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Sins of Joy Ch. 01

I attributed this story to my dearest editor "JackGates74". I worked on this and then gave it to him, and he made it reader friendly. I think it's much better and he deserves the credit. Thank you "JackGates74" for all the hard work on the story. This is seven parts and should follow each day. Thanks for reading.

Dear readers, it would take time in start but, you will find it the best.


I must be honest and tell you that all the names are not but the rest of what I am about to tell you is true. The story is set in India and involves an Indian. It could however be anywhere at any point in time. Don't let geography limit your vision.

Let me explain few Indian words used in story thoroughly. Qameez is part of dress as this is a long shirt, shilwar, a baggy trouser.

I don't mind you can call me anything you like. I will not defend what I did or doing. My name is Jawad, 38 years old and has business of a woman Garment manufacturer. I enjoy my trade very much. My story begins about ten years ago. It was about that time I met Sajad who was just starting up in the Garment Trade. He was very likable and we became firm friends. I really looked forward to Sajad's company. Then one day, out of the blue Sajad asked me to his house to share a meal together. That day was the turning point of my life and the reason I have to write this story. I am bursting to tell you! To tell the whole world in fact!

Being the same age as myself, Sajad and I had the same ideas about life and we shared ambitions. We both loved the fast pace of commerce and wanted our pots of gold to be plentiful. When I arrived at Sajad's house he showed me into a room, which had all the comforts and we sat and chatted animatedly, there was so much strong friendship between us. I felt warm in his company and then the door opened and in swept a vision of loveliness, which stopped my heart and opened my mouth agape with awe!

In the distance I faintly heard Sajad introduce her as his wife, Shahida and as he had adopted me as his Brother she was to become my Sister-in Law, ("Bhabi" I should mention that as a mark of respect to brother's wife, and we'll use the word "bhabi" there for Shahida ). I was deeply attracted to her and could not help feeling somewhat jealous about my friend Sajad. She traditionally greeted me with a quite smile and very politely and gracefully. I stole a quick glance at the lady; this was not just a simple lady. This was one gorgeous woman. My mouth was dry and uncomfortable I took a sip of my drink to hide my embarrassment. It was instant within me; I had to admit that I found Shahida attractive.

Over the course of the meal where she was sitting opposite me at the table I learned form her children that she may be in her mid thirties; thirty-four to be exact. She was the mother of three children, two sons named Faiz, Numan and a daughter named Shagufta, but looked much younger. She had a girlish body as well as a pretty young face. She had one of those cutesy girly voices.

I found her to be a very beautiful and graceful lady with nice brightest and communicative blue eyes I had ever seen with a soft gentle mouth on an oval face, sweet smile that really charmed people, a smile that, it has to be said could melt a mountain, and a very lovely, pretty but makeup-less face with blonde long silky hair had been tied back in a ponytail. She was not a tall woman, with an average height. To say, Shahida was attractive would be under estimating her beauty. She was vivacious! Such a delight to look upon! She was a magnet, my eyes made of ferrous metal. Talk at the table grew more banal and openly friendly. I was aware of Shahida Bhabi looking at me from time to time with lowered eyelashes.

She has a mountain beauty. She was fair skinned, unlike many Indian women who are dark, with a long nose and regular features though she was simply dressed, like most Indian women normally wore but very conservative but sensibly, in a light blue silk shilwar (traditional baggy trousers) Qameez (long traditional shirt) suit. She was looking elegant and classy. She was one of the most incredible women I had ever seen in my entire life. It was hard to say what her figure was like, for she wore baggy clothes. She covered herself well. But at very first look one can say that she had the right amount of curves. Her boobs and bottoms were so generous that they could not be completely hidden from view.

I could guess that she had a well filled-out body without being plump; she had thickened around the body but is not fat, she was neither thin nor chubby. A tiny but distinctly visible black-mole on the center of her upper lip, it was a focal point which attracted my attention. Her long graceful neck blended into the wide muscular shoulders. She had thin but rich juicy lips. I felt this beauty spot made her face look more ravishing, more desirable. Her feet are cute, with long toes and a high arch. I have a little foot fetish and I'm pretty sure it got started because she often walked in house bare foot. Every pore of her body emitted a sensation of passion and I suspected, a hidden lust. I purposely tried to avoid looking at her but I managed to see a generous glimpse of her cleavage as she bent forward towards me to eat her dinner. I tried my best to keep my eyes from her body that night not to show her any of my inner lust that I had for her, but I couldn't ignore her full, wide, round and soft ass which she displayed to me quite innocently as she moved gracefully around the room. The silk garments clung to her ass like a second skin showing me every intimate contour between her thighs. I must confess that, although she turned me on like crazy that first meeting, I had more respect for my friend, Sajad. Was I thinking of bedding her? I would be lying if I said, 'No.' She was after all, my friends wife! I was not a sinner. Thinking about sin didn't stop me from checking her out though. There was no sin in feasting ones eyes, was there? My fondness for Shahida Bhabi only intensified in the coming months, and sometimes it seems as if she hinted the same feelings I kept hidden deep inside my soul.

It did not take a lot of time for Sajad to be convinced I was not a wife seducer, a trouble-monger of ill repute, but a fine upstanding gentleman with extremely good and jolly decent manners.

Maybe at this point I should tell you something about myself. I live alone, because sadly my own wife died two years back leaving me with two children who are away from me in boarding school. I don't like but let me say I was considered handsome by most accounts and many noble ladies hoped to catch my eye for first few years. But From the time of my wife's death until this day, the day that I met Shahida Bhabi I had not looked at another woman. I had buried myself within my work.

Time seemed to pass more quickly now. Now there was a spring in my step, a joy in my heart. I woke up each day with a freshness of life and a liking for another day. "A day" when I would see Shahida Bhabi again. I got closer and closer to Sajad's family, and now my Bhabi (sister in law) called me bhya (brother) and I called her Bhabi (sister-in-law). Other more daring names crossed my mind, but for now I had to be content with Bhabi.

The children liked me very much even though they are now grown up. During those meetings, I carefully avoided looking at Shahida Bhabi. When I spoke to her it was with kindness, respecting her place as my friends wife.

