to the action if you're an impatient reader! Prologue When Adison was eighteen, her mother died. Her older brother was off to university at that time, and since there

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CHAPTER 1 Marcus stalked the network of walkways that crisscrossed the ceiling high above Elysium's floor space, the restless need to move forcing him out of his office. Mostly hidden in darkness, the

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Please read "Jake's Tale" before reading this story, otherwise it won't make much sense. As in "Jake's Tale," I've changed the names and some of the places. I'm also writing in the first person based

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Chapter 19 Dangling over the cliff was the most terrifying moment April could ever think of. She looked down between her naked breasts and saw her hips swinging wildly, with her toes wiggling in the a

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Chapter 05 -- The lull - - - Author's note: This chapter contains a lot less out right sex then the previous chapters, and some very important plot. There is a bit of sexiness though and I hope you en

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Gabe walked into the bull pen tired and cranky and more than a little frustrated. He'd spent most of the day at the lab chasing down results and calling film manufacturers. He did have one piece of in

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Dr. Maxwell Straus finally warms up to his new nurse Eric Hollis, a 30-year-old personal aide to Dr. Maxwell Straus, knocked on his boss's door before entering, "Cabot has you by the balls on this one

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by BrettJ © 2015 I knew that my life was going to be complicated from this day forward. After all, isn't love always complicated? Still, none of that mattered. After nearly 27 years of "confirmed" bac


NOVEMBER, 1981 The sun had set early and the snowflakes were flying thick and wet in the headlight beams. It was the kind of snowstorm that completely buries anything not moving. The couple had left t

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The day started off normal enough. Well, normal enough for Melissa Holbrook, if for no one else, including Michael Edward Deford, her riding buddy. Suddenly she stopped peddling, jumped off her bike a

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I spotted her coming towards me. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Her curly, light-brown hair bouncing as she walked in the cutest and happiest way imaginable. Her bright smile bring

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Monica, David, and Karly the cougar are back. Thanks for your patience. I'm putting this one back into the Erotic Couplings category, despite the Mature and Group Sex bits. Most of the sex is one-on-o

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Found the perfect song for angsty writing: "Don't Deserve You" by Plumb. Thank you to FrostyBear4 for the prompt/request for some flangst :) and thanks to BlackInk07 for previewing and encouraging! As

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Thanks for your many kind remarks and thoughts, I'm glad you've enjoyed the story. I had hoped to post it last week but somehow the story kept telling me more ... thanks for reading, don't hesitate to


If you're just now joining the series, here are the characters: Chad, (nickname BeeBe) age 20, drafted and on leave between basic training and AIT Kathy, (nickname Petey) age 18, College student, Chad

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The date begins with a long embrace and simple kiss where he is graced with the opportunity to briefly get to know the most amazingly indescribable lips. It provides a glimpse into what promises to be

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I think my muse for this one was 'Citizens' by Alice Russell from "The Blacklist" soundtrack, but I can't remember! I'm calling this chapter Strive to Destruction. Little bit of angst, little bit of f

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In the quiet, sheltered darkness of the smuggler's hideout, there was little indication of just when the morning light had finally crept over the horizon. No, it was the nagging chill of the cold grou

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The aftermath was intense. Colony police came and questioned Greyson. They woke up the girl, and she looked around confused. Greyson offered his jacket for her to cover up with and unconsciously they

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A romantic thriller in 15 chapters. This is a story of a maiden in moral hazard. For some, no Apocalypse is needed to deliver them into a corrupt, dog eat dog world. Blen, is one such. Surrounded on a

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A Season of Delight or A Dark Speakeasy Christmas "Local police reported another missing person, yet again a young woman between the ages of 21 and 30. Miss Olivia Sutton was last seen during a countr

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I felt the wine swimming in my head, sloshing about like waves as I took another sip of rose. The girl opposite me was smiling, her eyes shining in the light of the candle that was dripping its wax on

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