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Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 01

Bishop Takes Knight - Knight takes Bishop Part One

By quarter to seven on Friday night, the fifty-fifth floor of the "Shard" skyscraper building was a ghost town; save two offices. Most everyone else had left to begin the weekend at five, however a few die-hard rat-racers hung on until half past six; either out of perceived obligation for some task or because they were shameless suck-ups hoping to be noticed by senior management.

It wouldn't have mattered. Even senior management was conspicuously absent for the most part from the three floors of Praetorian Group, (as even captains of industry are susceptible to the Siren call of a London Friday evening in late June). The big boss Caesar J. Preston, had departed earlier at five to change up and speak at a dinner before he'd receive one more plaque for the crowded wall in his immense office. The sun would not go down until late, the weather was marvelous and money should have been burning a hole in everyone's pockets. So why then wasn't everyone from the equestrian class of the corporate headquarters either home, on their way home, or going back out and smelling of perfume and heady expectations?

Why? Because Annette Bishop wanted to be at the office... that's why, and when you are as powerful as she is, if you want happens. End of discussion and with no negotiation. To her, the clock meant less and less over the years and getting done what needed to be done; either for her or the conglomerate always came first. When she'd married Caesar seven years earlier, he'd given her a gold ladies watch with diamonds as an engagement present and as it sparkled on her arm she had even said, "Thank you so much C.J. its beautiful! It is such a shame I never care what time it is!"

Thirty years her senior, and a widower when he married her; C.J. Preston, thought Annette was just being witty and so he broke out laughing with everyone else at the table in the club; not knowing she was being both blunt and serious. She knew what she wanted then and it most certainly was not a watch. If she got what she wanted she'd buy a watch company. She'd gone from brilliant project manager, to brilliant division head, and now she was a brilliant member of the senior management team of a strong performing multi-national "the big guy" called her "Mrs." Yet there was more to be had and she knew it. The big guy might have done well to take note that she kept her name when she married him; a shape of things to come from the independent wife burning the candle and toiling away on a lovely Friday night.

Two lights in the on the floor, save the lighted hallway to the elevator were still on. One was in Annette's office. One was in the intern office that opened to directly into Annette's. The intern project, or the "Acolyte Initiative" as it was called, was conceived and spearheaded by Annette. It was her baby and like everything she'd conceived - she owned it! Extremely gifted and talented graduates and third year students from prestigious learning institutions were brought into the initiative and placed with directors, VPs, and the top brass to "sow the seeds" for corporate leadership, ten, twenty, even thirty years down the road.

Sitting at a chair near Annette' desk, Bradley Knight, or "just Brad" as he insisted, was head down looking at his tablet and pondering some figures. Between Brad and Annette lay a stack of pamphlets, sketches, and portfolios that Annette had decided would need to be directly weighed in on at some point in the very immediate future. On the other side of the pile in a chair much more luxurious than that of Brad's sat Annette, finishing a phone call to Houston Texas.

She looked over at Brad wrinkling his brow, deep in focused concentration. She'd picked well, she'd told herself as she listened to Frank in Houston blah-blah-blah-ing away and completely ignored the little toady spilling his guts nervously on the other line. She'd picked well when she'd selected her other intern Shelby and she'd done well with Brad. She could have taken a pair of third-year eager-beavers for the summer, but recent graduates worked just as well and didn't have their eye on heading back for their final term in the fall.

She craned her pretty head of short black feathered hair around the stack of books and portfolios to get a better look at him with a pair of watchful eyes above gorgeous cheekbones that could have belonged to a supermodel or a starlet but instead belonged to the "boss lady." She crossed a pair of long slender legs, pursed the lips on a pretty mouth and beamed with the satisfaction of a tabby cat contemplating an oblivious canary just within her reach. When the selection committee convened in March; as chair, she had the picks of the litter. Privileges of rank, and privileges of being CJ' spouse held sway.

For Shelby, it was an easy decision to bring her back. She'd been with the Acolytes the previous year on summer break from her university. She'd proven herself to be most valuable, plus Annette was comfortable with the young woman and comfortable with continuing the arrangement. For Brad, she opened his portfolio, looked at his grades, and looked at his photo. He was in. Every other dog at the table could feast on whatever scraps were left in the intern pile and then of course the "We regret to inform you," letters could go out for the balance.

She noticed he'd lost weight since arriving. But wait,...was that weight loss or just muscle he'd put on making him a bit leaner? She'd been running him ragged that was for sure! From the minute he hit the ground after being unemployed for nearly a year, he was grateful for the opportunity and she could smell that about him. Make no mistake Annette was not only pretty, she was highly intelligent and emotional intelligence was a particularly sharp tool in her skillset kit! She figured things out fast and she figured people out faster... she could tell; who was strong, who was weak, who was to be wary of, who was stupid, who had talents that were hidden from plain sight; within a few minutes of meeting that person. She figured things out, (in the same way she'd figured out Brad the minute she had him come in her office that first day, all those weeks before and she pulled his strings and pushed his buttons with ease).

It was strange; the more she made him slave harder for her, the more devoted and uncomplaining he became. He was good under pressure and resourceful; she liked that. He was efficient and showed initiative, she liked that as well. He had dark thick hair and was tall wiry and muscled, (without a spec of fat on his sinewy sides, smelled good, and he had buns like muffin tins). She liked that most of all! Her little peeks and ogles could be thought of as more privileges; being the wife of Caesar. It was a lot better than looking at CJ's flabby pale seventy-three-year-old form coming out of the shower along with his bald head!

Brad was anything but thinking about what he liked at the moment. The numbers became a fuzzy blur in his head. He'd been at work since seven that morning and then at five minutes to five (just as he was tidying up his desk in the next room), Annette had called him and Shelby in. On a Friday evening at quitting time she told them that she needed them both to stay!

Shelby as usual played the "oh so smart little kiss-ass" and was all "happy and perky at the unexpected opportunity." She never got tired and Brad resented that fact that "Lil miss perky sunshine," could go and go and go! Shelby happened to be currently down on the next floor pulling some materials. He was left with Annette and none too happy about it as she had been in a particularly foul "task-mistress" mood ever since he'd started working late that night! He was grateful for the opportunity to be here (having been placed in this position over so many others), but he'd been going flat-out for the last three weeks and didn't know how much he could take.

She'd badgered him for arcane infractions of judgement and policy that very few employees would have been held accountable -even in management circles. She'd gotten up and left in the middle of meetings earlier in the week to deliberately leave him there to answer questions on subject matter and policy he was not familiar when he was supposed to be merely a glorified note taker at the activity. She'd held Shelby up for praise in front of him on multiple times and the little minx had the gall to gloat at him while Annette piled laurels and credit upon the young woman's blonde little head. She even tore him down about the suits that he'd chosen and the shoes he wore as Shelby snickered and tittered in the next office. He couldn't tell if he was truly incompetent and sloppy or if she was simply tyrannical sadistic and cruel.

The worst was the silence. The silence before Annette's explosions could be deafening and her stare could be liquid-nitrogen cold. He knew this first-hand but what he did not know was that for Annette, it was all calculated; calculated like the way she was unnerving Frank out in Houston and was going to tell him shortly not to worry and that everything was alright (thereby securing Frank's loyalty and a sense of indebtedness, and calculated by the way she'd married the boss but kept her last name Bishop instead of Preston. It was all about her "brand," and if her brand was ruthless independence mixed with a dash of cruelty that achieved her goals, then her calculations were not only spot on, they were merited!

What Brad also didn't know is she'd been testing his metal all this time; gauging him to see what he was truly made of. She'd hadn't even wanted to work late. True, she'd rather have to have knocked off at six and gone out, but not with Caesar to some stuffy banquet hall that smelled of mildewed leather furniture, dust, and old people (just so he could tell his tiresome life story one more time and receive a plaque for it).

Then of course he'd go home with her over to the West End and there'd be drinks and of was Friday. He'd climb atop her; she'd lay back and take it as he'd huff and puff his pale flabby body up and down between her legs, and wheeze like he was having a cardiac arrest. She'd have to scream like he was killing her and urge him on (while running her hands over that bald head of his), before he'd grunt and spend himself inside her after a whopping three minutes. Then he'd sleep like a fourteen-year-old hound until "golf:30" the next morning.

No, if she'd have gone home at six she'd have texted CJ and then said she would only make it to the apartment and not the house as work had overwhelmed her. She'd either then go out to one of her favorite clubs and bring home a "new friend" or she'd have a friend meet her at the flat and they'd "stay in" for the night. She'd kept the spacious flat in the West End separate from their house for such contingencies and even had a discrete maid who saw everything and saw NOTHING. Annette might not even see CJ until Sunday night.

No, all this in front of her; the brochures, Shelby heading downstairs for a file Annette knew was not there, the berating of Frank, and the torture of Brad were calculated. Brad was doing well. He flourished under the kiss of her verbal lashes upon his quivering back; she'd seen it. He just needed a little more conditioning before she pressed the button; his button, and started the machinery rolling in the direction she'd wanted it to go (ever since she'd made the decision that tonight would happen three weeks prior), when she'd seen him bending over her desk and smelled his cologne. She interrupted Frank on the phone,

"Frank look, there is no problem. These things happen...Nnnoo heavens no, I am not upset. Look, I spoke to CJ this morning and he agrees with me. We made a mistake at the London office and it was not your people in Houston. You'll be properly resourced from the Chicago offices by next week or I'll come over there personally to assist and make Chicago heads roll,, I am sure that we can correct for this. Alright, its almost seven here and I have to go alright...ok...all will be well. Bye Frank!"

She'd let him off the hook even though his division was not at fault...she made him believe it had been his fault and now she appeared merciful; a tactic she'd honed to manipulative perfection and which had steeled her reputation for leadership that was strong and benevolent at the same time. People weren't books to her... they were road signs where she only had to glance and she knew all she needed to know.

She hung up the phone. She turned back to Brad, looking him up and down first. She made her move.

"So, what are the numbers?" she asked.

"Thirty three percent," Brad answered.

"Is that for third quarter?"

"Projected for fourth quarter. Third quarter was twenty two percent," he answered. She tapped the keypad in front of her and turned her monitor his way." The answer within the figures from another source showed a difference in each figure by a couple of percentage points but she decided the time was right to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

"I had these figures in front of me all along. Why didn't you information match this expert? I'm not impressed," she said. Brad was crestfallen but he didn't give her the pleasure of showing it. She picked up a proposal he'd been working on and looked through it. He looked straight ahead at her betraying; no emotion whatsoever as she read and muttered to herself.

"Nope, seen it. Seen it before...Really? Where did you get this analysis from?...You used Michael Stevens from marketing as a source for this? Let me tell you, the only reason Mike is still employed is because he is so very close to retirement and my husband has a soft spot for the old fossil."

This went on for several minutes. At first Brad listened, then he began to tune in less and less to "it." None of it seemed objective or constructive, all of it seemed to be geared to a snide and derisive attack on the hard work he'd been doing and all of the standards that he was being held to; standards he noticed were conspicuously absent from any of Shelby's work. He didn't tune back in until he heard Annette's voice saying,

"...and if you can't manage there is a long line of people behind you with original ideas I am sure! You can always go back to your East End flat and ..." Annette's dressing down was interrupted, not by Brad saying anything; by his actions. The camel's back was broken.

His ass came out of his chair and he tossed his company tablet on her desk and he started to turn to leave. Annette rose out of her chair having seen what she wanted to, (him finding his balls with the boss-lady). She continued to play the part according to the script in her head but now she was satisfied that deep inside; he was no pushover. He was an alpha but an alpha who knew when to pick his fights, there was intelligence there...

"JUSTWHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?" she roared at him! The tigress bared her teeth all white and threatening with her eyes blazing above her pretty high cheekbones. Like the starlets of old she was beautiful when she was angry, (and terrifying too)! Bradley Knight stiffened and then he turned back to her politely. He'd found his balls but he also found his manners and with the calm and eloquence of a French diplomat he spoke to her in a low but forceful tone,

"I am terribly sorry Annette. It would appear that my talents are not those required by the Praetorian Group. I wish you only the best success in finding my replacement." Annette's jaw dropped and fell three floors into the Shangri-la hotel located below them in the building but she kept playing along. He'd made the move but she couldn't let that phase her.

Her shocked expression now turned to feigned seething rage. She was a good actress and anger was her best item in her toolkit. She stormed around her desk, blew up to him like a Channel gale, and slapped him across the face. The impact sounded like the "THWACK" of a firecracker that resonated through the offices and out into the empty hallway through the open office door.

"YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE BOY!" Annette thundered at him and she put her face up into his. She smelled his smell and was intoxicated by it. She wanted to bite that chin, suck those lips, rip open that shirt, and work his belt and trousers open to drop them to the floor so she could take what she wanted then and there! She wanted to have this fine specimen...and yet she played the part; storming and seething in his face, eyeball to eyeball looking up at him like a teacher with a wayward pupil who just refused to be "schooled."

Brad felt the cool shock of the slap that stunned him for a brief instant, then the stinging warm rose up from inside his cheek and radiated outward in all directions. Her face was up in his; her nostrils blowing onto his chin and lips. His lips flashed in a micro smile for a split second. Up out of nowhere his hand came across her cheek with an equally audible "SMACK" that rang again throughout the floor and into the now open lift doors as Shelby was about to step out of them.

Annette let out an AGHH! at the impact but came right back up and continued to stare back directly into his face unafraid and excited at what he'd just done! He was like putty in her hands now... he'd executed exactly as she'd wanted him to do, (and her clit throbbed and ached like it had been stung by a hornet)! If she didn't get what she needed here tonight she'd spend the whole evening in her private flat away from home with her vibrator trying to get rid of the glorious tension that was now making her pussy moist; a lovely little throb commencing now in the hooded clitoris of her sex. Still she played the role, and she reached into her bag of calculated emotions; pulling out outrage and hauling it out for him to be awed by!

With a dexterity and forceful swiftness he hadn't counted upon; she seized Brad by his arms, locked one of her heals behind his ankle and with the force of three people fueled by lust imitating uncontrollable anger she through him into the chair he'd just come up out of! He landed back on his arse with an audible OOMMPF! He looked up to see that her towering over him; a raging vicious half harpy-half tigress of a woman and her face was already down in his - her mouth now just a beautiful sneer of furious derision and scorn!

She brought up her leg and planted a black business woman's pump on the far side of his chair so that now she'd trapped him fast where he sat; her high heel just having missed his thigh but caught his pant leg and pinned it.

For a moment there was silence as thick as tar. She stood over him "Captain Morgan Style," with her foot upon the chair. Brad's face was in hers as much as hers were in his.

His eyes were that of an angry wounded animal that had been cornered but wasn't done yet! He for damned sure knew which end of the fight or flight spectrum he stood on now- she didn't own him! His nostrils flared with an outrage and indignation that told her that he just didn't fucking have to take one more motherfucking second of this! His strong and opened and closed in preparation to throw her the length of the room and leave; he'd never to return again but at least it would be a grand exit! Then he looked down.

OH SWEET JEEZUS! His eyes went wide in disbelief and now it was HIS jaw's turn to drop three floors down into the Shangri-la Hotel, (and check into a King Size bed-suite with her lower jaw to order room service)! He was in shock and his hands unclenched as his fight response "stood down."

There... directly in front of his face beneath her business skirt and between her thighs; the baldest hungriest pussy he'd ever witnessed just happened to be staring up back at him with a shiny little gold ring through the clitoral hood taunting him and daring him to "bring it on!" He turned his face up and looked at her with a stunned wide eyed expression for half as second and then his face went calm again. He listened as she broke the heavy silence.
"Like I said," she said in a calm low voice of a woman whose rage had been replaced by serious matter-of-factness, "you aren't going anywhere and I meant that. I'm keeping you here and you'll work for me just like Shelby did when we had this conversation and "slap-out" session last year after I made her life a wreck on purpose. If it's one thing I cannot tolerate, it's a slimy little worm of a person who would take all the shit I deliberately handed you over the past three weeks." She continued,

"Many men would not have had the courage to get up out of that chair when you did. I hate and despise people who are complete tyrants, (like the one I've been playing), but I hate even more the gutless servile little dogs who take abuse from them because they enable their lot in life. Remember that! Oh and one more thing...YOU'VE PASSED!"

A second later, two faces rushed together like a pair of trains on the same track with a torrid hungry collision! They fused and smushed lips together as arms wrapped torsos and pulled bodies together with a THUD of muscle and sinew against more muscle and sinew! Lungs pushed air up and out of blowing nostrils! Teeth chewed and sucked lips, tongues explored mouths!

His free hand came up and under her skirt; finding that her sex was wet and impatiently waiting for the rude probes of his fingers! She sighed and pulled her mouth away from his to look him in the eyes the instant his fingers found her hole and entered her dark moist warmth. Her pupils dilated. Her teeth latched onto his chin and she bit down, testing the strength of his skin without breaking it; feeling chin stubble upon her tongue! She tasted salt and sweat as her nose huffed in his aftershave. It was as if her tongue, nose, lips, and sex were tasting him at different locations and they liked the woody earthy notes of this rare delicacy!

The tastes and smells now caused her to grind those slender hips of hers forward and upward against his flicking digits and her swollen nub of a clit mashed against the heel of his hand! If she had her way, she'd stuff all of him in there; the arm, the broad shoulders, the handsome high cheek boned face, his torso hips and legs; all up inside her and keep him there all bloody long night!

Her hands came down and grabbed his hips; sliding behind to cup his ass through his business pants. She clawed and squeezed at his glutes and determined that indeed; they WERE solid as a bronze sculpture - just as she'd envisioned and speculated two nights before when masturbating furiously in her bathtub with the bubbles up around her neck and a half empty bottle of red wine next to her glass on the tile floor!That night, she'd cum so strong and loud that the Spanish maid Felicia, pushed open the door in alarm; thinking her mistress had slipped in the tub!

One of Annette's hands came back around to the front his trousers and snatched his cock though the fabric of his pants. Through the material she noted she could wrap her grip around the shaft to hold it like a veiny tennis racket however she was unable to close her fingers together; a good sign for her! As for the length...she wagered he was in the category of barnyard livestock and if he did not work out as an intern, there was always the possibility of throwing a saddle on him for Sunday rides through Hyde Park! Both her hands came around and fumbled with that belt and zipper of his as high up above, two hungry mouths devoured each other in a gluttonous feast of sucks bites slurps and chews; sounding as if particularly good soup was being eaten and all diners had left their manners at home!

Her cunny began to dew up hard from the press of his fingers against her red swollen little starter button; which throbbed and sorely ached as though it might burst beneath its hood and gold ring! His fingertip grazed across the hood and the ring itself; pulling it back away from the pink nub. Another digit that was slightly drier accidently brushed over the organ's bald head; creating a friction that made her throw back her head and her suck her breath in! The tigress liked it and looked as if she might roar with joy!

He brought his fingers down and pushed them into a cone at the juicing moistness of her hole. The entrance was now both slick and wide and he pushed them up and in past the entrance to baste his digits in the snug warmth of her inner truffel making her gasp as if all the wind had been knocked from her. He curved his fingers slightly as they plunged in up to the knuckles and found her inner dynamo; a mass of nerves and distended pink flesh!

Annette's eyes narrowed as she felt the friction of those very same fingers as they brushed over her g-spot. The sensation produced a joyous shout that rose up out her lungs in a heartfelt OOOHHH YESSS! JUST LIKE THAT! OH YES! YES! YES! before she mashed her lips back to his, latching on with more the furious wet suction and torrid feeding of hungry mouth against hungry mouth! As his hands strummed away at her sex, his belt buckle "jingled" open under the touch of her fingers. A split second later his snap and zipper "clicked" and "whizzzzzzzed" as the last restraints of his trousers had yielded to her persistent fingertips.

His pants came down next, as did her skirt, then his boxers. Shortly thereafter; two sets of bum-cheeks and legs were free and unencumbered by clothing that now lay heaped on the floor. She kissed him hard again pulling; his cock in her hand and wondering what she could possibly do with all of THAT which was throbbing away in her palm!

She looked down and OH DEAR YES! It most certainly was as immense as she'd thought! He could very well split her in two with that thing and she was more than ready to try! Another hungry kiss and then he and she pulled apart as her hands made short work of the tie. She hated that tie on him anyhow- nearly as much as she did that belt of his; he'd be getting new ones from her soon she'd already decided.

With the tie on the floor in the growing mound of clothes, she now pulled his shirt off up over his head and off of his arms; making it sail over her shoulder and having it land somewhere by the window. He now stood before her in all his glory. She stood before him wearing her blouse and business jacket, her skirt on the floor; quite bottomless however save her black heels as she paused to look him up and down.

He was all wire sinew bone and muscle just as she'd estimated; she could always forecast a firm or a soft market from ten miles away and she thought him to be quite bullish indeed by all appearances! What's more, she'd seen him toil, listened to him speak, heard him try to influence her and others with articulate points of view on complex minutia. She immediately surmised there was a mind harnessed to this engine and that fact made her wet as a spring picnic!

She continued looking up and down, up and down, (grinning and smiling with tight lipped approval); much as a champion formula one driver inspects an engine ahead of a race. He'd do! He'd do and fucking then-some!

"Y'know," she said as her eyes came up to meet his while her hands reached out to his cock and frig at it, "that was a really good stout slap you handed out back there; not to hard but not too damned girly! There was a man on the end of that hand who knew 'measure and control!' ...I like that!"

"Your slap stung nicely too!" he answered with eyes looking straight back at hers and his lips curving slightly in a confident smile that appeared for a nano-second but not so fast as to escape her detection. Confidence! GOOD GOD ITS CONFIDENCE! She saw his in that briefest instant unmistakably in spades, and a shiver rand up and down her spine that made her bare ass prickle with goose flesh from it! The coolness left however as quickly as it had arrived for now she had a glowing pile of stoked coals in her boiler and she'd just picked up a full head of steam!

She spun around and leaned out over her desk to gaze out at the city skyline through the window; the dropping sun and the tall buildings of the Southwark district providing her with the perfect backdrop for what was about to happen. It was too early for twilight on that June night, but it would come, and more importantly; so bloody-well would she! Damned good and hard!

She lowered herself onto her elbows over her own desk (behind which she'd made countless deals, built dozens of fortunes, dashed hopes, fulfilled dreams, and planned schemes worth hundreds of millions of pounds), until she rested on her belly and with her hands; she pulled up the coattails of her ladies business jacket to offer her bare bottom up to him! It would've appeared as a supreme gesture of good will and making-of-amends to him at first glance, (if it were not for the fact that it was also a means to supreme selfish gratification for her, and they both now knew this). She cracked the whip, made things happen, and told people what to think all through the week; as she'd done every week and for the last seven years; as one who is dominant and in charge will always do. Now she wanted to be weak and humiliated; to release all responsibility and be the one dominated. She glanced over a shoulder and looked him in the eye again.

"You like my slaps across your cheek, do you?" she asked, "Well perhaps I need yours on mine from time to time. Now let's see how well you can work with THESE cheeks!"

He knew what to do. Just as in college with spoiled little coed girls who teased and found themselves across his lap... he knew what to do. He'd given it to them then and he'd give it to her now! Up came his hand, high in the air. He brought the thumb and four fingers down with the skill of a practiced surgeon across her rump, producing a punctuated gunshot FWAP!

Her head bolted up in the air and her body reared back with the impact! Her lips released a wailing howl of AAAAAAHHHHH! as if she'd just stepped across hot coals! He pushed her back down to the desk. That ...was spank number one.

