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Unconditional Love Ch. 02

While I counted myself titillated for the entirety of the wedding ceremony, the night passed pretty uneventfully. It was a lovely ceremony, with a preacher who told us a lovely modern-day allegory about never hitting your wife. What an appropriate way to start off a marriage. I really and truly thought the entire night was a wash, if I'm honest. I had no intention of making things any more intense for me right now than they already were, but Erin and Becca were in the same room together for nearly the whole evening, and I desperately wanted to keep the two of them as far apart as possible.

I don't think my head was on straight for most of that night. I had gotten pretty rattled in the beginning of the proceedings when Erin finally got to introduce me to lil' Sis. Becca was clearly showing herself to only barely be in control, but I couldn't figure out what the motivation was; was she scared that she would let something spill to her sister? Or would she risk losing a hookup she thought was pretty remarkable?

Becca had run into us at the breakfast table upstairs after the sun came up. We were all pretty stressed with the day that was about to unfold, never minding the idea that at least two of us were well aware of some pretty dodgy business in the recent historical record. I had become concerned as I tried to fall asleep that Becca would consider our experience last night to be something less than mutual. If she felt that way, I didn't know how I was going to be able to face anyone in this family. I likely would've left it there if things played out another way.

As it was, Becca woke up a little later than everyone else and was clearly worse for wear. When she did manage to find her way to the table for some much-needed nourishment, she was clearly not in a state of mind that lent itself to a standoff first thing in the morning. She sat down right next to me with her hair all in a tangle at the back of her head. She had lipstick smeared on the left side of her mouth. I had been wise enough to double-check for any such things in the light of the day. No telling what you might miss if you check before the sun comes up. At first I thought she looked like a party clown with her makeup all over her face, but then she put a napkin to her cheeks and when she took it away I saw her skin in the light of day too, and it was perfect.

Erin was really touchy about her skin. If she was having a drier than normal day, she would complain about how her elbows got really pale. Or when she would shave, she would get some nasty razor burn and she hated it when she had to show off her razor-burned legs even to me. It was clear to me that Becca did not suffer from the same genetic curse. Becca had the most gorgeous pale peach complexion I had ever seen. It was clear that she was somewhat given to blushing, but the hue in her cheeks stood in stark contrast to her radiant green eyes. Topping off this wonderful visage was sun-baked platinum blonde hair that was straight as an arrow. It cascaded down to the back of her neck and just dusted the tops of her shoulders. They were an athlete's shoulders too, they were lean and fairly taut, she clearly took care of herself when it came to her physical fitness. She was a bit top-heavy, as she pouty breasts that stood straight out from her chest. When she first sat and our eyes met, she had a look of surprise on her face. The surprise turned to delight almost immediately and I could see her face brighten and her smile revealed two rows of perfect, pearly teeth.

I honestly hope you know of an example of the kind of beauty I'm describing here. I genuinely believe that if everyone had the kind of special attraction I felt in that moment with Becca, the world would be a kinder place. So if you don't have a "Becca," I hope you can find some pale substitute, but my heart goes out to you.

Breathing a little more easily, I started to ask Erin what the plan was for that morning when Becca seized the opportunity to get better acquainted with their guest.

"So is this the boyfriend I've heard nothing about?"

Becca seemed to already be pushing her luck with this level of familiarity, but I was ready and willing to follow her lead a bit. It was clear that we were now co-conspirators.

"Yes, this is him. Bastian, this is my sister Becca; Becca this is Bastian."

Already Erin sounded a little like she was obliging some trifling need to be on the good side of her younger sister. It was easy to see that it was not her first time on this particular merry-go-round. Erin could barely contain her aloof disgust for long enough to convince anyone that she wasn't perturbed by her sister. In response, Becca eye-fucked me from across the table and straightaway I was feeling the heat.

Thankfully, Erin was clearly into letting cooler heads prevail. When she was finished with her breakfast, she got up quickly and nearly silently. She placed her dishes in the dishwasher and apologized to me for not having made sure that I got to bed okay. As she said this, her Dad walked into the room and cleared his throat loudly. He seemed to be insinuating that that would not be allowed under his roof. If he knew how the previous evening played out, I hardly think he'd be wasting his time with making sure I got to bed on time.

