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To Tame a Slave Ch. 06

I'm so sorry for the wait. Apparently I'm awful at sex scenes. I'm going to stop setting deadlines, because I feel so awful when I don't meet them. Hope you enjoy!


I woke up the next morning tired and sore. A groan escaped me as I burrowed back under the covers, hiding from the sunlight pouring in from the windows. After a bit, I sat up, rubbing at my eyes and looking around blearily. Laid across a chair near the fireplace appeared to be a reddish dress, my leather jacket folded on top of it. I didn't sit there long luckily, because I would have gone back to sleep just to avoid thinking about yesterday, and to avoid the coming day as well. The maid poked her head in, making a noise when she saw me awake.

"Miss- Alanna, you're awake finally. You slept through breakfast, but the Master didn't want you disturbed."

I yawned. "The extra sleep was much appreciated. I had a strange dream last night, and then an interruption." My face flushed at the memory of my late night punishment.

The maid chuckled. "From the look on your face, I'll refrain from asking about your... interruption." Her voice was teasing, making my cheeks a darker shade of red. "I brought in some water earlier for you to wash your face and brush your teeth with," she said, bustling me out of bed. I wobbled on my feet for a moment, before gasping and diving back under the covers.

"Oh, honestly. I've seen plenty of naked women before. Up up up. You can't have any food if you laze in bed all day." Her voice was sly, and was immediately followed by the loud growl of my stomach. I peeked out at her sheepishly, debating my shyness for a moment, before clambering out. She bustled me around the room, preparing me for the day with an efficiency that was a little intimidating. In no time, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in a rose colored dress that fit a little closer to my frame. The front two pieces of my hair were braided with matching ribbons and pinned back, the ends meeting almost perfectly at the back of my head. When I looked in the mirror, I found that I resembled my old self a bit more, which made me smile.

That smile didn't last long, as at the moment I was currently fighting down some bad anxiety. The maid must have seen my expression, because she quickly perched on the bed beside me, taking one of my hands in hers.

"What's wrong?" She asked, worry in her voice.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm just-" I pause, shaking my self and taking a deep breath. "I'm still off balance is all. I need a bit before I can deal with... anything, honestly."

We sat there in silence for a bit, before she patted my hand lightly. "Would you like to talk? Maybe ask me any questions you have to distract yourself?" Her voice was kind, and I flashed a relieved smile at her.

"First question. Is it alright if I ask your name? It feels weird to keep thinking of you just as 'the maid'."

"It's Kata," she replied.

I mouthed the name silently, committing it to memory, before nodding. "Second question, and I'm really sorry if I ask anything rude, or taboo to ask or anything like that. You said you're some kind of fairy or something, but you look human."

Kata laughed. "Don't worry about sounding rude. I know you're from another place and don't understand our customs. Just be frank and ask anything you need. Also, that's not really a question," she teased. "I'm a Seraldi Fae, or simply Seraldi usually. We heavily resemble humans, more so than other types of Fae, which would explain your confusion."

"So what exactly are Fae then? Since it sounds like there's a bunch of different types." My eyes were wide, curiosity raging inside of me.

"Fae is an umbrella term for most winged creatures."

My mouth fell open, eyes roving over her. "You have wings?!"

She laughed again and stood up, removing the black jacket that was part of her uniform. Slowly, a pair of see through, gossamer wings stretched out behind her, each wing about the length of her arm fully stretched out. As I watched, they lit up, a pale green that slowly changed to a bright blue along the edges. Little veins of light flashed through them, dizzyingly beautiful to watch. The lights slowly dimmed, the color fading, until the wings were see through again, and were slowly, carefully folded up against her back.

"Those are absolutely beautiful," I told her in awe, and I swear she blushed as she put her jacket back on.

"Thank you very much, that's not something I hear often," Kata said, sitting back down and folding her hands in her lap.

"What?! Why not?"

She chuckled. "I live in a world full of creatures of all shapes and sizes. Compared to most of them, I'm very plain."

"Well, people are crazy if they think you're plain," I grumbled, picking at the fabric of my dress.