In fact, I had not yet got a clear view of her body nor did I try to get a close look. Whenever I met her in her house, in the presence of Sajad, she remained with her upper body and head always covered with the pallu (side) of her dupata (long scarf). She was from a regular middle class and very conservative family and had grown up in a very small town. So I have always found Shahida bhabi, as a simple Indian wife and a very religious woman, like her wife my friend also interested in religion activities. Shahida bhabi kept care all the values and culture. She didn't like to meet male other than her close relatives and she never allowed people to enter her house. She even conceals her face when she uses to go out of her house. I consider myself one of the luckiest men on earth, who can go her house and could meet her.

As we became more intimately related I was able to snatch unguarded glimpses of Shahida 's uncovered body parts now that I was in a position to observe her more frequently. Obviously she took care to stay in perfect shape even after becoming a mother of three children. Her body was saying that she is trying hard to maintain her figures in shape. She is as fresh as twenty years young girl. I found my Shahida Bhabi has got a very nice bottom, gorgeous, lovely and round, full, curvaceous and tasty. At her waste she became impossibly thin before widening back out to long slender hips that supported a fantastic ass. Her bottom is enough to ignite any man's dick! Her buttocks are exceptionally large but perfect in shape. When she walks it's a great pleasure to see her undulating backside, rolling like tidal waves which gave me so many naughty and lewd thoughts of what I could do with her ass should the opportunity ever arise. My mouth stood open, ready to bite into her hips, when her bulging hips swayed back and forth in front of me. The sight truly made me very horny. Saliva rose freely to my lips when I fantasized just opening those buttocks with trembling fingers. I always think that, if I get a chance I would bury my face in her ass and never come up for air. I reprimanded my dangerous thoughts. My sinful thoughts, but I never listen to myself where Shahida Bhabi was concerned, because she was always there to make me an uncontrollable sinner again.

Did I mention about her breasts, Of course any description of her would be incomplete if it doesn't include her enormous well-shaped breasts showing no signs of sagging after tone and half decades of married life. I've ever seen a woman with lovely bottom and lovely breasts. Well, Shahida bhabi was one such woman. Her breasts were the ultimate weapons proudly standing far out from her voluptuous body. They always seemed like they were about to split open, if she breathed too hard. They were not too huge, but in a way they left my mouth wide open and my hands trembling in a futile wish to touch them at least once before my final demise. She doesn't have big tits, but they're perky, firm and a nice handful. I'm sure they aren't going to be sagging around her waist when she hits fifty. In short Her curves might a matter of envy for most of the female of her age.

On a number of occasions when she was busy with house chores in my presence, she was less guarded about her dress. I saw more of her sexy cleavage and she bent over more in my presence even it was not really needed. It made me feel hot and uncomfortable but I did nothing as we were still maintaining usual respectable polite distance.

It was when I was in my bed at night; there wasn't a night when I didn't jerk off the hardness of my cock to mental images of Shahida Bhabi being fucked by me. That was all the time of my masturbation when her naked body was my number one fantasy. I spent a lot of time jacking off just from thinking about her while she probably had no idea that I wanted her so badly. I love her. I had always loved her but I've done it in silence. I had been feeling guilty because I dream about fucking my best friend's wife.

At that time my frustrations were so painful when I met Shahida Bhabi I could not look at her because I was frightened of her, frightened of myself, my feelings for her. I never bothered to pester them with uninvited intrusions to their house, although I wanted to meet Shahida Bhabi every time, every day, but not meet her. I was like a tormented child. I had no explanation what this woman did to me; all I knew was that I was dying to make this woman mine and there was no way in the world it could be possible. I could not foresee any way of achieving that.

Sajad got a huge loss in his business because of over investing when the market was dead. Before he confided in me, it was too late his business was beyond irritability. Sajad had fought his business with everything he had. Then, just as surprising he decided to go to America to seek his fortune. In many respects, it was the best of times and, naturally, the worst of times. He needed to leave his wife and children behind all alone during his stay in the states.

He had lost his parents. Although Shahida bhabi' parents were available for their daughter care. But in the India custom, the parents or relatives of the female would not stay with their daughter and son-in-law. Sajad turned to me, his very good friend and adopted brother for help. Needless to say, I willingly stepped into the breech to be a good caretaker and helper towards his family in case of their need during his absence.

In a nutshell, he was fully convinced I was a thorough gentleman and not a scoundrel or opportunist at all. Thus, he asked me to take care of his family in his absence; I assured him that I would do my utmost to make sure that all their needs, no matter what would get my unscrimping love and attention. He thanked me profusely for being such a good friend and benefactor and he told Shahida and the children to look to me for love and guardianship until he came back for them, that I had promised to take care of their needs. I was a little uncomfortable about this situation because I was not sure how I'd keep distance from Shahida bhabi, but I felt I owed it to my friend to help out while he was away. I promise with me that I'll never think my friend's wife more like that and would be treat her like a sister- in- law. All my sexual intentions with Shahida Bhabi were brushed to one side momentarily as I took over my new role.

Sajad went to the USA but didn't t inform his wife or me of his arrival to the states. It was so strange not to hear from him. We feared the worst. We tried to get information but couldn't and after a month he himself informed us by telephone that he had been caught by the US immigration as he had a large amount of narcotics and was going to be imprisoned for seven years.

The incidence was a big shock to both of his family and myself. I liked Sajad a lot; he was really like a brother to me. Shahida bhabi had to face lot of problems, and it had paralyzed her. She moped around the house, hardly doing anything, hardly going anywhere. For the next few months, I helped Shahida bhabi with all the things that she had to do while at the same time comforting her. All Shahida bhabi wanted was to have someone to hold, and I had no problem in doing just that.

I was more concerned about the uncertainty and insecurity of Shahida Bhabi and her small family. Although it was a big shock to them at the time, but time heals every things. Now I was a more frequent visitor to Shahida Bhabi and her family, I was spending most of my time now near Shahida Bhabi and her family. We held regular meetings and discussed the problems as well as worked out solutions in the smooth running of their home; I had gained quite a reputation as a member of their family and was well liked and respected by them. We gradually became friends and got to know more about each other. I became her hero when I came to her aid. Weeks and months went by as Shahida Bhabi and I got to know each other better. I didn't think about her sexually for at least a few months, and then I realized that she was single now and I have more chances than ever.

