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1983: Deeper into the Taboo Zone

Summer '83 saw me a very different person than I was just a year earlier.

As far as I was concerned, I wasn't a boy anymore: I was a man. A year in the Academy had changed me for good, and by far for the better. I felt fulfilled, satisfied and proud. I felt a soldier, and I knew I was going a good one. Besides, I was eager to meet new challenges and to test myself.

But, most of all, I wasn't keen anymore to abide other people's ideas in order to cope with my uncertainties: I grew self-confident, and maybe – just maybe – a little bit arrogant.

I was just back from my first trip to Denmark. It had been a long coveted and planned experience, and I just fulfilled my dream together with an Academy colleague of mine during the short leave between the two years of Modena Academy, spending my first earned money as a cadet.

It had been a terrific experience and I came back from it with all my dreams about Nordic girls totally fulfilled and with my sexual experience quite increased.

But, however short, I had to stop a few days in Rome to see my favourite cousin!

Of course the whole family was on top of me. Everybody wanted to see me, talk to me and hear stories from Modena... I enjoyed the warm welcome, but I was dying to stay a bit alone with my sweet little cousin.

After I spent the first day going around Rome to see, talk and eat with everybody, we got our chance the day after.

It was a Sunday: my uncles were going to see an old friend, and I was invited to take Lella to the morning Mass at the local church, where all her friends and the other Roberto were going to be. Unfortunately (!), Lella's boyfriend had to stay in the church for some singing rehearsal, so he couldn't invite us at home... I somewhat survived my disappointment and would have to take my cousin somewhere else around Rome to spend the day together.

The Mass was serious business: the community was deep into rediscovery of the roots of Christianity, and their rites were quite long and complicated, including a good amount of long, old-fashioned songs. I did my best to show respect if not interest, and that quite drained me.

It also drained me to keep my hands still while having my hot cousin next to me the whole time. Her boyfriend stood on her other side at the bench, but he was so into the songs that he wouldn't realize it if I fucked her there. The point was, Lella wore the tightest jeans I had ever seen on a human being: they looked painted on her naked legs and ass. They ended inside a pair of high heels leather boots, which she knew I was mad for. Her top was a shameful small tank top which left her arm, shoulders and even her stomach fully exposed for everybody to admire their perfection.

The attitude of church-going Italian girls to attend Mass in sexy attires always puzzles me. In order to look modest, she also wore a scarf to cover her shoulders.

During the long preach, I couldn't help placing a hand on my cousin's leg. I immediately felt her one on top of mine. I feared she wanted to brush me away, but instead she held me tight there. When I eyed her, she was smiling at me.

It was lunchtime when the long Mass was over.

We stayed a while talking to Lella's friends on the church's steps, and I faced the usual sceptical curiosity about my Army choice, so typical of left-wing Catholics: they believe the western civilization is slowly de-Christianizing and mercilessly exploiting the Third World, in such a way that the future resides in friendship with other religions and in particular with radical Islam.

Of course, according to them the very idea of carrying weapons is leading you straight to hell.

I smiled my way out of Lella's friends suffocating embrace, and since I was starving I took her to a local gastronomy where we got a beautiful focaccia con mortadella like they only do in Rome, followed by an even more beautiful ice cream cup with chocolate and cherries.

It was hot. Hotter, actually, than any other summer I recalled.

In all senses.

A couple of days earlier, the Soviets shot down a South Korean airliner off Kamchatka, and relationships between the West and Moscow were at their lowest point ever. Only Lella's good-willing friends didn't really noticed it.

My military career was really starting at a good time.

In any case, it was so hot that none of us felt like facing the underground - or even less a bus - to go anywhere. Just walking was even worse.

So, I proposed to just go back home and have a fresh drink there.

Lella readily agreed and we made it home.

We did share a cold drink in the kitchen of her family empty flat, but I couldn't keep my eyes from my cousin's body.

She was sweating like me for the summer heat, and her tank top was glued to her skin, making it obvious that once again she was wearing no bra. It wasn't transparent, but her nipples were protruding proudly through the black tissue.

Lella smiled satisfied when she noticed what was I looking at. Innocent or not, by that time my little cousin knew exactly how to make me horny.

After the drink we moved to her room. I don't know exactly how it happened; I suppose it was just a natural instinct coming from the recent past when, being underage, we just took our guests to our rooms to be private, rather than to the living room.

The point is, in Lella's bedroom there was only one chair: the one at the small student desk where she just finished studying for her high school final exams.

So, in order to sit close to each other, we ended up sitting on her bed.

We chatted a bit about her past exams and future plans for the university and about my own life in the Academy in Modena, and while chatting I put again my hand on her denim-clad thigh; again, she placed her own hand on top of mine and squeezed it slightly, making our contact more intimate.

Our faces were very close, and I could feel her breath on my cheeks.

It was warm.

I caressed her shoulder-long hair with my free hand, and she smiled contentedly.

I kissed her lips, and she moved my hand up onto her lap.

I kissed her deeper, and she offered me her tongue to play with.

I French-kissed her, and her free hand went behind my neck, pushing me against her.

A few seconds, and the innocent chat between cousins had turned already into a full making up session. My hands started roaming over her sexy body, caressing her thighs and fondling her breasts, while our tongues experimented new acrobatics into each other's mouth.

Lella tasted wonderful.

I reached for the zip of her jeans and started pulling it down, without meeting any resistance on her side.

Once the zip was down, my hand tried to sneak into her panties, but the jeans were really too tight.

Lella giggled and pulled free from my arms; smiling, she kicked off her boots and slipped out of her jeans, which fell on the floor in front of the bed.

Without losing the moment, I quickly removed her tank top, and there my cousin was, naked in front of me but for her knickers and her watch.

Lella smiled coyly, embarrassed for the second (it occurred to me, that was the first time she stood naked in front of me), and quickly embraced me back, hiding her naked tits against my chest.

We kissed open mouth, with much more urge than before, and this time I felt her hands moving on me too while I held her tight and caressed her bare back.

I joyfully tasted her mouth, exploring it much more in depth than ever before, and in the mean time I eagerly moved my hands on her naked body, feeling her purr like the kitten she was.

We both wanted more. Much more.

It was Lella who pulled out of our kiss; getting accustomed to the idea of being naked in front of me, she sustained my sight for a moment, allowing me to look at her fresh, slim body. Then she pushed me down on her bed; was she still feeling shy for her nakedness or rather eager to get hold of my cock, she laid next to me and went straight for my jeans zip. She quickly opened it and worked my half erected phallus out.

A second later, my cock disappeared into my cousin's mouth.

