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Spinner Ch. 03

Getting to know Angela.

My frustration with Gillian's hot and cold act is palpable the next day as reading and studying quickly capture my attention, following a particularly fitful night trying to sleep. Later I have a beer with Jake at the Fifth Street Pub and tell him all my troubles. After listening attentively, he says,

"Mike, she may be a nice girl, but face it ... she is a little broken right now. All you can do is to be patient, and for God's sake, get any notions out of you head about trying to fix her ... it ain't going to happen dude. All you can do is give 'er some space."

"You're right, I suppose, but I really like her ... I love her. I don't want to 'fix' her, I just want to be with her ... to convince her that my intentions are good. But, I guess giving her some space might be right ... for now!"

I didn't want to give her space, I really did want to be with her, and continue a relationship with her, but unfortunately, she is not in a place where that is possible ... she is making it impossible for reasons I can't understand! I guess Jake is right about her being a little broken right now.

"Only thing I can say Mike, is to give it some time, maybe see someone else for a while. My advice only dude, but I think I'm right." Jake advises.

Remembering that I still have that silly napkin with Angie's number on it, I say flippantly to Jake,

"Maybe I could give Angie a call, and drown my sorrows in her warm bosom ... her 'girls'!" I am kidding of course, but he laughs at that and says,

"Now you're talkin' dude! In fact you may have your chance right now, I just saw Angie walking in."

"Oh shit!" I say only half audibly, the last thing I need right now is that boobsy chick, however pleasant a person she may be. A minute later, I hear Jake saying,

"Hey Angie, have a seat! Let me buy you a beer, darlin'!"

"Thank you Jake, honey!" To me she says, "Well hello Michael, nice to see you again!"

"Hey Angie!" I say half-heartedly.

Jake and I are sitting on opposite sides of the table, and Angie pulls up a chair right next to me ... I mean right next to me! She is stunning in a short tight skirt, and light V-neck sweater, giving us a nice view of her 'girls'." Her four-inch heels set off her long shapely legs perfectly. As she sits, her already short skirt rides up over her bare, tanned thighs. She catches me looking, and smiles.

"Jake honey, thanks for the beer. So, Michael how are things with your little friend?"

"Gilly is fine Angie, thanks for asking! What's up with you?"

"Mmm, not too much! Look honey, I'm a bit hungry, so if you're free tonight, how about takin' a girl out to dinner?"

"Go ahead, Mike" Jake says earnestly, "Might do you some good!"

The last thing I want it to do is to take Angie out, still worried about Gilly, but Jake is determined to talk me into it. Angie has a quizzical look on her lovely face from Jake's comment, but brightens and says,

"It will definitely do you some good, Michael darling! How about it?"

"Mmm, alright ... can't do any harm I guess!" Thinking that going out with little Miss sure thing might not be too bad, I look into Angie's beautiful honey-brown eyes and ask,

"Where would you like to go?"

"Mmm, I like Italian um, Chinese, and uh Mexican, so I am pretty much open!" she says brightly, happy to have captured my attention. I answer her right away,

"Chinese! There is a little neighborhood place about a mile from here."

"Oh, that's wonderful Michael!" She says, and looking at Jake, "Thanks again for the beer honey, sorry I have to steal Michael!"

"That's okay darlin', there are a pair of hooters over there giving me the eye—might check her out!"

"Well, good luck with that honey!" Angie says with a little laugh giving Jake a peck on the cheek. Since she has to bend over the table a little to kiss him, I get a spectacular view of the back of her legs nearly all the way up! Then she whispers in Jake's ear,

"By the way, her name is Misty, and she has asked me about you before! Good luck baby!"

Angela and I leave as every male eye in the place follows us all the way to the door (follows her, really!). She is a regular at the pub and always attracts men to her, but since she is so incredibly beautiful and sexy, she has to be careful. She likes hanging with Jake because he watches out for her like a big brother, and since their brief romance is over, ending on a friendly note, he is safe.

Jake provides a secure way for her to get out a little, and enjoy herself and be sexy without unwanted attention from men only interested in getting what's between her long and slender legs. Although I do not know her well, she always seemed like kind of a sweet girl despite the way she dresses!

I open the car door for Angie, she steps in and I can see that her long legs and short skirt will be a major distraction for me as I drive. At the restaurant, we select a table off to the side so we can talk, and she is pleasantly surprised as I pull a chair out for her.

"Oh, Michael, you make me feel like a real lady!"

"You are a real lady my dear, and it is my pleasure!" Her smile softens almost to an 'I love you' smile ... almost!

We order a couple of entrees to share, with some plum wine. During the dinner conversation, I quickly find that Angie is actually quite intelligent, and well informed. I discover further, that she is attending the university and studying architecture. I am starting to feel like a fool for writing her off as just another pub bimbo. Judging books by covers again!

She has a clever sense of humor, and I am thinking of her less as just a sure thing, and more as a pleasant dinner companion and date. I tell her that I am finding that she is quite a charming girl, and she says,

"Michael, I know that you have always thought of me as just another pair of tits, like Jake does. It's okay, I get that a lot and I understand about it. I understand it from Jake ... that's his nature, but it stings a little coming from you! So, why don't we just have a pleasant time and see what we see—with no promises, no expectations, and no preconceived notions!"

