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Spinner Ch. 02

Note to readers: I might have named my female lead 'Jillian', but I like the look of the alternative 'Gillian' and its separation from its male form Julian. The pronunciation is the same, just as with the word, 'ginger,' and the name of American actress Gillian Anderson. The familiar form, 'Gilly' is similarly pronounced like 'Jilly." Please enjoy, as you are able.


Gillian gives me her most precious gift.

Chapter 02, Part 1 of 2:

Gilly (Gillian) became a mystery to me after our first and only date. As far as I am concerned, our date was fun and creative, and she seemed to have a good time. She thinks that I have an ulterior motive for dating her, conflated with the fact that my well-meaning, but moronic friend Jake referred to her as a 'spinner,' a derogatory term for a very petite woman.

The unfortunate part is that when Jake pointed her out, I saw her. I mean I really saw her! I saw her pretty face, and her attractive petite shape, but I also saw the way she moved, the way she held her lite beer bottle, especially with her little finger raised for balance as she tilted it to her full, pursed pink lips. I needed to meet her, to know her better. I needed to find out what her laugh sounds like, how my name sounds when she says it, how her mind works, all of those little things she does without knowing that she is doing them.

These are all things you can't tell from first glance, you have to spend time together. That is what we did, but since she overheard Jake, she thinks that I have some weird sexual agenda for her, and our fun and exciting date turned cold at the end of it. She did tell me not to lose her number when she gave me that non-kiss kiss goodnight ... it has now been two weeks since our date and I have not lost her number, but I have not called it either.

True, I have been very busy with school, work, friends, and etcetera. But, Gilly is crossing my mind tonight and I am going to call her. I need to find out why the cold goodbye after a warm and fun date. Hell, I received a warmer goodnight from the girl at the bicycle rental place after the date! I need to know! So, I am going to call her!

I pick up my cell, and hesitate; you know the typical "should I, or shouldn't I?" hesitation. Fuck it! I dial her number.


"Hi, is this Gilly?"

"This is Gillian, yes."

"Gilly, you can see my number displayed on your phone, you know who this is!"

"Hello Michael!"

"So we are going to do this by the numbers are we? Okay, I'll play: How are you Gillian!"

'I'm fine Michael, but I haven't heard from you for a while. I thought you might have lost my number. I looked for you at the Fifth Street Pub a couple of times, but didn't see you."

"Well, I haven't been there much. Busy ... you know!"

"Yes. So let me ask you, Michael. How are you?"


"Confused? About what?"

"Confused about dating a girl I like, showing her a great time, and receiving a cold goodnight!"

"Michael, I didn't consider it cold. Didn't I tell you not to lose my number? That was an invitation to call me again."

"Well ... I'm calling."

"It's nice to hear from you Michael. If you are up to giving a girl a second chance, I am available Friday nights ... usually!

"So, you do not have any questions about my motives for dating you?"

"I talked to Jake at the pub the other day, and he told me about your original motives that you just wanted to get to know um, me ... as a person. I liked that Michael."

And after a short pause she says quietly,

"Ask me out again!"

"First, I have to know if it is Gillian or Gilly!"

"Gilly!" she answers with a slight giggle.

"Well then Gilly, there is a concert next Friday ... classical ... Brahms and Shubert I think ... and I have scored two tickets. I will be there but there will be an empty seat next to me. I am looking for someone to occupy that seat. So, if you happen to hear about someone who likes classical music and likes me, perhaps you might let me know!

(She giggles)

"It just so happens that I know of such a person. She fits that bill perfectly!

"Really? That's great! Can you give me her number? Have her give me a call?"

"Okay, okay Michael I am sorry about the finger-kiss, you deserved better. And, I would love to go with you to warm up that empty seat!"

"Pick you up at Seven!"

"Wonderful! Bye Michael!"

So there it is! I have a date with Gillian for Friday night. Now all I have to do is to get two tickets together for Friday night's concert. Just kidding, I already have them! Okay, she said yes, so in my book that entitles our petite little girl to a reset. I know that she enjoyed our first date, and this one will be less creative, but I don't want to date someone I have to keep impressing—keep winning. That's the task for the first date, and as far as I am concerned, mission accomplished.

That having been said, the death of any relationship is in the mediocrity and predictability that they inevitably become. So, if I want to keep this girl, I will have to throw her a curve occasionally. But, that depends on what I find out about her as we see each other more. Believe me; I will want to see her more! The combination of looks and cleverness is just too compelling!

Okay, so much for my views on dating, relationships and help for the lonely-hearted. I am meeting Jake for a couple of beers at the pub, and am on my way now.

"Mike! Dude!"

I hear the familiar booming voice, and the bone-shattering clap on the shoulder from an enormous hand.

"Hey, Jake! What's up?"

"Haven't seen your skinny ass around here for a while, what've you been up to?"

"Well, work, school, living my life, avoiding this dive! You know ... the normal!"

"Well, it's good to see you buddy!" I smile at him and say,

"So, what's going on with that knockout blonde I saw you with the last time I was here? I remember that she said she likes 'em big and hairy and smelly or something like that."

"Big bear! She said she likes the big bear type Mike. And, thanks for passing her number on to me. But, we kind of fizzled out after a couple of dates ... she was smokin' hot though. Yeah, Angie! She was sumthin' wasn't she?"

"Don't know Jake, I didn't see any smoke last time! And, you are welcome dude, just being a good wingman!"

"Yeah, Angie was great, but I guess not my type after all. Oh here! Here's the napkin she used to write her number. She did give it to you, so I'm giving it back." (He stuffs it in my shirt pocket)

"Thanks, but I hope I won't need it. I say, as Jake drops his smile and offers,

"Hey! I talked to that little spinner you walked off with a couple of weeks ago. She came in ... day before yesterday I think, but didn't stay long. I think she was looking for you. I talked to her a little."

"First, Jake, don't call her a spinner, her name is Gillian ... Gilly! Actually that term caused a little bit of a wrinkle in our friendship."

"Yeah, I know ... she told me. She was worried that you were just dating her because of some barroom bet or something. But I set 'er straight, I told her that you were only interested in getting to know her and your motives were pure."

"Thanks, Jake, now that's being a good wingman! Actually, I just talked to her today, and we are going out next Friday night ... a concert. We'll see what happens."

"She likes you Mike! She didn't say so in so many words, but I saw the look in her eyes when she described your first date. You hit a homerun with her dude! Bike for two! Great idea and it worked on her, I know it did."

"Well, we'll see! I like her, but the ending of the date was a little cool."

"She didn't say anything about that, so maybe she didn't think it was so cool. But then I was eyeing a couple of big boobs across the bar while she was talking, so I may have missed something."

"Your multitasking prowess is truly amazing, Jake! So, what happened to the big boobs?"

"Ah, they left with someone else. Major bummer!"

Jake and I hear a decidedly female voice coming from over my right shoulder,

"Hi Jake, what's up darlin'?"

"Hey Angie! You remember Mike here don't you?

"Oh yes, hello again handsome, where have you been keeping yourself? May I join you two gentlemen? I answer her with,

"Hi Angie ... sure, pull up a chair. But, you should be careful throwing around words like 'gentlemen' with the likes of Jake and me. (she laughs) You are looking decidedly scrumptious tonight ... nice sweater!"

She giggles, placing a hand on my arm since she decided to sit next to me.

"Very cute Michael! Yes, this is one of my favorite sweaters ... you don't think it shows too much boob, do you? I am proud of my 'girls' and I do tend to show them off a little too much!"

"No such thing doll' Gimme a good set of boobs any day!" Jake chimes in.

"Why thank you Jake honey! I am wondering what our quiet handsome Michael has to say."

"They are very nice Angie!"

"Well Michael, maybe you and I should go somewhere quiet and discuss it—I mean them! Wait! What's this Michael? (She pulls the bar napkin out of my pocket with her name and number on it) Hmmm, it looks like a napkin. Oh, look it has my name on it! And what else is there, oh yes, it's my phone number. What are you doing with my phone number, Michael?" she says with a sexy smile, arching her back a little to show off her 'girls'.