I can recognize hunger when I see it: Lella was hungry, hungry for a cock in her mouth. She had been waiting a full year to get it back between her lips, and now she couldn't wait longer.

I figured out she really appreciated our previous summer experience at the Coliseum...

I shivered, feeling her tongue running along the shaft of my quickly surging cock, as her small hand started slowly pumping it after fondling my swollen and semen-full nuts.

With a groan, I lifted my shoulders and quickly cot rid of my t-shirt before falling back on the pillow, enjoying my cousin's blowjob.

A year might have gone through, but she didn't forget what she learned the summer before. Her mouth worked wonderful on my aroused manhood, as well as her hand.

I started caressing her naked back and her hair as she pumped hard, relaxing and forcing myself to concentrate on the forbidden pleasure my little cousin was giving to me.

She stopped blowing me just in order to lick my balls for a second, but she didn't stop pumping her hand up and down; then she kissed my cockhead, and her lips went down again to the root of my shaft, making me feel her throat around the helmet.

I groaned louder, and she joyfully resumed her blowjob.

I felt my nuts tickle.

Gosh the girl was good! I feared I could cum any moment, but since for once we had plenty of time and intimacy, I wanted our game to last forever. I had to do something.

I gently pulled free from Lella's hungry mouth and quickly pulled free of my jeans and undies. Then I pushed her back down on the bed.

I was completely naked in front of her for the first time, and it seemed to me only fair she got rid of her last cloth, so I slowly removed her knickers.

Lella didn't offer any resistance: she just looked at me with a shy smile as I pulled down her undies around her ankles, and then kicked them away.

We were both nude.

I was on my knees between her open legs, and I could admire her young, fresh and trim body displayed in front of me. Her tits were almost flat on her chest due to the position, but her nipples stood pert and willing; her flat, hard stomach was heaving hard due to the excitement of the moment, and her long thighs shone in the sunlight, smooth and slightly moist.

But it was Lella's pussy I was looking at. It wasn't the girlie's one, hidden the wild, curly bush that I remembered from the year before: it was a woman's, highlighted by a short, well-trimmed pubic hair with an almost perfect triangle shape.

My cousin had carefully shaved her cunt, and according to the smoothness of her skin she had done it just a couple of days earlier.

It occurred to me she had done it for me.

"Like it?" Lella shyly whispered as I looked mesmerized at her new look.

"Wonderful," I could only say, lightly caressing the object of my wonder, feeling the thin, moist curls of her cute pussy.

I touched her clit and she shivered, letting out a short moan.

I kissed her labia, exacting from her another, louder moan.

I darted my tongue inside her hot slit, and she let go a cry: "Hmmm... Yes! Oh, yes... Yesss!"

I licked her pussy, and I soon felt her hands on the back of my neck, as her legs curled and her naked, warm thighs clenched my head and forced me deeper into her womanhood.

"Hmmm... Oh! Oohhh... I like it... I like it... Hmmm..." she moaned, as I gave her head and ate at her juicy cunt.

Lella grow quickly wetter and wetter, until I could hardly breathe. Her grip on my head got stronger and stronger, and I started feeling her fingernails piercing painfully my skin.

She suddenly arched on her back and got stiff, then convulsed under my darting tongue, and I knew she was cumming hard.

"Uhnnngg... Aahhh!" she cried out, climaxing powerfully over my face.

I sipped and ate her pearlish nectar, enjoying her pleasure and her physical release and trying to protract it as long as possible, until she collapsed on her back, finished.

I rose back on my knees and once more admired her young, firm body: Lella laid down with closed eyes now, all her naked body covered with a sheer film of sweat from the mixture of the heat and of her fresh exertion.

She was beautiful.

The girl re-opened her eyes and smiled: both a shy and a confident smile, I could sense my cousin was really turning into a woman that very day.

The sheer idea of that made me shiver. Should I or should I not?

I looked back at my beautiful little cousin's naked body in front of me, not knowing what to do next to her.

There she was, barely legal, naked, clearly willing and ready for me to take. I knew it was wrong in a way, morally forbidden and everything, but still I would not hurt anybody, nor break any real law. We were legally two adults; we both had a driving license and could vote to elect our representatives to the Parliament.

Mom and auntie would not like what we were going to do... But that would be their problem. Besides, they would never know a thing.

I breathed hard, still looking at her.

She giggled, embarrassed at my staring at her.

I had to do something. My cock was so stiff it was hurting.

I moved a hand over her stomach, her navel and down, into her trimmed pubic hair.

"I want to make an experiment..." I said, tentatively, moving my cock over her pussy and using my cockhead to caress her mound.

Lella's body shivered from head to toe, but she said nothing.

I moved my manhood over her moist, open cunt, and felt the warmth of it on my helmet.

Lella whined, shaking slightly at feeling our sexes finally coming into contact. But again, she made no objections to my acts.

I pushed my cockhead into her red-hot labia, and felt like getting eaten into her.

Our bodies had taken over. There was no way back.

"Hmmm..." Lella groaned deeply as I sank inside her, "Oh God, yes... Oohhh..."

I lowered my eyes and saw my dick sliding into my cousin's pussy.

I felt her heels on the back of my thighs, and I went automatically down on her, feeling myself entering her down to the hilt.

"Aawww..." she moaned, as I felt a slight resistance which lasted just an instant, followed by a feeling of increased warmth.

I was inside my cousin. Her arms wrapped my shoulders, her legs closed on my sides, her feet pushed on my thighs, and her tongue invaded my mouth.

I pushed inside her, and she moaned with pleasure inside my mouth.

We had done it. Lella was a woman now, and that was for good.

She sobbed.

"Hurts?" I whispered in her ear.

She just shook her head no and kissed me back, squeezing my hips between her thighs in the meantime.

Instinctively, I started moving inside her.

Slowly at the beginning, then more steadily. I pulled out slowly, and then I pushed in even more slowly. Again. Again. Again and again. Faster. Faster. Faster and faster.

"Hmmm.... Hmmm... Oh yes! Yes... Yes... Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oohhh..." Lella was moaning louder now, oblivious of her own shyness.

Her bed started creaking and bumping under our thrusts.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Aahhh... Aahhh... Aahhh! Aahhh! Aahhh! Aaaahhhhh!!!" Lella cried as our fucking tempo mounted to a frenzy and I lost track of my own rhythm.

We were fucking like rabbits now, completely out of any control, totally lost in our own animal instincts: Lella was wildly scratching my back as I was roughly screwing her sore cunt, trying to dig lower into her belly and make her mine as deeply and completely as possible.

I felt her convulsing under my thrusts, and knew she was coming. Her very first lovemaking orgasm. I wanted it to be unforgettable, and kept on slamming into her as hard and deep as I could, trying to make her scream.

