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I literally cannot recall how many times Chris and I "Messed around." I know Craig and I only did this maybe ten times, and my friend Billy and I only did stuff twice but I'm sure when it came to Chri


I was roused by movement on the seat next to me. He was awake and trying to re-position his wounded leg. Each time he stirred there was a sharp intake of breath. He was clearly in pain, but I was not

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This story is a submission to the sixth Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC) and a tribute to the founder of FAWC, slyc_willie, who we lost unexpectedly in October 2015. The true author of this

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I had come to accept that I would probably never get to shower alone for the foreseeable future. I tried not to be the guy who complained about having too much of an awesome thing, but this was still

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It was winter. It was wartime. It was snowing. There may have been other factors that mattered in the, but none so much as these. It was bitterly cold—the kind of cold that left beads of ice frozen to

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Margret had never seen rain like this. She had lived her whole like within a twenty-mile radius. She was a rancher, there were still a few left in Northern California. She had been caring for horses s


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***Author's note: I want to apologize to all of the people who emailed me and told me that they were fans of the story, as well as the ones who didn't email me. I know that the wait was long for this

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"Kathy, will you marry me?" Chad was down on one knee holding up an open box with a diamond ring nestled inside. Dene had kept me upstairs on the pretense of helping her with her hair. That was pretty

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AN: This is a more romantic SM/WW fic to kind of make up for what an asshole I made Kal in my other fic. There is still a bit of a Dom/Sub relationship in this fic but hey its what I like. So for the

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Copyright (c)2013 Eruidice So, there it is: my first story on Literotica. I could have never managed to post it without the wonderful editing help of CBM514 and sound advice. I really hope you'll enjo

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It was a hot night at the club. Hotter than usual, but I didn't mind. The heat made the women at the club more than happy to take off their clothes. In fact, my staff and I would take bets on how many

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Chapter 1: Helplessness is not an emotion with which Red is intimately acquainted. He is familiar with foresight and planning, accustomed to being three steps ahead of everyone else, armed with layer

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Florence anxiously waited for William at the mountain pool. This would mean everything to her. If this meeting were to go poorly, her life would almost certainly be forfeit. Weres apart from their mat

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Entering the restaurant, he looks around for her... and in a corner away from the door he sees her profile. He works his way around so as to come up behind her, and bends down and blow softly on her n


Chapter 7 After she put in an order for groceries that would be delivered to the Barrington home later that day, and after she'd put up the advertisement for a new housekeeper/cook on the grocery stor

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It was the first set of pole dancing Saturday night and both Danny and Diego were on the poles. This was Danny's only set. Sam had said he'd do the Saturday night specials only once a month. He wasn't

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CHAPTER SIX I hadn't seen it, but Allison had watched me leave. Then she'd thrown her own trowel down in disgust and, ignoring Luke, followed me to the minibus. She said, "You need to tell Dr Smethwic


To a lovely reader whose only birthday wish was for me to post another chapter by his/her birthday...which was a month ago. I am so sorry, but I plan to make it up to you. To the lovely anonymous read

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*Note to readers: This story has two endings. The first stops with the PG-13 version. Readers who want to find out what happens in the bedroom can find the adult version right after the new couple mak

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I love the feedback the good and the bad. I understand the comments about more focus on Marcello and Rain. However, Jazz and Connor are an intricate part of their story. This story is a spin off story

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She is riding a crowded SkyTrain heading for Waterfront Station, lunchtime, on a gray Vancouver day. No seats, so she is standing, purse over her shoulder, hanging onto a bag at her feet with one hand

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This is the last chapter for my Travis and Adam series. This was my first series on this site and I have enjoyed writing every second of it. I have more than 5 other chapter stories I am working on- a

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This is part six of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot has fallen madl

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*note: A little fantasy about a human system administrator at a company hiring a new canine-human hybrid for marketing. * Okay, I admit, I thought she was cute as a button too and sometimes damned sex

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VII – After the Calm --- It had been an unusual year for weather in Northern California, and Sunday night had been no exception. Earlier in the day it had been warm, maybe a little muggier than usual

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Emily's heart was racing. "He said I was amazing and he said I had a beautiful smile and he flirted with me...sorta...," she thought. Her first impulse was to take her phone and text every girl that w

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Chapter Thirteen Kaylee sat across from Gabe at a table in one of the nicer restaurants in town. She couldn't help but look around her nervously, her eyes scanning the faces of the men around her, won

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Thank You for the comments, feedback, scores, and especially the encouragement to continue with the Babydoll series. I have read the private e-mails and comments sent my way. Thank You for your patien


We sat in our ravens nest surveying our domains with the pond and the sunlight glittering upon it, singing a soft harmony to the birds chattering and declaring our domains to be theirs and that was fi

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