"That's the one you gave to Jake. Well, you gave it to me, and I gave it to Jake. Remember your romance with Jake?"

"Well, you should call it sometime Michael! Never know what might happen!"

"Well, I am seeing someone right now, actually."

"Oh, yes! That little spinner! How is that going Michael?"

"Her name is Gillian. I wish everyone would stop calling her a 'spinner'!"

"Uh huh, sounds serious Michael." She says.

"Well, look Jake, Gotta move along, homework. Angie it was nice seeing you ... and them again." Then I kiss her on the cheek, and slide a hand over her left breast as I say, "Bye Angie, bye girls! I'll leave you two lovebirds alone!"

I clap Jake on the shoulder and say, "Later, dude!"

"Later, Mike. Good luck with Gilly!"


I head out of the bar and back to my crappy dorm room. I just gave Angie a touch to tease her a little, nothing sexual. But, damn! It felt great ... soft but firm. I am sure she would love to give me a private showing of them some time. If things don't work out with Gillian, Angie might provide me with a soft landing. She is beautiful though, and my God, what a set! I am just guessing that I could have a magnificent piece-of-ass just for the asking.

But, right now my tastes run to girls of the more diminutive persuasion. I start thinking about Gilly, I see her hair being teased by the wind and holding a reflection of the fireworks at the lake. The way she turns her head and smiles so sweetly, her quick wit, and the way her sparkling blue eyes contrast so beautifully with her brown hair. There's a lot to like, hoping to discover more!

Friday night will be another outdoor concert, and hopefully a chance to cuddle with her for warmth on a cool evening. I think I will take her to D'Angelo's before, to see if she likes Italian. And, who knows what afterward, it is only our second date so probably another 'finger-kiss' goodnight.

I have an old Jeep Cherokee that still runs, and still has some 'curb appeal' to it and I am pulling up in front of Gillian's building. Her dorm has a squawk box, so I have to ring her room number.

"Friend or foe?" I hear someone (not Gilly) say. (Must be a roommate)

"Friend of Gilly's"

"Oh you must be Michael. She's still getting gorgeous, so when I buzz you in, there is a waiting area inside."

Once buzzed in I find a serviceable couch to use, waiting for gorgeous. Then I hear a door close on the second floor, and a minute later, there is Gilly. She is a vision in a white dress, which extends to about her knees, with a teal colored pashmina (like a long wide scarf or loose upper body wraparound) around her shoulders and tied in front. Lovely! She descends the stairs, and smiles sweetly. I give her a very chaste hug when she arrives at the sitting area.

"Hello, Michael!"

"Aw, I thought your roommate said you were going to be gorgeous!"

"Michael! Be nice!" she scolds as she punches my in the shoulder for teasing her. I laugh.

"You are an absolute vision, Gilly ... very lovely!"

"Why thank you kind sir! Shall we go?"

"How do you like Italian Gilly?"

"I love Italian Michael, there's a nice little place in Old Town named D'Angelo's."

"Good guess, honey! That's where we're going!"

"Oh, Michael ... that sounds so wonderful!"

I escort my lovely date out to the car, and before I get the door open, she tiptoes up and kisses me. Not just a peck, and certainly not a 'finger-kiss,' but a full on, 'I really like you' kind of kiss!

"Mmm, nice Gilly! You might just become my favorite flavor!"

"Michael, I am so sorry that I might have seemed cool to you last time. I really did love everything we did, and you showed me a really nice time. You are a sweet guy Michael darling, and I was wrong about you. Let's just have a nice time tonight. And, if you are lucky, you might just get a sexy goodnight kiss tonight!"

"Okay honey, I think what we have planned will be fun."

We drive to the restaurant in relative quiet, with just a little conversation. I look over at my date, just admiring the view, and smiling to myself. I feel so lucky having Gillian. She is my kind of girl.

I realize that this could be a make-or-break date. On first dates, it is easy to impress a girl who is also trying to impress you, but the second date is a gateway to either having a relationship, or moving on separately. On the third and later dates, you can relax a little. But, second date is make-or-break.

I decide not to try too hard. After all I do have Angie's phone number, and the potential to get my hands on her 'girls' as a 'fall back' position (ha ha)! I am just going to be me, and she will either like that or not. I pull into the parking lot, and quickly pad around the car to open Gilly's door for her.

"Thanks honey!" She says sweetly, in her musical voice.

She wraps an arm around one of mine, and leans her head against my shoulder. She smells nice! Not perfume, but likely lotions and bath soaps, and her natural aromas ... the combination is very pleasant. The headwaiter shows us to a very nice table in the center of the place, I hold Gilly's chair for her just being a gentleman, and receive a sweet smile for my efforts. I order a carafe of their house Chianti to start with. Although I am twenty-one, Gilly is not quite twenty. Our waiter solves the problem by bringing the wine with two wine glasses.

I pour a glass for Gilly and one for myself. She looks at me nervously, but decides a glass won't hurt her and smiles as she says thank you to me.

"Gillian, we need a toast. Do you have one or should I?"

"Go ahead Michael, I'm sure it will be nice!"

"Raise you glass honey." I take a moment to think and say, "This is one I learned from my uncle Bill so, (ahem!)"

"Here's to the prettiest, here's to the wittiest, Here's to the truest of all who are true, Here's to the neatest one, here's to the sweetest one, Here's to them all wrapped in one ... here's to you!"

"Oh Michael, that was so sweet!" She says as she takes a baby sip from her glass.

"I have one, Michael! Raise you glass!" She is trying to control her giggling and remain serious, as she composes her toast and says,

"Here's to us Michael, and to a continued and growing relationship with love and um, lovemaking!"

"Here, here, sweetie! I especially like the last part. Do you think we should skip dinner and the concert?"

"Michael, be serious! Everything in its own good time."

"Of course! Let's just have fun tonight!"

We do have fun too. We laugh and joke, and I am finding that she has a wonderful sense of humor and a sharp wit. She asks about my uncle Bill, and I tell her what a silver-tongued devil he was with the women. We order different entrée's, and decide to share. I have spaghetti with meatballs, and she has the lasagna. She neatly cuts a chunk of her entrée off and puts it on my plate. I give her two of my four meatballs.

I fill her glass twice more during the meal, and as our food starts to disappear, she looks over at my plate at my one lone remaining meatball. She starts to move her fork toward my plate threateningly,

"Don't even think about it baby!" I say, but she is very quick as she spears it and puts it on her plate, guarding it with her hand around her plate.

"Michael, I have to have that meatball. I just have to!"

"Give it up, baby! That's my meatball!" I move my fork over to capture it back and she pulls her plate away out of my reach.

"Huh uh, Michael, it is too important to me!" she says giggling.

"Well, then I have to get something for it" I reply. She furrows her brow and asks,

"Like what, Michael?"

"Mmm, something! I will let you decide, but something that feels good!" I say with a lascivious smile.

"Michael!" She scowls scolding, and then softens it into a smile.

"Well, those are my demands!" I insist.

"Well, Michael, since I already have it, I don't see where you have a card to play here!" She answers with a haughty smile.

"Okay, then I appeal to your honor and sense of fair play. You have to give me something ... tonight ... something you were not planning on giving me!"

"Michael, like what?"

"You decide! Just remember, whatever it is, I'll be gentle!" I crack up when I say it so she relaxes a little,

"Okay Michael, I'll give you ... something ... just let me think about it!"

She puts the meatball to her lips, and slowly slides it in, closing her pretty pink lips around it as her cheeks bulge to accommodate it. She chews it slowly until she swallows it and says,

"Mmm! Oh Michael, that was the most delicious meatball I have ever had. So savory, so round, and so ... sumptuous!" she says that last word as if were a sex act, but can't keep a straight face, and giggles.

"I am happy it was so good for you sweetie, but just remember, it will cost you ... something good!"