Becca took this opportunity to play a little game at my expense. As she stood up to clear her place at the table, she dropped her fork on the floor just to the left of her seat. Incidentally, I happened to be seated on the left side of her seat as well, and as she stooped to get the fork her face was inches away from my lap. And, man that I am, I got instantly hard when her face passed closely by and her hot breath radiated briefly in my lap.

This would not do at all. She was playing with fire, and that fire happened to be spreading rapidly as near as I could tell. I tried to excuse myself by heading into the kitchen with Erin, but Becca stopped me short.

"So, it's nice to meet you, I'm Becca. Have we met somewhere before?"

Becca squinted hard to really sell (over-sell!) the irony, but I wasn't getting lured any further into this mess between the two sisters. Thankfully, the doorbell rang just a beat before it would've been awkward for me to wait any longer to answer. I called out that there was someone at the door and Becca most definitely looked as frustrated as if this were a case of coitus interruptus.

Descending the front stairs as faux-calmly as could be hoped for, I stopped for a moment, grabbed the door handle, and checked outside to see who it could be. Unfortunately, I was out of my element a bit and I only realized it too late. I opened the door and a cool breeze blew in, behind it another heavenly face I should have guessed was the middle sister's.

I should also have guessed, but to my great chagrin did not, that things would naturally start to occur having just been flirting so hard with one forbidden sister and then being bowled over by another. Her eyes darted to my waist and slightly lower when I realized a tick too slowly that I was tenting the basketball shorts I had worn to bed. I blushed, smiled, shook my head, chided myself under my breath, and tried hard not to meet middle sister's eyes. Those eyes however, revealed all the information I would need to know going forward: they were big as dinner plates and she stood there stammering before she simply hustled up the stairs and retreated to her old bedroom.

Jesus H. Tapdancing Fuck, this was going to be a very long sort of a day. I simply bowed my head ever so much more slightly than I did when I had woken up that morning carrying the attendant shame for my actions the night before. Looking and feeling like I was having an existential crisis, I stepped up one stair after another until I reached the top and saw both Erin and Becca together, nattering away conspiratorially in the kitchen. Feeling no particular desire to thrust myself in the middle of that conflict, I plopped myself down in the seat next to Erin's dad in the dining room. Moving close, he imparted some of his home-spun wisdom on me.

"When I was your age, I was nailing everything that moved. Even after I met the girl's mother I couldn't settle on any of the local talent. Why are you rushing into things?"

Why must it be that 'dad' here felt it necessary to try and put me off this early in the morning? Every time somebody else came into this house in the last day, I was having to pay the price for not being as nuts as this fucking family.

Feeling a fresh sense of resolve, I chuckled a little under my breath and headed back into the kitchen, come what may. Erin and Becca were now embracing and still talking away about their hair appointment upcoming. I don't mention that to belittle them, quite to the contrary, they were very excited to get their look just right for the wedding so their dad would be proud of them. Their earnestness and clear need to be loved was so disarming. However, I could not afford to be disarmed any further. I had to draw a line in the sand with lil' Sis before things got out of control. Beckoning Erin to me, I asked her if she wouldn't mind checking to see if I brought in both my bags from her car. She admonished me somewhat half-heartedly and headed down the steps and out the front door.

"So just what the hell are we playing at here?" I cut to the chase because I couldn't afford to waste any words.

"Listen, I don't want to talk this thing to death, okay? I just wanted to have a little fun and you happened to be there. Let's not over think it, please."

Coming off as terribly blasŽ, she clearly wasn't showing me the whole picture. I could see from the boldness on her face that there was a challenge there. Her jaw was clenched when she said it and her eyes were steeled about two inches above my eyes. Erin must've known something happened somehow, someone must have put her up to this, it was written all over her shifting focus. Shifting focus turned quickly to navel-gazing and she began to expound on how she couldn't be stuck committing to anything. I was clearly not in the mood to discuss long term plans, I just wanted to know that this would stay between us. I was quickly figuring out that that would likely not be possible.