"Angie, I am embarrassed to say that you have me pegged correctly, but I promise to amend my behavior, and treat you with the respect you obviously deserve. I must say that listening to you and laughing with you, that there is a lot more to you than meets eyes!"

"Thanks honey, that's the kind of comment that might just get you laid Michael!" she says with a musical giggle and a little blush.

"Like you say, let's just see what we see with no expectations, and enjoy ourselves tonight!" I say with a smile.

She serves me an entrée from the common dish with a little rice, and we continue eating and talking. She tells me that she is delighted to find that I am not as immature as some of the other men she ends up dating. But, as she is saying that, I have to take my eyes out of her sweater [sorry, I am a guy, right?] She does notice that, but lets it pass with a just a cute smile.

Toward the end of the meal, I fill her glass with more plum wine, and we make a toast to ... us. She tells me that she would like to go dancing if I am up to it, so we discuss the pros and cons of the available selection of clubs. We head back out to the car, but before I can get her door open, she slides her arms around my neck and kisses me quite passionately ... with tongue. This is when I find out in a very pleasant way, that she has a tongue stud. She smiles and says,

"Thank you for tonight Michael. I am enjoying myself, and enjoying being treated like a lady!" then she dropped her gaze a little and says, "I have wanted to be with you um, date you, for a while, Michael!"

"My pleasure Angela, I am enjoying myself as well!"

I pull her close to me and my hand slides up over the front of her sweater, and over her breasts. She has quite a nice, round and firm set ... her 'girls.' Once inside, I see her reach over and push my door open for me as I round the car. After I get into the car, she pulls my face to hers and kisses me again, as my hand falls naturally onto her thigh, and the quite purposefully finds its way between her them, and under her skirt. I feel her twitch as a finger brushes against her pussy over moist panties. As we part lips, I am struck by the sweet and earnest looks she is giving me.

Angie has an incredibly shapely figure, and she knows how to move it on the dance floor. Several men approach her for a dance, but she waves them all off, preferring to dance with me or to sit them out with me. I am her date tonight, and she is giving me her undivided attention!

After a few drinks, my tongue loosens, and I talk a little about my troubles with Gillian. I tell her about Gillian's 'spinner' fixation, and my frustration with getting her to trust me, even after she allows me to take her virginity. Angie listens attentively, and then wearing a sympathetic expression, she says,

"Well, Michael I understand something of where she is coming from on that. As you might imagine I have become a bet between boys a time or two, and it isn't pleasant to know that someone is with you just for that! It especially hurts if it is someone you really like and had been looking forward to dating. I sometimes wish I had been born plain, so I could just meet some nice man to treat me ... well, the way you are treating me tonight!" She pauses for a second and adds,

"But, I do think that your little girlfriend is carrying this a little too far. If it were me, you would only have to win me once Michael dear! I love to be sexy, but I think my forthrightness gives people the idea that I am easy ... a sure thing. But Michael, as much as I like you, you would still have to work to win me! I will not make myself easy for you ... I care for you too much!"

I tell her that I understand, and appreciate her honesty. We have danced to several of the lively numbers, and when a slow one comes along, she jumps up, takes my hand and leads me to the dancefloor. She has a lovely face that is made even more radiant with a slight flush from our active dancing.

She puts her hands on my shoulders as mine naturally go her hips, and paints my face with her eyes. I will never know what she is looking for, but a slow smile spreads across her face as if she found it ... or found something she likes!

Then her hands slide around my neck, and she whispers in my ear,

"Hold me tighter, Michael!"

I slide my hands around on her back, and pull her in tighter as we dance ... slowly ... almost motionless. She pulls back and looks into my eyes smiling, I have no idea what is running through her thoughts just now. She kisses me softly, and I feel just the tip of her tongue against my lips as we dance.

I slide a hand down onto her shapely ass, and she pulls her head back to give me a look of surprise, but smiles indicating her approval. I massage her lovely, tight ass a little, and she lays her head on my chest and lets out a long sigh.

She allows my hand to explore the edge of her very short skirt, which has risen substantially during our dance. I can feel the very top of her stockings, and the buttery skin above them. She shudders a little when my fingers brush over the bottom of her cheeks and elicits a soft moan from my pretty date.

I remove my hand from under her skirt, and give her butt a couple of light pats as I hear her giggle. I get the impression that she is very happy and very comfortable just being in my arms. I am delightfully surprised at what a sweet and loving date Angie is tonight and I can feel my heart beating a little quicker. She is easily the most beautiful and comely girl I have ever dated.

With our most intimate dance over, she asks me to take her home. Her father is a prominent architect in town, and set up an apartment for her and a girlfriend close to the campus. Back at the table, she makes a call, so once again I am left wondering about half of a conversation,

"Hi Becky dear! ... Yes ... fine! Um, I need the apartment for a little ... can you? ... that's great! ... Michael ... yes ... oh, he is! ... well, maybe! ... thank you so much! ... uh huh ... bye darling!" She just looks at me, and smiles without further explanation.