She wears a sexy smile ... one I haven't seen on her yet, and replies,

"I'm working on it darling. It will be something you will like!"

Is she really going to sell her body to me for a meatball?

Maybe, but it does give her an excuse to give me something she might have already decided upon anyway. Although sex usually comes after the third date or so, it might not be too early, if she really likes me. Girls already know when they first meet a boy, if they are going to give themselves to him, and when! They have that worked out by the end of the first date!

We share a small piece of cheesecake, and have a fork fight over each little bite, laughing and giggling. She captures the last bite, and as she puts it into her mouth, she gives me a victorious smile.

We get up to leave and I pull her chair out for her; she again hugs my arm with hers as I lead her back to the car. Gillian excuses herself to make a phone call, and I wait by the car as she steps away to make the call. All I can hear—and I am not really listening—is,

"Hi Sherry honey, um I would like to ... yes, a 'red light' tonight ... if it's okay ... yes, Michael ... uh huh ... no, of course not ... mmm, maybe ... you can? ... okay, thanks darling!" After she hangs up, I say,

"Your other boyfriend?" I ask not wanting to admit that I knew she was talking to someone named Sherry ... she will think I was eavesdropping ... I heard, but I was not really listening.
"Mmm, maybe! Are you worried about that?"


"Well it was just my friend, Sherry. I just needed to ask her something."

"Fine by me!"

We head to the concert venue, which is an outdoor amphitheater, walk with the crowd through the gate and quickly find our seats. They are wooden seats with backs, and attached to cement supports in long arches for each row. They are close enough together so I can put my arm around her if I wish. Behind the seat section is an open field on a hill where people can sit or lie on the hill, for less money to listen to the concert.

I am nervous, and it shows a little as we quietly talk back and forth, waiting for the concert to start. Gilly notices this, and turns toward me, takes my face in both of her tiny hands, and kisses me. Then she withdraws slowly looking into my eyes, and says softly,

"Relax, Michael! We are going to have a wonderful time tonight. You are doing great! Any girl would love being with you ... I love being with you!" She says.

"Thanks, I guess I am a little nervous, but I will be better once the music begins. Brahms and Schubert are pretty accessible to most people, and the Chopin will be great." I say.

"I played the cello in a high school orchestra, so I am familiar with Brahms and Schubert, Chopin is mostly piano music, but I love listening to it." She says.

"That's good to know Gilly. I love classical music and a lot of other types of music as well, but many girls would be bored to tears with classical, so it will relax me a little knowing that you are good with it, and I want to make a good impression."

"Michael, you made a very good impression with our first date. Very clever, and I did brag to my girlfriends about the wonderful time we had. They were all jealous, and all wanted your phone number!"

I have my right hand resting my thigh, and she reaches over and gently puts her tiny hand on top of it, looks me in the eye, and says,

"Michael, you only have to win me once, and you have. I am yours! I think it was when you sang that silly version of "My Mammy" in front of the Fifth Street Pub. A girl loves a guy who is willing to embarrass himself in public for her. You see me Michael, and I can feel that."

"Thanks Gilly, I was just worried about that silly 'spinner' thing, and I never for a second thought of you that way. I know that whatever my meatball might buy me; it will only be a second or third base kind of thing. I am not pushing you for anything more than that."

"We'll see Michael, I haven't decided yet. You will know after the concert!"

"That must have been a hell of a meatball!"

"It was, Michael, it really was!" she says giggling.

I watch Gilly a little, as she listens to the music, and she seems to be enjoying the concert. She looks over at me at one point, and seeing me watching her, she smiles sweetly. It seems to me that the Chopin portion is really getting to her since it is such evocative music, and during a couple of the more sensitive pieces, she tears up some. I notice her emotions, and she turns to me and quietly whispers,

"Michael, don't look at me right now! I don't want you to see me cry!" as she dabs her eyes with a tissue.

I put my arm around her and she moves closer to me. By the last portion of the concert, it is getting cool, and she huddles her shoulders a little, so I take my sports jacket off and put it around her tiny shoulders, and pull her closer. When the concert closes, we rise and quickly head for the exit to beat some of the crowd. Once inside the car, I turn the heat on to warm my little girl.

We are sitting in the car waiting for the parking lot to empty a little before we leave. We are not in a hurry, and we spend the time kissing and touching gently. She loved the concert and she talks excitedly about many of the pieces she loved most. I found that she has a good grasp of how to listen to classical music and knowledge of the particular pieces.

On the road finally, we decide to stop and walk around the park by the lake a little. It gives us some time to talk. Talk about us, talk about the concert, and talk about the meatball and what it will buy for me. On that last item, I still don't know what I am getting for that little purloined delicacy! She just giggles and says that I will find out!

Finally on the way to her dorm, she asks me if I have anything planned for the next morning and I tell her that there is nothing that I can't miss if I need to. Then she says,

"Michael, Sherry is my dorm mate, and I called her for a 'red light' which is our request to use the dorm room for an exclusive guest ... if you know what I mean. If she agrees, that means that she can 'sleep out' like at home or with a friend or somewhere, while I entertain a guest. Michael, you will be my guest tonight. I have never called her for a 'red light' before, but she has surprised me with a few."

"Is this my meatball prize, Gilly?"

"Maybe Michael, but I need to explain limits when we get up there. My room is a mess, but it will suit our needs tonight."

"I'm ready if you are!" I say smiling.

"Well honestly, I am a bit nervous, I never have done this before, and I am not sure about it, so you will have to be patient with me. I am not very experienced with boys, and they um, scare me a little!"

We enter her building, and get some looks from other students in Gilly's coed dorm. It is almost as if their looks are asking, "'red light' tonight, huh?" So, I try not to make too much eye contact as we quickly head up to her second floor dorm room.

Her room is cramped, but comfortable. It has a cooking plate, a small refrigerator, a couple of beds, desks, bookshelves like you might expect, with a farraginous assortment of books, and kitschy items. Gilly and Sherry have made it neat and comfortable ... homey!

Inside her room, I can tell that she is nervous and I am beginning to suspect that she is about to disclose some secret or other. She takes off her pretty pashmina, and drapes it over a coat rack in the corner. She turns to me and says,

"Would you care for a beer, Michael? I'm sorry we only have lite beer, and I know how you feel about that, but it is what we have. We have some sodas, and water, and some um, juice if you prefer!"

"I'll have whatever you are having honey!"

She smiles and reaches into the small fridge and produces a couple of lite beers. We sit on her bed and it seems that she wants to tell me something as she takes a large gulp of her beer to get her courage up ... so to speak. I can tell she is nervous, sitting bolt straight and she is a little jittery. She stands, puts her beer down, and then she becomes a lot jittery. She turns her back to me and says over her shoulder, in a voice that sounds like a decision is made,

"T-Take my d-dress off, Michael!"

I look up at her diminutive form and then standing; put a hand on her hip and one on her shoulder. I can feel her tiny frame shaking. I reach down and kiss her neck where it curves onto her shoulder. She gasps as I curl my fingers around to top of her dress and start to draw her zipper down. It goes down to the small of her back, and I peel her dress open, sliding my hands inside, over her downy skin. She is so soft! I slowly slip her dress over her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.

"Oh, my God!" I exclaim almost involuntarily seeing her lovely petite body.

"Wh-what's wrong Michael?" she says looking over her shoulder.

"Gilly! My God, you're so beautiful!"

"Michael, please!" Then she nervously says, "Mi-Michael, you can t-take off my br-bra if you li-like!"

I unhook it from behind, and slide the straps down over her shoulders, but she is holding the cups in place with her hands. She turns around, looks at me, lowers her eyes with a blush, and lets her hands drop; exposing the loveliest pair of breasts, I have ever seen; round, firm, and high on her chest.

"Oh, my God, Gilly!"

She smiles shyly, "Do you like what you see, Michael?

"God, yes!" I say reflexively. She blushes and softly says, almost like a prayer,

"Take me to bed, Michael!"

