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Your Love

Yes ladies and Gents, it has happened again. My adorable wife has gone into our iTunes folder and discovered one of my songs from the 80's that she (born in 85) doesn't remember ever hearing. The song is Your Love, which is, I believe, the only hit by the Outfield. So after her playing it a hundred times over the past few days it got stuck in my head and this popped out. This one is short(er) and more fun than usual. The next one will probably be a Halloweeny story. Thanks to the great Barney-R for his editing chops especially on short notice. Gents and Ladies let's go back to the 80's. SS06

* * * * * *

"Why's your sister here?" I asked my wife Josie as I looked at her suitcase. "She gives me the creeps."

"Wayne, my sister is the least creepy girl on the planet," replied Josie. "Can you hurry up? We're gonna be late."

"She's always staring at me," I said. "Sometimes I feel like a fuckin' antelope around her."

"Wayne you run fast, Honey, but not that fast," she laughed. "My sister makes you feel like an antelope. I have to tell her that. There are legions of men following my sister around like she's the messiah and she makes you feel a deer. You're gonna have to explain that Honey, but keep packing."

"Okay," I said. "Imagine yourself on the plains. You are an antelope. You are the biggest fastest antelope in the whole fuckin' jungle. You are the shit. That's me." She giggled. I loved her laugh. It made her seem even younger than her twenty seven years.

"Okay, I am an antelope. And I'm the shit," she giggled. "I'm the fastest God Damned antelope in the whole fuckin' jungle."

"No you're not," I said. "I am, remember. I just wanted you to imagine how I feel."

"Okay, Honey, but what does you being an antelope have to do with your hands being on my tits?" she asked.

"I can do whatever I want," I said. "I'm the shit, remember? Anyway...I'm an antelope and I'm the shit. Until your sister comes along. I notice her and fear runs through me like shit through a goose. Your sister is a cheetah, and she's hungry. Guess what's on the menu?"

"A shitty Antelope?" she asked.

"Exactly," I said. "And around her, I am no longer the shit. She is shittier than me and I know it. What's worse is that she knows it. So she sits there on a tree limb watching me. It's a game to her. But it's my fuckin' life.

She just sits there watching me. She's waiting for me to make a move. Common sense tells me not to run. My brain tells me not to run because I'll just be tired when I die. But everything written into my DNA tells me to run. Of everyone in the herd I have the best chance to get away. I start breathing harder.

Then I realize that she's not really watching me. She's watching the entire herd. One of the smaller bucks kicks up his heels like he's gonna run. I know that she'll catch his clumsy ass before he goes three steps. He has no chance. He's just a fart with delusions of being the shit.

He kicks up his heels again and she slowly turns her head towards him. I take off, like I'm jet propelled. I am leaping and running and tearing up ground like the shit that I know I am. I am lightning personified. I am the quintessential avatar of motion. I am a fuckin' idiot. I feel her claws rake my hind quarters and suddenly I can no longer run.

There's blood all over the ground. It's mine of course. She was never looking at the entire herd. She only wanted me. She wanted me because, I was wrong. This was never a game to her. It was always about food for her babies. I'm the biggest. So I'm the most food. And I was never the shit.

As she rips out huge chunks of my flesh, she doesn't rejoice or do a little dance. It's just another day at the office for her and ..."

"And will you please finish packing my God Damned suitcase before I drop you off at the loony bin," said Josie.

"Wayne, my little sister does not eat shit," she said. "She does not want to do you any harm, silly. If she ever tried...she'd get a chance to see what a lioness does to a cheetah. Wayne, I shouldn't be telling you this but Alyssa has a crush on you. She has ever since she was a kid. But you're mine. So give her a break."

"Oooookay," I said with as little sarcasm as I could muster.

"I'm serious, Wayne," she said. "You should be flattered. Alyssa is younger than I am. She's prettier than I am and she's built better. A lot of guys would be happy."

"A lot of guys don't love their wives as much as I love you," I said. I held up my wedding ring so she could see it.

"I love you so much, Wayne," she gushed.

"Why don't you have a swim suit?" I asked.

"This is a business trip, Honey," she smiled. "If I was going for fun, you'd be coming with me. But this is a quick three day, take no prisoners assault. We go in, have a quick intro meeting. Visit their plant, make a proposal, negotiate a price and come home. We'll have no time for beaches or swimming pools."

"Okay, you're all packed," I said.

"Come here, love of my life," she growled. The kiss we exchanged was soft and warm, but hot at the same time."

"Josie, you're going to be late," said a voice behind us. I turned and looked into two eyes so deep they swallowed my soul.

There stood Alyssa, my wife's nineteen year old sister. Josie is five foot two and compactly built. She has big boobs and a big butt. Men have been known to get off of elevators just to follow her butt.

Alyssa on the other hand was five nine and defied anatomical physics. Her waist was so tiny you could get both of your hands around it and your fingers would touch. Yet her boobs were somehow the same size as Josie's. But coming off of that tiny waist and rib cage made them seem much bigger.

Her butt wasn't nearly as big, but it had the same shape and the same fullness. Her legs were at least a mile long and they were shaped like a dancer's.

Josie had dark hair, like their dad. She kept it cut short so it was easy to manage. Alyssa on the other hand had long strawberry blond hair with waves that flowed down her back.

They both had the same incredible gray eyes and right then Alyssa was using hers on me.

"I'll carry that bag down to the car, Wayne," she said.

"Thanks Alyssa," I said.

"Any time, Wayne. You're family. I love you," she said.

"Hey, what about me?" asked Josie.

"You're kind of a bitch, Sis," she said. Josie stuck her tongue out at her sister's departing back and pulled me in for another kiss.

"You rest up Mister," she said. "When I get back, I'm gonna give you a workout. You'll be walking funny for days." She reached around and slapped me on the butt.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you to the airport?" I asked. I picked up her other suitcase. "Jeezus, what's in here?"

"My Laptop, my projector. All the stuff I need for the presentation and a few odd and ends that you couldn't get into the bag you packed," she said. "Honey if you and I were going, I'd need two or three bags of just clothes. I have to look my best to keep my man interested. But for a business trip one bag of clothes, my carry-on bag and another bag of equipment is fine."

"That is so wrong," I said.

Josie turned and looked at me. I didn't catch it then, but her reaction was one of nervousness or fear.

"What's wrong, Honey?" she asked. The playfulness was gone from her face. And she looked afraid.

"If you and I were going and you wanted to look your best, you wouldn't pack any clothes at all," I said. She came back across the room and we were kissing again.

"Tick tock," said Alyssa behind us again.

Josie glanced at her watch and started cursing. "Fuck, I'm late," she said.

"Not yet," said Alyssa. "But I have a feeling that you will be." She had the weirdest, dead pan, Wednesday Adams look on her face.

"Alyssa, someday you'll meet a man that you won't be able to keep your hands off of too," I said.

"I already have," said Alyssa. "That's kind of what I wanted to talk to Wayne about. I don't know much about boy/girl relationships. This is my first one."

"Wow," I said. "I'd have thought that someone who looks like you would have to beat the boys off with a stick." Alyssa smiled so hard she glowed.

"I have been," she said. "And I'm pretty good with that stick. I have to make sure that only the right guy gets through it. That's why I need the advice from a male perspective."

"You could talk to your dad," I said. Both sisters laughed.

"Josie, you really need to get your ass in gear," said Alyssa. I grabbed Josie's hand and walked her downstairs to her car.

"Honey, if you're late, I could take you," I said pointing to my Mustang. It sat in our driveway looking as if it was ready to run. Beside Josie, my Mustang was my favorite thing.

"We both know that I'll never get all three of my bags in that car," giggled Josie. She reached up to kiss me.

"Tick Tock," said Alyssa behind us again. Josie smiled and shook her head. "Honey, be nice to her. Have this little talk with her. She's the only sister I have. Besides it will keep you from missing me too much. Spend some time with her. You guys need to bond."

"But look at her," I whispered. "She's perched on the porch like a cheetah waiting for a shitty antelope." Josie burst into laughter.

"Honey, a cheetah is the wrong type of pussy for you to be thinking about," she said. "You should be focused on the one between my legs. You should be thinking about how eager I'll be to give to the guy who helps my little sister out."

"I've already told John that I won't go on anymore business trips without you," she told me as she got into her car.

"That's unrealistic, Honey," I told her. "I might not want to go on a trip. I might be unable to get away from work myself. Or what if I have to go away for work? What matters is that I love you. And I trust you. John is a good guy; he wouldn't take you unless he absolutely needed you."

As I looked at her I saw tears running down her cheeks. "I love you so much, Wayne," she said. "But no matter what you think, this is our last time apart." She quickly kissed me one more time and then got into her car and drove away.

I turned back towards the house and noticed Alyssa sitting on the banister that surrounded our front porch. She wasn't sitting as much as perched there, waiting. For just a second, I thought about running.

"It's too late to run," she said.

* * * * * *


As soon as I got to the airport and parked my car, I realized that I was in trouble. For one thing I had less than twenty minutes to check in and get to my departure gate. For another thing my carry-on bag was missing.

I didn't understand it. I had put the bag in my car's trunk myself. I had no choice. I grabbed the two bags, one that Wayne had packed and the other full of my equipment. I thought about it then. Wayne hadn't actually put any of the bags in the trunk.

Alyssa had put one bag in the trunk and I'd put the other two in myself. That meant that I had to have been mistaken about putting the carry-on bag in the trunk. Wayne hadn't done it and my sister had no reason for taking my bag. I had probably just been so worked up thinking about these next three days, that I had simply goofed and left the bag somewhere in my house.

Since the bag locked, I had nothing to worry about. Even if Wayne found the bag he wouldn't damage the bag just to see what was inside of it. Since my cell phone was also in the bag, I couldn't call him until I got to my hotel. And if I didn't get my ass in gear, I wouldn't be going anywhere. So I ran through the airport, OJ-like, to check in and get to my gate.

I got to the gate with only seconds to spare. Some of the passengers were already on the plane. I sat down in my seat, next to my boss, John, who looked up as I sat down.

"I thought that you'd changed your mind," he said.

"Not a chance," I smirked. "I've been looking forward to this trip since the last one."

"Three days of sun and fun in Jamaica," he said.

"And we both know that most of the time we won't set foot outside of our room, right?" I said.

"We'll probably get tired at some point," he laughed. "But even tired, the sight of those big old titties wobbling would raise me from the dead," he whispered in my ear.

"I somehow forgot my carry-on bag," I said.

"So what," he said. "It's not like we're going on this trip to work."

"I bought five new sets of lingerie for you," I said.

"Save them for Wayne then," he said. "Oh shit! What if he finds your bag?"

"Wayne loves me. He'd never violate my privacy," I said. "He trusts me."

"That makes him a real dumb ass doesn't it?" he smirked.