She didn't. She was breathless.

She gasped instead, pulling me up and staring into my eyes in disbelief, feeling her orgasm washing through her whole body, from her convulsing vagina and up to her blackening brain.

Then she fell back, panting. Her eyes closed, her head on the pillow, her breasts heaving hard, her body desperately trying to cope with the unexpected power of the sensations it just went through...

Struggling to regain control of her own limbs, Lella re-opened her eyes, looked into mine, and pulled me back close to her mouth to kiss me with unexpected violence.

I felt her hard nipples piercing into my naked chest as our bodies mashed again into each other in the aftermath of her climax.

We kissed passionately for what looked like hours to me, while her steaming vagina kept on munching my engorged cock.

I started moving again inside her.

I felt her sighing inside my mouth as she realised I had resumed fucking her and our screwing session was not over yet.

My balls were aching by the time, and again I soon lost my tempo. I wasn't very experienced at the time, and senses were quickly taking over: I started banging my cousin with all I was worth, just pushing hard my body into hers, and desperately looking for my own release.

I fucked her hard and deep, but I can't say I fucked her long: overwhelmed by my own lust, blinded by my excitement and numbed by the strength of the pleasure I was feeling through my whole body, I quickly reached the no-return point.

My balls contracted, my cock twitched, my mind rang the alert, and I suddenly knew it. I was going to cum inside my own cousin!

I panicked.

I still froze and I moved back, trying to pull out as long as I was in time.

Lella's eyes popped out in surprise and she screamed out, "No!"

I thought she was scared too, and I rose on my arms to exit her. That very moment, I felt Lella's thighs clench on me with the strength of a vice, pulling me back into her.

My withdrawal aborted, and I fell back into my cousin's belly as my mind blackout.

I struggled clumsily, but Lella held me tightly, pushing my head into her neck.

"I want you inside me," she panted, clenching me between her naked thighs, "I need to be yours!"

I gasped in her hold and exploded.

Once again my body took charge, and my hips bounced back into hers as my cock homed at the bottom of her vagina and blasted out its load inside her unprotected, young and fertile belly.

Spurt after spurt, I shot all my sperm inside my little cousin, impregnating all of her hapless womb with my young, aggressive semen.

Lella's eyes bulged out and her mouth gaped open soundlessly, as she felt my cum washing and filling her body down to depths she didn't even know she possessed.

I felt her shivering under me as she stared transfixed into my eyes, stiff and slightly shaking while male seed blasted deeper and deeper into her most intimate parts... I couldn't help it: taken by our most innate instincts, I was trying to impregnate my female.

When my last shot had been disastrously fired inside my cousin's belly, I just collapsed onto her shaking body, spent.

I heard her gasping, "Oh God..."

I remained plugged into her for quite a while, as our orgasm subsided slowly.

Later, as my mind desperately tried to reconnect to all the loose ends of my body system, we kissed lovingly and passionately, as we never did before.

Slowly, I started pulling out, and this time she didn't try to stop me.

Painfully, I rose on my knees and my spent dick popped out of my cousin's cunt.

Bewildered, I saw almost no blood, but rather a trickle of sperm following my cockhead out, and then more of it started oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy.

Lella rose on her elbows: "Do you think I could get... Pregnant?"

Her voice was trembling, her face contorted between happiness and worries.

"Err... I don't know," I stammered, "When did you get your last period?"

"It was over just three days ago..." she offered, with a shy smile.

"Well, in that case I think you should be safe..." I had studied the case before going on holiday... Just in case.
Happiness overcame worries. Lella smiled contentedly, touching her cunt and feeling my sperm oozing out of her still open slit.

She cleaned her fingers on her flat stomach and then caressed my worried face, shushing me: "In any case, you made me yours. That's what matters for me: whatever will happens from now on, you will always be inside me, and I will always be yours... For good."

I was speechless.

Like any other boy, I always dreamed of a beautiful girl to tell me something like that... And there I was, told by the only girl in the universe I couldn't have! I should have felt used, tricked; instead, I felt honoured and proud. I've always been somehow in love with my cousin, and now I was even fonder of her.

She was right: now that we made love and I had been the first man to put his seed inside her, she might marry her wimp of a fiancé', or any other church-going good boy from the neighbourhood, but she would always be mine.

It might even be terribly wrong, but it was like that.

And we both knew that.


I left the day after to go home.

I staid in my town with my parents one more week, catching the chance to see my old friends, and then I was back in Modena.

The 30th of August we reached Lucca, the Tuscany town with the beautiful black-and-white Renaissance churches, where we took quarter for our parachute training.

I have been so busy and tired there, that I almost managed not to think of Lella... That is, during the day.

At night, however tired I was, I couldn't help thinking of her: I could see her pretty face smiling mockingly at me, her beautiful, naked body offered to me in her own bed,

And my own sperm leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy.

I was worried. In love, and worried.

Lella wasn't pregnant. She never really told me, but I got it from the lightness of her conversation on the phone the night before my first drop.

I wonder what could happen if she told me I was going to be a daddy the day before jumping from a plane.

But it wasn't the case.

We completed our jumps program and moved near Rome to the Infantry school where we completed our basic combat training, then we completed the training at the Artillery, Engineer and Signal school, and got our military driving licences in Caserta, at the Armoured Training school.

We went back to Modena just before Christmas, proud and physically exhausted.

I had Christmas leave in Asti with my family, and then found myself back on the books in Modena. Ugh!

Time goes on quickly at the Magna Mater.

The first Term exams, the Great Cadets Ball, the second Term exams, the camp in the mountains where we tested all the skills we had been training...

And suddenly, we were Army Officers. Second Lieutenants in the Italian Army.

Plus, we got our leave, before joining the Infantry Officers School in Turin.

It was due time I saw again my pretty little cousin in Rome...


I was back from my holiday week to Tunisia with my best friend Franco, cadet like me in Modena; there, we had a tremendous time exploring Carthage and the island of Djerba, swimming, laying in the sun, horse- and camel- riding, fishing, and of course hunting down girls.

It is incredible how easier it is to hunt for girls once your self-esteem has developed.

I had Simona's telephone number and address in my wallet when I landed in Rome, a full year after leaving it at the end of my adventure into the taboo zone with my cousin Lella.

Simona was a girl I met in Djerba: together with her friend Anna and Franco, we had a wonderful time in that Mediterranean island paradise... And in particular I had a wonderful time in the paradise between Simona's legs.

Unfortunately, the two girls had an extra week to spend there, while we had to go back: the Academy was going to re-open late in August, and we had hardly time to spare fucking around.