I pick her up in my arms, and I lay her gently on the bed. I pull her stockings off slowly, one by one, smoothing my hands over her silky legs as I do. I reach for the waistband of her panties, and she says,

"No Michael! Not those!" She looks up at me and continues,

"You can touch any part of my body, except the parts covered by my panties. I would ask you to respect that Michael, and I know you will." She breaks eye contact and continues in a soft voice, almost a whisper,

"Michael, I'm ... I'm a ... virgin! I know, I know, it's weird for a girl my age. I have had plenty of um, boyfriends, but they like, drop me when they find out ... I don't ... you know? Michael, just be with me tonight. Hold me an-and t-touch me." Her voice is hushed, and breathy.

"Of course honey! Anything you wish. I have to say, that the sight of you is making me a little nervous ... maybe because you are special to me. After all, I don't sing "Mammy" to just any girl, you know!

She starts to laugh softly, and I see her start to relax some, that was my aim in making a joke. She arches her back showing me her little tits to best advantage, and relaxes,

"You are a special man Michael. I have waited for well, nearly twenty years, and you are the only one of all my boyfriends that I feel completely comfortable with!" She blushes deeper, and continues, "Let's just see what happens tonight!"

I undress quickly down to my navy blue sport boxer briefs. She is playing idly with her nipples watching me, and stifles a giggle with her hand over her mouth at seeing me clad only in my shorts. I slide into the twin bed with her, and we cuddle. I look into her wide-open blue eyes, and softly say,

"Hi Gillian!"

"Hi Michael!" she says in almost a whisper with a sweet smile.

I watch her still idly playing with her breasts and nipples, smile and say,

"Isn't that my job honey?"

She giggles, and says with a sexy smile "Uh huh!"

I run my fingers around and between her little breasts, and then I start to massage them lightly as she closes her eyes and moans. I pinch her nipples, and then replace my fingers with my lips as I suck her little nips in and diddle them with my tongue. Her moans turn into, "Oh Michael!" in as breathy voice.

I move up look into her eyes, we start by kissing passionately as her sweet tongue slides into my mouth, and I massage it with mine. My hands gently go everywhere, but I respect her limits. She is so soft, and I start becoming hard from my contact with her amazing little body. I roll over onto my back and she slides up on top of me as I do. She is kissing me and rubbing her hands over my chest.

I see a sexy-sly little smile trace across her pretty face as she rises up off me, and puts her fingers into the waistband of my shorts. She looks directly into my eyes as she starts to tug at them teasingly. Then she stops and asks,

"Michael, do you have limits?"

"Mmm, not really! But remember doll, I am a man and you are a woman. That means that regarding how fast we move, I'm the gas and you are the brakes. So are we switching roles?

"Oh, Michael I know, but it seems so big! Can I um, touch it?" She asks.

"You do realize that one thing leads to another don't you? Pretty soon little Gilly is saying, 'fuck the limits Michael, take me now, take it all!' I know that you are not ready, and I am happy just doing what we are doing ... for now!" After letting that sink in with her, I continue,

"Well, I do not have any limits, so you can touch anything you wish!"

I pull my briefs down and off as my fully involved cock springs into her view.

"Oh, Michael ... it's huge!" She gasps involuntarily.

She blushes as she puts her little hand on it. She touches it with her fingertips, slowly and hesitantly massaging it, and then wraps her hand around it.

"Michael, it feels so wonderful, so soft and warm, um how big uh ... long ... is it?"

"I don't know I never measured it. About seven inches give or take! Do you have a tape measure, we can measure it now!" I said obviously joking.

"Michael, you are so silly!" she says laughing.

"You can do whatever you wish, my dear, but it is not going um, inside you ... not tonight. If I let you forget about your limits, you will regret it later and hate me for taking advantage."

"I would not do that honey!" She says earnestly still stroking my cock.

"Boy, you don't know much about women, do you? Trust me doll, I've been there before!" I say to her.

"You mean you have had um, like ... sex Michael?"

"Well, yeah! I did have a life before I was fortunate enough to meet you! You have been with boys before haven't you?" I tell her, perplexed by her question.

"I was always nervous around boys and still am ... a little. I had a friend, whose older sister was raped on a date, and I have ended up in some wrestling matches with a boy or two, and was almost um, raped myself, so I just stuck to my studies ... I'm good at that!" She smiles wryly continuing,

"So, I have never seen a boy's, um ... thingy! Not until now that is, so yours is my first thingy, I mean penis!" She is obviously embarrassed saying that to me.

"Cock! It is okay to call it a cock! Penis is too stiff ... too clinical. It is right up there with vagina, vulva, and labia minora! The common term for your whole stuff down there my dear, is pussy. It is sexier, and it makes it sound nicer ... sweeter ... better tasting even!" (She giggles)

"Well, Michael, you have a very nice cock! Can I touch it or um, taste it?"

I smile, nod and she starts kissing it a little along with stroking it with her hand. It is too big to get her hand completely around it, but then she has tiny hands. She notices the clear liquid oozing out of the tip, and she looks up at me, and when I nod to her, she puts her lips on it and her little tongue come out just a little to lick the the pre-cum, like a shy kitten testing the milk.

"Ohhh, slippery!"

"Gilly, have you really never had your little hands on a man's cock?"

"Michael, don't tease me about it. Okay, so I am a little inexperienced, but I am willing to be taught ... by a patient tutor!"

"Alright honey, if you stroke it long enough sperm and other stuff will spurt out from the top. Some girls like to put it in their mouth, and massage it with their lips, but not all of them want the 'stuff' in their mouths. Actually, it is mostly proteins with a kind of salty taste. Some girls are okay having the stuff in their mouth, and either spit it out later or swallow it ... most just swallow it!"

"Michael, I do know some of it of course ... the physiology of it, but I need you to be patient with me as I um, experiment a little."

"I am okay with whatever you are comfortable doing sweetie, and I will warn you when I am about to come, er, spurt! Actually, anything you do will feel good, except, no teeth honey, only soft tissue, please."

"Mmm, your cock tastes so wonderful!" she says as she slips her lips over the tip. She does a very sexy thing from instinct, as she moves one hand down to cup my balls, fondling them softly, and tickling the underside with her fingertips. This always drives me crazy!

I try to stimulate her by massaging her breasts and play with her nipples as she moans. Since my cock is now in her mouth, her moans are giving me a little 'hummer'. I can feel myself starting down the road to coming. She switches position into a kind of reverse cowgirl, with her panty-covered butt almost in my face. I let my fingers massage her a little over her panties, but just her hips and butt, not any of the good stuff in between, trying not to overstep her boundaries.

She is busy holding my cock in her hand as she strokes it in and out of her mouth. I can tell she is getting sexually excited, and all of a sudden, I feel myself about to come. I tell her, and she moans an "Uh huh" then I stiffen and shudder as I come into her sweet mouth with several spurts. She waits until I finish, then she hops off the bed, grabs a tissue and spits it out, and then take a swig from her beer to wash any remaining stuff down.

"Sorry Michael, I will get used to it but don't want to swallow it yet." As I recover a little I say,

"That is perfectly okay honey, there are no right or wrong answers here, just doing what feels good, and is comfortable."

"Oh Michael, that made me so wet ... down there! I um ... I want you to ... touch me!"

"Darling, do you remember what I said about you hating me in the morning?

She starts to become jittery again, like a leaf on a tree. She moves up and lies next to me. I leave her panties in place, but I touch her. I slip my index finger just inside her panties. Across her body below her stomach, and along the margins of her leg holes, as she opens her legs a little. I reach my finger all the way inside her slippery-wet panties, and she says in a faux warning tone,

"Michael! Where do you think you are going with that finger?"

I smile at her as I let my finger trace across the very edge of her pussy lips and she shudders a little. I remove my finger to massage her clit and pussy lips over the thin material of her panties, until she starts moaning loudly, "Oh, Michael ... oh God!"

I deepen my attentions between her legs, vigorously massaging her from her clit to little circular massages around her asshole. This latter attention is what starts her shuddering and pushing her hips up against my hand and fingers.