On the trip to her place, she treats me once again to a view of her creamy thighs as her short skirt rides up her long legs nearly to the top. I get out and open her door when we park in front of her place and we enter. She has a nice place, furnished simply, but tastefully. After we are in, she takes me by the shoulders, looks into my eyes and says,

"Michael, I am not going to sleep with you tonight, but I wanted to show you my place, and maybe continue our pleasant evening."

"Like we agreed, no promises and no expectations honey!" I answer.

"Good!" she says letting out a nervously held-in breath. She seems very happy and a little giggly giving me a tour of her place. Two bedrooms with a connecting bath (en suite, I guess they call it). I do not get a tour of her roommate's room of course, but her apartment is comfortable, and seems nicely decorated, albeit on a budget.

She puts on some music, just mellow popular stuff, and pours us both a glass of some kind of golden wine from a tall slender brown bottle. It is sweet, but not overpowering. She pairs it with some cheese and crackers, grapes, and slices of pepperoni. We sit on the couch and talk quietly, about the evening, the band and the music, just chitchat! She has a little giggle as she talks that is hard to describe but it fits her, and is attractive in a musical way.

As the music gets softer and more romantic, we lean back on the couch a little, and just make out. You know, kissing and touching and the like. At one point, she undoes the back of her bra, works the straps down her arms, and pulls it out through the bottom of her sweater. It is an obviously well practiced maneuver. This is my cue that her 'girls' are mine to play with. I am just guessing that she is about a 34C, which means that her breasts are sizable. As we kiss, I slide a hand up inside her sweater and onto her breasts. They are so soft ... firm ... downy!

She moans at my touch, and jitters a little as my thumb rubs her nipples. Her hand is rubbing me over my trousers, and I have a hand that just must go up her skirt. Her panties are very moist, and thin enough that I can easily feel the contours of her pussy lips through them. We continue our sex play for a long time until she pulls back and says,

"Oh, Michael I love being with you, but I have an early class tomorrow and need to put some final touches on an assignment ... you know those prickly engineers! Honey, I want to see you again, is there a possibility of that?" She looks at me earnestly ... hopefully!"

"Yes, it's possible. If you are free next Friday night, how about a movie?"

"If you are making a firm date, then yes Michael, I would love to!"

"It's a date, see you at seven! And if I am invited back here for ah, 'milk and cookies,' maybe we can do something active on Saturday." She giggles at my comment knowing what I am asking.

"We will have to see what kind of a good boy you are Michael, but like you say, there is always the possibility." She says with a sexy smile. God! I love the way her mind works ... she is so smart, and she is really nobody's sure thing!

The next night, I decide to give Gillian a call,

"Hi Gilly!"

"Oh, hello Michael!"

"I was wondering if you were interested in getting together this weekend, maybe Sunday. We could rent some bikes and take a tour around the lake with a picnic basket."

"That sounds nice Michael, but I have to concentrate on my studies this week, with exams coming up." I frown and reply,

"You know that all work and no play, makes Gilly a dull girl!"

"Oh I know, but I am just um, backing off of dating for now. I mean, I have feelings for you Michael ... strong feelings, but I feel like you are trying to push me past my comfort zone ... you know what I mean?"

"Not exactly, can we at least get together for lunch or something?

"Mmm, maybe sometime later ... not this weekend. I really just need some space Michael!"

"Gilly, please don't keep be waiting too long!"

"Okay darling! Um, please don't lose my number, okay?"

"Bye, Gillian!"

Well, there it is! Real life, where nothing is certain, and little bluebirds do not tie ribbons around the princess, readying her to meet her Prince Charming. No one really rides off into the sunset together, and few people are lucky enough to live happily ever after. And, sweet romances sometimes turn sour for no reason! This petite girl is frustrating me to no end!

After my discussion with Gillian, I need to hear a comforting voice ... a soft female voice. I call Angela.

"Hello, Michael!" she says in a musical voice, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Can you do me a favor, Angela? Just talk. I need to hear a sweet and friendly female voice right now!"

"Okay, should we start with what I am wearing ... or should I say ... what I am not wearing? Or, would you like to hear my favorite recipes, or shall I read from my copy of Sonnets from the Portuguese? Number forty-three was always my favorite!"


"Mmm, sounds like someone has had their fingers burned. Do they hurt much darling?"

"You are a clever girl, Angela. Maybe they are a little singed ... around the edges."

"Poor baby ... want mommy to kiss them for you? Come over, and I'll see what I can do for you! It will give me a nice break from my books and drawing pencils!"

"That's the kindest thing I have heard tonight! Be right over!"

After Angie buzzes me in, I barely knock on the door, when it opens and Angela is dressed in shorts and a loose V-neck sweater. Our bodies melt together into a sweet embrace and kiss. Then she takes my hands, and kisses my fingers.

"There! Is that better, darling?" (I laugh!)