"That makes you two of a kind then doesn't it?" I asked. "You think he's a dumb ass because he loves me. I think you're one because you married a woman you don't even love just for a job. Ten years from now when I'm a fat little housewife, my husband will still love me. I'll have a great life, full of love with Wayne and our kids. What will you have?

You'll be locked in a marriage to a woman you don't love and realistically, how much higher do you think you'll go in this company? Even though you married his daughter, the old man doesn't trust you. I think you've peaked."

"How did we get on this subject?" he asked.

"You started it by insulting Wayne," I said.

For the rest of the flight, we kept the conversation light. It really didn't matter because I was already angry. I decided that maybe what I'd told Wayne should be true. Not only should this be my last trip with John, it should be my last time with him as well. We'd had a good run, but sooner or later things like this either ended or the parties involved got caught.

I could not afford to lose Wayne over John. And I already knew that like those Mission impossible teams, if we got caught, John would disavow any guilt. It would all be my fault and he would hang me out to dry to save his career first and his marriage second.

I gave the whole situation a lot of thought. As I examined my affair, like an insect under a microscope, it opened my eyes. It had nothing to do with my marriage. My marriage to Wayne was a thing of joy and beauty. But like every truly beautiful item, there was a great deal of pain, suffering and ugliness behind it. Nike shoes and iPhones were made with child labor. Diamonds are mined in conditions where slave-like employees are worked almost to the point of death.

And just like my affair, none of them are necessities.

I told myself that I was a complicated person with multiple facets to my personality. I told myself that in order to be the beautiful person that Wayne loved, I had to let the ugly out, at least once in a while.

If the beast remained chained for too long, she could get out and hurt the people I loved.

* * * * * *


"Ready for our talk, Honey?" she asked walking towards me in my living room. "Can we grill something and talk on your deck?"

I looked up at her, remembering my promise to Josie. I was sure my wife had no idea of the situation she was putting me in. I guess she counted on the fact that I loved her so much to keep me safe ... To keep us safe. But Alyssa was a pure force of nature.

As I looked towards her, nodding my agreement to her suggestion, I noticed that most of the buttons on her blouse were undone and the amount of cleavage she was displaying was dizzying. I guess she felt safe with me. And she also had her sister's habit of taking off her bra as soon as she could, to get comfortable.

I felt like a pervert. I'm a twenty eight year old married man. I'm knocking on the door to thirty. Alyssa at nineteen is barely out of childhood. She's at that awkward stage of being legally an adult, but still a teenager.

The worst part was that she trusted me enough to want my advice on her romantic problems and she felt comfortable enough around me to walk around half dressed, but I thought only of her as a sex object. I clearly needed to spend some time in church.

"Okay, you do the guy thing and grill us some meat. I'll whip up a sal... Maybe I'd better make fries," she smirked. "Guys hate salad."

She came towards me with her arms wide open. My mind told me that it was family bonding, like a child reaching for her father or her uncle. But the way her boobs shifted under the blouse exposing even more cleavage, seemed predatory.

"Hugs," she giggled. I wondered if every woman in their family had that enthralling laugh. As I reached for her I tried to make it a push away hug. The type where you try to make sure that your body doesn't come in contact with any dangerous body parts.

"You don't like me do you, Wayne?" she asked sadly.

"Of course, I do," I said.

"Then why did you hug me like I have leprosy?" she asked.

"I ... I ... I didn't want to accidentally bump into an inappropriate area," I said.

"You mean my boobs?" she laughed. "Wayne, they're pretty big. They're always in the way. I wanted you to hug me to show me that you care about me and we're close. I'm not worried about you touching my boobs accidentally."

"I'm sorry Lyss," I said. "I was trying not to offend you."

"Don't be sorry, Honey, just do better," she smiled. This time I reached out for her. I hugged her the way I hug Josie. Her large boobs flattened against my chest and she pulled herself even closer to me. I was sure that she would feel the enlarging of my crotch as my dick grew. Surprisingly she didn't back away and she also held me against her so I couldn't.

Then it happened. Shock went through me as I was sure I'd felt her pulse her crotch against me. Maybe I was mistaken. Her sister did that all the time, so maybe I missed Josie so much that I was projecting her moves onto Alyssa.

As I finally pulled away from her, there was no mistaking the sigh she let out. There was also no mistaking how prominent her nipples were after the hug.

I hadn't mentioned it, but her calling me "Honey" un-nerved me. And the look she had on those gray eyes reminded me of the look her sister always got in her very similar gray eyes when they were filled with lust.

"Uhm ... I'll get the grill started," I said before ducking out the back door.

I sat down on my deck and took several deep breaths. I felt like I was trapped in a movie. It would be one of those slapstick comedies, where a normal guy is tempted by a hot teenage girl who wants to fuck him as some sort of sorority pledge thing. Then I realized it was even worse. It was like one of those Internet stories. Just Plain Bob wrote a couple of those stories where a guy had a really hot woman come on to him and try to seduce him. After the guy does it, his wife jumps out of the bushes and tells him that since he has cheated, she gets to screw another person too. She says that it's the only way their marriage can be healed.

Of course the guy she picks turns out to be a seven foot tall black guy with a bald head and a foot long dick that's as thick as a beer can. The guy loves his wife so he regretfully goes along with it. And of course the seductress turns out to have been working with the wife all along to set the guy up. Whenever I read those stories, I always think about those words of wisdom imparted by my favorite afternoon sports talk radio host, Terrence Reginald Foster, who said and I quote, "Let the bitch walk."

But now smelling a set up I started to become really suspicious. I turned on the grill and as it heated up I looked around the yard and deck for cameras or to see if someone was watching me.

I went into the kitchen to get a couple of steaks and saw Alyssa at the stove humming as she fried the potatoes. She had somehow lost her super tight jeans and made things even worse. All I could see was those long sculptured legs of hers.

I wondered exactly how short the shorts she was wearing were. I shook my head to clear it, picked out two steaks and headed back to the deck.
The moon was out, which sucked. I didn't want any tempting or romantic overtones to this evening.

I would try my best to keep things light and breezy.

Of course it didn't help much when she came up behind me and I jumped out of my skin at her words.

"That smells really good, Honey," she said softly. She looked at me and giggled as I jumped and flailed my arms in surprise.

She reached out to touch my hand and I started again.

"Okay, Wayne, what's wrong?" she asked. "Why are you so jumpy all of a sudden?"

I didn't say anything at first. I didn't want to sound stupid.

"Lyss, seeing you dressed like that makes me uncomfortable," I said.

"I've always loved it when you call me that," she smiled. "I guess you don't remember coming into my bedroom to read me stories five or six years ago, when I was dressed almost exactly like this."

"But five or six years ago you weren't ..." I began.

"Hokey!" she said angrily. "Let's hear it! Why are you acting so weird?"

I started to try to make something up. But she stood there with her hands on her hips glaring at me. Her blouse sagged open and I saw her boobs in all of their glory. They were more incredible than I had ever imagined.

I was speechless. I also noticed that I'd been wrong before. Alyssa didn't have a pair of short shorts on under the blouse. She was wearing a pair of lacey boy cut panties.

"Don't tell me it's my boobs again!" she said. "Look Wayne, you see and handle Josie's boobs all the time, so what's the problem. There has to be something else going on here, so spill it!"

Again I thought about making something up but surprisingly I told her the truth. I told her that I loved her, but at that moment I was afraid she was trying to lure me into something. I told her about the JPB story and before I could finish she was roaring with laughter.

She headed for the house and turned the steaks over as she passed the grill. "I don't like mine burnt," she threw over her shoulder. I knew it was in reference to the fact that Josie actually preferred her meat a bit charred.

I sat there stunned as she flitted around in the house. I could still hear her giggling from time to time. She came back with the fries that she'd put into a large salad bowl. She placed the bowl on the table in front of me. I flipped the steaks again while she went back inside of the house still giggling from time to time.

When she returned again she was talking on the phone. She turned and looked at me over one shoulder. "Get us a bottle of wine, Honey," she told me.

"Alyssa, you're only nineteen," I said. "You're not old enough to ..." She silenced me with that imperious hand again.

"Daddy, our dinner is almost ready," she said. "Can I have one glass of wine with dinner, like I do sometimes at home? You know Josie doesn't care but you'll have to tell Wayne ... Okay, here he is."

I heard the voice of my father in law telling me to loosen up a tiny bit and let Alyssa have a glass of wine. He told me she did it at home all the time and kids far younger than her drink wine all the time in Europe. He went on to tell me it was better for her to have an occasional drink at home than to go out and binge drink with her friends and get into trouble.

Alyssa took the phone back and told him to have a good night and that she'd see him tomorrow or the next day.

"See I won't be driving after I drink my wine," she smirked.

"But ... But ..." I said.

She went over and took the steaks off of the grill and brought them to the table.

"Now," she said. "I have no idea who this Plain Bob guy is but no one is ever going to read those stories ..."

I didn't tell her that I was a huge fan of his and that I had read every story he'd ever written. I also didn't tell her that I had at least a hundred of them stored on the computer so I could reread them whenever I wanted.

"Wayne, it doesn't make sense. I mean if the guy's wife wanted to go out and fuck some big black guy, she wouldn't go to such ridiculous lengths to do it. She'd just go out and fuck some guy and know that her husband wouldn't find out unless he came home and tripped over them. Men never notice anything. You guys are pathetic. You think too linearly. A man thinks, "My woman loves me therefore she would never cheat on me." So his mind actually rejects the possibility of it happening.

"It's funny Wayne," she said. "You guys can sense it when your fuel injectors are dirty without even starting the Damned car, but ... Okay let me give you an example. Remember what my aunt and uncle went through?

Remember they were having that argument that stretched for weeks with them not speaking to each other? Remember how he thought they were arguing over money? It turned out that she'd told him that she'd need a lot of new clothes because she couldn't fit the old ones.

He finally got angry and told someone that he didn't see the logic in getting her all new clothes just because she couldn't fit her fat ass into her old ones. It made more sense for her to just go on a diet. It turned out she was pregnant with their first child. You guys never notice anything"

I nodded because I remembered the story. It took a lot of time to save that marriage. And to this day her uncle Will only says two words to anything his wife asks. The two words are "Yes Dear."

"Wayne, before we start I need you to know something," she said between bites. I was so nervous that I could barely nibble my food. I knew that something was going on and it was beyond my control.

"If Josie did want me to do something, I would never side with her against you for ANY reason. I heard Josie tell you earlier this evening that I had a crush on you," she told me. She looked at me when she said it. I almost choked on my steak as I saw the look in her eyes. The gray eyed cheetah was back. And she was hungry.

"It's not a crush," she said. "I love you Wayne. I always have. And I hate Josie. It's not a jealousy thing. My sister has always treated me like shit. When other people are around she puts on a front. But Josie has a dark side that most people don't know about."

I burst out laughing. "I've been married to Josie for six years," I said. "We dated for two years before that. I was your age we got together. If she had a dark side, I'd know about it."

She just smiled at me. The cheetah was playing with her food again.