Pushing herself up against my digits with her head thrown back and her mouth open, she gasped, and comes in a series of convulsions, as she releases her breath in little huffs. I hold her to me as she convulses into a very pleasurable orgasm. Gaining some control of her breathing she exclaimed,

"Oh, Mi-Michael ... th-that was ... was ... won ... wonderful! Oh ... my darling ...oh ... God, honey! Tha ... Thank you! ... Oh, Michael!

She looks up into my face, and laughs heartily,

"Michael I just may think about lifting all of my limits and giving myself to you tonight!"

"I am not going to let you do that my dear. As much as I would love to pin you to your little mattress, slide my cock into your little pussy and pound you hard, I can ... I will wait. You have given a man an amazing blowjob, and you have had a man's hands on your sweet pussy ... it is enough for tonight!"

I gave her a loving look and told her,

"Ah, my clever little meatball thief, you had it all figured, what you wanted tonight, even before your little food crime. But, I am holding you to your limits so you won't hate yourself and me in the cold light of tomorrow morning."

"Well, Michael, whose clever now? You are right that I had intended on inviting you in tonight, and had pre-arranged it with Sherry, except that she was expecting my call only if things progressed to that point tonight." She smiles at me, breathes deep and continues,

"I had envisioned just letting you play with my little titties, but I got carried away, and I have you to thank for loving me enough to keep me from going too far too soon." She hesitates, and then continues, "I would have let you fuck me, Michael. You will eventually of course, but you are right, saying that I might have regretted it and felt like a little slut in the morning!" She reaches over and kisses me,

"You are my very patient tutor and lover! You flipped a switch in me that had been locked down for far too long, and I promise that next time we are together, I will ask you to teach me something ... more intimate."

"Too much conversation doll, let's fool around!"

She starts to tear up, and her chin trembles a little as I fold her into my arms and kiss her softly. We lie in each other's arm the rest of the night and fall asleep just before light. I wake before she does, and looking down discover that sometime during the night, she had removed her panties, and my hand was on her naked little ass.
I start to massage her, and even let my fingers trace their way between her cheeks, and slide over her little pucker, teasing it. I see an eye open, and she smiles,

"Mmm, feels nice Michael!" Then I kiss her on the nose and say,

"What do you want for breakfast?"

"Mmm, eggs benedict, hash browns, pancakes, grits, strawberries, orange juice, and a sticky roll! Mmm, yeah ... that ought to do it!" (giggles)

"May I ask, where in that tiny little body are you going to put all of that?"

"You'd be surprised, dear Michael!"

"Do you really have that many groceries in that little fridge of yours?"

"No silly, we are going out and it will be my treat! So bring you appetite with you Sweetie!"

I lazily kiss her. "Thanks, doll!" I say.

"Da nada!" She says.

"What the hell does that mean?" I tease her.

"I have no idea!" She answers drowsily with a lazy little laugh.

Then we both laugh, and slowly start to stir, still naked as she wraps her arms around my body as we stand next to her bed. I see her looking down at her little bed and I say to her,

"It's not going to be the same anymore is it?"

Without looking up, she says wistfully,

"No, it isn't!"

~ ~ ~

Chapter 02, Part 2 of 2:

I quickly pull on my clothes, and sit on the bed watching her dress. She starts unaware that she has an audience, but when she notices, she smiles a wickedly sexy smile, and proceeds to dress slowly. She looks me straight in the eye as she pulls on a fresh pair of bikini panties, slowly drawing them up her shapely little legs. She hesitates for a second before letting them cover her completely, turns her back to me and slowly draws them over her tiny perfect little ass with a wiggle.

"Like what you see, big boy?" She says in a husky sex-laden voice.

"God yes!" I exclaim, still seated thoroughly enjoying the reverse striptease.

She moves closer and pushes her crotch into my face. I slide a hand up the inside of her leg, with the other one on her hip, and when it reaches her crotch, I massage her panty-covered pussy with strong strokes back and forth. She closes her eyes and gasps with a little shudder.

"Mmm! Michael, you are such a naughty boy!"

"Thank you!" I said with a self-satisfied smile.

I rise, and take her in my arms and kiss her. She decides on a pretty little yellow sundress that buttons up the front. She starts to dress and I take her dress and hold it open for her to step into. She puts a hand on my shoulder as she steps into it and I draw it up her body, helping her with her arms into the short sleeves. I put my hands inside her still open dress and slowly massage her stomach, her sides, and her breasts, pinching each nipple.

She watches me intently as I start to button her up starting with the bottom and closing her dress all the way up. She smiles, reaches down and unbuttons the top two buttons to give me a hint of her pert heaving breasts. She leans back as I hold her with my hands behind, low on her back, and puts a yellow ribbon in her hair fastening it underneath. I look at the finished product and simply say,


She giggles at my approval, slips into a pair of low heels, and we are off to breakfast and she orders everything she said she wanted, and I order two eggs over medium, hash browns with four slices of bacon. We eat and talk, but it seems that she does most of the eating and I do most of the talking. The girl must have the metabolism of a hummingbird! She finishes everything on her plate, and I am just coming down to the last piece of bacon. She is looking at it and I say,

"Really honey?" say in faux surprise. She smiles and says,

"Uh huh!"

As quickly as I move to grab it, her fork is lightning fast, and she spears it and takes it onto her plate giggling at her victory.

"Give me that piece of bacon!" I say and a falsely gruff voice.

"Huh uh, baby ... I need it ... I want it!"

Seems I have heard that before! But, she protects it from my grasp, and quickly gobbles it down. She looks at my shocked expression and burst out laughing.

"Oh Michael! You should see your face!"

"I'm surprised that I have the energy to make any kind of expression, starving over here!"

She pushes out her lower lip, miming a sad expression and says,

"Aw, poor baby!"

"You are a very mean woman, you know that? I am going to have to get something from you for that you know!"

"Well Michael! Again, I don't see where you have a card to play. But, I'll tell you what I'll do. You take me out again tomorrow night, and maybe ... just maybe mind you ... if I'm in a good mood, I will give Sherry another call." (giggles)

"Red light?"


"You are a little meanie!"

"Aw, poor little boy, getting beat up on by a girl!"

"Let me ask you ... when is the last time someone pulled you over their knee and gave you a good spanking?"

"Michael! You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh wouldn't I?"

"I'd like to see you try buddy!" she says bravely.

I laugh and reply, "I'll remember you said that!"

She shrugs it off as just an idle threat ... just teasing. She is happy, and just idly humming a little tune, she stops looks at me and says,

"I have the day off today ... no classes or anything so what do you want to do?"

"Sorry baby, I am busy all day, and in fact I have to leave right now."

"Aw Michael!" she says with a little whine, then she gives me a sideways glance and slowly says,

"You liar! You already told me your schedule for today ... you don't have a schedule! Entertain me Michael!"

"Well, we can rent the tandem bike again or go for a walk, or play tennis, or stay in and make love all day ... that way you can pay for that piece of bacon you stole. Hey maybe you can pay for it with a piece of a—"

"MICHAEL!!" She interrupts quickly before I can finish my tease. Then she says, "Let's rent two bikes, and we can bicycle down to the tennis courts where I will kick you sweet ass, Mister!"

"You're on baby. We'll see who kicks whose sweet ass though! And, just remember your little dare for being a brat ... I sure will!"

She didn't want to pursue my last comment, hoping I would forget, and we get set to drive over to the bike rental. As we walk through the door of the café, we meet a pretty strawberry-blond with a baby-doll face and Gillian squeals and hugs her.

"Michael, this is Sherry! Sherry, this is Michael!"

I put out my hand to greet her but she pushes past it and gives me a hug. She is very attractive, and has a full but shapely figure with substantial breasts. I feel them crush into my chest as she kisses me lightly on the cheek and my hands automatically go to her well-padded hips. She smells wonderful! My twenty-one year old male mind flashes briefly, on what it might be like to fuck her.

