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Up North Ch. 10

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There was a large beach towel thrown over one of the chaise lounges and then he saw her. Like Aphrodite she came up the steps out of the pool, long and lean, water streaming down her body, her hair was thrown back, darkened by the water. Her breasts were large and pear shaped with soft brown areoles and large gum drop size chocolate nipples jutting outward. Her hips wide built for comfort, her bottom jiggled just a little. His eyes strayed downward where he saw taffy blond pubic fluff ending just above her vaginal slit, below that she was as slick and bald as a baby. Her labial lips were pronounced, her slit long colored a light pinkish brown. She was stunning, she was Olivia.

As he watched her he started to eat his sandwich mechanically, one bite after another, chewing slowly and swallowing with sips of cold beer between. He did not realize that he was eating; he was transfixed.

Standing beside the chaise lounge, she bent down, her large breasts swinging lazily as she picked up a bottle of sun lotion. He watched her squirt lotion onto her hands and then spread it over her arms and shoulders - more lotion and then she turned and worked it around her back in that strange way women have of bending their arms backward - more lotion she spread over her breasts, stopping to toy and pull at her nipples, twisting them slightly.

Next she lotioned her belly and upper thighs followed by her bottom. She bent forward with lotioned hands and spread her cheeks, her bottom aimed toward the bay window. He heard himself groan softly as she opened her cheeks and spread lotion up and down her crack, moving slowing pausing only to allow a finger to tease her anus and then move on. Watching her, he was mesmerized. She bent over from the waist and worked her calves' front and back and then the tops of her feet.

She spent a moment spreading and smoothing the beach towel on the lounge, then carefully stretched out on her back, opening her legs she worked the last bit of lotion along her inner thighs finally taking the time to tease and luxuriously rub her pussy until she began to shudder and tense and then quietly relax. She breathed deeply and lay back basking in the sun. Jim realized that he had consumed his sandwich and beer and that there was an enormous erection pushing its way down the leg of his shorts.

Breathing heavily he leaned back in the chair, pulled the leg of his shorts aside and slowly stroked himself to an explosive ejaculation into a wad of paper napkins, his cum pulsed several times, the napkins barely containing the load. After a few minutes he stood and disposed of the sticky napkins, got a fresh beer and sat back down at the table looking at his beautiful daughter as she appeared to sleep in the sun. He thought about his situation now, his desire, he considered his relationship with his mother and Aunt Rae; he wondered what Kelly would have said about what he'd seen. He decided to directly confront the matter; he needed to put a stop to this.

With a cold beer firmly in hand, he stood and walked out to the pool. In his bare feet his approach was silent. He was able to walk directly up to Livy and stand there in the sun feasting his eyes on her naked body - his cock began to stir and grow in his soft shorts.

He tilted the beer bottle and poured a few drops of the cold beer directly on to Livy's bare belly. She jumped and hollered, "What the fuck?"

She sat up slapping away the offending cold beer staring up into his face; "Dammit Dad, what's with the cold beer?" her voice was loud and angry.

He waived his hand up and back over her body and said quietly, "What the fuck's up with this Livy?"

She stood angrily just inches away from him, her hands on her hips, her legs spread, her feet firmly planted, "This is your fuckin' naked daughter in her backyard beside her pool getting an all over tan - Jeez, what is your problem?"

Jim turned and sat his beer bottle down on a small table near the chaise. Turning back to Livy he reached out and took each plump nipple in hand, pinching them softly between his thumb and fore finger. "Nice tits Livy, but do you think you should be showing them to me; really? We need to talk about this!"

He couldn't see her eyes behind her sunglasses and was startled when she reached down and took his massive erection in hand, "Thanks Dad, nice cock! Apparently you like what you see, don't ya'?"

When he'd changed earlier he tossed his underwear into the hamper and pulled on these old knit shorts, they were really soft and felt great on his naked body but did nothing to hide his erect cock. He'd been so distracted after cuming at the kitchen table he didn't realize his cock was again fully erect and poking out of the leg of his shorts.

Stung, Jim let go of her nipples and stepped back, but he was held in place as Livy moved even closer and her other hand slid up the leg of his shorts, firmly gripping his large balls. "You don't have to let go Dad. I've wanted you for a very long time." Her voice was thick as her hands softly held his balls and cock, her little finger smeared precum around his leaking cock head.

"Dad, I love you, I love you in so many ways. I wish you loved me too." Her voice went soft and sad. She let go of his balls and cock, stepping back just a little. "Look at me Dad, I look great, there's not a straight guy at the country club that doesn't want to fuck me - even the gay guys look." She dropped her head and turned to pickup her towel, "Why don't you want me Dad, I don't understand." She said the last very softly, then turned and went directly inside.

Softly, under his breath Jim said, "I do want you Livy, I want you in every way possible, I love you more than you know."

He sat by the pool for a while, finishing his beer and then walked slowly into the house. He looked for Livy finally going upstairs to her room. He could hear the shower running so he walked through her room into the large bath. She was in the shower covered in soap; he could see her clearly through the frosted glass. She saw him and rinsed quickly. She opened the shower door and stood there naked before him.

"You wanta' look some more?" there was an angry hurt tone in her voice.

He slid up onto the long marble sink top and said, "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings; but we can't have the kind of relationship you seem to want. Frankly, I wish you were naked all the time, looking at you is a joy. You are truly beautiful!" he said this softly but with loving warmth in his voice.

Her beautiful blue eyes filled with tears, then she shook her head and said, "I'm pretty wet right now, would you hand me a towel please?" her voice was full yet quiet.

He handed her the large bath towel and she stepped out onto the soft rug. He watched her with adoring eyes as she carefully dried herself, he particularly enjoyed watching her buff her handful of pubic fluff with the towel. "Can I ask how that happened?" he said pointing at her bald pussy.

She smiled shyly saying, "Well last summer when you were out of town Lesley dared me to get my pubes lazered off. I hated waxing and shaving is such a pain, so I thought why not - you know?" He nodded his understanding.

She continued, "You remember the muscle pull from tennis?" he nodded again. "So OK, I lied; I just didn't know how to tell you I had my pussy hair lazered off. Are you mad?"

"No, actually it's kinda' great looking; why the fluffy top knot?"

"Well, I like it and I think it's sort of cute, what do you think?"

"I think the right man would love to bury his nose in your pubes while he sucks your pretty pussy; sort of the best of both worlds," he said with a grin.

She clasped her hands over her mouth and laughed and laughed ... after a time, "Oh My God Dad, you just talked about some guy eating my pussy - that's so wild!"

"OK, changing the subject just a little, did you pickup anything for dinner?" he asked.

"Yes I did, there are two huge bone-in rib eyes in the meat keeper. Except for Kansas City, there's not been enough red meat in our lives, so I figured salmon could wait."

"Alright then, while you finish up I'm gonna' go start the marinate ..." he leaned in and kissed her softly on the cheek, "I do love you baby girl."

Once the meat was soaking in his Italian style marinate he rummaged through the cupboard finding Mountain Gold potatoes and red onions. Livy loved cheesy baked potatoes so he quickly peeled, sliced and prepared the ingredients adding crème and lots of cheese. In the oven he figured it would be ready in 45 minutes. Next a quick salad of red onion, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber was put together, all ready to be tossed with Italian dressing.

He fished another beer out of the fridge and sat at the kitchen table remembering when he and Kelly had first made love and the problems that they overcame together thanks to his mother and Aunt Rae.

. . . . . .

Although there'd been an unusually warm April, the first of May brought a cold wind from Canada, Jim hurried across the Commons to the library; it was nice to get out of the wind. When he entered Kelly looked up from her desk smiling brightly and gave him a wave. He hurried over, "Hey girl, do you think you can get away for a few days when school ends next week?"

A puzzled look flashed across her face and then she said, "I guess so, what do you have in mind?"

"I want you to meet my mother and the rest of the family; what do you think?"

Although she was nervous she said, "Well sure, I guess ... how long will we be there?"

"I'm thinking we could leave Wednesday and come back the following Wednesday to get ready for the summer semester. Could you do that?"

She smiled, "Should not be a problem, the library is always slow between semesters."

He leaned over and kissed her quickly, "Great, see you this evening."

He'd telephoned mom from Ida Winter's kitchen earlier and told her he wanted her to meet Kelly and would be home Wednesday; and then as best he could, he carefully explained the problem he was having with Kelly. Livy assured him she would discuss it with Aunt Rae and then told him to hurry; everybody would be looking forward to the visit.

Just then Ida came into the kitchen; she smiled at him saying, "Jimmy, you know you're gonna' have to pay for that long distance call ..."

He gave her a big smile, dropped his pants and pulled out his thick cock stroking it softly as he said in a little boy voice, "Oh my Miz Winters ... I don't have any money, would you take some cock instead?" With that they both broke-up laughing, he tossed his clothes onto a kitchen chair as he stepped over and pressed his cock into her mouth.

Ida had quietly put her false teeth in the pocket of her dress a moment earlier and his cock was welcomed by her tongue. The warm hot pocket her mouth offered caused him to groan with pleasure as she suckled him bobbing her mouth back and forth. Her hands were busy caressing his butt cheeks and fondling his large scrotum. In short order he felt the deep hot burn as his fluids began their journey to her throat. Ida always welcomed his cum and carefully finished him by soft sucking his cockhead.

He stepped back, leaned down and kissed her, his tongue playing with hers. "Miss Ida, would you like a turn on the bed?"

She stood holding his cock, "Jimmy honey would you give my old butt hole a good pokin' today? It's been a while and I'd sure like it."

He took her face in his hands and said, "Ida, it would be my privilege to give your sweet asshole a serious fuckin'" they laughed again and walked together to the bedroom.

He was always surprised by the pleasure he took in having sex with Ida, she was certainly in her later 60's although she would never disclose her age. Her body was that of a sturdy farmer's wife, large breasts with big rubbery nipples each a double handful apiece, her belly was ample, her ass was full and wide. He placed a small knob of Vaseline on her large wrinkled anus and worked it in with two fingers, she moaned, "Oh Jimmy it's sure been a while ... oh yea ..."