"Josie isn't here to defend herself," I said.

"Josie's on a vacation far away," she smiled. "I came around to talk it over. So many things that I want to say."

My heart was thudding in my chest. I felt like I needed to break the conversation up, so I blurted out the first thing that came out of my mouth.

"You know, I like my girls a little bit older," I said. She just smiled that same smiled but her eyes got a little bit brighter. She got up and walked back in the house. When she returned she walked straight to me and dropped something at my feet.

I was so nervous that I couldn't look away from those gray eyes.

"What's this?" she asked. I looked to see what she'd dropped on the floor. It was Josie's carry-on bag.

"You stole Josie's bag!" I said in surprise.

"Oh my god you're so cute," she said. "I can't wait to have you that loyal to Me." she picked the bag up and placed it on the table.

"Wayne, let's get started," she smirked. "Why is her carry-on bag locked? Think about it. It doesn't make sense to lock it since it would be on the plane with her."

She paused to let her words sink in. "Josie played with your head, Honey. She had you pack her bags for her. Why would a woman let her husband pack her bags? Do you remember telling her that she didn't have a swimsuit? Josie let you pack one of her cases while she packed the one with her laptop and all of her business junk in it. That was all to distract you from this bag Honey."

She went into the kitchen and came back with a knife.

"No," I said. "You can't cut Jo ..." One look from the cheetah's eyes and the antelope went silent.

She sliced into the heavy canvas bag and then looked at me. "Wayne, I would never do anything to hurt you," she said. "Are you ready to see the Matrix?"

I just nodded. For some reason, I felt as if I had to follow where Alyssa was taking me.

Alyssa reached into the bag and started pulling out lots of pieces of silk and lace.

"Wow," I said. "It's her underwear. Big deal."

She picked up one of the items. "I didn't know my sister wore crotch-less panties," she said. "And why would she take them with her on a business trip, especially if you weren't going."

She picked up and showed me a few more sets of lingerie that got more and more risqué as she showed them. "When was the last time she wore this one for you!" she asked with one of her eyebrows arched accusingly.

I just stared at her like a dee ... Okay an antelope caught in the head lights.

"Hmmm," she said. "Most of these things still have the tags on them. It's kind of like she bought them for this trip. She reached into the bag and brought out Josie's cell phone. She placed it on the table.

"Wayne you know that we're a really close family, right?" she said. My mind was spinning. My heart was breaking. And I had no defenses left.

"I hate to be so personal, but did you know that Josie plans on going off of the pill so you guys can have a baby?" she asked. "She was talking about it with mom a few weeks ago. It takes a few weeks to a month for the woman to become fertile again, so Josie should still be okay. But you know my sister; she doesn't like to take chances. I guess that's why she needed these."

I watched horrified as Alyssa pulled out a bunch of condoms. "Damn there's a lot of them in here," she exclaimed. "There must be at least fifty of them!" She looked over at me.

"Are you sure you weren't supposed to be going on this trip?" she asked.

"Alyssa, leave me alone," I snapped.

"Wayne, I'm sorry," she said very softly. I couldn't take it anymore. I slumped down onto the table trying to hold back my tears. A lot of people think I'm a really tough guy, but my heart had just been shattered.

Alyssa came over and wrapped her arms around me. She kissed me softly on my cheek. "Wayne, I wouldn't hurt you for the world," she said. "But you had to find out. I couldn't let that bitch play with you anymore. I mean you're the very best guy I know. I couldn't wait around for her to get pregnant. Then you'd be tied to her for the rest of your life. This had to come out. To be honest with you, until a little while ago, I thought she'd stopped ..."

"What do you mean stopped?" I asked.

"Honey, I honestly don't know what she's been doing since you two got married, but Josie used to sneak men into the house all the time when I was growing up. And they weren't very nice men either. She'd be okay for a while but then she'd get that weird restless look in her eye. That was when she used to pick on me too. And it wasn't violent. But she'd just do really shitty things behind my back.

"Do you remember five years ago, just after your one year anniversary?" she asked. "Josie told our parents about me smoking weed. She went to them all teary eyed like ratting me out was hard for her. And she told them. What she didn't tell them was that I had only smoked it twice and had already decided that it wasn't for me. She also didn't tell them that the first time I tried it had been with her.

My parents were shocked and angry. They put me on lockdown for the whole summer. I wasn't even allowed to go on my class trip. The whole summer I was never allowed away from the house without my parents. Wayne the only bright spots for me that summer were when you came over. I hated Josie by then. And that's one of the reasons why a fourteen year old girl still wanted her hot brother in law to read her bedtime stories.

Come on Wayne, I could read really well myself. I was in high school. I already had boobs. They weren't this big then, but they used to stand up pretty well when you were around.

Josie is not the woman you thought she was. I know this is hard for you but it had to come out."

She grabbed the phone off of the table. "What's her code?" she asked.

"Five one five zero," I said. I was still having problems processing what was going on.

Alyssa sat down right next to me. We were so close that we were touching as she went through the phone. My mind was spinning in a hundred directions.

"Wayne, Honey, I'm not a cheetah. I'm a tigress. I'll protect what's mine from anything in the fucking jungle. Nothing is going to hurt you. Especially not some mangy assed lioness," she said.

A few minutes later she pushed the phone in front of me. She showed me a series of text messages and e-mails that went back for nearly two years. It was almost as long as she'd been working for John. So apparently they started right after she began working for him.

That was it. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. I got up and went into the house with Alyssa trailing behind me. I grabbed the phone off of the table and called Josie. I heard the phone ringing and after a couple of rings, she picked it up.

"Josie, what the fuck is wrong with you?" I screamed.

"She can't hear you, Honey," said Alyssa over my shoulder. "Remember, we have her phone right here. And it's only been about three hours since she left. She isn't even there yet. Wayne, I want you to take a couple of days to calm down and process this. Anything you have to do or say to her can wait until she gets back."

"But she's going to be ..." I couldn't even say.

"She's going to be fucking her boss," said Alyssa. "News flash! She's been doing it for years. The only difference is that you know about it now. You have to clear your mind and start deciding what you want to do about it."

I sat down on the sofa and Alyssa brought me the glass of wine I'd left in the table outside.

We sat there in the dark sipping wine and not talking. After a while Alyssa stared telling me things. She told me how much she had always cared for me. And she told me how, in her opinion, Josie didn't deserve me. At some point she asked me if I wanted to get revenge.

And I told her that I was going to kick John's ass as soon as I saw him. She asked me how kicking John's ass would mean a thing. "John isn't the one who betrayed you, Honey," she said. "He didn't vow to be faithful to you. My bitch of a sister did that."

"Can't hit a girl," I said. My tongue felt really fuzzy. At the same time I felt slightly dizzy and fuzzy headed, but my dick felt as if it was hard enough to pound nails.

"Hoh Boy," I slurred.

"Oh boy, what?" asked Alyssa. She had that hungry cheetah look again. And then I realized that she was rubbing my dick through my pants.

"Lyssa, stop that," I said loudly.

"Revenge," she said softly. "This will hurt Josie more than anything else in the world. This doesn't even have to be YOUR revenge against her. This can be my revenge against her for all of the twisted things she's done to me over the years."

"Can't do that to you, Lyss," I mumbled. "Yer like my baby sister. Can't use you."

"You have to start seeing me in a different way, Honey," she said. "I'm not your sister. And you won't be using me. I'm using you." She stopped talking and kissed me. As our lips met, I saw stars and explosions. She slipped her hand down between us.

She unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down. I started to say something but she put a finger over my lips to silence me.

"Don't think," she said. "Just feel." Before I knew it she had slid my pants and boxers off. She dropped her blouse and slid her panties down those long legs. She crawled back up my body holding on to my dick as if she was afraid it would get away from her. I started to pull away from her, but she looked into my eyes with that predatory look. It told me that she knew what she was doing and she wanted it.

"I just wanna use your love, tonight," she whispered.

"I don't wanna lose YOUR love, tonight," I replied. She giggled at that and then lined her opening up with the head of my dick.

"Baby, you will never lose me, no matter what," she said. Maybe it was that look in her eyes again, but even in the weird state of mind I found myself in, I believed her.

She lowered herself onto me settling down slowly. It was the tightest, warmest pussy I had ever been in. She let out a moan that was part pain and part ecstasy. "Ohhh ... It's so fucking hot," she cried. "I never thought it would be ... Ohh fuck!"

I was having all kinds of thoughts too. I remember reading all kinds of stories on the internet where guys screwed sisters or mothers and daughters. They always described the women's vaginas as being similar.

Josie and Alyssa were very similar except for their height and weight. They had the same beautiful, expressive, gray eyes. They had the same large breasts, although Alyssa's looked bigger because she was thinner. Why the fuck didn't they feel the same.

Then I remembered. Alyssa was only nineteen years old. What I was doing should not have happened. But I couldn't stop myself. Every time she lifted herself off of me and then settled back downwards she rotated her hips and squeezed her vaginal muscles.

It was like when you're working out with weights and you give your muscles that little squeeze at the top of each rep.

I could no more have stopped than I could fly. And then I noticed that Alyssa was moaning with every thrust. She reached her hands down and grabbed mine.

"You're obsessed with my titties, so squeeze em' for me," she hissed. "Oh Wayne. You're finally fucking me. And it's so good good good good goooooood. I'm gonna cum again soon if you keep ooooooooooooon! Oh God! Wayne you can be my God if you keep doing that to me."

I was out of control from that point. I flipped her over and she yelped in surprise. I got on top of her and slipped my dick back inside of those velvety folds. "Yes Wayne," she cried. "Fuck me again. Keep fucking me until we can't move."

And that was what happened. For some reason I couldn't stop fucking her. My dick refused to go down. I must have cum in her at least four or five times. The last few times she sucked me back up so we could keep going.

I woke up the next morning with a naked nineteen year old goddess sprawled across me. One of her hands clutched my shrunken dick for dear life.

My head was pounding and my life flashed in front of my eyes. I was a dead man. Josie was going to kill me. I had no idea why I was naked and in bed with her baby sister.

I tried to slowly move to extricate myself from the bed. Maybe if I wasn't in the bed when she woke up, I could salvage things. Maybe if she was as fuzzy as I was, she might not remember what happened.

I moved as slowly and gently as I could. Then I noticed that she had a death grip on my dick. What was even worse was the fact that as worn out as I was it was getting hard.

I looked Alyssa over and freaked. There were small bite marks on her neck. She looked like a vampire had gotten loose on her. There were tiny red marks on her breasts as well. And her breasts were incredibly beautiful. In terms of size they were about the same as Josie's but they somehow seemed different. They rose and fell, flattened against her chest, with every breath.

I looked at her taught tummy and marveled at its beauty. Maybe it was her youth but her body was magnificent. Yeah, I thought to myself. I can tell all of the guys in prison about it.

