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Janie's little sister Amy was a pestering little brat and drove us crazy while we dated, but is she now driving me crazy in another way? What am I going to do about Amy? ***** Part One, Back then: Jan

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Where Charlie had taken the night's excitement in stride, Matthew had only begun to seethe. Radcliffe was trouble. Here she was, trying to start a life outside the nightmare that ate up her childhood,

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Dearest readers, I apologize for my absence, I realize I say that to you far too much but this story will be finished one way or another. I know it has been some time and this is little for that amoun

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Chapter 12. 'Faithless Filipinas.' The Cheap Charlie life. Cherry pop choices. Nick's next offer. Foreign husband murdered. Hu-Fan's unicorn. When they met next day, Nick suggested that they go to his

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Last curtain call Wednesday morning the boys from Black Magic emailed me to help them out. They were doing audio for a video game and needed a lot of voices for background effects. I called them and s

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Note to readers: I might have named my female lead 'Jillian', but I like the look of the alternative 'Gillian' and its separation from its male form Julian. The pronunciation is the same, just as with


Don't take this one too seriously. It's just a fun Halloween story. It's a long one so you might want to wait for just the right dark and stormy evening in front of the fireplace with a good beer to r

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How does that saying go? When I was a child, I played with childhood toys . . . Well, I have matured to a full grown man and had put away all my childhood dreams and toys but . . . I still have a swee

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Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over. ***** Nick's eyes opened lazily in the way that only a good night's sleep could deliver. A grin spread across his face as he recalled where he was

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Chapter 9 - A Surprise Treat Lynn's note had given me the address of very posh strip club in Chicago's lively night district. Pretty sure my Hugo Boss attire is what got me in because lots of guys wer

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Life is so good! Most mornings Jacob woke with that statement on his mind. Of course, most mornings Jacob woke to the sight of his loving wife by his side. In the early light of the day Jacob could ta

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I awoke the next morning, feeling Lynn's warmth next to me in our huge, plush bed. We had left the strip club and Eileen the night before, hurried back to our hotel room and showered, still horny and

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Chapter 21 Steve saw the distant trails of dust in the air and knew the sheriff was about a half hour away. Obviously he had miss judged how fast the Sheriff would be here. His early estimate of 20 mi

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Life without a car was rough. My Toyota had decided recently that it would rather finish its days in a junk yard than with me on the road. Not having those basic luxuries in life had put me in a rathe

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The lights weren't out yet and he was scouting a place to stand and found one near the PA at the center of the room. People were casually talking and drinking beers. He spotted an open spot and headed

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Okay, so I had this idea that poor Marcie needed a bit more back story and this whole thing really blew up on me. There's a lot of 'talky' stuff in the middle and there's so much more to tell, but I t

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Magda Peter was nervous and embarrassed. Nervous about showing me his house, embarrassed about not paying for the taxi which had just thrown us up right next to three certain mailboxes of internet fam


The sound of knocking rouses me from a deep sleep. I don't even have to look to know what time it is. Still groggy, I lie on my back and sigh. For a minute I debate whether I should get up and open th

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Just a short little story that was running around in my head. Thank you to my editors PapaKilo14 and Hal who clean up the mess I make. I'm an English teacher and they're better than me. Thanks to my b

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Though this is written in the first person it is not autobiographical. All characters and events are fictional, and bear no relation to any person living or dead. It is a long slow story, be warned! I

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Mr. Big has come into the doctor's office complaining of pain in the groin area. The nurse, Victoria, takes Mr. big back to the exam room. "Please put this on so the doctor can exam you." Victoria tel

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I was reluctant to post more of this story, since I have been made aware that not a lot of people seem to like it. I have decided to continue posting though for those who do, Thank you for reading me

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Writer's Note: This started as a major rewrite of my first submission. If you read it some of the characters are the same. After submitting that story, I realized the characters were telling me that t


Author's Note: Hey, guys! This is my first submission on the website (or any, really). It's going to be a long, multi-chaptered story about two kids falling in love. I know. Original, right? Anyhoo, j

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Everyone in this story is 18 or older. This is just chapter 1 of a longer story that I will hopefully be uploading here soon. Enjoy - Asyncronous ***** "Fi!, can you come down here for a moment?" My m


Don immediately recognized the pill bottle in her hand and felt himself tense up. "Where did you get those?" "Are they yours?" She asked ignoring his question. Don sat back into the couch. "Yes, but a

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Ever since I saw you in your bridesmaid dress I've been looking forward to the end of the night, you look absolutely beautiful I didn't think it was possible for you to make me want you more than I al


Chapter 11 - By your command There were quite a few people there, but not many men. Women were doing the catering, collecting costumes, coordinating where people should go to get something to drink. T

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Mia felt her skin flush and wanted to curse out loud at the interruption of her shower as well as her fantasy. Having Aidan standing there, holding the shower curtain open, had her furious. She covere

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