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The restaurant was lovely I thought, as I walked through the doors with my husband Mujib in tow. We had never been before but it was my birthday and what I wanted. The interior was dark, dimly lit, an

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Hey guys, Thank you for the positive response and all the encouraging comments, it's the reason I am attempting to continue this story. I am still a beginner, so constructive criticism is always welco

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Hey guys, The comments and votes are greatly appreciated, please keep them coming, it's always good to hear feedback from readers. All mistakes are entirely on my shoulders. If you're not of legal age

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Hey guys, Once again, thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response, I really appreciate it, it's where I get the courage to continue. All errors that may be present are mine, I have not used an

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Hey guys, This is my first attempt at writing and my first submission so please go easy. If I get a positive response I will continue, and if not it can stay as a stand-alone story. All character are

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I've decided to split this last chapter down into two sections for two reasons, one, the holiday season is still passing, as I'm on vacation, and I haven't really touched it since I left off at the ha

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