There was a period of silence before Kata took my hand again. "From what I've seen of you so far, you are such a beautiful person. On the inside I mean." She pressed her free hand to my heart, her warm brown eyes smiling at me. "I'm so happy you're here, with us."

I smiled at her for a moment, glowing from her compliment, before my happiness dropped away. I pushed to my feet, arms crossed over my chest, and paced across the room. "Don't get me wrong Kata, you're a lovely person, but I hate this." I bit back tears.

"Because you are a slave?" She asked softly.

"All of it. If I was here in this world by choice, I'd be exhilarated. Everything is so new, so different, I want to learn and see everything. But..." I rubbed at my eyes. "I miss my home, my family. And I dunno if I'll ever be able to see them again. And most of all, I miss my freedom. I just- I want to curl up in that bed and go to sleep and wake up to find it's all a dream."

I spun, looking at her through a slight mist of tears. "I dunno if I can handle all this. I'm so overwhelmed, and I feel like I'm just barely clinging to my sanity."

Kata was on her feet and across the room before I could react, her hands on my cheeks, gently forcing me to meet her eyes.

"Hush," she said firmly. "I don't want to hear such things from you. Us Seraldi have an innate sense of people. We use it to find people who are worth caring for, and to avoid those that would harm us, as we're such a timid species. And do you know what I sense when I see you?"

I sniffled and shook my head.

"I sense an incredible strength and power inside of you, one that is tempered by kindness and compassion. You are a survivor. It is an innate part of your being." Her thumbs brushed across my eyes, wiping away the tears that had formed there. "Besides, it doesn't take my sense of people to see the strength behind your temper, even if you do have problems controlling it." We both chuckled at that.

I put my hand over one of hers, smiling and feeling more confident than I have since I arrived in this damn world. At least, a little more confident.

She released my face and took a step back, matching my smile with one of her own. "And do not be afraid of your current situation. It is the safest possible one for you to be in, considering the current state of things. There is no worry of someone stealing you, or of you being abused. The Master is a very kind man, if a hard one sometimes."

My mouth twisted into a grimace at the thought of having to deal with him again.

"I promise you," she insisted, capturing my hand. "He is a kind man, and he'll take care of you. If at any point you are unhappy with something, or uncomfortable, or scared, tell him, gently and honestly. He'll do what he can within his power to help you, as long as you treat him with respect and put forth an effort towards behaving."

I made another face at the word behaving, before taking a deep breath. "Alright. I'll try. I can't make any promises, but I'll try and control my temper and be, I dunno, civil."

"Thank you miss- Alanna." She smiled apologetically at her mistake. "That's all I can ask. The discord between the two of you is very unsettling." This time it was my turn for the apologetic look.

Her arms wrapped around me, pulling me in for a tight, warm hug that made me want to melt. After a long moment, she pulled away. "Now, I'm sure you're probably starving by this point." The knots that had formed in my stomach loosened, allowing a growl to slip out.

"You missed breakfast, and it's not quite time for lunch, so I thought you might like to take a light meal with the Master in his study," she said, bustling me towards the door.

"Was that his idea?" I asked, trying to keep the sour tone from my voice.

"No, mine. He told me you could take a meal in here, but I think it would be a good idea for you to test your new resolve as soon as possible." Her eyes had a mischievous twinkle in them, and she had me out of the room too quickly for me to respond.


Kata entered the study before me, telling Anthony she thought it might be a good idea for me to take a small meal in there with him. I hovered outside the door, listening to his assent. I waited there, frozen, until Kata came back out and bustled me in. His study was made of the same dark wood as his room, with bookshelves lining the walls, and a lovely desk that looked hand carved, which he currently sat behind. There was also a couch with a small table in front of it, and a couple of comfy looking chairs scattered about. I took all this in to avoid acknowledging Anthony, which worked until he spoke up.

"Good morning Alanna," he said, voice slightly wary. Understandable after our, um, interlude last night. I didn't have a good track record as far as how I reacted to him.

I took a deep breath, meeting his eyes with a nice, calm expression. "Good morning Anthony." I couldn't quite manage a smile, but it was a start.

He looked startled for a moment, before a broad smile made that hard face warm again, causing butterflies to flit around in my stomach.