Shahida Bhabi would sometimes invite me over for an evening meal. She was also calling me more frequently for different kinds of help like the children's school matters and financial support for her family in her day-to-day activities. Several times we traveled from one place to another together for different reasons in my car. She bent to give it to me or doing her house chores I would have see her cleavages, Now she didn't even try to cover them. So many times I noted her braless, because the way her breasts were moved suggesting that she was without a bra, they seemed to move with there own momentum. On those occasions Her breasts bounced in her qameez like a couple of puppies fighting in a sack. Once Shahida bhabi and I went to her children school and there was a cool brisk breeze blowing. It caught the bottom edge of Shahida bhabi 's qameez and lifted it. What a sight it was, for a split second, I saw the usually secret top of her shilwar, her shilwar covered hips, which made me mad. She saw me looking at her bottom; she smiled, pulled her top and covered her bottom. That was killing me. I have to admit that I tried rather hard to think of anything about Shahida bhabi but my disloyal mind didn't agree with me.

My desire to fuck Shahida Bhabi came back again at different times when we were alone together in her house. These times became more frequent as if she herself was organizing it that way. At least that was what I thought. When we where traveling in my car, I always tried to touch her belly, breasts, and bottom by one or other pretext, those were mere touches in comparison. Every accidental touch of any part of her body shook me and sent series of shivers down my body. I had always respectful with Shahida bhabi though, allowing my flirting to remain just within friendly limits.

It was not problem for me to stay with her alone in kitchen. As So many times I went and stood close by her side, not too close but close enough when ever she was making coffee or tea for me. I was expecting her response after each touch but she was amazingly unresponsive. Her body was really made for a sin and Even a saint would lose his self-control in close proximity to her.

I meaningfully stared passionately into her lovely eyes, she also kept her eyes on me, and sometimes she smiled while looking at me but nothing more than that. Days passed us by.

On different occasions I approached her with small gifts for her and the children, which she gracefully accepted with grateful thanks. Each time I went to her I made up some business reason. I brought special gifts like perfume, body lotion and so on for her and chocolates for her children. She used to hug me lightly whenever I returned from a long visit away. I have to admit, that I wished so many time to let my hands linger a little to her feel body, but I never did try nor show my sexual intention. It was only because I could not trust myself.

I wanted her desperately; my fantasies were still devouring her ripeness every time I retired to my bed. I slept most nights in my own ejaculate. On various occasions, I've had the pleasure of watching Shahida Bhabi work in kitchen wearing her casual shilwar, qameez. I had seen her as my Bhabi (sister-in-law) first and a woman second. Now I was looking her as a woman first and my Bhabi second, a woman that I dreamed about every night and felt sexual stirrings for. It was totally wrong, and it was driving me crazy. I would see her in the kitchen fixing dinner and have sexual thoughts. She would lean over to get something out of the refrigerator and I would see her qameez tighten over her smooth ass and pull between her cheeks. An unwanted chill would go through me. When she bent over in front of me, my eyes would fall on the opening of her qameez and I would look at the tops of her swinging breasts.

Now I was like a member of Shahida Bhabi's family and I used to have dinner at their place often. I'm really quite a shy man, not one for chatting up the women. We talked for hours and I felt so comfortable at their place. We discussed a lot of things, her family, her family problems, and her children. What she wanted from life. Shahida wanted a very normal life, love, and kids. She told me several things about what had gone on in her life. We would sometimes sit in her house late at night alone, and talk but never anything personal, never any hint about what I thought about her, I was waiting for a good time. I never saw her in a romantic mood. The relationship I wanted from her would never materialize. Once on a rainy night when we were sitting in her drawing room after dinner and were raining like a hell outside, Shahida bhabi was dressed in my favorite color shilwar qameez suit and smelling like a jasmine flowers. Suddenly she asked me, " When will you be remarrying, bhya (brother)? Tell me what kind of girl should I look for, for you?" (This is common in India that sisters search bride for their brothers)
I do not know from where I got all this courage and with out any intention I answered "Like you." I smiled nonchalantly at smiled nonchalantly at her, who froze for a moment.

"Like Me? What do you mean?" She moistened her lips and asked with a nonspecific smile.

I answered, "I mean pretty, attractive and beautiful like you." She looked stunned at me for a moment, clearly embarrassed. She did not know what to say and stared at me for a few seconds. Then a whimsical smile crinkled her lips as she answered quietly, "Jawad, you make fun of me, Dear. I am not beautiful." I knew she was affected by me, in a sexual way. She moved as though she was about to stand up when I touched her to stop her.

I pulled her to me and held onto her hand firmly, "No! I am not lying, Shahida Bhabi. You are the most beautiful lady in my eyes, you look great to me always!" I said to her passionately.

"Thank you, Jawad!" Shahida Bhabi uttered quietly.

She was blushing from head to toe, looking me in a strange way. Victory was in sight!

I pulled her to me and sat her on my lap; she was looking like a doll in my lap, this was my first attempt to touch her. Shahida Bhabi was softer and warmer than my wildest dreams. She was reluctant and tried to get up but couldn't because of my embracing arms.

Her breast, though firmly held in place by her fabric, touched my body. I was in heaven. She looked at me for a few seconds with big sad eyes, as she was like in a trance, Her face grew red instantly as I leaned my head over her and whispered: "Shahida Bhabi you are so soft, so full, so ripe, so hot, so humid. " As I looked down, our lips were just a couple of inches from each other's. I had no hesitation whatsoever in planting my lips on hers as she grew stiff in my hands. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her. Even though I was sucking her lips, she didn't respond as I expected. I placed my hand on her breast and started palming her nipples feeling them erecting under my gentle touching. I squeezed her breasts, she was breathing heavily, panting for breath. I simply could not believe that it was not a dream. Suddenly she became a little angry and pushed me away, saying,

"What is this nonsense, Jawad?" she asked and it was an angry quiet sound like I'd never heard from her before.

She released herself from my grip; breaking away from me, me and adjusted her dupatta (head/neck long scarf) and her clothing, stood up and placing her hands gracefully on her hips took up an angry pose. Then she looked directly into my eyes and said. "What the hell do you think you are up to?" She screamed. "Jawad, I love you, I love you like my Brother! Is it normal for someone to want to fuck her Brother, or, for you, to want to fuck your Sister? You never heard Bhabi is just like one's sister. Have you no shame?" " It was hard for me to read her face, I had the feeling she was insincere. She wanted me to argue with her.

