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Chapter 21 Steve saw the distant trails of dust in the air and knew the sheriff was about a half hour away. Obviously he had miss judged how fast the Sheriff would be here. His early estimate of 20 mi

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A very short story about a small adult woman searching for love and her male neighbour. * 'Goddammit!' I heard her shout and I thought "Another dating failure." I was just enjoying a drink on my balco

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The note arrived by a young messenger at her apartment around midday. "Four o'clock, No.12 Rue de St. Antoine, upstairs", was the curt message. Bold strokes on fine linen paper. The simple signature w

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For days I walked around filled with a potent, nervous energy. The main thing was to try to never sit still and to always have things to do. While at work that was usually quite easy, but at home I ha


Summary: Closet high school lesbian discovers her true self as Batgirl. Thanks to Rebecca, the famous artist whose artwork inspired and was used for this new series. Especially her series 'Housewives

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Thanks for your many kind remarks and thoughts, I'm glad you've enjoyed the story. I had hoped to post it last week but somehow the story kept telling me more ... thanks for reading, don't hesitate to


~Constructive criticism is appreciated as this is my first submission ~This story has a slow build up to sex ~All characters are above the age of 18 ~These characters are completely fiction Thanks for

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Beloved, Your letter arrived this past Tuesday morn – to my great surprise, only a month after you set sail. Your vessel must have crossed paths with an in-bound ship, though which, I cannot say, for


Don't take this one too seriously. It's just a fun Halloween story. It's a long one so you might want to wait for just the right dark and stormy evening in front of the fireplace with a good beer to r

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Author's Note: To save you time, I'll say right away that this is a short(ish) story for straight males with a thing for alt girls, narrated in first person perspective. There's a long preamble, so if

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Mike couldn't find Tammy. He wandered down to the usual hangout of the basement lab and looked for her there first. Lots and lots of fembots were there, and they nearly distracted him from his origina


I attributed this story to my dearest editor "JackGates74". I worked on this and then gave it to him, and he made it reader friendly. I think it's much better and he deserves the credit. Thank you "Ja

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***Author's note: I want to apologize to all of the people who emailed me and told me that they were fans of the story, as well as the ones who didn't email me. I know that the wait was long for this

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Author's Note: as with the previous Chapters I continue to delve in detail into Marie and Patrick's past and hint of their future to put their Romance and deep feeling for each other into perspective.

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My lazy stay-at-home Friday, started wonderfully with that car-based release of pressure. After putting our clothes back on with fumbling fingers and trying to fix both my and his hair, whilst looking


Chapter 10. 'Bold Star.' Blen, student nurse. Snatcher at Savers Mall. Girls' second day off. News from Desbilla. Calls from abroad. Blen's BJ movie. Amor's mysterious earning opportunity. By half-nin

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For the first time in her 25 years on earth, Jenna was surprised by the girl looking back at her in the mirror. Staring back at her was actually not a girl but a woman. A woman she barely recognized.

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I woke up with the beautiful sun shining through the windows and Juliet's mouth on my cock. I saw her head bob under the blankets as she swirled her tongue around the tip and plunge back in until she

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Chapter 1 The sun streamed through the slats of the wooden window blinds catching the edge of the pillow. He felt the warmth on his chin and slowly opened his eyes. He rolled over slightly onto his ba

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Sometimes, it's good to just let the beast off the chain and have some fun between the sheets. * * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (12 min/mp3) * * * * *Sometimes, it's good t

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Her whole body tense from a long day, Cherry nearly collapsed as the elevator rose, pushing her into the ground. She let out a long, gurgling sigh, deflating as she unbuttoned her snug, creased suit.

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I had several requests to continue this story, so here you are. Bailey and Eddie are back together. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. I appreciate the opportunity to tell the story. ~~~

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I apologize again for the great delay in this chapter. Life just has a way of getting away from you. This was a very difficult chapter for me to write. This chapter, as with all my other stories, has

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Ever hear that old rap song "It was a Good Day" by Ice Cube? The song refers to that one inevitable day that every one has where everything goes "right", you can't make a mistake and you have the luck

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Magda Peter was nervous and embarrassed. Nervous about showing me his house, embarrassed about not paying for the taxi which had just thrown us up right next to three certain mailboxes of internet fam


Author's note: A reader enjoyed my treatment of stories based on the experience of others and asked me to write about her. This is her story. ***** Craving for Love and Sex The nymph inside is release

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Massimo had told Christina about the bet. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he would do that. To fuck me over, sure. But he was forfeiting the bet by revealing our secret. Did he hate me th

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Monica, David, and Karly the cougar are back. Thanks for your patience. I'm putting this one back into the Erotic Couplings category, despite the Mature and Group Sex bits. Most of the sex is one-on-o

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I had originally intended this to be a two part story, But I got so caught up in it that it begged to be told in one part. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ***** Lieutenant M

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AN: This is a more romantic SM/WW fic to kind of make up for what an asshole I made Kal in my other fic. There is still a bit of a Dom/Sub relationship in this fic but hey its what I like. So for the

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