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I woke to a pleasant, wet feeling between my legs and a sound I can only describe as purring. I smiled and reached down, caressing Lynn's hair as she lay between my legs, sucking on my cock slowly and

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Even though there hadn't been a new mating in the Billington pack in well over fifty years, it was still only a Monday night and John couldn't really make the decision to throw a pack celebration part

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One whole week had passed and Friday night was here. Brett sat on the couch with his feet propped on the coffee table, dressed for a night out on the town. Roman had come over Tuesday and then agreed

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Lori made her way along Main Street, enjoying the Christmas music and festive air. Dark green wreaths with colored lights hung from streetlamps and store windows held displays of red, green and silver

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This is another installment of the Ron Webber series. It picks up after "Double Elimination" and continues with the characters and circumstances of DE. I wrote this as a much requested continuation. C

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This is our first submission to Literotica, this was written by my husband Ryan. This is a story of an amazing night that he planned for me. Please leave feedback, positive constructive criticism is a

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Farming today "Well, what was that about?" said Samantha when I got back. "Start driving towards the A10, then go north. We can use Diana's place." "Really?" She merged onto the road out of this villa

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DISCLAIMER: All or any Breath Play described within MY writing, I highly discourage those without experience from delving. Please do not attempt any Breath Play fetish without being knowledgeable. CAU


****************************** *** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains conten


Kaylee arched her back, her eyes opening to see Gabe above her, his hands stroking the hair from her face. He moved against her and she felt that wonderful tingling sensation again, the same sensation

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"See that man over there?" "The one in black leather? With those other guys who parked their cycles out front?" "Yes," Sam said. "He's looking over here, so, no matter what, keep a smile on." Danny ha

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Copyright (c)2013 Eruidice So, there it is: my first story on Literotica. I could have never managed to post it without the wonderful editing help of CBM514 and sound advice. I really hope you'll enjo

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Again, a big thank you to everyone's comments. They're very much appreciated, please keep them coming! Happy Reading! Yours, Hudson Bartholomew Copyright © 2015 by Hudson Bartholomew. All rights reser

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Emily cycled through all her MySpace friends' pages, as well as the ones Ted operated. There were still no videos from the morning worship service. "Ted." She called him that in her head and it was fi

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Chapter 19 Dangling over the cliff was the most terrifying moment April could ever think of. She looked down between her naked breasts and saw her hips swinging wildly, with her toes wiggling in the a

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Anya made her way through the house, past the two busy maidbots, and down the basement stairs to be scanned. Once inside the lab, she went right over to where Tammy and Mike were. Tammy was just finis


(Author Note) The acts of the fetish known as Breath Play performed in this and other stories by ME are not recommended to be attempted by those without experience, not educated concerning this fetish


Tender love songs were playing in the background. A sweet-sour fragrance encroached on my lungs, making my nostrils tingle in excitement. The faint light that flickered from the scented candles could

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He is the man that your father always told you about, the one that you would one day meet. Father referred to him as your prince. Although you thought that those kind of things only ever happened in f

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Sex stories

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