I was totally pissed off and I did not know what to say to her. I felt disappointed for a moment to have come so close to enjoy my dream lady, whom I have fantasized for more than three years.

"Either I was totally wrong in my thinking about you or are you really a bad character? Or, maybe something has shocked you. You think that I am a whore? What is it, Jawad? You did prove yourself very cheap," She placed a finger on her lips. She looked so fragile, so innocent. She was shaking a little, in anger or may be in fear.

I was embarrassed, for the first time in my life; I thought I would die of embarrassment, Standing right in front of Shahida bhabi with down head and silent, I couldn't help staring at her.

I was speechless for a moment. For a few seconds the room remained silent to the hilt with the only exception of the noise of the heavy rain getting in through the ventilators. The most perfect moment had come and slipped away. I simply couldn't look her in the eyes, I felt totally deflated as if someone had punctured my ego. I was at a banquet with no appetite. It was as if something between us had broken. I could not believe how stupid I had been to bring myself into this situation. The Earth resumed its movement. And my brain started to work again, although a bit sluggishly; "Sure, OK! Look, I am very sorry! I did not mean to... I am so sorry Shahida Bhabi I didn't mean to treat you badly, to cheapen this moment. I thought you liked it. Liked me enough to..."I stumbled for words, " I think I should not have done that. But when I felt your beautiful body, so warm in my arms and under my touch...I got carried away. Of course that was not correct of me. You are Sajad's, my friend's wife. But, saying that, it feels just too wonderful when I touch you, I wanted to just hold you in my arms, nothing more than that. It was rash of me. I was not thinking . . . " she held up his hand to stop me.

"No need to be sorry, it's all right Jawad, What do I owe you? I understand. I feel that you are making me pay for your kindness to me and to my children by asking me to do this thing with you. I don't want to pay you back by doing these things with you. I hope you understand. Don't worry, I will not tell anyone, we should better forget whatever happened tonight, and should try to keep our relationship untainted as before if possible, " She said. "And I think it would be better if you go now." Shahida bhabi added. Her words hit me like a hammer between my eyes. I walked up and reached for a glass of water from the table beside her. "It's OK, as you wish" I said with frustration, when I drunk. She left me and turned and walked into her bedroom and quietly shut the door. An impenetrable able barrier.

I had feared all these obstacles from the beginning, I had tried to fight them off, be ready with answers to convince her it was right and what we both wanted. I waited there for some time. But she didn't come back.

So I left her house with my tail between my legs, like a beaten dog, swearing that I would never again humiliate myself in the manner again. As I sat silently in my car, I wondered what to do and where to go. I was angry, embarrassed, confused, and yes, still excited. I drove around more or less aimlessly for an hour. I thought about what I'd just done, and I realized that I did nothing so wrong. I tried to tell myself to forget what had happened and forget her, forget Shahida for the rest of my so miserable life and to just concentrate on my driving, further way from her, to my home, to my empty four walls. How I did it, I do not know, finally defeating my anxiety I reached my home safely.

I changed and slipped into bed very upset, and was feeling very ashamed and guilty, and then, the phone rang, pulling myself back up from my pit of despair. It was my blessed, Shahida Bhabi! She just wanted to know, whether I reached to home? Then she hung up before I could answer. I was so very confused, and was thinking that I shouldn't do anything. I could see the heavy rains lashing outside through the bedroom windows, nothing compared to my sadness, which were pouring through my eyes.

My mind was in turmoil. I tried but for me, sleep wouldn't come all night. I was incredibly confused, every time I closed my eyes I saw angry Shahida Bhabi's. I'll never forget the look on her face the first time I touched her. She was surprised; her checks were red and her lips were white. I had done something that made me feel guilty and embarrassed me, yet I would do it again if I got the chance.

At midnight I phoned her back a couple of times, each time I found a busy tone.

Possibly she intentionally disconnected the line because she doesn't want to talk with me. Over the whole night, I couldn't sleep.

I went to her home the next evening. The children said, "Mom went out as she has got some work to do."

I waited along time, but she did not come. She never goes out, especially at night times. I left her home disheartened. It was midnight when I tried to talk to her over the phone but found the line busy again.

I thought, over and over, was it wrong to tell her that she was beautiful? Was it wrong to kiss her? Was it wrong to feel and caress her breasts? Was it wrong to want to fuck her? I know she wanted me to. There were So many questions but no answers. Just an echo of my stupidity.

I could not sleep that night again. I got angry I decided not to meet her, till she called me. Begged me. Then, when she didn't, I didn't want to go to her home as usual or try to call her! I was falling into an abyss of depression, deeper and deeper. Countless days of waiting for her to phone, but she didn't.

The following days were very hard for me and I spent a very frustrating week. I took it hard; especially since I now knew Shahida Bhabi obviously didn't have the same feelings towards me as I have towards her. I tried my best, but couldn't get her out of my head. Six more days passed. I was angry, at both if us, Shahida Bhabi and me. Me for the stupidity, and with Shahida Bhabi for not forgiving me. On seventh day I got a call from her at my office. She talked briefly, asking why I had not called... her! Why I had not come to her house?

I told her I tried to many times to call her, but you didn't respond to me! I thought that you hadn't forgiven me and were still angry, so I thought that you didn't want to meet me!

She just said, "If I was angry, then it was not your duty to adore me?"

"Sorry, Bhabi, I thought but knew you never . . ." I replied with defeating tone.

She said with mock anger, "We will discuss it some other time, but the children are very upset and want to know why their uncle doesn't come over. They miss you and want to see you."

Then she said she was so sorry and asked me, "Would you mind visiting my house this evening? There's so much we need to talk about." she pleaded that, because she needed my help with something very important. She reminded me that I had promised Sajad to help her in all her needs.

"Is this a request or an order?" I inquired jokingly.

"This is an order from your Shahida Bhabi." she said naughtily and then said, "Bye!"

After that I couldn't concentrate on my office work so I abandoned everything and rushed to her house with my heart in my mouth, I was a little nervous about what Shahida Bhabi had planned. When I walked towards the front door. My heart began to beat harder just at the thought of seeing Shahida Bhabi again. I found Shahida Bhabi in the Drawing Room, with her children.

