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Kelly and Ed

Kelly cursed loudly, "Fucking shit arse bastard!"

She was lying in a heap on the cold ground, holding her ankle. She'd rolled it stepping off the sidewalk and into a pothole she'd not seen in the dim light of the early morning. Hot tears stung her eyes as the pain bloomed up her leg. She could feel her ankle beginning to tighten and swell.

"Fuck," she whispered again, realising she was still at least 4km from home.

Kelly looked around for her phone, it had been in her hand before she'd fallen. Unable to see it nearby, she tentatively turned over, wincing as the pain in her ankle disagreed with her efforts. It lay the gutter next to her. She picked it up, hoping against hope that it would still be usable and was disheartened to see it was completely dead.

Kelly took a moment to still her mind and gather her thoughts. The shock of falling and the pain in her leg marred her need to think straight. She took a couple of deep breaths. First she had to get home but how? Shaking her head as she went over the possibilities, she decided to go with Plan A; she'd have to hobble home.

She rolled onto her knees, pushing herself up off the ground, gingerly placing her injured foot down on the ground to see if she could walk on it. Kelly stumbled as it gave way under her weight and cried out as sharp spears of pain shot up her leg and into her groin. Tears ran down her face. She was independent and used to looking after herself, not having to rely on others but she was going to have to. Bugger it, there was nothing else left to do but go with Plan B.

Kelly hobbled awkwardly in place. It was still early in the morning and traffic was light. At that moment she saw a car approaching. Everything she'd been told by her parents, media and society went through her mind...never get in a car with a stranger, never hitch hike, all men in cars are rapists and serial killers. In the split second she'd hesitated the car drove past her and she realised she should've been braver. Kelly felt a wave of hopelessness roll through her.

She tucked her broken phone into the pocket of her jacket and waited. Soon enough she saw a ute coming down the road. She had only a few seconds to decide what to do. Perhaps she could borrow his phone to call someone? With her heart thumping hard in her chest she put her hand up and waved at the oncoming utility.

Ed had seen the woman ahead of him on the sidewalk. There was little else to look at this early in the morning; she was wearing a loose black jacket, fitted Lycra exercise tights and running shoes. She was standing awkwardly on one foot and looked upset. He was surprised to see her arm go up, waving him down. Well he thought it was him she was signalling to but he looked in the rear view mirror to make sure. As the road behind him was clear he flicked on the indicator and moved over to the left, pulling up next to her.

He used the controls on his door to wind down the electric window and she leaned in.

"Hi, thanks for stopping. I've had a tumble and sprained my ankle. May I please borrow your phone to call someone to get me? Mine broke in the fall."

She was trying to smile and her voice, while a little hesitant, was cheerful enough. She looked familiar and sounded familiar. He stared at her, his brain working overtime to work out how he knew her. Her hair was dishevelled, her eyes, in the half-light were dark but red-rimmed from crying and he could see the glisten of tears on her cheeks. She was biting her bottom lip nervously and pain flickered across her face, creasing her brow. She dropped her head so he couldn't see her face and gasped, as a wave of pain must've run through her. Her hair had fallen across her face and he had a surprising urge to tuck it behind her ear. He saw she was looking at him oddly now, he'd been too quiet for too long. He shook himself.

"Oh hey. I'm sorry...I could be wrong but don't I know you?"

She frowned, sighed with exasperation and shook her head, "What? No. I don't think so."

She turned her head to the side a little and looked hard at him and then her eyes widened, "Ed?"


Ed opened his door and walked around to her. She had straightened and was coming toward him when she hesitated as she remembered, too late, about her injured foot. She stumbled as it gave way under her and would've fallen but he rushed forward and caught her in time.

"Whoa! Hold on," he said catching her under her arms, pulling her up towards him.

Kelly cried out, "Oh fuck!" She sobbed into his shoulder, clinging to him.

Ed held her tight, supporting her as she leaned into him.

"Come on. Let's get you in the car."

He opened the passenger door and supported her as she dropped into the seat. He lifted her leg carefully into the cab of the ute and shut the door, taking a second to think, "Kelly! Here in the middle of nowhere." They'd not seen each other for nearly a year and it had ended weirdly. For one thing he'd thought they were great friends but she'd said she needed some time, some space and she'd not contacted him since. He'd wanted to, had even emailed her a couple of times but she'd not been her usually open friendly self so he'd taken the hint and backed away.

He got into the car and turned to her.

"Kelly, what happened? What are doing out here?"

