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This was previously posted in a different version. I took it down to publish as an ebook, but received requests to repost. ***** Anne didn't typically come to Jack's apartment. Not without Jack's fath

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We stood next to the bed, I moved my face to his and kissed him again. His arms wrapped around me once more and he drew me close. Our lips parted and our tongues sought each other. Gently at first, bu


I'm known by all my friends as a giver. Yeah, I'd give the shirt off my back for a friend, maybe even a stranger. I'm a soft touch. Rescue animals, damsels in distress, you know the type. So when my b

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Being yesterday's hero took some getting used to. Cole Reynolds was no longer the star quarterback. No, at the tender age of eighteen, he was a has-been, already looking back with nostalgia at those t

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Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those are the words of the song, right? Not when you're alone, it isn't. I can speak from bitter experience of thirteen Christmas Eves past. It's t

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Chapter Sixteen As the train carrying Marie pulled out of the station on its way south, Cassie was arriving home. She had a headache and had left early since she had no appointments that afternoon. Za

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I never meant to cheat on my wife. It wasn't the plan. I doubt very much anyone would see it that way though, knowing the full story. I made it happen. I don't deny that. It wasn't a drunken one-night

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Chapter 1: It was the worst luck they'd had yet. A freak blizzard had stranded them in their latest safehouse and they had missed their scheduled flight out of the country. Red had been in contact wit

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((Author's note: I have put Athene's adventures on the backburner for now, and will be focusing on this story for the time being. I do write the storyline out similarly to how my game ends up, minus s

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****************************** *** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains conten


Anya made her way through the house, past the two busy maidbots, and down the basement stairs to be scanned. Once inside the lab, she went right over to where Tammy and Mike were. Tammy was just finis


Author's Note: Read Chapter 1 if you are looking for lots of down and dirty gay sex, this chapter contains more sexual tension and character development. ***** Over the next couple days, Rodney can ha

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Grace was quiet when Don picked her up from school Tuesday, she sat placidly while he drove home, almost falling asleep on the way. As soon as they came in the house, Don made his daily check of her s

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BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER: THE PAST: Josh met a sexy woman named Mel in a nightclub. She turned out to be everything that Naomi was not. He quickly started developing feelings for her and

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"Status?" Garek asked Ithos as he strode onto the deck of the Arabella. Jack, Kairn, and Grelik hurried across the gangplank behind him. The two sea dogs nodded to the Captain before taking their leav


Working with Juan was something of a trial. "Alan, may I ask what you are thinking you are doing with that torch and those tanks of gas?" I closed the jeep door and frowned at Juan's shadowy figure, s


***Author's note: My editor suggested that I put the last two chapters together and submit it as one. Because of my recent hiatus due to my "football injury" (haven't been able to say that since high

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CHAPTER 10 – THE BIG Y The clit in the crotch of the Nile. We started our time in Sudan with having our first row. It was about some silly little thing, so small and silly that I have forgotten what i

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I woke up the next morning naked in Kymona's bed. I don't remember coming in here last night. I looked around hoping to find that t-shirt she had given me, but I couldn't find it. I found a blue silk

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It would be an understatement to say that this story has been an emotional rollercoaster to write. Andy and Marcus are intense characters and there have been times during the writing process when I fo

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Tammy tells Sam about a plan she has, then tries to convince her to go along...Sam and Tammy lay down the law to the senior staff about how the city should be run...and O'Neill gets a love interest. (

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The sunlight pouring in through the slanted window of the bedroom wakes me gently, but it's the smell of coffee that gets me out of bed. I feel fresh, like I've had the best sleep of my life. I look o

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Emelie nervously fidgeted as she waited for him in the tea room of the rehab center. To her, the facility looked a lot more like a luxurious ski resort, with its lovely colonial architecture and ameni

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Chris "You're late," I informed my tardy sister as she slid into the booth across me. "I know, sorry. Is that iced tea?" She began to gulp down the drink I'd ordered for her without waiting for my ans

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice Summer 2000 "Thanks for coming with me." Alex grinned over at his cousin Joanna as they drove through Candy and


This is part five of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot, a European be

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1984 was here at last. It was supposed to be an ominous year, but I was looking forward to it. This was going to be a good year, a travel-the-world year, a big-brother-doesn't-see-me-at-all -year. I w

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The burning wood in the fireplace crackled pouring light and warmth into the vast room. Walls floor to ceiling lined with books and shelves. The glow of the fire made everything in the room look like

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BUN-BUN: Everyone just looked at me like I was just so anomalous! It just made little sense to anyone how I managed to escape the Vault Matrix. It was very early in the morning, the sun probably ready

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Magda "Marry me!" he said. "Sure." "Good." "When?" "Soon." "Good." "Hungry?" "No." That was it. Maybe not the world's most romantic proposal, but conventional romance had never been Peter's strong poi