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Love Me... Love My Dogs Pt. 05

It took me a bit of time to figure out where I wanted to go with John and Christie, but they're back. I appreciate the words of encouragement and patience from my readers.

I also appreciate you looking out for me, as I recently received a heads up from an anonymous reader that one of my stories had been stolen and plagiarized, word for word save a few name changes, on another site. It has been taken down, and the other 'author' banned from the offending site. Thanks to that reader, very much.

With that in mind...

The following is an original work of fiction. All characters are fictional, and over the age of eighteen. This work remains the intellectual property of myself, the author, and is published by Literotica with my consent. All rights to this work are reserved, and it is copyrighted.


I felt bad.

Even though everything had worked out fine, I still didn't like the way we had bushwacked Ed. It had just been the lesser of multiple evils.

The biggest problem was Angela. If she hadn't known about us for months, we could have just proceeded the way most couples do, even though the situation was anything but ordinary.

But, because Angela did know, and had been hiding that from her husband, I had no choice. It had to be abrupt, and sudden, or Ed might find out, and be angry with her. I was taking the bullet, because I could. How he felt about me was less important than how he felt about his wife, especially since her predicament was because of me.

When Ed had said we 'needed to talk', I had anticipated a conflict, possibly during dinner. That hadn't arisen, thankfully. Perhaps he had decided to think it over, or maybe he just didn't want to spoil the celebration, but I had escaped without having to deal with it. At least for now. He certainly knew where to find me, and I was sure my reprieve was temporary.

My phone rang. It was Christie.

"Hi baby," I smiled. "Coming over for a visit? A swim? Something more fun?"

"Absolutely," she chirped back, "but not right now. I just thought you should know that my Dad is going to be knocking on your door soon. He wants to talk to you." Like I said... a temporary reprieve.

"I expected as much. How's his mood?" I asked.

"Concerned, but not angry," she replied quietly. "He's still happy that I'm happy. I think you'll be fine."

"I know," I laughed. "He's more afraid of you than I am of him. I speak from experience, because I feel the same way. The thought of losing you scares the shit out of me."

"Well, then there's nothing for you to worry about, because I'm not going anywhere. Although, you did surprise me yesterday. You could have told me to be ready for it," she said softly.

"It was better that way," I explained. "It had to be a surprise for everyone, so your mother would be safe. She had to appear to know nothing..."

"Ah... and saw nothing. That's what the 'Schultz' stuff was about," she giggled. "That was pretty funny. Message me after my father leaves, okay? I'll come over and we can talk more then."

"Will do," I replied.

"Good luck, honey," she smiled.

"Thanks, baby."


The knock on my door still made me jump, despite the fact that I knew he was coming. I stood, with my hand on the doorknob, gathering myself, before I turned it.

"Ed!" I laughed, feigning surprise.

"John," he replied ominously. "It's time we had that talk I mentioned."

"Yes it is," I nodded, and gestured for him to come in. "Let's sit outside. It's a beautiful day."

"Fine. I could use a drink, too," Ed nodded. "Scotch. Neat. A double."

Okay. It's just after noon, a bit early for the hard stuff, so I guess he's as nervous as I am about this. I went to get him his scotch, and poured myself a soft drink, then joined him by the pool.

"Here you go," I smiled, handing him his glass, and taking my seat next to him. "So... what do you want to talk about? Cars? The Broncos? Politics?"

I caught him off guard with that one, and he laughed, easing the tension for both of us.

"Something a little closer to home, I think," he said slowly. "I always knew this day was coming, sooner or later. My little girl has grown into a beautiful woman, and some young man was bound to fall in love with her. I just thought he'd be a little younger." He looked at me over the rim of his glass as he sipped the scotch.

"Hey! I'm younger!" I laughed.

"Than me? Yes. Barely," he nodded. "But you're not younger than the mother of your girlfriend... my daughter. That's going to take some getting used to. I know I'm hardly the one to lecture, being twelve years older than Angela, but?..."

"Yes, I know, Ed. Believe me, you're not saying anything I haven't said to myself several times," I answered. "I didn't plan to fall for her. I didn't plan to get involved with her. I didn't even start things going. We just spent some time talking, and became friends. One thing led to another, and before we knew what was happening... well, I'm sure you are aware of how mature Christie is. She's unlike any woman her age I've ever met."

"Uh huh," he said softly. "I get that. I suppose I need to trust my daughter's emotions in this matter, but you've got to admit... you're not going to be a normal son-in-law. You were married for longer than I've been married, already. I mean, jeez, you're supposed to be coming to me for relationship advice, and how to deal with my daughter... but you have more experience!"

"Yeah, and it ended so well," I grumbled, sipping my own drink. "Maybe you can still teach me how it should be."

"From what I've heard, you can't really be blamed for your ex-wife's departure. I'm sorry I brought it up," he said. "Makes my life easier, though. I don't have to ask you what your intentions are."

We sat silently for a few minutes. He was making me question my motives. Maybe that was his plan all along, but I had done enough questioning over the last five months to be quite sure of why I loved Christie, and it went way deeper than simple physical attraction.

"Ed, you needn't worry about how I feel about Christie. I do love her. More than I can possibly explain. She loves me too," I said evenly.

"So I gather, and I'm glad for you... both of you... but..." his voice trailed off, and he tipped his glass back, draining it into his mouth.

"I'm not going to hurt her, Ed," I told him. "She's the most important thing in my life, and I love her almost as much as you do."

"I appreciate that. Look, John... I know my daughter. She is certainly capable of making her own decisions, and once she has, there's little that can change it, so I'm not going to waste my time arguing with her. I am left with no choice but to trust her, and you. Just know that there's no time limit to her happiness. If you ever hurt her, we'll be having this conversation again."

Ed smiled, and stood up. "Thanks for the scotch, and the talk. I think you two will be happy together, and that's all I really care about. Take care of my baby." I nodded, and he left me sitting alone. I heard the front door close.

"Well, that went better than I expected," I whispered.


I had laid down for a nap after Ed left. The stress had sapped my energy, and I needed to recharge a little before Christie came over. My dreams were featuring a certain buxom young coed, and she was currently teasing me by keeping her yummy nipples just out of reach of my lips after having tied me to the bed. I'm not sure what Freud would make of that, but found it frustrating and exciting at the same time.

The bed moved a little, stirring me from my imaginary restraints, and I opened my eyes slowly to find a pair of blue ones looking back into mine. Christie was leaning over me, with a smile on her face.

"Okay. You guys leave a lot to be desired as guard dogs," I mumbled, looking up at Peabody and Baron, sitting behind her on the bed. They were wagging their tails, and generally appearing as far from threatening as possible. Baron tilted his head as I spoke. "What if she was a burglar, or someone who means me harm? Who would get you treats if I was gone?"

