Sex stories

Short sex stories

Magda Peter was nervous and embarrassed. Nervous about showing me his house, embarrassed about not paying for the taxi which had just thrown us up right next to three certain mailboxes of internet fam


We were lying on his narrow bed, brilliant afternoon sunshine a streak across our naked bodies. Weeks of nonstop sex had disposed of my modesty. Another castoff from high school days. He sat next to m

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Everyone in this story is 18 or older. This is just chapter 1 of a longer story that I will hopefully be uploading here soon. Enjoy - Asyncronous ***** "Fi!, can you come down here for a moment?" My m


Thank you to BlackInk07 for all the ideas and help with research! I do not own anything Hannibal! ***** There had been no time for goodbyes. No time to pack or even to blow a farewell kiss to her home


Let me know what you think! (All characters are 18!!) ***** I was just sitting in class, mind my own business, when he walked in. Tall. Leather Jacket. Caramel Skin. Lip Ring. Beard. Pretty much sex o

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The wake up I'm having a glorious dream. I am rich and not just slightly rich but filthy rich. I am on a yacht surrounded by gorgeous women with little or no clothes on. They all want me and fight ove

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Summer '83 saw me a very different person than I was just a year earlier. As far as I was concerned, I wasn't a boy anymore: I was a man. A year in the Academy had changed me for good, and by far for

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I attributed this story to my dearest editor "JackGates74". I worked on this and then gave it to him, and he made it reader friendly. I think it's much better and he deserves the credit. Thank you "Ja

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By Woodmanone copyright September, 2015 This is the concluding chapter in Jake Hightower's story. Please read the previous two chapters to give you an understanding of the character's actions and the


"Hello?" I answer the phone in a breathless whisper. Silence... my heart hammers waiting to hear the voice I knows is on the other end. "Come to my house." his husky voice purrs into my ear. I am quie

Erotic fiction and short sex stories

Sex stories

Short sex stories

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