Alyssa's public hair was very sparse. It was neatly trimmed and because of the light color of the hair you could see right through it. Some of that hair was matted with a white, sticky substance that appeared to have dropped down from her angry pink lower lips.
I had no idea how to get out of that bed without awakening her. She moaned as I tried to move, freezing me on the spot. "Mmm ... Dreamed about this for so long. But can't we sleep more first, m' tired babe," she mumbled. I was shocked. I wondered where she thought she was and with whom.

The phone rang suddenly. The ringing sound was jarring as it exploded the early morning quiet. Our phone had a caller ID system that announced the name of the caller.

"Call from ... Jamaica Inn Hotel and resort," said the feminine robotic voice. I started moving in earnest then. It was all starting to come back to me.

But as quick as I thought I was, Alyssa was faster. Her eyes flashed open and her arm moved equally quickly. "Don't even think about answering that God Damned phone," she hissed.

She stared at me to make sure I understood. "Don't you remember what we talked about last night?"

"Lyssa, my head is still spinning," I said. "I don't remember much of last night."

She looked at me with a really funny expression on her face.

"I am so sorry, Honey," I said. "I must've been really out of it. I will never drink again. Look I have no idea what I can do or say to make this better."

"So you don't remember us talking and finding out that the bitch you married is cheating on you?" she asked. It suddenly started to come back. The pain came back first, followed quickly by the anger."

"Yeah I remember that part now," I said. "It still doesn't explain or excuse this ..." I said pointing at us. "All I can say is that I was out of my mind. And I'll do whatever you want to make up for it."

"Wayne don't worry about it," she said. "It had to happen sooner or later."

"What had to happen sooner or later?" I asked.

"You know," she said. "Sex ... The first time. It happens to everyone."

"You mean ..." I said. My head exploded and I fought to keep myself from vomiting. "Last night was ..."

"Yep," she smiled. "You were my first ... but ..." I was off and running for the bathroom. I got to the toilet just in time. Everything in my stomach came up. Alyssa was there and she had tears in her eyes.

She pushed me into the shower and hugged me. I tried to push her away, but she refused to let go. The warm water came down on us and we just stood there for a while.

"Alyssa, I'll take you home," I said. "Then I'll turn myself in."

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked.

"You know," I said. "Last night was just wrong. No matter how upset I was about Josie. I should never have taken it out on you. Your parents are going to hate me."

"Let's make breakfast together," she smiled. "We should talk, Honey. I think you're a bit confused."

She took my hand and we walked into the kitchen, still naked. I went into my room and grabbed a robe and some clean boxers. Alyssa smirked at me as I came back into the kitchen. She was still naked and didn't seem to be uncomfortable at all.

"Alyssa don't you want to get SOME clothes on?" I asked.

"How many eggs do you want?" she asked.

"No eggs please, just bacon, coffee, juice and some of those cinnamon waffles," I said.

"Ooh ... That's what I'm having too," she said.

"So Wayne what do you think happened last night?" she asked.

"I was upset about finding out that my wife, your sister; the woman I thought loved me has been cheating on me for about two years at least. I guess I got drunk and took advantage of you. I took something very special from you and there's no way I can ever make up for it," I said.

She laughed. "Honey that isn't what happened. It's not even close," she said. She pushed me down into a chair and knelt between my legs. Her dangling boobs rested on my thighs and she looked up into my eyes.

"Wayne, Baby, you only drank half of a glass of wine. I tried my God damned best to seduce you. I'd been trying all evening. I was walking around the house in front of you wearing a pair of really tiny panties, with my titties hanging out. Just, what did you think I was looking for?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"On TV they always say that just because a woman is dressing suggestively, it doesn't mean she's looking for sex. I thought you just felt comfortable and at home here," I told her.

"Wayne, I would only dress that way around you, Honey. I wouldn't even let my father see me that way. And it still didn't work. I had to drug you. That's why you feel so weird right now. I gave you a combination of date rape drugs and Viagra," she said. "I feel like shit now, but you have to understand I was desperate. I felt like last night might be my only chance.

I was sure that in your pain and frustration over finding out that my sister isn't worth three drops of your piss, you'd get angry and want revenge against her. I figured you'd need to prove your virility by screwing the first available woman you saw. So there I was practically shaking my boobs in your face and you did NOTHING.

Do you know how long I planned for last night? I broke my own hymen with a cucumber so there wouldn't be any pain. I watched all kinds of porn videos to learn how to do a blow job. I didn't even get a chance to try that all the way," she said. "Every time I got you hard again, you got back between my legs."

"I'm sorry I was such a disappointment, Alyssa," I said. "I'm sure your next guy will be better."

Before I realized what had happened she slapped my face as hard as she could. "What next guy?" she screamed. "Do you really think I'm like that whore you married?"

I wiped away her tears and pulled her out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"Alyssa, I'm sorry," I said. "I just want you to be happy."

"Wayne, last night wasn't perfect," she said. "It did not go exactly like I planned it. But it was awesome. Wayne, I know the Viagra had a lot to do with it, but you fucked me six times. I lost track of how many times I came."

"But Lyss, you deserve so much more than that," I said. "Your first time should have been ..." The ringing of the phone halted our conversation again.

"Don't answer it," she said. "We need a day to get over what she's doing. I want you strong when you talk to her. So we're relaxing today."

We went to the table with the phone still ringing in the background.

"Wayne, can we talk about last night?" she asked between bites.

"Are you ever going to put any clothes on?" I asked.

"You like it," she smirked. "You like looking at it, and you love touching it. I on the other hand like the fact that you like it. Last night gave me two of the best feelings I have ever had in my life. One of them was when I was on top of you and I slowly sank down and your dick filled my pussy for the first time. It felt so different than a cucumber or a vibrator. It was so warm. I still get the shivers remembering it."

"I remember it too," I said. "It felt like magic. It was the warmest, tightest pussy I've ever been in."

"Better than ..." she stopped. "Sorry Wayne, I shouldn't have asked that."

"Yes," I said. "It felt better than Josie. I don't understand it though. Why do you two feel so different?"

"That's simple, Honey," she said. "Josie's pussy is almost worn out. Mine has really never been used. You're the first and if I have my way, the only guy to get it."

"You said there were two feelings," I said.

"Oh yeah," she said. "The second was about four o' clock in the morning. I woke up and we were spooned together. You had your arms wrapped around me. One hand was rubbing my tummy and the other was still squeezing my left boob. I was in heaven. I imagined that our kids were sleeping down the hall. That's the way I want to wake up for the rest of my life."

"It can't be that great," I said. "The woman who has that job just threw it away to go to Jamaica and fuck some fifty year old guy with bad breath, a fat wife and a bald spot."

"Josie was never satisfied with what she had," Alyssa said. "She always wanted to have her cake and eat it too. I'm different. I've always appreciated the simple things."

"So now you're calling me simple," I said. She started giggling and the happiness in those gray eyes made me forget what I was upset about. She took my hand and led me not to the sofa, but to my bed.

She kissed me and pushed me back into the bed. I rolled over on top of her and then licked my way down her body. When I got between her legs, she was so worked up that she screamed before my tongue touched her.

I ate her to at least two really good orgasms before she pulled me on top of her. This time our coupling was slow and romantic. We kissed and hugged and held each other through the whole act.

"Wrap your arms around me and hold me, Wayne," she crooned. "I feel so loved."

* * * * * *


This was the worst vacation ever. The flight was bumpy. The stewardesses looked at me like I was a whore and I had to buy condoms from a store on the first level of our hotel. That led to half of the staff thinking I was a whore.

John and I finally got to our room. He didn't seem to care that all of the lingerie I had bought for our trip was missing. He opened his suitcase and pulled out his equipment. He tied me to the headboard of the bed, face down. He tied my feet to the other end of the bed so I couldn't get away.

Then he pulled out a whip and started beating my ass with it. I think it was the third or fourth stroke where it all went wrong. The whip hit me and it hurt.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I screamed. "We're going home in two days and my husband is going to expect to have sex with me. How am I supposed to explain a big red welt on my ass?"

"I'm sorry," he said. "I'll put some cream on it when we're done." After that I noticed something. John didn't give a damn about what he'd done to me. He untied me so he could fuck me and that was it. After he got his rocks off, He was a different person.

John and I alternated who got to be in charge. Sometimes I played the dominatrix role and others he was the Master. The whole routine was getting stale. Perhaps I had made the right decision in quitting.

"I'm going out for a little bit," he said. "When I come back I'll be bringing you a surprise."

The word surprise lit my face up. I love surprises. Maybe I was a bit hasty in deciding to quit. Perhaps old John did have a few new moves up his sleeve. I decided not to bother with a shower since whatever John was bringing back would probably just involve more sex.

Sex, it seemed so naughty and so freeing to just have sex. It was kind of the way that my husband Wayne just went out for a run. He didn't have to run anywhere in particular, there was no looming threat of death, and he just went out and ran.

The sex with John was the same thing. There was nothing attached to it. I had no emotional ties with John. I wasn't trying to make or maintain any type romantic bonds or make a baby, it was just simple physical sex.

But lying there in that strange bed, a bit of guilt crept in. Strangely enough, I felt no guilt about the sex. My guilt was at leaving Wayne at all.

I had to admit that Wayne was the perfect husband. He loved me without question. And he supported whatever I wanted to do. He was really good looking but seemed not to know it. Even my idiot sister had a crush on him. I so enjoyed dangling him in front of her, knowing that she had no chance with him.

Wayne was totally mine. He worshipped me. It was funny because Wayne had grown up the nerd type. He was smart almost beyond belief. Especially when it came to computers and that kind of crap.

But I could turn him into a gibbering idiot just by opening a button or two. The two huge lumps of flesh that dangled from my upper rib cage had made Wayne their bitch. When the titties peeked out, Wayne's brains left the building.

But I could see the signs, even if Wayne couldn't. I was built like the women on my mother's side of the family. We were all short and stocky with big boobs and big butts.

When I looked in the mirror lately, I could see cellulite, a small patch that went away when I flexed my gluteal muscles, but it was there. I went on a diet and started working out more, but it was a battle I couldn't win. I could stay healthy and I'm only twenty eight, but eventually my body would lose to the fat.

Wayne wouldn't care. He loves me no matter what. But I knew in my heart that it was time to stop fucking around and give him some babies. It was an exciting time in Wayne's life. I could see the future stretched out ahead of him and I knew that I needed to tie the two of us together in a way that was tighter than mere love. Children would lock us together.

I learned all of that from my mom. She was barely five feet tall and weighed over two hundred pounds. She was jolly and happy because she knew that my dad would never leave her. My dad was tall and still athletic at almost sixty years old. He could probably have his pick of old women, but he was locked in by my mom. They have a family together and my dad is a family man.

It will be the same way with Wayne.

My useless fucking bitch of a sister has no such problems. Alyssa is a fucking miracle. I hate her for it. Everyone on my mom's side of the family is short and stocky. Everyone on my dad's side of the family is tall and thin. When we were kids it was no big deal.