"Michael, it is so nice to meet you, Gilly talks about you all the time now, and you are so good for her!"

"The pleasure is all mine honey, nice to meet you as well! We will have to team up to keep our little girl out of trouble."

"Absolutely! She is a good girl mostly, but she can be a brat!"

"Yes, I found that out!"

"Let's get going now honey!" Gilly says to me sweetly but insistently.

She is stopping us from discussing her as if she isn't standing right there, and then she narrows her eyes at Sherry as we start to walk toward the car. Once inside, I turn to her and say,

"Are you okay, honey? We did get a little carried away teasing you, so my apologies if you were offended my dear."

"Oh, Michael I have thicker skin than that, so no problem ... I know that you both have my best interests at heart, and I can take a little teasing." She reaches over, puts her hand on mine and squeezes it affectionately.

After stopping by her dorm so she can change, we head to the bike rental shop. Gilly moves to the back area looking over the bikes, and I see a familiar face behind the counter. It's the same little blonde who checked my in with the tandem bike a couple of weeks ago. She smiles and says,

"Hi, it's nice to see you again. What can I do for you, another tandem?"

"I'm surprised you remember me!"

"Well, we don't rent too many tandems anymore, and you are um, kind'a cute!"

Gilly casually moves over to join me and says,

"Cute? Who's cute?

"Oh, we were talking about the bikes over there!" I tried to cover my flirting with the counter girl. Gilly looks over that the bikes, looks at her and looks at me, and knowingly says,


The counter girl, wearing a name tag that says 'Sally' brightens, and says

"Yes sir, any of those would work for you, and we even have a Terry bike for your friend here, they are made for the um, smaller girls." Then to Gilly she says, "I-I c-can help you adjust the seat for best fit!"

"Sure um, Sally, that would be great. I have heard of them and would be interested in trying one." Gilly counters.

She follows Sally into the back of the shop, but looks back at me and narrows her eyes at me. I think I'm in trouble. Sally pulls out a small Terry bike, which is a bike with a smaller wheel in front than the back one, but the frame is designed to compensate, and has the effect of lowering the bike frame to fit a woman's smaller body, particularly a small woman like Gilly.

Gilly is sitting on the seat as Sally tries to get a fit for her, but Sally's hand accidentally slips and brushes over Gilly's ass. She apologizes profusely, but Gilly puts a hand on her shoulder and with a smile tells her not to worry about it. With her bike properly adjusted, the two girls are laughing quietly together about something. I already have a standard man's bike picked out, so I am ready to go. Sally slips behind the counter and writes up the rental, and after I leave the deposit and we are ready to go, Sally smiles at me and says,

"Bye handsome!" Then she giggles and shoots a glance to Gilly who is already trying to stifle a giggle. Outside the shop, I say to Gilly,

"Okay cuteness, what's going on between you and Sally?"

"Girl stuff Michael, I can't tell you that! You should be happy I am not mad at you flirting with her! She is a nice girl though, and I asked her to pimp you a little just to see the expression on you face ... it was worth it, Michael!"

"You are inching closer to that little trip across my knee young lady." She laughs and replies,

"Like I said Michael, I dare you!" I smile and nod,

"Kind of a little smart-ass aren't you!"

"Well, more like smarter than!"

I mounted my bike, and she was already on hers and pulling away from me. For some reason I looked back at the shop and see Sally through the window smiling at me. I was not about to let some diminutive smart-ass get the jump on me, and my bike's back tire chirps into action as I press hard on the pedal.

I quickly catch up with my clever little one staying just behind her, content to watch her little butt cheeks flex as she pedals, and to draft off her for a while. About five miles down range, she pulls over and grabs her water bottle. I stop next to her and do the same. She takes a big mouthful, swishes it around her mouth and spits it out to the side, and then takes another smaller sip, and spits it out at me.

"Why, you little brat!" I say to her as I point my bottle at her and squeeze, soaking her thin bicycling top.

"Oh Michael, you are so going to regret that buddy!"

That's when I remember that she is not wearing a bra, and her cute little tits come into view, topped with with hard nipples. We enter into a water war, and we both get soaked, but it looks a lot sexier on her than on me. She runs out of water, and I chase her with my still viable water-weapon, and we end up tumbling around together on the grass. I remember her dare as I draw her over my lap, pull her shorts and panties down and give her ten light swats on her perfect little ass, watching her butt cheeks flex and relax for each swat.

"Michael, you are a meanie, you know that?"

"Remember, my sweet little one, you dared me!"

"Well ... it didn't hurt!"

"Hmm, maybe I should do it again!"

"You wouldn't d ... I mean please don't honey!"

I laughed at her as she rubbed her very slightly damaged derriere. Then she challenges me by sticking her tongue out at me after her shorts were back in place. I stick the nozzle down her shorts and empty the contents down her front soaking her shorts and panties. She pushes me onto my back and jumps on top of me, pounding my chest with her little fists.

It doesn't hurt, but I am enjoying seeing her pretty breasts wriggle around in her wet top as the pummels me. Then I grab her and flip her onto her back, and kiss her. I raise her top up and over her head leaving her naked on top and as we kiss, I play with her amazing little tits. I lower my mouth onto her hardening nipples, as she moans,

"Michael, you are such a mean guy ... taking advantage of an innocent little girl!"

"Where do you see an innocent girl around here? Who was it that started this little war my darling?"

"Well ... um ... it's uh ... your fault for being such a good target!"

I laugh at her convenient logic, and so does she. We walk back to the bikes, but she is still carrying her top in her hands. She mounts her bike and ties her wet top around her waist.

"You are riding like that?"

"Michael, my top is too wet. I'll put it on in a couple of miles when it is drier."

Here is my sweet little virgin, bicycling down a country road showing the world her pretty little tits. There isn't a lot of traffic on this road, but we do pass a couple of young guys bicycling the other way, and she gets a wolf-whistle from one of them. She smiles and waves back to them. I am riding right behind her but feel invisible since those little mounds of hers, jiggling as she rides, draws all the attention.

Another ten miles down the road, we see a convenience store up ahead, and she stops short to put her top back on. As sad as I am to see her tits disappear, I really didn't want her to attract the wrong kind of attention. We park the bikes, locking them to a post with the cable lock provided by Sally at the shop. I buy us each a sandwich from the refrigerator, and refill our water bottles.

Back on the road, we try to race a little until Gilly figures out that it is impossible to keep up with me, with my longer leg strokes and larger tires. So we settle into a nice speed that it good for both of us, and soon we are back at the shop. Sally is all smiles, and as she wheels Gilly's bike back to its place, Gilly follows her and soon they are both all giggles, stealing glances at me as they laugh harder.

So I am standing at the counter trying not to look like a fool, but it isn't working. They both approach the counter, Sally behind and Gilly next to me wrapping her arm around one of mine. Sally takes a leaf from a small scratch pad, writes something on it and hands it to Gilly, saying,

"I'm usually free by two o'clock after my classes, and you can call any time after that."

"Thanks Sally! Looking forward to it!" They both look over at me and giggle.

After Sally rings me up on the register, and hands me my receipt, she smiles sweetly and says,

"Bye handsome!" Then to Gilly, "Give me a call, okay?"

"Okay, bye sweetie!" Gilly says to her.

As we walk back to the car, I can see that Gilly is all smiles. At the car I gently grab her by her shoulders, turn her toward me and say,

"Okay, what gives between you and Sally?"

"Nothing Michael!"

"Here's my number, give me a call ... doesn't sound like nothing my dear!" I am more teasing and annoyed at her.

"Sally and I are the same age, and we just clicked. Michael, I am sorry if I am depriving you of another potential date, but Sally and I are going to get together for coffee sometime ... and you're not invited!"

"Okay, no problem here! You guys have fun. And by the way, she was flirting with me ... not the other way around!"

"I know that Michael, she told me she thought you were cute the time you brought back the tandem bike, and hoped to see you again, but she is happy for us."

"You mean you guys said all of that in just the couple of minutes you were together?"