He pushed the head of his thick cock steadily into her rectum, there was very little resistance and soon he was fully embedded, his balls resting gently against her wide bottom. He built up speed working his cock in and out steadily, his pleasure growing as her anal tissue gripped his shaft. Ida could orgasm easily from anal sex and it wasn't long before she began to push back against him and cry out her pleasure.

Her sweet suck earlier gave him stamina and he was able to pound her soft bottom watching the flesh dance and shake under his assault as she came twice more before he had the need to blast his baby batter deep into her bowel. He slammed against her soft ass, shaking the bed until it seemed to dance on its own and then he was still, his fingers digging into the tender flesh of her butt cheeks, his toes gripping as he pushed deep into her to complete his deposit.

Moments later he leaned back and allowed his cock to slide from her ass, once it dropped against him her anus gaped wide, a stream of cum sliding out and down her legs. She reached over to the bedside table and grasped a few tissues packing them into her hole with practiced ease. "Jimmy honey, you sure done me proud."

The following Wednesday was a good example of how the weather could change dramatically in the Dakotas. The cold was gone and the temperature had risen into the high 80's. It have been his plan to leave that evening when Kelly was finished at the library; however, she managed to finish the day before leaving them the morning to play.

Ever since they'd lain together in the Dells on that beautiful day the end of April, Jimmy had not attempted intercourse. Instead he had played his naked game of exploration with her and each time she'd become more comfortable with him, initially somewhat timid in her nudity over the last couple of weeks they had become fully acquainted with every part of their bodies.

Kelly had become so comfortable with him that when they were naked together he'd ask her to spread her legs and show him the inside of her puss. She would immediately spread herself, reach in and grasp her labial lips pulling them open so that he could see into her. Afterwards she would giggle and laugh like a naughty little girl. He found it charming and endearing; he was clearly in love.

At one point Kelly had him on his side with his leg raised so that she could look up his rectum, it seemed so silly he got the giggles and they laughed easily together. Every time they played naked he would cum large amounts and he felt she was having an orgasm as well when he played with her. But he decided not to press the matter, he was certain his mother could help solve the problem of her feeling like she shouldn't have or enjoy orgasm.

The one thing that Kelly did that he thought was kinky, he liked it but it was still kinky, was her pleasure in playing with his cum. She would rub in on her body, smell it and taste it ... he loved watching her play with his cum, it excited him, but it was still a little unusual.

When he spoke with his mother about the visit she told him that they had finished the remodeling of his grandparents old house and that Aunt Rae and Uncle Clyde and she were now comfortably in residence. He was excited about seeing the house and he knew Kelly would love the place. They left about 10:00 in the morning, it was a beautiful drive and although they stopped for hamburgers on the way they still arrived before 1:30.

He could see that Kelly was nervous, but he kissed and hugged her and assured her that the family would absolutely love her. From the outside the place looked much the same, there was a new wing on the west end but the architecture fitted it perfectly and there was a fresh coat of paint. "Oh Jimmy, this is beautiful, I can see why your folks wanted to live here."

Once inside it was clear that no one was home. They took a quick tour of the home; Kelly was really impressed with the master suites, one on each end of the house and upstairs another full bedroom and bath. It was a big comfortable home. Jimmy led her into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. He looked around and was rewarded to find the big blue cookie jar stuffed with fresh oatmeal raisin cookies. Once the coffee was ready he poured them both a cup and they sat at the big table.

Jimmy sipped his coffee and daydreamed while Kelly looked out the big window toward the little orchard, "Ah baby, I think I see your folks and ... ah ... they're naked," her voice was just a little strained.

He snapped out of his reverie and stared out the window seeing that indeed his mom, Aunt Rae and Uncle Clyde were walking toward the back door naked as the day they were born. Each of them carried a towel and they were talking animatedly. Jim thought they looked great, Aunt Rae with her blond hair and big tits dancing back and forth, Uncle Clyde his cock swinging to and fro and mom small, lean, brown with her petty tits bouncing so sweetly.

Jimmy realized that they'd been skinny dipping in the swimming hole down at Clear Creek. "Kelly it looks like they've been down to the creek for a swim, it's a hot day ..."

Kelly turned to him and giggled her embarrassed little girl giggle saying, "Well it's their home, they can do whatever they like!"

Just then the back door swung open and Uncle Clyde stepped into the kitchen followed by mom and Aunt Rae. Seeing them sitting there Uncle Clyde put his towel over his head and said, "Hi there I'm Uncle Clyde and I'd shake your hand but I can't see you!"

That caused Aunt Rae to snort with laughter and his mother broke into a laugh as well. She closed the door and stepped over to Kelly sticking out her hand. "I thought we'd get to know you pretty well during your visit, but I guess we got an early start on the "pretty well" part."

Kelly shook her hand saying, "Hello Mrs. Braun, I'm Kelly Miller."

His mother laughed and said, "Nice to meet you Kelly - the one with the penis is Clyde, the one with the blond hair and big boobs is my sister Rae and I'm Olivia, you can call me Livy everybody does. Since it's such a warm day we went for a swim. Our plan was to be ready to greet you this evening ... apparently our plan has gone astray."

She turned to Uncle Clyde, "Clyde stop standing there, go put on some pants while Rae and I get dressed, Jimmy get us a cup of coffee and bring the cookie jar."

Clyde stepped around Kelly and clasped Jimmy on the shoulder, leaned down and said, "It's damn good to see you boy."

Jim got up and hugged his Uncle saying, "Good to see you too!" Clyde went off to put on some shorts and Jim filled coffee cups and ferried the cookie jar to the table as everyone returned to the kitchen.

Mom sat next to Kelly and took her hand into hers, "You know you are the very first girl Jim has ever brought home, I think that means he's stuck on you." She looked over at Jim seeing he was ready to speak and waived her other hand saying, "Hush, I'm talking to this pretty girl."

Clyde grinned at Jimmy and patted his shoulder again; Aunt Rae fished out a cookie and took a sip of her coffee leaving the floor to Mom. "So Kelly, tell us all about yourself, start at the beginning and work your way forward, don't be bashful."

Kelly looked around and then told the family her history as requested from the beginning to the present. When she finished she said, "That pretty much says it all."

Mom said, "So it's just you and your Uncle ... once you get to know us, if you decide you want you can include all of us in your family whether or not you decide to keep that big lump sitting next to you. Now, Jimmy, go fetch your things and put them upstairs in your room."
She turned back to Kelly and said, "Honey I assume that you two are sleeping together is that correct; if not please tell me."

Kelly nodded and they smiled at one another. The rest of the day passed quietly; there were lots of family pictures, stories and the like. The next morning it was clear that it was going to be another hot day and mom asked Kelly, "Honey we're going to go swimming again, would you like to join us? I'm guessing you didn't bring you swim suit, so feel free to wear anything that you'd like."

"Are you guys going skinny dipping again?" Kelly asked and mom said, "We pretty much always do, but you should be comfortable."

Kelly and Jim went upstairs and came back down naked, "Livy, Jim and I decided that if you're comfortable being naked around us we could be comfortable with you."

Uncle Clyde looked Kelly up and down, "Jimmy, now that I get a good look at your girl I can clearly see why you like her so much - she's a beauty!"

Aunt Rae slapped his butt with a resounding pop saying, "Jeez-a-mighty Clyde, restrain yourself." Uncle Clyde only laughed and went out the back door.

They had a great time swimming and playing in the cool creek water finally spreading their towels on the meadow grass in the sun, Livy leaned over and said, "Jimmy, let's take a walk, just you and me." During their short walk she told Jim that she and Rae had talked about the problem and they had a plan, so just be ready to go along. He agreed.

When they walked back, Kelly, Livy and Aunt Rae lagged behind and talked all the way back to the house. Once there Livy asked if everybody would be comfortable staying naked on this hot day and all agreed. Next they made a big platter of sandwiches, chips and lemonade. Everybody sat around the table chatting and enjoying each other's company, Kelly looked up smiling and said, "I know this may seem sudden but I want you all to know that I feel perfectly at home no matter how unusual it is that we're all naked."

Aunt Rae laughed and said, "Come on honey, lets you and Livy and me go for a walk around the place and just have us some girl talk. Clyde you and Jimmy clean up a bit and do whatever you men do."

When they got to the little orchard mom directed the three of them to a group of outdoor rockers sitting in a small clearing in the orchard. After they were seated mom said, "Kelly, I want to talk to you about Jimmy and our family."

Kelly smiled saying, "That would be great Livy."

"There's a catch honey; first I need your word that anything we talk about here today will be absolutely secret. Nobody and I mean nobody can know what we say. Now I know that might be a little scary, and I'll understand if you don't agree. We'll just visit like normal people."

Kelly was silent for quite a while and the ladies rocked enjoying being outdoors nude on such a beautiful day. "Could I ask a question first?" Kelly said.

"Why sure honey, you ask anything you like."

"Is it about murder or something?"

Livy and Rae burst out laughing, "Lord no honey ... and we're not laughing at you either. We want to talk about sex; for lack of a better way to put it."

Kelly blushed, put her hand over her mouth, then laughed a little saying, "Oh, well in that case I guess I can give you my promise to keep our talk a secret."

"My husband Dan and I always had a robust sex life; generally we just couldn't keep our hands off one another; Sister Rae and Clyde were just as randy at their house until Clyde was hurt at work ..."

"Oh my, I am so sorry," Kelly whispered.

"Not to fret honey, these things tend to work out. After a time we made an agreement between Clyde and Rae and Dan and I. Every now and then Rae would come over to the house and my husband Dan would entertain her, if you know what I mean."

Kelly was leaning forward listening carefully and she nodded her understanding.

"When Dan was killed in the accident everything stopped. Ours was a family arrangement, strictly that."