Erin came back in quickly and caught the two of us speaking in hushed tones in the kitchen. Erin glowered at me menacingly, but brightened up when I noticed her and thanked her for grabbing my other bag.

"It's downstairs waiting for you. Did you run into Fleur on her way in? I saw her shoes on the landing, but I didn't hear her come in."

"Yep, she headed in when the doorbell rang. She seemed to be in a bit of a hurry."

"She didn't even let me introduce you! What a day this is turning out to be."

With that, the aforementioned Fleur appeared in the doorway to the kitchen. From what I had been told, Fleur was a bit of a black sheep. She was a freshman in college and was coming into her own from what I was told. She had lived a life of study and filial piety to this point, quite the opposite path from the one her sisters took. She worked hard in school to get ahead and had been taught to fear God and treat her father like a king. She was daddy's little girl through and through, but she valued tradition and learned to speak French like her grandparents as a way to stay connected to her heritage. She was an interesting character near as I could tell, but all of this didn't become clear to me until later on.

Fleur was leaning on the doorway now, arms folded. She had a look of consternation while she looked me up and down, this time not resting quite as long on my crotch. Erin was taking this all in, I was noticing now, and she was not amused. Nevertheless, the smile returned to her face and her words as she offered Fleur a cup of tea to start her day.

"No, I have to have a word with daddy about the plans for today. Don't wait up for me at the hairdressers."

Fleur shuffled her feet slowly into the living room and now Erin and I departed to the downstairs as well. Erin stopped me at the bottom of the stairs and kissed me deeply.

"What's gotten into you? I thought you were SO exhausted," I dragged out the last part of the sentence to emphasize the sarcasm.

"I just recognize this must be a weird spot for you and I want to help ease the tension a little. I was going to come down last night, but it sounded like you were dead away."

Alarm bells went off in my head and I realized I had a choice to make. I could either come clean now, followed by getting my shit and leaving. Or I could continue this charade knowing that she is likely well aware of what's going on, and further embarrassing/enraging my girlfriend. Needless to say, I chose the latter.

"I was pretty bushed! But thanks for checking in on me."

Erin then muttered something just quietly enough for me to not miss the important bit. The bit where she mentioned my choice of words. Shit. She knows.

My darling girlfriend appeared to recognize she had a choice to make right there too. And make it she did as she pulled me forcefully into my guest's bedroom and threw me on the twin bed over by the far side of the room. She kissed me deeply this time, with a seeking tongue and an anxious pace. Before I could form two thoughts, she had my shirt up over my head. She kissed me from the base of my neck down towards my chest. When she arrived at my chest, she bit down hard on my left nipple. I withdrew sharply in surprise, but Erin pinned my arms down in one fluid move and I was on my back with Erin's tantalizing breasts in my face.

" I know something you don't know," she said in a sing-song. She was so fucking cute.

"Oh yeah? And what's that?" I shot back.

"I know what you did last nightÉ" she trailed off but had already said more than enough.

I was trapped like a rat. Now was not the time to be trying to get off (again), so I sat up quickly and looked her in the eye.

"Listen, this doesn't mean what you think it means," I started clumsily. "I'm always making stupid mistakes, but this one shouldn't have happened, I admit that."

"It's not THAT bad, I'm not leaving you or anything!"

I breathed deeply and had to collect myself for a minute. In my experience, when someone says they aren't about to leave you, that's a sure sign the opposite is true. I looked Erin right in the eye and asked her what she wanted to do next.

"Well, I was hoping you'd let me suck your cock, and then we can talk about ways you can make all this up to me. Like sharing next time!"

She must have seen my face go white, and then green, and then white again, because she actually recoiled a little as the confusion ran across my face.

"Listen, you're not the first boyfriend of mine Becca has smoked weed with in this house. I don't think you should make a habit of it, but it's hardly worth a breakup over."

Without betraying too much relief, I chuckled a little and let Erin continue to believe that's all that happened.

"Truth is, Becca is always trying to get my boyfriends in trouble. I think this time will be a little different though."

Not doubting for a second she was correct, I had to tip my hat to her a little. She clearly had a hard time trusting in the past, but she was passing this test with flying colors. Meanwhile, I was failing that same test with what seemed like ten other people in her family.