"Much! I hope I am not intruding on your work tonight, I know how prickly those engineers can be!" I say, as she laughs.

"No Michael, you are not intruding and I don't want to talk about anyone else's problems but yours tonight."

She takes my hand and leads me into the living room. She pours me a glass of wine, sits close to me on the couch and says,

"Why don't you tell mommy all about it?"

"Well it is Gillian ... the girl I met at the bar some weeks ago. It seems that she is putting off dating for a while. I feel guilty discussing another girl with you, since we are starting to date, but I had feelings for her ... you know?"

"Michael, I am an architect, not a psychologist, but it sounds like the girl is a little fractured right now. I may not be the most objective person, but I am willing to help if I can. I like you Michael ... since the first time I saw you at the pub, and I handed you my number. I was a little hurt when you gave it to Jake ... even bimbos with big tits have feelings, you know!"

"Angie, you so not a bimbo and as you see, I have figured out how to use your number. Out of all of my friends, your voice was the one I wanted to hear most tonight. I know it is crass of me to blubber about someone else to you, but for some strange reason, it just feels right."

She moves close to me, and I can smell her breath as her lips move into mine. It is sweet, if a little 'woody' from the wine. Angela is an ash-blonde with honey-brown eyes. My heart skips a beat as they slowly close to kiss me, and flutter open after. She is much more than just another model-beautiful girl from the pub, she is also a friend.

"Angie, let's not talk about her. Instead, tell me about your day!" I say to her not wanting to burden her further.

A broad smile crosses her face as she talks about struggling through her structural engineering class, but then when she talks animatedly about her internal design class, the joy of getting back on the board with her pencils and protractors is palpable in her voice. The sound of her voice is soothing to me ... the topic doesn't matter. She is curled up in a corner of the couch, holding her wine, propping that elbow against the arm across her body, under her breasts. Then she looks at me over the rim of her wineglass, and says softy ... almost a whisper,
"Read to me Michael!"

Her request surprises me, but the earnest look in her pretty eyes tells me she is serious. Looking around for something to read, I see that she actually does have a copy of Elizabeth Barrett's Sonnets from the Portuguese! I pick it up and looking inside the front cover, I say to her,

"Oh you do have it ... and signed by the author I see! It says, 'To Angela, best of luck to you and your girls! Signed, Liz!'" she giggles musically,

"Michael! Stop honey, you are too funny!"

It is a little worn, and there are two bookmarks in it and I turn to the first one, sonnet number Thirty-three and read to her,

Yes, call me by my pet-name! Let me hear

the name I used to run at, when a child,

from innocent play ... [I read through to the end]

Yes, call me by that name,—and I, in truth,

with the same heart, will answer and not wait.

She has her eyes closed as she listens, and I go onto the second bookmark. It is the famous number forty-three.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth, and breadth and height

My soul can reach...

As I finish the last lines, she is mouthing them as I read them,

—and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.

Her lovely soft brown eyes flutter open as I finish. She moves close to me, puts her arms around my neck, and after a little bite to my earlobe, whispers in a dusky voice,

"Make love to me, Michael!"

I look at her and see the pleading in her eyes. This is only our second date, not even a date actually, and we have our real second date on Friday, just two days away. I am guessing that she worked herself into a very romantic mood, with the wine and love poems. Her face is so beautiful, especially with that errant little curl hanging down over her forehead.

I take her hand as she rises from the couch, and I lead her into her bedroom. The first thing I appreciate about her room is that I don't have to fight my way through a sea of stuffed animals. She has her bedroom, like the rest of her place, simply but tastefully decorated ... like someone who knows something about interior design. I turn her toward me, and as I grasp the bottom edge of her sweater, she raises her arms to allow me to strip it from her.

I am looking directly into her eyes as she allows me to unbutton and unzip her shorts. As they fall to the floor, she steps out of them, leaving them on the floor with her sweater. She is dressed in white lace boy-shorts, with matching lacy bra. I unhook her bra, and let it slip from her shoulders for the first time seeing her lovely breasts, capped by puffy nipples with brown areolas, and pink nubbins in the center.

She slides her own panties off, wiggling her hips to slide them over her ass, and kicks them to the side. Her dark blond hair is natural, and matches the sparse but neatly trimmed patch just above her pussy.

I take her hand and help her into bed under the covers, strip quickly, and slide into her embrace as her warm silky body crushes against mine.

"Oh my God honey!" Is all I can say; she gives me a sexy smile, nods, and says,

"You'd better believe it, baby!"

[I will deprive my readers of a blow-by-blow description of our lovemaking, so you can use your imagination.]

Except to say, that we kiss and fondle each other for what seemed like a very long time, until she says that she needs me inside her. I oblige her as I slowly slide seven inches (give or take) into her now very wet pussy. The feeling of my cock entering her soft moist squishy insides is indescribably amazing!

She is the single most vigorous lover I have ever had. I am in heaven as she shares her body with me. By the final plunge for me, she has had at least a couple of serious orgasms, but when I stiffen and release inside her, she has built herself up to a final earth-shattering, planet-colliding, sheet-grabbing, supernova-creating eruption. She must have shuddered and convulsed violently, fifteen times as she douses the sheets with her copious juices. The smell of sex is everywhere!

