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Chapter Sixteen As the train carrying Marie pulled out of the station on its way south, Cassie was arriving home. She had a headache and had left early since she had no appointments that afternoon. Za

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ABBY. 1. Abby wiped the steam from her mirror to better see her reflection. Britney Spears blared from her cell phone. Abby sang along into her hairbrush. "I know I may come off quiet, I may come off

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May 18th, 2000 The two men stood, eyes turned up towards the well-kept façade of the large foursquare house. No lights were visible behind the closed curtains and, despite the neatly kept exterior and

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It was winter. It was wartime. It was snowing. There may have been other factors that mattered in the, but none so much as these. It was bitterly cold—the kind of cold that left beads of ice frozen to

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When they were little they would wrestle. They would roughhouse. They would tackle each other in the public pool and dunk the other's head. On the trampoline they would fly into the air and collide th

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Part 2 of the series: Her Dirty Little secret. All comment and critiques are welcome. Enjoy! All characters are over 18 ***** I opened my eyes and groaned. It was barely sunup, and as such my room was

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Joseph Hart had just arrived at the luggage pickup area of the Port Orion airport. It wasn't that late, but he always got tired when he traveled by plane. He was anxious to get a rental car, check int


This is a long one, folks. My previous offering, "Finding Our Way," was an effort to rush through the build-up that is typical in the mom-son genre and focus on the budding relationship that resulted.


Bishop Takes Knight - Knight takes Bishop Part One By quarter to seven on Friday night, the fifty-fifth floor of the "Shard" skyscraper building was a ghost town; save two offices. Most everyone else

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Rosangela woke to discover the sun peeking through the drawn blinds just behind the large bed. Her eyes were aimed upward, focused on the cracks of morning sunlight. Her eyes shifted down, caught glim


'Thousands of costumes to choose from!' That's what the sign over the shop promised. "I don't want to go to a Halloween party." Frankie repeated as Christopher parked the Range Rover. This conversatio

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A cup of mint tea did nothing to lift my mood. I was trying really hard to get things into context, and having found one girl that killed herself down here and another that had come close I had to sta

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My lazy stay-at-home Friday, started wonderfully with that car-based release of pressure. After putting our clothes back on with fumbling fingers and trying to fix both my and his hair, whilst looking


Chapter 1 "Come on, El. We're going to be late." This again. Classes have only just started up today, and she's going to make me late. "El!" I knock on her door for the third time, then roll my eyes a

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Fiona drifted slowly into wakefulness, not immediately sure where she was at first, only conscious of the most exquisite warmth enveloping her entire body. She glanced over and smiled fondly as she sa

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Author's note: Thank you to my co-creator and editor, the Brit. This story's been a hell of a ride, and I'm grateful that we got to ride it together! xoxo In previous chapters: Dan, a cop, had attempt

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The rest of that day I had a very warm glowing memories of Andrew and Jill, and, of course, Blake. My teenage lover was really something else the day after our menage a quad. He seemed even more gentl

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The Beauty Alright, here's the deal. This story isn't about me... it's about Betty. Betty the Beauty. But things got awfully confusing awfully fast; and so, for the sake of simplifying it even a littl

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Author's note: Well, dear reader, you've come to the final part of this story. I'm grateful you've taken the time to come this far, and I hope you've enjoyed the journey. This story has been a big puz


This one is for everyone who ever voted, favourited, enjoyed the chapters and/or told me encouraging things about my writing and characters. For all the support I received five years ago when this was

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Beloved, Your letter arrived this past Tuesday morn – to my great surprise, only a month after you set sail. Your vessel must have crossed paths with an in-bound ship, though which, I cannot say, for


Book Two opens with the introduction of a new character. Sara Dawson enters the family's life like an east Texas whirlwind, and has Gage and the girls scrambling to keep up with her. Julie and Sylvia

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Mike was still awake when he heard Anya walk in through the bedroom door. He didn't say anything though as he was trying to catch those elusive alpha waves and ride them into slumber. He still had his


Dear readers, apologies for the long delay in posting this chapter, however I hope you enjoy this. If you are new to this story I would suggest you read the earlier chapters as well as "The Reluctant

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All characters involved in any and all sexual encounters in the story are over 21. Any similarity to actual person alive or dead is purely coincidental. ***** December - Alan finally had everything re

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Dear readers Thank you so much your support, comments and emails. You have earned a special place in my heart, and you are the reason why I wrote this epilogue. Halloween is my favorite day of the yea

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Chapter 5: In the Pub and What Happened Next Em got to the pub before me, but was waiting for me in the car park. As tempted as I was to start asking questions, I kept my counsel; the evening had alre

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Anya decided to go get her empty fluid canisters replaced. She switched off the red eye-beams and started acting like herself again. She stopped producing whirring and beeping noises too and walked ov


It was a hot night at the club. Hotter than usual, but I didn't mind. The heat made the women at the club more than happy to take off their clothes. In fact, my staff and I would take bets on how many

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