As things finally got rolling at the house, Fleur and Erin took off for the hairdressers while Becca stayed behind and begged her dad to let her go to a different hairdressers. She said she didn't want to look like "those two," but the reality was they were all supposed to have the same look. As Becca wound up her petulant raving, she walked past me and bumped into my shoulder while we stood in the kitchen. I turned to her and looked her right in the eyes.

"So, tell me. Do you treat all your sister's boyfriends like this?"

"Nope. You're my first."

While these words initially hit me like a concrete mixer, I realized she meant first sister's boyfriend to make miserable. I backpedaled out of the kitchen and away from her, but she tailed me down the hall. When we reached the end of the hall, we were just outside both Fleur and her dad's rooms. Looking into Fleur's room there was just a twin bed, one bookcase, and a dresser that the bookcase sat on. No chairs, no TV, no nothing.

"I think we can get some privacy here," Becca said, stating the obvious.

"I don't know if this is the best thing for us, you know? Maybe we should think about our loved ones in this case."

My discretion nor my valor were winning any points with my soon-to-be younger sister. I didn't have a great answer for what to do next, but thankfully (or not), Becca took over at this point and was on her knees in front of me in record time. Looking up pleadingly, Becca reached to pull my pajama pants down to expose my already hard cock. She titled her head toward me again while she took me into her mouth. We looked eyes as she first brought her mouth down over my entire cock and I noticed her eyes were starting to well up as she swallowed it from root to tip.

In between gagging sounds, Becca was continually taunting me for fucking my girlfriend's little sister. She continually called me a clichŽ and listed all the reasons my decision-making process was fucked. Far be it for me to judge a person based on their thoughts rather than deeds, but I felt more than a little hurt and vulnerable by all the hateful comments. I guess hateful might be too strong a word here, I mean she did have me alternatingly balls deep in her throat when she was trying to splutter all this 'hate,' so I guess I made my own point for myself.

After she had acquitted herself convincingly on my cock for a few minutes, I took the opportunity to toss her backwards onto Fleur's bed for a little more playtime. This time, Becca had a look on her face of obvious conflict; it appeared as thought she were thrilled and torn simultaneously. She seemed to be psyching herself up to draw a line somewhere in this process, but where lines would be drawn now that she had just sucked my cock in her sister's bedroom I could not fathom.

"Listen, I want to move a little slower with this."

"Well, it doesn't get much faster than we've gone so far, so I can't really blame you. Whatever you're okay with, I'm okay with."

With that, she looked at the ground and didn't really try to communicate anything new. She again looked like she had a resolved something in her mind and then began to kick her pants off while she was on her back. She shimmied her hips while she tried to get out of her pajama bottoms and then stood to get them and her underwear off over her feet. Standing bottomless in front of me, I could see she was even more a vision in the broad light of day. Her legs were trim and somewhat tanned, just enough to give the impression that she had spent time in the sun, if not exactly tanning. Her hips were somewhat angular and belied her youth, as they were so slim and strong-looking. I took one step towards her and kissed her deeply, there was clearly renewed passion and Becca responded in kind. With the two of us tangled up in each other, we became oblivious to our surroundings. Outside of the bedroom, I faintly heard movement in the hallway. Not stopping for the world, I inched my hand slowly down her incredible body until I reached her inviting cleft. Her entire body below the waist seemed not to have a single hair and her vagina was already pouting with excitement and anticipation. I stopped when my fingers began their journey towards her attentive little clit, remembering that I was to take things slowly. I kissed her passionately and began to pull her shirt up over her head. When I had removed her top and unhooked her bra (somewhat deftly, if I do say so myself), I cupped her pert, handful-sized breasts. Taking each in turn, I placed them gently into my mouth and began swirling my tongue around them before clamping down lightly with my teeth. I had a feeling based on last night's events that a little rougher play probably wasn't beyond the pale. After lightly teasing her left nipple one last time, I proceeded to shove her back onto the bed.
She landed gently and gave me a look that spoke volumes. She was ready for whatever I was about to dish up, and she couldn't be more happy to play along. So naturally I stopped and let her lead for a minute or two.

