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Alyssa sat in the Co-pilots chair, plotting the course to Olympus shipyard. She was reflecting to herself on the remarkable recent turn of events. Of course, there was all that business with her body

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"Status?" Garek asked Ithos as he strode onto the deck of the Arabella. Jack, Kairn, and Grelik hurried across the gangplank behind him. The two sea dogs nodded to the Captain before taking their leav


It was late, around 2am when I decided to leave Kara's. It had been a crazy year, I completed my New Year's Resolutions by February. For close to 8 months, I was happy as hell. Now, October 31st, my h

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1. A young woman was walking in a very peculiar manner down the sidewalk next to the university in the little city of Carrington. She looked like most normal tweens: her ashen blonde hair was firmly t

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I was three months out from the Federated Territories when I finally located a signal. The gamble had paid off. Here, in the outer reaches of known space, I'd known there was a good chance alien life


The doorknob's tongue did not catch into the door strike plate when my mother shut his bedroom door. She had gone to the kitchen to have coffee with her visiting sister leaving Daddy sleeping in his b

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Just a few hours earlier, the clear blue sky had been thick with hot lead and flak. The American B-17 bombers struggled to maintain formation despite the onslaught of Focke Wulf 190's, Messerschmitt 1

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Following is the next hour of a wish that comes true for two lovers, destined to be apart, are given 24 hours to learn, live, laugh and love with leaving no ill effects when their time is up. "What's


My eyes were already open, and "waking up" was sort of like having a sheer drapery pulled aside in my mind. All of a sudden, I could THINK again. My body still sort of throbbed with sexual longing...

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***Author's note: My editor suggested that I put the last two chapters together and submit it as one. Because of my recent hiatus due to my "football injury" (haven't been able to say that since high

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Grace was quiet when Don picked her up from school Tuesday, she sat placidly while he drove home, almost falling asleep on the way. As soon as they came in the house, Don made his daily check of her s

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Excitement in Death Valley I met Marian at a fund raiser for the library. We knew each other distantly, but socialized with different people. She had a degree in library science in her past, and subst

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I told her my weakness. I shouldn't have, I know. But I didn't anticipate just how useful the tiny piece of information that I shared with her would be... or just how often she would choose to exploit

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Chapter 9. 'Drugs and Debt Reduction.' Hu-Fan. Tom's special boom-boom. Mama rings the changes. Chez Mama raided. Ginalyn robbed. Nick. Second Pay-day. Seeing the girls enter Talent Spot, Mama called

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He had never really thought much about his next door neighbor. She was a petite middle aged woman who tended her gardens religiously on Saturday mornings. Like clockwork, 10 am and she would be in her


Carl, a seasoned editor for a large publishing house, sat behind his desk wearing a white shirt with a navy blue tie, horned rimmed glasses that balanced low on his nose, wisps of hair that was not co

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Author's note: I expect this to be a longer piece – maybe six or seven chapters. All characters are fictional adults. Your feedback is welcome and gratefully accepted. Thank you for reading. ** Mac pa

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I was so looking forward to a good night's sleep. I'd put in an extra four hours' overtime to help catch up on that fuck-off great pile of testing that was due to be reported on Monday, and was feelin

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While sweeping the hallway, or emptying the trash cans, or making sure the bathrooms had paper towels and toilet paper, Orrin thought about Emily. So what if I'm the janitor and she's a lawyer's perso

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Chapter One. I met Eric at the tennis club I had joined. We were both single men with no set schedule to speak of, so we played together pretty often. I'm a pretty laid back guy on most things, but te

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Thank you to gotwood49 for help in editing. Rolling over, my arm stretches out, searching for him. My eyes remain closed as my hand feels the coolness radiating from the smooth, silk sheet. Suddenly,


Writer's Note: This is based partly on fact and partly in my fevered imagination. It is a first effort story telling of a very shy young man's coming of age experience with a caring mother. The sex is

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I've been wanting to write something historical for a while now, and I finally found the time! This story is set in both Virginia and West Virginia just after the Civil War, which explains Silas and F


Book Three opens with with Sara talking about wanting a baby, which leads to the introduction of another new character, Wilbur Talbot. Wilbur's an 18 year old east Texas buck that Sara has had the hot

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Hi folks, those of you who don't like longer stories should probably skip this one. Mikothebaby and I have done two or three shorter little gimmick pieces for the last few and we wanted a chance to st


Author's note. Hi everyone. To start with I'd like to say that I appreciate any comment, including grammatical nitpicking. I'm writing in a foreign language after all and appreciate all the help I can

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As I sit here beside my lovely wife Chris in our cottage in the mountains overlooking Lake Jindabyne, I reflect on the few weeks, the accident of being in the wrong place at the right time, that trans


Dearest readers, I apologize for my absence, I realize I say that to you far too much but this story will be finished one way or another. I know it has been some time and this is little for that amoun

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We've come to the end of Jake and Owen's story; however, because I am self-indulgent there will be the first chapter as re-told by Owen so that people can get a better handle on why Owen does what he

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"Sam, I want to give you something special tonight." I smile at you lovingly. "You do every night, darling. I've got you!" "Yes, you do, but I want to give you something more, something we've never do

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