"Please, take a seat. Kata will return shortly with some food for you," he said welcomingly, gesturing to the couch. "I apologize, I won't be great company for another fifteen minutes or so, I still have some work to be done."

I waved my hand dismissively, dropping down onto the couch. "Don't apologize, technically I'm the one interrupting your work."

Another startled look, before that warm smile. "I greatly appreciate the company."

I blushed, turning away to examine the bookshelves. It wasn't long before Kata returned with a tray bearing some bread and fruit and a tall glass of water. I tucked into it, happy to have something other than Anthony to concentrate on. Quicker than I expected, the food was gone, and my stomach settled down a bit, though I still looked forward to lunch. For a couple minutes I simply sat and looked around the room, occasionally glancing at the man working behind the desk, before quickly shifting my eyes away. Frustrated by sitting quietly, I bounced off the couch to explore the room, running my fingers lightly across the spines of the books, reading titles here and there.

I decided that this was the best thing I'd seen since being dropped in this world. All of these books, all of this knowledge, in one room. I was surrounded by the stories and history of an entire world that a couple of weeks ago I'd known nothing about. It was overwhelming, but in a beautiful way, like when you're staring up at the stars and realize how small you are in comparison.

After a little while, my eyes inevitably made their way back to Anthony, to find him watching me with a slight smile on his lips. My cheeks flushed at the realization that he'd probably been watching me for a bit now.

"Do you like books?" He asked after a moment. I nodded, eyes wide with awe as they swept across the shelves again. "Then please, feel free to make use of this room any time you like, day or night."

I swung back around to look at him. "Really?" I was wary, and it showed. Last time I'd been offered something beautiful, it came with a catch.

He chuckled, obviously catching my train of thought, and pushed himself out of his chair. "Really. All I ask is that you don't leave a mess, and all books are returned to their proper place when you're done," he told me sternly, leaning on the edge of his desk.

It took a moment for it to really process, but when it did my face split in half with the size of my grin, and I'd launched myself at him without thinking, arms wrapping around his chest. His laugh was startled as he caught me, arms squeezing me tight. "Thank you so much," I murmured, before pulling back, clearing my throat uncomfortably. He released me, trailing a hand across my cheek. I allowed it this time, determined to show my gratitude by not being difficult. His eyes became hooded as he looked down at me, hand cupping my cheek and jaw.

"I'd like to kiss you now," he said, voice husky. My heart stuttered both at the thought of his lips on mine, and at the realization that he hadn't demanded it, that he was giving me the opportunity to pull away. Without another thought, I curled a hand around his wrist and tilted my face towards his in a clear invitation.

His lips moved softly across mine, the usual flames his touch caused becoming a slow burn. All of the heat, with none of the urgency I'd been used to. Another hand came up to cup my other cheek, gently holding me in place as his tongue lazily explored my mouth, tangling with mine and drawing out a soft sigh of pleasure. I released his wrist, hand sliding to his chest, my touch light and hesitant, ever so slowly growing bolder, curling over his shoulders to pull myself against him. He responded with a groan, breaking the kiss and tucking his face into my throat, lips pressed to my skin as his hands shifted to my hips.

My body trembled, heart thumping in my chest at the feel of his lips slowly pressing kisses up the side of my throat. Teeth tugged lightly at my earlobe, making me gasp, eyelids fluttering. And then his mouth was back on mine, tongue tracing my lips before pushing between them to find my own, sucking it into his mouth and scraping his teeth across it. The kiss became more insistent, those flames starting to burn hotter, his hands tightening briefly on my hips, and then it was over. My eyes blinked open to find him staring down at me, breathing as heavily as I was.

"You're quite intoxicating, kitten," he said after a moment, voice rough. I ducked my head, shy and a bit embarrassed, but was forced to look back up at him as his hand caught my chin. "I'd prefer you look at me, not the floor Alanna," he told me gently but firmly as my eyes met his. "I apologize for getting a little carried away. I only meant for that to be a small kiss."

My eyes were wide at his apology. This man, a person who had bought me, who owned me, who could basically do anything that he wanted to me, was apologizing for getting carried away with a kiss. I could only blink at him in surprise for a long moment. "Y-you don't need to apologize," I murmured, keeping my head up but staring at his shoulder to avoid his eyes. "If I hadn't liked it, I would have said something."