Rae reached out taking Kelly's hand, "No matter how much I might want some dick, I am not one to run around from man to man. Dan was family and Clyde understood, there were no secrets, so when Dan was gone that put an end to it."

Mom said, "After Dan's death, I put my sex drive on hold, basically I did what I could to tend to myself. As the years went by and Jimmy grew into the man he is today and well ... one thing lead to another and one day I saw Jimmy naked, he was masturbating and ... well, things got out of hand and we ended up having sex. It was wonderful and it was terrifying."

She reached out taking Kelly's hand and asked, "Are you ready to pack up and run away yet?"

Kelly squeezed her hand tightly and said, "No, I ... I think I can understand ... really I do."

"Jimmy was beside himself, he was torn between wanting to go to the Sheriff and turn himself in and wanting to do it all over again. We talked it out, it had to be clear that I was always his mother, the one who loved him and looked after him; and at the same time I really, really enjoyed the sex - I have to say, he takes after his father."

"After a day or so we agreed that we'd keep this strictly in the family. A little time later I told him about Rae and her problem and we agreed that, if they agreed, he and she could have sex as well. After all he is a vital energetic young man, and they did."

Kelly sat quietly for a good while holding mom's had then she said, "Are you still making love with Jim now?"

"The last time was over the Christmas holidays; but now that he has you, it seems to me that we should stop," mother said quietly.

"What will you do about your needs then?" Kelly asked.

"There's a doctor at the hospital where I work that has shown a lot of interest," mom said with a smile and Aunt Rae said with a grin, "I'd say, he follows her around like a lost puppy and there's something else in the works for me."

"So the real question is, why are you telling me all this? I would never have known," said Kelly.

"Because there's more; I wanted you to know that there were no secrets in our family, we do our best to be honest with one another always. I'm not saying we're perfect or anything like that, but we really try. Jim has talked with me about your problem."

Kelly sat back and looked hard at mom, "What do you mean?"

"Don't get your Irish up, that boy loves you more than anyone in the world, but he's worried. He told me that you don't seem to enjoy sex that much. He thinks somehow someone has convinced you that it's naughty or dirty and that you are a bad person to enjoy it."

Kelly looked down at the orchard grass and there seemed to be a mist in her eyes.

"Honey, we would not be here now talking with you if we didn't care about you. I want you to know that sex between two people who love each other can be magical. I don't mean to say that there's magic each and every time, but it should always be a fun happy time!"

"Now honey, he loves you and he wants you to be happy and fulfilled. We want to help, but you need to talk to us ... have you two had intercourse?"

Kelly spoke softly, "Just once and it started out nice but then I just knew ... well, you see my mother always told me that girls who really like it have something wrong with them ..."

Mom rose and pulled Kelly up into a hug and was joined by Aunt Rae. "Baby girl, you are special, God has given you all the parts and pieces necessary to experience joy in the arms of the one you love, you should never be denied. Would you let Rae and I help you?"

Kelly asked, "How would you help?"

"I'm not exactly sure; but we have a plan, Later tonight we'll get Clyde off to bed, he has to get up early because he's working tomorrow; then Rae and I will join the two of you and we'll be there to see if we can help. Will you let us?"

"I want to try; I want Jimmy to be happy ..." she was unsure but strangely unafraid.

"Baby girl, if you're happy he'll be happy - we love you sweetie," said Aunt Rae.

The rest of the day passed quietly, the women sat together talking, Livy and Rae told Kelly about the first time they had sex, their disappointments and the joy they experienced with their husbands. It was a time of confidence building and reassurance.

As dark began to fall Jimmy called the women into dinner; he and Clyde had made a big batch of spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, garlic bread and a fruit torte with three chilled bottles of Chianti. The women were delighted and dinner was a success. Clyde declined the wine explaining that he had to be up and out of the house by 4 am for a long shift at the Rival plant tomorrow. The women seemed to have bonded during the afternoon and they talked about everything under the sun. After dinner the men cleaned the kitchen and Clyde went off to bed.

Livy took Jim aside and told him "I'd appreciate it if you make us a nice pot of weak coffee and then pour a generous amount of Kailua in each cup with a bit of sugar and crème; make enough for everyone to have at least two each." She smiled and kissed him fully on the mouth while lightly rubbing his cock, then she said, "You're gonna' have a real good time tonight son!"

By 8:30 the wine and the Kailua coffee combined to have a profound effect on all the ladies; Kelly was not much of a drinker and she was most affected. She smiled brightly at Jim saying, "Baby have you noticed we've been naked all day? Do you like it? Hmmm?" her words were lightly slurred as she spoke.

"It makes me think I should take you upstairs to bed Miss Kelly," Jim said with a smile.

"All-righ-tee then Mister, let's go!"

Jim scooped the pretty girl up in his arms and she threw her arms around his neck as she kissed his shoulders with loud smacks. Livy and Rae followed them up the stairs holding hands.

Jim laid her face down on the bed and began a light massage, as he did so Livy and Rae took up positions on either side of the bed and they too began to softly caress Kelly's body. Jimmy positioned himself between her legs and concentrated on her lower back and then her round butt cheeks. He stroked and squeezed her cheeks forcing her ass crack to gape open.

After a short while he leaned down and began to softly lick her ass crack, pausing to tongue and kiss her soft pink button and Kelly began to sigh and squirm in appreciation. Finally he allowed his tongue to work its way into the back of her vaginal lips. He enjoyed the salty wetness of her secretions. Then her turned her over, straddled her and began kissing her lips, his tongue working its way into her mouth. She kissed him right back enjoying his attentions and the soft touch of Livy and Rae.

He then kissed his way down the middle of her body skirting the edges of her pussy and lifting her legs onto his shoulders. He kissed the inside of her legs, softly tonguing all around her pussy lips. At the same time Livy and Rae caressed her shoulders, belly and finally began attending to her breasts alternatively tweaking and pulling her nipples lightly. Kelly's body seemed to be undulating on its own; her mind was awash in the myriad of physical sensations.

As Jimmy's mouth worked its magic between her legs a warm sensation began to grow into a fire in her belly. Kelly's hips began pulsing up and down, her legs tightened around his head as this happened Livy and Rae began to whisper loving thoughts into her ears, "You're such a pretty girl, this feels so good, you deserve to feel good each time, you are special, you can feel the love grow like a fire in your belly, relax and enjoy this gift ..."

Suddenly Kelly felt a fiery burst of euphoria and pure energy wash through her body as Jimmy pushed two fingers deep into her vagina and sucked her clit. She heard herself shout and shake while Rae and Livy each held a hand as they kissed her nipples. As she relaxed and fell back onto the sheets she opened her eyes; Jimmy moved up quickly and kissed her deeply. "Oh baby girl, you were wonderful, you did great!" he said.

"Oh Livy, is that what it's supposed to be like?"

Rae and Livy laughed softly, "Yes pretty girl, that's the way it's supposed to be, and it gets better." Livy caressed her forehead then asked, "How do you feel honey?"

"I feel wonderful; I've never felt this good in my life, never."

Aunt Rae took her hand and said, "Kelly dear, this is the best advice I can give you. The more you make love with the one you love the better it gets. What you need now is lots of practice."

Livy leaned down kissing Kelly softly, "Now, I want you children to practice a lot tonight, then us girls will get together and talk about it tomorrow, OK?"

Kelly grasped Rae and Livy's hands kissing them both, "Thank you so much for all you've done, I love you both."

Aunt Rae patted Jimmy's bottom, leaned in kissing him and said, "You be good to this girl ... and be good a lot."

Livy kissed him as well saying, "You kids have lots and lots of fun tonight!"

And they did, five different times until they fell asleep in each other's arms; and several times a day for the rest of their stay. And every day during the rest of their stay the three women would gather in the orchard and talk about everything from the best way to suck cock, how to stimulate the prostate for massive ejaculation and even baking apple pie. They formed a bond that lasted for life.

. . . . . .

"DAD, HELLO DAD, DAD, DAD! Daughter to Dad ...!"

Jim snapped back to the present from his memories to the past, "Hey daughter ..."

"Dad, where did you go?" ask Livy with a grin. Jim looked at her standing there barefoot, wearing one of his old oversized T-shirts; she was a radiant golden presence.

He smiled a little smile, "I was thinking about your mother and the first time she met your grandmother and Aunt Rae; it's a nice memory ..."

Livy's face softened and she sat in his lap putting her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek softly, "I know you miss mom, I miss her too. I didn't mean to take you away from a good memory ..."

He hugged his daughter and said, "The best thing about memories is that they're always available."

She leaned back, her eyes sparkling and asked, "So what's the status of supper of father of mine?"

"It's probably time to put the steaks on the grill," and as he said that he reached under her to pick her up so that he could stand when he did all he felt was bare skin; startled he pulled her T-shirt up and saw that her bottom was bare ... "Are you naked under your shirt?" he asked.

She popped up off his lap pulling her shirt up under her breasts displaying her nakedness, her pussy shining from the lotion she'd applied after her shower ... "Yup, after all Dad, you got a good look at my pussy earlier and I'm comfortable like this, so why not?"

He shook his head, "Livy, Livy, Livy ... I've got cheesy potatoes baking, they should be about done, get an oven mitt and check'um; they can probably just be turned off and left in to stay warm."

He took the steaks out to the grill and put them on, returning to the kitchen he took the salad from the refrigerator and tossed it with the vinaigrette as Livy set the table and poured them a glass of wine each. "You still like your steak burned?"

Livy canted her head and said, "No Dad, I like my steak pink, just pink instead of ready to run back to its momma like you!"

He laughed and carried a platter out to the grill, after several minutes he brought the steaks in and placed them on their respective plates as Livy placed the warm cheesy potatoes in the middle of the table. Before they sat down Livy said, "I think I'll salvage this shirt for later and not get it messy," as she said that she pulled it over her head and sat down completely naked.