"I want you to tell me what you're up for. I'm not eager to ruin this moment for you, so I'm going to have you show me the next move."


She abruptly yanked on my belt (I hadn't taken even one stitch of clothing off to this point) and send me toppling onto her chest. I landed with a smile on my face and greeted her with another sensual kiss. I danced my tongue around in her mouth and bit her lower lip ever so playfully. I then buried my face in her neck to breathe in the scent of her perfume; it smelled of juniper a little bit. While I inhaled that lovely aroma, I began to kiss her neck and her earlobe in the hopes that her moaning would be muffled by my own close proximity, as I did not want to arouse any suspicion from here on out.

Again I heard noise in the hallway, but this time I heard a door shut right outside the bedroom. It was very clearly the door leading to her dad's room, but it was closed very nonchalantly so it didn't concern me too much. After that, I heard some scrabbling along the wall and realized that it must be paper-thin. Thinking that, I picked my head up from our embrace for a moment and tried to listen a little harder. I again heard that scrabbling noise along the wall, followed by the door again closing tightly behind whoever it was in the next room.

After the door clicked shut, signaling that only a turn of the handle would open it, I started to lower myself down Becca's perfect body and right to her bare mound. Mound isn't usually a word I would use in this case, but it is the only word that applies when there is literally nothing else to break up the landscape. With no hair, nor clothes, nor the ravages of time to despoil this holiest of vessels it appeared as nothing more or less than a mound of untapped potential and frankly, my own dreams come to life.

For the second day consecutively, I again plunged my tongue deeply into her plump folds and sought out the lovely taste that still lived on my lips from the night before. I tongued that wonderful pussy for two or three minutes, alternating between plunging swipes deep in her cunt to shallow little nibbles on the hood of her clit. When those two or three minutes were up, I tenderly lapped at her vagina while I nuzzled her clit with my nose and sent her into wracking spasms that she had to fight to contain. She thrashed a blanket off the bed and bumped into the nightstand while she attempted to stifle the onrushing orgasm. Her face flushed while I watched, and I listened to her bite her forearm as she tried to block any other sound from escaping her mouth.

She slumped back onto the bed, clearly winded from her struggle and we both heard a familiar sound in the driveway outside. It was Erin and Fleur, returning from wherever they had nipped off to (hairdressers, right!) and were likely headed up the walk to the house right this instant. Thinking as nimbly as my libido-crazed mind could manage, I threw Becca's clothes under the bed, grabbed a towel off the back of Fleur's bedroom door, and tossed it to Becca to cover up with while she exited the room for the bathroom and the warm caress of a blissful post-orgasm cleanse.

"Cover up with this and get in the bathroom, now!"

Off she scampered, trying to beat her sisters from racing up the stairs and spotting her. I headed quickly to the kitchen and began pouring myself a glass of water. Just as Erin was greeting me, I had just placed the glass on the counter and begun cleaning off my face.

"Did Becca leave yet? Her car is still in the driveway."

"I think she's just now heading to the shower. Was she supposed to meet you guys?"

"She was, but Carrie called and told us not to wait for her."

I turned around and saw my girlfriend's face for the first time since her hair appointment. Erin was dazzling with her newly wavy locks done up just so and the rest falling just right around her shoulders. I wouldn't call myself easily stricken by the face of beauty, but this was another issue altogether. Her shoulders were exposed by the halter she was wearing as a placeholder until the wedding, and the material worked wonders on her upper body. She looked fit but not too fit, and she most especially looked delicious from the chest down.

I counted myself lucky in that moment, blessed with the affections of two of the most gorgeous women I knew. Sure, this was clearly a den of vipers I had found myself in, but I was hardly complaining ten minutes ago, and with Erin staring at me with those mesmeric hazel eyes I wasn't about to start now. I prayed a silent prayer, lifting my eyes to the ceiling, and readied myself for an evening that was sure to complicate my life beyond measure (or so I thought). The rest of the afternoon passed in a flash and I could hardly stand to wait until the next time I got to see those lovely sisters under the same roof again.

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