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Chapter Eight Celeste sat in Madam Dubois' winter parlor waiting for Lord Rutherford to finally turn around and address her. A man she'd seen but once, six months earlier in the privy garden at Lambet

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You knock on the door, and expect me to answer but you don't expect me to answer naked. Not a body builder by any stretch, but big shoulders and a pleasing shape with bright eyes and a nice smile. Wit

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The closing chapter, kinda long with but all the love-making that was missing in the last chapter... ***** I arrived at Stowmarket Police Station as the place was coming to life, and my concerns were

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I am reposting this story as I've found that an important piece of it was not included in the original posting. This story sort of falls into the "What If" genre. I'm at a loss as to where or what gen

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I walked into the room feeling a touch of sadness, walking over to the table with my Cappuccino, I sat down preoccupied and in deep thought. It didn't matter that I felt as if my heart was feeling the

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I lost touch with Em very early on after leaving for university; we bumped into each other once or twice in the holidays perhaps, but always when we were in the middle of shopping or something else, a

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Author's notes: It has romantic elements as well as sexual situations. Please skip it if this is not the kind of story you like. There are many great stories on this site with more explicit sex. Pleas

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DISCLAIMER: Any and all breath play portrayed in MY stories should not be attempted by the inexperienced! EDUCATION is key concerning experimentation within the breath play fetish as is CAUTION and PR


Chapter 7 After she put in an order for groceries that would be delivered to the Barrington home later that day, and after she'd put up the advertisement for a new housekeeper/cook on the grocery stor

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She secretly slipped the drug into Val's drink, smiled to herself, and set off across the club dance floor to the table to wait. Val didn't even know who she was despite the fact that they were in thr

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****************************** *** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains conten


Hey there guys! Here is the long awaited fifth chapter of "Cuffed"! Let me just say: this thing was a BOOGER to write and edit! Between this chapter, moving into a new house, my other stories, and the


Chapter 7: Losing a Little "George," whispered Dawn's soft feminine voice. George Everhart was fully awake. He had been, ever since he heard Dawn open his bedroom door and crawl onto his bed. She was

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Dr. Maxwell Straus finally warms up to his new nurse Eric Hollis, a 30-year-old personal aide to Dr. Maxwell Straus, knocked on his boss's door before entering, "Cabot has you by the balls on this one

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Chapter 7- What Will I Do Without You? Driving was difficult. Concentrating on driving was difficult. My mind was going a million miles an hour, my heart thundering in my chest and my head was just fu

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This is a standalone story. However, one of the main characters, Melanie was briefly introduced in Swapping for a Good Cause and the main characters from How We Became a Webcam Couple, Holly and Keith

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Hey Folks, Happy Thanksgiving, I wrote this one with the idea that it would be a nice long Holiday read. It's a bit different from my usual Turkey Day stories. Believe it or not this time the turkey s

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Chapter Nine Hmmm, heaven was built on spicy Szechwan chicken. Michelle popped the last bite into her mouth and sat back on the couch, her hand on her flat stomach. She had changed clothing before sit

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It was getting towards the end of her night shift. During the holiday period, they were always uneventful. You had to be there, no one else wanted to be there, but you just got through it somehow. Thi

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This is being posted to the romance section. From my point of view romance, even and perhaps especially erotic romance, does not need details such as the length or thickness of a penis. The less biolo

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I awake with a suddenly to the feeling of .my stomach tightening. Mandy has me in her mouth and her well-manicured nail strokes the area behind my balls back to my ass. Barely, conscious it is too lat

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Author's Note: This is for all those who have told me my stories need a noir bent. Here is proof that I write modern fairy tales. I love my characters too much to do noir. To make it scarier, I edited

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Chapter 17 April was still in her euphoric subspace high, floating in and almost out of body existence. Her medical training had told her what she was experiencing was a release of epinephrine from th

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The date begins with a long embrace and simple kiss where he is graced with the opportunity to briefly get to know the most amazingly indescribable lips. It provides a glimpse into what promises to be

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An Oedipus County Tale This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks.

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Jan smiled slyly and sauntered toward the French doors. Confidently she made her way through the dark rooms to the steps and then slowly climbed the stairs to the second floor, knowing Jacob wouldn't

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*Note to readers: This story has two endings. The first stops with the PG-13 version. Readers who want to find out what happens in the bedroom can find the adult version right after the new couple mak

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Those lyrics played back in her head driving up to the trail head.. "Yeah I'm chilling on a dirt road, Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones, Smoke rollin' out the window, An ice cold beer sittin'

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Suits you, Sir Monday came and Kate had to go to work. She practically ordered me to go get a new suit, for which I was sent to a shop near Holborn, where a very nice elderly gentleman who had clearly

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Author's note: This is a slow and (I hope) romantic story that builds up to sex in later chapters. It's written from both perspectives. If you've read any of my other gay stories, this is the tale of

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