He chuckled, hand sliding carefully through my hair, avoiding the parts that were pinned back. "Yes, I'm quite sure you would have made your opinion known. You're very good at that. Sometimes rather aggressively." My grin was decidedly unapologetic. "As much as I enjoy this newfound sweet side of you, I do hope this doesn't mean that you're completely pushing aside your... shall we say, more colorful aspects."

I laughed, pushing back and breaking free from his grasp. "Not a fucking chance."


We spent the next half an hour or so perusing his books as he pointed out some of his favorites, and explained the system for how the books were sorted so that I could find what I wanted easier.

"I think it's about lunch time," he finally said, glancing at the clock on the wall.

"Ooh, food." I bounced slightly at the thought, hand on my stomach.

Anthony laughed. "Is that a stomach growl I hear? You seem to be constantly hungry."

I huffed and glared at him. "My stomach isn't growling, and I was almost starved for a week. Can you blame me for being hungry?" A dark look crossed his face at the mention, and my eyes widened, intimidated despite myself. I took a small step back, but his hands shot out, grabbing me and jerking me against his body. The sudden contact made me gasp, and I worried for a moment that he was going to take advantage of me. All that happened though was him wrapping an arm around my waist, his free hand running through my hair, curling around the back of my head and pulling my face against his chest. He held me tight like that for a couple minutes, and I let him, nervous about what his reaction would be if I pulled away.

"I loathe slavers." I could hear the disgust in his voice, and after a moment my hands came up, shoving hard at his chest.

"Says the one who bought a fucking slave," I snapped, glaring up at him as he let me pull back a bit. That dark look grew darker, hand tightening in my hair and making me whimper.

"I did it to save your life," he snapped back, startling me slightly. It was the first time he'd ever directed actual anger at me. "Whatever you may think of me, you're the first slave I've ever bought."

I smacked my hands against his chest, ignoring his rule about it. "So why me? Why am I your fucking charity case? If you care so much, why aren't you buying up a bunch of slaves to save their lives."

He actually paused at this, eyes growing thoughtful. "I don't know, honestly. I'm against slavery, but I've never actively done anything to stop it. But when Drell mentioned you... Something clicked in my head, and I knew I had to have you. Almost like Fate had made a connection between us."

My eyes widened at the mention of Fate, mind going back to the strange dream I'd had last night. He mistook my look, thankfully.

"I know, it must sound odd to you, being a changeling. But Fate does occasionally like to touch people's lives, shift them slightly. Most people are simply unaware of it." His hand released my hair to trail across my cheek, the tension of the moment slowly fading. A knot in my chest eased at the absence of anger in his face, and I allowed myself to relax slightly.

I took a deep breath, my expression tight, and finally spoke up. "I'm sorry for losing my temper," I said haltingly, "I'm beginning to understand what you've done for me, and while I'm grateful that I'm not in a bad situation anymore, it will take a lot of getting used to, being under the command of someone."

The hand stroked my cheek again, thumb brushing across my nose. "I catch glimpses of your submissive nature. You've never allowed someone to take control of you?"

My face flushed. "Well, I mean, I have. But never in a situation where I haven't given them control willingly." I ducked my head shyly.

He nodded understandingly. "I'll keep that in mind. I promise, until you are more comfortable with me, all rules shall only address respect in my home." His long fingers snagged my chin and tugged my face up towards his. "That includes looking at me when I'm speaking to you. Do you understand?"

I nodded, and he nodded in return, releasing me and taking a step back. "Now, we've put off lunch long enough, shall we?" He offered his arm, and I took it without fuss for once, allowing him to lead me out of the room. "I thought we'd have lunch in the garden today. It's rather beautiful outside."

"That sounds excellent," I responded, smiling up at him. He returned it, and those damned butterflies in my stomach started to flit around again.