"If you didn't want me in here, you shouldn't have given me a key," she giggled. "Besides, the dogs are good judges of character, and they know I would never hurt you. Unless you wanted me to, of course." Her smile widened, and she kissed me softly. "Dad seemed satisfied when he came home. Did you guys have a good talk?"

"Yeah, he's just being a father, looking out for you. If the roles were reversed, I'd probably be doing the exact same thing. He'll be okay," I laughed. "So, what brings you here?" I asked.

"Oh, I think you know what brings me here," she grinned, and began to unbutton her top. "Remember... to keep him happy with you, you need to keep me happy. I've got you right where I want you! Bwahh ha ha!" she laughed, twirling her imaginary villain's moustache. The last button was quickly dispatched, and she pulled her blouse open to show me the feminine, lacey cups of her lilac coloured bra. "I've been waiting for this for a month, so you've got to make up for lost time."

"Well, if you insist," I smiled up at her. She leaned over and kissed me again, as I peeled her blouse off over her shoulders. Seconds later, it was on the floor, and she was fully in my arms. The bra didn't put up much more of a fight, and it was soon flying across the room. Baron gave it a sniff, and briefly thought about chewing on it, before walking out of the bedroom.

I rolled us over, and gazed down at Christie's beautiful breasts, capped with those perfect, erect nipples. I thought briefly about chewing on them, too, and it sounded like a great idea, so I did, gently gnawing on the stiff buds of tightly puckered flesh. My darling girl moaned happily, and ran her fingers through my hair.

"Mmmmm, that's a good start," she whispered. "After the fucking you gave me over Valentine's Day, I've been wearing out my vibrator just to keep from losing my mind. The poor thing is on its last legs. I guess it's a good thing I can retire it now, isn't it?"

"Mmmmm hmmm," I nodded, suckling dutifully. I suppose I could count on having her on demand, with her back next door again. I'd just have to get used to a steady diet of perfection and bliss. Oh well... I withdrew my lips with a slurp.

"Speaking of which... how did you sneak out this time? Wasn't it a bit harder with them knowing about us?"

"Quite the opposite, actually," she smiled. "Dad just looked at me like he wanted to say something, but ended up waving his hand and mumbling something about 'being careful', and to have fun. I guess we've been given the green light, in a way. I'll miss being sneaky, though. It felt so naughty."

"Uh oh... you're not going to get bored with me now that we're not a secret, are you?" I asked, flicking my tongue across her nips playfully.

"Oh yes, I'm sure I'll get tired of all the orgasms," she giggled. "I can't see us lasting more than fifty years or so."

"Fifty years? Jeez... I'll be the spokesman for Viagra by then, if you don't kill me before we get there!" I gasped.

"Well, I'll take it easy on you... at least until I'm on your life insurance policy," she laughed. "You don't need to make me cum ten times today. Five should do for now."

I'm sure if Ed could see us now... bantering back and forth playfully, so obviously happy and totally compatible, despite the age difference... he'd completely understand why he didn't need to worry about us. Or, he'd have a stroke... because I was sucking his little girl's big tits, and working her yoga pants off over her hips, so I could suck on something even more delicious. Maybe it's a good thing he can't see us now, after all.

The yoga pants slid off easily, and so did her matching thong. I settled between her thighs, and picked up where I left off. She was quite wet, with a sheen of juices across her swollen labia, and smelled wonderful, as usual. I inhaled her scent deeply, and looked up her body. She was holding her breath, eyes closed, anticipating the touch of my tongue as she toyed with her tall nipples. I made her wait just a little longer, and her hips began to undulate impatiently.

"Oh please, baby... don't tease me!" she gasped. "Just do it already! Lick my pussy! You're killing me!"

Well, we can't have that, can we?

I pointed my tongue, and speared her juicy opening with it, wiggling as deep into her moist crevice as I could reach. She groaned... a long, drawn out sigh of relief and pleasure, that told me I had hit the spot.

Usually, we would be dealing with some sort of time restriction while we were together in my bed. She always had to get back home before her extended absence brought up questions we didn't want to answer. Today was different. Ed and Angela were now in the loop, and knew where she was, and what we were up to. It brought a level of relaxation that we'd only known away from here.

With that feeling in mind, I decided to take my time. Christie was going to remember this one.

From my place between her outstretched thighs, I licked her gently, pausing occasionally to take in the sensuous vista that was her naked body. If I had been allowed to design my own perfect woman, I could hardly have done better than nature had already achieved with Christie. My proposal had been accepted, so I could look forward to having this luscious creature in my bed for the rest of my life, but that didn't diminish my reverence for her.

My hands ran up and down her strong, lean legs, caressing the smooth, thinly veiled muscle of her firm thighs and shapely calves. She moaned softly, enjoying my touch. Her legs wrapped me in a snug embrace, trapping me where she wanted my attention to be focused. I plunged my tongue into her depths again.

I just love eating pussy. In general, I always have, from the first tasty twat I experienced as an eighteen year old. That woman had been three years my elder, and more experienced than my virgin self. She had taken my cherry, and suggested that I taste her juicy snatch, beginning a lifelong love affair with women and their delicious vaginas. Several women expressed their enjoyment of my talented tongue, until it's wandering days were retired by my ex-wife, who was the sole beneficiary of my oral attention for twenty-six years. I didn't mind the restricted menu, as her pussy had been quite wet, receptive, and succulent... at least, until she started allowing others to sample it as well. That decision by her had led me to where I now was.

I wouldn't mind spending my next twenty-six years camped between Christie's legs. The fact that she seemed to be as fond of my attention as I was of her sweet, syrupy secretions only made that prospect more pleasant to consider.

Speaking of sweet secretions... she was oozing deliciousness right now, as I continued to lovingly bathe her feminine folds with a barrage of licks, kisses and gentle sucks. She rubbed her feet across my back, and held my head in place with both hands, moaning happily. Her cunt grew wetter by the second, and I kept slurping away with equal enjoyment, listening to her vocalizations as they became louder and more eloquent.

"Mmmmm yes, honey... that's so nice. I just love the way you eat me, baby. So gentle... so loving... so good... oh yes, so good," she whispered. My tongue twirled around her clit, causing a gasp from Christie. "Oh shit! Yes baby! You know how I love that, don't you? Suck my clit, baby! Set me on fire!"

She was right ; I did know how much she loved getting her clit sucked, licked and nibbled. I knew all her triggers, including one she was a little embarrassed about. One she liked a little more than she would admit. I was in the neighbourhood now, so why not pay it a visit?

