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Chapter Forty Six "Well? Aren't you going to ask me in?" Ged's mother asked him with a grin. How he loved that grin! "Er, yes, Mum, come in," Ged's brain was trying to keep up and failing. "That hug?"

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This is my entry for the Christmas holiday contest. Hope you all enjoy it. * She was beside me, using one of the rowers in the gym. Her name is Jully and we've been friends since high school. It was o

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Nick walked into his office whistling, in too good of a mood to let much bother him. Despite the lack of sleep, another body found, and his upcoming dressing down by the sheriff, he felt like a millio

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This one is for everyone who ever voted, favourited, enjoyed the chapters and/or told me encouraging things about my writing and characters. For all the support I received five years ago when this was

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Chapter 1: It was the worst luck they'd had yet. A freak blizzard had stranded them in their latest safehouse and they had missed their scheduled flight out of the country. Red had been in contact wit

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This is part four of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot, a beautiful H

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I've been wanting to write something historical for a while now, and I finally found the time! This story is set in both Virginia and West Virginia just after the Civil War, which explains Silas and F


Everyone in this story is 18 or older. This is just chapter 1 of a longer story that I will hopefully be uploading here soon. Enjoy - Asyncronous ***** "Fi!, can you come down here for a moment?" My m


The Viper class-2A Warbird left Gondora's orbit traveling through the Cylarian system at hyper speed. The smaller scaled, yet highly equipped, battle cruiser carried her normal operating crew of a doz

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Carl, a seasoned editor for a large publishing house, sat behind his desk wearing a white shirt with a navy blue tie, horned rimmed glasses that balanced low on his nose, wisps of hair that was not co

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Once upon a sexy simple Christmas, two men were sharing a hot cup of tea and a plate of fresh pancakes at a local diner. "So, my place or yours?" Griffin asked with a wide smirk on his face. "Is your

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With all the beauty of a gently rolling waterfall, Anya came down the carpeted wooden staircase. Her sequins shimmered and shone in the incandescent light and that of the fire in the fireplace. Her ex


"What do you think of him," I asked, pointing to an older man with a combover. "He looks like he won't spit on our food." "Ugh, I hope not. He looks like the kind to talk about his grandkids to us for

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MID FEBRUARY 1945 Captain Mike Adams awoke in a cold sweat, it was early dawn. He sat upright and took a deep breath as his heart raced. Sleep never came easy and when it did it was filled with night


Is it wrong for a woman to look at a man like he's prey? The thought made its way around my mind in an instant. Just looking at him made my toes curl in anticipation. My body reacted violently to the


How did I end up with two beautiful women living with me and making love with both of them? It wasn't just an idle fantasy; it really happened. I will start at the beginning and tell you the story. I

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WARNING: will contain MENTIONS of psychological/physical torture, but nothing intense or gory at all. Summary: An espionage universe where the bad spy gets caught by the good spy; Clyde endures punish


On a hot afternoon day a young man with short black hair named Michael was on a long drive to a city, miles upon blazing miles away. Although the air conditioner in his car worked fine the bright sun

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It was late afternoon in the fall. I decided to head to a tiny brew pub that was just a few blocks up from the pier. I needed a quick beer, and this was an area that I used to know pretty well when I

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Notes [Last revised December 10, 2015]: - All characters are the product of the authors' imaginations and are over eighteen. - This is a relatively short story/vignette, and we recommend reading the p


It was her first day. She eagerly walked into the office with a smile on her face and confidence in her heart. The receptionist greeted her as she approached the front desk. "Good Morning. How may I h

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The burning wood in the fireplace crackled pouring light and warmth into the vast room. Walls floor to ceiling lined with books and shelves. The glow of the fire made everything in the room look like

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18th May 2000 A mile or so from the Howard's farm Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Lena bit down on her lip to stop herself from crying. She brushed the hair back from her face with a muddy hand and to

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She was warm, snuggled in the depths of the softest feather tick she'd ever felt. She sighed and stretched only to curl deeper in the silky sheets. "Careful, milady. The healer had to suture some of y

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The day started off normal enough. Well, normal enough for Melissa Holbrook, if for no one else, including Michael Edward Deford, her riding buddy. Suddenly she stopped peddling, jumped off her bike a

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A Season of Delight or A Dark Speakeasy Christmas "Local police reported another missing person, yet again a young woman between the ages of 21 and 30. Miss Olivia Sutton was last seen during a countr

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Maddie sighed, tired from the hike but moved by the gorgeous vista before her. Dwight was right- This mountain, crowded with skiers during the winter, was largely ignored in the hot months, leaving a

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It was a night like any other for Jenny, the usual routine. Cooking dinner for her son and herself then bath and bedtime for the little rascal that owned her heart. Once she got him to sleep she decid

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Mia's fist slammed down on the alarm clock, cutting off the shrill warbling sound that would wake her no matter what condition she was in every morning. She sat on the edge of her bed, running her han

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It was my first time on an airplane. Tina had flown about a million times before and tried to scare me with blatant lies about the horribleness and danger of flying. I knew she was lying but was a lit

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