Sex stories

Short sex stories

A Little Fun

Moderate BDSM. Female sub, male dom.

Also, the people involved are just playing - they don't "live the life." And they sometimes stop playing for a little. They're playing quite aggressively though.

There is a lot of begging (to continue, not to stop). I'm not sure if anyone else is into that, so just a heads up. The word 'please' features prominently.

All characters are over 18.


I wait for him on my knees, right in front of the door. I'm totally naked. My blonde hair that falls down my back in lazy curls. I have a collar around my neck, adorned with metal studs. It's connected to a leash trailing down my body. I'm holding it myself for now. But I know my master will come soon, and take it from my hands.

He might pull me behind to the bedroom, while I crawl on all fours. Then he would use me. I imagine his hard cock inside me, filling me. I imagine how it might taste it my mouth. How it would feel in my ass.

I'm so wet. This is really hard. I can feel my juices trickling down my thighs. I need him so bad.

I pull on the leash myself, and imagine it's his grip behind it. I grab one of my small breasts, squeezing it hard, moaning.

He told me I could touch myself, as long as I didn't cum. But he also said that he would be proud of me if I could resist.

And I want to resist. I want to tell him that I didn't touch myself at all, that I waited patiently for his cock, like a good fuck slave. I smile at the thought. I bite my lip, and determinately clasp my hands behind my back to keep myself from disappointing him. But it's really hard.

When he finally comes home, he opens the door wide, letting me see the empty hallway behind him - and potentially letting anyone see me, naked and leashed, my hands clasped behind my back. There's no one, of course. It disappoints me a little. For a moment, I want everyone to see what a dirty slut I am.

My master is really tall and broad shouldered. He has short, dark hair that sets off the angular planes of his face, and a close-trimmed beard. He's wearing a nice slim-fitting button-down, with the topmost button undone, exposing his delicious collar-bones. My eyes catch on those, and I start undressing him in my mind. I swallow.

I crawl to him, on my hands and knees, and clutch at his trousers before he even closes the door. "Sir," I say, my voice carrying into the hallway with ease, "please use me. I didn't touch myself at all. I waited for your cock. Please."

He casually strokes my hair as he closes the door. "Good girl," he says. "You're such a whore, I didn't think you could do it. It was hard, wasn't it?"

Master has a confident way about him. He's not showy or obnoxious. But it's like... he has a calm certainty, of himself and his place in the world. Sometimes, I envy him for it. But mostly, it makes me proud to be his property.

"Yes, sir," I say. "I... I leaked over the floor again," I say, because I know he likes to know how wet I got waiting for him.

He smiles down at me. "That's even better," he says. "Now, come here pet," he says, and grabs my leash.

I crawl on all fours behind him. He pulls hard, and I can't crawl very fast, so the collar ends up choking me a little.

He pulls me to the living room. It's a large room with a huge window on one side. We're on the 22nd floor, so you can't see really far from here. Being naked in front of the window always gives me a thrill, even though it's unlikely anyone can see us.

He sets his bag down, and starts stroking my hair. I look up to him with wide, innocent eyes.

"Now, pet, I want you to spread your legs and show me how wet you are. Can you do that for me?"

"Y-Yes, sir," I say. Because I want him to see. I want him to know how desperate I am for him.

I sit back on my ass on the carpet and spread my thighs. I look up at him. He stiffens a little, and catches my eye. I can tell that he likes it, and I smile.

I reach down between my legs and spread my pussy for him, letting him see the glistening pinkness inside. I can almost see him getting harder.

I want him to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. I want it in my mouth. My fingers gently stroke my pussy, right at the edges, and I moan.

"God," he says quietly. "You look like such a perfect slut."

"Y-Yes, sir," I say. "Thank you."

"Stay like that," he says, and pulls out his phone. He points the camera at me, and my eyes widen. He's... going to take a picture of me. Like this. I bite my lip, but... I don't move.