I was curious to see back Lella.

I wanted to see weather she had changed at all. Did she grew more mature? Was she still in love with me? Did she make love with other boys?

But also: would I be jealous if she did? And, most of all: was I still in love with her?

One of the reasons of my wild holiday in Tunisia with Franco had been to meet (and screw) other girls and test myself and my feelings towards my cousin.

I had no conscience problems fucking Simona; I didn't feel like I was cheating on Lella. But again, Simona was just a good fuck and nothing more. I wasn't nearly in love with her. I had a lot of fun with her, and I couldn't wait to fuck her again if possible, but I had no plans to really stay in touch.

On the other hand, I was really looking forward to see Lella.

Curiosity? Lust? Love? Taste for the forbidden? Masochism? Or a mix of these all?

I landed in Rome in my best shape ever: lean, muscled, trained, tanned and in full strength.

Lella didn't look that impressed, when she first saw me.

The other Roberto was at home when I came, and she didn't restrain from jumping on me and kissing me in the mouth in front of him, but after that she turned quite cold.

I spent more time with her brother than with her for the first time in years, and the two of us had the opportunity to realize that our parents had used us against each other, harassing us by taking the other as a "good example". Daniele was always so sociable, so open, available, ready for sport, so much in shape and tall. I was always good at school, serious, determined, trustworthy and intelligent. We almost came to hate each other... Until that day in which we spoke about it.

We laughed so much once we realized it. We had also tossed the table, considering I was training in the Army, parachuting and all, and he was quickly getting his degree at the university, against any odds. We agreed to never allow the others to put us against each other, and we became friends.

Daniele and I went out a lot those days, walking long distances inside Rome and talking about everything, but most of all about girls... I took a mental note to consider Daniele more seriously in the future as a sparring partner for girls-hunting activities.

Towards the end of my stay, Daniele had to prepare an exam and was less available.

Suddenly, it was Lella who suggested to take a walk together.

And I gladly agreed.


It wasn't like I expected it to be. We walked out from home and down to the ancient Aurelian Walls, the imperial Rome fortifications which still runs all around the City centre. Many European cities had the walls demolished and converted into ring avenues, but Rome still retains its owns and just placed a long strip of gardens along them.

We walked along the garden for a few kilometres, chatting around about the family, her university, my Academy and so on.

I was keeping an arm around her waist, and that was all the intimacy between us... She was wearing her usual extra-tight jeans and a silky shirt over a tank top which didn't allow any guess about the presence of a bra.

It was dusk. There was not that many people around any more, since the Romans were just going to dinner at that time, and in little more than half an hour we were supposed to head for a pizzeria.

I started planning in my head which place would offer the best pizzas nearby, when suddenly Lella came out with her announcement.

"I am betraying Roberto," she told me out of the blue: "I am cheating on my fiancé with another boy, and I have being doing that for three months now."

"Uh?" was my surprised reaction. I mean, my prim and proper cousin, the church-going girl who believes that a bookworm is the most proper guy to couple with for life, was having an affair?

I know, she was already doing it with me, but somehow our story was such a forbidden thing, so obviously with no future or strings attached to it, that didn't really matter. It was so outrageous, so sinful and unspeakable, that somehow we could do it like if it was just a fiction, something unreal about which we didn't even talk about.

But betraying her fiancé with another guy? What would the families think about that? Everybody (including the other Roberto) expected the two good children to get married sooner or later...

"It was because of you, you know..." her explanation began.

Good, so it was my fault. There was the excuse. OK, in a way I felt proud: if I could do anything to avoid such a waste as giving my pretty cousin to that plain and boring bookworm who ever bore my same name, I was happy. I couldn't imagine anybody less right than him for Lella.

"You made me think. Was it Roberto I really wanted, or was he just the picture of what my parents wanted for me?"

Good question. The answer was pretty obvious for me, but I was glad she came to it even if a few years later.

"I needed to find somebody who makes me feel like you do. Somebody who makes me shiver in anticipation... I don't want to spend all my life thinking behind my husband's back that the one I really wanted wasn't him but you. ...And that if I got him instead, it was only because I couldn't have my cousin."

Was she telling me she was in love with me? Or just that she liked having sex with me?

I held her tight and had her flat with her backs against the wall in order to watch her in the eyes.

"I didn't want to destroy our relationship, but I had to be sure. So I started to look around, until I saw a boy who could make me shiver just looking at him. It was easy to meet him, since we go to the same church. We spoke, we met again, and we came to like each other. Today I know all too well he is the one I want."

I nodded understandingly, wondering what wonder boy could look like: "I see. What are you going to do now?"

Lella smiled shyly: "I wasn't sure until now. You see, I couldn't talk to anybody about it: everybody would tell me I am wrong and I am doing something horrible to Roberto. You are the only one I can confess something like that, because you... I mean, us..."

She blushed. For the first time she came close to say that we were fucking each other.

"You were the only one who wouldn't just tell me off. Do you understand?"

What a responsibility.

I stated the obvious: "It's your life. Nobody can tell you about your own feelings: you are the only one who knows them... And probably they are quite mysterious for you too, like for everybody else. You are engaged with Roberto, not married, which means you are just experimenting and still can easily change your mind. It may hurt, but it would hurt much more later on."

She nodded: "I knew you would understand. I like Michele so much more! I shiver in anticipation when I wait to meet him... While meeting Roberto is almost a duty for me. I don't want to hurt anybody, but..."

"You are a pretty girl, Lella. You will never know how many harts you broke without ever realizing it. As long as you are unmarried and with no children, your first responsibility is towards yourself. Then, it becomes tricky, I suppose..." I was talking like the old wise man on the mountain.

Was I jealous? No, I think I was just curious.

I asked: "Did you make love with him?"

Lella blushed, like if I said something really nasty.

"No, of course not! We kissed though... And it was bad enough, considering I am engaged."

Yeah, right. Somehow again, our own indiscretions didn't count against Lella's moral world.

"Sorry if I am so direct, but... What are you waiting for?"

"I will not make love with anybody before getting married with him," she stated seriously: "Michele himself wouldn't have it different."

Another church-going poor guy. Of course it made sense. As for us, we never make love: we rather screw ourselves stupid, which as everybody knows, is very different.

"So: what are you going to do?"

"Now that I got your approval, I feel strong enough to tell my parents, and then I will tell Roberto too. I will leave him and be with Michele."

I agreed: "Sounds like a plan. Do that: the idea about shivering is a good one I think. I would only add that, when somebody makes you shiver, you should do something about it."

She nodded smiling and held me tight.

I kissed her cheek and caressed her hair.

She shivered in my arms.

Our eyes met. We kissed.