She turned her tear-stained face to his, "I walk out here a few times a week...and I'm usually pretty careful...cos you know it's still pretty dark...but today, today...I stepped off the curb and didn't see the pothole...I rolled my phone smashed and..." she stopped to take a breath but lost some of her composure and put her head down. He could hear her swallowing hard, trying to continue.

Ed reached over and put his hand on her shoulder, "Hey it's ok. Come on let's get you home."

He started the car and pulled out. "Are you still in your old place?"

She didn't answer but nodded, looking ahead, occasionally wiping her face on her sleeve. They drove the few kilometres in silence. Ed's mind was racing and he imagined Kelly would be just as surprised to see him, as he was to see her.

In minutes they'd arrived at her cottage. It was an old weatherboard two bedroom she'd bought from the proceeds of her divorce long before he met her. He'd been there a couple of times but not for anything other than a meal or a drink. He'd wanted more and he'd thought she wanted more too but she'd always put up a wall.

He jumped out of the car and rushed around to her side opening it before she had the chance to. He put his hands under her arms and carefully lifted her out. She gasped and grabbed the open door, her eyes closed as she adjusted to the throbbing that was coursing around her ankle.

"Come on, lean on me, I'll help you inside."

Ed could feel waves of resistance coming off her. She obviously wanted to be alone but knew she couldn't manage. She laid her arm over the back of his shoulders as he put his own around her back. It took a while but slowly they made their way up the path and the stairs to her front door.

"You got your key?" he asked.

Kelly unzipped her jacket and Ed couldn't help but glance at the fitted singlet top, the way it curved around her breasts, the swell of pale skin exposed by the low neckline. She reached into the waistband of her tights and produced a key, handing it to him. Ed unlocked the door and pushed it open, again supporting Kelly as she limped inside. He kicked the door shut behind them.

"Right, where to first?" He asked.

They were in the hallway. Ahead of them the open plan living, kitchen and dining room opened out onto a huge veranda overlooking some native bush. On the left was the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and to the right, the guest bedroom.

"I don't know. Should I strap it first?" Kelly's quiet voice hid what was really going on. Her mind was in turmoil. Ed! Of all the people that would stop this morning she'd never have thought of him. She wondered what he thought about seeing her again.

"Why don't you have a shower and get changed. Then I'll strap it for you and get some ice onto it. You won't be going to work today so you may as well get yourself settled in for the day."

Kelly groaned, work! She'd forgotten about that. Bugger. Then she blushed hotly.

"Um, I don't want to hold you up. I'll be fine. You get going. You must've been on your way to work?" she stammered not looking at him.

She could feel his eyes on her and she glanced at him quickly. He was smiling at her. She felt a little cross. What the fuck was there to smile about?

"Kelly, you can't even walk across the room by yourself, how do you expect to do anything. I flew in this morning from a contract I was doing up north so no one is expecting me soon. Stop being silly, come on."

He all but dragged her into the bedroom walking her in the direction of the bathroom.

"Ed! Stop. Please. I don't want your help," Kelly was moving away from him.

Ed did stop and she let go, stumbling over to the chest of drawers, backing up to them, her face twisting in agony as she did so. Gasping she fought back the tears that threatened to spill. She was tired of crying.

"Ok. You don't want my help? You don't want me to get you some painkillers? Get the ice you'll need for your ankle? Get you some breakfast? Make you a coffee? Put some pillows on the couch for you to rest your leg on? Get you a blanket, the TV remote, the phone, some water and snacks for the day? You can do all that without someone to help you?"

Ed was being sarcastic and mean. She was behaving like a child and he wanted her to know it.

Kelly looked at him wide-eyed. She chewed on her lip again. It's what she did when she was anxious or thoughtful. Moments passed and Ed continued to stare at her, waiting. Refusing to break the silence.

Kelly thought of what he'd said. Immediately she'd wanted to say something smart and clever back at him. He was being an arse but she realised that she was too. He was right she did need help. It didn't need to be him but he was here. It would be an hour or more before any of her friends could come over and even then they'd be in a rush to get to work. She sighed and resigned herself to having this unsettling man in her house. And he did still unsettle her, even after their time apart. His presence, the way he looked at her as though he knew her. And he did. From their first contact he'd been intuitive and kind, smart and funny. He seemed to be able to read her, to know her. He was easy company and she'd enjoyed their time together. He'd had her completely under his spell, unwittingly she'd gone along with it and then realised, in time, that it was madness and she'd withdrawn from him.

"I'm sorry, you're right of course. I do need some help and you're here. Thank you," she whispered softly.