I sometimes envied how thin Alyssa was, but once I hit my teens and discovered how much boys liked looking at my tits and my big ass. I never wanted to be built like Alyssa again.

I also noticed that some of my relatives on my dad's side of the family envied my curves. I had bigger boobs as a teen than almost all of the adult women on his side of the family. And none of them had enough ass to fill a pair of panties.

I often laughed at Alyssa too. Another thing that I thought was pathetic about Alyssa was that the girl had no ambition. Her grades in school were average at best. And she was totally non-competitive. She was my funny, dumpy little sister.

And then it happened. Almost overnight, stringy blond hair took on that amazing reddish tinge. The highlights that were purely natural looked as if she'd paid a lot of money in a salon to get them.

And some of the boys began paying attention to her. She got taller and her thin bean sprout legs got curvier. They had to because her ass got wider and rounder and suddenly there were boys at the door that she shyly told to go home.

Then one day, I saw it in the laundry hamper. It was a bra. It was too small to be mine or my mother's but it was a sign. I started doing anything I could to denigrate her. I pointed out to my parents all of the things she did wrong. I enjoyed getting her in trouble.

I guess it was jealousy more than anything else. Alyssa had seemingly defied the odds and had been born with the best traits from both sides of the family. She was tall and thin, but she had the big boobs and incredible ass too. It was simply unfair and I had intended to make the little bitch pay for it.

But when I met Wayne, I no longer cared. Truthfully I forgot about tormenting Alyssa. I did enjoy dangling Wayne in front of her. I saw from the first day that I brought him home that she had a crush on him. I enjoyed kissing him in front of her and even rubbing myself against him when I knew she was watching.

That was one of the reasons that I told Wayne to give her some advice about this stupid boy that she'd found. By her talking to Wayne, she would see how her boyfriend fell short and she'd realize again that Wayne was all mine. Outside of work, Wayne only talked about two things. He talked about his 2013 Mustang 5.0 and he talked about ME.

All of those thoughts about Wayne made me miss him even more. I picked up the phone and called him. It rang until the voice mail picked up. That was unusual, but maybe he was out. I tried calling his cell phone and got the same result. I didn't get to think about it very much because the door opened and John returned.

John had met a couple of younger guys in the hotel lobby. They were Americans like us. They were college students here on vacation. They had managed apparently to score some of the strong local weed that Jamaica is famous for, and had sold some to John.

John and I sat back on our balcony overlooking the bay and lit up a joint as big as a hot dog.

"This is the life," he said. "I wish we could stay here and fuck and smoke forever."

"Not a chance," I said. "I miss my hubby pretty badly right now.

"Why do you miss that loser?" he said after another big puff. "Did he ever bring you to Jamaica?"

"John, Wayne would take me anywhere I ask," I said. "You do know that he's half your age and already makes a lot more money than you do."

He paused at that. "HR tried to hire him when he left IT Associates," I told him. "They offered him more than your salary to head up our IT department. He turned them down to take his current job. He figures in a couple of years he and a couple of his coworkers are going to go out on their own. So how is he a loser?"

"If he's so great, why are you fucking me?" he asked.

"John, you scratched a particular itch in a particular way," I told him. "With Wayne I get love. We have a future. He's the man I want to grow old with. But I needed to explore my dark side. Do you really think Wayne would chain me to a wall and beat my ass with a whip? The man won't put my ear rings in for me because he's afraid of hurting me. He won't brush my hair hard. There's no way he would ever do the things that you do to me.

But, John, I've grown out of it. I don't need what we do anymore. This is our last time together," I told him.

"What about me?" he asked. "What if I'm not ready to stop?"

"Then you need to find someone else to do it with," I said.

"Well can we at least ..." he began before all hell broke loose.

The door to our hotel room flew open. Three guys wearing masks ran into the room. They saw us out in the balcony and came towards us.

"What is this?" asked Wayne. His voice was slow and his speech was slurred. The weed had been stronger than we thought.

One of the guys stepped up to Wayne and slapped him. All of the fight went out of Wayne.

One of the other two guys took one of the chairs and stood on it. He pulled a screw driver from his pocket and removed the vent cover from the far wall.

With the cover removed he pulled out a hidden iPhone from the open vent.

The other guy pulled out a laptop and they hooked the iPhone up to the laptop.

"We got it," said the guy on the computer.

"Good!" said John. "You got it; now get the fuck out of my room."

"Are you sure that's what you want John?" asked one of the guys. Even behind the masks I could tell that they were young guys.

"This really isn't personal," said another guy. "We just want some money and we're gone. There are several ways for us to do things. But since it's only business to us you get to decide how we work this and how much money we get."

Another guy began speaking then. "We are already guaranteed a profit. We used an unregistered, jail broken iPhone to record high definition video of your uhm bedroom S&M session ... Ma'am the part where he forced the handle of the whip up your asshole while you sucked his dick was especially vivid."

"I liked the part where she pulled the whip out of her ass and he licked it," said another guy.

"Anyway," said the first guy. "In the worst possible scenario for us, we walk the fuck out of here and sell your video to an online sex web site. We'd get a couple of thousand dollars and you two would become famous.

Or we could charge the two of you to keep the video off of the internet, in which case we'd make even more money. I mean how much are ..."

"Don, hold that thought," said one of the other guys. "These two are married ... But not to each other! This could be profitable. And get this ... The old guy is some kind of business executive."
"What about the chunky slut?" asked the one he'd called John.

"From what I got off of the audio tape, I think she's his secretary. But she was bragging about how much money her husband makes," said the first guy.

The one named Don reached into his pocket and pulled out two bags. "Let's take both of them," he said.

They put one bag over my head and one over John's. John tried to struggle and they hit him over the head. He was out like a light.

They picked me up and carried me somewhere. I could tell that we were in an elevator and then we were outside. I remember being in a vehicle and then we were transferred to a boat. I have no idea how long we were on the boat. Then we went back in a car or truck and finally into a building. We had changed directions so many times that I had no idea where we were.

The next thing I knew they were talking to me.

"Hey, bitch," said one of the guys. "I'm going to hand you a phone I want you to call your husband and tell him that if he ever wants to see you alive again we need some money. I think he can probably come up with twenty grand, right? Make it twenty one. That would be easier to divide three ways."

I knew that Wayne had almost a hundred thousand dollars put away as his share of the cost of the business that he and his colleagues were planning on starting. I also knew that Wayne would pay to get me back.

"Okay," I said.

"And you pops," he said. "You can call your old lady and ask her for the same thing."

"But we don't have that kind of money," whined Wayne. "We have barely any money in savings. We just put three kids through college. I do have a retirement program but I can't touch it before I turn 62. That's three years from now."

"Sucks to be you," said one guy.

"Take him back to the boat and dump him," said the voice I recognized as Don.

I knew that if they killed John, they probably wouldn't let me go either. They couldn't afford witnesses. But even if they did let me go, there would be an investigation. And I didn't want what had happened here to be looked into.

Wayne would believe that we'd been kidnapped. But when I got back he would be so glad that I was safe that I was pretty sure I could convince him to just let it go.

"Don, can I say something?" I asked.

"What the fuck do you want?" he asked.

"I want us all to get what we want," I said. "I want to make a deal."

"Start talking, Chunky," he said.

"All you want is the money, right?" I asked.

"Absolutely," he said.

"I'll call home," I said. "You can talk to my husband. If I talk to him he won't be as afraid. He might misunderstand how serious this is. You can ask him to ransom not just me but John as well. But make sure he keeps the police, both here in Jamaica and back in the states out of it."

"Alright, Lady, it's your ass if this doesn't go well," he said. "And I'm not talking about sticking my dick in it."

I dialed the phone he handed me and then handed it back.

* * * * * *


Why the hell was this always happening to me? Again I awoke naked and wrapped up in Alyssa. This time she had one leg thrown across my body and one arm wrapped protectively against me. Her pretty head was lying on my chest.

I heard the phone and noticed that her eyes had popped open. "Call from John Jimmy," said the robotic caller ID. I wondered why the hell that bastard would be calling me.

"Hey Wayne," said an unfamiliar voice. "Let me put the little woman on for a second."

The next thing I heard was Josie's voice. "Honey, this isn't a joke," she said. "I'm in trouble. You have to help me. I swear I'll pay you back every cent of it."

The unfamiliar voice came back on the phone. "Wayne, how's your day going?" he asked.

"Actually, it's one of the best days I've ever had," I said.

"Oh boy, I hate to ruin it, but please remember that this is only business. There's nothing personal in it. So let's get started. My associates and I are here in beautiful Jamaica and we have your chubby little wife and her boss/lover... " He paused and there was no sign of shock coming over the phone. Wayne didn't react at all.

"Wayne it sounds as if the news that the two of them are together does not surprise you. Anyway if you would like her back, I'd need for you to wire me forty two thousand dollars first thing tomorrow morning. In all fairness, I have to tell you that only half of that amount is for your wife. She seemed to believe that you would be willing to pay for the return of her lover as well. If not you only need half of the money and I would be perfectly willing to dispose of her boss in a manner that would result in no traces of him ever being found."

I had no idea what to say.

"I realize that this is rather shocking news," he said. "What time is it there in Michigan?"

"It's just past noon here," I said. "And it's a Sunday. I'm not sure I can get the money together before late morning tomorrow. I can't just go to an ATM and pull it out."

"I understand completely," he said. "So let's reset this for twenty four hours from now. First thing in the morning I'll call you again with the name you'll be wiring the money to. I think it best that we use Western Union. And you will explain to the people both at your bank and at the Western Union office that you are buying a boat. That should make them less suspicious. I don't have to tell you that if you contact the police ... Well you'll still get your wife back. But instead of one big fat piece, you'll get hundreds of little fat pieces. I'll call you back later to talk about some very interesting video that you might not want anyone to see. Goodbye, Wayne. You have a pleasant afternoon and get back to what you were doing."

The phone clicked off, leaving me stunned.

"I'm calling the police," said Alyssa.

"No, Lyssa, they might hurt Josie," I said. "The police are always fucking things up."

"Let them," she said. "It won't be our fault. And she cheated on you anyway. Why do you even want her back?"

"We're married," I said.

"Not anymore," she hissed. "There is no way in hell I'll let her hurt you again."

"Maybe it wasn't her fault," I said. "Maybe she was being blackmailed or coerced."

"Maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt," she spat. "Wayne, I love you, but you're an idiot. I am not going to sit here and watch that bitch pull the wool over your eyes any more."

She started grabbing her clothes and got dressed. She grabbed me as she walked by and kissed me. "Call me, dummy," she said.

"I thought your name was Alyssa," I said.

"Ha ha ha," she said. "Wayne, there is nothing I won't do for you. But I care too much about you to watch you do this to yourself. When you get tired of Josie's bullshit, put me at the top of your list okay?"

I knew that I was making a mistake the second she walked out the door.

I started making calls then. I called John's wife, Martha, to tell her what was going on. She asked if she could come over so we could talk about it. And she sounded really pissed over the phone.