I felt her shivering again. It wasn't cold at all.

Our tongues met.

She wishpered, "I am shivering..."

Okay, I believe there is a limit after which provocations can't be taken anymore without triggering a reaction.

I grabbed her tight butt and slammed my tongue unto her mouth; she met my assault grinding her belly against my surging erection, and in a matter of seconds me were making out right there under the imperial walls.

I felt Lella's hand going for my fly, and in a matter of seconds my cousin had my cock in her hand.

As I took her not-so-inexperienced-anymore hand job, I kept on holding her ass with one hand while grabbing her breast with the other.

Feeling my hands working on her, Lella's hand job got even more frenzy. All her early seriousness had evaporated in a few instants of lust, and now she was again the horny bitch I remembered from the previous years.

Okay, I thought: since this is her determination about her new great love, I'm the one who's going to profit of it... I French-kissed her for a few seconds more, then I just pressured her down.

Lella didn't need more encouragement: she left go of my mouth and went on her knees, facing my cock poking out of my jeans. I felt her hands pumping me for a second, and then her mouth took possession of my cockhead and upper shaft.

I groaned with satisfaction at feeling once more her delicious lips and tongue working on my manhood: the girl became really good in our short sessions during the last hot summers.

She blew me hard for quite a while, stroking the shaft at the same time with one hand and using the other to work on herself while I was gladly caressing her hair.

First she massaged her breasts, and then went between her thighs, opening her zip and reaching for her pussy. I couldn't see clearly what she was doing, but it was pretty clear she was rubbing her clit.

She was taking it deeper and deeper, until I got the feeling on her throat on the helmet: my sweet cousin was trying to deeptroath me!

"Oohhh..." I groaned, "That's it, little cousin, you're good... Oh, so good..."

My words only encouraged her to go on with more enthusiasm, and soon I felt like she was going to finish me pretty soon.

I looked around: there was nobody to see, and we were partly covered by a bush, in a section of the walls in the shadow of a bastion. There was no way somebody could see us in the dim light, unless he went directly through us.

I grabbed her by the arms and forced her back on her feet. She protested for a second, but quickly obeyed my orders as usual.

I bended her over the platform at the basis of the bastion and quickly pulled her jeans down her ankles.

Lella let go a moan of protest at the roughness of my assault, but didn't resist it.

I still had no idea weather she had a bra or not, but for sure a g-string had replaced her old, chaste cotton panties.

I ruthlessly pulled it aside and bended to let go a long, wet lick on her pussy, causing her to jump and cry with surprise.

She was nicely moist, and my saliva helped to unfold her pussy lips so that she was open and ready when I lined up my cock to her eager entrance.

I drove in purposefully, stabbing her from behind against the ancient walls.

"Auch!" she yelled, "That hurts... Uuhhh... Yes, I feel it. Hmmm..."

I held her tight by her hips, enjoying the feeling of being deeply inside her warm pussy. Then, slowly, I started gyrating inside her, keeping her close and tight.

She appreciated the novelty, moaning in pleasure.

Then, suddenly, I pulled out almost completely and drove back in very slowly.

I repeated the move quite a few times, enjoying her shrills of pleasure.

Then I reverted the game and drove in with a single, fast and determined thrust, followed by a slow withdrawal.

"Aahhh..." she moaned, "Ah! Aahhh... Ah! Aahhh... Ah! Aahhh..."

I could feel her cunt was getting really sloppy now, with all the pussy juice she was producing under the increasing stimuli she was taking. I also felt clearly her fingers on her clit as she supported herself and my thrusts with only one arm.

I started pumping her steadily and faster, inflicting her a growing hammering I knew she couldn't take for long.

She gasped in surprise as I started stabbing her mercilessly, reaching deeper inside her belly, and hitting her g-spot with a power and a rhythm I could never muster earlier in our missionary-style previous mating.

"Aahhh... Aahhh... Oh my God! Oh my God... Ah! Aahhh! Aahhh! Aahhh!!!"

The girl suddenly screamed out in ecstasy, as her whole body contracted and convulsed, crossed by the waves of her orgasm.

I kept on fucking her hard all through her climax, striving to extend it beyond the limits of her physical resistance, until her arm couldn't hold her anymore and she collapsed on the elbows.

The new angle of her fuckhole was such that my cock was almost chewed by her cunt muscles, and I reached my limit too.

I decided not to risk again and pulled out, exacting from her a cry of complaint.

I just grabbed her by the hair and forced her back on her knees in front of me.

I was still holding her hair when my cock exploded right on her face, just before she could gobble me back in her mouth.

My first cumshot blasted her face just below her nose, hitting also her open lips and her chin, but not only. The second went almost entirely into her jaws, making her gag; then her lips closed on my throbbing shaft, and all the rest of my load ended up into her throat as I kept tight her hair, forcing her to swallow me.

I kept on fucking her head until I felt my orgasm subside and she had taken all of me inside her hungry mouth; then, satisfied by my exertion, I let go of her.

I looked down and saw her grinning contentedly. She opened her mouth showing me her tongue covered with sperm, then she spat some on the grass and purposefully swallowed the rest.

Definitely, my lovely church-going cousin was giving the word "cocksucker" a whole set of new meanings...

Panting hard to regain my breath, I helped Lella back on her feet. She smiled broadly and I held her in my arms, cuddling her lovingly until both our breath came back to normal.

We were hungry.

Lella giggled and suggested we go to the pizzeria. Actually, she said, we were quite late.

"Late for what?" I asked.

Another giggle: "Poor Michele is probably waiting for us since a while... You know, I wanted you to meet him after we spoke. You have to be the first to meet him."

Uh. Well, okay... If that was what my lovely cousin wanted. I had better ideas to finish off the evening, but now that my nuts weren't aching anymore it could be okay to meet her new guy.

We walked back up the walls towards St. John's Cathedral and the cluster of lights and restaurants which surrounds it, holding hands like if her sweetheart was me.

Then, once we were back in the busy roads and in the electric lights, I looked at her and laughed.

"What's wrong?" she smiled.

"If we have to see your new boyfriend, you'd better take off your shirt," I suggested.


"It's all stained with cum."

"What!" she flushed, looking down on her bosom, "Holy shit!"

She quickly pulled off her shirt, remaining with just her black tank top, and just knotted the shirt around her waist.

There was some minor trace of cum on the top too, but it was not so evident.

That was the state of my sweet cousin when we finally entered the pizzeria to meet the love of her life.