"Is there something wrong, pet?" He asks, a note of warning in his voice, daring me to defy him.

"N-No, sir," I say with a small voice. "Nothing is wrong,"

I'm blushing. But I'm also spreading my legs wider for the camera, and looking into it as he takes the picture. I want to touch myself even more now. My pussy is begging for it. In front of the camera, I'm even wetter than I was before.

"Good girl," he says. He takes another one for good measure

I wonder what he's going to do with the picture. Several possibilities flit through my mind. Maybe he'll show them to his friends, so they can see what a slut his girlfriend is. Maybe he'll post them online. He might send them to the result of the faculty, to show how far I am from the woman I pretend to be.

Those things would be bad... wouldn't they? Then why does thinking about them make me feel so... good?

"Do you want to see how much of a slut you are?" He asks.

"Yes, sir," I say. Maybe he won't show the picture to anyone after all.

He flips the phone over and shows it to me. I look... even worse than I thought. My face is all flushed, my lips parted, like I'm panting. Like I'm in heat. Seeing myself like that makes me feel... 'base' might be the right word. Like... I'm at rock bottom and I don't owe anyone anything. It's not really something I can describe through words. But it feels a little like freedom.

"When you look at this picture, what do you see?" He asks me.

I pause for a moment, not knowing what to say. But then, I have it. "A dirty slut, sir," I say with excitement.

"Good girl. You're just a dirty little slut. My dirty little slut."

"Yes, yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" Because I want to be a dirty slut. His dirty slut.

He smiles. "Now, let's take some more pictures," he says. And I can't help feeling a little excited.

"Grab one of your breasts," he says. I pose for the camera, and he takes another shot.

"Do you know what I'm going to do with the pictures?" he asks, after a few more.

"No, sir," I say. I try to seem disinterested, I try to pretend they're his pictures and he can do whatever he wants with them. And I'm his property anyway. But I really want to know.

"I'm going to post them online. That way everyone will know what a dirty whore you really are. Everyone. Your students, our neighbors..." he takes another shot.

I don't move. My face just gets hotter and hotter. I cross my legs a little, because I feel a kind of heat between them too.

"R-Really?" I ask. I'm rubbing my legs together. I'm leaking again.

He doesn't answer. He just takes another shot.

"Sir?" I ask, my voice shaking, "will you really do that?"

He smiles. "Of course. Does that mean you want to stop?"

I bite my lip and say nothing.

"Maybe if you beg me enough, I won't show them to anyone," he continues.

I look away. My face is so hot. I bet I look like a tomato.

He chuckles. "But you're enjoying this, aren't you? Admit it. You're getting even wetter just thinking about what I just said."

I'm biting my lip really painfully now. I feel so ashamed.

"Pet, admit it," he says.

"...Yes, sir," I say quietly.

"Full sentences. Just 'yes' isn't enough."

"I... I want you to show the pictures," I blurt out.

"Good girl. Why do you want that?"

"I... because... I want everyone to see what a dirty slut I am," I say in a small voice. "That I'm your slut. That way... I won't... have to pretend anymore. I... it... I know it doesn't make sense."

"That's alright," he says softly, "I understand. I also want everyone to see what a slut you are. That you're my slut. That I own you," he says.

"Thank you, sir," I say. "Is... Is it really alright, though?"

"Of course it is," he says, and strokes my hair.

"Sir?" I say.

"What is it, pet?"

"Could we take some more pictures? Please?"

He doesn't say anything at first. Just strokes my hair. For a second, I think he might refuse me. He's done that before.

"Let's do that," he finally says, a note of strain in his voice. He clears his throat. "Stand up, pet," he tells me.

I bounce up to my feet, eager to please him.

"Bend over for me and spread your ass cheeks," he says, and I do it. He takes a few shots of me like that, my holes totally exposed.

"I really love you like this, pet," he says. "Don't move yet,"

"I won't, sir," I say.