Rather than say anything Jim served the salad and they fell on their food eating ferociously. They were quiet eaters saying little, such as, "Good steak Dad, the potatoes are perfect thanks ..."

When they finished they loaded the dishwasher together and carefully cleaned away the evidence of the meal, Jim was always careful about such things believing that doing little things well made life easier.

"Come on Dad, let's go sit by the pool," said Livy. She tossed her shirt over her arm and walked out making herself comfortable in one of the large pool chairs. Once they settled in with fresh wine glasses, Jim said, "Livy, we need to talk about your behavior and how it's affecting me."

"It seems like you've been increasingly sexual toward me for the last year or so. You know that can't be, I'll always be your father; I'm the guy who changed your diapers, walked you to school, watched over you, said your prayers with you at night, all of those things. It wouldn't be right for us to be sexual together. At the very least it's against the law and at worst it could screw up your perception of life and yourself - this should not be. It has to stop."

She sat quietly, reflecting on his words, then after a pause she said, "So you and Gran, you're both completely screwed up? Do I understand that correctly?"

"Olivia this has nothing to do with your grandmother and I, and I don't know why you think it would," his voice was stiff almost cold.

"Dad ... I know about Gran and you, she told me. I know about Aunt Rae and you, she told me too. Before we flew down her I went to visit Gran, do you remember?" He nodded quietly, "I've talked to her before about my feelings toward you. This time I told her it was getting worse, so we went out to the little sitting area in the orchard and we all talked for a long time."

"Look Livy ..."

"Wait a minute Dad, I'm not done and you need to listen to me ..." he threw up his hands and sat back allowing her to continue, "Gran told me that when you were my age, exactly my age, that she caught you jacking off and that one thing lead to another and you both fucked. After that you guys were at it night and day when you were together. She said it was almost like having granddad alive again in her life except maybe she even loved you more."

"Stop - that's not exactly what happened, you don't have the whole story ..."

"OK, you're right Dad, maybe what she really said was that you were in a sexual rage and you held her down and nearly fucked her to death - is that right?" Livy was stiff, her voice forceful as she spat out the words.

Jim dropped his head and nodded.

Livy sighed and spoke more softly, "I want you to understand how I feel about you right now. More importantly Gran said it was a really good thing, if you hadn't taken her she was gonna' jump your bones anyway. She said it opened up your relationship even more and that she was never angry or upset with you - she loves you so much - and Aunt Rae explained about Uncle Clyde's problem and how you helped her too."

Livy scooted to the edge of her chair reached out and took his hand in hers, "Look at me Dad, I'm a hot babe and I want to make love with you. I want to be close to you in that very special way - you are the world to me."

Jim looked at her in the gathering night and said, "I don't think there's ever been anything more kind and loving said to me; but, I don't believe that your mother would want something like this to happen either."

Livy pulled his hand to her mouth and kissed it softly, "Let me tell you about that. You remember what would happen when you came home after being on the road. You'd get home and mom would have a great dinner ready. We'd all sit down together and eat and you'd tell us about your adventures - I was always sure you made some of them up, but I loved them anyway. Then as soon as possible you and mom would put me to bed, you guys would read to me and we'd say our prayers and I'd fall fast asleep, you remember?"

Jim smiled and said, "Yes I do, those are some of my best memories ..."

"I was almost never asleep, but I pretended good huh?" she laughed continuing, "so once you guys went down stairs I'd wait for a while then I'd creep down stairs and around to your bedroom, sometimes the door was closed and sometimes not. If I could, I would watch you and mom making love. She liked to be on top like a cowgirl, in my mind's eye I can still see your cock sliding out with her pussy clinging to your shaft as she rode you. You'd have one nipple in your mouth and the other in your hand."
"I never knew you were there," he said.

"I know but mom did, because one time I fell asleep listening you guys making love. I always felt happy and safe listening to you 'all. I dreamed that one day I could be close to you like that. It was much later when she woke me up and took me back upstairs to my bed. I thought she would be angry with me, but no ... she hugged and kissed me when she tucked me in - no anger at all. When I woke up the next morning I panicked, I thought for sure she was gonna' give me hell. When I came down to breakfast, mom winked at me and when I started to explain she shushed me and smiled a big smile. She wasn't mad at all. So, I don't think she'd be upset at all."

She paused for a moment, "God, Dad I really miss her."

Jim took her hands in his and said, "I know baby, I miss her too."

"So when I told Gran why I wanted to be with you she said she figured that at 20 I was old enough not to go crazy or try to be your wife or make babies, but that we could be together and still be sort of normal - what do you think Dad?"

"You gotta' let me think this over kiddo, I'm not promising anything right now."

Livy stood, held out her hand and said, "Fine, come on Dad, let's go for a swim, I've already seen your dick so strip off and come on ..."

He dropped his clothes and followed Livy's fine bottom as it jiggled a bit as she walked ahead. Once in the pool she swam several laps, he followed her lazily until she flipped onto her back and easily rested her head on the pool edge at the shallow end. She stayed afloat by gently waving her hands in the water, her breasts emerged like small mountains her nipples like the stony tops. He was fascinated by the little pile of taffy blond fluff that marked the top of vaginal mount.

As he looked at her he thought, "Jimmy, you dumb son-of-a-bitch, you've thought about this more than enough ..." walking steadily he approached her feet where they floated, taking her ankles in his hands he spread her legs wide apart, stepped between them then slid his hands under her bottom and lifted it up to his mouth plunging his tongue into her sweet hole, his lips suctioning her labia.

Livy squealed and flopped in the water pulling his sucking mouth away from her pussy he guided them to the pool steps where she could hold on to the step railing and immediately returned to eating her pussy with a fervor he'd not felt since Kelly passed. Between the shock of his assault and the powerful way he worked her clit, Livy began to shake and spasm in orgasm very quickly. He sucked the juices out of her vault and worked her clit until she cried out, "Holy Shit Dad, please, please take it easy I can't stand much more!"

He gently kissed her belly and helped her sit on the wide pool steps, she was clutching the railing tightly to steady herself when he stepped up to her and took her head in his hands turning her mouth to his pulsing cock and pressing his cock head against her lips, he said, "Suck!"

Her eyes were wide, her body was still shaking ... she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in a few inches taking her time to lick, lave and suck all around. She could feel his pulse in her mouth as his cock continued to throb. He pushed it in until he felt the back of her throat, then he stroked in and out, in what seemed like seconds he growled, "I'm cuming baby, get ready!" Then four strong ropes of cum blazed out of his body into her waiting mouth. Livy was no virgin nor was she greatly experienced but she knew that she was going to swallow every drop ... she sucked as hard as she could swallowing often until the flow abated and he leaned back allowing his cock to fall from her lips.

Livy's breath rushed in and out of her body, her hands shook and her pussy burned with desire. She licked her lips and looking up at her father said, "Oh my God Daddy, I guess you thought it over huh?"

He took her hand and pulled her up saying, "Come on baby ..." he walked her into the house directly to his bedroom. Once there he turned pulling her body tightly against his he kissed her hard, his tongue exploring her mouth her tongue joined his in a lusty dance. Then he tossed her onto the bed rolling her onto her belly, he slapped her ass hard saying, "I don't wanta' talk, spread your legs," his voice was hot and tight.

Livy spread her legs and pulled her knees up lifting her bottom off the bed. Her butt cheeks opened wide displaying her red flushed pussy, swollen and open; her anus was high and pink offering itself as well. Jim leaned in sucking the bottom of her pussy then licked her from clit to rectum savoring the flow of juices and her rich musty aroma. Livy's bottom rotated and twisted with his attentions until he leaned back, lined up his pulsing cock and drove directly into her hot vagina in one powerful move.

As his balls slapped her puss, Livy grunted and slid forward, Jimmy grasped her butt cheeks firmly and began to piston in and out, long full strokes, Livy's tight vaginal tissue clung to his shaft and Jimmy cried out, "Baby girl, this is some sweet pussy!"

Livy replied, "That's right Daddy, fuck your baby, fuck me Daddy ... Oooh fuck me so hard Daddy!"

The combination of age and Livy's hot mouth sucking so much cum from him earlier gave Jim staying power; his lust and dedication to reasonable fitness give him stamina. Their coupling lasted for a long time, perhaps 30 minutes. Jimmy said little but Livy constantly cried out as she came again and again; toward the end she fell forward flat on the bed, "Oh Daddy I love you so much ..."

Jimmy leaned down on her body using her firm ass as a platform of sorts while he jammed his cock in and out of her sopping pussy until he felt the old hot red wave come over him. A deep powerful force began to boil out of his body as he ejaculated repeatedly deep in her pussy his cock pushing against her cervix. He held himself hard and deep inside her as he came, holding himself there for several minutes breathing hard and fast.

When last he fell over to her side, she wiggled her body down to nestle against him; he took her in his arms and held her tightly. They spooned together quickly falling deeply asleep. Livy dreamed soft sweet girl dreams of being loved; Jimmy dreamed about Kelly and days gone by ...

. . . . . .

"Jimmy ... Jimmy ... come on baby, wake up now."

Kelly shook him gently; he was just back from Saudi Arabia and the phrase "bone tired" just barely described it. He'd rushed back because there was some kind of emergency that demanded his presence at the office in Dallas. When he arrived he learned that the old man had given him a gift of a 26% block of stock making him the owner of 51% of RWJ Engineering. It had been a shock to say the least. All the old man would say was, "I love ya' boy and I ain't gettin' any younger."

After discovering his new office, taking a shower and dressing in a clean suit in his new office, he and the old man met Kelly at the old man's favorite Dallas steak house, Dunston's on Harry Hines. Each man polished off a rare 24 ounce porter house, creamed spinach, au gratin potatoes, key lime pie and a bottle of Burgundy's best. Kelly delicately devoured a 8 ounce rib eye and all the rest. They had a great celebration after which the old man sent him home, "Take your pretty girl home and get you some pussy!" Ray whispered in his ear as they left the steak house.

