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Short sex stories

############ Author's note - This is a real dream I had, slightly embellished for the sake of writing and a real note I sent to my mistress. It's with her permission that I shared it with you all. I'v

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Part 2 – Blue (continued) Chapter 19 They say insomnia can make you see things. It can kill you. They say breathing camphor, likewise, can make you hallucinate, and seize. And they say that van Gogh u

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I believe I've found my niche. Westerns, set in history or in modern times, and/or detective stories are what I like to write best. I may try my hand at a romance or two in the future but I'm comforta


Chris Over the next couple of weeks, Julian and I fell into an easy pattern of going to either my place or his after we'd gotten off of work. We'd come to a sort of silent agreement that neither of us

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Part 2 - His Date (A few years ago) "Happy Birthday, Tyler!" Daisy stood in front of me holding a cupcake in the little clubhouse our dads had built for us in my backyard before I was born. She had a

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Author's Notes: 'A Shepherd Afield' is a continuation of 'A Shepherd in France' which continued the story of 'The Shepherd of Ashburn Court'. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backsto

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The one thing I know for certain is that I'm strictly a top. I was a sophomore in college before I had my first sexual experience with another man. I had known I was gay for years, but growing up in a


Oliver felt like the world's biggest asshole. After his night of drinking with Nicholas he decided that he needed to see Sylvie again before he made up his mind about whether or not a future with her

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He had never really thought much about his next door neighbor. She was a petite middle aged woman who tended her gardens religiously on Saturday mornings. Like clockwork, 10 am and she would be in her


Moderate BDSM. Female sub, male dom. Also, the people involved are just playing - they don't "live the life." And they sometimes stop playing for a little. They're playing quite aggressively though. T

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This is the final submission for my "Diary" series. Thanks to all who read, voted, gave positive and/or constructive negative feedback, and of course to Random Librarian for his editing. -Spartan 22 X

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*Bigots Cassie and Jessica sat together in freshly ironed paisley colored dresses. The surface of the desk was a glossy particle board fixed atop a functional metal frame. They easily met the gaze of

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"You're still a virgin aren't you Sean?" whispered Regina to me as she saw I was ignoring the professor's lecture. "No," I said trying to sound insulted even though it was true. "Thought so," she said

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My eyes suddenly open wide. Gavin's face is nestled softly into the crevice of my neck like a little baby being cradled by his mother; his eyes are shut tight, and he's clearly fast asleep. His hands

Erotic fiction and short sex stories

Sex stories

Short sex stories

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