Ed felt a pang of guilt at being such a prick. It must've taken a lot for her to say that. There was history and an undercurrent of the past swirling around them and she was obviously distraught. He'd be careful.

"Ok then, come on," he stepped forward and put his arm around her again.

In the bathroom she leaned against the basin while he got her a towel and put a couple more on the floor so she wouldn't slip on the tiles. He went to the veranda and brought back a plastic chair for her to sit on while she washed herself. She told him what clothes to get, blushing and stammering as she explained where he'd find her bra and knickers. He was grinning at her discomfit and she couldn't help but grin back. It eased the tension a bit. He turned on the shower and waited for the hot water and then adjusted the temperature.

"Right, you have everything I think. Do you need a hand getting undressed?" His eyes were sparkling with mischief. He was enjoying this too much.

Kelly shook her head, "Not likely you pervert! I'll manage on my own thanks."

She was trying to sound gruff but couldn't help feeling that she was falling back into the warm comfortable way they used to be together. It was hard to fight it.

"Ok well it's up to you. Just so long as you know I'm very experienced at undressing the ladies so call out if you need me," he said cheekily as he closed the door behind him.

Kelly caught sight of herself in the mirror. She was grinning like a crazy woman. She took another closer look, oh God she looked like crap. Her dark mid-length hair was in complete disarray, her middle-aged face, while not too bad for a woman in her 40's, today looked old and pale, her eyes, red and puffy. Ah well, that'll stop him fancying you, you silly old cow she scolded herself. Kelly hesitated. Stop him fancying her? She didn't want him to. She shook her head to rid herself of the images her oversexed brain was in the process of conjuring.

She undressed, throwing her clothes into the hamper. She tied her hair into a loose topknot to keep it from getting wet before she inched herself into the cubicle, gratefully falling onto the seat Ed had brought in. She washed herself, shaved her legs, scrubbed her face and then sat under the running water for a bit, enjoying the sensation of warmth and comfort. Ed was annoyingly right, having a shower and getting dressed into clean clothes was the best thing to do.

Kelly took her time getting dry, she didn't want to fall and have to call Ed in to help her...not naked anyway! Grief, when was the last time a man had seen her naked? Months probably. She'd spent more than a few nights over the past year or more masturbating on her own.

She managed to get her bra and knickers on and slipped a loose cotton dress over her head. Exhausted she leaned against the bathroom sink. Her leg was throbbing and she longed to sit down. She shook her hair out and brushed the tangles as best she could. She still looked like crap but at least she was clean.

She opened the door, "Ed? Are you there?" she asked.

He called out in reply and came into the bedroom. He paused, Jesus she was a picture. She'd brushed out her hair and it was falling in soft waves over her shoulders. Her face was just as he remembered, open, warm and friendly. She'd lost the look of hesitation and anxiety that she'd been wearing since they met on the side of the road. He wasn't sure if it was the darkness of her hair or if she'd always looked this pale. He assumed it was the pain. His eyes drifted down her body taking in the way her dress clung to her curvy hips and full breasts, how he could make out the soft nubs of her nipples. He remembered the many times he'd wanted to take that curvy body and do things to her that would make her call out his name. He admired her legs and her feet. He had a thing for women's feet. Some would say it was a fetish but he liked to think of it as an appreciation. Some men loved bums and tits, he liked feet and Kelly had lovely feet.

"Ahem! What are you looking at young man?" She said with mock firmness.

He grinned, "What a difference a shower makes."

He was pleased to see her blush lightly. She blushed a lot. For all her confident bravery, her openness and the way she loved to flirt it was easy to make her blush.

"I'm starving and I need drugs and coffee," she retorted, reaching an arm out to him.

He put his arm around her again and this time he could feel the soft swell of her breast under his fingertips, could smell her scent in her hair, on her skin, could feel the way her hip bumped into his as she hobbled. He could feel the stirrings of desire in his groin.

In the lounge he helped her sit down on the chaise. Her dress had ridden up to expose her thighs as she manoeuvred herself back against the cushions. Ed felt the dark surge of lust fill his cock and he immediately felt guilty for it. She was in pain and needed help not a pervert taking advantage of her situation.

Kelly was in agony. Moving onto the chaise, trying to get comfortable was excruciating and she was conscious that her dress was showing a bit too much. A quick glance at Ed and she was grateful to see that he hadn't noticed, he was busying himself putting pillows under her leg.