Kelly pretended not to hear a thing until they were alone in her car. She leaned next to him as he started the car, "Pardon me Sir, would you like some pussy?" she said with a girlish giggle.

Jim grinned widely, "Yes Ma'am, I surely would ... but first I need a bath. I took a quick shower at the office but I still feel grimy from the trip."

She snuggled against him for the ride, once they were home she took him directly to the bedroom and helped him strip, "Sit right there while I get the bath running," she said. Seconds later he heard the taps in the big roman tub splashing and knew it would be a bath for two.

She walked back in and began dropping her clothes into the big corner chair smiling as she stripped. Naked she walked up to him and pulled his face into her soft, bushy crotch. "Just a little preview for you big boy," she said as she slipped to her knees pushing his legs apart. "Do you think you can cum for momma before the tub fills?"

It had been nearly 18 days and he was ready. He smiled saying, "I suppose I could try Ma'am ..."

"Well alright then," she said taking his cock into her mouth as her hands softly rubbed his thighs and cupped his ball sack. She sucked and bobbed and stroked ... steadily working him until he began to buck up into her mouth while his hands softly stroked her head. She felt him swell in her mouth and pulled back keeping just the first 3 or 4 inches in her mouth as she sucked harder hollowing her cheeks. He groaned, letting several blasts of hot cum loose into her mouth.

When he finished she leaned back savoring her mouthful of his warm cum. She always loved playing with cum, he thought it was kinky fun, she only knew that it smelled like him, tasted like him and she loved him. After a moment she swished his cum and swallowed smacking her lips, "Still tasty big boy!"

He laughed and leaned down taking her head in his hands and kissed her tasting his cum on her lips and in her mouth as their tongues mingled. "Come on, I don't want the tub spilling over," she said. Into the bath they went, she turned and spooned against him as he spread his legs allowing her to snuggle in leaning against his chest. The tub was hot and welcoming and he relaxed falling asleep.

. . . . . .

He woke up thinking he was dreaming, he was alone in bed ... then he remembered everything. Livy being gloriously naked, so beautiful; he remembered how musty sweet her pussy tasted and how tight she was when he penetrated her, most of all he remembered her happy cries as she climaxed again and again. And he remembered dreaming of Kelly, "Shit, it's no wonder I've got a hard-on," he thought to himself.

He slid over to the edge of the bed and sat up, his cock pointing at the ceiling. His cock was a little sore, then he noticed light coming from under the bathroom door. He walked over and tapped lightly, "Livy is everything alright?"

He waited only a second or so before opening the door. She was sitting on the commode holding a damp wash cloth to her face, "Baby, what's wrong?"

She looked up at him with a happy shining face and tears running down her cheeks. "It's OK Daddy; really ... I'm just so happy. Sometimes a girl needs to cry." She stood and walked into his arms then kissed him softly on the lips, "Besides, my pussy is kinda' sore."

Jimmy leaned back looking into her eyes and asked in a shocked voice, "Oh my God, were you a virgin?"

Livy put both hands over her mouth and laughed loudly ... "Oh Lord no Daddy. I am not a virgin, why would you think that?"

He stood there with a puzzled look on his face, "No Daddy, not a virgin; just because I'm not a virgin does not mean I get a big cock like yours in my pussy every day. Heavens Dad, having sex with you is like having sex with a fence post - you got a big dick, you know!"

"Well Shit, it's not that big honey ..." he said with a start.

"Come on Dad let's go have a talk," taking his hand, she lead them back to bed. Once they were snuggled in with Livy resting in his arms, her head on his chest, she said, "I'm fully 20 years old and I've had sex with 3 guys, not a dozen."

"I never thought you were promiscuous ..." he said quietly.

"Not even close, you remember Greg, the guy I went to the senior prom with?"

"The trust fund brat with the bone in his nose?"

"It was a ring, you know like in a bull's nose; anyway, Greg was no bull I promise," she said. He was my first time and it was a good thing 'cause his dick wasn't a whole lot bigger than my finger," she said holding up her middle finger. "I swear he didn't last for 3 whole minutes, but he thought he was a stud."

"Where is he now?" Jim asked.

"In rehab again I expect," she said. "Anyway we only did it a couple of times and he was the same both times, dinky and quick. Then the summer before I started college I did it a lot with Todd Baker at the club."

"The tennis pro? I thought he was married."

"Yup, the very same; he is married but he and his wife have a deal. They can screw anyone they want as long as they are very discreet. You know his wife, she runs the bar in the lounge; I've seen you look at her, she's really hot." Livy said.

"You're right she is very good looking; why would he want to fuck around on her," he wondered.

"Dad, some guys are dogs and Todd is a dog, he's also very good looking. He told me when I was leaving for college that he wanted to screw 1,000 women and from what I've seen he's well on his way. He has one singular talent, that boy can eat pussy for days."

"So, how often did you guys do it?"

"Twice a week for the last five weeks of summer, we just got to number 10 when I left. I was his Wednesday afternoon lesson he said. Anyway, he was nice but not really all that memorable; and then there is Joshua. Josh is working on his doctorate in geology and he's doing some sort of research in the Dakotas. His school is Southern Cal, but his research is up there. He is very sweet and shy and I think he could be special. I showed him how to eat pussy and he took to it like a duck to water ... and he has a nice thick dick. It's not quite as big as yours but I really enjoyed it when we made love, he made me cum hard. We only got to do it 3 times before he had to go home for some family thing."

They were quiet together, after a moment Livy twisted her head round and looked up into his face and asked, "Was that too much information Dad?"

"No darling it was just fine, I'm glad you shared it with me. Now remember I'm an engineer, so by my count, you've only had sex 15 times in your life?"

"Well if you don't count sex with myself, its 16 counting tonight which should count for like 50, it was so good and so special," she pulled his arms tightly around her. "Shit Dad, you turned my pussy to mush, I've never cum so much in my life ..."

"Flattery will get you everywhere baby girl," his hands slipped up her body and captured her breasts; his thumbs began softly rubbing her nipples.

"Oh God that feels so good ..."

It felt so good that they had sex twice more before the sun came up, and then they slept again.

Livy woke first, it was just after 9:00 am Monday morning, she knew he wanted to go into the office; so she eased away from him quietly and went into the bathroom closing the door after her. She had a healthy piss and stepped into the shower hurriedly soaping herself clean and rinsing. After a quick toweling off, she brushed her teeth and hair then quietly left the bathroom.

Jimmy was lying on his back snoring softly, although not hard his cock was full lying fatly on his belly. Livy couldn't resist it, she stepped quietly to the bed, leaned down and sucked the first 3 inches into her mouth and began to suckle like a new calf. Jimmy stirred, opened his eyes and reached up caressing her full breasts then said in a sleepy voice, "May I always wake up like this ... oh my sweet baby girl."

She let his cock slip from her mouth, turned and kissed him fully on the mouth, "Time to get up sleepy head it's after 9:00," her voice was thick and husky.

Jim struggled to sit up and slid to the edge of the bed as she kissed him again," I'm gonna' get dressed and get your breakfast ready, I know you want to go to the office, so shake a leg and get cleaned-up."

Jim stood up pulling her into his arms and mashed her body into his," you feel wonderful in the morning Livy," then he reached down and gave her butt cheeks a hard squeeze, "what a sweet ass!"

Livy spun out of his arms and ran for the door hollering, "Clean it up old man, breakfast is coming up."

While he cleaned himself up in the bathroom, Livy raced to her room, dressed quickly and ran back down into his bedroom stripping the bed completely and gathering up the loose clothing placing all of it in the large laundry bin. Next it was off to the kitchen where she put together his breakfast and started a big pot of coffee.

Jimmy wasn't particular when it came to coffee, lots of successful people developed fancy coffee tastes - Pure Kona, African Peabody and the like. Jim on the other hand liked simple things; his favorite coffee was Community Coffee, 6 bucks a bag.

Given the nature of her private schooling and her friends from successful wealthy families she'd been exposed to lots of fancy coffees even Kopi Luwak, coffee beans that came from the waste of the Asian palm civet cat. The animal eats the coffee berries and because they can't digest the bean it comes out in the droppings. Enterprising natives harvest the poo and pick out the beans. Livy's best friend's mother bought a pound of this coffee at Neiman Marcus for $ 350. After she tasted it she decided that her Dad was at least $ 344 smarter.

Jimmy came into the kitchen smartly dressed in light weight charcoal wool slacks, pale grey shirt and burgundy and black striped tie. "Wow Daddy, you clean up really well!"

"Thank you sweetheart" he said as he sat down and began to pack away breakfast. "Seems like I have a big appetite this morning ..." he said as he grinned at Livy.

Livy had picked up the land line phone at the small kitchen desk and was listening intently to a voice mail message, when it finished she grinned widely and said, "Isabelle won't be back until Wednesday Dad!"

Isabelle has been their resident housekeeper of many years, Kelly hired her over 15 years ago to help look after the big house and chase after Livy. She is a short round woman of unfailing good humor, industriousness and completely devoted to the family. After Kelly's death Isabelle kept the family going, Jim never lacked for support at home and Livy always had someone who loved her at hand. When Jim and Livy were out of town she frequently scrubbed the house to a shine, locked everything up tight, set the alarm and took a week or two visiting her daughter and grandchildren who live in Sonora, Northern Mexico.

Jimmy's policy with Isabelle was simple, do whatever you need to do, take whatever money you need from the household account, just be sure to stick a note on the fridge or leave me a voice mail so I know you're all right. Other than his family, there was no one on earth he trusted more than Isabelle.

"When you get home tonight we can make love all night long Dad," Livy was beaming.

"It looks like I better rest up at the office," he said with a smile.

. . . . . .

Livy planned to spend the day lounging around the pool, school would start next week and she had all the stuff any 20 year old girl would need at home in Carson City. There were closets full of clothes and enough school supplies for any three people.

