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It was windy, as she knew it would be. Leaves rushed past her and danced at her feet, warning her to slow her pace, to rethink her actions. She clenched her fists and bowed her head against the frigid

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Anya watched as Bonnie coldly entered the house and started walking. She had been programmed with a purpose, not a personality. "Cold as ice." Anya quietly said with a smile as she watched and followe


Chapter Twenty Two Cassie was interviewed by the police concerning Zak's activities in Ged's flat. At first they seemed to be implying that it was she who had moved the money, since it went into an ac

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Summary: Shy divorcee discovers true sexuality with college ex-student. Note 1: This is the 5th different version of the story. It started with a much more complex plot and was originally written as a

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Emelie nervously fidgeted as she waited for him in the tea room of the rehab center. To her, the facility looked a lot more like a luxurious ski resort, with its lovely colonial architecture and ameni

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Life without a car was rough. My Toyota had decided recently that it would rather finish its days in a junk yard than with me on the road. Not having those basic luxuries in life had put me in a rathe

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Chris "You're late," I informed my tardy sister as she slid into the booth across me. "I know, sorry. Is that iced tea?" She began to gulp down the drink I'd ordered for her without waiting for my ans

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice Summer 2000 "Thanks for coming with me." Alex grinned over at his cousin Joanna as they drove through Candy and


Chapter Thirteen Kaylee sat across from Gabe at a table in one of the nicer restaurants in town. She couldn't help but look around her nervously, her eyes scanning the faces of the men around her, won

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The sound of knocking rouses me from a deep sleep. I don't even have to look to know what time it is. Still groggy, I lie on my back and sigh. For a minute I debate whether I should get up and open th

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This is part five of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot, a European be

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I was reluctant to post more of this story, since I have been made aware that not a lot of people seem to like it. I have decided to continue posting though for those who do, Thank you for reading me

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1984 was here at last. It was supposed to be an ominous year, but I was looking forward to it. This was going to be a good year, a travel-the-world year, a big-brother-doesn't-see-me-at-all -year. I w

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A cup of mint tea did nothing to lift my mood. I was trying really hard to get things into context, and having found one girl that killed herself down here and another that had come close I had to sta

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(This story was written in collaboration with hardcoregirl22, to whom it is dedicated.) Victoria leaned on the stone balustrade, the flat coping gritty under her bare forearms, and looked across the b

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Found the perfect song for angsty writing: "Don't Deserve You" by Plumb. Thank you to FrostyBear4 for the prompt/request for some flangst :) and thanks to BlackInk07 for previewing and encouraging! As

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The wake up I'm having a glorious dream. I am rich and not just slightly rich but filthy rich. I am on a yacht surrounded by gorgeous women with little or no clothes on. They all want me and fight ove

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The burning wood in the fireplace crackled pouring light and warmth into the vast room. Walls floor to ceiling lined with books and shelves. The glow of the fire made everything in the room look like

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ABBY. 1. Abby wiped the steam from her mirror to better see her reflection. Britney Spears blared from her cell phone. Abby sang along into her hairbrush. "I know I may come off quiet, I may come off

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Dear Readers, I definitely suggest reading the other installments before this or I'll look like a crazy person ;) Hope you all enjoy, and please send feedback/comments/constructive criticism, adds mor

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Janie's little sister Amy was a pestering little brat and drove us crazy while we dated, but is she now driving me crazy in another way? What am I going to do about Amy? ***** Part One, Back then: Jan

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This is being posted to the romance section. From my point of view romance, even and perhaps especially erotic romance, does not need details such as the length or thickness of a penis. The less biolo

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BUN-BUN: Everyone just looked at me like I was just so anomalous! It just made little sense to anyone how I managed to escape the Vault Matrix. It was very early in the morning, the sun probably ready

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We sat in our ravens nest surveying our domains with the pond and the sunlight glittering upon it, singing a soft harmony to the birds chattering and declaring our domains to be theirs and that was fi

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Magda "Marry me!" he said. "Sure." "Good." "When?" "Soon." "Good." "Hungry?" "No." That was it. Maybe not the world's most romantic proposal, but conventional romance had never been Peter's strong poi


It was late, around 2am when I decided to leave Kara's. It had been a crazy year, I completed my New Year's Resolutions by February. For close to 8 months, I was happy as hell. Now, October 31st, my h

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Tyrus' mind had been preoccupied. He'd been thinking about the task that the sub-council had set for him. He wasn't surprised that there were rebels going against the Governance. Resentment against th

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Unexpected "I told you, the date was fine," I huffed as I picked apart my lunch. I met Lara between classes per her request—I regretted that decision. She wanted details from Friday night, and I would


Chapter 02: Uncle Bill and Kate Authors note: This story is a continuation of a previous story entitled ""Uncle" Bill the mentor". Although it can be read independently, I'd suggest reading the first

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Hey guys, This is my first attempt at writing and my first submission so please go easy. If I get a positive response I will continue, and if not it can stay as a stand-alone story. All character are

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