Once she was settled he got the first aid box from the pantry and found a compression bandage. He wound it carefully around her ankle and foot. He resisted the urge to kiss her instep, to slip his tongue between the red-tipped toes. He resisted the urge to run his fingertips up the inside of her slightly parted thighs. He wanted to kiss his way up her belly to her breasts. His cock was now throbbing in his pants and he hoped his jeans were loose enough to hide what he felt for sure was, his obvious erection.

"Right, how's that feel? Not too tight? Too loose?" His voice was hoarse and he hoped she hadn't noticed.

Kelly was studying her swollen bandaged foot. "It feels good. Thanks for that. You're an expert!" She was smiling though her face was still very pale.

Ed frowned at her and retorted in mock dismay, "I'll have you know that I'm the first aid officer at work. I have a certificate and everything."

He was secretly pleased when she laughed at his silly joke.

"I'll get you those drugs and then some breakfast."

He brought her a half-empty packet of strong painkillers he found in the cabinet.

"Kelly these are really strong drugs! Should you be taking these? Won't they make you, I don't know, a little high?" Ed asked concerned.

Kelly nodded, "Yup. They're really strong. I used them when I had some dental surgery last year. I'll take two now so they really kick in and then I'll take one every few hours to keep the edge off."

Ed handed her a glass of water and disappeared into the kitchen. Kelly laid her head back and waited for the drugs to work. Her ankle was already feeling slightly better from being elevated and strapped. She sighed. She could hear Ed in the kitchen making breakfast and her stomach grumbled, as she smelled the coffee and toast. The first wave of opiate bliss rolled through her, from her head to her toes. She moaned in delight. She knew why people became addicted to drugs, they do make you feel so very good. She was starting to feel a little woozy. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey are you ok?" Ed was sitting next to her holding a plate of warm buttery toast dripping with marmalade and a cup of frothy coffee.

Kelly grinned inanely, "Oh yeah. Drugs are working real well."

Ed handed her the plate and put the coffee on the side table. He disappeared for a moment and then reappeared with a plate for himself. They ate in silence.

"God you make good toast. Fuck this is delicious! How'd you make the toast taste so good? I never make it this good. Jeez you're a chef as well as a nurse?"

Ed was staring at Kelly. She was off her face, completely high. He chuckled.

"Oh yeah. I'm a chef all right. Me and toast go way back."

Kelly was sipping her coffee and raving about the virtues of the bean, the way it grows, roasts and where it's grown. She was making no sense.

"Hey do you think the drugs are working? Can you feel any pain?" Ed asked bemusedly.

Kelly looked at him with glassy dilated eyes, "Pain? No there's no pain baby. I'm feeling really good. You know, I should've had these pills before I went for my walk this morning then I wouldn't have felt any pain when I fell over."

Ed laughed, "True. Should I get you some ice?"

Kelly glanced at him and he noticed she couldn't focus on him.

"Ice? Why? Are we having vodka?"

Ed shook his head. She was well and truly off with the fairies. He took their dishes and put them in the dishwasher. It was nearly full so he turned it on and wiped down the bench. He got a plate and put some fruit and crackers on it. He filled a bottle with water and took it all into the lounge. Kelly was asleep. Her mouth was open slightly and she was breathing deeply. He put the food down on the coffee table next to her and covered her in the blanket that lay over the back of the chaise. He put the TV remotes and the phone next to her.
He sat for a moment and watched her sleeping. He longed to stay but he was expected at work. He took a piece of paper from the desk under the window and wrote Kelly a note. He included his mobile number and said he'd be back later in the afternoon to check on her.

He went into the bathroom and tidied up, put all the washing into the machine, taking Kelly's damaged phone with him. He'd see if he could get it repaired in his lunch hour. Before he left he checked her one more time. He frowned and worried about leaving her alone. He put the rest of the pills high up in the pantry, leaving her one on the plate.


Kelly woke feeling very groggy. Her head thumped and her mouth was dry. For a moment she wasn't sure where she was. As she realised it was her own home, she couldn't fathom why she was on the chaise under a blanket. She went to roll over and searing pain shot up her leg. She cried out, gritting her teeth, grabbing at her trembling leg.

"Fucking shit arse bastard!" she swore.

As the pain eased she remembered exactly what happened. She'd fallen and Ed had found her. Ed? Ed was here. How weird was it that he'd be driving down the road and would find her after all this time? She looked around the room and listened for any noise. She didn't think he was still here. She glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall and was startled to see it was 12pm. Bloody hell where had the day gone? She remembered showering, Ed bandaging her foot...breakfast? Did she have breakfast? Her stomach grumbled and she reached for the apple from the plate on the table. She saw the note.