She watched Jim drive off to the office and quickly cleaned up the kitchen then texted her best friend Lesley Carter. She and Lesley had been friends for years and did almost everything together, even losing their virginity on the same night. Where Livy was tall and full breasted, Lesley was short barely 5'2" and small breasted, she was not quite a B cup. Her family claimed that they were direct descendants of a famous American Indian, although Lesley told Livy privately that she did one of those $ 99 DNA tests from the Ancestry people and there wasn't a trace of Indian to be found. "We're 100% western European," she said with a smile.

"You know my Dad," she said "he's so full of bullshit that if the world needed fertilizer all they'd need to do is squeeze his head!" after that declaration the girls collapsed in laughter. Lesley has several things going for her; she has sparkling green eyes, a naturally dark complexion, long rusty brown hair and a trim gymnasts figure complete with a sweet bubble butt.
After Livy texted Lesley asking her to join her for the day, just to talk and lay around the pool getting the last of the summer sunshine, the immediate response was "Yea, be right over!"

Fifteen minutes later Lesley's silver 640i BMW convertible eased to a stop at the front door and she rushed inside. Dressed in cutoff Levi's and a worn purple Prince T-shirt she cut a delightful figure as she stopped in the living room, "Hey Liv, where the fuck are you?"

Livy strolled into the living room naked as the day she was born, "Hey you get over here and give me some sugar," she said throwing her arms wide. Seconds later Lesley stepped into her hug.

"I take it we're alone, no Isabelle and no Dad?"

"Yup we're alone, get out of those clothes ... nobody's gonna' be here until after 6:00 so our bare butts are free to wander!"

As Lesley pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it onto the back of the sofa Livy thought to herself how pretty she was. Although her breasts were small, barley larger than a teacup, they were perfectly formed with pale brown areolas and long fudge brown nipples. She would never need a bra; she thought they would always be firm and perfect.

"Check this out Livy," she said as she dropped her shorts and bent over spreading her butt cheeks wide. "What do you think, pretty cool huh?"

Livy looked a bit puzzled, and then she said, "My butthole dummy, I had it bleached ..."

Liv leaned in and stared at her perfect little starfish knot, instead of the brown it used to be, it was now a pale pink peach color ... "I'll be damned," Livy said.

Lesley giggled, "Like I said, pretty cool, huh?"

Livy bent down grasping her friends' bottom firmly pushing her cheeks apart even more widely, then she gave Lesley's pretty pink butthole a wet lick and a kiss, "It is pretty, but it still tastes like ass to me," she said. They both broke up laughing then held hands and walked out to the pool.

"You want some sunscreen Liv?"

"Yes I do, lather me up babe," said Livy as she stretched out on her belly on the lounge. Lesley drizzled the lotion from her neck to her bottom generously then knelt down and began smoothing the sunscreen all over her body. Livy sighed with pleasure from the light massage she received, when the last drop was worked down her legs Lesley said, "You want the front now sweetie?"

In response Livy rolled over and stretched herself out on the lounge and smiled. An even more generous drizzle later, Lesley began working the sunscreen over her body pausing to softly pinch and twist her large gumdrop nipples. "OK, OK I'll give you like an hour to stop babe ..."

Lesley laughed as she used both hands to squeeze and massage each large breast, "Nope, that's all you get you slut," she laughed softly again and continued working her way down Livy's body until she pushed her thighs apart then she sat back, turned her head like a curious owl and said, "Livy sweetie, have you been fucking?"


"Sweetie your pussy looks swollen to me ... I know you love me and all but ..."

Livy pushed her sunglasses up on her forehead and grinned as she said, "Maybe I have been fuckin' - so what ..."

Lesley lightly slapped her pussy saying, "Well maybe I'm jealous, I haven't had any dick since Jasper went to Spain with his parents last month, it's just been me and my bullet vibe!"

"So, who's the lucky guy?" Lesley asked.

"I'd rather not say right now, but I promise I'll tell you," Livy told her as she lay back down.

"Keeping secrets, you bitch," she said with a wry laugh. "Get off your pretty ass and do me now."

Lesley stretched out on her lounge and Livy repeated the process until she rolled over onto her back, at that point Livy took extra time working her small breasts and gently bit and sucked her nipples until Lesley said, "Enough already, I'm about ready to cum ..."

Livy worked her way down Lesley's belly slowly working her legs until at last in quiet frustration Lesley spread and lifted her legs until her calf's rested on the lounge arms presenting her pussy wide open. "A little eager are we sweet girl," Livy said as she leaned down and began kissing her inner thighs and very lightly tracing her fingers over her legs stopping short of Lesley's bare pussy. Lesley groaned impatiently until Livy softly gave her a long slow flat tongued lick from her anus to her clit, and then blew a steady stream of air across her exposed clit.

Lesley began to shake a bit and she grabbed Livy's head and jammed her face hard into her sopping wet pussy. "Dammit girl, eat my pussy!!"

Livy obliged sucking, tonguing and fingering her to a hard orgasm over the next 10 minutes. While she relaxed Livy straddled the lounge placing her wet pussy directly over Lesley's mouth and leaned down grasping the top of the lounge with her hands to help hold herself in place.

In just minutes she felt a euphoric burst of pleasure from deep in her body as Lesley licked and sucked her to completion. The girls lay together for a while then jumped up and took a long leisurely swim and recoated each other with sunscreen.

The rest of the afternoon passed quietly as they swam, snacked and drank a pitcher of icy cold margaritas on the rocks, no salt. As 5:00 approached they were sitting on the pool edge talking about all things that 20 year old girls find important, Lesley put her arm around Livy and leaned into a soft kiss, "Thanks for this honey, with you way up in the Dakotas I miss our time together."

"Me too sweetie, me too," said Lesley.

After Lesley dressed and left Livy pulled a large salmon fillet from the freezer and placed it on the flat black defrosting tray knowing it would be ready for the grill in less than an hour. Next she put together a large bowl of cold rice salad with lots of crisp vegetables and a tray of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, Dad loved that simple dish. Then a bottle of Petit Chablis was placed in the chiller and a dessert salad of strawberries, kiwi, grapes and sliced almonds.

She thought 'I want to feed him like a King but not fill him up too much.' With a happily fed Daddy she felt that they could plan the return trip to Carson City, chat about the day and then she would suck his cock as dry as the desert so that he could fuck for hours ... thinking her plan through she smiled brightly to herself.

Checking the salmon she found it ready for a light marinate of olive oil, dill, salt, pepper and a few capers. Then it was off to her shower after which she lightly powdered all the important parts, spritzed herself with a little perfume and slipped on a bit of lip gloss, not too much.

She heard the front door, slipped her bare feet into soft blue cozies and put a light weight gold chain around her middle with a small bell fob dropping down toward her pussy. A quick check in the mirror and she was sure he'd be dazzled.

He'd pulled on his old soft shorts, a fresh t-shirt and was walking past the stairs when she came walking down. When he saw her he stopped dead in his tracks, "Oh my God," he said softly. "Baby you look spectacular, wow!"

She smiled a bright smile, 'Yup, he's dazzled,' she thought.

"Hey there sailor, ready for your supper?" she asked in her most sultry voice. "By the way, I think you're overdressed Sir ..."

No sooner than she said it his t-shirt went sailing into the living room followed by his shorts, as he slid them off his cock began to swell and grow ... "Oh good, would that be two for supper Sir?" she said with a laugh.

His voice was thick and husky when he said, "Get over her girl, Daddy needs a hug."

She stepped lightly into his arms and kissed him hotly, after a moment she pulled back and said, "Daddy, you can have all you want, but supper is almost ready, so come on," as she turned she reached back and took his cock firmly in hand and lead him gently into the kitchen.

"Would you like me to suck that now Dad or would you rather wait?"

"Baby, I believe I can wait, at least for a while," he said with a smile.

She quickly placed the salmon on the grill, put the rest of the food on the table, handed him the corkscrew and the Petit Chablis and 10 minutes later dinner was served. They laughed and talked about their respective day. Jim was particularly talkative about the Morocco project and explained that he'd be leaving either this weekend or the first of next week, "Got to go schmooze the politicians and kiss the Saudis just a little." They laughed picturing him kissing a little ass; she knew that the world would end before that would ever happen.

While he polished off his second serving of the fruit desert Livy fired up the coffee pot and after clearing the table they walked out and sat by the pool drinking their after dinner coffee. "I talked to Jack at the hanger today and he'll have the Beech fueled up and flight ready by 10:00 in the morning, thought we could have a leisurely breakfast and then get you back up to school."

"Sounds good to me Dad, let's sleep in my bed tonight, I pulled all the dirty stuff off your bed this morning and it'll be a simple matter for me to do the same in my room tomorrow, that way when Isabelle gets back all the dirty stuff will be in the laundry bin."

"Do you think she won't smell all the cum and pussy juice?"

"No Dad, I'm just trying to be nice, is that OK with you? Besides she'll probably think you just got lucky."

"Right ..."

"Dad, can I fly on the way back?"

"Same deal as when we came down, OK? We'll head straight for Omaha, refuel and stretch, then on to Carson City. We should get in by 5:30 without much trouble."

"OK sweet Daddy, looks like you're done with your coffee, so its cock sucking time!!" with that she knelt between his legs and took his stiffening cock into her mouth. All the stimulation Jimmy experienced watching her body move, jiggle and sway caused the deep fire to explode quickly and it was encouraged by Livy's wet sucking, stroking and fondling. He blew a huge batch in her mouth in just a few minutes; but Livy kept sucking and squeezing demanding the very last drop until finally she allowed his soft cock to drop from her lips.

She rose and pulled herself into his arms kissing him deeply sharing the taste of cum on her lips and in her mouth. She caressed his back and buttocks enjoying the feel and texture of his skin and he did the same with her. She turned taking his hand in hers and led them inside, upstairs and into her bed.