We are breathing so hard, and our hearts are beating so fast, that it scares me a little. As we cool down, she wears a playful smile as she squishes her sweaty and slippery stomach against mine. We laugh and giggle as we play. I am still hard inside her and she has her hand on my butt to keep me there. Her pussy clenches around me holding me as a very happy prisoner of her body.

Then our playfulness gets serious, as her smile drops, and she gazes into my eyes and I can see that she is tearing up a little. She does not say a word, but she doesn't have to, since her expression is telling me that she has feelings for me. I guess I knew that, but what surprises me, is that I also tear up, and looking down into that beautiful face and golden-brown eyes I say,

"My God! Angela you are so beautiful! How about you skip classes and just make love to me all day today?" She knits her brow a little, likely mentally going over her schedule, and then smiles broadly and says,

"Alright, Michael darling!"

We make love twice more, with her giving me an unbelievable blowjob in between, before we ever even considered the possibility of getting out of bed. All thoughts of Gillian are gone like a wisp of smoke in a stiff breeze as I look into this sweet, kind, and beautiful face. She was there when I needed someone to talk with, and never asked for a thing in return. I am confused about my growing feelings for her!

The next morning we finally arise late, and make a combination of breakfast and lunch for each other quietly moving about her kitchen, each taking a task to do without a word. Later as we sit down to eat, she smiles at me and says,

"I love having you inside me, Michael! It is going to be hard to give you up, if it ever comes to that!"

She may be thinking that I might go back to Gillian, but as much as I feel for Gilly, I would die rather than break Angela's kind heart. I have to convince her that she has not opened her legs to me for nothing.

"Angela, I have no one else in my mind right now. You are the kindest and sweetest woman I have ever dated, let's take things slowly and see what happens! Remember, I still have that little napkin with your number!"

"Michael, you know how I feel about you, but I am just going to hold my breath for now, and not let my heart want you too much."

We have both said what we wanted to say, so I simply smile and say,

"Okay, honey!"

She smiles back as she reaches over and snitches my last piece of bacon. Thinking that I have another food criminal on my hands, I just smile and say nothing, but she notices my expression and asks,

"What Michael?"

"Nothing, my dear."

We talk for a while as we eat, and I start to find that I am becoming very fond of this girl. Her honey-brown eyes are mesmerizing as she talks so quickly, as if her mouth is racing to keep up with her quick mind. I just listen to her, admiring her beauty and her obvious intellect. I have dated beautiful girls before, but in general, they prove to be a little cold around the heart, knowing that they can get whomever they want. But, this one is a genuinely sweet, and kind person!

She is wearing just a T-shirt and panties, and her nipples are very prominent as she is gabs away. She notices my noticing, and looking down at her shirt says,

"See something you like, darling?" I nod, and she pulls her T-shirt off over her head.

"Is this better?"

"Yes! Damn!" I exclaim almost involuntarily.

She get up comes over to my stool at the kitchen table, and straddles my lap. She kisses me as my hands quickly go to her lovely naked breasts. They are absolutely magnificent, firm, soft, and warm to the touch. I let my fingertips play with her nipples as I feel her tongue stud invade my mouth. After several minutes she can feel me getting hard, and wiggling her butt a little, whispers in my ear,

"I can take care of that for you Michael!"

By the time we reached her bed in a quick retreat, my cock is throbbing, wanting to be inside her. We make love, fondle and cuddle for a couple of hours! With the final clench of my butt muscles, and release inside her, she must have had three or four orgasms with her long slender legs wrapped tightly around me. We hold onto each other as our hearts beat wildly against one another.

We switch to a sitting position on the bed with Angela straddling my lap, and her hands on my shoulders. I am so into fucking this bright and pretty girl that I say teasing,

"When can I move in honey?"

She pulls her head back and looks at me, and after a moment says,

"Michael, I know you are just teasing me, but I love you ... you can move in whenever you wish my darling ... seriously!"

"I have to admit that I was teasing, but it is not a bad idea depending on how things go for us, so let's hold that thought!"

"Of course you are right, Michael ... but for my part, I'd let you move in tomorrow!"

"Do you like classical music Angela?"

"Of course! I love it, and I have a lot of it, what would you like to hear darling?"

"Well, there is a baroque music concert next Friday ... mostly Handel, Vivaldi, and Scarlatti ... it's real esoteric stuff, but how about doing that in preference to a movie?"

"Oh, Michael that sounds so wonderful! You have no idea how hungry I am to have someone to attend concerts with me. Oh, yes darling I would love to!" She wiggles her butt on my lap and says, "Look darling, I am getting wet just thinking about it!"

We both laugh and I lie back pulling her on top of me, to do something about her newly found arousal. She reaches down, and feeds my hardening cock back into her willing pussy. Her very active pushing down onto me brings me to orgasm quickly as I find more jizz from somewhere to pump into her sleek, sweaty body.