As I entered the Drawing room, my heart melted when I didn't see any sign of anger on her face. Shahida bhabi greeted me with the same friendliness and smile as always, and behaved me as if nothing had happened. Gazing into my eyes and gave me a neutral welcoming smile, "Please, sit down, I'm really glad you came, Jawad." She said in low voice, still gazing at me as though trying to give me a hidden message. Shahida Bhabi was looking even more exciting than ever. She didn't seem as arrogant as she was that night. Chatting with my nephews again was a delight to me, as it seemed to be with them, which was evident by the laughter in their eyes and manner.

We were like a family group enjoying a familiar pastime for at least an hour or so. Shahida Bhabi was laughing, quite gaily as if content with things. From time to time I held her gaze and I could read in her eyes anxiety and need. There was nothing untoward happened that night, much to my disappointment. Shahida wants me! I know she does! I hoped I was reading the right message in her eyes and attitude towards me this time.

After half and hour the children went to sleep. We sat in silence sipping our tea. Low cut V-shape neckline of her qameez was allowing me to get a look at her cleavage and the top of her bra covered breast, whenever she bent down to pick up her cup from the small table in front of us. Her black bra was also visible through the silky material.

We both sipped our drinks in silence for a bit and didn't talk for the first few minutes. I was looking at her, observing her and it was obvious she wanted to say something more but was not able to. "So, what are you going to do with me now Bhabi?" Finally I asked Shahida Bhabi, breaking her thoughts, who sipping her tea gracefully and was looking at the TV. She looked to me to be a bit confused. As if she was trying to make up her mind about something. We were both still shy of each other.

"Well, I'm not too sure right now. What I should have do with you," bhabi took a deep breath and said.

After some time she slowly moved over and sat on the edge of sofa beside me and surprisingly apologised to me. Shahida bhabi was all neat and smelling sweetly of rose water. She reached over and slowly placed her hand upon my hand and squeezed tenderly. She toke hold of my hand in her hand. This was usual for us to sit beside each other, sometimes quite closely on one sofa but taking my hand to be really a surprising for me, as she had never touched me before, my head lifted from my shoulders with joy, at last I over came her obstinacy. She kept her eyes on me.

"I'm afraid I've spoiled your plans for the evening," Shahida Bhabi apologized.

"Nonsense!" I replied. "After all, it was you who made this into a date of sorts. Sitting this close to you is as equally as dangerous for us as it was last time, My Bhabi."

She took my head in her hands. With her eyes close to mine, she looked at me with her big blue eyes very lovingly and asked me "Jawad you still angry with me?"

"No, Bhabi, I am not, you were angry with me," I replied.

"I know I hurt you, but I'm really sorry I was rude to you." So, what do you want me to do, beg for forgiveness "

"No Bhabi! Don't you, I should plea for forgiveness. I didn't appreciate the way that happened, but I just wanted only things to be all right between us. You and I are attracted to each other you know that. We have been from the time we first met. I touched you because it was compulsive, I could not help myself. You punished me because of your beauty." I replied.

"Jawad you are right, I was angry when you touched me, you did something to me that only my husband could do with me." Her tone was sad. She continued, "Nobody else has ever touched me like that in the places where you touched me."

I said, "Sorry Bhabi, really I am. What I did was not good. I know no one could take Sajad's place, I didn't know you wouldn't like the things that I did? I am very sorry."

"You don't have to be sorry. Things sometimes happen that way. We were always friends and would be and I think I was an idiot to become angry. She was almost weeping and murmuring things under her breathe. I wanted to soothe her, run my fingers through her hair, but was afraid to touch her. Once again I held her hand and said, "Bhabi I am sorry, but things I did to you were only because I am deeply in love with you, Bhabi I am crazy about you. So, what do you want me to do? I love you. You are just out of this world. I'm sorry if you are upset over what happened that night, but I am not going to apologies for it. I have wanted you for years. You have always been the object of my fantasies. Come on Bhabi, share your thoughts with me, may be I help you," I said.

"I don't know, how I can? I am very simple woman. I have been very faithful to my husband. He has also been a very good husband. He has loved me from the deep of his heart, we have a very trusting and loving relationship." She said.

"I understand and I have seen this, but also love you and you know I've never tried but now fate had brought this. Now, it was up to you to make it last. Don't kill me bhabi, you're killing me, slowly but surely." I said it with a confidence.

"Me? Am I killing you?" she asked with fear.

"Yes! Bhabi you're killing me, when you're acting like this." I said." please Bhabi Put all of the sadness and bad thoughts out of your mind, and think about the good times. You know, there are plenty of them. Lets we do it, just do it. You'll be glad you did," I pleaded and then added," I guess I'm making a fool of myself again."

Bhabi looked at me and said, "Thank you, you are very nice to us, now please forget it and be normal. That's in the past," she added. "We can't change that. You did what you did. I did what I did." " She laughed. "I trust you, Jawad. I know you love me," she added.

Her eyes started talking some special language, and said "You're naughty." she pulled back her hand from mine. But she was smiling and her eyes were glittering. Was she playing with me? Flirting with me? Or, did I see love in her eyes, love for me? "No, It was an invitation and without hesitation, I took it."

I grabbed her hand again, I pulled her to me, and she snuggled up close to me. Immediately I felt her warmth and I was breathing in her intimate body aroma issuing from her sexy body. Her body molded into mine and I savored the feel of warm body for the first time in nearly four years. We groped each other for a few minutes; it was an almost strange emotion for me, as I hadn't touched someone with any sort of affection since my wife died. I allowed my hands to touch her and trace her smooth body, only then noticing that she was trembling as much as I was. Then, just as abruptly she got up from me, " Are you doing that again? Don't do, the children may see." She whispered making a play-acting look of angry disapproval.

I laughed and said, "I am doing nothing just holding my sweet Bhabi close to me, and I know that the children are sleeping."

"I am nervous, Jawad, promise, you will not cross the limit." She said haltingly. I could still sense a flicker of fear and hesitation in her eyes.

"Okay, I promise I wouldn't do anything without your permission."

"But won't the children come to know?" she blushed and took her hands to cover her face.

"How will they? We are not going to announce it and we will meet like before. Don't worry Bhabi." She was quite shy at first, but soon got into it.

Again she pulled her hand back and lay back on another sofa with an alluring smile on her face. Was she prick teasing me again? Was it possible? This was the best signal I had received from her so far.

I was thinking of many options at a time. Should I proceed further? Is it my first day after so many years of fantasy and dreams to fuck her? Do we have enough time right now to complete the whole act here on the sofa of her choice? Is it safe to start here? Will she be angry if I proceed further? Will she be so angry that our relationship will be at an end?