Jimmy rolled her onto her back spending lots of time kissing, touching and lightly stroking his beautiful daughter. He spread her butt cheeks gently licking and kissing her crack, spending time licking and pushing his tongue into her anus enjoying her giggly response. Then he turned her to her back and slowly worked his way up into her pussy, taking each labial lip into his mouth he sucked and gently chewed her flesh. Finally he pushed his tongue deep into her vaginal vault folding his tongue into a v-shape he sucked her juices and probed her.

At last he spent time suckling and softly working her rigid clit until she began to buck up into his face, grabbing his hair pulling his head into her crotch she became orgasmic running juices onto his face and into his mouth as she shivered and shook until falling back into the bed. She was wet with sweat and profoundly weary. Jimmy slid up her body driving his swollen cock deep into her until he felt her muscular cervix pushing back against his cock head.

With seemingly endless patience he began to work his cock in and out, long sure strokes then in a circular motion he worked her pussy again and again. After a long time he slipped his arms under her knees rolling her up lifting her bottom off the bed he began to bottom out with each stroke going faster and faster until the fiery furnace exploded blast after blast of cum deep in her pussy, he grunted, groaned and shouted out his joy as Livy held on tightly joining him as he cried out his pleasure.

He leaned in to kiss her and then they went slack in each other's arms, passing into a deep sleep they lay together.

Livy woke around 5:00 in the morning, neither one seemed to have moved and she was stiff. She carefully sipped from his arms and made her way to the bathroom for a healthy piss and a good stretch. She didn't want to wake him and returned to bed quickly, snuggling against him. Jimmy moved in his sleep finally pulling her into his arms with one hand softly holding her mattress side breast, she found it comforting and slipped back into sleep herself.

The sun shone brightly into her bedroom when she woke again, Daddy was sucking on her nipple and lightly running his fingers through her fluffy pussy patch. She pulled her arms free and stretched lifting her bottom off the bed stiffly, "Good morning Daddy ... I'm sure gonna' miss you back at school, but now I gotta' pee."

She slid off the bed and walked stiffly into the bathroom, "You feel OK baby?" Jimmy asked noticing her odd walk.

"I will be OK Dad, but today my pussy is really sore."

He got up and walked into the bathroom as she said, "I know you didn't mean too, but you damn near broke my pussy last night."

"Oh baby, I am so sorry ..."

"Bullshit, I'm not sorry and the way you came in me last night I don't think you're really sorry either. How did mom ever get used to you?" she asked with a smile while she peed.

"We had sex a lot, you know maybe 2, 3 or 4 times a day. She'd get a little sore sometimes and she used your Aunt Rae's salve for a day or so. Of course we used all her available orifices too."

She looked at him with laser like intensity for a moment and said, "Shit, were you butt fuckin' mom ... really?"

"Yes we really did everything."

"Dad, you know I have a virgin asshole," she said softly with a sly smile.

"That you may my darlin' and it's gonna' stay that way today ..."

Jimmy turned on the shower and stepped in, Livy joined me and they soaped each other carefully enjoying one another's touch. When they finished, Jim said, "Let's straighten up the place so Isabelle doesn't come home to a mess. Then we'll put our things together and head to Hobby. Would you like to stop at Jonathon's in Oak Cliff for breakfast - maybe waffles?"

"That'd be great Dad; we better get busy before I suck your dick again."

"Baby girl take a good look at my little friend," Jim said leaning back displaying his soft cock.

"Oh crap Dad, its kinda red huh?"

"My dick and your pussy, they both need a little of Aunt Rae's special salve and a bit of rest. I'll get to your pretty little rosebud a little later, OK?"

OK it was as they both went to work straightening things up, putting odds and ends away and grabbing their gear for the road. Waiting to the last minute to dress, Livy was sitting on the bed when Jim brought his tub of special salve over and knelt in front of her. "Spread your legs pretty girl and I'll put some of this on your sweet pussy."

Livy leaned back on her hands and spread her legs lifting her bottom just a little while Jimmy spread a thin layer over her bald puss and along the inner lips. Next he stood and handed her the salve which she used to create a nice coating on his cock. As she did so it began to swell, "Not today big boy," she said as she lifted it with her hand and kissed his cock head softly.

One quick check of their home and while Livy got into the truck Jimmy set the alarm and joined her. It was a quiet ride to Jonathon's place where they ordered waffles with a side of sausage and eggs. Livy smiled at him around a mouthful of waffle, swallowed and kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks Dad, this visit was everything I hoped for ... I love you."

He was quiet and then said softly, "I love you too Olivia Katherine and I always will."

As they left for the truck she looked up at him her blue eyes sparkling and took his arm like the little girl she used to be. Just then her phone began singing the Star Spangled Banner. "Wait a minute Dad," she said as she fished her phone from her purse.

"Hey there Josh, nice to hear from you ... Sure, OK, well we're heading back to school right now, you caught my Dad and I in the parking lot ... we should be in around 5:30 or 6:00. No, I can't tonight, but maybe you could come by for breakfast tomorrow around 9:00? Great, see you then!"

As they got in the truck she turned to Jimmy and said, "That was Josh, you know I told you about him, remember?"

"I think I got that from your conversation ..."

"So could we have breakfast in the morning, you could meet him. I'd really like to know your impression ... I kinda' like him."

He pulled her over to him and kissed her lightly on the lips and then the cheek, "No problem baby, should I come naked?"

She punched him in the upper arm and laughed saying, "You find a father you love, I give him some really good pussy and he becomes a smartass ... I swear!"

They drove quietly to the hanger at Love Field, Livy did the pre-flight check perfectly, everything was ready include in-flight snacks and in short order Livy taxied them to the assigned runway and they were soon on their way. Livy climbed steadily to 5,500 feet and then took a vector to Omaha gradually climbing to 16,000. The late summer air was clear and their flight was problem free. They took a brief stopover in Omaha for fuel and a good stretch and Jimmy let Livy continue the rest of the flight to Carson City.

As they flew he thought back to the summer she was 15; Kelly died in March of that year, he and Livy had a tough few months so by summer he was ready to let her do anything she wanted. What she wanted was to take flight lessons and she did the whole thing. She completed all the classroom hours - twice, saying she wanted to be sure she had it down then she and her instructor went flying everyday for two months.

Sure enough she passed her licensing exam perfectly and took the little Piper bush popper up at least once every week winter and summer for the next 2 years. She became an accomplished pilot and he was very proud of her. She wanted her own plane in the Dakotas but he had successfully managed to avoid that so far.

He felt her patting his leg, "Hey Dad, we're coming into Carson City. I should be in the hanger in the next 15 minutes." He smiled and said, "Go get'um Tiger!"

Soon she was taxing into the hanger and Mark Katz, the Senior Mechanic, was there to meet them, as they deplaned Jimmy turned to him, "Mark, what the hell are you doing her so late?"

"You know me Mr. Braun, I don't sleep well until my babies are safely put to bed," he said.

Shaking his hand Jim said, "I'm sure she would be fine, but thanks very much anyway." They nodded to one another. Livy drove them both back to their Dakota home. "I'm pooped Dad, but I've got a couple of things to do, wanta' join me for pizza tonight?"

"Absolutely," he said.

"I'll order the large veggie with Italian sausage and you bring the beer, OK?"

It was perfect and they both went about storing their gear. While Jim took a quick shower in his place followed by a quick coating of Aunt Rae's miracle salve, Livy quickly vacuumed her place, dusted everything she could see, ordered the pizza and headed for the shower. Jimmy came through their common door, heard the shower and offered to give her a quick coating when she finished.

"Dad, I tell you what, Aunt Rae's stuff is fantastic. I'm not cured yet, but I am a whole lot better."

After she dried she stepped into her bedroom, leaned back on the bed and spread her legs widely, "Dad, could I ask you a favor?"

"Sure baby, what?"

"I'm feeling so much better I wonder if you'd maybe like a taste?" she said as she undulated her hips and smiled her shy smile.

Jimmy smiled broadly as he knelt down and began to softly suck her pussy lips into his mouth slipping his hands under her hips so he could squeeze her butt cheeks. It didn't take long, in short order his work on her pussy and the steady suction and tongue activity on her clit brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Jimmy stayed right with her sucking her juices and gently bringing her down. Then he spread a thin coating of salve over her pussy and patted her leg, "There you go baby girl, good for another day!"
She quickly slipped on panties, shorts and a loose t-shirt kissing him firmly on the lips, "There's a little something for you later if you want ..." Then she took his hand and they walked into the kitchen in time for the door bell to ring. Sure enough it was the pizza delivery man.

He'd brought two beers apiece and they went perfectly with the pizza, by the time they finished it was after 8:00 and he suggested that they get a good night's sleep in their own beds, "No pouty face little girl, I need my rest if I'm going to meet your gentleman friend in the morning and you do too. It won't do for you to look tired and wan!"

She slapped him on the butt, he squeezed her butt firmly and they both went to their beds. The night passed quickly, Jim was up at awake at 6:00 and the coffee was making by 6:30. Just as he poured his second cup the common door popped open, "I knew I could smell your coffee Dad, can I have a cup?"

He looked her over carefully, his beautiful daughter, she slid onto the chair next to his at the table, completely naked, "God this feels good. I love being naked Daddy, don't you like it too?"

He smiled saying, "I remember when you Gran and I first got together we kept a robe on the back of the front door and ran around naked all the time, we could make love at the drop of the hat. She's a good looking woman now, but then she was amazing, I was hard almost all the time."

She leaned back in her chair spreading her legs wide, "Look at my pussy, it's all well again. You need to get Aunt Rae's recipe for her salve."

He looked thoughtful and said, "You're right, all these years I've relied on her to make it up whenever we needed it. I know there's beeswax, olive oil, several different herbs and maybe some camphor - I'm not sure. One thing is sure, it works." He pushed his shorts down flopping his long cock out and stepped up to Livy, "How about a suck to celebrate?"