I look behind my back and see him approaching me. I think I know what's coming. And I want to ask him for it before he does it.

"Sir, please, spank me," I say.

He smiles. Then I feel his palm against my ass. I jump. He's... really strong. And he spanks really well. I try to be quiet, but I still let out an involuntary squeal.

"Now, what do you say, pet?"

"Th-Thank you, sir!" I yell breathlessly. "Again, please?"

He spanks me again. "Th-thank—"I begin, but he spanks me before I get to finish and I cry out again.

My ass burns and tingles from his palm. It's a good pain.

Then he spanks my other ass cheek, again and again. The last few smacks are really hard, but I manage to stifle everything but a tiny moan.

"Thank you, sir," I say again, breathing hard.

"You're welcome, pet," he says. Then he takes a few more photos of my ass. I hope there's a nice big palm print, so everyone will know I belong to him. His hand lingering over my ass for a moment, feeling it in his strong hand.

Then he comes really close, and presses his crotch against my ass. My stomach tightens. I feel his cock, so hard, right between my ass cheeks. It feels warm, even through the fabric of his trousers.

"Do you want me to use your ass today, pet?" He asks.

"Yes, sir!" I reply.

He licks his finger and presses it against my asshole. I'm already loose for him. I'm always loose for him. The tip of his finger slides inside me, and I moan. He moves it in and out, gently, and I rock my hips back and forth. It's good. But... it's not enough. I need his cock. I need it to fill me.

"Please, sir," I beg. "Use my ass."

"Slut, I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to cum inside you. You're just such a whore that I can't help myself anymore. But you're not allowed to cum. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, sir!" I say, excited. I don't care about not cumming. I just want him inside me. "Please—" I start begging again, but I squeal when he grabs my hair. He pulls me up and against him, making me arch my back, pressing my ass tighter against his cock.

He kisses my neck. He bites it, his teeth almost piercing the skin. I can feel his hot breath on my ear. He whispers to me, his voice rough and aggressive. "You are so fucking hot. I went hard the second I saw you, the second I opened the door. I love how much of a slut you are. How soaking wet you get. Everything you do turns me on so much."

His words fill me with warmth, all the more so for being unexpected. I moan and grind against him. I should say something. How much I love being his. How much I love his cock. How it makes me feel. But... at that moment, I just feel selfish.

"Sir, please," I whisper. "My ass. I need it." And I do. It feels as though there is an absence in me that only he can fill.

"I'll be right back, pet. Don't move," he whispers back.

He disappears into our bedroom for a moment, leaving me a little colder and lonelier without him, and comes back with a bottle of lube we keep there. I kind of feel myself loosening right when I see it.

Then he unzips his pants and slides them down, revealing his deliciously hard cock. He's so hard for me. And he's going to use me like this, without even bothering to take his clothes off.

He bends me over, and I try to push myself against a wall. It's a really uncomfortable position. He spanks me again, as though my exposed ass is too much for him to resist.

He covers two fingers with lube. I spread my cheeks for him and moan when I feel his fingers slide in. I'm so loose for him. He pushes them in deeper. I moan. He fucks me with his fingers a little more, getting me ready. Not that I need it.

He covers his cock with lube. And then I can feel it, so hot, pressing against my asshole. "Sir," I say, my voice quivering, "Please." I spread myself wider for him. But he stays there. I can feel him twitching against my asshole. His hands are on my body, exploring it. They make me tingle.

I can't help myself anymore. I need him in me. I don't care if I get punished. I push back, and he groans. He's so hard. I can feel the head of his cock stretching me, so hot against the sensitive opening.

"Oh, god," he groans. And then he slides into me.

Yes. God. Yes.

He's... he feels so big inside me. And he's so hot. It's so good.

He's breathing hard. He kisses my neck again. I want him to move. I want him to use me. He grabs my hair, making me arch my beck again. And he pushes himself deeper, so deep. I can feel his thighs against my ass. Shaking, I cry out.