My tongue trailed down, away from her clit, across the soaking, slippery folds of her pouting, engorged labia, moving slowly ever closer. I paused for a moment at the lower edge of her vestibule, collecting a few drops of honey that were there, before continuing. I cleaned her perineum of excess dew, listening to her moans change in pitch again. She took a few sharp breaths, and her grip on my head tightened. Now, what was that address, again? Ah, here it is.

The tip of my tongue swiped across her tight, pink butt hole. I'm sure the dogs heard her clearly, as her pitch elevated rapidly into a shrill squeal of bliss. Another pass over the pretty little starfish elicited a similar reaction. I kept flicking her with my tongue, while she tilted her hips upward, making it easier for me to reach the target.

"Oooooooooo, I'm such a dirty girl!" she gasped. "I can't help it! I love it when you lick my ass!"

That's okay, honey. I feel the same way when you do it to me, too. I would have said it, but I was busy burrowing into her puckered sphincter with my tongue. She probably wouldn't have heard me anyway, as she was squealing again. Her hips were bucking against my face, trying to force my tongue into the opening that now glistened with saliva and excess pussy juice, which was flowing freely from above.

Since my goal here was to prolong her agony... I mean pleasure... I moved back up, passing through her dripping cleft again on the way to her primary target. Several quick passes over and around her clit kept the flames building. While I was up here, I could look up her body. I always liked this view.

Christie's stomach was clenching, and her chest was heaving with her ragged breathing. She had her head tilted back, the tension of her building pleasure clear in the tight muscles of her elegant neck. I watched her big, beautiful breasts quiver and roll across her chest as she desperately tried to reach her zenith... but I had other ideas.

Back down, to the rear entrance, my tongue trailed along the path again. Her pussy was awash in her fragrant lubricant, and she shrieked when I once more found her tangy asshole. The little sphincter was trying to grab my tongue, puckering and relaxing over and over. My fingertip had barely joined the party, pressing slightly into her ass, when she screeched blissfully, and came.

I thought I'd seen it all. I had seen her pussy bubble freely all over the seat in the SUV, on our expedition back to her school after Christmas. She had gushed on me several times, leaving me to slurp up her ambrosia happily, but this was new, and mostly caused by teasing her ass.

Her entire body seemed to tense up all at once, and her face turned purple with the exertion, as she blasted me right in the face. It wasn't really like the sprinkler jobs you see in porn movies. More of a single, inundating spurt of hot honey, that splashed off my cheeks to drip down her trembling thighs. She groaned deeply throughout, then melted into the bed, gasping for air. Her legs were limp, still wrapped around my shoulders, and her hands had released their death grip on my hair, falling away softly.

I wiped the spray from my eyes, licking my fingers hungrily. She was full of surprises, that's for sure. Resting my chin on her pubic bone, I watched her slowly recover, until her breathing was almost normal. Her nipples looked about ready to pop, nearly as purple as her face had been, and puckered tightly into tall spires that redefined the term 'pencil erasers'.

"What..." she giggled, "... did you do... to me? Promise you'll... never stop."

"I promise," I smiled, easing up her body. My cock was on autopilot, and found the gaping hole that her pouty pussy had become. It slid in easily, causing a squelch of fluids to leak out.

"Oh god... I don't know if I can handle another one of those orgasms right now," she breathed, her body still like jello under mine. "You nearly fucking killed me... and now you want to fuck me more?"
"That's right," I smiled, kissing her softly, as my dick reached bottom.

"You smell like pussy," she laughed, finding the energy to kiss back, and taste herself on my lips.

"Yes, well, that was quite the squirt, my dear. You might have warned me."

"For me to warn you, I would need to know it was coming," she smiled lazily. "I didn't, so it was a surprise for both of us."

I gave her a few gentle strokes, testing the waters, so to speak. She let out a contented sigh, and wrapped her body around mine. Her grip wasn't quite up to its usual level of participation yet, but she was returning from the dead gradually.

"Mmmmm, that's one very wet pussy," I moaned, probing her deeply.

"Oh yes, honey... and that's one nice, big, hard cock inside my wet pussy," she replied softly. "Fuck me good, baby."

Her legs wrapped tighter around my hips, and she dug her heels into my rump, spurring me into action. I was happy to do so, and began to give it to her harder, watching her body react to my increasingly ardent thrusts. Those big tits wobbled joyfully, attracting my eyes. She shook her shoulders, adding to the view with a lusty giggle.

"Mmmmm, you just can't get enough of my boobs, can you?" she asked, corralling the full globes with her hands. I didn't need to answer, but kicked in a few extra hard strokes to increase the jiggle I loved so much. "I'm fine with that," she smiled, cupping them for me. "That's what they're there for, isn't it?"

Mid-intercourse seemed like a funny time for an Anthropological conversation, but she was right. Humans were the only primates with permanent breasts, where all others only had breasts apparent when pregnant. The visibility of human breasts is thought to convey the ability to feed a woman's children to her mate, and bigger means more food for longer. That's what the experts say, and I suppose it was a valid theory.

Or maybe men just like big jugs because they do. Maybe there's no reason beyond that.

Pretty much covers it for me, I thought, watching her full breasts swing and sway in time to my pounding strokes.

"Ooooof! Ooooof! Ooooof!" she grunted, while I drilled her furiously. "Gimme that fucking cock! Fuck me! God I'm gonna cum again!"

She had hardly spoken the words before her body confirmed it, and her cunt clutched tight around my dick. She screamed, and her hands grabbed my ass, pulling me as deep as possible inside her.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!" she gasped, then wilted again. "Sonofabitch! You're killing me!"

"Nah, you're young," I grunted, pausing for a moment to catch my own breath. "You can handle it." I pulled out, and dragged her over onto her stomach, lifting her hips up in the air. Her shoulders were still flat on the bed, but I put my knees outside of hers to brace her, as I plugged my cock back into her drooling cunt from behind. I grabbed her hips, and went back to pounding her.

Christie was yelping with each full length stroke into her vagina. The 'slap' of our collisions echoed through the otherwise quiet house, and I was watching my shiny cock splitting her pussy lips wide open. Her firm ass shook, absorbing the impact of my hips. I put my thumb over her wet bung hole and pushed, feeling the tight, muscular ring resist, then yield, as my thumb slipped in.

"Oh jesus fucking christ!" she screeched, with what little was left of her ragged voice. "Motherfucking bastard! That's not fair! AHHHHHHNNnnnn!..."

Her voice trailed off, destroyed by her previous orgasms, but her mouth hung open, as she came again. Her pussy and asshole clenched tight around their respective intruders, until she flopped forward, gasping like a beached salmon, and yanking herself away from me.