"Well, there was a lot of non-verbal communication ... just girl-to-girl stuff! I'm hungry sweetie; let's go somewhere ... my treat!"

We go to a very casual neighborhood restaurant, and each have a cheeseburger and a malted; I order strawberry, and Gilly opts for chocolate. As soon as she gets her malted, she quickly spoons out her cherry and gulps it down, and then eyes mine. But this time I was quicker than she was, and captured my own cherry.

"Michael I need that cherry!"

This was becoming a 'thing' with her that she has to steal something from my meals. No one needs to have a cherry of course, but she just decided that being a food-klepto was something she needed to do. I searched her face with my eyes and queried,

"Gilly, is this something you have done with your other boyfriends, or friends, or even strangers?"


"So it is just with me, right?"


"What will happen if you do not get this cherry, and I just gobble it down?"

"Mmm, nothing ... I guess!"

"Have you ever stolen anything ... even something of low value, like from a store or anywhere?"

"No, Michael!"

"So, okay you are not a kleptomaniac. Then that must mean it has something to do with me, right?"

"Yes, darling!"

"Okay my little petite, one more question; do you have to steal it, or is it okay if I give it to you?"

"Michael, I am not a klepto, and I have never stolen anything from a store or from anyone else but you. The meatball was just to play with you honey; just a game. An intimate game we can play together to increase our closeness. The first time was just to create a way of owning you something, so I could give myself to you ... partially. After that, it just became fun to see your reaction and to be sexy."

I turn my long-handled cherry-laden spoon toward her, and she takes it just on the handle and moves it to her, slowly opening her mouth. She closes her eyes, slides the spoon in, and with a look of orgasmic abandon (only way to describe it) she closes her pretty lips around the bright red fruit, taking it from the spoon. She moans and slowly opens her eyes.

"Mmm, Michael! That was sooo good!"

"You're welcome! I think!"

She looks at me with a very satisfied smile, and in a soft low earthy voice says,

"Michael my darling, you are going to get very lucky tonight!" Then, without breaking eye contact, she picks up her phone, presses a single number, waits about four seconds and says,

"Yes ... tonight ... thank you darling!" She disconnects and softly says to me,

"Red light, Michael ...tonight!"

That was our cue to leave and, for me to take her back to her dorm. She was quiet on the way back, but I could tell that she was thinking. She is likely searching her feelings about what she has decided, she will let happen tonight. Then I see a slight smile trace across her lips, and I realized that she has found a comfortable place to be with it.

She looks over at me, and places her hand on top of mine, on my thigh and slowly massages it. She says,

"Michael, Sherry will be there when we arrive. She and a friend are just finishing up on a small project. Then my love, we will be alone all night." I don't answer, but give her a smile telling her that I understand.

At her room, Sherry is indeed still there with another rather unprepossessing girl she introduces as Anne. Sherry is standing over Anne who is at the computer, and as soon as we are in, she moves over to hug her friend with tears in her eyes and says,

"Congratulations my dear friend" then she hugs me, again pressing her ample bosom into my chest and as she kisses my on the cheek she whispers to me,
"I am glad it is you, Michael!" Then to her friend at the computer,

"Come Anne; let's leave these nice people alone. We can finish up tomorrow!"

Anne makes a few more clicks on the computer, closes it, and grabbing a disorganized sheath of papers. She trundles past us with a sheepish smile as she pushes her glasses back up on her nose. She says to us,

"Nice to meet you Michael ... bye Gilly!"

I smile at her as she hunches her shoulders and hurries out after Sherry. To Gilly I say,

"Alone at last, m'love! I see you have a bottle of wine, shall I open it for us?"

She forms the slightest of smiles and nods, She is very palpably nervous and the wine should calm her. I look at the bottle; it is a light red that says Gamay Beaujolais whatever that is. I fill a couple of cups with it and take a taste, it seems to have a fruity taste ... like Jello, I guess! My heart goes out to Gilly, with everything that she must be thinking as she gulps her wine and asks for more. After gulping down her second cup I set her on the bed, take her wine, and with my hands on her shoulders,

"Gillian my love, we do not have to do this tonight if you are not ready, we can just hang, talk, fool around or play backgammon if you wish!" She giggles nervously and says,

"No Michael! I am comfortable with this ... I will be! It's time, and you are the one darling." Then she brightens trying to lighten the mood and says,

"Besides, I don't know how to play backgammon!" We both laugh and then kiss ... softly ... tentatively ... sweetly. She stands and says,

"Michael, I need to shower first, it will relax me ... you can join me if you like ... you have seen enough of my body by now!"

"You take one and I will wait. Then I will take one quickly."

She showers and reappears with a towel around her body, and one around her head and sits next to me on the bed. I take the towel from around her head and dry her hair for her just talking softly to her. I notice she has a very pleasant smile so I know she is ready, and not quite as nervous. She seems happier about her decision, but I know that it must be a big one for her. I feel I should talk about it to put her at ease, and get her used to the language around what will happen to her.

"Gilly, we are going to take things slowly, and if things get too intense, you can use a safe word and I will stop. Let's make it, um ... applesauce! (She giggles) I am going to start with normal kissing and touches, and then I am going to kiss you and touch you ... down there." I pause to gauge her reaction, and she seems to be with me. I continue,

"It will be like a sharp pinch at first as I slide into you ... slide my cock into your pussy (I rephrase to get her used to the language), but then it will get nicer, hopefully a lot nicer. You have had orgasms before so you know what the feeling is like, but it may be more intense."

"Oh, Michael I know most of that, and I know you will be gentle, I am not worried, so don't you worry about me. Just ... make love to me, Michael!" then she thinks,

"Cock and pussy; it is a strong sounding male word for you, and soft, sweet, female word for me. I guess that is how it should be!" As almost an afterthought, and I am guessing to relax herself, she giggles and says, "Afterward, let's go out and get some applesauce, and you can teach me to play backgammon!"

We laugh as she rises, lets her towel drop to the floor letting me see her body. Still sitting on the bed, I pull her toward me and kiss her, starting with her breasts, and nipples. I rise moving up her her collarbone, her neck, her cheek next to her ear, and then her lips as she opens them to me. Opening her mouth and allowing me to kiss her is symbolic of her wish to open herself up to me.

I rise, pick her up in my arms, turn and lay her gently on her bed. I kiss her again on the lips, and then I squeeze her breasts, massaging them strongly as she moans,

"Oh Michael, yes, YES!"

I suck her nipples into my mouth. She is breathing hard with my attentions to her breasts, and I move down to her stomach, then that part just inside her hips and she shivers when I touch it with my lips.

I move down past her crotch to her inner thighs, kissing, and biting gently. I slide my hands up inside her legs as she spreads them wider for me, and I slip my hands under her tiny buttocks, lifting her to my face. I am taking a moment just to breathe in the aroma of her sex, her skin and ... her folds. Aside from her soaps and lotions, there is an unmistakable 'Female' smell. It is exhilarating ... I love that smell, and it is swelling my manhood to take in her aromatic cocktail.

"Michael, please touch me!"

I answer her with my lips as I slide them across her nether lips. She is getting very moist, and her juices coat my lips and tongue. When I suck her clitoris into my lips and diddle its tip with the tip of my tongue, she shudders and moans louder. With my hand on the inside of her leg, I can feel her pulse quickening.

I start to lick and bite her pussy lips, giving them long and loving attention. When my tongue darts into her pussy, she shudders again ... stronger. She is breathing harder and shallower as I continue my attentions to her sweet pussy.

I move up and kiss her lips sharing her juices with her. She licks them off my mouth saying,

"Ohhh, darling, I taste wonderful, don't I?"

"Yes you do sweetheart!" and then I add, "Remember, applesauce!"

"Michael, I am as ready as I will ever be, so ... um ... go ahead!"