"Kelly, you've had breakfast and two painkillers. You got high very quickly, ate and then fell asleep. I've left you one more pill if you need it when you wake, it's on the plate but I've hidden the rest. I'm at work now and if you need me for anything you can call my mobile. I'll be back later with something for your dinner.

You asked me some questions before you fell asleep and I didn't have time to answer so I've written them down: yes I do still masturbate at the thought of fucking you. Yes I've had several girlfriends over the past year but I still think of you. Yes I would like to kiss your feet so thanks for the offer I will take you up on that when I get back. Yes I think your breasts are lovely but you didn't have to show me. Yes you can suck my cock any time you like. ☺

See you soon,


Kelly felt her face burning with embarrassment. What the fuck? Jesus Christ! Those bloody drugs. Lord...he can't come back here. He'd have the wrong idea. No, no, no. She groaned and laid her head back, her eyes screwed shut as she tried desperately to remember what had happened this morning. "You can suck my cock any time you like." Kelly swallowed hard, she couldn't imagine asking him that. She could believe she'd showed him her breasts. She did love to flash her breasts but usually when she'd been drinking. Kissing her feet? She offered her feet to him? They'd talked about his love of feet, of the women he'd been with, the ones who didn't mind, the ones who did. She'd not seen the attraction herself and he'd not ever pushed her except he always managed to find a way to get her to go barefoot whenever he was around. She grinned at the sneaky way he'd get her to take her shoes off. Her grin faltered as she reminded herself of the biggest problem they had. The one that eventually made her send him away.

Ed was several years younger than her, more than several actually. She was old enough to be his mother. It bothered her more than him. He said she didn't look anything like his mother. He was being a smart arse, trying to lightly reassure her that he didn't view her that way. It wasn't how she looked that bothered Kelly. Once he had been really cross at her for pushing the age thing and insisted she shut up about it. He pointed out their common interests, the easy way they conversed, their similar sense of humour, their shared love of sex.

Kelly groaned aloud, "Bloody hell."

She picked up the note and read it again and again. She smelled a rat. She wouldn't have said any of these things to him, no matter how high or drunk she was. She grinned at his nerve and laughed. He was a cheeky bugger. He could always make her laugh. She felt a little sad then, sad that their friendship had had to end.

She finished her apple, drank almost all of the water, which she immediately regretted, wondering how it was she was going to get to the toilet later. She remembered she was supposed to be at work and couldn't recall if she'd already rung in. She picked up the phone and spoke with her boss explaining the situation and saying she'd call again tomorrow to let her know how she was. She then called her friend Jane who didn't live far away and told her what happened, missing out the bit where she'd seen Ed again. Jane disapproved of Ed for the same reasons that Kelly stopped seeing him. Jane offered to come around and sit with her tonight but Kelly said no, she didn't want the company and she meant it. As much as she loved Jane, Kelly wanted to be alone.

Kelly could feel her ankle beginning to throb again. She popped the last painkiller into her mouth and finished the water. She could feel the opiate pulsing through her body as she reclined against the pillows, washing through her. Her skin becoming warm and numb, her brain slowing until there was nothing.

"Kelly. Kelly. Wake up."

Kelly could hear her name, could feel someone shaking her shoulder. Her mouth was dry again and as she became conscious she could feel the full dragging of her bladder reminding her she needed to go to the toilet. She was hot under the blanket too. She opened her eyes and squinted in the dimmed light of the room, searching for whoever it was calling her.

"Hullo sleepyhead. How was your day?"

Kelly looked over at Ed, sitting on the side of the chaise next to her.

"Hey. Yeah ok. Yours?" She struggled to sit up but the pain in her leg and her full bladder made her pause.

"Take it easy. You don't have to move. Stay there," Ed had his hand on her shoulder pushing her back into the pillows.

Kelly shook her head, "Nup, uh uh, I have to get up. I'm busting for the loo," she groaned.

Ed looked nonplussed for a moment then said, "Oh God of course. Come on, let me help."

Ed leapt to his feet and pulled back the blanket. Kelly's dress had ridden up and was around her waist. She gasped and hastily tried to pull it down but it was tangled tight, the careless movements making her foot ache and she cried out in frustration. Ed grabbed at her hand and held it still.

"Enough already, you're hurting yourself! I've seen a woman in knickers before. It's ok, you don't have to hide from me," he said quietly.