We both climax at the same time, as she braces herself with her hands on my chest, and pushing down hard to meet my thrusts. We roll over and lay facing each other for a long time talking softly ... about silly things ... loving things. Our lips are so close that every other word becomes a small tickly kiss.

We reluctantly part ways after our night and most of the next day together. I head back to catch up on schoolwork. After several hours of study, I call Jake to meet him at the pub for a beer. We meet, and Jake lumbers back from the bar with a couple of beers, after hitting on the pretty bartender, Maud. She gets about a hundred propositions a day, and handles Jake's like all the rest ... she accepts them! But, they all know that she is not sincere of course.

We talk about Jake's latest conquests, and he bitches a little about his boss at the construction site. Finally, he asks about Angela.

"Jake, things are going very well between Angie and me, but I do not want to discuss particulars here. You may not know this about her, but she is not the kind of girl one discusses in a bar. She is better than that."

"Y'know Mike, I always suspected that! Guess she was too smart for me, but I couldn't look past her boobs and those long legs. I always thought there was more to her than that though. I am glad someone is giving her the respect she deserves ... she's a good kid!"

"She is an amazing girl, Jake, and I am starting to have feelings for her! She and I mesh well, and I am excited by her!" Jake nods, and looks up behind me.

"So what are we talking about boys?" the sweet voice is Angela's placing her hands on my shoulders.

"Baseball!" we both say at the same time.

"Well, don't let me interrupt fellas ... one of my favorite subjects!"

As Jake and I look at each other in surprise, she pulls a chair up to the table facing out and straddles it, in her tight yoga pants and sweatshirt. She hooks her elbows over the back, giving us her assessment of our local AA North baseball team. She discusses the prospects for upcoming games, and our chances of making the playoffs. After a stunned silence, Jake smiles, shakes his head and says,

"Well, darlin' you are full of shit! First off..."

Then he dives into a point-by-point discussion of her analysis, and I interject my opinion, agreeing with some of her points, and disagreeing with some others with Jake telling me that I am also full of shit. At one point early on, I get up to get my smart little girl a beer. Maud smiles at me and says,

"Michael, if you are talking baseball with Angie, you and Jake are in for a surprise ... her Dad taught her all that shit ... took her to all the games!"

"We are in the process of finding that out!" Then after a couple of seconds she asks,

"Mmm, what do I have to do to get your attention Michael? I like jazz and old movies!"

"Maud honey, you are too cute for me."

"Yeah, right! Here are your beers handsome!"

"Thanks baby!" I say.

"I'm here all say, sugar!" Maud says.

Wetted by more beer, we have a lively discussion what migrates from baseball, to politics, and degrades to a discussion (in which Angie is an active participant) of the quality of the bods and boobs of all of the girls currently in the pub ... including Maud who gets high marks from all of us. We laugh, and just have a good time together.

Suddenly, I hear a small female voice saying,

"Hello Michael!"

It is Gillian, just stopping in for a lite beer. She says,

"It looks like you are having fun, and I do not want to interrupt, just wanted to say hi. You still have my number don't you Michael?"

Angie starts to rise to challenge her, but I put my hand on her arm and she keeps her seat.

"It's nice to see you Gillian. Care to join us?"

"Oh, no thank you Michael, have to be running along, but I appreciate the invitation. Enjoy yourselves!"

"Bye, Gilly!" I say warmly.

She gives me a wry smile, and turning to Jake says, "Nice to see you again Jake!" she shoots a glance at Angela sitting next to me, and turns to walk out.

It is very quiet between the three of us at the table. Angela gets up conveniently to use the ladies' room. Jake turns to me and quietly says,

"She comes in here once or twice a week, Mike. She reads her book, has one lite beer, and leaves. I have sat with her a couple of times, and she always asks about you. There are usually one or two guys who approach her, but he politely rebuffs them. What are you going to do about her?"

"I don't know. I still have feelings for her, but I can't deal with her hot and cold act, y'know? I like Angie ... I like her a lot, and don't want to let her go. Angie is smart, and charming, and she knows exactly how she feels about me. Angie is constant and faithful."

"You've got that right darling!"

I hear Angela say as she catches the last part of our conversation. She resumes her seat next to me, wraps her arms around my left arm, leaning her head on my shoulder. Then she says to me,

"Well, honey what's your answer to Jake's question?" Before I can reply, Jake looks at her with a serious expression and says,

"Angie darlin' go get us a beer ... like for a while, okay?"

She gets the hint, and lets her hand trail over my shoulder as she takes a seat at the bar talking to Maud. She knows that Jake and I have things to discuss.

"Mike, you have to decide which way to go here. You can't string these girls along; they are both worthy of better than that, in their own ways."

"I know you are right, Jake, but I like them both. You are right, they are different girls, and I would feel blessed to be with either one of them. Right now, I am seeing Angela and I don't want to give her up. I think I love her Jake!"

"Then you have to tell her Mike! Go over there and tell her right now! She ain't for me, but she sure as shit might be for you. There is a dude over there right now talking to her and putting the hustle on her. She ain't going to wait long for you to decide!"