I must say, the first impression I got of Michele wasn't that bad. He was quite a handsome guy, two years younger than me, fair-haired with a captivating smile. After some talking, he proved to be quite intelligent too, and all in all made much a better partner for Lella than the other Roberto.
I made it clear their relationship was perfectly OK with me, adding that actually my opinion was by far the less important factor in the whole situation: that they should just be clear and open to their family as well as to the other Roberto.

They agreed on that, and my beaming cousin added that my opinion did matter a lot for her, and would make it much easier for her to make things clear to anybody else.

She was sitting next to me, while I was facing Michele, and as she said that, I felt her grateful hand on my knee. I reached for it under the table and held it tight in what wanted to be a reassuring way.

She grasped it back, and pulled it to her own leg, where she kept it; so I felt her denim-clad thigh under my left hand for the rest of the evening.

It was a pleasant dinner: we ate well, had nice conversation and had fun. A couple of times I saw her squirm on her chair, and couldn't help smiling inside me, knowing all too well the reason of my cousin's discomfort: she got no chance to clean herself up, and her pussy had to be still wet and quite sore... She ended up going to the toilet, and staid away quite a while to clean up the mess between her legs, but Michele and I had no problems chatting between us until she came back with a happy and relieved smile.

At the end of the evening, we stopped at a nearby bar for a coffee, and then we took Lella home.

Much to my surprise, Michele said goodbye at the garden's gate: he kissed his girlfriend goodnight and walked back to his place.

Lella smiled at me, explained that, since her parents didn't know a thing about him, he preferred not to hang around her home.

I looked at the watch: it was almost two at night, and Lella's parents were for sure sound asleep.

We moved into the garden, and there we stood for a moment, before I went back to the other aunt I was sleeping at.

"So, what do you think of him?" was my cousin's question.

"Nice guy, I like it," I said, "No doubt I like him much better than the other Roberto. Besides, I can see you're much deeper into this story than the other one. Are you in love with him?"

The very moment I asked, I realized it was the wrong question to ask her. Lella had no idea what being in love really was. Hell, most people at her age hasn't any clue about it, and actually at the time I knew no better than most.

"Well... I think so," was my cousin's uncommitted answer: "I like him a lot, and I feel he cares for me. I feel strongly attracted to him, and I love to kiss him... I can't wait to be married with him."

With that I knew I had better not to insist too much. I wanted her to compare him with me, and I felt at the same time that was a selfish curiosity. But it was also probably her only valid metre of comparison.

"It's so difficult..." she added, "And it's so different than..."

She didn't finish the phrase, but I knew she meant it was different than with me, not than with the other Roberto... The poor cuckold was history already.

I held her in my arms, and she cuddled into my embrace.

It was meant just to comfort her, but she took it the other way. I felt her shiver again, and sensed what was going to come.

I looked at her and found her lips on mine.

We kissed, lightly at the beginning, but soon her mouth opened and again she offered me her tongue to suckle and twist with mine. I ate her mouth as my hands went down on her hot body, fondling her breasts and ass, until her own hand reached for my bulging front pack.

Lella's breathing accelerated as she opened my zip for the second time that evening, and soon she was stroking me to a full erection with her small hand.

The night was quiet and warm, and the garden was very dark and intimate. No risk to be disturbed.

I enjoyed her hand job for a while, kissing and cuddling my hot cousin until I felt like taking charge.

I opened her jeans and dig my hand into her crotch, finding out that her hot pussy was wet and ready: a mix of the moisture from the previous romp and of the present excitement made it well open for me.

She moaned as my fingers slid into her and started slowly sawing her slippery slit.

With the other hand, I pulled her tank top down, uncovering her breast.

She wore no bra, just as I suspected. Her nipple was extended and fully erected for me to suckle between my teeth.

"Hmmm..." she moaned weakly under my double assault.

I wanted her, now and there.

I had her lay on one of the wooden benches in the garden and pulled her jeans down around her ankles. It was too complicated to set her free of them because of her boots, but I forced her knees apart and laid between them to deliver her a quick tongue job.

Her pussy scent filled my nostrils as I inspired deep between her naked thighs before slapping my tongue over her soppy cunt.

"Aahhh!" Lella yelled in ecstatic surprise as her labia opened at the first touch of my tongue.

Damn she tasted good! I ate her well and deep for quite a while, making her pussy drenched with our combined juices.

She grasped my hair and pulled my head deeper into her cunt, forcing me to eat her, and I obliged her desires, giving her head until my tongue ached badly.

Then, I rose and kissed her full-mouth, as my hands pulled her tank top completely down around her waist and took hold of her small, firm breasts.

My cock twitched at her entrance: I felt her hairy wetness on the helmet, and instinctively drove in.

"Oohhh..." she moaned, as my cock easily slipped inside her pussy for the second time that evening.

Lella's naked legs closed around my hips, and my cock sank all the way inside her steaming cunt, filling her to the hilt.

"Hmmm..." she purred, "Oh yes. Yesss..."

I started screwing her. Slowly at first, then I progressively accelerated my fucking tempo to a steady rhythm, until she started gasping and panting hard, trying to control herself to avoid waking up the whole neighbourhood.

"Oh my God... Oh my God... It's so good! It's so goaawwwd-d-d-d!!!"

She came violently under my bold thrusts, and her whole body jerked and tossed between my arms as I drove my cock home at her deepest, hitting her cervix and forcing her climax to peak.

"Aahhh! Aahhh! Oh God, Yes! Yesss... Yesss... Aahhh..."

It lasted quite long this time. I enjoyed her orgasm for all of its length, feeling her cunt walls contracting around my cock and chewing it in the most fantastic way.

Then I came too.

Unexpectedly, without getting any chance to do something about it: I just shot my load into her cervix, blasting the most inner walls of my cousin's cunt with jets after jets of sperm.

She felt the cum filling her pussy, and rather than pulling me out she clenched tighter at me, trying to take it as deeper as possible.

"Oh yes..." she panted, "Fill me... Make me yours, please... Please... Hmmm..."

And filled her I did, emptying myself completely into her, totally oblivious of any possible consequence...

I helped her upstairs at three o' clock in the night.

She was quite a mess, but headed straight to bed as she was, kissing me goodbye with a weak sigh.

"We can't do it anymore," she whispered, "I want to be true to Michele..."

I felt quite a bastard of a cousin for how I helped her start her new love story... Well, it wasn't all my fault, was it?

But the day after, instead of looking again for my cousin, I phoned Simona to see weather she was back from Tunisia.

She was.


The following summer, at the end of the first year in the Infantry School at Torino, I went back to Denmark. I went with my brand new car together with another colleague of mine; we drove from Milan, so Rome laid in the opposite direction, and for the first time since I started my forbidden affaire with my deviate cousin, I didn't go back to see her.