I was pretty much ready to cum myself, so I pushed her over onto her back, and knelt beside her, fisting my shaft furiously. She didn't even open her eyes as I sprayed my load all over her chest, neck and face. Taking the time to get her off had stoked my fire into a huge blaze, with a correspondingly huge amount of juice to be emptied from my balls. By the time I was finished, she was sputtering, blowing cum bubbles from her lips as I shook the dregs off the head of my spent dick. I collapsed beside her, and the room fell silent, save for our breathing.

"Is that... what brings... you here?" I asked softly.

"Yeah," she giggled, licking her lips clean. "That about covers it."


Sunday afternoon, I was sitting by the pool, recharging my batteries in the warm sun. We had drained each other yesterday, and fell asleep together after our session, only waking hours later when the dogs wanted dinner. Christie had dragged herself into the shower, to wash off the crust of dried semen that armoured her chest and face, then staggered home, where she stayed for the night.

My eyes were closed, but I heard the gate squeak as Christie came quietly into the yard. When I opened my eyes, she was standing nearby, wearing a smile and a bikini, and holding an overnight bag.

"Would you like a roommate?" she giggled.

"Um, huh?" I asked, shaking my head. "Yes, but..."

"I made Mom and Dad a deal," she explained. "I argued that if they accepted the fact that we were getting married, and also the fact that we had already been having sex, then they should logically be okay with us living together."

"I see," I smiled. "So far the deal seems pretty one sided. What do they get out of it?"

"Well," she grinned, sitting next to me on her lounger, "I promised them I wouldn't let my grades slip. If I do, I have to move back home, and only see you on weekends."

"Right. Sounds fair to me. I'll keep you on the straight and narrow," I laughed. "Anything else?"

"Just one more thing, and it's kind of embarrassing," she rolled her eyes. "Dad asked that we... or rather I... keep it down while he's at home. He, um... he doesn't like to hear me screaming, even if it's a happy scream. I guess he heard me yesterday. He asks if I could save the loud stuff for when he's at work." I laughed, and she pointed at me accusingly. "It's your fault!" she giggled. "If you weren't so fucking good in bed, he wouldn't have heard a thing."

"Okay. I'll try to be lousy then," I nodded.

"Bite your tongue!" she hissed, leaning over to kiss me. "Actually, I'll bite mine. You just keep being you, and making me cum like a banshee. It makes me wonder who else could hear us though. Maybe we're entertaining the entire neighbourhood."

"You know, most of the time that your father is at work, I will be too. That should keep you quiet," I suggested.

"Hmmm, yes, I know," she nodded. "I may need a new vibrator after all, unless I can tempt you home for a lunchtime quickie."

"That sounds like fun," I smiled.

"Good. So, what would you like for dinner tonight?" she asked, laying back on the lounge. "I offer myself as dessert."


Monday morning, I reluctantly pried myself out of Christie's embrace, and our nice warm bed. She greeted me as I exited the shower, with a coffee and a smile... in the nude, of course, lest I get too comfortable with leaving her for the day.

"Breakfast is almost ready," she giggled, patting my behind. "Get dressed. I'll see you in the kitchen."

I towelled off, and walked into my closet, getting ready for work. When I made my way to the kitchen, I found her sitting at the table, legs crossed, sipping her own coffee, just like the first morning we had together. She was naked then, too.

"You're not exactly encouraging me to leave, are you?" I laughed.

"Well, I don't need to go anywhere today, or at least, not until this afternoon. Why submit my clothes to unnecessary wear and tear?" she smiled, a mischievous glint in her eye. She stood, and sauntered over to the oven, bending at the waist to retrieve my plate of food that she was keeping warm. She made sure to point her sexy ass right at me as she did. She also made sure to squeeze her breasts together between her upper arms as she placed it on the table in front of me. "Bon appétit, my love," she giggled, emphasizing the 'tit' portion of appétit.

Our first full day as a couple was off to a great start.


As far as those lunchtime quickies go, it was just a little too far from my office to home and back to make the trip worthwhile. What I could do, however was push through lunch, and head home earlier than usual, when circumstances allowed.

I know... it's my business, I'm the boss, why can't I just take an extended lunch, right? Well, I could, but my success was linked to the success of my employees, and if I set a bad example, I could hardly fault them for following it, could I? No. I wouldn't do that, not even for the pleasures of Christie's body, and she agreed when we talked about it Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday, however, was a different matter.

It was nearing noon when my intercom buzzed, and our receptionist told me there was a guest waiting for me out front. I stepped out of my office, and immediately saw Christie's strawberry-blonde mane.

"Honey?" I asked as I approached, "is everything alright?" She had surprised me. If I had thought before speaking, I would have known there was no emergency, as she was smiling and perfectly coiffed, sitting comfortably in a chair in our waiting area.

"Certainly, baby," she smiled, standing up to greet me with a kiss. "You just forgot your lunch, so I brought it to you," she said, wagging a brown paper bag at me.

I glanced at the receptionist, who was fighting back a smile. My friend with the SUV, Steve, had blabbed about Christie, and everyone knew about her already. Good thing we weren't hiding our relationship.

"Come in. I'll be with you in a minute," I smiled, noting her outfit : high heels and a trenchcoat. She led through the door, and I closed it behind us. I locked it quietly.

"Funny... I don't recall making a lunch," I whispered, "let alone forgetting it."

"Well, no... you didn't. I lied about that," she smiled, turning to kiss me again. "I did bring you something to eat, though... and it's nice and warm!" She stepped back, and untied the belt of her coat, opening it wide.

Underneath, a black lacey bra cradled her fabulous breasts. A matching pair of panties hid her shaven pussy, and stay up stockings encased her legs.

"I had to borrow mom's coat," Christie smiled. "She says 'Hi', by the way."

"Wow! You came all the way here like that?" I asked, drooling.

"Mom always taught me to wear clean underwear, in case I got in an accident and had to go to the hospital. She never said anything about wearing anything else," she giggled, still holding the coat open for maximum effect. "These are clean... or at least they were. Probably a little gooey by now. I've been thinking about you all day."

I quickly took my seat behind the desk, cleared away the papers I had been working on, and patted the spot in front of me.

"Ooooo, you read my mind," Christie purred, pushing her panties off over her hips. They slid down her legs, and she stepped out of them, then took a seat on the desk, spreading her thighs wide. "Lunchtime... I hope you enjoy your meal."

Oh, I think that's a certainty, I thought, looking at her juicy gash, glistening with tasty gravy. She had tugged the cups of her bra down, and was tweaking her nipples as she looked down at me, perched on her elbows.

I dug in, slurping my soup as quietly as possible. My tongue did laps of her swollen sex, concentrating on her clit, of course. She began to quiver almost immediately.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuk," she breathed. "I've been so horny all morning. Eat me, honey. Make me cum so good."