Even with my head buzzing with all those questions I still wanted to fuck her. After a long time being patient, approximately 3 years to come to this point I can't, I must not miss this opportunity. Because I know the time has come. Soon I would be in bed with Shahida Bhabi. Sitting on the other sofa I started chatting with her and actually praising her beauty. I praised her earlier as well but those more generalized; now I am specific. I told how nice and appealing she is, how sexy her figure was to my eyes, how horny her delectable ass made me feel. How I wanted to possess her and her delectable ass. She laughed, smiled glitteringly and whispered, " You are so naughty Jawad."

I went to her sofa and sat very close to her and immediately embraced her, she was a bit shy and happy too. Then she asked me, "Would it be correct for us, Jawad?" pausing to take a hurried breath and continued, "Are you sure this is what you want, Jawad? I'd do almost anything for you, but I have to know, would you keep our relationship with me, the same as it is now? Wouldn't you think of me as a whore? Would you still give me respect, the same respect that you are giving me now? You're the only man who asked me to do this other than my husband. Do you understand me Jawad?"

"Yes! I understand you, my sweet Bhabi?"

"I need you, Jawad, but I don't want to use you. Do you understand?" she took my hand close to her face, and this time did indeed plant a soft tender kiss. she kept looking into my eyes.
"You aren't using me, Bhabi. Honest. I want to be with you."

"Jawad! I swear on my children's life that I never have been with other than my husband in my life,"

"I know it Bhabi and I know you better." I knew her too well and was pretty sure it was the first extramarital affair for her. Or so she said and she was probably truthful. She'd been mostly faithful to her husband.

She felt more relaxed, I had reassured her.

I smiled at her and took her hand; She stroked my hand and smiled in return. I placed her hand onto my chest, onto my heart. "Come on Bhabi, what do you say? Feel my heart, how it throbs, how it beats for you! Why can you deny this? Deny what you feel for me? I love you! I promise I will give you all my respect, because my heart, this heart is yours. Yes, I want you so desperately. This is what we both want, each other. We can't back out now."

We locked eyes, and I gently pushed her down onto the sofa, moving over and lay down on top of her and put my lips onto her lips. While she was saying, " don't do Stop it, please." softly over and over making no attempt to stop me. I felt her body melting into my hands. She couldn't hold it any longer. She responded me and kissed passionately on my lips. Her legs opened so suddenly I was lying in between them. My heart leap with joy! For the first time Shahida Bhabi allowed me to kiss her passionately, with sexual feeling. It was a long kiss. Her lips were the softest I'd ever felt. Our lips parted, and I felt her tongue, warm and soft, caressing mine. Her mouth was moist and she tasted clean and fresh. Her arms were clenched tightly around my neck, her eyes filled with both fear and desire. Both of us were breathing heavily, I hugged her tightly and she held me firmly as well. We began kissing each other like mad. Our tongues began wrestling furiously after which I kissed her cheeks, neck and shoulders. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I tried to put some distance between us while I kept sucking her tongue so that I can squeeze her breast. But could not, as she was holding me hard against her body pressing her breasts against me. My beloved Shahida was mine.

I was kissing and licking her checks, eyes, nose, neck, ears and shoulder. Shahida Bhabi was breathing heavy and slightly moaning at each kiss, at each caress, her body trembling, passing on the message of her desire for me. Her hands were clutching, embracing me tightly. My cock was hard and was touching her mound, knowing she could feel my love message to her. For how long we were in that position I don't know. I was squeezing her breasts, she heavily breathing, moaning, working her hips against me, feeling my rigid hardness, increasing her wetness, she knew as I did that her cunt was ready for my rampant cock!

I moved my hands to her breasts. My hands were looking for her nipples, covered over by her qameez, and bra. I teased her nipples with my fingers, making them hard and then I kissed them through the fabric of her qameez. Suddenly she put pressure onto my chest and said, "Jawad, you don't know how much I owe you but we should have some limits to what we are doing.

"My heart dropped with a thud, she was putting up the shutters again!

I asked, "Why you are saying this?"

She began to avert my eyes, and turned her head on the wall, staring at the painting on the wall." It's true you did many things for me, and for my family since we met, and especially in the absence of my husband, you had been there for my family and for me when we needed someone, and had taken care of my family like nobody else ever had or would again." I saw her eyes shine with tears.

"No Bhabi! Please don't talk like this I love you! If you don't like bhabi, I wouldn't even touch you, I never like seeing you unhappy," I answered.

"I'm not unhappy," she exclaimed, touching my arm. "These are tears of joys, that I'm with you!"

"Then let me fulfill my desire Bhabi. I will die if you didn't permit me to eat you, to taste you, to love you!"

" Okay! Give me time to think about this. I love you, but please, not yet," she whispered.

"If you are saying no, now, then when, Bhabi?"

"I will tell you when," Shahida Bhabi replied breathlessly.

"Tell me, why"? I ordered crossly.

She looked down to the floor shyly and said in almost a whisper, "You have to promise me that you do not want to see me naked this time."

I knew her; she was a very shy and conservative woman by nature so I told her,

"I promise, but please let me do it now."

"Ok! You have to go to bedroom and let me check my children are sleeping first." I went to her bedroom not believing that this was happening. Had she just said, 'yes!'

I sat there in the dark, nervous as hell on the edge of the bed, taking in the familiar sight of Shahida Bhabi's bedroom. It was difficult to feel entirely comfortable, since I'd never been here before. There was still a scent of Shahida Bhabi herself in the air, of her daily living and personal perfume that marked this as her place and no one else's. My eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Finally the bedroom door opened and she came in, closing the door very quietly behind her. All I could see was her outline, like a shadow in the darkness. The only light came from living room and it cast the room with shades of gray.

The aroma of her warm body assailed my nostrils as she sat on the bed beside me. She was trembling as I drew her into my arms, but she came into them willingly, She ran her fingers through my chest hair and said, "Thank you for keeping the lights off, Jawad. I love you for that." She then pulled me off the bed and threw back the blanket and pulled me into bed with her, smoothly covering us up. We were talking, while we lay beside each other on the bed on our sides facing each other, drinking in our quiet togetherness. It was a magical feeling. A moment shared. A moment I had been waiting for such a long time for.