She wondered if he'd put all his best into that first one and would now paddle her arse like a limp-wristed hair-stylist; having spent himself in the first go! She was happily wrong however for as his hand came down again, it struck with the same thunderous force that made her head fly back again with wide eyes in a wonderfully tortured howl of AAAAAAGGHH! As she bobbed her head from side to side to shake away the delightfully humiliating sting she now had her answer; he most certainly did have more in him -just as the first! That ...was spank number two!

His hand was high again and fell with another vicious FWAP! that knocked the wind from her momentarily. When the air came back in her lungs she let out a hoarse cry that was a half-sob half-roar of anguished EEAAAAAGGGHHH OOHH HOH! HO! HO! as her eyes teared and her ass hopped up and down to try and shake away the hornet sting smack that had just nailed her! That was spank three... and Brad was just warming up!

Her flesh was already showing a red blush from just the three smacks. The sting had her whimpering and wailing now, but at the same time there was distinct and persistent throb that began to build in her clitoris. She knew that throb and only a few people had ever been able to achieve it by corporal punishment alone! The fact that a spanking had brought it out (and so bloody soon), well; she was impressed-she had to admit!

Fear and curiosity now fused with pain and pleasure; making a wonderfully dangerous cocktail for her senses and perceptions. She brought her hands back to shield her reddened arse from more of his blows but he was too fast. It was most certainly not his first time playing at this game!

He snatched first one of her wrists and then the other until they both were captured and secure in one of his large hands. He had her now fast with both her hands behind her back. He bent down and scooped his necktie from the floor with his free hand before she knew what he'd done and then he proceeded to bind her wrists tightly. She wasn't going anywhere and she knew it; what's more she LOVED IT- OH HE WAS GETTING HIGH MARKS FROM HER NOW IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD!

He held her hands by the improvised binds with enough length at one end so that his hand could steer her arms out of the way as easily as manipulating the tiller of a sailboat. She whimpered pitifully but in her wicked little mind she was on fire with curiosity as to just when the blows would begin and what he would do next; making another dribbling dew accrete in her sex. The other hand it would seem was was free to do as it pleased and what it pleased to do now was "explore" and caress the reddened flesh of her bottom!

His hand moved to the already savaged flesh and instead of raining down more, he gently massaged and kneaded the warm reddened cheeks; soothing the stings away. Annette closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the wondrous decadence of both his touch and the fact that she'd let such a handsome subordinate treat her so. The fact that the tables had turned so quickly and she'd been placed in a vulnerable position by him without hesitation made this tightrope dance of trust versus punishment and pain all the more delicious for her!

The hand smoothed the flesh around, pushing the muscles of her glutes before moving up under her blouse and long jacket that had ridden up in the struggle. He moved along her spine massaging the knots, cricks, and twitches out of a dozen muscles on its way up to her shoulders; making circles of motion and pinching grips of tissue all the way up. With every pinch and squeeze of the hand she felt the tensions and worry that had entrenched themselves in her spine melt away like hot wax to a flame! All that remained for her was the sensation of the caresses, the sound of their breathing, and the sound her own mewing as another little knot or crick would melt away under his touch!

He looked down at the form he now worked upon. He was an artist when he sculpted in flesh and this was a particularly fine canvas to work upon. He'd known she was skinny from all the time she and he had worked together but now he could feel the muscle tone and sinew on this slender feline beauty and understood. She had the long body of a Bolshoi ballerina; everything about her slender form punctuated by slender elastic grace masking strength and athletic power - like a cat she was! A pure calculated hunter of a CAT, and despite the fact that he had her tied with her hands behind her back and bent over her own desk; her heart shaped ass cheeks now bumping the head of his veiny cock, she had him EXACTLY where she had intended him to be! She might have just as well had pounced on him and gobbled him up in one gulp she had him so fast! Her emotional intelligence worked that way...she knew sometimes; you must appear weak or even BE weak (just a little), so that you can yoke the strengths of the other to your needs!

In a gesture of mutual trust, he dropped the end of the tie in his hand and her wrists thumped on her magnificent bum with a thud. She did not try anything, she only relaxed and bathed in the pleasure of his other hand coming up beneath her blouse and jacket; gripping and circling at her flesh and smoothing away dozens of times she'd tensed her back up that week over one irritating development or another. Her cunny pulsed, ached, and throbbed now as both hands joined up at her shoulders to knead and rub her tensions away to nothingness until his fingers moved to her neck and the base of her skull.

She was glad she hadn't worn the lady-tie today; her blouse now being open around the neck allowed his hands to come up and around to run fingers through her hair. Those same fingers began to wander; stirring the blood around and massaging her scalp. She moaned drowning in bliss and closed her eyes with a happy sweet smile as the hands began to gently tug at her hair in nice firm little pulls that felt absolutely splendid!

His penis brushed the meaty lips of her sex; the mushroom bell-head actually poking at entrance by accident as he continued to massage her scalp. The hands moved back down own her neck and spine to find the middle of her back; kneading the flesh all the way and making her want to purr! She was juicing well now and decided it was, "no time like the present" to do something "impish and naughty."

Her pretty head of short hair turned to look back over her shoulder and made a grin. She pushed back against the cock at the entrance to her puss-hole and let the laws of physics and anatomy do their dirty work! His cockhead pushed straight on through the opening and both lovers felt an electric shudder of joy!

He was now sheathed inside her by a quarter of his penis! She gasped as she adjusted to the lovely stretching penetration. He was instantly distracted by the sweet clinging feminine "wet-warmth" of her sex! Her eyes met his and her face morphed into the most devilish of smiles as she said,

"In all the way now Brad...hope you're not done spanking me; I've been simply awful to you! A real man might want a little payback?" Her suggestion of course was totally unnecessary. He knew what he was about and he knew what she needed; felt it, saw it before him and smelled it! She knew that he knew. This made it all the more better!

The masseuse hands went high again to knead at her shoulders before they came down from her back to seize both of her lovely dancer hips. Brad pulled himself up into her halfway in one thrust. She yelped at the unexpected stretch that beer-can cock of his provided her and then caught her breath while he waited patiently.

Her lips trembled and she screwed her eyes shut for a moment. Presently a smile returned to her face. She nodded her head as if to say "ready here," and with that he thrust himself deep up inside the remaining distance of travel in one go; massive balls swinging up to smack her clit in pleasant little love tap of Newtonian physics. Her eyes went wide her mouth made an "O." She was speechless with quaking delight and could only gasp! A moment later however, she found her voice and the sound of OHHHHHHHH BRAD YEAAAHHH! echoed throughout the corridors of the office floor trumpeting the boss lady's approval!

Brad waited a second for Annette to get used to what was lodged inside her and then he began to thrust hips against quim in a deliriously pleasing glide-motion for both people! His hand came up as Annette bit her lip, and with the same force as before; he brought it down FWAPPP! onto her ass; timed perfectly while his cock was on the forward stroke! A call of AAAAAAAHHHH! escaped Annette's lungs as her pain and pleasure had now at last begun to fuse themselves together into one harmonized sensation. In the aftershock of his smack, a great smile spread across her face! She had what she needed and now she wanted MORE! She got it, in rapid fire succession.

Brad's hand went high again -only this time the blows fell with greater rapidity; each one landing FWAP! in a scorching impact on her bum only to be repeated again and again as the spanks fell like FWAP FWAP FWAP FWAP against Annette's quivering flesh! The effect was positive and immediate, she howled and wriggled with joy as a bad girl should when she'd earned a spanking from one she'd tormented so!

The blows rained down over and over as his cock slewed back and forth up into her cunny which now juiced like a ripe mango being pressed! She lost her sense of time and the seconds and minutes blurred together like watercolors into something cloudy meaningless as now all her mind cared for was the delightful stinging slaps and the plowing stretching fucks! FWAP! FWAP! FWAP!
The hand concussions to her rump and battering ram thrusts had a cumulative effect. They now spurred her forward towards her climax like a mare being ridden by an expert jockey with a keen whip-hand! "How long has this been going on," her fevered mind wondered, "five minutes? Seven? Ten? ...OH BLOODY HELL WHO FUCKING CARES- HE IS FUCKING WONDERFUL!"

She screwed her eyes shut as the sensations of humiliation, pain, pleasure, and stretching penetration spurred her on into the home stretch and she sobbed and wailed like her heart was breaking! She was there teetering on the edge of it, oh so wonderfully close!...One more plowing thrust and stinging spank and she'd have the finish line. It came... FWAP! and she sucked in her breath with eyes still closed. That did it for her - utter release!

Annette's eyes opened again as the climax rushed through her! Her pussy let go and splashed hot dew down Brad's cock, balls, and legs as her throat set free a joyously tortured howl of OOOOOOHHHH AAAAAAAGGHHH! Another blow hit FWAP! and she shouted a heartfelt OH-OH- OH, OHYESSSSS AAAGGGHHH! from somewhere down in the depths of her belly!

Her legs and buttocks quivered like they were shocked by electric current and more splashes piddled from her sex! Wonderful involuntary shudders ran up her spinal column straight into her scalp to tickle and tingle at the very hair follicles. Oh yes she'd chosen well for damned sure, (her fevered mind and the runny juicing peach between her legs now told her as much)!

Brad slowed his pace as he was not quite there; he knew he had time and he let her have hers first. Meanwhile Annette had made up her mind that there would be more...many more like this; oh so many more! She lay beneath him cooing and moaning softly; allowing little micro quakes and tremors deep inside her to do their dirty work. Her toes and fingers opened and closed as the shakes and shudders continued but lessened until she was only aware that her heart was running a mile a minute and her breathing was now a series of content raspy gasps as if all the air in the room was scarce. She was in the conscious realm of "here and now"; happy content and unburdened by a care in the world!

Brad now reached for the necktie that bound her wrists; gently removing her restraints with deft plucks of his fingers. She continued to lay on her belly with her head to one side; mouth and eyes wide-open.. staring into nothingness, just blinking and experiencing tranquility. He ever-so-carefully rubbed those wrists of hers as he slewed his cock, back and forth...back and forth slowly now; up into her pink flowing box.

He looked down at her. She was beautiful; older than him by twenty-one years but a true black-haired powerful beauty nonetheless and she knew it well! Her breathing finally returned to normal and he saw this was his cue to uncouple his cock from her. He withdrew.

He stepped back and helped her to her feet from the desk. She turned around and threw her arms around the naked man towering in front of her that had just made her feel so wonderfully weak! Her lips found his and she sucked and chewed at his mouth with hungry gratitude for what he'd just given her. Her lips pulled back and she smiled a snorting smirky little minxie smile as her eyes met his.

"What are you thinking about?" he said to her.

"Round two!" she giggled back without hesitation or a note of reservation. It was like she'd just had the most wonderful cocktail and she was ready to hold her glass up to the barkeep for another! He smiled and nodded, he had the fuel in his tank and could go for a little release of his own, but first he wanted to season the meal he'd just tenderized!

Strong hands came up and spun her around. Annette was ready. She started to bend forward over the desk only to have the hands to stop her and straighten her up again.

"No," he said firmly. She stood still. The strong hands came up and reached in-between the opening of her long corporate pin-stripe jacket and found the low-cut blouse top. The fingers now worked the buttons off one by one and then came up to unhook her bra.

She was pleased to see that he popped her lacy little brassiere off with all the confidence of the fashion designer who'd first sketched the damned thing! It felt good to get one's bra off at the end of the day, yes; having it done by this handsome one however ; HOLY SHIT-to her it was simply heavenly!

She'd leave her shoes on for him... (and for her as well). She loved getting "it" in heels! It didn't matter how bad they hurt; if she was lucky he'd be giving her a foot rub tomorrow morning before breakfast!

She loved the hands. They were powerful and yet quite articulate. She brought them up and scrutinized them in the light of the descending evening sun, (as if she were looking at a fine jeweled necklace in the orange glow).

Yes, strong and powerful they were; definitely the hands of a man, but there was something else about the long fingers and carefully clipped nails that she couldn't quite describe but she knew it hooked her psyche. Had she seen those hands in a painting by a renaissance master? He could have been a hand-model by her estimation. He could have been doing a lot of things with those looks. What was he doing here?