"M-more," I manage, breathless.

"You're such a greedy slut," he whispers back, his voice rough and wild and so fucking hot. "I love you like this."

"Thank you s—"I start, but then he starts fucking my ass, and I can't speak anymore.

He goes slowly at first. Thrusting himself deep inside me, as deep as I can take. And then he goes deeper still. His hand is in my hair, and he pulls me back with every thrust. He's so strong. I'm like nothing to him. He can do whatever he wants with me.

I feel him pushing his cock into me, pounding me. I can feel his entire length sliding into me. Again. And again. And again.

Then he goes faster, and it does start to burn. But it feels so good too. He spanks me as he fucks my ass. I love it. I want him to cum. I want him to fill me up. I'm so on edge, his orgasm seems like it would be my own.

I reach out behind my back, so touch him, to feel his body, even through his clothes.

And the sounds he makes as he fucks me. God. The sounds. They reach down and ignite something within me. Or more like, stoke the fires that are already there.

"You're so fucking tight," he whispers. "God, I want to cum inside your ass. Would you like that?"

"Y-Yes," I manage between moans. I want to say more. I want to tell him how much I want it. But I can't. I don't seem to have enough words.

And then, after a few thrusts, I suddenly feel him go even harder. Even hotter. Even bigger inside me.

I know it's coming. He's going to cum inside my ass. I can feel it. He pulls me close, so close. I snake my arms around him, pulling him against me. I don't want him to get away. I want to feel him. I need to feel him.

I feel him pulsing, twitching. And then... it's like there is pure heat flowing into me. It's filling me up. Where I need it most.

He groans as he cums inside my ass, and I moan with him. He stays inside me for a while, rocking against me, his cock shifting inside my ass, now so full with his warm cum. I become aware of his hand, gripping my breast painfully hard. When did it get there? I wonder dreamily.

Now that he's finished, I feel... used. I feel his.

Now he's done with me, he lets me sink to the floor, his cock sliding out, still so hard. I can feel his cum trickling down my leg.

"Did you like that?" He asks above me.

"Yes, sir. I love it when you cum in my ass," I say, breathless.

"Good girl," he says, and strokes my hair a little bit more. He's still hard. He's still twitching. Right in front of my face.

"Spread your ass again for me, pet," he says, and I do it for him, right there on the floor. He takes a picture of my ass, full of his cum. I feel so dirty. I feel so good.

"Now, get up. Take off my clothes," he says.

I smile. "Yes, sir," I say, and bounce to my feet. I like taking off his clothes for him.

Master is really tall. Even standing, I only reach up to his chest. I start unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time, revealing the pale skin beneath. It feels like I'm unwrapping a birthday present.

He pets me while I'm busy working the buttons. He strokes my hair, sliding his fingers through the curls, playing with it. I glance up at him a few times, and our eyes catch.

As my body calms down from the pounding he gave me, I start feeling a kind of wonderful, warm emptiness in my ass. It's really nice.

"Thank you for using my ass, sir," I tell him.

He lifts up my face up to him. Then he brings his lips down to mine and kisses me. His mouth tastes salty and sweet.

"You're welcome, pet," he says finally. "How should I use you next?" he asks.

I bite my lip. Anywhere is fine. He could fuck my ass again. He could use my cunt and stop me from cumming. But he likes straight answers.

"My mouth, sir," I say.

He smiles. "Good answer," he says, and kisses me again.

I smile back. I'm done with his shirt now. He lets me slide it off his body.

"Now, my pants and boxers too," he says.

I get down on my knees and tug off his pants and boxers. He steps out of them for me. And now he's totally, gloriously naked.

Still on my knees, I notice there is a bead of cum glistening at the tip of his cock. And I want it in my mouth.

"May I clean your cock, sir?" I ask.

He smiles down at me. "What, you don't care I just fucked your ass?"