Kelly glanced up at him about to protest but his face stopped her. He looked a little bit serious and a little bit cross. He took her leg and supported it as she swung it over the edge of the chaise. He bent down and lifted her upright, supporting her under her arms. He waited while she pulled her dress down over her bottom and thighs. He helped her to the toilet, shutting the door to give her privacy and waited outside.

"I've finished," she called out self-consciously.

He opened the door and helped her back to the lounge. He settled her on the chaise again and went to put the blanket back on her.

"No it's ok. I'm warm enough. Thank you though," she was conscious of her bare legs, her bare feet, of him being here helping her. She didn't want him to think she was ungrateful.

"Can I get you something before I start dinner?" he still sounded a little cross with her. She shook her head.

"No more pills?"

Kelly looked up and saw a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth and she remembered his cheeky note. She tipped her head to the side as she studied him, two can play that game.

"No I don't think I should have any more of them. After I read your note I was horrified but I was still in pain so I took the last pill you left for me and you'll never guess what happened! My next door neighbour Bertrand, you know the one that kind of looks like George Clooney and Brad Pitt had a baby together?"

Ed was frowning at her, nodding, "You mean the gay one?"

Kelly nodded seriously, "Yup that's the one. Well he comes knocking on the door and before you know it he's inside the house and well, you know, I'm off my face on the drugs and I'm telling him I've fancied him for ages and I think he's hot. Before I knew it he was between my legs, saying he's never wanted a woman before now but then he's ball deep inside me and we're fucking like there's no tomorrow!"

Kelly sat and watched Ed's face as he took in what she was saying. She kept her face as honest as possible, eyes wide open, eyelashes fluttering just a little bit. Ed's face was a picture of disbelief and confusion. Kelly felt a small thrill of victory. It must've showed because Ed's face changed in an instant.

"You cheeky tart! Fuck you had me there," Ed was shaking his head and chuckling.

"Serves you right you lying bastard. That bollocks you wrote in your HAD me!" Kelly retorted cheerfully.

"I need a drink!" Ed wandered into the kitchen and Kelly heard the crack of a bottle being opened.

He turned and offered her a glass, "Should you have one? On top of the drugs?"

Kelly shrugged, "What's the time? It's after 5?'s been five hours since I had the last pill and my foot feels a little better so I reckon it's ok."

He poured them both a glass of red wine and passed her a glass before going back into the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" he called.

"Yeah, I am a bit," Kelly, replied.

She turned on the TV while Ed made dinner. Soon enough he was standing over her again with a plate of stir-fried chicken and noodles. He topped up her half-empty glass and sat on the floor beside her, leaning against the chaise. They watched TV, enjoying their food and making the occasional comment about the documentary they were watching.

Kelly put her plate aside, "That was delicious. Thank you."

Ed turned to her and smiled, "My pleasure. Glad I could help."

He got up and took their plates to the kitchen. Kelly heard the beep beep of the dryer from the laundry and saw Ed return with her washing in a basket. She blushed as he sorted and folded her bras, her knickers, her singlets, her camisole, her work outfit and her stockings. He glanced over at her. She must've looked uncomfortable.

"I hope you don't mind. I put it in the machine before I left and then put it in the dryer when I got back."

Kelly shook her head, "No. It's ok. It's just...well...I'm not used to having things done for me."

Ed shrugged, "Well you don't have much choice at the moment."

He put the folded washing back in the basket and carried it through to her room. He emptied the wine bottle filling up their glasses before sitting back down next to her. This time though he sat on the chaise and she moved over a little to make room for him. She was aware of the heat of his thigh against hers. Her heart was racing wildly, her face was flushed and she could feel the tell tale signs of her pussy warming, swelling, weeping with the need to have a man. And no matter what she'd told herself in the past, Ed was a man, a highly sexed eager, young man. They'd discussed it often enough in the past. She squirmed in her seat. Ed looked at her.

"You ok? Is your ankle sore?"

Before she could answer he was on his feet, he put his glass on the table and he was checking her bandage. He was supporting her leg, his fingers gently feeling around her calf, her toes.

"Your skin doesn't feel cold so the strapping isn't too tight."

Kelly froze. His fingers were sending sparks of flame to her midriff and her whole body was responding to his touch, as if he was waking her from a long slumber. Kelly dared not say a word. Ed sat at the foot of the chaise and looked at her. She couldn't read his gaze.

"Why Kelly? Why'd you stop seeing me?" he sounded hurt.

She looked away, "Ed please, we've been through this."

