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The plane lurched as it landed on the runway in Toronto, and she sighed softly. The 3 hour flight was nothing new, she'd been on much longer, but it had been a while, and she'd always hated landings.

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--- As always, I thank my volunteer editors profusely. This is a story that took me by surprise emotionally, and it took some work to get it into shape. Imagine a cool evening in the summer when the s


Courtney and Jessie were sitting on the couch next to the hospital bed, and I was sitting on a chair. They had their eyes glued to the floor, and they were completely silent. I wasn't making a sound e

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Mike's shave and shower went pretty fast. He wanted to get back downstairs quickly so he could be with Tammy when the Main Computer finished processing her data. He toweled himself off and got into so


INTRO I have to start by apologizing for the lengthy intro, but this story is so outside of what I would write that I feel the need to explain it. I have recently reached out to people who are into th

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David It had been a stressful week at work. All I wanted was to go home and rest. The every-weekend-barbeque had been cancelled due to sudden fluvirus outbreak in the kindergarten where the host famil


**=*=** ========== This is Chapter 2 to "A Bad Dream".. It is NOT a standalone, so for more of a backstory on Luke and Mandy please read the first chapter.. I gotta admit was the hardest thing I've ev

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The three of them sat there for a few minutes longer without saying anything. Anya was rechecking her calculations, and making herself more sure that those requested goodies would likely appear. Tammy


For years now Dec had bemoaned two trends, now nationwide, that have deprived guys like him of the natural beauty of the female form we love so much. The first is the stick model thing. Nothing wrong

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~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My unsolicited sequel to DamonX's story 8 Days. Happily ever after? The conclusion. There are too damn many intriguing stories that are nev

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Skip the prologue to go straight to the action if you're an impatient reader! Prologue When Adison was eighteen, her mother died. Her older brother was off to university at that time, and since there

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This is Faye writing my own account of when sparrow and I met. You can read either version first, mine or his, I don't think it matters! However, I'm not as confident as he is about my writing, so ple

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Chapter 1: The conductor tapped his baton. "A little less from the second bass, please." He glanced at Mark, and the boy gave a nervous smile. Mark had a rich deep bass baritone voice and a keen ear f

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The aftermath was intense. Colony police came and questioned Greyson. They woke up the girl, and she looked around confused. Greyson offered his jacket for her to cover up with and unconsciously they

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Thank You for the comments, feedback, scores, and especially the encouragement to continue with the Babydoll series. I have read the private e-mails and comments sent my way. Thank You for your patien


Down into a Burning Square of Fire My name is Sarah. When I logged into a Minecraft server, I got a starter kit and a rulebook. After accepting the rules, I threw the book away, because I didn't want

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It was 3 weeks before All Hallows Eve and things just feel different this year. I can't figure out why. My cats are sleeping 23 of 24 hours a day. The remaining hour they want fed. Of course that is o

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Billy was awake when I arose from the depths of blissful sleep. My head was on the right side of his chest, my long hair covering his shoulder. His arm was around me, and he was gently stroking my arm

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FRIDAY'S HOMECOMING SURPRISES My trip to my parents was abruptly cut short when they had to leave town early Friday morning to help an old friend whose husband had suffered a heart attack the night be


Peter The warriors of the black army advanced on our left flank. They shouted, shook their spears. Behind their first ranks loomed even larger enemies. There was the rumble of cannons and the purple s


Athens. Spring in the air. A spring in my steps. A feeling of promise. I didn't yet know that Tina was there, of course, but maybe some part of my subconscious astral niceguy rhinoceros aura felt that

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Strictly fiction. Many thanks to my editor "Wicked Inside". ***** Bright light was pushing its way around the edges of the wooden blinds. I could feel that it was probably time to get up, so I slipped

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Hey Folks, I took some time off to enjoy part of the summer. My beautiful wife and I, loaded up two of our favorite Mustangs (My Boss 302 and my Yellow 06 GT) and we took several really fun road trips

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My name is Pete, the much talked about husband of Emma. We've been married about 10 years and are deeply in love. As you may have read Ems' other stories you'll know a bit about us and our marriage. W

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With each revolution of the turntable conveyer belt in the Newport News airport's baggage claims area Lisa became increasingly convinced that the bag wasn't there. She pulled the one that had been the

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I woke up with a start, quickly opening my eyes to be able to see where I was, to see if there was any way for me to get away. I was sitting upright, in a car? I was covered by a blanket, with my shoe


The Marquess of Ravenswood hated dramatics. He also loathed crowds, prying eyes, and London. Yet, there he sat, in the very back row of what was surely the most infamous, crowded event in the city's h

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Several weeks after the Danny Disaster, when all tears had finally dried up and I was nearly my good old self again, I still hadn't stopped thinking about doing something different to try to find a lo


The Beast Okay, so here's what really upsets me. If a guy refers to some other guy as naïve, or innocent, or gullible; well, that's derogatory, right? There's no way any of that would be viewed in a g

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We sat in our ravens nest surveying our domains with the pond and the sunlight glittering upon it, singing a soft harmony to the birds chattering and declaring our domains to be theirs and that was fi

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