I whimper a bit when he says it. I can still feel his cum on my thighs.

"I... it... I like it, sir," I manage.

"You are such a dirty slut, you know that?"

"Thank you, sir!" I say.

He nods. "Alright. Hands beh—"

But I've already put them behind my back, clasping them firmly.

He chuckles. "Good girl," he says, pleased with my eagerness. "You're being such a good girl today. You haven't disappointed me once."

"Yes, sir," I smile. "I... I try hard."

He smiles.

I kiss the tip of his cock, sucking the drop of cum into my mouth. I lick my lips, and he laughs.

"Do you like how it tastes?" he asks.

I smile up at him. "Yes, sir. I love it." I lick my lips again, and he strokes my hair.

First, I lick him all over, making him wet and shiny with my spit. Then I wrap my lips around the head and suck hard, my lips squeezing every last drop of cum out of him.

"God, I forgot what a greedy little mouth you had," he says. He gets his phone again, and points the camera at me.

"Smile for the camera, pet," he says, and I do, his cock still hard and twitching in my mouth. I even make a V sign at the camera.

He laughs. "Perfect. I'll make it my desktop background at work," he says, and I chuckle, with him still in my mouth.

"I'm going to use your mouth now, pet," he says.

"Yes, sir,"

"Good girl. Now, open," he says, and lightly smacks my cheek.

I open my mouth wide for him, on command, and stick my tongue under his twitching cock. I look up into his eyes.

"Are you ready?" He asks.

"Mhm," I nod. I'm ready.

And then I can feel him. Pushing his cock into my mouth. Deeper. Deeper. His cock slides into my throat like it was nothing. Like it was made for him. He's so long. He's so thick. I can't breathe. I can't speak. I clench my hands tight behind my back, refusing to disappoint him.

He pushes himself even deeper. God. My mouth is so full of him. And then... my lips are touching the base of his cock. My eyes are closed. I feel so strangely proud of myself, that I could take everything. All of him.

I hear him groaning above me. He thrusts himself once into my throat.

And then he pulls out, and finally, I take a deep breathe.
"Good girl," he says above me.

"Again, please," I say, and open my mouth for him, looking up into his eyes again.

He shoves his cock into my mouth again. Down my throat. He holds me down, strong hands not letting my surface, not letting me breathe. He slides out, and then slides in again. Again. And again. Fucking my mouth. Using my throat. He groans with every thrust; a raw, feral sound that touches something inside me.

And then, just when I think I can't take it anymore, just when I realize I have to take a breath, he pulls out with another one of his deep groans. His cock is covered in my spit. It's twitching right in front of my eyes.

I try to catch my breath. But I want him in my mouth again. So much.

I take him in my mouth again, without his hands this time. My eyes locked on his, I let him slide deeper, deeper. Deeper. I push him down my throat. I swallow around him. He's so big. He moans.

I move my mouth back and forth around him, letting him slide in and out of my throat. His hands are on my head now, but no longer pushing me. But he's still thrusting his hips a little, unable to control them. I cup his balls in my hand and feel them, stroke them.

And suddenly his hands are on me again. He doesn't warn me this time. He just grabs my head and pushes himself into my throat, his cock cutting off my moan. He holds me down and thrusts. My hands strain behind my back. But I'm a good girl. And I love it when he uses me however he likes.

He lets go of me again. I catch my breath, and then take his cock into my mouth, again in control. I let him slide in and out of my throat. I swallow around him. I let my tongue move the little it can, stroking him. And I feel him getting harder again. Hotter.

"Oh god, oh, Jane— oh my god," he moans.

God yes. Yes. I want to taste you. I want to swallow you. Cum for me.

I let him slide out, keeping just the tip of him in my mouth, because he likes to cum into my mouth that way.

"Oh my god," he moans again. He cups my face in his hands. He strokes my hair. Gentle now.