I heard that after a tough moment with her family her story with Michele had developed quickly and well, and I didn't want to be an obstacle: if she was happy, I wouldn't interfere.

I skipped Rome completely from my agenda for the year, and after a very enjoyable holiday in Copenhagen we just came back to Torino.

The second year started and I basically stopped thinking of my cousin at all. Also because I was all too busy on the sentimental side with my flat neighbour Sabrina.

Sabrina us a unique case in my life: basically, I decided I wanted to fall in love with her.

She was what you can call a "Pocket Beauty": an extremely small (155 centimetres, I measured her), slim, olive-skinned and curly blond girl six years older than me. She was a physiotherapist, very nice and friendly, and at evenings often stopped at our flat before reaching hers upstairs.

To make a long story short, I decided it was time for me to live a proper love story, and convinced myself I was deeply in love where I was just attracted. She just wanted to stay friends (also because she was engaged herself in a non-working story with a colleagues of hers), and I just pursuit her for the whole winter.

We were "dating" under my definition, "going out for a pizza" under hers; bottom of the story, we were seeing each other but not going to bed.

Meanwhile, the Infantry School course was going on. I can tell you I was pretty busy.

It was at that point that Lella decided to come and pay a visit.

I got a warning phone call: she was driving North with a younger cousin of ours who got a car. They intended to tour Milan and Torino in three days, sleeping midway in Novara, where our elder aunt just moved to... The evening later they were going to drop at my flat.

Gosh I was taken aback.

I was at the balcony when my cousin's car pulled in. That very moment, Sabrina came home too with her small city car. I made the introductions from my first floor balcony, feeling a bit stupid. Then Sabrina rushed upstairs, and my cousins came up to my flat.

We had dinner together, chatted and laugh until quite late. Lella asked who exactly Sabrina was.

I answered we were dating but not properly being boyfriend and girlfriend, and asked what she thought of her...

I saw a sparkle in her eyes, and could swear it was jealousy.

"She looks like quite cheap, if you ask me..." she surprisingly said.

Wow, that was quite something. My prim and proper (socially speaking I mean) cousin had never spoken like that about somebody else.

I asked how it was going with Michele, and she showed me the engagement band at her finger: "Oh, very well, as usual... We will get married whenever possible, but nowhere soon. We need to finish Uni and find a job first..."

Our cousin excused himself and went for the toilet.

It was then that Lella grabbed my hand through the table and my knee under it.

"I missed you..." she whispered, "Why didn't you come to see me this summer?"

I was surprised: "I mean... There was no time once we were back from Denmark... And you were getting serious with Michele anyway, so..."

"Don't be stupid. He is he, and you are you... What I feel for you has nothing to do with the rest of my life. You are important for me, in a way no other man can ever be..."

"Maybe," I said, "But however important we may be for each other, there is no future for us, and nothing good would have come if I showed up this summer. You were quite clear yourself about that, last year."

She looked sad: "I know. But the fact is, however much I like and love Michele, I still miss you terribly. I thought his love would make you fade away, but it doesn't work that way. I hoped desperately to see you in August, but you didn't come... Was it because of her?"

Jealousy, right away!

"Don't be silly. I hardly knew her this summer. It's just I thought we had our own lives now."

Her eyes fell; she sighed: "I suppose you are right. But still..."

She was fast.

Her hand under the table went to my crotch and held me tight, while the other one came to caress me on the face.

She kissed me on the lips, and I felt her tongue probing deep.

I couldn't help, I kissed back.

The toilet door opened up.

She quickly pulled herself up, leaning back on her chair, all red in her face as our cousin came back into the dining room.

They left a few minutes later: it took an hour drive to reach back Novara.

I escorted them back to the car downstairs, and as our cousin was starting the engine, Lella herd me hard in a tight hug and kissed me full-mouth, whispering: "Farewell, my love!"

Then she rushed into the car.

I just got a glimpse of the tears in her eyes.

I shook my head in disbelief, as the car drove away in the city night.

"Oh my good Lord," I sobbed.


The following summer, I kept a lower profile... Or at least I tried to. I didn't feel like going again to Denmark, and I wanted to save some money, so I rather set a plan with Daniele, Lella's brother, to experiment the famous Rimini summer nights together.

It was quite a success, though I still prefer hunting abroad than on my doorsteps... The Riviera Romagnola was stuffed with German tourists, and an unbelievable percentage of them were women alone looking to get laid, just like the legend says. What the legend doesn't say, is that they are basically wives or divorcées in their forties, not always in their best shape.

Anyway, on the big numbers there are a few good scores to hit, and we managed to have some fun.

As I said, Copenhagen was much better...

We had only a week time, then Daniele had a trip on his own to Umbria, and since I was the one with the car, we drove south together and I ended up in Rome again for a weekend.

Since the aunt I used to sleep at was now in the North and Daniele left to Umbria almost immediately after we arrived, I ended up sleeping in his vacant bed.

It was a rainy summer. Not much to go around, and anyway, since Michele wasn't as dumb as the other Roberto, Lella was pretty much busy with him.

She didn't look overjoyed to see me actually: I got a brotherly kiss and hug when we met at our arrival, and that was it.

Nobody to go around with, plus the bad weather, I just ended up going to see all the relatives I didn't visit the last two years.

When I came home in the evening, I discovered Michele was there for dinner, which was fine enough. Apart from being a radical pacifist, the guy was quite nice, and we had some good conversation at the table.

The main subject was the growing tension all around the world and the responsibilities of the military about that. I fully agreed with Michele about that, which surprised Michele quite a lot... Until I pointed out that the responsibility was surely of the recent military moves of the Soviet Army.

This he didn't buy. I really can't understand how pacifists are so strict with our Armies, serving democracy under strict laws and rules, under the domain of international conventions and within the frames of our Constitutional rights and duties, and at the meantime they are so understanding and forgiving when it is a bunch of thugs fighting for a dictatorship the ones who commits excesses. When the Kremlin purposefully shoots down a civilian airliner we shouldn't react and maybe understand South Korea might have set up a provocation, but if NATO accidentally hits a civilian car somewhere, that's a war crime. Tell me that's not a double standard. Worse than all, Michele sincerely believed soldiers are constantly pushing to go at war somewhere, just for the fun of it.

When I pointed out that when there is a war, it's the soldiers the ones who go to die first in combat (apart from collateral damage of course, but again, it's soldiers who are the target when collateral damage occurs), he looked a bit unbalanced, and mumbled: "Oh. I never thought of that."


Well, apart from that, it was a good evening as I said.

After dinner I watched some TV together with my uncles as Lella and Michele went for a short walk, and then I went to bed before they were back.

I think I slept for a couple of hours.