When she got there, I was surprised. I'd never seen Martha before but she didn't look the way I expected. She was a thin, bird like woman with a no nonsense demeanor. She had beautiful long gray hair that fell to her shoulders.

"Mr. Brady, are you sure you're not mistaken?" she asked. "Perhaps someone is playing a joke on you."

"You can call me Wayne," I said. "And I wish it was a joke."

"But John isn't in Jamaica," she said. "John is in Florida. He's there with his uncle. They go on this fishing trip a couple of times a year."

I held out the phone to her. "Call him," I said. If he or his uncle answers the phone one of our questions will be answered.

She punched in the number and put the phone on speaker.

"Heyello," said an old sounding voice.

"Uncle Willie, this is Martha. Are you and John catching any fish?" she asked.

"Nope, we ain't catching shit!" he said. "Cuz we ain't fishin'. I ain't seen hide nor hair a that nephew a mine in ... Mebbe eight years."

The look in Martha's eyes told me everything. It told me that she was pissed and that I wanted to stay on her good side. She turned to look at me then.

"Okay what the fuck is going on and start at the beginning," she said. So I did. I told her who I was and who I was married to. I told her about the trip to Jamaica and what I had discovered shortly after Josie left. I showed her the emails and text messages. She stopped me there.

"Can you make copies of these for me?" she asked.

"Why?" I asked. "The texts and emails have nothing to do with the kidnapping."

"No, but they'll be the perfect evidence in my divorce," she said. She tilted her head slightly and looked at me. "Surely you aren't going to try to stay married to her. Haven't you ever heard the expression, "Once a cheater always a cheater?" I nodded.

"Aren't you interested in why this happened?" I asked.

"They were fucking each other for years," she hissed. "Young man do you have a good job?"

"Yes," I said.

"Have you ever beaten your wife?" she asked.

"Of course not," I said.

"Do the two of you engage in relations fairly regularly?" she asked.

"Yep," I said.

"Let the bitch walk," she said. "Don't try to save her. Write the marriage off as a loss. You're a good looking young man. You can replace her with someone else who won't cheat on you. If you were some kind of bum, or mistreated her, it would be different. Let the bitch walk."

I finished telling her about the phone call and the amount of ransom that the kidnappers wanted for Josie and for both. I found out then that although John didn't have any money. His wife could easily afford to pay the ransom. Her father was on the board of directors of the company that John worked for.

She refused to even try to gather even half of the money. She thought the possibility of her doing so was ludicrous. "Why should I bother paying the expense of divorcing him in court and probably having to pay him some type of support when I can let these idiots dispose of him for me for free?" she asked. "Seriously, you should consider doing the same thing. It's a far cheaper and much more efficient way to get rid of a cheating spouse and your sympathy cred among women your age will go through the roof. It's your choice and your money, but I won't pay a fucking dime to get John back."

She gave me a phone number and an email address. "Fax the copies to this number or email them to this address," she said. "It was nice meeting you, young man."

And then she left. She paused in the doorway. "If you speak to John, tell him that if he does somehow survive this situation, not to bother coming home. Tell him he no longer has a home, a family or any children."

I sat down on the sofa and took my head between my hands. The tears started then. I wondered why the hell all of this was happening to me. Somewhere during the wondering a pair of very soft arms wrapped themselves around me.

"I won't let you go through this alone," she said. "But for the record, I agree with the old lady. Let the bitch walk. She got herself into this. She fucked herself into this. She can fuck herself out of it."

"I can't get the money until tomorrow," I said.

"Are you really going to pay for both of them?" she asked.

"I have to," I said. "It's the right thing to do."

"You're going to pay money to save the guy who's fucking your wife behind your back?" she asked shaking her head. I just nodded.

"Okay Boy scout," she said kissing me. "Take me for a drive in that car of yours and then bring me home and take me to bed."

"Alyssa," I said.

"Wayne, if Josie wasn't in your life, is it possible that you and I could be together?"

"No Alyssa," I said. "It wouldn't be right. Your parents would hate me. I'm married to your sister."

"Forget about all of that, Wayne," she said. "Could you and I be together?" I looked at her. I looked into her beautiful eyes and nodded my head.

"I love you Alyssa," I said. "At least as much as I loved what I thought that Josie was, maybe more."

"Let's go for that drive," she said.

I backed the Mustang out of the garage and we drove. We drove and looked at things and tried to forget what I had to do the next day. When it got dark we headed for home. I let Alyssa direct me to a place that she claimed had really great food. We got it to go.

Twenty minutes later, we were eating our meals on the deck under a beautiful moon.

"So how does this play out?" she asked.

"Tomorrow, I pay for your sister and her lover's safe return. They come home. I file for divorce. When the divorce is final, we wait a while and then you and I start dating. Then we have a talk with your parents and if they give us their blessing, we get engaged," I said.

"So you're gonna marry me, knowing what my sister turned out to be?" she asked.

"You're not like her, Alyssa," I said. "Is that okay, with you. I know it sounds like a long time, but I want you to have a chance to back out. You have your whole life ahead of you."

"Honey, if you only knew," she said. "If you only knew how long I've already waited for this."

We went to bed and made slow and wonderful love. We fell asleep in each other's arms. We woke up early on Monday. We made breakfast and sat down on the sofa together. I went to the bank and got cash for the transfer, while Alyssa sat by the phone. When I got back, we waited for a phone call that never came.

At about eleven a.m. Alyssa started unbuttoning our clothes. At a little after noon we were lying on the sofa kissing when the phone finally rang.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Honey," said Josie over the phone. "I just want o remind you that I love you and I will pay you back every dime of the money. I know it was supposed to go for your business."

"Uhm, Wayne, I don't know how I can possibly ever thank you for ..." began John.

"Fuck you, John," I said. "Martha told me to tell you not to bother coming home. She said you have no home, no family and no children."

"Wayne, I know we need to talk," said Josie. "I need to explain and I ..."

"Josie you don't need to explain anything. There's no reason for it," I said.

"Wayne as soon as you sent the money they let us go. We woke up this morning back in our same hotel room. As near as I can figure they took us out for a drive and put us on a boat and brought us back to our same room. They kept us in the dark so we wouldn't know we were back here. As soon as you gave them the money, they vanished," she said. "I'll be on the next plane home, Honey. We'll get through this."

"When did you send the money?" asked Alyssa.

"I didn't," I told her. "You were here the whole time. I have the cash here but no one asked for it. Do you think this was some kind of joke?"

"Honey, I have a funny feeling about this," she said. "Look, don't tell Josie that you didn't pay the money, okay?"

"Why?" I asked.

Before she could answer me, the phone rang again.

"Hello Wayne," said the voice from before. "This is Don. Don Alduck. Do you remember me?"

"Yes," I said. "I got a phone call from my wife. She said you'd already let her go."

"Yes we did," he said. "Our goals have been met. It was never about the money. We were trying to help a friend. Our friend is satisfied beyond belief. Before we go, I have a parting gift for you." He gave me a very long web address. And then he hung up the phone.

* * * * * *


I got lucky for the first time during the entire trip. I was able to trade my ticket in and move up to an earlier flight home. I couldn't wait to get the fuck out of Jamaica.

I guess that blaming an entire country for what I had done to myself was stupid. The hotel had been beautiful, as had been what little scenery I had seen. The people there, the actual Jamaicans had been very friendly as well.

What had happened to me there had been completely a fuck up of my own doing. The men who had kidnapped us ... I wasn't sure that we had actually been kidnapped anymore ... It seemed more like an elaborate prank.

But whatever it was the men who'd done it had sounded like Americans. Perhaps they were college students doing some sort of fraternity initiation stunt. Except for when they'd clubbed John over the head and he'd asked for that, they had never actually hurt us. They'd also never threatened us.

I was sure that except for the time in the car or truck and the short time on the boat that we had never actually left our room.

I remember going to sleep on the sofa the previous evening and waking up the following morning when the maid came in to clean. She'd even announced herself as she entered the room. I had taken the bag off of my head to find myself in our hotel room and it was spotless.

Our kidnappers had obviously wiped down every trace that they had ever been there.

The names they had used amongst each other were funny. I hadn't picked up on it while we were in their custody. Don Alduck, Mick Emouse and El Merfudd, with his clearly fake Spanish accent, seemed more and more like college students. But they were professional enough to take almost fifty thousand dollars from us.

They had also severely damaged my marriage. During the flight home I had plenty of time to think. I was sure that I could figure a way out of this. Perhaps I could convince Wayne that John and I were being framed by the kidnappers to make it appear that we'd been having an affair.

It kind of made sense. The only proof Wayne had of any affair was the word of three men who's stolen money from him. They were probably doing it to take the attention off of their actual crimes.

Why would I have an affair with a much older man who was far less handsome than my husband? It just didn't seem logical. Yep, when I got home, that would be my position. There had been no affair. It was my word against the word of a gang of thieves. Who would my husband believe?

I was very sure after giving it half of the first flight's duration to think about it.

Wayne's love for me was so thick that you could feel it. Perhaps I had taken it for granted of late, but it was a resource I could exploit. And once I was out of the mess I had made for myself, it was all over. No more long term affairs for this girl. I would especially never do anything this unbalanced or this stupid again.

I had gained nothing from the affair except abuse. John had gotten lots of fresher, younger, wilder pussy than he ever got from his dried up wife. I had gotten chained and beaten and teased. Okay ... I liked it. And okay Wayne would never give me that. He loved me too much.

As I thought about it, I realized that this darker side of me was a part of me. Maybe it was simply the fact that in my relationship with Wayne, I was clearly the dominant personality. Maybe I just occasionally needed someone else to be in charge. Perhaps that was something I could instill in Wayne so I wouldn't need to do something like this again.

But if not, I would keep future flings to one night stands.

I waited around the airport in Chicago for about an hour. It was stupid having to wait an hour for a forty-five minute flight home to Michigan. At least the airport was nice. I got something to eat and took a deep breath.

I went to a pay phone and called Wayne. It was strange. I would have expected him to be awaiting my call. But he never picked up. I left him a message to let him know that I would be at the airport in about an hour and asking him to pick me up. I told him that I loved him and that we had a lot to talk about.

When I got to the airport, I looked around for Wayne but he was nowhere in sight. I was just about to grab a taxi when I spotted my dad. He grabbed one of my bags and pointed me towards the exit.
He put my bags in the back of his F150 extended cab and opened the door for me. My sister was in the back, and as usual she didn't even bother to look up from her phone as I got in.

She was busily texting someone on her iPhone and she had the biggest smile on her face. It took me aback. Alyssa was positively radiant. Her hair shone and seemed to sparkle every time a beam of sunlight hit it.

As usual she had all of that hair tied up in a ponytail. She also had no makeup on. She was wearing a pair of old jeans and her favorite pink tennis shoes. She had a pink hoodie on over another sweat shirt. I guess she was wearing all of the boyish clothes to disguise those huge tits of hers.