Lunch passed uneventfully. His garden was small, but quite pretty, with a number of bushes and flowers that I'd never seen before. Tucked away in a small alcove was a beautifully wrought iron table with matching chairs. At the center of the garden was a lovely statue, surrounded by a fish pond. The statue was of a young woman, exact age indeterminate, wearing flowing robes and holding a couple of books under her arm. I questioned Anthony about it, and he informed me that it was a statue of Knowledge, one of the deities he worshipped. When I asked why it wasn't of Life, who'd resurrected him, he laughed and told me that while she was important, she was too hard and fierce of a woman to fit with such a soft and pretty garden. The rest of our time was spent chatting about his home here, his home in the country, the marketplace, and other nobles who lived in the area. It was informative and interesting, but I probably wouldn't remember most of it later.

Dinner was just as peaceful as lunch, both of us sitting in mostly comfortable silence while occasionally chatting about his library. Towards the end though, I could feel tension starting to build, making me hunch and try to hurry through my food.

"Sit up straight."

I immediately straightened back up at the stern order, eyes shooting briefly to his. He held my eyes a moment, before quietly returning to his food.

Despite my rush, we ended up finishing around the same time, and I quickly attempted to excuse myself, citing a desire to go browse his library again.

"No. Come here Alanna," he said firmly. There was no anger in his voice, just that firm command. His eyes met mine, an eyebrow arched, obviously testing my newfound decision to be less... difficult.

I took a deep breath and approached him, curling my hands into fists to keep them from trembling. His hands reached out, taking my hands and rubbing them, forcing them to relax as he drew me into his lap.

"I'm so very proud of you today," he murmured, cheek brushing across the top of my head. "You were polite. You were friendly. You put forth an obvious effort to get along with me. Most of all," his fingers captured my chin, turning my face up so that our eyes met, "most of all, you lost your temper and didn't swear at me. Good girl." He kissed my forehead and my heart fluttered, heat rising in my cheeks as I beamed from his compliment. After a moment, I shook myself, trying to regain control of my emotions.

"And good girls," he said as he stood up, bringing me with him. I squeaked in surprise as we moved, clinging to his shirt. "Good girls deserve rewards." Balancing me carefully, he pushed the dinner dishes out of the way and set me on the table with a grin.

"What kind of reward?" I asked him suspiciously, eyes narrowing. He chuckled.

"Always so untrusting."

"Can you blame me?" I arched an eyebrow at him, to be met with an amused grin.

His hands hands curled around my shoulders, pushing me down carefully until I was laying back fully on the table, staring at the ceiling. My dress was slowly inched up my legs and my hips were pulled to the very edge of the table.

"Do not take your eyes off the ceiling."

"What are you- Oh, fuck!" He'd swung my legs over his shoulders and swept his tongue up my center.

There was a chuckle, and then another slow, flat swipe of his tongue, making my hips jerk towards his mouth. And another. And another. Over and over again with tantalizing pressure but no real stimulation.

After tormenting me for a bit, his mouth moved away, pressing little kisses across my thighs. A sudden nip made me jump. Another, harder one followed, making me groan at the slight sting. Little stinging bites followed the trail made by his kisses, trading back and forth occasionally between thighs, inching towards my pussy.

The bites stopped finally and there was nothing for a long moment, making me squirm restlessly on the table. My hips jerked towards his mouth as his tongue finally touched me again, trailing along and between my lips. Everything was on fire, my whole being focused on the private place between my legs. I couldn't stay still, trying to rock my hips so that his teasing tongue would go where I wanted it.

His chuckle drew my eyes down towards him and the site of head between my thighs, the brush of his silver hair against my skin, made me groan. Those blue eyes met mine and my back quickly arched in pain. It took a moment to realize that his hand had slapped down hard, fingers landing square on my neglected clit.

"Eyes up," he said sternly and my eyes automatically locked on the ceiling, body trembling. His tongue finally swirled around my clit, soothing the pain into a low burn that made me writhe.

Having his tongue where I wanted it made the flames roar hotter, body arching at the feel of his hand sliding up my thigh. Long fingers twirled in my wetness, spreading it as his mouth worked my clit, before slowly sinking one inside of me. My muscles clenched around that finger as it thrust in and out at an agonizingly slow pace.

Another finger was added, the two curling to drag against my g-spot, drawing a low moan from my lips and making my hips rock against his face and hand. They sped up, quickly drawing me to the edge of pleasure, hovering there, unable to tip over even as the pleasure started to edge towards pain.