I latched on to her clit, and sucked firmly. She laid back flat on the desk, and grabbed my head with both hands, rubbing her sloppy cunt across my lips urgently. I heard her breathing peak, into snorts and desperate gasps, but she stayed quiet, something I knew was difficult for her. Only her body spoke of the waves of pleasure she was feeling, as her thighs shook, her stomach clenched tight, and her fingers clawed at my scalp. After several seconds of bliss, she relaxed.

"Oh god... Thank you, my darling," she whispered, slowly rising to a sitting position again. "Now... perhaps you have something I can swallow?"

Hell yeah! I thought, quickly unzipping, and wrestling my cock free of my underwear as she positioned herself on her knees.

"Should you ever need a substitute receptionist," she winked, "I'm available!" Her mouth opened wide, and plunged down over my rampant erection. It was like a reenactment of the blowjob she gave me in the restaurant parking lot, during her Thanksgiving visit. She sucked with desperate fury, jamming the head of my cock into the back of her throat, choking herself with it. The setting, and her undisguised need, made it feel incredible, and I sat back, willing to let her finish me.

She had other ideas.

She stopped suddenly, and stood, turning away from me. Bending from the waist, she braced herself against the desk with both hands.

"Please," she hissed. "One more?"

I stood behind her, and lifted the tail of her coat up resting it on her back. I grasped her hips, and looked down at the perfect symmetry of her firm ass. It was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen, and it was mine forever. I speared her dripping cunt smoothly, balls deep on the first stroke.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeee... " she breathed, resting her forehead on the desktop. Her pussy accepted the full length thrusts I offered her, easing up just before the bottom, to muffle the sound of flesh meeting flesh. I watched her knuckles turn white, as her grip on the desk's edge tightened with the approach of another orgasm. Her legs quivered under her, and she whimpered softly. "Cumming..."

I pressed deep into her, relishing the way her tight sheath rippled around my shaft as she came. It milked my dick like it had fingers, but I was able to hold back until she finished, before I pulled out.

She spun around, and dropped quickly, gathering my cock into her mouth just in time to get her tonsils painted with a load of hot semen. She gulped it down with a few gentle moans of happiness, while I tried desperately not to bellow like Tarzan in the jungle. I sat heavily, but she held fast, sucking the last few drops out of my balls.

"Mmmmm mmmm good," she smiled, checking her face for stray semen. She leaned back against the desk, and adjusted her bra, holstering her magnificent chest again. By the time I caught my breath, Christie was smoothing her coat in place, having retied the belt. I tucked my spent noodle back into my pants, and stood to kiss her.

"Ah, I almost forgot," she giggled, picking up the brown bag that supposedly contained my 'lunch'. She opened it, extracting a can of air freshener and a pack of wet wipes. "One for your face... one for the room."

My little minx had thought of everything. She sprayed as she walked around the room, and flipped her dampened panties onto my desk with her foot while I wiped my face of excess pussy juice.

"You can hold onto those for now," she grinned, nodding at the black nylon crumpled on my desktop. "Just as a reminder of what's waiting for you at home. I'll see you in a few hours."

She opened the door, and breezed out, saying her goodbyes as she went.

Yeah, like I needed a reminder who was now living in my house.


Spring break week ended, and the few extra days her transfer afforded us passed as well. I heard no complaints from Ed about the noise, and Angela seemed to enjoy hearing her little girl in the throes, so she would just grin knowingly. We had settled into a routine... a most enjoyable one. There was only one more change to make.

I drove Christie to school for her first day. She was a understandably a little nervous, with a whole new group of professors to deal with. I wasn't really too concerned, because I knew her, and had absolute confidence she could handle anything they threw at her.

I was right about her, of course.

I just didn't see me being the problem.

Actually, I was only part of the trouble. The other half of it was one of those new professors, but I didn't know about any of it for several days. I came home from work to find Christie sitting by the pool, chatting with a young woman whom I hadn't met.

I'm sure you've all heard how 'opposites attract', and it's true. It was the most logical explanation for Christie and I even being involved, with her young vibrant beauty being balanced by my... shall we say, more 'experienced' features and the like. I'm not foolish enough to deny that she was waaaay out of my league. I'm just glad I was allowed to play the game.

I suppose the same theory would apply equally well to friendships, as I assume the new guest in our yard must have been one of her new acquaintances from school. The girl was a polar opposite to Christie, which is not to say she wasn't pretty... just in a totally different way. Brunette, petite, and oozing introvert, she contrasted with my darling's blonde, tall, and buxom aura like black against white. Birds of a feather may flock together, but not all birds like to flock at all.

"Hi, honey," I smiled, coming out of the house into the backyard. It suddenly occurred to me that our house... and pool... might be quite popular with the fairer coeds during the summer semesters. Maybe our address would be babe central, not that Christie's presence wasn't enough to make that designation appropriate.

"Hi baby!" she gasped, hopping to her feet and greeting me with a very enjoyable hug and kiss. "I'd like you to meet April. She's in my Evolutionary Psych class."

"Nice to meet you, April," I nodded, taking the soft hand she offered me.

"Likewise, Mr. Reynolds," the brunette replied. She had very pretty eyes, I noticed.

"Please, don't start with that stuff," I laughed. "If she can call me John, you can too," I pointed at my fiancé, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Just don't start calling him 'Honey', or you'll answer to me," Christie giggled.

"Right," April smiled, relaxing visibly.

"So, what might you two be chatting about?" I asked.

"Just girl talk," Christie said quietly, giving me a wink. "Nothing you'd be too interested in. April lives not far away, and I suggested we spend a little time here before she went home. You know... gossip, sunshine and a dip."

'Nothing I'd be too interested in' was Christie's way of telling me to get lost, no disrespect intended. I just smiled and took the hint, retreating indoors. I ended up in the kitchen.

Do you remember the night I first saw Christie in the pool, having a moonlight skinny dip? Well, I wasn't planning on eavesdropping, but that's what happened. Honest. Just a fluke of the acoustics in the house, but I could hear them talking, even though they would have had to search to see me.

"So what's the deal with Professor Bridges, anyway?" Christie asked. "He seems a bit... off."

"Oh yes," April replied. "I forgot you're new to the school, not just the class. Yeah, you could say he's a bit off. It seems like he's noticed you. You're his type. I hope you've had your shots."

"Ew!" Christie giggled. "I'm his type? Like what? Tall? Blonde?"

"More like 'top heavy'," April returned. "He's got a thing for boobs, and every semester he picks a new victim that fits his twisted imagination."

"Victim? Of what?" Christie wondered.

"His attention," April volunteered. "He makes me glad to be less endowed than average," she shook her head, glancing down at her much smaller chest.