We hugged and she draped her hand over me. "Oh! Bhabi, don't play shy with me now, Come closer, I want to feel your vibrancy, your passionate heat! Please Bhabi! We are going to make love!"

"Jawad, I have some things I need to say to you," bhabi said suddenly.

"I'm her in your arms to learn it, bhabi," I told her.

"I need a respect, Jawad, promise me you wouldn't decrees my respect. I'll do as you like but I want it to happen under this roof." She said again these words.

"Oh, bhabi, this is not something new you're telling me, I've told you bhabi, you're the most respectable woman for me today, and I've promised you that you would be in respectable woman for me in future, I'll do always what you like, " I replied.

"Another thing, I want this kept between the two of us. I don't want this all over town so to speak."

"We both are respectable and I'm not a teenager, believe me, bhabi, and now please make yourself comfortable. After this there is no turning back now " I replied.

I pulled her to me and She snuggled closer and hugged me. Now she could feel my hardness, feel what I had to put into her. The heat of her body was divine. We embraced tightly, creasing each other's bodies for a moment, just quietly enjoying our intimacy. Each moment a moment treasured.

She pulled herself as close to me as possible, which meant that her breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel the warmth of her taut nipples against my chest. Her breasts were soft like a lump of molten butter. We lay like that for maybe five minutes, maybe longer when she asked, "Have you gone to sleep?"

I laughed, " No, although to sleep like this in your arms I would want to do forever."

"If you want to, sleep like this, I mean, I have no objection." She said laughingly.

"You are teasing me again, My Bhabi! How can I sleep? We had waited long enough. I needed to be in you and you needed me to be in you, and we didn't mess around." I put my hand on Shahida Bhabi's hip, and my iron cock, protruding, pressing and rubbing against her Mound-of-Venus. Gentle fucking motions, which she was responding to. Telling me she wanted my cock inside her.

"It's good to see you happy." she replied.

"Aren't I always happy? I said.

"No, most times you're a sad man pretending to be happy." and gave me a little peck on the lips, "Only because I know you." She added.

"Well, now you know me a lot better."

She stirred and moved back against me. Leaving my one hand grasping on her firm breast. My hands cupped her firm and round pair of her breasts and pulled them up. Shahida Bhabi was excited as I was, She breathed deeply, Her body shivered again and again and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

Soon my hand was exploring, first her tummy and finger walking, caressing on down her inner thighs, her legs opened for me to give me access to her mound. Feather touching her cunt and felt the lips opening through her shilwar. There was no barrier of panties. Her crutch was wet with her secretions and I could smell her sex now and wanted more, more, much more. It was the elixir of love. I soon had my hand down the waistband of her shilwar, finding her cunt to be baby smooth she had recently shaved it, for me?

"This belongs to my husband, your friend," she whispered. "But I have to oblige today; this is your gift from me. If I'm right, you wanted it?" she said.

I gasped in excitement before running my fingers up and down her wet slit and said, "I'm much oblige of my sweet bhabi for this. Bhabi, this is the best and most precious gift that any woman can ever give!" I said."

"I'm happy if you accept it from your bhabi," bhabi said huskily.

My fingers had no trouble moving between her legs to the hole of her hot and so juicy pussy and I slid a long finger right up inside her snug fitting passageway. The passageway I was now desperate to get my prick into, desperate to fuck!

I feverishly UN knotted the waistband of her shilwar, sliding the silky garment over her hips, which Shahida lifted willing, just as eagerly as me. Now the doors were open she was just as keen to fuck as I was. Now it was carnal lust. She helped me to slip the shilwar off her feet, which she kicked, away to the rear of her. The way was clear. I stripped as I slid her shilwar down. Removing my own shilwar. Now we were both naked. We were both hot and lusting for each other. I placed my hand high on her thighs and started to caress them in a circular fashion. A soft moan escaped bhabi. I took it as a sign of pleasure and continued to caress those fleshy, spongy thighs. It felt so great! Her skin was so smooth! I was slowly moving upwards and was now caressing her inner thighs. I could feel the heat that was flowing from the door to heaven that was between those thighs! I nearly came thinking about her hot and wet pussy! Encouraged by her response, I then slowly caressed her pussy.

I slipped my hand between her legs to her pussy to finger her up. My index finger slid into her already well-lubed pussy. She panted her hands reaching to grip my hard erect cock. And she touched my cock; touch of her fingers was electric shock for me I felt I would die or at least I would shout out. I controlled myself. She grabbed it in her delicate hand, her soft fingers encircling it and murmuring incredulously, She slowly, tremulously worked my rampant cock up and down, feeling its whole length and thickness. " It's so big and so hot! Jawad, I'm not sure I can accommodate some thing that size," She said while slowly began to move my dick back and forth her thumb caressing the tip of my cock' head. The warmth of her hand against my stiff rod was exhilarating. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then Shahida Bhabi Slowly opened her legs apart and pulled them towards herself so that they were bent at the knees, and that was clear signal that she wants it now. The moment had finally arrived. My cock was hard and in need of attention, and My Shahida Bhabi was more than ready to be fucked. It was time to fuck the sweet pussy that no man had ever defiled before, except for her husband. I wasn't able to stand much more of that so I quickly moved over her, on top of her between her widespread thighs, and rested the head of my cock at her entrance. When I touched the very tip of my dick to her pussy I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. "I have dreamed of this moment since I saw you first and I want to savor each second of it." I said but Shahida bhabi didn't reply but in response only lifted her ass to give my cock a clear target at her pussy hole.

I was rubbing my hard cock into her slimy slit; teasing her. "Do it" Shahida bhabi said in a half whisper "Stop teasing and put it in me." I couldn't believe what was happening? Was I dreaming? I felt her movements and had guessed that she spat on her fingers, and then once again her hands reached down feverishly to grip my hard erect cock, "oh, I was right that was her saliva," she spread the saliva over my cock, the best lubrication. Then She placed my cock head in betwixt her gateway to heaven, as she felt my knob she bucked her pussy up to meet it. There was not saying, 'No' now. I had broken this shy, conservative and gorgeous woman of my dream, and I would now ride her for my complete pleasure. Now all my dreams were coming true. All my fantasies were distilling themselves into this wonderful creature beside me. She wants me to do what I have been itching to do since I first saw her.