I had gone through that phase myself before I met Wayne. I wasn't really comfortable with my body so I tried to hide it. But if I was built like her, I'd be running around as close to naked as I could. As usual Alyssa was just stupid. I guess things hadn't worked out with the boy she was after.

"So Josie, what's going on with you and Wayne?" asked my Dad.

"Well, Dad, every marriage has its ups and downs," I said. From the seat behind me I heard Alyssa snickering at something. I assumed it was a text on her phone.

"I think he's a little bit upset about my sudden business trip. But he was fine before I left," I said.

"He's not fine now," said my dad as we pulled into my driveway. I ran up onto the porch and pulled out my keys. I noticed that my dad was standing in front of the garage and Alyssa was staring at me from the truck.

I swear I heard her snickering at me as I tried unsuccessfully to fit my key into the lock on the front door.

Then I heard my dad pulling the garage door up. "Oh shit," I said. "Wayne must really be upset. He never leaves the garage open. All of his tools and parts for his precious Mustang are in that garage."

"He told me he would leave it open," said my dad. "He did it so we could get your stuff."

Suddenly I couldn't control my fingers anymore. My keys fell to the ground. My Dad started loading garbage bags and boxes full of my clothes and personal things into the back of his truck. I swear I could hear my sister snickering in the back of the truck as she texted away.

"Dad what did he say?" I asked him angrily.

"Pretty much nothing ... Like you did when I asked you a little while ago and you gave me that bullshit about ups and downs," said my dad. Alyssa gave out a full fledged laugh at that moment.

"He said that it would be better coming from you," said my Dad. "I figure you did something. Or maybe he just doesn't like the idea of his wife running off halfway around the world with another man."

"But Dad, it was only business," I told him. "And Wayne was fine with it. Wasn't he Alyssa? You were there just before I left for my trip. Wasn't he fine?"

She looked up from her phone long enough to mumble a few words. "I don't think he was fine," she said. "I think he was going along with what you want ... Like he always does, whether he liked it or not. Anyway, please don't involve ME in your AFFAIRS."

Her choice of words was too coincidental.

"You seem to be a bit shook up," said my Dad. "Do you think you can drive?"

"Dad, you know I can't drive this truck," I said. "It's a manual."

"I was talking about that fancy car that Wayne bought you. He said you should take it," he said.

"Take it where?" I asked. "Where does he want me to go?"

"Alyssa, get your ass out of the truck and drive your sister's car home," said my Dad. He looked at me with an expression of sadness on his face. "Wayne thinks some time apart might help the two of you settle this," he said.

The drive home was silent. My dad apparently didn't want to upset me so we didn't talk much.

Over the next few days, I called Wayne at least a hundred times. I got a call from work that informed me that I had run out of vacation time and if I didn't return soon I would need to put in for some type of medical or emotional leave.

I called John and he hung up on me. At lunch time he called me back from a different phone.

"Josie, we're in trouble," he said.

"Why the hell did you hang up on me?" I hissed.

"You can't call me at work," he said. "I had you transferred. I'm sorry but you're back in the secretarial pool. You're going to be there for a long time. You're still keeping your salary though. I have no idea why."

"What the fuck are you talking about, John?" I asked.

"Martha knows everything," he said quietly. "She's divorcing me. Her father got me this job so I'm lucky she's letting me keep it. I'm going to be giving her a little bit more than a third of my salary. I guess if I was unemployed she wouldn't be able to collect. So far she hasn't had you fired either. So get your ass back to work before you give them a reason to fire you."

"I'll be back tomorrow," I said. "How the hell did she find out?"

"Before your husband paid the money for them to let us go, he contacted Martha. She called my uncle and found out that I wasn't fishing," he said.

"But John that means nothing," I said. "All she knows is that we went to Jamaica on business and got kidnapped."

"Josie, shut the fuck up," he hissed. "It's over. Martha or her father probably put PI on us. They have everything. They have text messages, they have emails. They even have video. This is a burner phone. I'll throw it away after I use it. Tell your husband I'll start making payments on the money I owe him for the ransom as soon as I can.

Do you realize that we could have died? Martha showed me an article from the Internet about tourists being kidnapped and then killed. She had refused to pay a dime to get me back. If Wayne hadn't put up the money, we'd be dead, Josie. And that bitch is so pissed at me that she was going to let it happen."

I wondered then how much Wayne knew. But it was too late. John had ended the call.

I went back to work the next day as I'd said I would. Everyone seemed surprised to see me. There were a lot of times that I would walk into a room and the conversation would stop. There were also a lot of eyes on me.

It still beat being trapped in my parents' house. All I got there were sympathetic but curious looks from my parents and a constant smirking from Alyssa. I called Wayne over and over again and finally started going by the house hoping to catch him coming or going.

I did manage to almost catch him one evening. I heard the sound of his Mustang's engine and saw him driving down the street. Just as he got to our driveway I turned off my car to get out. Wayne turned into our driveway and hit the button to open the garage door. He drove in and before he stopped the car the door started closing again. I ran up the driveway. I knew that there were safety sensors on the door. If I could get my hand or my foot under the door before it hit bottom it would automatically stop and I could get under it.

I ran faster than I ever had in life. I saw that I wasn't going to make it, so I dove. I stretched out in mid air and landed flat on my face and chest, on the hard concrete surface. I was more than two feet short.

The next day I looked up from the report I was typing as I heard lots of whistles and cat calls. I saw a really pretty blond woman walk into the office.

She asked one of the women something and was pointed towards me. As she approached me she smiled and I noticed that she was chewing gum.

Her clothes were very expensive and well tailored. Her shoes had to have had at least a five inch heel and they were made from the same pattern of alligator that her briefcase was.

She asked me my name and cracked her gum several times. Then she handed me two sets of papers. I started looking at the first set of papers and saw that they were divorce papers. "No," I shrieked loudly. "I don't want these. I won't accept them."

"You already did grand ma," she spat. "I'm supposed to tell you that this second set of papers is a restraining order that forbids you from setting foot or driveway diving within a hundred yards of Mr. Brady or his property. Have a nice day." She cracked her gun loudly and then spun on one of those expensive shoes and started walking away.

I chased her down and caught her by the elevator. "Wait," I said. "We're both women. You can give me a break. You can tell them that you couldn't find me." She looked at me like a bug under a microscope.

"No," she said. Her voice had all of the warmth of a block of ice.

"I'll pay you," I said. Luckily I'd grabbed my purse as I chased her. I reached inside and pulled out three wrinkled dollar bills and some change. She looked at my pathetic offering just as the doors to the elevator began to close. She shook her head and cracked her gum.

"Don't embarrass yourself any further granny. Have some pride," she said. And then she was gone.

I left work after crying so badly that my tears ruined a couple of my reports. When I got home, my dad was still at work and my mother's only response was to heat up a can of chicken noodle soup for me.

When my dad got home he looked at the papers and asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that I wanted my husband back. He told me that I should be happy then, because getting the divorce papers had actually begun the process towards doing that.

Until I had those papers in my hands, Wayne could ignore me. But the divorce was a procedure. There were things that had to be done including meetings and a lot of actual communication. I could even push for counseling if I thought it was necessary.

"Dad, you're a genius," I screamed. "I want counseling. We need that. Counseling will get us back on track." It was a weird coincidence. Just as I was screaming about needing counseling, I heard Alyssa yell, "Oh Fuck! This is taking too long." I was sure that we couldn't have been talking about the same thing.

The counseling didn't work the way I wanted it to. The counselor was unable to make as much as a dent in Wayne's wall of indifference. He was simply unwilling to listen to any talk of me moving back into our house or repairing our marriage.

He was polite. He was cordial. He showed up for every meeting and he was always on time. He was simply not interested in repairing the rift between us. After a month in counseling that according to our lawyers, I was paying for, since I had requested it; we were still no closer to getting back together.

We were also not even anywhere near close to settling on a settlement of any type. That part was my fault. I refused to discuss a settlement of any kind. My only goal in the divorce was keeping us together. We went into arbitration. The arbiter came up with a settlement based on the normal divorce rules. Since we had only been married for six years, I wasn't entitled to much. We also had no kids and we were both healthy and under thirty.

As time went on and I refused to move Wayne's lawyer started playing hardball. He changed the reason for the divorce from Marital Incompatibility to Adultery. I had to keep that part from my parents who still had no idea why we were divorcing.

Finally, it was Alyssa, who came up with a suggestion. I was surprise by that because my sister had been becoming angrier and moodier on a daily basis. My father reminded me of how I'd been as a teenager.

"That was when I was fourteen, Dad," I told him. "Alyssa is nineteen. She's a full grown woman."

"I wish she'd act like one and go to college or get married or something," he said. "I wish she had half of your drive and motivation. You always went out and got what you wanted," he said. Alyssa just smirked at him and at me as he said it.

Alyssa's suggestion was that we have a barbecue in the back yard. We would invite Wayne and sit in the yard and discuss our problems and try to find a solution.

I tried to call Wayne to invite him but he still refused to take my calls. My mom called him at work. Wayne had always loved my parents, so he was unable to say no to her.

I cut the grass and got the yard ready for the party. I also got my hair cut and styled. I went out a little before Wayne was scheduled to arrive and got my makeup professionally done.

Wayne, ever the diplomat, arrived right on time. He brought five very thick steaks and handed them to my dad. He gave my mom a bouquet of flowers and a nice bottle of wine. He went back to the Mustang and handed my dad a six pack of root beer flavored beer.

I went over to him and took his arm. He took it back. We sat at the table with my mom and dad and talked. We talked for over two hours but Wayne refused to give in. I had thus far managed to keep my parents from finding out the reason for the divorce.

My dad finally begged Wayne to give me another chance. He told Wayne that I would quit my job and be a stay home wife like my mother was.

"For crying out loud Dad!" screamed Alyssa from the porch where she'd been sitting for the entire time. "Let it go. He doesn't want to be married to her anymore. She cheated on him!"

That caught me flat footed because I had no idea that Alyssa knew. My dad was opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water. He looked at Alyssa and then back at me and finally over to Wayne. My dad is no one's fool. He knew instantly that she was telling the truth.

I was going to grab the little bitch and choke her to death, but she became even more brazen. She stepped over to the table and put her laptop down on it. She opened a window and a video started playing. I screamed in horror as I realized that it was the video from Jamaica.

Those bastards had put it out on the Internet after all. My mother looked as if she was about to have a stroke. My father got angrier. His look at me nearly killed me on the spot.

Josie why did you do this? Why is that old man hitting you with a whip? As the video went on my father threw up all over the grass near the table. For a long time no one said anything. Then he just looked at me and asked, "Why Josie?"

I couldn't think of anything to say. "She's a freak!" cackled Alyssa, laughing hysterically.

"Josie, did you do this because you and Wayne are having problems in the bedroom?" he asked softly.

