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Writer's Note: This is based partly on fact and partly in my fevered imagination. It is a first effort story telling of a very shy young man's coming of age experience with a caring mother. The sex is

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Summary: A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son. Note: This is a NUDE DAY 2014 contest story so please vote. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for editing. "Mom-Son": A Love Story

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"Sam, I want to give you something special tonight." I smile at you lovingly. "You do every night, darling. I've got you!" "Yes, you do, but I want to give you something more, something we've never do

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Authors note: I started this story about a year ago and finally have it finished. I hope you like it as it is one of my favorites. sexygirl76 * Chapter 1 The year is 2275, and life is a lot different

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Real estate tycoon David Aaron had a son who had fallen on hard times. When Jesse's mother passed away unexpectedly, the boy had taken it hard. He and David's late wife had always been close. Growing

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"Gods should be exempt from human passions." -Euripides, "The Bacchae" *** Eros arrived. He could already tell he had quite a mess on his hands. There were two of them, a man and a woman, both in love

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The air stilled between them. Time stood still for several long moments. Lena felt the quick throb of Kit's heart where she clutched her hand to his chest; she felt the throb of her ankle, the pressur

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Chapter 5: In the Pub and What Happened Next Em got to the pub before me, but was waiting for me in the car park. As tempted as I was to start asking questions, I kept my counsel; the evening had alre

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Michelle tossed the wrapper to her hamburger in the trash with a flick of her wrist. Then she scattered the rest of her fries on the ground for the birds and the squirrels and sipped on her chocolate

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A very special thanks to Joe Brolly, Spacer X, MollyGRL, and Val for their excellent help and much needed encouragement. I wouldn't be able to write this without you. Chapter 5: The Heart Remembers Th

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It was a hot afternoon just like any other. I lay on the long couch in my apartment sitting room with my shirt open, trying to catch as much blowing air from my ceiling fan as I possibly could. My eye

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David My life is quite boring to the strangers' eye. I start my days taking my border collie Koda, for a morning run in the nearby park. After showering I leave to work and have my breakfast while dri


Crocodiles devoured six critics of the regime overnight. But the news barely moved the morning price of commodities from the Ivory Coast. Cocoa was unchanged, and coffee was slightly up. Vietnam, Tanz

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Peter The warriors of the black army advanced on our left flank. They shouted, shook their spears. Behind their first ranks loomed even larger enemies. There was the rumble of cannons and the purple s


Hi everyone. I have started to publish this story once before. I´m a beginner at this, and I found that the segments I published the story in then were too short. They felt chopped up, the rhythm wasn

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Thanks to my editor Papakilo14 for catching my mistakes and my friend yozh4k for his help with the story when I was stuck. They made the story better and the mistakes are on me. ***** When the shit hi

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Summary: A teacher and an ex-student fall for each other. Note 1: A special thanks to my beautiful girl next door model who is anything but the girl next door internet sensation both in photo and vide

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. There is more male/male bisexual activity in this chapter than in previous chapters too. If any of that offends you, ju

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From Chapter 03: Amy and I live together for a week to make it easier for us to collaborate on our term papers. She continues to charm me, but she is a little spooked by our sudden closeness, and date

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CHAPTER 5 - CAIRO FOR BEGINNERS A one dog night with a semi-tantric morning. It was my first time on an airplane. Tina had flown about a million times before and tried to scare me with blatant lies ab

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It seems that I'm speeding up with my writing. It's because of readers like you that have caused me to speed up and continue this tale. Thanks! All characters are over 18, etc. Comments and feedback a

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The wind gently rocks the car as Carley Stimmons drives down the empty highway to her long awaited destination. Snow blows diagonally across the windshield of her late model BMW. The dark interior in

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"Where are you going?" I heard the man say loudly with distain. "I'm out of baby formula so I'm headed out to the store," I can hear his wife say still sounding pleasant and caring. "Well get another

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Chapter 28 The next morning they leave, having packed for a week's journey. Grown wise from past experience, they have packed plenty of weaponry, their guns and several cartridges of bullets, a hidden

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This story is a submission to the sixth Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC) and a tribute to the founder of FAWC, slyc_willie, who we lost unexpectedly in October 2015. The true author of this

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Charly sat at the counter at the McDougal Coffee Shop, staring down at her plate. It had been a week since she encountered the four tourists by the lighthouse and she's made every attempt to steer cle


Mia blew gunpowder and her hair out of her face, wiping the sweat off of her brow with one black colored sleeve. When Demon wanted them to practice he wasn't going to take no for an answer. They were

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The meeting room was huge because it had to be. It resembled a stadium styled auditorium. There was a large steel table long enough to sit 25 people on each side. The seats that circled the room went

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A beat up, half dead Datsun B210 raced down the highway, its engine whining like an old sewing machine with a brick on the foot pedal, leaving behind a blue smokescreen in its wake. The steering wheel

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So here's another. It's a bit on the mainstream but at the same time not really. There's an editor I owe a lot to but I never quite got the name. I'll update this bit as soon as I find out. Get popcor

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