"WHO CARES GIRL!" her mind stormed back at her with a common sense rebuke, "you get this boy-toy dumped in your lap with a bow tied around that nice fat horse-cock of his, and you want to know why somebody else isn't getting the benefit of HIS HANDS? Seriously woman, are you daft or just stupid?" She realized she shouldn't anger the stars nor the inner gear works of the universe with silly questions; as looking a gift horse-cock in the urethra would be extremely poor form, bad Karma, and ill advised!

She decided now only to be grateful for those two hands and she brought them to her lips to kiss them! She could taste her sex upon them; smell it on them too. The two hands now moved up her jaw and cheeks in a nice facial massage. They tweaked her earlobes, traced the lines of her nose and gently rubbed over her closed eyes. The fingers then moved back down over her beautifully sculpted cheekbones and as they traced along her chin and lips she opened her mouth to suck his fingers hard; one at a time!

Once again, the smell and taste of her own sex registered in her mind and made her pussy tingle. Over two decades before; back in her first year at university she found out just how much she enjoyed that taste. She'd attempted to relieve the stress of a tedious late night/early morning study session marathon by turning out the light and masturbating beneath the covers of her small bed. She brought her fingers up to her lips and nose after a whimpering "self-release" and it was there and then that she first realized she was bisexual. She'd had the clues, thoughts, and suppressed musings for many years but it was at that very moment in time that she knew she truly loved "nookie-nectar" as much as she loved "boy-batter."

A few days later her realization was "etched in stone" as her roommate Yvette came back early from class and caught Annette furiously abusing herself and not having heard the door opening. There was a shriek and an embarrassed cover-up on the part of Annette followed by her nubile French roommate with the neck of a swan pausing, before then spinning around to lock the door and flick off the light switch.

Yvette moved silently across the room as Annette babbled some ridiculously contrived explanation; stepping out of bits of her clothes along the way with the grace of a gazelle. She leaned over Annette putting finger to her lips and silenced her with a soft SHUSSHHH like she was calming her roommate after a bad dream! Yvette then pulled her camisole up over the top of her head and the panties from around her slender hips then joined it on the floor.

"Don't be afraid and or confused Annette," Yvette whispered to her in her squeaky little Edith Piaf voice that tickled Annette's ears, "this is ok; I want this and you want this. I have watched you for weeks! Now please, let me in. I want you to feel good and this will make me feel good!"

She had the caring face of a friendly little pixie that was all happy; filled with love and without a single speck of malice or condemnation. Annette nodded her pretty little head and with that, Yvette pulled back the covers from bed momentarily and their two forms joined together in the darkened tranquility of the room. Within an hour the two young women sobbed and cried together with joy beneath the covers and from there on in; Annette was hooked on it and was avowed to be someone of "dual tastes." She was not merely bisexual, she was a torrid hypersexual and she sought out men and women with equal fervor; often with Yvette at her side as a remora travels alongside a shark to feed off the bits and the leftovers.

In the years that followed she'd had a multitude of men and of women and her appetites for both sexes never subsided. In fact, those very same appetites transformed her over the years into a bit of a connoisseur who knew for damned sure what she liked, and what she simply fucking didn't! Right now at the age of forty-three on the executive floor of the Praetorian Group Corporate Headquarters; she knew for damned sure that what she wanted was running its fingers in and out of her mouth as she sucked each digit as if it were a naughty little penis that tasted of her sex!

Her oral enthusiasms did not go unnoticed by him and as she made it to thumb, his penis throbbed a little jump; bouncing just between the cheeks of her buttocks. The mushroom bell-head of his cock caught the notch of her bum just right, and it rubbed across the pink pucker of her anus. It was a happy accident for both but especially her!

She flinched with a decadent little shudder of pleasure; as he'd bumped himself against one of her most sensitively wicked naughty spots! That rude little crater of pink rosebud flesh just happened to be a favorite of hers to be tickled, teased, licked, poked, and most definitely fucked! She'd give it to him shortly, but first she wanted to see what else was on that delightful mind of his!

Apparently his mind was focused on hunger as he craned his head forward and his lips and teeth found her neck. Meanwhile his hands now found the champagne goblet orbs of her breasts and began to squeeze. She tilted her head to the side as his lips, teeth and tongue gnawed and chewed at her neck like a hungry dog thrown a juicy delicacy.

At the same time that pair of hands that she adored so much, teased tweaked and pinched at her gumdrop sized nipples. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and ran a tongue across her full bee-stung lips. She sighed, wishing only to make this go on and on -forever!

The hands now left her breasts for as moment and came up to forcefully pull her jacket and blouse from her shoulders and throw them into the pile of clothes on the floor. She stood naked now just like him; an exquisite statue freshly unveiled and wonderful to behold. She loved and marveled at that strong explosive strength with which he'd disrobed her; he was an eloquent gentleman one second, a brutish gladiator with remarkable strength and speed the next... before then returning back to the gentleman with the touch of feather on a baby's cheek. It happened just that quickly!

Ohhh how he'd made her moist when he removed the last of her clothes! She felt the tingle in her sex when he did it sure enough...but what was his motive she wondered? It puzzled her for a half second before she realized he'd been clearing his plate of all unwanted garnishes so that he might feast on the most prized morsels; as he now seized her by the teats and his lips and teeth found her neck to dine once more upon! A delighted smile spread across her face as she looked off to the descending sun in the window.

His wet nibbling's upon her neck now moved to her neck-spine where he sucked and chewed, sending electric shivers straight down to her bum; her short hair having been ideal for such a maneuver as there was nothing to get in his way! Now he moved on to the other side of her neck while she brought one of his hands down to her clit to strum a tune on her starter button once again. Her hand then came up to her free nipple and as his deft fingers touched her swollen hooded pink bean and piercing. She rocked her hips in a lewd rubbing hip-roll that began to grind the pink crater of her anus around the mushroom head of his cock like a mortar and pestle in a wonderfully wicked friction that screamed for penetration - but not yet. Oh he was good!

He tweaked her teats and diddled her clit for another minute or so while feasting on that long creamy neck that smelled of the most delicate perfume. She was becoming increasingly moist again in that dark lovely truffle patch between her legs. He brought he brought his fingers up from her sex and greedy bitch that she was; she snatched those very same fingers and brought them to her mouth; sucking them clean once more. She was an absolute glutton concerning things most carnal... she just couldn't help it!

"Greedy!" he whispered in her ear as she giggled like a little imp and sucked his fingers. He pulled his digits from her mouth and sent them back down to her sex to stir them around in the musty warmth of her honey pot; bringing them back up again scented with her effluvial essence! He was like a prehistoric hunter who'd successfully retrieved honey from a wild beehive and he would not be denied this time!

He brought the myrrh scented fingers to his own nose and breathed in hard the richness of her pink smoked salmon and truffle croquet. Her fragrance triggered something wonderful in his brain and sent testosterone shooting through his bloodstream! He bucked his hips to soothe the exquisite tension in his balls and his cockhead pushed against her anal pucker. She squealed and giggled with delight from this bestial sensation! He popped his fingers in his mouth and tasted her sex; savory, salty; full of brine. His hunger had now decided for him, it was time he thought as by the taste of things, "Soup's bloody-well on!"

"On your knees up on top of your desk boss!" was all he said to her. He dropped down low for a split-second, and before her mind had time to register what had happened; he'd hoisted her by her hips onto her desk and rested her on her knees with the strength of a colossus packaged in the body of an ancient Greek warrior! He was completely in charge of her affairs once more and he leaned her forward until her face lay on her desk to one side with her ass high in the air; supported by her knees. Whatever it was he'd done; she felt completely weak, helpless, and vulnerable. Oohhh how she loved it!

Alright, she wondered; he'd got her up on the desk all head down and arse up, but for what purpose? What was next? What was on his mind?

"Ooooohhh!" she squealed and cooed with delight as she felt those strong hands pull apart her ass cheeks followed by a long tongue snaking into the hole of her quim. Her mouth fell open as she once again gave herself over that mouth of his and let him gobble and gorge at her sex. Her hand came up to touch herself and he slapped it away - if he needed help with the meal, he'd let her know! His own fingers now diddled at her clit; preparing it for what was next. After a few luxurious seconds of snaking out her quim pipe with his tongue, he brought his mouth down to her pierced swollen bean of clitoris to suck her hard with in a good old-fashioned mouth-tugging clitty blowjob!

"AAAGGHH OH DAMN BRAD YES! YES, YOU FUCKER, YES!" Annette gasped urging him on and trying to mash her clit down even harder into his mouth with her hips. She wanted him to suck it and pull and nibble it hard; she couldn't care in the least how rough he was getting - it felt that fuckin' brilliant for her!

His lovely long fingers found her juicy pussy-hole and while he sucked her clit like he was nursing from a nipple he pushed one, then two, then three inside her quim and rooted around, rubbing and frigging her as she wheezed and gasped and whined. She loved the sensation of being sucked and stuffed; absolutely loved it!

Her hands came up underneath her to tweak and pinch at her gumdrop nipples again as she continued to focus on what his mouth was doing. moved. NOW JUST WHERE DID THAT LOVELY SET OF LIPS AND TEETH GET OFF TOO?

As she continued to tweak and pinch she felt the teeth and lips "re-appear" on the cheeks of her ass, biting and teasing and driving her wild as the fingers plunged in and out of her juicing quim-hole. She wanted him to continue to suck her clit but now it seemed his digits were driving events for her and he'd let his mouth take a supporting role. Her sex was beginning to make delightful sloshing sounds as those fingertips of his once again shook hands with her G-spot but at a wickedly wonderful angle and moved back and forth with wonderful rapidity over her lovely little "juice trigger!"

She began making a series of yips and yelps as his fingers and his teasing bites on her bum began to push her slowly to another lovely little juicy cum. One of her hands came up and found her clit, (if he wasn't using it right now, she figured she'd borrow it back for the moment)! But wait! His mouth had stopped biting her bum. Where was it? Where did it g...gooooooo OH FUCK YES!

She wriggled her ass appreciatively and squealed with wicked glee as his tongue now probed at the perfect pink life-saver pucker of her anus; first exploring around the rim and then pushing on through the hole like a delightfully warm wet articulated finger! This added sensation she found especially pleasing as now it blended perfectly with the other naughty agitations provided by her own fingers furiously strumming her clit, his fingers milking her G-spot, and her hand tweaking first one of her nipples; then the other. Now all of her sexual receptor stations seemed to be occupied and "receiving reports" as the "situation developed" in her core.

She felt the tongue push in deeper. GOOD GOD! How much tongue did he have? If it was anything like his cock, he'd probably be tickling her tonsils with it in a few seconds she estimated! The thought made her giggle. It also made her grateful that she'd been to the ladies executive loo at a little after four that day to "clean out and clean up a bit!" Make no mistake, she was no stranger to anal sex but with its possibility (not to mention her strong appetite for it), there came responsibilities and precautions to "make things nice for everyone."

The tongue licked and lapped but it was now joined by ardent teeth and lips that pulled, tugged, and nibbled at the raised flesh of her naughty back door! It was apparent to her that he appreciated the little structure of pink ragged perfection as he now hungrily chewed and noshed at it like a particularly captivating delicacy. It was good that he should like it so and she felt more at ease; even ecstatic with the eagerness that this terribly handsome termite torridly tackled her tight "tushy tunnel" with tongue and teeth! She was proud of her body (as well she should have been), and she was just as proud of her perky little pink bum hole! She'd even devoted time at home when she pampered herself to keep it as well-shaven and tended to as much as her cunny; for as with all lovely places to stay -she never knew just who might "pop in" for a visit!
Brad for his part marveled at the beautiful display presented by her crotch! The list of ladies in the past who'd toppled over like nine-pins to his charms was a long one and his nose (just like his cock), was no stranger to the real-estate between a woman's legs or her bum cheeks - but this lady? OH GREAT BLOODY HELL SHE WAS A FETCHING SIGHT!