For a moment she could see him thinking, his mind whirring as he considered what she'd said. His face hardened, his eyes became impossibly dark and his mouth drew into a thin line.

"Fuck off! It's the age thing isn't it? I fucking knew it." He was furious.

Kelly blanched as he hissed his rage at her, "Ed. Stop it. Now."

She felt him try to rein in his fury, his hurt and his disappointment.

"You know I really liked you don't you? I loved your company. Talking with you. Your age meant nothing to me."

Kelly nodded, "Yes I know, you've told me before, many times before. But Ed you're not seeing it from my point of view. We could never be anything more than that to each other and I was feeling something different towards you. I couldn't risk it. Didn't want to take the chance."

There was silence and Kelly wished he'd leave. Leave her alone.

Ed took hold of her foot, the one that wasn't bandaged and cradled it in his palm.

"You know I've dreamed of your feet?" He looked at her and smiled a little.

Kelly held her breath. Not only was he holding her foot, which was sensual and caring but also her thighs were parted and she knew he'd be able to see between her legs.

Ed stroked his hand up and down the back of her calf, his fingertips lightly brushing the back of her knee.

"Well I dreamed of your feet after I stopped wanting to hear that something really awful happened to you!"

Kelly gasped and went to pull her leg from his grip but he held her tighter.

"It's ok. I was hurt. You hurt me. I understood you wanted me gone but I was still annoyed. And there were days when I hoped you were suffering as I was."

Ed didn't seem angry now. He seemed resigned. He moved up the chaise to be closer to her, her leg now across his knee, her foot resting against his hip. Her thighs were spread wider now and she was very conscious that her dress was more than halfway up her legs and her knickers were seriously damp. She even thought she detected the aroma of her pussy.

Kelly trembled a little as Ed lazily drew small circles around and around her knee cap, each time getting further and further away from her knee and closer to the edge of her dress. He was watching her face as he spread his hand over the inside of her thigh. Kelly inhaled sharply and flicked her eyes up to meet his.

"Yes?" he asked huskily.

"Ed, really. This isn't ok. We can't," her voice sounded whiney and pathetic even to her own ears.

"Can't what?" He asked softly.

Kelly sighed at the silly game then held her breath as he leaned forward and the tips of his fingers touched the very top of her thigh.

"We can't do this, this thing you want to do. It's not right. You're too young and I'm too old," Kelly didn't hold back her anger. It wasn't directed at him, just at the Universe, at their plight of being born in the wrong decades.

Ed didn't look at her, he was moving his fingertips over her inner thigh, not going any higher but not moving away either. With his free hand he reached for her foot and picked it up, bending her leg and lifting it to his mouth. Kelly watched in fascination as he slipped his tongue between each of her toes, sucking on each one, pulling it into his mouth, rhythmically, gently, sensuously tasting each one before kissing and licking his way over her instep and the inside of her ankle. Kelly trembled and felt her pussy open, spilling the juices that had pooled at her entrance. At the same time Ed pushed his fingertips into the gusset of her knickers and moaned as he felt the dampness suffuse his fingers. Kelly blushed hard as he put them to his mouth, savouring her flavour.

"Jesus Ed," she murmured.

She couldn't read his face, his eyes dark and hooded. He put her leg down and took her sore leg and gently put it on the rolled arm of the chaise, spreading her wider than before. He slipped his fingers into the gusset of her sodden knickers and pulled them aside.

"What do you want Kelly?" he muttered, leaning into her pussy.

Kelly watched him, waiting for her to make a decision. Fuck it! She wasn't going to wait any longer. They'd had enough talks about sex to know he was attentive and willing and she needed attentive. She wanted attentive. Without any hesitation she tipped her pelvis up, wincing at the pain that coursed through her injured foot and ignoring it as she put a hand onto his head and pushed him toward her expectant cunt.

Ed groaned and plunged his tongue in between her puffy wet lips. She could hear him and feel him enjoying himself as he licked, sucked, lapped and tongued her pussy. She could feel him spearing her repeatedly with his tongue before moving to her clit where he roughly sucked, nibbled and stroked the burgeoning nub. Kelly was close to coming. The familiar rolling tension that threatened to overwhelm her was moving slowing through her body and she didn't hold it back. She wanted to come and hard. It had been a very long while since anyone had eaten her pussy and it was very good.

"Fuck me?" Kelly begged. "Fingers please...I'm close...please?"