Suddenly, his fingers uncurled and started to thrust hard into me, forcing my back to arch off the table, and then a scrape of teeth across my clit pushed me over the edge. My fluids gushed as a ragged groan escaped my throat. His fingers slowed and were slowly removed, tongue replacing them as he lapped up my juices, my body twitching each time his tongue touched my clit.

He slowly, gently shifted my legs off his shoulders and let them drop, before scooping me up in his arms. I melted limply into his chest, eye slipping shut, both of us quiet as my breathing steadied.

I broke the comfortable silence hesitantly. "Anthony?"


I paused a moment, trying to figure out how to phrase my question. "You always- You never take anything for yourself."

"I dunno, I quite enjoyed watching you writhe on my- ow." He winced when I pinched him, but as I glanced up he was grinning down at me. My face flushed and I tucked it back into his chest.

"No, I mean, doesn't it, I dunno, turn you on? You give me orgasms, but you never make me return the favor. You don't ever get off." I squirmed in his lap, shy and nervous about his response. His arms tightened around me, limiting my movement.

"Kitten, if you don't sit still, you'll have evidence of how much it turns me on beneath you. I have tremendous control over my body, but your enticing ass tests the limits of that." My face turned bright red and I immediately stopped squirming. "As far as you returning the favor, you're not ready for that."

My eyes turned up to meet his, confused. "What do you mean?"

One of his hands shifted to my head, fingers combing through my hair. "You're unwilling, resistant. I don't want to take from you anything you're unwilling to give."

I glared at him. "The fuck do you mean? You seem more that willing to take advantage of me so far."

He laughed, and the sound sent a shiver down my spine despite my ire. "I have no issue with drawing orgasm after orgasm from you, and punishing you when it's necessary. These things only require you to lay there and accept it." Those long fingers scratched my scalp and I melted a bit. "But anything that would involve my own orgasm would require you to actively participate. When that happens, I want you to be a willing and, more importantly, eager participant. I want you to give because it's your desire."

I lay there for a long moment, processing that before I responded quietly, in almost a whisper, "And if that never happens?"

His hands tightened briefly around me. "Then it never happens."

Startled by his answer, I leaned back so I could look up at him. "But-"

"Then it never happens." His voice was firm, eyes serious as they met mine.

Those blue eyes captured me, pulling in, and I was struck with a flash of familiarity. Almost a memory, but one that slipped through my fingers as I tried to grasp it. He smiled then, hand resuming its passes through my hair.

"I believe you had a desire to spend some time in the library before bed. Would you still like that?" He asked, and I perked up, shaking off the strange residue of the almost-memory.

"Yes please!" I attempted to wiggle out of his lap, excited at the chance to get back in there. I'd been reading a book on the various species of creatures in this world before dinner and I desperately wanted to dive back into it.

He shifted me so that I was cradled in his arms and stood up, making me squeak in surprise.

"Hey! I can walk, you know," I snapped, hands clinging to his shirt.

"Humor me." His response was accompanied by a chuckle and echoed by my grumble, but I settled down and let him carry me out of the dining room. He set me carefully on the couch in the library and passed me the book I'd been reading, before dropping down next to me with one of his own. Feeling strangely at ease with him, I curled into his side to read. After a moment, his free hand slid back into my hair.

"Hey Anthony?" I spoke up, a thought occurring to me. "Are there any books on changelings?"

His fingers stilled in my hair. "I don't believe so. They only started appearing a couple months ago."

I chewed on my lip, a grimace crossing my face. "Do you... Do you know if any of them have- have made it home?" Tears fought their way into my eyes.

"I haven't heard of it happening, no."

My hands pressed to my eyes, trying to stem the flow of tears at the thought that I might never make it home. "W-would you even tell me the truth if you did know?"

"I will never lie to you. I promise." He shifted, jostling me around a bit, and pressed a kiss to the top of my head. "If you would like, I could introduce you to some other changelings?"

I tilted my head back enough that I could look up at him, my eyes wide. "You'd do that?"