One thing you often develop quickly when in infantry, is to sleep fast and sound disregarding the noise and the commotion around... Unless there is somebody trying to sneak in next to you.

My eyes shat open at the vibration on the floor.

It was pitch dark, only a dim orange light filtered through the blinds from the garden; I clearly saw a figure moving slowly into the room and closing the door behind before coming next to the bed, wrapped in a night robe.

I saw my cousin letting her robe fall to the floor, and then climbing naked into her brother's bed.

"Shah..." she whispered into my ears: "It's just me..."

I felt her naked body rub against mine, her small, soft breasts squeezed against my chest, the nipples stiff for the cold.

She French-kissed me, her mouth open and hungry.

She tasted of Brandy. Quite heavily, I would say.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, grabbing my manhood and starting stroking it wantonly: "I missed you. So much..."

Barely, those were the only words she spoke that night.

My cock quickly surged in her fist, as her thighs and knees moved around my hips, and in no time I was ready for her, as much as she was ready for me.

Lella strode over me, guided my cock to her own, moist entrance, and slowly impaled herself on my stiff pole.

"Aahhh..." she sobbed, "At long last..."

I grabbed her ass, enjoying the feeling my cock sinking into her warm belly.

Her pussy muscles clenched my shaft and she started fucking me like a woman possessed.

I moved my hands to her breasts, grabbing a handful of tits and kneading them passionately, making her moan louder. Her nipples were as hard, thick and long as bullets.

I had a hell of an excited bitch on heat on top of me.

She panted and gasped and cursed as I started to fuck her back from bottom up, making the old bed squeak badly.

Sensing our fucking session was quickly getting out of hand, she bended down to kiss me full-mouth, muffling her own moans and slowing down the screw tempo, causing the bed noise to reduce too.

Her tongue wandered around as my cock plunged deep in her willing vagina, as my hands went back on her ass, to impose my rhythm to her disordered jumps.

That must have been our longest intercourse.

The fear to be discovered made us careful, and her desire was matched by my growing control. It must have been at least forty minutes, before I felt Lella's cunt walls contract violently around my overheated cock.

"Hnnngg!" she stuttered into my mouth, convulsing in orgasm on top of me.

I felt her climax with all the power of her long-sought release.

She twitched and tossed over me, moaning and rubbing my cock so strong, that I lost it myself.

I came right into her own peak, and once more my sperm blasted into her as he rode me bareback.

Slowly, we came down from our high, and I felt her relaxing naked on top of me, a thin layer of sweat lubricating the contact between our skins.

Her breath slew down, and she kissed me again, this time with less lust and more love.

"Don't worry," she whispered: "I checked the days, and I am not fertile these days..."

Yeah, the Vatican Roulette, as they called it... The only contraception tolerated by the Catholic Church... Well, better than nothing.

We rested a few minutes, hugging and cuddling without any word being spoken, as I felt my own cum oozing out of Lella's cunt and trickling down my deflating cock to my balls and thighs.

The bed was going to be a mess.

My cousin must have thought the same... Or maybe not. Fact is, she got off, went down on me and gobbled my cock into her hungry mouth.

"Oohhh..." I couldn't hold myself, her blowjob was so merciless on my freshly fucked dick.

Lella was determined to get me hard again, and wouldn't let go of me before she reached her goal.

She was good: I felt my testicles twitch and my shaft surge in a matter of seconds, after which I just enjoyed my cousin mouth job.
She sucked me clean of our common mess, and then throated me to a new, full erection.

I had to stop her, short of another, undesired ejaculation straight into her mouth: I tossed her around and bottomed her under me. She opened up her legs, in overt offer, and I entered her sloppy, drenched pussy with a single thrust.

"Aawww..." she gasped, at the sudden feeling of my intrusion into her freshly fucked cunt.

"Don't complain," I hissed, "Wasn't what you just craved for?"

"Oh yes!" she panted under my first thrusts, "Oh my God yes! It's so good... It's so good... Hmmm..."

I missionary-styled her on her brother's bed, just metres from her sleeping parents.

She jerked and tossed under me, trying to take me as deep as possible into her cum-soaked pussy, as I felt her fingernails scratching my back and her heels hitting my thighs.

This time, it didn't take long time for her to hit climax: I was nibbling her nipple with my mouth as her warm thighs clenched at me and again she convulsed and jerked under my assault.

"Aahhh! Aahmmp-p-p..." I managed to close her mouth with a kiss as she started yelling out of control for ecstasy.

I didn't have much left inside me either, and Lella's orgasm tricked me.

I felt my almost-empty balls twitch, and I just accelerated my fucking tempo, trying to reach my partner before she fell from her high, with the result of prolonging it to an almost unbearable one.

"Oh my dear Gaaaawwd-d-d..." she panted, as I hit her cervix and felt my brain detonate in my own climax.

I arched over her, as her sweaty thighs squeezed me hard, and emptied my second load deep into my cousin's belly.

"Aahhh... It's so good! My God, it's so good..." she gasped, feeling my last seed land over her slowing down orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her panting, spent body, and we laid in a sweaty heap of satisfied, sinful flesh, still intertwined in our forbidden conjunction.

I kissed her now cold lips, but she was too spent to answer, as I was too spent myself to insist.

We must have fallen asleep in that same position, totally fucked.

I woke up feeling her move under me; light was shining into the room through the blinds, announcing the coming morning.

"Shit!" Lella stuttered trying to pull free of my sleepish hold, "It's almost seven, my mum must be already around!"

She slipped out of bed all naked and grabbed her night robe from the floor, quickly wrapping herself into it.

Then she bent on me, swiftly kissed me and run out of the room.

I didn't hear any outraged burst from my aunt, so I assumed she had safely slipped back into her own bed.

The only problem was my dirty sheet. It was really a mess: during the night all our stuff must have come out of her, making a puddle between her thighs and staining the mattress.

I spent more than an hour trying to reduce the evidence, then I threw everything into the washing machine; finally I offered to redo a fresh bed for my cousin, and in so doing I reinforced the great opinion my uncles had of me...

Late in the morning, I kissed everybody goodbye and loaded my car.

My cousin followed me to the street, and I held her in my arms before leaving.

I kissed her, feeling her tongue searching for mine as my hands wandered around her back and ass.

We both pulled free at the same time. Lella smiled, tossing the hair from her pretty and innocent face, and stepped back to let me close the door behind me.

I switched on the engine and looked back at her: she wouldn't move from the sidewalk, so I moved the car out of the parking spot as she waved goodbye with her naked arm.

In the rear mirror, I saw her blowing me a kiss.

Seven hour's drive and I was back in Torino.

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