"I don't suppose it would do any good to point out I'm taken?" Christie asked, "or that I'm not interested?"

"No one ever is, and from what I've heard, most of his chosen ones have nothing to complain about other than his eyes on them," April added. "That's the only reason he's still teaching. He's all leer and no touch."
"You said 'most'?" Christie said, concerned.

"Well, there's always someone willing to take the easy way, isn't there?" April laughed. "That's all hearsay, though. I don't know anyone who would fit that category, but I've heard the rumours."

Great fucking idea, John, I thought. Get the love of your life to transfer closer to home, right into the clutches of a lecherous prick professor. Nice one. What's next? Hire Charles Manson as a tutor?

There was a predictable lull in the conversation, as Christie digested the news she was on a serial sexual assaulter's radar.

"So, you're serious about John, right?" April asked. My ears pricked up.

"Of course. I love him, and we're getting married. I told you that," Christie said firmly.

"Well, I'm not passing any judgements, but you might want to keep that quiet around campus... his age, I mean. If Bridges finds out, he might take it as a sign to press the issue," April opined. "I'm sure he's a wonderful man, and that you'll be happy, but why make it harder than it has to be, right?"

That sinking feeling was in my stomach again. We had just gone public, and already it appeared that the world was conspiring against us. My mere presence was a threat to her. What Christie said next warmed my heart, and boosted my confidence.

"If that fucking bastard thinks he can twist me around his finger, or mess with me?... He's in for a rude awakening. There's no way I'm letting him fuck up my life. No way in hell."

There was a tone in her voice that I'd heard once before... during the Angela honey trap incident. An edge... that said she wasn't spouting idle chatter. I felt better. I wasn't supposed to know about any of it, of course, but I still felt better.

April was on her way an hour or so later. That left Christie and I alone again, and me with a small dilemma ; to tell her, or not to tell her... that was the question.

I had no doubt she could handle it by herself, if need be, but I didn't like pretending I didn't know. It felt dishonest, but there was also the manner from which I learned of the problem. Even though I hadn't intentionally eavesdropped on her, I hadn't exactly closed my ears, or removed myself from the situation, either.

I decided to risk it, and hope she understood.


The opportunity to discuss it arose that night. I suppose 'opportunity' is being pretty broadly applied in this case.

"Honey," I began tentatively, "I have to tell you something."

There was no immediate response, mostly because her mouth was full of my cock at the moment. Like I said, pretty broadly applied. She gestured, which I took to mean I should continue, while she did the same. She was making concentration and choosing the appropriate words a bit of a challenge.

"I, um... I kind of... well I was in the kitchen, when you and April were talking, and..."

Christie paused, and withdrew, leaving my spit soaked shaft to shine in the soft light.

"Yes. Go on," she said evenly.

"I swear I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, and I know I should have walked away, but..." I looked at her. Her eyes were neutral, but told me to spill it all.

"What are you going to do about Professor Bridges?" I concluded.

"Okay," she smiled, "First of all, I'm not mad. I know you didn't spy on us intentionally, and, hey... it's your house. You shouldn't have to be confined to a soundproof booth every time I talk with a friend. Second, right now, I'm doing nothing at all about Professor Bridges, because he hasn't done anything I'm concerned with. Yes... he does look at me a bit creepy, but I don't mind being looked at. Until he does more, I'll stand pat. April could be wrong."

"What if she's not?" I asked, preparing for the worst.

"Hmmm, well, then he finds out he's fucking with the wrong girl, and I bury him," she growled. I smiled.

"As opposed to me, who's fucking with the right girl, right?"

"Right. Now... where was I before I was interrupted by these trivialities?" she grinned, tapping her lips and looking thoughtful. "Oh yes... I remember now... I was sucking your cock. Shall I continue, or did you want to talk some more?"

Suddenly, Professor Bridges seemed less worthy of my time. My dick made the decision for me, twitching in her hand.

"Alrighty then," she giggled, and went back to work, slurping her way down almost to my balls.

By the time she was swallowing my load of spunk, I had almost forgotten what I'd overheard, and how upset it made me.



As it turns out, April was spot on.

Dammit. I really didn't like the idea of some lecherous prick ogling my fiancé, or worse. My feelings were compounded by the fact that Christie was trying to keep me out of it as much as possible.

Which is not to say she was hiding anything. No, I got my nightly reports... the 'sit rep' for 'Operation Asshole' as we had jokingly christened it. She was just making an attempt to curb my natural protective instinct toward her, and keep me from flattening Eldon Bridges' nose, as I had vocalized I wanted to do. We would reserve that for the last resort. Until that eventuality, I would remain a concerned spectator and strategy consultant, while she ran the plays on the field.

So far, Bridges had confined his unwanted attention to openly leering at Christie whenever he thought no one was watching. There was one other item that was mildly concerning, however.

Her marks in his class were lower than her usual stellar performance, and we were concerned that it might cause her parents to exercise the 'move home' clause in our living arrangements. While it might seem logical to have a slip, given the extra stress she must have been under in that class, it remained an anomaly. Worse yet, the lower marks didn't appear to be justified. Christie made it clear that she was going to investigate, and possibly discuss the matter with her Student Advisor.

One day, I came home to find Christie and April talking on the deck again. They had become carpool buddies, and April often took a refreshing dip before heading home, even staying for dinner a few times. So far, my much anticipated backyard bikini babe coed beach party was an unrealized fantasy, but I still held hope.

When I walked out into the yard to say 'Hi', I just knew something was up. There was a serious tone in the air, and April almost immediately excused herself, saying we had 'a lot to discuss'. Christie patted the seat next to her, urging me to sit.

"I'm not sure I like the way this is starting," I said quietly, "and I don't even know what we're going to talk about. Should I be concerned?"

"Not really. We finally know what game Professor Bridges is playing," she smiled, "and I'm just considering my options before proceeding."

"Okay, baby. Lay it all out for me," I nodded, bracing for what I was sure was bad news.

"I will," she smiled, standing to take my hand. "Let's just do it somewhere more comfortable."


Sweat dripped down her curvaceous chest, leaving little trails of salty exertion as she rode me hard, on her way to a third orgasm. Some couples talk about the days events in bed just before sleep. We do it during sex, which means we spend a lot of time talking, because we do a lot of fucking.

Well, they say communication is the key, after all.

"Mmmmm, yeah... Fuck, that's so good," Christie groaned, her eyes screwed shut with concentration as she sought to stimulate just the right spot to push her over the edge. Ah, there it is...

"Ngahhhhnnnn! Yes! My god, yes! Yes! YESSSS!" she gasped, shuddering atop me, her nails digging into my shoulders. She exhaled slowly, and leaned forward to kiss me, resting her big tits on my chest. "Oh shit, that was good... Now, where was I?" she giggled.