I was a tentative to her needs, being gentle, controlled and loving. I was keen to make this moment an item of onward repeated; time and time gain desire for her to have, to beg me for.

The head of my cock touched her warm pussy lips. I paused a while, then I leaned over to gather her in my arms; I slowly, but steadily drove my cock into its new home of my dream woman's tunnel of love. Shahida Bhabi's muscles of her vaginal vulva and its inner lips squeezed and nibbled my cock head. My sensitive flesh began to throb with life and urgency. I moved a little and pressed down into pussy barely two inches. She quivered and moaned a little. Shahida bhabi pussy wasn't loose like I thought it would be, but felt pretty tight. I froze for a moment to let her feel my cock inside her. I was savoring this moment too. She raised her hips up off the bed and my prick slid fully up her until my balls nestled against her asshole. I groaned as I felt her pussy close to grip and squeeze me. Shahida Bhabi was hot. Her cunt was boiling with liquid heat. I relaxed again and felt Shahida Bhabi's inner walls nipping my rod, which felt so nice. All of my cock was now buried deep inside her. A sigh of pure ecstasy came over her mouth as I lay over her. I didn't move. I just lay there with my cock buried up to my balls deep in Shahida Bhabi's pussy, savoring the feeling. Then slowly I started to move. Just slow short thrusts, my whole length just moving inside of her. My Bhabi was happy and so I was happy too. I did not feel conquest, just a deep warm love for her and my sheer joy for the precious gift she was bestowing upon me.

I slowly thrust in and out, in and out. Shahida bhabi was trying to keep her emotions to herself but her body betrayed her, She moved her legs a little more widely for me. So I could get all the way in I grabbed her leg and bent her knee and brought it by my side. I pumped back and forth with a slow pace several times, Very slowly all the way out and all the way back in. She was sighing and gripping me tightly, her legs striking the air at each gentle inward thrust. I felt my knob knocking on the door of her womb, which made her grunt. I was getting now pace. . Her cunt sucked my cock like a baby sucking a feeder nipple.

I kept moving within her, in a steadily increasing pace. I felt like I was getting harder and harder inside of her, like my cock was tied in a knot and couldn't find release. I loved the feeling of my cock sliding into her; I felt extreme sexual pleasure the way her pussy muscles clenched tightly onto my cock. Her pussy walls parted as my erect cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her warm interior. The exquisite sensation of sliding in her warm pussy over my cock was incredible. The inside of her pussy felt so wet, so warm and so tight as if moist velvet vice gripped my cock. I pulled out and sated for a moment and then with one courageous hard push, the entire length engulfed my erect cock into her pussy. It was heaven for me! I felt the restriction around my knob, it felt like I was entering and leaving her very womb! I wanted to make each stroke in, as deep and satisfying as possible. Shahida Bhabi was taking deep breaths and making soft moaning sounds.

I started thrusting into her cunt, forcing excited moans from her throat. My strong fingers gripping her shoulders tightly, holding her down in place while I gave her the fucking of her lifetime. It was obvious to me that she had never had a cock the size of mine in her entire life before. Shahida Bhabi started to flow as her natural flow was a river overflowing. Her ankles were locked and digging into my ass, actually pressing into my butt crack. She was panting and trying to grab my hips and pull me in further. Her pussy was so wet with her natural cunt lube. So by this time I could hear my cock sloshing around. My balls were slapping against her ass and my dick had reached new depths where her husband had never gone.

"Bhabi you are so hot," I said.

" Yes," Shahida Bhabi answered, saying with one little word.

"Bhabi, Don't be ashamed, talk with me, "I cannot see, you but I want to feel that I'm on top of you." I grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her for all I was worth, fucking her hard and as deep as I could.

"I'm imagining you, your nakedness, feeling your hot body against my own, Jawad. Image me in your minds eye." It was dark and the light was off so I couldn't see her face but I could imagine it taking pleasure. To please me, her erotic moaning became louder as I thrust my cock in and out like a mechanical piston. The oil for which was her copious love juices, some of which, I could feel saturating my testicles and thighs. The smell of Shahida 's hot juicy cunt was driving me into further lustful plunging. Not wanting to cum too soon I slowed down, marking time to regain control. Bhabi too was taking a breather. She whispered into my ear, "Jawad! It feels I am loosing my virginity all over again. Oh! You are so big! Your cock stretches my pussy wider than they have ever been stretched before!" She giggled a bit and then went on to say, "you don't know that all that time, you were the one I wanted. You have always made me feel horny. I have always wanted you since you first sat opposite to me at our dinner table. Even with Sajad there in the room my knickers were getting wet thinking what you could do to me."

I remained silent, stunned with what she had just told me.

"I've told you I was dying for you from that day, and you were very pretty that day. I was jealous as hell!" I laughed.

"How sweet of you to say, but tell me am I not now," she said.

"No, you're still fairy, more pretty than that day, " I answered. My hands absent-mindlessly reached to cup and caress her full breasts through her qameez.

"Please Bhabi, at least pull up your qameez to let me feel your flesh against mine." She hesitated for a while, then without a word raised her qameez up over her shoulders, revealing her ample breasts. Now I could touch, pinch, kiss, lick and suck her breasts and could feel her warmth, the softness of her breasts, but as yet could not see them. I leaned over her, grasping her breasts, feeling their weight sway in my cupped hands. I fingered her nipples, hearing her squeal in appreciation; that drove me on. Her reply came and She obligingly pulled me to her in a maternal fashion with my head on her chest, just above her breasts, and pressed my face against her chest and I tried to breathe, my nose, and mouth pressed hard into the deep valley between her soft breasts.
I knew she was about to reach orgasm. After a few more trusts I gave her two long strokes, which brought out even more pleasure. I kept doing this shallow then deep thing until I had reached my point and gave her thrust after thrust of all I had. Her pussy was drenched in her own cum as I pounded away for all I was worth. After one minute, she held my body very tightly and crushed my cock inside her pussy by contracting her vaginal muscles. Her body shivered involuntarily with a strong spasm inside her pussy. Then she made a big bounce with her buttocks, arched her back and this was followed with a thunderous roaring deep moan. I leaned down to kiss her as I was fast approaching my orgasm and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth. I felt her pussy grip me tighter as she climaxed with me.

Our mixed juices slowly oozing from her vagina my anus, and so making the bed linen wet and smelly..

To be continued

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