As I lean in to give her the sweetest kiss I can imagine, I have a tear in my eye. She sees this and her lovely clear blue eyes start to sparkle as well. I slide my fingers down between her pussy lips, massaging her to make her wetter, and slowly slide one finger into her as far as it will go to her ... maidenly barrier. She is moaning, and reaches out to the sides and clutches the bedsheet in her tiny fists as she rotates her hips up to me.

I move up so that the tip of my cock is just at her pussy lips, and then slide it back and forth through her moist lips. My cock is quite thick for her tiny opening, so I slide the tip in until her hymen stops it. I slowly but forcefully push the first inch into her and she bites her lower lip and winces. I am waiting for the word 'applesauce' but it doesn't come. I slide another couple of inches into Gilly as she opens her legs wider to accommodate my girth. I slide into her inch by inch until I have about five of my seven inches inside her.

I look into her eyes, she seems to be in a dreamland with her nether-world expression.

"Are you okay, my sweet?" I say,

"Mmm, uh huh, but I feel so full ... so filled up by you ... your cock filling my pussy. But it doesn't hurt ... you were right though, it did pinch a little. I am not bleeding to death or anything am I?"

"Well it is gushing quite a bit, but I think it is starting to subside!" I say as it push it in another inch.

"Oh Michael, stop it! I love you, but you are so silly. Michael, I want you to um ... fuck me!"

I gave her my best crocodile smile, and slid my cock into her another inch. I do not dare go deeper yet. I start so withdraw a little and slide it back in, starting a nice slow rhythm in and out of her very tight little pussy. She is starting to go back into dreamland as I pick up the pace. Her breathing is fast and shallow as she grasps the sheets again, only harder with her tiny fists. She is very wet, and although she is tight, I am sliding in and out faster and I feel her shudder in a nice orgasm. I take her at her word, and start fucking her harder and harder until I am pounding it into her.

Her breathing is very fast, and I feel her come again since her entire tiny body shudders when she does. I am very close due to her tightness, and after several more strong thrusts, I stiffen and come inside her for the first time. She did mention in passing on our last date that she is on the pill.

I am the first man to come inside her amazing little body and as I do, she explodes into a most powerful orgasm, shuddering and convulsing nearly out of control. After she convulses a dozen or more times, and then she starts to come down from her endorphin-fueled high. She exclaims breathlessly,

"Oh Michael! Michael! Mi-Michael!! I am a woman and n-not a little girl any-anymore, than-thank you dar-darling ... I love you so much!!"

I am always careful about using those words, since it means more to a woman than a man, but I feel it and I look into her amazing blue eyes with tears in my own, and tell her,

"I love you, Gilly!"

She bursts into tears and I hold her tight as her entire tiny body shudders. My cock is still fairly hard and I am still deep up inside her.

"Michael can you um, will you be able to ah, fu-uh do it again?"

I explain the the reset time most males experience, and tell her that we can cuddle and kiss until I rise again. It actually does not take long, I roll over onto my back with her on top, and she starts to take charge moving her little body up and down on my shaft. She is in control of her own sensations in that positon, and it is turning her on ... as she realizes the newfound power that resides in her tiny pussy. It is what some have called her, "girl power!"

We made love to a throbbing orgasm for me, several earthquakes for her of varying magnitudes. We are both sweaty messes as she collapses on top of me. After we recover, we quickly race down the hallway to the showers, and clean each other up with about a billion tickles and giggles between us. I love this girl!

It is very late, but one or two restaurants in our area of town stay open all night. She slips into a little short sundress, sandals, and nothing else. I slide on a pair of jeans, pull a sweater over and a pair of loafers with no underwear, and no socks. We both feel so edgy being out in public with our sexy little secrets underneath.

We order an early breakfast, and I make sure I have four strips of bacon. I only want three, but something tells me that I will need an extra one. Sure enough, toward the end of the meal as I purposefully turn my head, ostensibly to check out the small population of other insomniacs, my last piece of bacon is gone, and she is still chewing it with a smile.

"I know you did not just steal my last piece of bacon!" I say in mock outrage.

"No Michael, are you sure you had one?" she says wide-eyes and innocently as she gulps down the last bite.

"Okay baby that's it! When we get back, it is going to be over-the-lap time, unless you want it right here, right now!"

"Y.W.D, my sweet!" She says issuing me another dare in a gale of giggles.

"Haven't you learned that you can't dare me? I might redden your little fanny again unless we have an alternative?" I challenge her.

"Well ... how about more sex?" She says, a little quicker than she intended, as she drops her eyes and blushes.

"Okay, well that is at least on the right track; how about if we make it sex, in a public place?" I reply as her eyes widen at the suggestion. I slide her dress up her thighs exposing her to any of the assembled collection of zombies still awake enough to notice. She pushes it back down and says,

"Michael, I can't do that! Where!" Gilly says.

"Oh, so you can't do that, but you're asking where?" I tease.

"Well ... I might be willing, but it depends. I am not doing it on the corner of 7th and Grand at noon!"

"Hmm 7th and Grand ... noon ... sounds intriguing!" I tease.

"Michael, behave!" She scolds!

"Okay, Y'know, I have always wanted to do it in like a dark theater ... like, in the very back row in a very dark corner."

"What movie?" She says, intrigued. I laugh,

"Your cute! So that's the only thing that bothers you about having sex in a movie theater, is that it has to be the right movie?"

"Oh, Michael, please don't tease me. The idea sounds kind of sexy to me, and I am willing ... I guess, mostly!" Gilly says, I guess she is trying to talk herself into it—or out of it, but not sure for some reason. Then she looks at me with a strangely concerned look,

"I just guess that we are moving a little fast ... maybe a little faster than I am comfortable with!"

"Okay, it is something we can table for now then... I guess!" I say.

"Oh Michael I am so sorry, but I have just become a woman, and not even sure how I feel about that! Michael, I have lost something that I have held onto for a very long time tonight. Please don't push me any further um, for a ... for a while!"

As we discuss it further, and I begin to get the idea, that Gilly is again starting to get a little nervous about a continuing sexual relationship with me. I have made her no promises and no commitments, and here I am trying to stretch her limits a little more, so her old concerns about my motives might be a lingering. I know that even though she talked to Jake about it, this whole damn 'spinner' thing might still be in the back of her mind.

I told her a couple of times that I love her, and I do, but our relationship is still young, and I can see where a woman who has waited twenty years to shed her virginity might have some apprehensions. I decide that the best thing is complete honesty, so I ask her,

"Gilly, are you still apprehensive about me? Forget about all of the purloined bacon, and meat balls and everything else, if you are uncomfortable doing this, then let's not do it."

"Michael, I guess I am still a little um, apprehensive—as you say, I have a hard time trusting boys um, men. I told you that I have been in a few wrestling matches with boys on dates, well ... let's just say that you were almost not my first! I dated someone I thought was a nice boy—a member of the football team—and he wanted to go all the way with me, but I fought him hard." She swallows a lump in her throat recalling this, and continues,

"I was saved from being raped by some people, um a couple passing by who heard my screams, and pulled this animal off me. It turned out that I was a bet with his teammates. Apparently, a friend of a friend of one of my girlfriends knew that I was um, still intact and it spread to the boy's locker room." She was tearing up as she is recounting this,

"This guy made a bet with his buddies that he would be my first, a little like someone wanting to make me a 'spinner' over a rude comment between friends in a bar." She looks directly at me and says,

"Yes, Michael I know that you told Jake that you would let him know, like if I was a sp-spinner or not!"

I turned about three shades of red, recalling my thoughtless comment. It was just a flippant comment and I didn't mean it. I was wishing that Jake had only said, 'look at that cute girl over there,' and I had simply replied, 'yeah, I would like to meet her.' It seems that I am never going to get past this with Gillian, and I will have to keep winning her. I dropped the entire discussion, in favor of just dropping her home.

I told her that I am sorry for that remark, and that it is not something I intended. I decided to head home and put some energy into catching up on some schoolwork.

"Michael, you are not mad are you?"

As I leave her at the front door of her dorm, I kiss her on the cheek say to her,

"I'll give you a call ... later!"

(Concluded in Chapter 03)


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