I smile at Jake, and get up and walk toward the bar as I head Angela tell her would-be-suitor,

"Thanks that's so sweet, but no thanks handsome!"

He leaves when he sees my come up behind her and wrap my arms around her, and whisper in her ear,

"How about a quick screw lady?"

She swivels around on the stool, jumps into my arms with tears in her soft brown eyes and she says,

"You bet! Any time darling!"

She wraps her arms around my neck tightly, and kisses me hard. I take her by the hand, lead her out of the pub, and get a smile, a nod, and thumbs up from Jake as we leave. Instead of the screw, I take Angela to a nice Italian place, and we spend the time eating, and talking quietly. Angie suddenly becomes serious, looks at me and asks the question Jake asked me,

"Michael ... honey ... um, I hate to pry into your affairs, but I would like to know, what are you going to do about Gillian? I feel I have a right to know."

I look her in the eyes for a slight moment, which might have seemed like much longer to her and say,

"Angie, I am with you, and that should be your answer. I am going to do nothing about Gillian. I feel I gave her an honest effort at starting a relationship, but she either didn't or wasn't capable of accepting my affection. You have accepted me with no questions asked and no game playing, so as long as you can stand me, I consider you to be my girl!"

I see tears forming in her pretty eyes, and she says, "That's what I was hoping you would say darling. I am going to love being your girl!"

I take her back to her place, and she changes into an oversized T-shirt and short shorts with no bra or panties. We cuddle on the couch listening to some music ... Bach, I think ... sounds like the Chromatic Fantasy, but it is on softly so it's hard to tell.

"Michael, would you read to me darling?"

I search her bookcase for a good read, and start to read to her, from her copy of D. H. Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers."

She cuddles up against me, as she listens to my mellow voice reading to her. This will become a habit with us, and she enjoys both reading and being read to. At one point during my reading, I stop and Angie looks up at me. I smile down at this incredibly beautiful woman in my arms, and say,

"What is a beautiful creature like you doing with the likes of me?"

"Mmm, just lucky I guess!"

I tell her about my growing feelings for her, and as her chin trembles, she stammers to tell me that she loves me, and has since that very first night she scratched her phone number on that bar napkin (which I still have, kept in a safe place). She asks me to move in on Saturday, after the concert.

I say yes!

I continue reading to her until she falls asleep. I pick her up and softly settle her in her bed under the covers trying not to wake her. I creep out of her bedroom as quietly as I can, and I hear her say in a sleepy voice,

"There's an extra key on the table by the door ... Becky left it behind when she moved out honey!"

I give up the pretense of stealth mode, move back over to her and give her a kiss on the cheek as I snuggle the blankets up around her neck. Then I whisper,

"Get some sleep!" I hear a sleepy little chuckle and then,

"Yes, Daddy!"

I smile and leave her, locking the door with the extra key, which I add to my keyring. Driving home, my mind in crowded with a million different thoughts, about her, and about Gilly, and about the possibility of moving in with her, and if I do that, then I am making a commitment, and how do I feel about that, and, and, and!

I am too nervous to settle down, so I put on some Beethoven, and dig into my books. But with the energy expended dealing with all that has happened, I flop onto my mattress, and drop off immediately. I wake up the next morning in the same clothes, and scramble to get ready for classes.
On Friday night at the concert, I watch her as she enjoys the music. She seems bored with the Handel, but absolutely loves the Vivaldi! Afterward, as we walk to the car, I look across the crowd to see Gillian with a date moving toward their car. She looks over at me and gives me a wry smile as she turns and continues along with her date. Angela sees this interchange and says,


I pull her to me and kiss her, before continuing to my car. She still has a worried look on her face, so once we are in the car, I turn to her and say,

"Angela, you are my little love ... not Gillian ... not anymore. You are the one who has been so constant and unfaltering with me, and if you still want me, I am yours!"

"Oh, Michael! Yes! Yes darling, you know I do, and I ... I always will. Take me home honey!"

I move into Angela's apartment the next day, with her father helping us. I know it is rather soon to be moving in together, but it seems right, and her Dad has no problem with it. Apparently, she has been talking his ear off about me! It turns out that he is also a Two-A baseball fan, and we find other things we connect on, not the least of which is his pretty daughter. He turns to me and says,

"You know Mike I have always been worried about my little Angela. She is too beautiful for her own good, and attracts a lot of male attention due to her looks ... quite a lot of it is from fellas just wanting to take advantage of her. I am happy that she found you. She can't shut up about how wonderful you are to her, and I thank you for that. Angie is my special little girl, and I just want to see her be happy. She is happier lately than I have ever seen her."

"Well, your daughter is easy to love, John. She is so smart, and has such a quick wit that it is hard for me to keep up sometimes. We have an amazing girl, don't we John?" He laughs claps me on the shoulder and says,

"We sure do Mike, we sure do!"

It turns out that Angie's roommate, Becky (Rebecca) moved in with a writer friend of hers a few weeks earlier. She remains a close friend to both of us, and comes over quite often for dinner, with her significant other, Cynthia (Cindy). Both girls are delightful people, and great conversationalists. Becky is an artist, and Cindy is already a published writer at age twenty-one.