"Of course. I told you, I want you to be happy here." He pressed another kiss to my forehead, a soft smile on his face. The tears started to well up again and I quickly settled back down, face turned away, to hide them.

"Thank you," I mumbled, burying my face back in my book as his fingers slid back into my hair. I don't know how long we sat curled up together like that in comfortable silence, but it was relaxing enough that I slowly fell asleep against him.



I blinked a few times, eyes adjusting to the sudden bright light, before turning to face the woman who'd spoken. She was a serious woman, with bright green eyes and very long, dark pink hair. Her very being resonated a familiar power, and the sight of her comforted me.

She stepped towards me and her hand reached out to trail across my cheek, a worried smile on her lips. "You don't have to do this sweetheart."

There was a snort from behind me and I spun around quickly to see where it came from.

"Of course she has to Roselle. Don't kid yourself, and don't baby her." The man who spoke was tall and lanky and his hair continued the theme of strange colors, being a very dark, bluish grey. The grin he flashed me was cocky, but I could see worry behind his eyes. "This'll be a piece of cake. Just make sure you say something witty when he dies."

"Oh, Magic, don't joke about this." The woman named Roselle came out from behind me, arms crossed over her chest. She glared at him and his smile turned soft. Two steps and he had his arms wrapped around her, drawing her to his chest.

"I'm sorry my love, I'm just trying to keep things light. I feel like we're all on the verge of tearing our hair out," he murmured, pressing his cheek to the top of her head. His eyes opened after a moment and he pulled away slightly, holding an arm out to me. For some reason my eyes started to water, and I threw myself into their arms, comforted by the warmth and love that emanated from them.

I opened my mouth to say something, but before I could get any words out the scene was fading away. My eyes fluttered open slowly to be met with the sight of Anthony leaning over me, his silver hair forming a curtain around my face. His eyes were worried as his finger brushed a stray tear from my cheek.

"You're crying," he murmured, thumb brushing across my eyes, wiping away the moisture there. "Bad dream?"

"No. Just... odd." I nuzzled my face into his hand, seeking comfort, and he responded with a soft smile. Tomorrow, I told myself. Tomorrow I'd hate myself for seeking comfort from him, but tonight I was too off kilter, my brain still too fuzzy to care.

Feeling sleep creeping in again, I quickly opened my eyes back up, wanting to ask a question before I forgot. "Anthony, who's Magic?"

A frown crossed his lip, confusion furrowing his brow. "He's one of the deities, but nobody is entirely sure if he exists anymore. Why do you ask?"

My brain struggled to process that, but before I could respond I was slipping back into a, thankfully, dreamless sleep.


The next week passed in relative peace. Aside from the occasional passionate kiss, Anthony kept his hands off me for the most part. We did cuddle while reading after dinner frequently, and I may have fallen asleep on him a couple times. He very politely didn't tease me over it, and I very carefully held my temper in check. By the end of the week, I was feeling rather comfortable around him, enough that I was smiling and laughing easily, even going as far as to crack jokes.

The only dark spots in my week were the dreams. I had the one about the man and woman once, and another where Fate cryptically told me I needed to remember who I was again. The most disturbing was one of Anthony however.

It took me a moment to recognize him, as his hair was a light brown rather than the silver I was used to, but the sight of his blue eyes when his head lifted confirmed it for me. He was in a dungeon, arms shackled above his head, and his limp body was covered in bruises and cuts, blood dripping onto the floor below him. A horrified gasp escaped me at the sight of him.

His eyes met mine and a spark lit behind them. "Come to torment me?" He snapped, voice harsh and full of hate. I flinched back, heart near to breaking. "Come to look upon the pain you've caused?"

"I'm sorry," I whispered. His roar drowned out my words.

"You betrayed me! You think sorry makes up for my agony!"

I couldn't respond, which seemed to set him off more.

"Leave!" he screamed.

I ran.

I woke up from that dream sobbing uncontrollably, and it took nearly an hour for Anthony to calm me down, holding me tight and stroking my hair, murmuring soothing words in my ear.