Ed sat up and kissed her fiercely. His face was covered in her juices and all she could taste was her pussy. As his tongue plunged into her mouth, he thrust two fingers high inside her and proceeded to move them against her g-spot, vigorously massaging the plump spongy pad. Kelly came in a second; a long, hard, pulsing, gripping climax that had her screaming out in delight. Her pussy clutched and gripped at his relentless probing and she bucked her hips against his hand. As she gushed over them both, her juices covering her thighs, Ed's hand and forearm he whispered into her mouth how much he wanted her, how much he'd dreamed of this.

Kelly had been clinging to Ed's shoulders and she now let go, falling back against the pillows beneath her. Her breath was ragged and her eyes closed.

"Fuck Ed! Oh God. That was, was...yes." Kelly gasped.

Ed grinned, "It's my pleasure Madam."

He kissed her and she kissed him back, groaning in protest as he pulled his fingers from inside her. He licked each one clean offering her a taste, which she accepted with pleasure.

Kelly paused not sure how to ask the next question.


"Mmm?" he answered bending to lick her thighs.

"Um...what You know," she stammered.

Ed stopped his ministrations and looked up at her quizzically, before realising what it was she was getting at.

"Oh, well, um. What do you want to do?"

Kelly looked at his young face. This young man who'd saved her today, cared for her, cooked for her, had given her one of the best orgasms she'd had in a long time.

"When was the last time you had a blow job?" she asked quietly.

Ed swallowed hard, "Seven years ago," he replied too quickly.

Kelly smiled and flicked her head at him, "Get your pants down and your cock up here then." She demanded.

He leapt to his feet and dropped his jeans and pants in an instant. He was already hard, his cock sticking out from his belly, throbbing. As Kelly scooted down the chaise, her head still supported by the pillows, Ed knelt next to her, one knee bent up by the side of her head. She turned to face him and grabbed the base of his cock in her fingers, tightening so the blood in his shaft stayed there. He gasped as he watched his manhood thicken and grow darker by the second.

"Come in my mouth won't you?" Kelly asked.

Ed nodded, a flush staining his cheeks. Kelly flicked the tip of her tongue over the top of his smooth tight crown, pushing into the slit. Ed gasped and grabbed her head. She looked up and saw the strain on his face. She grinned to herself and without any warning plunged her mouth over the top of his cock and didn't stop until she reached his belly. She swallowed and felt his thighs tremble as her throat constricted around the head of his cock. She did it again and again until she needed to breathe. She pulled back, her teeth scraping the underside of his shaft and he gripped her head tighter, groaning. She tongued the tight band on the underside of his cock with the tip of her tongue as she pumped his thick rod in her fist.
"Jesus Kelly, I'm close, Christ! Please don't stop," Ed growled.

Kelly had no intention of stopping. She circled his balls and the base of his shaft in between her thumb and forefinger. She sucked repeatedly on the head of his cock before he grabbed her head and forcibly started to fuck her mouth. He wasn't hurting her at all. The feeling of his cock battering the back of her throat, hearing his cries as he climaxed was music to her ears.

Ed was conscious he was thrusting into Kelly a little too hard and he could hear her moaning but when he looked down at her to see if she was ok she was looking up at him, her eyes dark with desire. He nearly lost it then. Seeing her watching him, her mouth stretched around his thrusting weapon as he choked her, filled her...he came. Hard and fast. His thighs were trembling and he was shuddering uncontrollably as he filled her throat with spurt after spurt of his warm thick come. Through blurry eyes he looked down and saw it dribbling out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to swallow it all, his still hard cock spitting over her extended tongue. She lapped at him, swallowing and sucking him clean. When he couldn't take the feeling of her touching him any more he pulled away and kissed her. The taste of his come flooded his mouth and felt his cock reawaken in response.

"You ok?" Kelly asked as he lay back next to her.

Ed nodded, "Yeah, really ok. You?"

Kelly grinned, "I can't feel my ankle at the moment so that's a good thing."

Ed leaned over her, running his hand down the mid-line of her belly to cup her mons. His fingers slipped between her pouting pussy lips, she was still very wet. His cock twitched in response. He wanted to be buried deep inside her.

"Well if that's the case then I might just take advantage of the opportunity," he murmured as he climbed over to settle himself between her legs.

Kelly squealed with laughter and then her eyes widened in surprise as she felt him brushing the head of his cock at her entrance.

"You're still hard! How?'

Ed shrugged, "Don't know. I just am. That's young men for you. See what you've been missing?"

He followed that sentence with a long deep thrust up into Kelly's invitingly hot spongy pussy, stopping any protests she might have had at his declaration.

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