Hers was a whole new example of a manicured and well-kept pleasure garden in which he now played! He was like a happy handsome wild boar as he rooted around between Annette's cheeks hunting for truffles in her magnificent bum! He relished how his every hungry chew, lick, snuffle, and gobble, made her sigh squeak and squeal. She was having the time of her life by the sounds of it (which made the experience all the more pleasurable for him) and as the minutes passed he didn't listen to the ache in his jaw or that of his wrist plunging in and out of her; instead paying attention to only his insatiable hunger as he gorged and fisted away at her upturned fesses!

Annette now felt another wave building up inside her - good lord he was good! His fingers now were not just shloshing in and out of her puss-hole, they were rubbing and hooking at the most tortuously exquisite of angles; almost continuously pulling and grinding at the mass of nerves comprising her G-spot! Thanks to him her coals were properly stoked red-hot and her own fingers were a blur upon her clit which now throbbed like it might explode from all the blood that had filled it! Again time meant nothing to her and she had no earthly idea how long she'd been on her desk with her ass up and his face feasting down into it; she simply didn't care! All she cared now was that "IT" was coming again and "IT" was going to be a big one - oh she could tell!

Her breathing became labored, hard, and heavy. Her eyes narrowed and she began to buck her bum up n down whimpering and blubbering as if she had a belly ache. She began to mew and wheeze through her nose. Her mouth opened but no sound came out save a slight exhalation in silent scream.

Brad had felt her anus squeeze and contract and he knew exactly what was approaching. Just seconds before Annette's impending core explosion, he pulled his mouth away from her bunghole as she began to juice and dribble her hot broth. His mouth now covered her quivering quim canal and one of his digits poked up into her rectum to "finger-bugger" at her bum and push her G-spot from up and behind. Annette still could not find her voice; it was as if she'd been slapped in the face and all that escaped was air and a wheezy nasal EEH!...EEH! ...EEH!

Five strokes of his tongue and finger later and Annette's reactor core blew in a cataclysmic climax of hot salty quim broth for Brad's ravenous gobbler! As she gushed and piddled her scalding hot nectar directly into his mouth, her lungs pushed forth sound and she shook from head to toe in a wonderfully anguished scream of EEEEYYYYYYYYYAAAGGHHH! Her air-raid siren shout of joy bounced off the windows and out the door carrying itself down the dimly lit hallway where unseen eyes watched and French manicured nails masturbated at swollen pink puffy flesh with the same speed that Annette's fingers abused her own tortured clitty!

Annette's pink overflowing pot of soup now poured beyond the Brad's capacity to swallow. Her broth now freely spilled over his lips and over his chin; dribbling down across his chest and belly while Annette howled in delightful anguish as a second and a third aftershock from deep inside her splashed his face with hot juices! Brad, good sport that he was; took it all in stride and straight down the ole hatch! He kept gobbling and slurping away like a famished hound until she was through gushing quaking sobbing and juicing. In the back of her mind as she was coming down from the extreme high of the experience she chuckled to herself; noting that he'd finished eating everything on his plate as every good boy should!

He helped her from the desk and steadied her; being a strong pillar for her to lean on until the wobble left her knees. She was all smiles again. She found her chair and sat, looking at him with her eyes filled with gratitude. As he stood before her, looked him up and down; her appreciative stare finally fixating upon his cock.

"Oh yes," she mused to herself, "someplace there is a farming village missing their plow horse!" She raised her gaze to meet his. She looked him directly in the eyes and transformed the boss again. She sat in her chair and naked as the day she was born; crossed her legs, folded her arms, and addressed him authoritatively as though he were about to brief her from a prepared slide presentation.

"Masturbate for me," she demanded. She took the remote from her desk and dialed down the lights in the room until everything was bathed in shadows and orange light from the descending evening sun. He took his cock in his hand and cupped his nuts from underneath with the other. He began to pull and wank at himself while she raptly observed the activity; almost becoming hypnotized by the spectacle.

She'd fantasized about this for days...making him pleasure himself naked before her while she directed him. She wanted to watch him do it, see his eyes as he found the pace and speed and pressure that he required of himself. She was quite impressed with his presentation and she appreciated the fact that he'd brought his own pointer. He was using it quite effectively as well by estimation!

She realized he'd not spent yet but this was not about him. It was all about her...or he wouldn't be here. There'd be another one instead. She told herself that but she didn't know exactly where she'd find one like this!

She chuckled...she was so wicked. As she sat naked in her executive leather chair dribbling dregs of her pussy brine onto the leather and leaving a stain on it, she cared for absolutely nothing. She was lost in the moment; just watching the hand upon the cock working up and down over the veiny flesh full of blood that pulsed with life! Her fingers found the top of her Venus mound and absentmindedly teased the top of her hooded starter-button while she observed and pondered "things" in the long shadows cast by the rays of falling sun through the office window.

Yes, she observed she was wicked and a bit selfish but she couldn't help it she surmised. It was in her blood and in her nature, (and no more than any of the women in her line that had come before her)! She was exactly like her mother; she liked to call the shots and be the center of attention at the party, or in Annette's case the party, small get together or orgy. Take your pick! There were a great many women like her in her tree that saw what they wanted and took it! She saw it as a survival trait rather than something to be ashamed of.

She'd even remembered her family's stories that were told in hushed whispers of one of her ancestors in the 1800's; a lady who'd even shared the same name with her. She'd been even wickeder than her and she'd been paid handsomely for her wickedness! Though she might have been told of her existence as a warning from the elder women of the family, Annette saw her ancestor as proof of a certain destiny she was following by being the way she was!

Annette Walker Bishop, or "Annie" Bishop of the last half of the nineteenth century was a woman ahead of her time it seemed. She was an educated tall beauty with black hair and boundless energy. She'd married well to a wealthy industrialist, a Mr. Cecil Bishop who'd made a vast fortune in steel, iron, and shipping. He was rather on the older side of things when Annette Walker came walking into his life and similar to the Twenty-First Century Annette, the old widower was hooked and smitten! As for Annie, the spring/fall relationship didn't faze her a bit; nor did it break her stride for satisfying her sense of adventure and for feeding her more base appetites outside of the marital bed.

Somewhere along the line in the 1870's she'd taken a lover, (and a young one to boot)! A certain Mr. Harry Cory met her at a social event one afternoon and although he was many years her junior, Annie found multiple excuses to have Mr. Cory turn up in her company and at all times of the day. With her husband away for long hours and often many days or weeks at a time, it was notices by the house staff that bits and pieces of Harry's boots and clothing were turning up more and more on the floor of Annette's bedroom and there were even hints that Cecil Bishops pillow smelt strangely similar to that of Mr. Cory's cologne and hair tonic.

It was also strange how a man such as Mr. Cory (with such limited resources of his own), began to run into considerable sums of money as his friendship with Mrs. Bishop blossomed. Not much else was known of them by our twenty- first century heroine other than the fact that both Mr. Cory and Mrs. Bishop maintained a close "friendship" into the twentieth Century and that both had died old and extremely rich. It was also said that Mr. Cory's money smelled similar to that of the widow Bishop's and that her four children all looked strikingly similar to Mr. Cory! In fact there were several prominent families with beautiful women that were able to boast handsome children that looked quite similar to Mr. Cory by during that time. As Annette sat in the chair and witnessed Brad rubbing and pulling at his meaty cricket bat for the amusement of them both, she mused that the more things changed the more they remained the same!

She noticed a bit of pre-ejaculate cock-snot had collected on the tip of his veiny throbber. Like she was sampling the frosting off a bit of delicate pastry, she reached forward and with the tip of her finger, collected the clear warm slime up as though it were melted sugar and popped it in her mouth while her other hand now tweaked and twisted at her nipples. She sampled his boy brine a bit and after letting it dance upon her palate for a few thoughtful seconds like she were a food critic appraising an especially savory sauce; she gulped it down, (having decided that MORE was in order)!

"Ok Brad," let Mama take the wheel now would you?" She dropped out of the chair to her knees; her face now at the same level as his genitals and nose to nose with the veiny penis. She batted his hands away from his own cock and seized the magnificent member; marveling at its size and at the weight in her hands!

She thought about what she wished to do and about the shear geometric and anatomical considerations she needed allow for if she were to do what she desired. It was intimidating. It was also impressive and her ego was egging her on hard!

She shrugged her shoulders and then deciding that she was always up for a new challenge, she opened her mouth and took it in! Brad looked off now through the window to the South and West and let her suck him hard while she cupped and played with those hairy balls of his. His chin quivered up and down and his nostrils flared. He ran his fingers down through her raven-black hair and became lost in supreme pleasure. He was now in the hands (and mouth), of an expert and he gave himself over completely to the executive fellatrix who was now breathing through her nose and milking him hard in a torridly wet wicked blowjob!

She drew him in further and further still in a performance that would have been the envy of any Las Vegas sword swallower! Bit by wet sucking bit, she made hungry progress; her head bobbing back and forth upon the cock but always drawing it a little bit deeper. Her nose breathing technique had paid off; the result of many years of experience plus the lessons from Yvette all those years ago when her roommate had taught her how to deep throat truly big cocks.

Back then, it had been a security guard whom the two had sucked off to get backstage at a concert on a Saturday night. This time it was on her knees in her own executive office with a pile of clothing strewn about the floor and a room that smelled of sweat and sex; although none of it mattered as she throat fucked her well-hung assistant with reckless abandon! In no time, she took the mushroom head passed her tonsils and Brad let out a shudder that sounded half-pleasure half-seizure as he found himself now fucking that hollow place in the back of Annette's throat!

She wanted this for many reasons; foremost being that of was her own pride and curiosity. She wanted to know if she could handle such large one! Secondly she wanted to taste his lad batter pure and simple, and she knew after all that had happened to her so far tonight; the Brad still had not come yet! His balls had to be full; almost to the bursting point! It would be a big load for her greedy little gob to swallow and make yummy in her tum-tum-tummy; a very BIG load! Lastly if she wanted to put his cock elsewhere in her (and he'd held out well till now); he'd probably blow his ballsack in three strokes without her getting a chance to enjoy any of it. No, she saw this wicked bit of deep-throat bull-milking as necessary both for him and for her!

In about three minute's time, Brad's balls began to tighten. Annette picked up the pace of her throating shag; making wet shlorshy shlorshy shlorshy sounds as her nostrils blew hot exhaust onto his loins and flat six-pack tummy. She ran a hand across his belly as her head continued to milk him hard, tracing her fingers across his mid-section in a wicked tickle that did the trick!

Brad's mouth twisted into a snarling growl as his eyes looked out over the London horizon. He was there! He couldn't hold back and he roared in a joyous chest heaving AARRRRRRRGGHHH! as his ball-sack blew and his cock spouted a cascade of hot cock custard into Annette's greedy little mouth! She gulped him down, swallowing every salty spurt!

She pulled off of him and licked her lips in triumph and with supreme satisfaction. Her ego had been fed as well as her tummy, and she was quite certain that Brad wouldn't forget the fine head she'd given him tonight! That fact she found sexiest of all!

It was the knowledge that Brad's memory of the top of her head, with its short stylish clean-feathered "black silky sassy" sophistication would not only make his cock jump and twitch beneath his trousers; it would completely erase anything ever done by some other sucking tart! In the back of Brad's mind all the blowjobs from all those other women were now wearing second and third-place t-shirts and Annette knew! It was good to be the queen; more importantly she liked men to remember her throat-fuck blowjobs years later and still get hard as veiny iron! That was truly what it meant to be number one!

Brad stood two wobbly legs as Annette climbed up his body to her feet; giggling all the way like a naughty schoolgirl. She'd truly staggered him with that release! She looked down at his penis which still stiff but would not be for long!