His whole body seems to tense up, right before it happens. His legs shake. His face goes a little funny. And then he moans again. His cock pulses between my lips, almost escaping from my mouth. I have to take it in my hand to stop it, but I don't care. I want to taste him. I want to drink him.

Jets of hot cum stream into my mouth as he trembles over me. As he moans over me. They try to slide right down into my throat, but I don't let them. I want to keep his cum in my mouth. I want to taste him. I want to show him what a dirty slut I am. What a good girl I am.

He's in a different world now. I feel so proud of myself. I smile broadly as his cum streams into my mouth. As his cock pulsates and his body shakes, his hands gentle on my head.

And then, finally, but far too soon, it's over. He's shivering above me, like he just came in from the cold. Maybe that's how the weather is in orgasm-land right now. But I like watching him wind-down too. And I like the feeling of him going softer in my mouth. I squeeze him and suck the last drops of cum out, as he moans shakily, so sensitive now. So vulnerable.

Sucking master's cock always gives me a power trip. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of how gentle he gets in the end. Or maybe it's watching his face go funny.

I play with his cum in my mouth a little, tasting it. It doesn't taste like much. No, it's not the food of the gods. But I like it anyway. It's his, after all.

"Do you want to see?" I manage, with my mouth full, because I want to swallow already.

"See?" He asks, confused. Yup. He's not all there yet.

Still smiling, I open my mouth and show him.

"Oh god," he whispers. "You look so fucking hot."

"Picture!" I yell to him.

"Oh, right," he says. He grabs his phone and points the camera at me. I smile, with his load thick and white in my mouth.

"Can I swallow?" I ask.

"Yeah," he says softly.

He watches me as I take his cum down with one gulp. I open my now-empty mouth.

"How was it?" he asks, a smile on his face.

"Hmm. I want more. Gimme." He laughs.

"Fine then," I say. "I'll have to take it by force."

I take his softening cock in my mouth again.

"A-ow, ow!" he yells, laughing. But I don't care. I just suck him dry, to the last drop.

"God, Jane, that last orgasm. That was fucking amazing. How do you do that?"

I laugh. "I guess I'm just good at sucking cock," I say, happiness bubbling out of me. I feel drunk. I feel like I just took on the world... and won. I feel so good. Like I can do anything.

I stand up and pull his face to mine. We kiss for a long time. But I can't keep my smile down, and it keeps interrupting.

But really, there's something I have to ask him. "So, what are you going to do with the pictures?"

"What, you don't think getting into the porn business is a good idea?"

"Very funny," I say with a smile.

"I'm sure the faculty won't mind. And your students will certainly see a different side of you."

I laugh. "Don't even say that word right now. P—"

His hand. Between my legs. I yelp.

"You were saying?"

I moan in response. I stiffen. I put my hand in his arm. I want him to move it.

And he does move. So very slowly. His fingers scraping my pussy. I tremble.

"Did you really think we were done? You haven't even cum once yet," he whispers to me.

"P-Please, sir," I say, pleading.

"Ah, so it's back to 'sir' now, is it?" He asks with an evil smile.

"I—I'm... sorry. Please. Please."

His smile slowly fades. There's something else on his face now. Not amusement.

"Please, sir. I—"I jump. His fingers slide inside me. Just a little.

He kisses my neck. I can feel his teeth sinking into the skin. His fingers slide deeper. I moan.

"How do you do that?" He whispers into my ear. He's getting hard again. I can feel him against my stomach.

"Do what, sir?" I ask, voice shaky.

His teeth again. Hot breath. Warm, soft lips. His fingers inside me. I need him.

"Everything you do turns me on so much. I can't be around you for one second without getting hard. Again and again."

I flush. A warm feeling spreads through my stomach, together with his praise. And I thought I was done being his. There is still so much more to have.

"Thank you, sir," I say, breathless.

