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As I said in the introduction to another of my stories, I'm no believer in a lot of mostly splashy anatomical detail in the romance section. And of course, all my characters are over 18. Most of them

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This is a sequel to What Happens Here, Stays Here. However, it can also be read as a stand alone story. What Happens Here, Stays Here is a college sex romp, if that if not your type of story I suggest

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This story is a submission to the sixth Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC) and a tribute to the founder of FAWC, slyc_willie, who we lost unexpectedly in October 2015. The true author of this

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Hey folks. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I'm starting the year off with a story that's a little bit softer in tone than usual, but we're gonna do some different things this year.

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***Barrett and Cha'Khah are over the moon with their little adopted surprise. It came too late, but justice has come to Garrend and Ksyusha and Nika are free. Things are looking up - well, for some, a

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The safe house was a small two story crack house in a side of town that she'd never thought to be in. It had been taken over in a raid and had been used since as one of the five safe houses around the

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I think I can speak for both of us when I say that getting abducted by aliens that day came as a bit of a surprise. We didn't even realise when it was actually happening, although to be fair we had a

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Author's Note Well, goodness it's been a long time. But I have been writing and I have actually completed quite a few novels. This one is finished. So I hope you enjoy. I will be adding a chapter a we

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The cute dark-haired flight attendant gave him a nice smile and handed him a visitor packet. "Have a wonderful time during your stay. This should give you some ideas for things to do." Asch had waited

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Life is so good! Most mornings Jacob woke with that statement on his mind. Of course, most mornings Jacob woke to the sight of his loving wife by his side. In the early light of the day Jacob could ta

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Chapter 1 - Suspicions Isle of Enchantment, Eastward Lighthouse No.1 Five years later... East of Maine, and only accessible via the Biddeford Ferry, a charming little island lovingly nicknamed the "Is


We were lying on his narrow bed, brilliant afternoon sunshine a streak across our naked bodies. Weeks of nonstop sex had disposed of my modesty. Another castoff from high school days. He sat next to m

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Author's Note: Okay, so this isn't a week. I'm working on editing this as I submit it so 4 a.m. seems to be a good time to submit it. I hope you enjoy and I'm not proving that I should stop writing. T

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In this offering, Vala tries her hand at diplomacy, Sam and Tammy dispense justice for an indiscretion, and Boris gets introduced to the court... (-) Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes Chapter Four

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First of all, this is way different than any story I have previously written so please be warned. Please enjoy my submission for the Halloween Contest. It was inspired by many sources, from Edgar Alle

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Five doled out the stew from one pot and the swedes from the other, and the soldier gave a nod and shuffled on. The next one held out his plate. Oskar Grimsson. He had helped pack up the kitchen once,

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I am reposting this story as I've found that an important piece of it was not included in the original posting. This story sort of falls into the "What If" genre. I'm at a loss as to where or what gen

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((Author's note: I have put Athene's adventures on the backburner for now, and will be focusing on this story for the time being. I do write the storyline out similarly to how my game ends up, minus s

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Hi folks, This one is partially true and partially fiction. The guy who wrecked his Mustang and went into a depression about it is absolutely true. I met him at this year's dream cruise. Coming to Mus

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The three of us were ready to leave around two, when Jane stopped us all and said, "As the only person in this family that is anywhere near being the boss I have to make and enforce the rules. Knicker

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Chapter 1: Helplessness is not an emotion with which Red is intimately acquainted. He is familiar with foresight and planning, accustomed to being three steps ahead of everyone else, armed with layer

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The lights weren't out yet and he was scouting a place to stand and found one near the PA at the center of the room. People were casually talking and drinking beers. He spotted an open spot and headed

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Chapter 5: In the Pub and What Happened Next Em got to the pub before me, but was waiting for me in the car park. As tempted as I was to start asking questions, I kept my counsel; the evening had alre

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Working with Juan was something of a trial. "Alan, may I ask what you are thinking you are doing with that torch and those tanks of gas?" I closed the jeep door and frowned at Juan's shadowy figure, s


I think my muse for this one was 'Citizens' by Alice Russell from "The Blacklist" soundtrack, but I can't remember! I'm calling this chapter Strive to Destruction. Little bit of angst, little bit of f

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I copped out major! Not exactly how I planned on ending the series but close enough! Hope you all enjoyed it overall. It's been fun...gonna pick up on UCAC for now... I'm afraid that series will be lo

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A cup of mint tea did nothing to lift my mood. I was trying really hard to get things into context, and having found one girl that killed herself down here and another that had come close I had to sta

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*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Chapter 1 Anthony Carrecci again mopped his sweating face as he dropped his duffel bag into the

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This story is dedicated to all the real Super Heroes of our time - The Service men and women of our Armed Forces and First Responders. This story is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, places,

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Oliver didn't know what he was doing wrong. Every time he thought he knew a woman, thought she was stable and reliable, she'd go and do something out of character and push him away. He'd thought Linds

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