She grabbed him by the boner and led him over to the window; pushing her swivel-chair ahead of her! She pushed the back of the chair up against the thick shatter-proof glass and then got up into it on her knees; facing both the leather seat-back and the London twilight beyond. The sun was now becoming heavy orange ball; determined to crash into the horizon and sink below it. She looked over her shoulder at him and said to him,

"My bum! Fuck me hard in my ass!" she said desperately, "I want to be filled, buggered, and gutted by that cock of yours!"

Brad knew damned well he couldn't waste any time! He pushed his cockhead up to the rim of her rectal ring and felt tight resistance. Annette let out a yelp like this might be too ambitious even for her with this veiny pony cock!

Brad however decided he would not be defeated! Ever the resourceful intern, he looked at Annette's dinner; a plate of half eaten duck à l'orange brought up from the kitchens of the Shangri La Hotel below them. He had an epiphany! He'd improvise but he had to move now!

He reached behind him and dipped his fingers in the gooey duck sauce and feeling its texture; nodded to himself in satisfaction. He turned back; bringing his glop coated fingers up and around to Annette's naughty bottom-pucker. He smeared it generously around the rude ragged ring and up inside her pretty pink portal as well. He then brought more duck sauce to his cock and then slicked and greased the entire length of his shaft.

Annette meanwhile pulled her arse cheeks wide apart so the target area was not a question. Brad brought his member once more to the entrance and held it with one hand while his other hand gripped Annette's hip and pulled. He pushed his loins forward and his buttocks thrust with slow but determined movement. Annette's bum-hole resisted... resisted... resisted and as she blew out all the air in her lungs and strained as though she were going to the yielded!

Brad sank into her and Annette let out a cry of AAAGGGGHHHH mixed with pain and excitement against the glass; fifty-five floors up! Her face was a tortured mask of shock as the thing stretched the entrance to her exhaust port. The two rested for a second while Annette caught her breath for a few seconds, then she nodded for him to proceed.

His cockhead plus two inches inside her, Brad now grabbed both her hips. He licked his lips as she bit into hers. She wrinkled her pretty little nose; knowing what was coming and wanting it all the more because she knew! Strong arms pulled at hips and his cock sheathed itself up to the halfway point in her warm greasy entrails. OOOOOHHHHH AAAAAGGHHH Annette's voice throughout the office floor and again the Brad waited for her to calm down.

A nod of her head and the strong arms pulled her down on to his thick shaft with excruciating slowness. Annette's face was a twisted mask of agony as she howled and wailed like a banshee in heat with an ear-splitting EEYYAAAA OHHHHHHH AAAWWW! He was now three quarters in. She rested then turned her head over her shoulder; her mouth and nose a lust filled sneer and her hand already down between her legs strumming at her sex.

"Do it!" she said with a face that was a depraved snarl," I'm good! Give the rest to me!" She turned back to the London skyline and bit her lip once more. Brad pulled at her hips and resolutely plowed his cock the last quarter length of travel up into the heat and snugness of her most private of passages. Now his own balls and six pack were all that stopped him and more importantly; he was in! His mind screamed to him, "TRANQUILITY BASE HERE THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!"

Annette let out a gasp of HAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR and strummed feverishly at her clit as she fought to accommodate the enormous THING that was now stretching her from the inside out! She breathed several quick sips though her nostrils and out through her mouth; her nose a crinkled nub in the center of her pretty little face as she strove to control herself and not panic!

At the end of a count of about seven, she'd found her center. By ten she was calm. She wasn't just calm.. she was mill-pond calm. She nodded her head and turned over her shoulder; smiling at her new found lover with nothing but peace and love in her eyes. She found her voice and said with the tranquility of a yoga instructor,

"Ok begin. It is right; it feels ... good! So GOOD...make us both feel good. Ok yes?" Brad nodded back to her and smiled. Hips and buttocks began to move back and forth slowly and steadily as a female voice whimpered softly and took careful labored breaths. The office and the entire floor were now completely quiet save the sounds of wet flesh rhythmically smacking together, (along with whimpers, yelps, heavy gasps, and the rocking squeak of a leather executive swivel chair being pushed to and fro against a fifty-fifth floor window pane).
Annette couldn't believe it! She'd taken ALL of him back there, and now he was widening the "tunnel of snug" wonderfully by the feel of things! Her fingers remained a frenzied strum upon her starter button. Her other hand clawed and dug into the leather on the chair back as she now looked out at the tops of the buildings and houses, seeing them and not seeing them; her mind a twisted vortex of pain, pleasurable excitement, and the selfish desire for more of what she was getting! It was so thrilling, wicked, and wonderful!

She looked down from her window at the streets, far...far below them. Nobody looked up. Nobody seemed to notice. She realized this was true freedom and true solitude. To be able to do THIS out in plain sight in a city of 9.7 million people; this was something remarkable! Her pain evaporated and left her as she let the setting sun bath her in warm orange light that began to turn to a deeper orange as the light began to refract through a layer of haze. In its place, she felt a primal carnal thrill being pushed up from her guts by Brad's powerful thrusts; her yelps of pain gone and replaced by a wanton joyous growl in her voice OH YES, YES, YES!

She was still "yes yes yessing," when she turned her eyed downward again to the street. Far below on a sidewalk she saw clearly an old woman walking her dog with another old woman. The lady with the dog had stopped and was now making out something on the building. She even pointed up to the "Shard" and the woman with her looked up to see what it was.

A moment later the two women seemed to have exploded with laughter as now both saw the same thing. They clapped their hands and one patted the other on the back as though one had said something terribly funny. One of the pair even appeared to shake both hands clasped together above her head in a gesture of BRAVO! BRAVO!

Had she been seen? Had they seen him? Had they spied both of them perhaps? The building this time of day should have been a radiant mirror reflecting back evening sun, so they couldn't have seen her. COULD THEY? A second later she got her answer when the two old ladies both waved. She did the only acceptable thing and waved back. She may have been naked and been receiving a lovely buggering fifty-five floors up but she was never rude!

The two women now clapped their hands again as if they'd seen something particularly good. They led the dog down the street waiving again back to her. Annette waived back down to them once more. She was pretty certain the two old women wouldn't report it. They seemed to be laughing and enjoying themselves too much now! She was happy to have put on a good show and probably given the two women something to talk about on the way home!

Now new drama erupted as Annette's cellular began to vibrate and buzz on her desk. She knew who it was and for the moment the raucous mood and the lurid spell was shattered. She looked over her shoulder to Brad and he shrugged his shoulders back.

"Oh just get that Brad," she said with a clear and distinct note of annoyance in her voice, "its, CJ. Act as though I am working and then answer it like an intern who is having to work on a Friday when he could be out painting the town red and getting laid!" Brad smirked at the irony of her words and he picked up the phone, (successfully suppressing a laugh in the process).

"Annette's office this is Brad," he answered still gripping her hips with one hand and plowing deep into her pummeled pooper.

"Brad," the voice on the other end said, "this is Caesar. Could you please put Annette on?"

"RIght away CJ," Brad answered as his loins lurched forward to once again to skewer Annette up through her fiery hot hiney, "she's coming back down from the loo!"

"How is the work coming?" he asked Brad.

"Wha?" Brad asked, surprised the big guy was up for a round of small talk, "Oh I thought I'd run out of steam and was in a bit of a tight spot earlier but now things are moving a bit more easily for me! Not nearly as dark and crappy as I'd feared.!"

"Ah," Caesar replied, "now there's a good chap! Crack on! Nothing I need to push from my end or loosen up for you?"

"Oh not at all," Brad reassured him as he yanked at Annette's hips one-handed and slammed himself up into her again, "I found a little resistance here and there, but things are greased nicely now and I've taken matters in hand."

"Good man!" CJ observed, "I was just like you when I was your age. Not afraid to work late, and not afraid to get myself dirty with things at the office!" Brad suppressed a snicker.

"Oh no CJ," Brad replied, "never afraid of a little dirt at the job!"

"That's the spirit!" the big boss cheered," keep pushing forward! Lean into it and plow with vigor! I'm certain you'll prevail what with all the proper tools you have at your disposal!"

"Yes sir," Brad answered, "lean into it and plow. Of course! Yes with vigor, quite! My tools are more than proper, thank you!... OH CJ, here she is...Annette, CJ is on the phone for you!" Annette was trying not to shriek with laughter at the choice of words now but she managed to get her composure together as she was handed the phone.

"Hello darling!," Annette said into the phone, "Oh dear I am sorry Caesar. I know how lovely you must look in that new suit of yours! ...No I'm afraid darling I may be here a great deal longer; I have something pressing I am currently stuck on...What? Have I put Brad on it? Oh he is up to his balls in it sweetie I assure you! No, so sorry but this really couldn't wait and I'm so disappointed really that I couldn't be there." She was now pushing her ass back off the chair; meeting Brad's sledgehammer thrusts as she continued to talk to her husband at his stuffy black-tie affair.

"Oh did they present you with a big plaque?" she said, "You know how I simply adore such things! You have do many on your office wall now!...What? No I'm sorry but if we are here much later, I'll simply just go to my flat in town darling and then come home sometime tomorrow. What?...Golfing tomorrow? Oh that really disappoints me but if you must... you must! So I'll see you Sunday I suppose!" On the other end the unwittingly cuckolded Caesar J. Preston sighed and said,

"Well it will be all the sweeter when Sunday comes my little pussy willow!" Brad rammed himself again up into her dung-chute with another well placed deep drive of his throbber and Annette let loose with an OOOHHHHH!

"Oooh WHAT my kitten?" CJ asked. Annette was paralyzed with fright for a spine chilling second and then thought quickly saying to her husband,

"OHHH CAESAR!" she said, " I meant OOOH, as I just thought of something perfectly wicked. Listen Brad just left the room for something so I'll talk quickly. I just wanted to see if maybe on Sunday you and I could do that THING we did at the cottage on my birthday last year? Yes my captain of industry... can you make a girl feel all randy and naughty, please?" The old cuckholded fool took the bait and grinned like a fox.

"Of course my dear! I'll find the keys those handcuffs and I believe we've still got those two robes we bought in Japan!" He really had no idea how ridiculous he looked with his little bony white knees sticking out from under that robe under his pot belly. Annette rolled her eyes in disgust (remembering something truly revolting and distasteful for her), but hey; it was done now! She'd bought herself tonight and tomorrow night away from the house with CJ. Sunday she'd have to undress that pale little body of his and handcuff it to a bed for ten minutes of wifely duty before she'd then be able to release him and he'd be good for another fortnight hopefully!

"Ohhh dearest," she said into the phone, "I simply cannot tell you how the thought makes me feel!"

"Right!" CJ answered, "listen darling I must get back to the dinner. Please don't stay up too late at the office getting battered and wrecked! You've got Brad there to help push things through! He's a good stout solid fellow!"

"That I can assure you off Darling!" she answered as the top of her head now plowed into the leather upholstered back of the chair.

"Well," CJ answered, "just don't wear that plow horse out, mind you my dear. It is Friday on a lovely evening. If I was him I'd be thinking about getting laid with some woman! I wouldn't want to be the one who keeps him from such activities!"

"Oh yes CJ," she said, "most certainly. I assure you nothing will prevent him from that! In fact I'll see to it personally that he gets off shortly!...Alright bye now! Good bye darling! Yes...I love you terribly!" She hung up the phone and uttered and irritated YECCCHHHHKKK of disgust and annoyance at having been distracted. The pushin' in her bum cushion brought her out of her funk and she was happy for it!

Now that she'd finished her council with the great Caesar; she was happy to return her attentions to "Brad the Impaler." She turned the phone off and resumed her naughty little anal rutt-fest! The hall outside again rang with unbridled cries of deliriously happy torture!

Brad, had by now after several minutes in Annette's tight back alley found his member restored to its wonderfully painful throbbing glory. It was good that she'd throated him into spending his seed. He doubted he would've been able to last this long in a bum-chute so magnificent, warm, and tight as this! Thanks to Annette's marvelous blowjob earlier; he was now able to operate with more control and really show her what his engine could do as he flirted with his "inner redline!"