"Option one... Beat the higher standard," I recapped.

"Oh yeah, right," she smiled. "So I essentially do nothing, pretend I haven't noticed his game, and just give the answers he's demanding to get the grades I deserve. I can do it, but I'd have to put in a lot of extra time, and it might cost me in another class." She brushed her sweaty hair out of her face, and took another deep breath. "I'm not trying to look for the easy way out, but what he's doing is wrong, so why should it all fall on my shoulders?"

"Okay," I replied. "Option two?"

"Complain about the way he's marking me, compared to the others in the same class. It becomes a matter of record, but it makes me look like a whining bitch."


"I accept his... 'help'... up to the point where he makes his move," she said. "As soon as he tips his hand, and offers to fix my grades for my favours, we've got him. We sting him."

"So, we're playing his game back at him?" I asked. She nodded. "I'm not sure I like that one. Can't I just punch his lights out? It's so much easier."

"Yes, easier, but I'd rather not spend my Sundays visiting you in prison. I'm not sure I could get by with once a week conjugal visits, either," she giggled. "Personally, I'd like to watch him squirm a little."

"I guess. I just hope I can pull it off. It's been a long time since I took drama in high school," I shook my head.

"True, but you have a lifetime of experience, and a huge collection of movies to draw from. I have complete confidence in you," she grinned, rolling off me. She laid back and spread her legs. "I leave myself in your hands... and anything else you wish to use on me. Hint. Hint."

I knew she was just distracting me from the fact she had already decided our course of action, by offering me something I couldn't refuse : her body. I might have been concerned about being so predictable, and easily manipulated, as we began our life together, but I trusted her not to abuse her power. This was her life. I wasn't being excluded, but my role in 'Operation Asshole' was clearly defined, and non-debatable.

There was nothing to do right now but accept her offer, and fuck her senseless. I'd rehearse with her later.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessss," she sighed, as I eased my dick back into the velvety confines of her pussy. Her legs wrapped me in their usual manner, and she looked me straight in the eyes. "Don't worry, baby. He doesn't have a chance."

Her confidence was infectious. Her body was infectious. I wasn't immune.

I wasn't interested in being cured, either. Ever.


Training and prep for the tactical portion of the op began immediately. I found it easier to think of it that way, taking some of the emotional entanglement out of it.

I was also the gopher, and did some online research before choosing our intelligence and evidence gathering equipment. It didn't need to be admissible in court, because we weren't planning on going that far... at least, not in reality. The proof just needed to be obvious enough to use against him. The rest of it was my job.

In the meantime, Christie continued with her routine as though nothing unusual was happening, attending classes every day, including her Evolutionary Psych class. She just avoided extra contact with the Prof, until our order of spy gear came in. Some of it was being customized, so it would take a little bit of time.

Christie had a big midterm quiz coming up, and was studying madly, wanting to be sure she was fully prepared to get her usual top marks. How Eldon Bridges actually graded her paper was a different matter entirely, and if he did his normal job, she could count on a disappointing and totally uncharacteristic result. We were counting on it. The more anomalous evidence we had, the better this would work. All we were after was a fair evaluation of her abilities, untainted by her Professor's predilection for her beauty and bustline.

Not that I entirely blamed him, of course. If I was in his position, on a campus of young adults, teaching a course that attracted more women than men... I'd certainly notice Christie was among the most attractive in the class. Since I share his appreciation of that most feminine of attributes, those being breasts, I'm sure she'd catch my eye even more.

That's about where my understanding ended, however. I would never cross the lines he had. I know it seems as though I was employing my own double standard, given the unique relationship Christie and I shared, but you have to remember that we were in this relationship because she chose me. I didn't pursue her, and initially tried to dissuade her, before we fell in love. He was trying to manipulate and force her into something that was not her choice, and unwanted.

That's where the comparison ended, and why I had decided, despite my initial reluctance, to get fully on board. Her plan had scared me a bit at first, but as I got used to the idea, I could see its merit, and began to have fun with it, even carefully planning my portion of the scam. I started combing through my collection for movies that might help with details I had overlooked, and did my own studying, which allowed her to concentrate on her own.

Which is not to say our sex life ground to a halt. Oh, no... you've met my fiancé, haven't you? While it did reduce our pace for a while, all the preoccupation with our studies was a mere speed bump, and we both benefited from the stress relief that a good fuck provides. It helped to refocus our attention... after a brief, sweaty coupling and exchange of bodily fluids, and perhaps a short nap.

I still had my own 'Plan B', as well. If things didn't work the way we'd planned, my fist and his nose would get up close and personal. As appealing as the thought had been in the beginning, I found myself hoping I didn't have to go that route.


I woke when Christie stirred in my arms, cracking an eye open. The clock said 5:48, and dawn's early light was tickling the ceiling of our bedroom. Nearly half an hour before the alarm would sound, I wasn't eager to relinquish my hold on her.

I was spooned behind her, but she was trying to turn in my grasp, and we settled into a new position, with her snuggled against my chest. I felt the soft swell of her breasts, the pressure waxing and waning with her breathing. It was one of my favourite parts of our days together, this morning routine. My morning wood, rested against her thigh. She shifted again, trapping it between us.

"I feel something nice," she giggled softly, finally opening her eyes. She always struck me as playful, and in the morning, even more so. I suppose the freshly fucked bed head from the night before might have been part of it, her blue eyes peeking out through the tousled mop. "Is it for me?"

"Always, baby, but you'll have to be quick. April will be here to pick you up in an hour. You have your quiz today, right?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Don't remind me," she grumbled. "I don't mind working hard, but I like to be rewarded for doing so. To have him mark me lower really pisses me off. I really hope this works."

"I'm sure it will, honey," I smiled, kissing her nose. She twisted up to catch the second one on the lips, then wormed her tongue into my mouth. As the kiss heated up, she rolled me back, and grabbed my hard cock with one hand, stroking it firmly. She moaned, and pulled away.

"You said quick," she smiled, and immediately slurped my dick into her mouth.

My turn to moan, now, as she sucked hard, getting me ready to penetrate her juicy pussy, which I was just able to reach between her legs. The tips of three fingers spread her labia open, and her hips rotated freely, trying to urge them deeper, but I was out of arm length. She solved the problem, by giving me one last slap on her tongue, and rising up. She aimed my probe at her willing receptacle, and lowered herself aboard.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned, settling herself fully. A smile crossed her lips. "I love the feel of hard cock in the morning. It feels like..."

"Victory?" I laughed, finishing the Apocalypse Now reference for her. She laughed, and ground her hips down harder, leaning forward a bit. Her big tits swung, slapping my face gently as she started her ride.