Alyssa threw a stack of papers in front of my dad. I was even more determined to strangle the little bitch.

"She was screwing that old turd for almost two years dad. Look at the emails," chirped Alyssa.

"This just proves my point," said my dad. "We all go through this Wayne. There are lots of treatments for this sort of thing. And sometimes we just have to allow the ones we love to find other sources if we can't perform ourselves."

"What do you mean?" asked Wayne who was shocked himself by Alyssa's actions.

"You know ..." Hinted my Dad. "You couldn't ..."

"Dad you're crazy," said Alyssa. "He can get it up. He has no problems getting it up!"

"Alyssa, shut up! You're a child," said my dad. "You don't know shit about sex!" My sister got a look in her eyes that I had never seen before. I remember the night before I left when Wayne talked about how she looked predatory.

I was afraid then because I saw that look in my sister's eyes and realized what Wayne had seen. My sister stood up and walked right in front of my Dad.

She unbuttoned her jacket which only made me wonder why the hell she was wearing a jacket in the middle of the summer anyway. She kept talking as she undressed.

"I've put up with this bullshit for as long as I could," she said. "Dad, I haven't been a child for a long time," she said. "In this state the age of consent for sex is sixteen years old. I could have gotten married last year without your permission if I'd wanted to."

By this time Alyssa was standing in front of my dad in just her bra and panties. I knew how impressive my sister's body was but I didn't know whether or not my dad had ever seen it.

"Okay so you're a grown woman," my dad said. "And you're getting a little fat around the tummy. The women on your mom's side of the family are all a little chu ..."

"She's not fat, she's pregnant!" said my mom. "Oh Lord no!"

"Oh Lord yes," said Alyssa rubbing her tummy.

My dad's eyes were as big as saucers. "Told ya he could get it up," smirked Alyssa.

I was too shocked to even react. My dad launched himself at Wayne. He punched Wayne in the side of his head and then grabbed him around his throat and started choking him.

I was frozen to the spot. Alyssa wasn't though she grabbed the first thing she could reach. It was a three foot long section of two by four that had been leaning against the porch. She swung it at my dad's head as hard as she could.

The wood made a popping sound as it smacked against my dad's head. He dropped like a stone. My mom ran over to him while Alyssa started rubbing and kissing Wayne's neck. I just stood there smiling because my brain had kicked in and I realized that this was the perfect thing to save my marriage.

My dad, aided by my mother got shakily to his feet. He sat down at the table and opened another beer. Alyssa pulled Wayne to his feet and hit him in his chest. "Don't you ever fucking do that again!" she screamed at him. "You didn't even try to fight back. If someone, anyone except me, hits you, I expect you to fuck them up!"

My dad was finally lucid enough to talk. "Wayne, I'm sorry for my reaction. You're a good guy. We'll work this out," said my dad. "We just have a lot more to talk about ... Was this some kind of revenge thing?"

I sat there smiling because as bad as what I had done seemed to be, Wayne not only fucking but impregnating my nineteen year old sister was worse. "I forgive you, Honey," I said with mock sadness as I reached for his hand. I was in full Tammy Wynette; stand by your man mode.

"Oh shit!" said Alyssa. I think I'm gonna throw up.

"Is it a labor pain?" asked my dad.

"Morning sickness," said my mom.

"It's Josie's shitty acting," said Alyssa.

"Look, I hate to bust everyone's bubble, but this wasn't an accident," she said. "And it wasn't Wayne's fault.

I've been crazy about Wayne since I first saw him. I always thought that he was far too good for Josie. Josie has always treated me like shit. And she's always been a bitch. Sometime last year just after my eighteenth birthday party, I was going over to Josie and Wayne's place after school. Josie had as usual forgotten to give me a present for my birthday and she had as usual lied about it. She told me to come over to her house on Monday and she'd give me my present. I figured she'd just write me a check or give me some money like she always does.

But when I got there I saw Josie going into her house with a guy as old as you are Dad. While she fumbled with the door keys the guy had his hands all over her. He had one hand down the front of her pants and the other under her sweater and she was smiling like some whore while he pawed her.

It was the best present my sister had ever given me. It told me that I could get the thing I wanted more than anything in life. So I started making my plans then. It took me over a year to have everything in place and even then it still almost didn't happen.

I found out that the old coot was her boss and that he was married too. But every time that Josie went out of town, six times this year alone, Wayne would either lock himself up in their house alone or he'd go to some car thingy.

So this time I made sure to start bugging Josie about how I needed a man's viewpoint on a problem I was having. She had no idea that the guy I was having the problem with was Wayne.

Josie has always trotted Wayne out in front of me. She knows I've always had a thing for him. She even told him so. She was so eager to go away and have that old guy stick a whip up her ass that she delivered poor Wayne to me on a silver platter.
The next problem I had was Wayne. Dad do you remember when I called you to tell you that he wouldn't let me have a glass of wine?"

"Shit!" said my dad. "I told you to loosen up a little. I'm glad I didn't tell you to let it all hang out."

"Daddy, I was standing there in the kitchen, alone with the man I love. My shirt was completely open and my titties were hanging out. I didn't have a bra on and I had the tiniest panties I own on. I don't have a collection of nasty lingerie like Josie does ... Anyway, he wouldn't touch me. He wouldn't even look at me. And every time I got close enough to touch him, he fucking moved away from me."

As I listened to my sister's tale of seduction, I realized that things were not looking good for me. I started wracking my brain for a solution even as my mother who was smiling like Alyssa was asked her a question. "So what did you do Alyssa?"

"Mom, I was desperate. I knew it was my only shot," said Alyssa. "I showed him all of those texts and emails between Josie and her boss. But all that did was to make him sad. He started trying to find reasons to forgive her even then. He thought maybe she was being blackmailed. I didn't want to do it, Mom ..."

"What did you do, Alyssa?" asked my Dad.

"I drugged him," said Alyssa. "I used a combo platter of date rape drugs and Viagra. It worked like a charm. We were going at it all night. And for the record, I'm not some whore. That was my first time. That's also probably when he got me pregnant, but my window of conception was open for the next three days anyway. The next morning was the important one. Any woman can get a guy who's drugged. But I needed him to show me two more things. One: that he could want me without being drugged. And the second that he could make love to me as well as just fucking me.

Honestly, I have no idea why Josie would ever want any other man."

"That's because this is all a game to you," I yelled at her. "My marriage is not something for you to play with, Alyssa. Based on what you just told me, it occurs to me that you could still get an abortion and have your ass fully recovered and in college next month."

"Based on what you just told ME, you could get YOUR ass fully fucked up," Alyssa hissed at me. "No one is touching my baby."

"So what are you planning, Honey?" asked my mother. "You know that your father and I will help you in any way we can, but what about Wayne and your sister?"

"Mom, I don't have to plan anymore," she said. "Josie's marriage is over. She threw it in the toilet herself. There is no way to save it. And as much as I like hearing that you and Daddy want to help me. I don't need it. You said it yourself Daddy. Wayne is a good guy. There is no way he would ever walk away from his child. If I was to walk out of this house right now, I wouldn't make it to the end of the block before he pulled up in that Mustang to take me home."

My dad looked at my mom. They both shrugged their shoulders.

"If you really want to help me though, convince Josie to just sign the papers and give up. It doesn't matter to me. I can have Wayne file under abandonment and just wait five years for it to go through. There's no law in the world that says he has to live with her just because they're married. But I'm guessing that as grandparents, you two want all of your grandkids to be born to parents that are married."

"Are you having twins?" asked my Mom. I was still in shock.

"No Mom, but I don't think this is going to be our last baby. I see three or four at least," I said.

My mom and dad were staring at me then. "You're all nuts," I said. "I am not giving this little bitch my husband. Wayne and I will work this out."

Alyssa put her clothes back on and got up. "Wayne, tell my dad that you love me and that you promise to always take care of me and our kids unless I do something as stupid as Josie did," she said.

As I watched with tears running down my cheeks and I mean real tears this time, Wayne told my father exactly what Alyssa had said. My sister hugged my mother and father and then wrapped her arm around my husband's waist. They got into his car and drove away.

Three weeks later I bowed to the pressure. I agreed to the terms of the divorce, but had Wayne change the reason for filing to Irreconcilable Differences. Unfortunately I didn't get a dime. The judge thought that Wayne should pay me two hundred dollars a week for two years.

He also honored the debt I owed Wayne. He ordered me and in a separate case, John, to each pay Wayne the twenty one thousand dollars he had paid the kidnappers. It worked out to me having to pay Wayne two hundred dollars a week for two years.

Strangely enough, the day after my divorce was final, both John and I were fired. It was almost as if someone higher up the company food chain had been waiting for it.

* * * * * *


As the Mustang's engine rumbled and growled we drove home for the first time. True, we had both been to my house before. But this would be the first time we were going there as OUR house. Alyssa reached across the center console and took my hand. She pulled it over until it was resting on her barely swelling tummy.

"So the cheetah got her ..." I began.

"I told you I was a tigress," she smirked. "And now we're gonna have a cub."

"You still trapped me," I said.

"No, Honey. I rescued you," she smiled. "Wayne do you love me? Are you happy with the way things turned out?"

"Very," I said. As we pulled up in the drive way she started to go through the connecting door into the house. I gently pulled her hand away from the knob.

"We have to go in the front door this time," I told her.

"Why?" she asked.

"First, the neighbors need to see you. I want them to know that this is your house too," I said. "Second there a tradition ..." I picked her up.

"It's something about carrying the bride across the threshold," I said.

Later on we got ready for bed.

"Know what we're getting ready to do?" she asked.

I stretched out on the bed and she crawled over next to me. "Are you sure that it's a good idea ... You know the baby?"

"I think it's a good idea and it won't hurt the baby at all. She'll love it and her mommy needs it bad. Do I have to go out and buy some slutty lingerie?" she smirked. "Wayne, I just wanna use your love, tonight."

"I don't wanna lose your love, tonight," I told her.

"You never will," she said as she started kissing me.

Alyssa told me a few days after she moved in with me that both Don Alduck and Mick Emouse were friends of hers that she'd put up to the fake kidnapping. They never intended to take any money. Their goal was to convince me of Josie's affair. Alyssa had gotten lucky with the carryon bag and their help wasn't necessary. But it did help to drive Josie's cheating home to me.

From that day forward there were never any secrets between us. We lived happily ever after.

* * * * * *


I disowned my sister. Neither she nor Wayne seems to care. I thought it would make things really messy for my parents during the holidays but grandkids always seem to win. After she had her baby, Alyssa's body snapped back like a fuckin rubber band and even I had to admit that my niece is adorable.

I had to give Alyssa credit though. She saw what she wanted and she took. The worst thing about it was that she took it all from me. She took my husband. She took my house. She took my life.

I don't understand how things changed. While we were growing up, I was the one who always who came out on top. I guess Alyssa had just learned to pick her battles. Then she had lain in wait for me like I was a shitty antelope and she was a ...

The end.

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