Oh... but she was an exquisite one! He loved the way she shrieked and wailed and now that she began cursing and swearing at each deliciously horny thrust up her arse; it was all the better. To him, it was really a pleasant surprise! She was a regular potty -outh in the heat of passion by the sound of things. He loved that; perfect lady in the boardroom one minute; wanton tart with a nasty mouth over the back of her chair taking it up her naughty pink backdoor the next!

To tell the truth he couldn't have dreamed this! ... Well that's not entirely true; he'd had a dream about this sort of thing a few weeks ago. In the dream, this very powerful boss woman had pulled up in her black company limo behind him as he walked to the tube on his way home. The driver had gotten out and shouted to him, (making him turn to see who it was). The man opened the door to the limo and Annette face peered out at him.

"Get in," she shouted, "there is no time to explain!" Brad turned to the doorway and stepped into the limo. As he did he glanced at the chauffeur's face. He noticed the man had a zipper for a mouth that had been unzipped opened. He seemed not to look at him beneath his sunglasses. Curious, why would he wear sunglasses at night when driving?

Brad shrugged and got in. He should have known it was a dream; his long dead grandfather leading an elephant down the sidewalk past the vehicle should have been a strong clue. Brad and his grandfather made eye contact through the open door and exchanged smiles and waives before he turned to Annette.

"I am so glad I found you Brad!" Annette said as he settled into the back seat next to her as the door closed behind him. She wore a broad ladies hat and a luxuriously long fur coat. She slid dangerously close to him on the seat.

"I've been looking everywhere for you Brad and for so long!" she said.

"How long he," he asked.

"Years," she answered, "Now relax, and let me help you!"

"Help me?" he asked.

"Yes," she said as she opened her fur robe to bare her magnificent naked form to him, "it's obvious to me that we can help each other!" Her hands worked his belt and zipper until his trousers were at his ankles. His erect throbber found its way into her hand and Brad could swear his one eyed trouser snake turned back and winked at him.

"Mrs. Bishop," the chauffeur said peering over the seat with his sunglasses off (showing two opaque eyes that were obviously blind), "where to and for how long?"

"For the rest of the journey Edwin," she answered, "and it could take ten minutes or five decades. I haven't decided yet and neither has fate." Edwin nodded and replaced his glasses before he zipped his mouth shut. He disappeared behind the partition that Annette slowly raised using the console button. The limo began to move out into traffic and in the rear of the car behind coalmine dark windows, both Annette and Brad were now alone.

"Edwin is such a good driver," Annette said as she brought her face down to Brad's lap and looked up at him with a wink, "and you can see from his face that he sees and says nothing!" Her mouth dropped down and sucked his cock for a few marvelous wet strokes before she raised herself up and straddled him saying,

"You'll be magnificently rewarded if you can do the same!" She kissed him and lowered her quim onto his cock. As they began to fuck she opened her furs and completely swallowed him into then. He was suddenly engulfed in the furry robes and at the same time falling, through the seat with her, out of the car, down through the street, and down ..down ..down in a surreal freefall straight through the rabbit hole! The two were locked together in a torrid fuck as she continued to hold him fast in her furry robes as they fell. Grinding on him and laughing liked she was being tickled from a thousand directions. They fucked and fell and fell and ...WHAAAHHHHHH!

Brad awoke that night in his bed; confused and sporting an erection worthy of Stonehenge itself! He looked at the clock. It was two thirty in the morning. He found a tissue by the bedside and killed this troubling erection with a good hard five minute wank and release straight into the Kleenex and then he was asleep again.

The dream had disturbed him that morning, but it had aroused him at the same time; put a weed in the back of his noggin that he couldn't simply pull up by the roots! He couldn't look at Annette in the face that morning at work but he hadn't forgotten that dream, (and that night back at his flat when he was home from work he rubbed one out in her honor). She was the boss, (and a hard one to please at that) but something from his dream stuck in his head and began renting a studio apartment up in there and something about this powerful woman really put the sexual hook in him!

Now it was weeks later. As his cock bobsledded the insides of the boss's beautiful bouncing bum, Brad for the life of him couldn't believe how dreams and the real world had come together so closely! It was eerie, even prophetic. Still he wasn't complaining in the least!

He loved the way she felt inside. He hated using the word "goddess" when describing women he'd "been with" (as he thought the term somewhat overused), but with her; he thought that he might want to make an exception! His cock felt wave upon thrilling wave of pleasure as it pushed up inside the warm exhaust port to her inner core! He also loved that no matter how far and hard he pushed in; like a world class female athlete she rammed herself down upon him, (urging him on and swearing heartfelt foul encouragement all the way)!

He was beginning to feel that old familiar tickle in his cock as the tip plunged deep into the rich hot earthiness of her rear passage; a wonderfully snug tunnel of primal feminine decadence that seemed to never end for him! Her clit was going absolutely mad now from the frenzied ravages of her own fingers as they rapidly plucked and strummed a furious Spanish guitar solo on her battered swollen pink! The cock thrusts increasingly found her G-spot at glancing blows as his penis again and again rushed past and up through her innards like a hurtling subway train!

She began to tremble and he began to twitch. They both picked up the pace. Something was going to happen to them both together right here in the chair and it would seize them both together!

"OH DEAR GOD BRAD LIKE THAT! JUST LIKE THAAAAAAA...UNNHH!" Annette shrieked at the top of her lungs; unable to finish her sentence and losing all control as her trembling voice merely transformed itself into a loud and anguished primitive sobbing EEEEYAAAAAAGGGHHHHH! of supreme joy! Her cunt gaped and splattered a downpour of orgasmic piddle; drenching her chair as her pretty head shook from side to side from the cataclysmic "cum-quake" that seemed to split her apart!

Brand snarled and then roared from deep down inside his belly with a strangled animal call of AAARRRRGGHHHH! UUUHH! UUUUGGGHHHH! AAAHH! as his loins simply exploded! He pulled Annette by the hips straight down onto his monster cock as it now spewed generous jets of hot molten seed deep up into her entrails; spouting and spouting until her insides were completely covered in a thick coat of penis plaster! The jetting "mangasms" seemed to continue forever for the two of them, as did her shaking and dripping but then the two really had no earthly idea how long they'd cum for, nor did they care. They hadn't seized the moment as much BEEN seized by it and now that very same moment was shaking them both like a pair of dice on a green felt table in a Riviera casino!

There was a pregnant pause; much like the silence that follows a colossal train collision as the two caught their breath, covered in sweat and the animalistic smell their post fuck funk. Then there was ...laughter; huge hearty laughter!

It was laughter that was fueled by the joy of a spectacular release that had shaken them to their very cores and yet had not killed them! It was the laughter of surviving something huge, and of triumph, and of shared experience. Wonderful shared experience!

They uncoupled from one another. Brad pulled his cock from Annette's battered bum and noticed her gaping bottom-hole. His seed ran down from her opening freely and for a moment her bum resembled a stuffed eclair spilling its cream.

In the aftermath of what had happened, neither of them cared about mess, smells, or dribbles as they both were now basking in a joyful collaborative glow of post orgasmic bliss! They were like a team of gladiators who had struck down every foe in the arena and now looked for each other across the gore and sand with arms spread wide in triumph!

She turned and stepped from her chair and she flung her arms up around him. He crushed her in her arms and lifted her until her feet came off the floor and two pairs of wet lips pushed together hard in tender intimacy! He bent forward and swept her off her feet; scooping her up in his arms as though he would carry her across a threshold while both their mouths continued to mash together in frenzied kissing! She felt completely weak in his arms and he truly felt like a conquering warrior who'd swept his prize up from the site of some great field of conflict and was going to toss her up atop his steed before riding off into the setting sun with her!

"Lie with me on my desk. Let's see the sun go down!" she said with a better idea that would not require him learning to horseback riding on such short notice. He kicked the chair out of the way so as not to block their view and then he set her atop her desk, joining her a second later. The two cooed and cuddled and kissed and caressed as the orange-red ball sank lower and lower until it began to melt into the horizon. Her office was a wreck. It was a good thing the executive loo was well stocked with paper towels!

They snuggled close and shared the quiet smiling intimate silence together with her half eaten duck, the monitor, and her keyboard pushed to one-side, the portfolios and proposals shoved to the other, dangerously close to falling to the floor. They were content, they were happy, they were curious. He was amazed at finding such a beauty and she was content to find a strong champion like this one. He made her feel so good; so honestly good! Where had he been all these years! Playing video games and getting out of braces she joked quietly in the back of her mind. She chuckled.
He chuckled wanting know what it was and she shook her head saying that it was not important before she pulled his face to hers and kissed him again. She knew she'd found what she wanted. Letting him know right now and spoiling the moment with words was stupid and unnecessary she told herself. The pair continued to chew lips, rub faces, and each other's shoulders as the office grew redder and darker in the dying purple of a marvelous June sunset. She broke the kiss.

She licked down his chin, down his neck and down his shoulders. She kicked a leg and in one fluid motion the lovely half ballerina- half Siamese cat of a woman draped herself over him like a warm blanket and she continued to kiss upon him; going down down down. She found his chest, and his nipples, and his navel and the corduroy rows of his six-pack. She kissed down his thin happy-trail line of pubic hair from his navel. Making sure to stay on the path of hair so as not to get lost; she arrived at his sleeping cock. She began to kiss and suck, and wank. A strong hand found her hair and fingers gently raked through her scalp in appreciative clutches and tugs of gratitude.

In minutes the sun was down and the sky glowed a glazed fiery purple. In stark contrast, Brad was "up" and the two lovers glowed with passionate anticipation of "one more go" in the darkness of the room. Annette mounted him and eased herself down on that telegraph-pole cock of his with happy gasps smiles and shudders! She lay forward onto him with his cock stabbing up into her sex hole and her clit grinding against him with a friction she was particularly hungry for! Lips collided together once more and his hands parted her bum cheeks to allow a wiggling finger of his into her asshole up to the knuckle.

She squealed a muffled happy call of excitement into his mouth, happy to have all holes "seen to" by him and attended to with such care! The darkness was punctuated by the sound of more wet kisses, flesh moving over flesh, whispers in the shadows, and happy giggles. It had been all hard pounding athletic lust before. Now there in the depths of the twilight it was happy intimate lovemaking. They made each other very happy!

The two forms began to move faster and faster in the dim light of sundown. A pair of unseen eyes stared at them appreciatively, noting their every move and enjoying every sound they made. Below the spying eyes; fingers and hands paused from vigorous self-pleasure to unfasten restrictive clothing for a moment and make garments drop to the floor. The hands then resumed the inspired self-agitation as two nostrils flared and puffed silently before the ever watchful eyes of the voyeur.

The spy now saw Annette hop and bounce upon Brad's cock and ears heard the boss lady tell the stallion underneath that he could "split her" in two with that thing of his for all she cared! The voyeur took a sip of air through quivering lips as hands down below found just the right speed and friction to match what Annette was feeling at the moment! The boss lady now arched her back and allowed Brad to suckle and chew at her nipples; making the heart of the watcher in the darkness skip a beat with envy!

The eyes blinked intently as Brad chewed Annette's gumdrop nipples and made his corporate 'lover in chief" wheeze and gasp. She cooed and whimpered; kissing him on the top of his jet black hair and cradling his head like a mother. The lips of the voyeur matched Annette's raspy wheeze as the spy's pulse raced from the work of the unseen hands and the eyes and ears kept feeding on the beautiful feast of pure love now set upon the table like some beautiful banquet; that they had as yet no invitation to!

The lovers on the table moved faster now as their energy and ardor began to build. Annette's earlier rants of obscene cursing and suggestions of what she wished him to do to her all night long were replaced by the warm velvet words of one lover to another in his ear. The ears of the voyeur strained and picked up each wonderful syllable uttered from Annette's lips and their heart melted with happiness if not with a small twinge of jealousy!