That's the dream that finally spurred me into doing some real research. Most of my reading up until then had been about various species in this world, and a little on history and politics. Taking advantage of Anthony being out of the house for the day, I scoured the library for books about the deities. There were whole books about individual deities, even novels written about them. I learned that Fate really did have a habit of fucking with people's lives, frequently with the help of Chaos and Love. I couldn't find a whole lot of information on Chaos, except that they were quite literally gender fluid, and I discovered that Love was a guy, which was surprising.

It took forever, but I finally found a mention of Magic in a rather old looking book. The information about him was vague, basically coming down to an explanation that he was the deity representing magic (duh), that he had a human consort, and that he disappeared shortly after The Great War, a battle between the kingdom and a sorcerer named Verone.

I snorted at the cliche name of the war, before going to research it and the sorcerer. Surprisingly, I didn't find any other mention of either. Looking at the mess I'd made, I very frustratedly cleaned up, not wanting to disappoint Anthony after he trusted me to behave in here.

Dropping onto the couch finally, I frowned, brow furrowed as I considered what I'd found. Why was information so easy to find on any other deity except this one? Why wasn't there any other mention of the so called 'Great War'? And why was I so worried about disappointing Anthony?

A groan escaped me and I pressed the palms of my hands to my eye, flopping across the couch on my back. There was no way I was starting to develop feelings for him. It was unspeakable. Ridiculous. I needed to erase all such thoughts from my mind.


His voice made my heart skip a beat and butterflies flit in my stomach. I growled at my body, telling it to calm the fuck down, before dragging myself to my feet and making my way to the door. My head poked out, lips twisting into a smile at the sight of him. "Welcome back Anthony," I said, slipping from the library. He stepped towards me with a warm smile and scooped me into his arms, tight against his chest, making me melt slightly.

"We have a visitor," he declared as he pulled away and led me into the sitting room, making my brow furrow in confusion.

"A visi- Drell!" I gasped as he stood up, a cocky grin on his face.

"Hello again Alanna," his voice rung with amusement at my obvious surprise.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

He laughed and the sound rolled down my spine, causing a pleasant shiver. "Oh, I did miss that mouth of yours. What, I'm not allowed to visit? Anthony is my best friend after all."

I blushed, having forgot about that.

"Besides, I missed doing this." His large frame moved towards me, hand wrapping around my shoulders and jerking me forwards, lips pressing firmly against mine. The kiss burned with the same heat Anthony's did, confusing my body and making me groan. I yanked away after a moment, breathless, to realize that he seemed just as affected by it.

My eyes darted towards Anthony to see his reaction, but he only chuckled, eyes bright with amusement.

Drell sighed, having apparently composed himself, and cast a simpering look towards his friend. "Now if only Anthony would kiss me like that, my life would be complete."

"You may as well stop trying Drell, I've told you before that I'm not interested in men."

Another sigh as he dropped dejectedly into a chair. "Oh well, I shall simply have to amuse myself with the kitten." It took me a moment to realize he was talking about me, and when I did I cast a hot glare at him.

"Fuck you. I'm not a fucking toy."

"Anthony, you haven't broke her of that habit of cursing at people yet?" Drell grumbled, making him laugh.

"My rule only applies to her swearing at me. I couldn't care less how she talks to you."

I grinned smugly at Drell, crossing my arms over my chest. "Yeah, so fuck you."

"Why must you be so hateful, kitten? What did I ever do to deserve such abuse?" he complained, earning another glare.

"You sold me into slavery you ass!" I snapped, hands curling into fists.

He paused before answering. "Oh. Right. I forgot about that." With a groan he pushed himself out of his chair. "Anyways, to prevent anymore fighting, I'm going to go ahead and take my leave."

"So soon?" Anthony frowned.

He nodded. "I only dropped my for a short visit on my way to the castle. Apparently something big happened a couple days ago, and many of us are being called in. I'll let you know what's going on when I find out more." He slung an arm around my waist, dragging me against him again for another hard, quick kiss, before leaving.

"You just let him take advantage of me?" I snapped at Anthony, trying to sound angry despite my breathlessness.

He grinned. "What? You looked like you were enjoying it. And I'm sure you're more than capable of putting your foot down when you don't like something." I growled.

An angry Alanna made dinner a rather uncomfortable affair, though I'm pretty sure Anthony spent the entire meal laughing at me.

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