Angela and I are so close, and so loving, that it makes our friends nauseated sometimes, but we just look at each other and laugh. We both bought identical bicycles, and ride all the time. I found out that Angela is a talented tennis player, and playing with her is a challenge since she is much better than I am. I beat her consistently at racquetball though ... and backgammon!

She also has her time with her friends, and I have my time with Jake and my other friends. I never ask about her clubbing nights out with her girlfriends. I trust her implicitly. Becky questioned me about that once, and I told her that Angie has always proven to be trustworthy. All she would say is,

"Michael, you are one of a kind ... and ... your trust is not misplaced!"

Some months later, on a particularly quite night at home, I am reading to my darling Angela, and it is a novel where at one point the boy proposes to his girl. Angela is listening intently and moaning at the romantic setting, and as I start to read the proposal scene, I switch to real life pretending that I am still reading as I say,

"...and then Michael, having asked permission from her father, throws the book aside, and kneeling in front of his darling girl, proposes to her."

I throw the book aside, drop to one knee in front of Angela, and continue, "...and then Michael says 'Angela my darling, will you marry me?"

It takes her a moment to realize what is happening, as she looks down at me, holding a small black velvet box. I open it and show her a beautiful three-quarter carat diamond ring. She gasps and says,

"Oh Michael! Oh my God!! Yes! YES!! Oh my God, yes Michael I will marry you!!"

She is still in shock as I put the ring on her finger. She lunges off the couch at me knocking me over and lying on top of me starts covering my face with kisses. We rise, and she is a mess of tears and jitters watching her ring sparkle in the light, as I pop the cork on a small bottle of champagne, and pour us both a glass. Angela is crying as hard as it is possible for her to cry, with her tears of joy.

That is when I give her an engagement present; it is the pub napkin she wrote her name and phone number on those many, many months ago, that I had mounted in a handsome frame. Over joyed with her present, she throws her arms around me and wets my face with her teary kisses. I have to hold her as she sobs and sobs until it is all out.

I tell her that we have reservations at a nice restaurant, so she changes into her nicest dress. We walk into the restaurant, and the host shows us to a table where her Mother, Father, and little Brother already there. Also at the table are Jake and his date Mindy, along with Becky and Cindy. Angela is beside herself sharing her moment with family and friends. It is a late supper, but we become a loud and happy crowd for just the nine of us.

At one point, Angela looks across the table at me with a sweet and loving look and mouths the words,

"Thank you so much darling! I love you!" I reply in something just above a whisper,

"I love you too, my Angel!"

Angela and I are in the same class at the university, and graduate together. I receive a B.S.B. degree in finance, and Angela, a B.Arch degree, cum laude. Her degree program was five years, but with her father's influence, the university accepted her into the program after her junior year in high school because of her high grades, and she is able to graduate with me.

She joins her father's firm and John offers to help me with a job at a friend's company, but I decline, telling him that I prefer to find a position on my own merits. I actually do find a good position at a local corporation in the finance department, starting as a junior vice-president, which in real terms means that I do all of the grunt work for the VP's and the Senior VP.

They are all great mentors. But, one of the VP's, George, can't lay off hitting on Angela at company parties. She becomes quite adept at sidestepping his advances though.

Angela and I make love every night we possibly can, but she has some travel, as I also do. We never fail to talk on the phone for at least some time—whether it is a minute or a couple of hours each night we are away. After our second year in our positions, Angela becomes pregnant, and struggles to work as long as she can, with her doctor finally ordering her to take some time off.

A week later, she gives birth to a baby girl we call Janine after her Mother. Janine is pretty, and has brown eyes like her mothers. She is smart, and is reading to us at age three each night when we put her to bed. Angela and I watch as our little girl grows into a pretty ash-blonde and an object of admiration among her male fifth-grade classmates. Uncle Jake dotes on his honorary niece, to the point of irritation to Angie and me.

He marries Misty, and they have a son of their own. Misty and Angie are not happy with Jake and me meeting at the Fifth Avenue pub periodically, but they find some haunts of their own. On one occasion meeting Jake at the pub, Jake quietly says,

"Mike, see that one at the bar?"

I look up and see Gillian sitting at the bar with a book and a lite beer. She is still very pretty and petite, and wearing the same white shorts, pink halter top and tennies as when I first met her. Jake nods to me, and I get up to greet her. Coming up behind her say,

"Buy you another, doll?"

She turns quickly and seeing me says,

"Mmm, no thanks honey. You're cute n'all, but I just stopped in for a quick one."

"Very funny, Gillian! So how are you?"

"I'm fine, Michael. I have my B.S.N. degree, and I am a nurse at Children's Hospital. I love my life, and share a flat with my friend Sherry. I hear from Jake that you and Angela have a little girl! Congratulations, Michael."

"Thanks Gilly!"

"Tell me Michael, do you ever think about your little spinner?"


"But you have finally lost my number?"

"Yes Gilly, I have!"



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