"Mmmmm, yes... Victory. Here's to victory over Eldon Bridges," she whispered.

And here's to him never getting to do what I'm doing with you right now, I thought, suckling a nipple that had come within reach seconds before. Her pussy was gripping my cock lovingly, and she was purring like a happy kitten as she rhythmically rose and fell.

Despite our lack of time, Christie was taking it slow and easy. To be honest, we weren't really that rushed, but couldn't afford a long session, with multiple orgasms for her, so she was making sure the one she would get was a really good one. It would most certainly have the same effect on me, when my opportunity arrived.

The clock continued to indicate that time didn't stand still, even for us in our passion, and I caught Christie peeking out of the corner of her eye at the nagging digits while she skewered herself smoothly. I could feel her beginning to quiver, and her breathing took on her usual pre-orgasmic pace, letting me know she was close. I switched nipples again, and gave her a playful bite. She reacted with a gasp, and an increase in the speed of her strokes.

"Oh yes, baby, I'm gonna cum!" she hissed, slamming her hips down a final few desperate times. She ground her clit against me, and shuddered, whimpering as the waves of pleasure hit her. She rested on my chest, catching her breath, when... the alarm went off.

"Thanks honey," she giggled, jumping up off my dick, and heading for the bathroom.

Oh no... Not so fast, little Missy! I thought, untangling myself from the covers and pursuing her. She was still giggling, and by the time I caught her, had started the shower and was just about to step in. I dragged her out, half wet, and picked her up over my shoulder.

She laughed wildly as I threw her back onto the bed, intent on getting my own fun out of this mornings proceedings.

"But honey, you'll make me late!" she snickered, knowing her little game of using up the clock and cumming at the buzzer had been uncovered.

"I'm sure April can wait a few minutes," I growled, wrenching her legs apart, and plunging my cock back inside her dripping cunt. "Tell her I was fucking you. She'll understand."

"Ooooo mmmmm, yes, I'll tell her all about how good your big cock makes me feel," she smiled.

"Well, don't be cruel about it," I laughed, starting to pound her hard. We had time for me to cum, but not much more, and despite my words, I didn't really want to make her late.

"Fuck me, darling!" she gasped, deciding to stay on topic. "Fuck! Cum all over me!"

I just smiled, and picked up the pace, drilling her tight pussy remorselessly. She knew just what to do to expedite things, and arched her back, pushing her big boobs out at me and making me watch them bounce and dance across her chest. Yeah, she knew me well, and made sure to shake those magnificent globes at me, encouraging my big finish. It was working, and I felt the tingle begin to grow in my balls. Just as the snooze alarm came on, I pulled out.

Christie's eyes widened, and locked onto my right hand, which was furiously stroking my shaft. I aimed, and pulled the trigger.

The first shot came up just short of her extended tongue, landing in a stripe from her lower lip, down her neck, and across her left breast. The second one was better, nearly parallel, but it had the range, disappearing into her open mouth. Another followed, before my shots weakened, splattering her chest and tits with blots of warm goo. I flopped beside her.

"Okay," I panted, "now you can go."

"Don't, rush me!" she giggled, licking her fingers, and going back for more. "Like you said... April can wait. Let her get her own!" She even gave my withered dick a cleansing suck before finally stepping under the shower that had steamed up the bathroom while I had fucked her to my completion.
I laid back, my eyes heavy, listening to her humming happily. If I had the energy, I would have been singing harmony, because I was happy too. I couldn't imagine being happier with anyone.

Whirlwind Christie swept back into the bedroom, and I took refuge in the shower, letting her have space to prepare for her day. When I exited, she was already in the kitchen, so I put on my robe and followed. I had just grabbed my cup of coffee, when I heard the beep of April's horn, outside.

"Can you stall her for a minute, honey?" she asked, racing past me. "I'll just be a few."

"Yup," I smiled, and headed for the front door, checking my robe as I went. I was naked under it, and didn't want to inadvertently flash Christie's friend. Opening the door, I stepped out, making eye contact with April. She waved.

"Big test today, right?" I said as I stopped beside her open window.

"Yes. I think I'm ready. How's Christie feel... about the test, I mean," she smiled, adding a wink.

"So, you've been girl-talking, have you?" I laughed. "Should I be embarrassed?"

"Not from what I've heard!" she giggled.

I was about to comment, when the door opened, and Christie joined us. She gave me a kiss, and smiled at my quizzical expression.

"What?" she laughed.

"I hear I've been the subject of gossip," I tutted at her, shaking my head.

"I'm afraid so," she nodded. "We spend a lot of time in the car together. We can only talk about the weather for so long."

I returned her kiss of apology with a smile, letting her know I wasn't really upset. She took her seat, and fluttered her fingers at me as they left.

I went back inside to get dressed, certain I was the subject of conversation in that car today.


Our package of spy stuff arrived that afternoon, which was a good thing, because when Christie got her marks back three days later, they were as expected. Lower than average. Professor Bridges asked Christie to stay behind again.

"Christie, I get the impression you're not understanding the core of this course," he said sternly. "I know you're doing very well in all your other classes, so I know you are an excellent student. It would be a shame for this class to drag your average down as badly as it is, so I'm willing to give you some extra help, if you'd like it?"

"Thank you Professor Bridges," she replied. "I could meet you at your office, if that's okay?"

"I was thinking it would be better, and more relaxing, at my apartment," he suggested, which was important, because it had to be his idea. "We could go over your areas of concern, and have a bite to eat."

Christie told him she'd think about it, and get back to him, then walked out quietly. Just outside the door, she exhaled loudly.

How could I know this, you're probably asking. After all, I wasn't there, was I?

Well, no, I wasn't... but two of my purchases were. In Christie's pocket and purse were two pens. The first, a pretty basic digital recorder disguised as a writing implement, was more of a backup. The other was much more sophisticated, and combined video, sound, and even GPS location, relaying it through Bluetooth to her phone, and then via data link to mine. It was recorded on both devices.

So, I watched as he tried to launch his sick plan, while unwittingly launching ours. We had him recorded, asking her to meet him at an inappropriate place. Christie planned to hold out for a while, until he asked again, or suggested something more incriminating. It was all going into our file on him.

I was still watching my phone, when Christie's voice, soft in the empty hallway, spoke to me.

"Thanks honey. I love you," was all she said.

Did she need to say more?


I know you all want to know how this is resolved, so I'll try not to keep you waiting too long... but I have other stories to touch base with. Hang in there.

Thanks for reading, and being patient, and allowing me to tell the story as it comes to me.

Please send me your comments and feedback, and cast your votes.

Thank you.

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