Brad's mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue now had transformed Annette's nipples into what would best be described as a pair of swollen maraschino cherrie. Her breasts heaved and her breath huffed and puffed like a lusty steam engine! Her girly-loins ground and mashed down hard upon him and she wished she could send him up even deeper into her juicing sex; so far up inside her that his he could give her a shoulder rub from the inside with the tip of that cock! Oh he was JUST THAT GOOD! She had everything she needed now; everything except that one beautiful happy feminine something SOMETHING that normally made her feel...

Brad felt the approach of his ball-gasm but it was still a ways off. It was as if an emergency siren had whistled its approach; he was ready and he wanted it! He also sensed Annette was getting "there" again as well. His lips left her bee stung nipples and made their way up the salty skin of her breasts to her collar bone; before pushing on to her undefended neck!

As he fed and wolfed at that particularly scrumptious delicacy, she began to moan and sob and laugh all at the same time. The wet meaty sounds of their desktop frolic were music to the ears of the voyeur: who also could tell Brad was close and what's more, could tell Annette was even closer by her impassioned calls and fevered mewing! It was as if all the sensations had thrown Annette's reactor deep over past the redline; making her thrash and buck her hips even harder while her hands now savagely tore at Brad's hair!

His lips and tongue now moved up from her neck to wetly "tongue-fuck" her ear; making her squeak in the shadows of the office with joyful glee, sounding like a rubber balloon that was slowly releasing its air! Her fingernails clawed his scalp and neck with gratitude as she urged her hungry "neck hound" to continue his meal! She'd have willingly been his bit of wet kibble to devour by now! The boss was becoming the slave to this thing between them just as much as the intern was now becoming a steward to it; this molten plasma flame that threatened to burn them both to a pair of cinders, and still she urged him on! Life for her without danger was no life at all and now atop her desk fucking him with reckless abandon, all the danger of the world meant nothing if she could only have HIM... IT...THIS!

The two mouths now each found another. Teeth chewed and gorged upon puckered swollen lips as tongues tasted and wanted more of this meal! Saliva became mixed in a hearty "him and her" chemical stew and pheromones rushed together in a super-collision again and again at light speed; creating a hypnotic and intoxicating fusion that could best be described now as the essence of "them!" Yes THEM! No longer a "he" and a "she," they'd fused and bonded into a whole new alloy of thousand degree white hot "THEM," sizzling and glowing in what felt like an all-consuming chain reaction deep inside the two...and the one!

Annette pulled her mouth from his to gasp for air as her mind and libido now hurtled forward out of control, frantically humping and grinding Brad as she realized she couldn't stop this if she'd tried or had even wanted to! Her eyes stared at the open door as her core approached meltdown. She saw the figure behind the glass, peering through the office blinds and jerking its limbs against itself in frantic self-abuse! With her last bit of conscious will, Annette made eye contact with the figure and nodded her head as if to acknowledge that it was "alright" and "all would be as planned!" The shadowy figure nodded from behind the blinds in a wheezing hiss as it continued to frig upon itself, now bonded by energy with the lovers on the table!

Meanwhile, Brad now felt "IT's" impending arrival just moments away! Like Annette; he couldn't stop it if he'd desired to, but instead he simply pushed "IT" onward; hurtling down this psycho-sexual super collider pathway to meet whatever it was Annette had sent hurtling from the other side of the course! His fingers (all four), had found their way into her anus and were feverishly hand-buggering her stretched bum-hole while his cock slammed hard up to meet her descending hips in a meaty wet SMACK SMACK SMACK! He glanced up and saw Annette nod her pretty head wide-mouthed and gasping at something unseen and at the office entrance. He looked up and back to the door and saw.

From behind blinds Shelby stepped from her pile of discarded clothes and stood in the office doorway. For a second she stood in the entrance, masturbating and twisting her nipples in her hands; her face a mask of pent up sexual ardor and voyeuristic energy that made her look as if she might explode in a million pieces! She moved straight-on into the room, still abusing herself with frenzied hands.

Shelby now stood directly before them in front of the desk; hovering over them and swept away by the image of the two lovers before her. Two had become one and now a third had joined that one! She reached out a hand to them and grasped Annette's fingers in a gesture of shared sisterhood that appreciated the supreme wonderment of the moment! She leaned forward over Brad and kissed Annette on the mouth and then she kissed Brad! A second later it happened.

Shelby threw back her head to stare up and the ceiling as she released a tortured anguished scream of AAAAAGGGHHHH! OOOHH! AAGGHHHHHHHHH! She splattered the office floor in a quaking series of splashing piddles while her hand feverishly danced in the middle of her cascade! Annette like a sympathetic alpha she-wolf calling to one of her pack; raised her head up and responded with a shaking howl of EEEYYAAAAWWW! OOOOOHHHHHHH! AAAANNNNNHHHHHH! as she gushed a piping hot stream of her own splatter-gasm on Brad's loins. Down below her, Brad's balls went tight as a snare-drum and he released a raging triumphant war-cry of AH! AHHH! AAAAAWWW! AAARGGGHHHHHH!

He shook his head snarling from side to side and bucked his hips as his very own crescendo sprayed deep into Annette's quim-hole in a torrent of scalding Brad-batter! To complete the performance, the three voices now rose and became one perfectly harmonized note of climactic release and triumphant loving joy! It echoed against the panes of glass, through the office, down the hall, into the break areas and back again in the dim red glow of the London Twilight as it waved good-bye to the day and welcomed the night.

The aftermath was that of devastation amidst quiet. The scene in the dark room resembled the eerie calm of a landscape where two armies had clashed in the early evening until darkness had made the struggling combatants unable to see one another and the fray had ceased. The air was heavy with sex, sweat, and the sound of water running down the hall. Atop a pile of scattered clothes on the floor, lay still another pile of scattered brochures and portfolios that had slid off the edge of the desk but would probably not be looked at that weekend. Another pile of clothes lay in the entryway. On the other side of the desk Annette's cell-phone had been kicked on the floor and lay face down. Dangerously close to the edge of the desk; Annette's monitor, keyboard and desk phone were one nudge away from joining it on the floor and next to them, her half-eaten Duck à l'orange sat cold; its orange sauce having served its diner very well twice that evening!

Down the hallway, the voices of three souls echoed on the tiles of the ladies executive washroom. Inside in the steam and the spritzing hot water, Annette, Brad, and Shelby had crowded into one of the three shower stalls and were soaping each other's bodies. The spirit was that of happy intimacy.

"Well done Shelby," Annette said as Brad stood soaping her breasts from behind and pressing his sudsy penis playfully up the crack of her ass.

"How so Annette?" Shelby replied standing below the shower stream.

"By going down to the next floor," Annette replied playfully wriggling her bum up and down Brad's throbber as it slewed between the soapy crack-channel of her ass cheeks.

"You knew that file was not down there," Annette continued, "and you still went down. You knew it was a wild good chase and yet you hunted and dug around. You then took your time and when you saw what was going on in the room, you stayed outside and watched." Annette turned around and hugged the soapy sudsy Brad-hunk in her arms and kissed him saying,

"You let me have this one all to myself until I called you in at the end! As I said before...well done!" She then turned her face up to Brad and congratulated him.

"And you! You had the common sense and the bravery to get up and leave my office when you realized I was treating you like a doormat! You have fight and you stick up for yourself! I like that in a man...and a lover!" She kissed him again and then opened her arms to pull Shelby in with them for a three-way embrace. Annette now had an announcement.

"Well," she said, "now that Mama Lion has her two cubs all bathed and cleaned, I have another something to tell you. You've seen you last paycheck as interns." Shelby and Brad looked at each other.

"Your next pay period," Annette said grandly, "will be that as full-fledged employees of this corporation. I will announce Monday that your internship is over. You will now have full salary and benefits." Shelby and Brad looked at each other in stunned silence.

"You'll both be my special projects directors," she informed them in the spray of the shower head, "and you will be direct reports - TO ME! I didn't raise two cubs just to have them stray so far from my den. I have ...designs for you both."

The three exchanged soap bubble infused hugs and then Brad and Shelby kissed. Her hand found his cock and wanked it in front of a completely permissive Annette who hadn't slightest pang of jealousy. The three would be sharing a lot in the future and a boy-toy between boss and "female disciple" was nothing to fight over! She'd even told them that she'd share Shelby with Brad despite the fact she absolutely adored the girl's gentle touch! No, there was no room for greed when there was so much wealth, power, sex, and adventure to share!

"Oh and Brad," Annette said," you won't be living much more at that microscopic east end flat of yours." He looked at her in wonderment.

"I am moving you and Shelby into a comfortable little something of mine. It will be where I can know where you are, how you are doing, and how I can keep tabs on my two cubs! I hope you two like each other! It's my conditions. What do you say?"

"What is not to say YES to?" Brad answered as Shelby nodded. The two hugged and kissed again and the hugs and kisses went again to the "lover in chief," Annette. From there on in; they were hers -and the company's! The company could have them through the day. It was at night; after hours where Annette would truly need them anyhow! It was a good thing she could always get a suite in the Shangri-La hotel downstairs with little notice if she so desired; an arrangement she'd worked out with the hotel's owner.

Did it matter that she was handing the reins of power so early to ones so young? Did it mattered that she'd disregarded company protocols and circumvented about a score of corporate hiring regulations and policies? Did it matter that a certain amount of her decision had nothing to with their talents and had everything to do with the fact that at a very romantic and polyamorous level they made her wickedly happy? The selfish side of her mind would have simply said, "not in the least!" Let Rome burn, for all she cared... let the whole thing burn and when she was through, there'd be a new Rome, with HER passing the torch to these two!

The three exited the shower with towels around their waists. They dressed in the office and then picked up the room so as to not make it so obvious what had occurred there. Shelby, eager little helper that she was applied a tower to the piddle spots on the floor and them sopped up the damp bog of wetness in her bosses' chair. It was a start to get the office ship-shape so no-body would be the wiser. As the three headed for the elevator to go down and be done with the "work day," the double doors opened. Out stepped Fahima, the cleaning lady.

"Fahima," Annette Beamed and hugged the thirty-two year old maid, "I am so glad to find you here!"

"Mrs. Bishop?" the Mid-Eastern lady replied as she pulled her trolley of mops and cleaning supplies from the lift , "were you working late?"

"Yes dear," Annette answered speaking low like a cat who had enjoyed a particularly good canary, "I have a Code Blue in my office." Fahima looked at the two young people and then she looked back at the forty-three year old libertine woman standing in front her and smiled. She understood.

"It shall be as if none of you were even there!" she said, knowing that a little extra sum of money would come her way to buy her silence; just as it had been bought before several times! Annette liked to work late. Janitors and maids saw things and when enough gold passed their palms they saw nothing. The three took the lift down to the lobby of the Shard building. In the lift, Annette turned to Brad saying,

"Oh and one more thing work related. Forget what I said about Michael Stevens being an old fossil of Marketing. I was saying it for effect. He is actually the most skilled subject matter expert you could ask for!" Brad stared back at her and comprehended now just how completely she'd gotten inside his head and manipulated him. He nodded as though he'd been given a free lesson in bluffing while Annette continued.

"What were your plans if we had not stayed late Brad?" Annette asked.

"Was going to get a pint with friends. I might still be able to catch them!"

"Forget it," Annette said as they reached the ground floor, "your taste in clothes for heading out is simply awful! You need to be dressed by a woman."

"Besides," she said as the lift doors opened and the three emerged with Annette in the middle striding confidently before phoning for the car to come-around, "I have outfits I've purchased for you tonight at my flat...and my darlings - WE ARE GOING OUT!"

They stepped out across the lobby and then they waited inside the doors for the car to come out in front. Annette, Brad, and Shelby walked to the curb. The driver opened the doors for them and they disappeared inside. The cab with its "coal mine dark" windows drove down the street and off to the West with lurid adventures that evening still ahead for its three occupants. Bishop had taken Knight!

bishop   takes   knight  

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