He takes my collar off for me, and picks me up, his arms under my ass. I cling to him, trusting him, letting him carry me wherever he wants. To the moon for all I care. So long as he's the one doing it. So long as I can be with him.

But... he only takes me to the bedroom, not the moon. He drops me unceremoniously on the bed. Our bed is really big. Like, really big. It would have to be, wouldn't it? Considering how long we spend in it. Other people get a home cinema. We have our own form of entertainment...

I crawl back, right to the bedpost. I expect him to crawl over me, but he doesn't. Instead, he rounds the bed and grabs my hand. He pushes it against the bedpost and locks a hand-cuff into place. I bite my lip in anticipation.

"Your other hand, Jane," he says. I place it against the bedpost, my eyes locked on his face. I'm so wet.

And then it's done. I'm lying naked, spread-eagled on the bed, my legs spreading themselves for him almost unconsciously. And he's naked and gorgeous and perfect. Muscular and tall. But disappointingly, only half-hard.

My eyes are on him now. Hungry for him. I rattle the cuffs, just to make sure they're holding me in place.

He grabs the phone and takes a photo of me. I make sure to spread my legs extra wide and look straight at the camera, like the slut I am.

I realize I'm breathing hard. I'm hot all over. I'm opening and closing my legs. I'm so wet I'm staining the sheets a little.

He's hardening now. Seeing me like this. So desperate for his cock.

"Please, sir," I say. "I need your cock so much. I need you in me. Please. I need to feel you. I'm so wet.

He climbs on the bed, his cock totally hard. I spread my legs for him. His cock is so sexy above me, between my legs. I push my crotch up, my cunt needing him so bad.

"I haven't tasted you today, have I?" He asks.

I just moan in response.

Then he bends down, his face looking so hot between my legs. He licks my cunt. Just one lick. But it sends electricity through me. Another one. I'm shaking. I'm so on edge. After he came in my ass and in my mouth.

"Please, please, sir—"he gives me another lick. "Sir, I can't—"another lick. "Please, sir, I'm going to cum."

"You're not allowed to cum, pet." he says.

"I-I'm sorry sir, I can't—"another lick "I can't—can't stop myself. I don't want to disappoint you."

He looks up then, smiling. "Really?"

"Y-Yes, sir," I say, trying to catch my breath.

"Don't you want to cum?"

"I'm your property, sir. I only cum when you tell me to."

"Good girl. Very good girl."

I smile wide, happy I pleased him.

"I think, for that, you deserve a special reward," he says.

"A specia—"I yelp. His tongue again. But lower. I bite my lip.

He laughs. He gives my asshole another playful lick, and I make a small, surprised sound, like a squeal. He laughs again.

And then he starts licking my ass in earnest. It feels... so nice... like... he's scratching an itch I never even knew I had. But in a really, really, delightfully soft way. It's a soothing balm for my sore little asshole.

"I love that sound you make," he says softly.

"Wha—"I squeal when his tongue slides inside me, just the tip.

"That sound," he says.

I just moan and move my hips a little. This is really good. Why have we never done this before?

And then he starts stroking my cunt too.

Oh my god.

"Sir—I—"I begin.

"You can cum, pet," he says. His tongue is still busy at my asshole, making me feel... wonderful. And his fingers... are sliding inside me. My legs spread wider.

"Oh god, sir, oh god. Don't stop. Please. Please. Pl—" but I have to moan again. And then I can't speak. Because it feels so good. And now his fingers are inside my cunt. And I can feel his tongue in my ass. And—Oh god. Oh god. My lower body keeps bucking, as though trying to get away. But I can't escape his tongue. Or his fingers. And anyway, I'm cuffed to the bed.

He touches my clit then—

I scream when I cum. There is lightning and an all-consuming burst of pleasure. There is heat. There is no time. There is no sight. There is no sound. Just the glorious feeling of the man I love with his tongue up my butt.

The rest of this story is trivial, and is left as an exercise to the reader.

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May 19, 2018 in romance