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Thank you for taking time for reading my story! This story has the same characters as An Angel and an Owl The story Snow Angel also has the same characters and overlaps the events of this story by tel

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"So I've been thinking." Matt burst out as he entered my room without so much as a knock. "Always a scary thing." I told him as I sat up. "Very funny." He rolled his eyes at me. "But seriously. I have

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Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. ****************** Miami, Florida. The wind swept over the palm trees rustling them as the cool breeze hit the man in the back wal

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(To my other Lisa) After being gone for 5 days on a business trip I was ready to get home and relax. Unfortunately my flight was delayed and I wouldn't be home until well after bedtime. I'd phoned you

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From Chapter 03: Amy and I live together for a week to make it easier for us to collaborate on our term papers. She continues to charm me, but she is a little spooked by our sudden closeness, and date

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***Barrett and Cha'Khah are over the moon with their little adopted surprise. It came too late, but justice has come to Garrend and Ksyusha and Nika are free. Things are looking up - well, for some, a

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I will call the girl of this story Colette. I met her on an online game, we started as just friends, and then it quickly escalated as we would chat about everything into the early hours of the morning

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For all those who requested more of this story, be assured I wasn't ignoring you. Just busy with others, and a bit stuck on where to go with Grace and Brian. I thank everyone for reading my work, and

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Yet another trip to Home Depot; Paula had been in there so much lately she was about ready to get fitted for an orange apron. Back to the paint section, again, this time with a desk drawer in hand. Al

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Suits you, Sir Monday came and Kate had to go to work. She practically ordered me to go get a new suit, for which I was sent to a shop near Holborn, where a very nice elderly gentleman who had clearly

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"Another." Terell waved his cup at the barkeep. The light of the lanterns danced in the amber stream of liquid as it flowed from the decanter into his cup. "There you go," the barkeep said. He waited


Dear readers, apologies for the long delay in posting this chapter, however I hope you enjoy this. If you are new to this story I would suggest you read the earlier chapters as well as "The Reluctant

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Book Two opens with the introduction of a new character. Sara Dawson enters the family's life like an east Texas whirlwind, and has Gage and the girls scrambling to keep up with her. Julie and Sylvia

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This is Part TWO of the Beach House story -- The first part was written back in 2010 but I had a request for more, so here's a little more. Thanks for the feedback! ***** I peeled off the ruin of my w

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He saw her from a distance, her purple umbrella shielding her face from the rain. She stood with impeccable posture, a trench coat covering most of her body, long brown wavy hair blowing lightly in th

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Another unexpected visitor shatters the calm of the city...and his appearance brings out Carter's dark side. A new character is added, Steven (Cisco) Carter. I see Gerard Butler in the role, mainly be

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Dinner was an experience in itself. Neither Hank or Lana had tasted Mediterranean food before. We had Humus and Pita bread for an appetizer. Tabbouleh salad, Beef and veggie kabobs and Baklava for des

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Author's Note So this is not my first story but it is the first I'm publishing here. I have chapter 2 written already but I wanted to get some feedback before I post it. ALL criticism is welcome. ****

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Sometimes, it's good to just let the beast off the chain and have some fun between the sheets. * * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (12 min/mp3) * * * * *Sometimes, it's good t

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Summary: A teacher and an ex-student fall for each other. Note 1: A special thanks to my beautiful girl next door model who is anything but the girl next door internet sensation both in photo and vide

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Kelly cursed loudly, "Fucking shit arse bastard!" She was lying in a heap on the cold ground, holding her ankle. She'd rolled it stepping off the sidewalk and into a pothole she'd not seen in the dim

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Let me know what you think! (All characters are 18!!) ***** I was just sitting in class, mind my own business, when he walked in. Tall. Leather Jacket. Caramel Skin. Lip Ring. Beard. Pretty much sex o

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Once upon a sexy simple Christmas, two men were sharing a hot cup of tea and a plate of fresh pancakes at a local diner. "So, my place or yours?" Griffin asked with a wide smirk on his face. "Is your

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Several weeks have passed, and work continues in both cities. Tammy is making progress on her new toy...and an unexpected event alters the course for the future... (-) Confirming Carter Three, Changes

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The rooms are dim with evening light, cold wraps the world outside the man tall windows.I opened the curtains earlier and now look towards the passing cars, the figures moving on the road. The glass o

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Author's Note: To save you time, I'll say right away that this is a short(ish) story for straight males with a thing for alt girls, narrated in first person perspective. There's a long preamble, so if

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Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those are the words of the song, right? Not when you're alone, it isn't. I can speak from bitter experience of thirteen Christmas Eves past. It's t

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Yes ladies and Gents, it has happened again. My adorable wife has gone into our iTunes folder and discovered one of my songs from the 80's that she (born in 85) doesn't remember ever hearing. The song

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It had been several weeks since Cathy had hired Bianca as a web designer and convinced her to move in with Lynda and herself. Bianca was in her final year at college while Cathy's underwear and specia


Notes [Last revised December 10, 2015]: - All characters are the product of the authors' imaginations and are over eighteen. - This is a relatively short story/vignette, and we recommend reading the p