"My pleasure Daddy," she said as she took his cock into her mouth. Her hands alternated between stroking his shaft, fondling his ball sack and rubbing his butt cheeks. As she suckled him he signed with pleasure and began to gently pump in and out of her mouth. The fire began deep within and he soon groaned as he fired streams of hot cum into her wet mouth.

She sucked hard getting as much as she could then leaned back soft stroking his soft cock with her hand as she opened her mouth showing him a large cum puddle and swallowed. "Ummm, nothing like crème with my coffee," and she giggled her little girl giggle. He leaned down and kissed her full on the lips, "Thank you baby."

After a quick drink of coffee she stood and hugged him close to her for a moment and then she said, "OK mister, I expect you to be nice to Josh when he gets here, no tough guy stuff."

"When have I ever done that," he asked.

"Every time I brought a boy home for you to meet, all my life ... you give 'um the squint eye."

"OK, OK baby, you win, I'll be nice," he said.

The next couple of hours were busy with their preparations, baths, dressing and breakfast assembly. Livy was making a large quiche with lots of broccoli, ham and Swiss cheese, a big fruit salad, fresh baked yeast rolls, coffee and a pitcher of orange juice. Her phone rang just before 9:00.

Jimmy listened to her side of the conversation ... "Hi Josh, Ok, sure, of course that would be fine, I have lots of food so there will be plenty, she's absolutely welcome, OK, see you soon ..."

"Oh shit!"

"What is it Livy?" he asked.

"Apparently Josh's mother came back with him from California and he asked if it would be alright to bring her along to meet me ... what the fuck!"

Jim took her in his arms and reassured her with kisses to the cheek and forehead, "Baby girl, everybody has to meet the parents sometime. Let her come, I'll be extra charming," he said with a big smile.

Livy was unconvinced and more than a little nervous when he said, "So this guy really is special huh?"

She nodded and he said, "If he really is special then everything will be perfect. After all, it's just breakfast and Isabelle taught you to be a terrific cook."

She jumped when the door bell rang then rushed to answer. Jimmy saw a handsome young man follow her into the living room. He was tall; perhaps 6' or so, ash blond with bright blue eyes a nice smile and a tan complexion. 'Nice looking boy,' he thought and then he froze.

His mother entered the room from the small foyer; she was medium tall perhaps 5'6" of slender build, pretty face, nice legs, small waist, large high breasts, startling blue eyes and light ash blonde hair. She looked exactly as he remembered. Visions of her large marbled white breasts blazed in his mind's eye, he shook his head slightly to clear his mind.

When she saw him she stepped back, her eyes dilated and her breath caught in her throat, he was older but in the very best way. He looked fit and very well. She smiled but found breathing difficult and her voice caught in her throat.

"Daddy ... is everything alright?" Livy asked with soft concern in her voice. Josh stool stock still, he knew something was going on but for the life of him he had no idea what.

He cleared his throat, stepped forward and held out his hand, "Darlene it's very nice to see you. Been a long time ..."

She took his hand in hers and said in a quiet voice, "Yes, a long time."

"Mom do you guys know each other?" Josh asked.

She turned to face him and said, "Ah yes we went to school together a long time ago." Then turning to Livy she said, "Olivia, may I use your restroom please?"

Livy smiled and directed her to the hall bath and as the door closed she turned to Jimmy and asked, "Dad what the fuck is going on?" Josh looked equally baffled.

"We knew each other a long time ago when I was a student here," he said in a strange voice; "How about some coffee all around, you drink coffee Josh?"

As they made strained small talk, Darlene dampened a wash cloth and softly blotted her eyes in the bathroom trying to collect herself; she thought 'I never imagined I'd see him again, he looks so good and I'm so old. Well there's nothing to do but be nice and get through this breakfast. His daughter sure is pretty, no wonder Josh is so taken with her ... oh my God give me strength.'

When she entered the kitchen sitting area Jim rose and held a chair for her, Livy was amazed, 'Dad is always nice, but holding a chair, now that's unusual.'

As Livy served the quiche Darlene said, "You know, your Dad and I lived in this house when we were going to school. I lived on this side and he lived on the other. I think of Mrs. Winter often, do you Jimmy?" As she asked she remembered Jim telling her that he has sex with old Mrs. Winter on a regular basis, somehow she thought it was sweet of him.

Jimmy smiled, "I think of her as well, she was a sweet old woman."

"Dad told me all about how the house used to be before he bought and remodeled it. It must have been fun living here then, not as convenient as now though."

Josh watched them both carefully, wondering about their relationship back then and wondering what might happen next.

"Jimmy, what do you do these days?" Darlene asked.

"I'm just an engineer working in dirt, pretty much like I wanted to be," he winked at Livy as he said it knowing she was ready to announce his success. He preferred to keep things to himself, at least for the time being.

"And you Darlene, what are you up to now?" he asked.

"I'm just a mom; I have Josh and Jessica my youngest she just graduated from high school last month. She fooled around her last year so she placed out using summer school, Josh came home of the graduation. I also sell a little real estate from time to time to put a little extra money in the till," she said.

"What about your husband?" he asked.

"The kids' dad and I are divorced, he's a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army and we traveled all the time, it was hard on the kids and me. After Josh graduated from high school we decided it would be better all-around if we were single. He was a good provider and we're still friends; we've been divorced for 6 years or so."

Josh mimed to Livy that they weren't friends, they both were fascinated by the back and forth between Darlene and Jim. Breakfast was eaten comfortably, coffee was served three times and by 11:00 it was decided that Josh and Darlene would leave but that he and Livy would get together later that evening.

After they left, Jim and Livy cleaned the kitchen and Livy made a fresh pot of coffee, "OK Dad, what the fuck is the deal with you two? OMG, that woman has the hots for you; I thought she was going to melt when she saw you. And you, you should've seen your face. Come on, what's the deal?"

Jimmy told her the story over a cup of coffee; Livy was fascinated she listened with her hands cupping her chin with a small smile on her lips. "Here I though mom was your one true love ..."

Jim caught her hands in his and said, "You mother was indeed my one true love, I was never unfaithful to her, I love her even now. Whether or not Darlene and I were in love is impossible to say, but she did the honorable thing and married his father. I don't think you should tell this story to Josh, it could hurt his feelings and he seems like a nice boy."

"You're right about that Dad, he is a very nice man with a big dick," she snorted with laughter as Jimmy scowled. "No seriously Dad, I'm sure he loves me at least to start and I'm pretty darn fond of him too. But you Sir are my absolute true love."

Jimmy squeezed her hands and said, "Never pass up the opportunity to tell someone who loves you that you love them too; how do you think I fell in love with your mom."

The rest of the day passed with Jimmy on the phone with the Dallas office, working on his computer and talking with Ameen Essa in Marrakesh, it was a full day. Around 7 pm, Livy stopped to let him know she was leaving and kissed him softly on the lips. He looked up at her and said, "Hey girl, if you are truly fond of this boy don't hesitate to bring him home and fuck his brains out. I think it would be good for him and you."

"Aaah Dad, you sweet talker," she said with a grin then she spun around and was gone.

Jim puttered around the house for a few minutes and tried to decide what to eat for supper when his phone began to ring, 'Not another fuckin' phone call' he said to himself.

"Jimmy, hi ... ah, this is Darlene, I was wondering if I could buy you supper tonight?"

He was quiet for a moment then, "Sure that would be nice."

He picked her up 30 minutes later and they agreed on a trip to a relatively new place in town, Tuckers Steakhouse where they ate rib eyes, baked potatoes, salad, drank a bottle of California Red and talked and talked.

At last she asked, "What happened to your wife, if you don't mind my asking ..."

Jim sighed and then said, "It's no secret, we had a wonderful marriage, we were together 17 years when she died. She had an aortic aneurysm, basically the major vessel that feed blood to the body had a weak spot and it blew out. She'd been tired for a couple of days and she gave me a kiss and lay down on the couch to take a nap while Livy and I played scrabble. I went to check on her about 30 minutes later and she was gone. The doctors said there was no pain, but what do they know ... that was 5 years ago this spring."

"I'm so sorry, Olivia is a wonderful girl, she must have been a great mother. My case is different, I should never have gotten married, it was a mistake. But then I would not have Jessica and I do love her, you'd like her..."

"Boyfriends or girlfriends?" he asked.

"No, I've dated a bit but nothing serious. I guess you could say nobody has tripped my trigger. Well it's getting late," she glanced at her watch and said, "It's nearly 11:00 they surely want us to get out by now."

He laughed saying, "Don't worry I'll leave a big tip."

Walking to his truck he turned and kissed her softly at first and then with passion, she kissed him right back, her hands pulling him close allowing their tongues to mingle. "Would you like to come home with me?"

"Oh, I don't know, Josh will worry ..."

"If I know my daughter she already has him in her bed, I encouraged her to bring him home and fuck him his brains out!"

She giggled like the girl he remembered, "Oh Lord, you are such a bad, bad man ... take me home!"

Jim parked in the garage in the rear and entered his townhome through the kitchen. "Come on pretty girl; let me show you the bedroom."

She giggled her little girl giggle again and slipped her hand in his side pocket her fingers seeking his cock, "I hope I remember what it looks like Jimmy, it's been a long time ..."

Entering the bedroom Jim grabbed the covers and threw them to the floor then turned to Darlene and began taking her blouse off. She pushed his hands away saying, "I'll get it honey, while you wait you can take your clothes off!" Jim quickly switched on the small bedside lamp which emitted a soft glow much like several candles.

Their breathing quickened as they stripped, their clothing found its way into little piles on the floor. As she pulled her stockings off Jimmy stopped and stared admiring her slim figure, soft round hips, the handful of curly ash blonde hairs scattered over her pussy, those lightly veined large alabaster breasts whose pink nipples jutted toward him.

"Oh my, you are still so beautiful," he said softly.

She moved into his arms and then the bed where Jim positioned himself beside her running his hands lightly over her body, he marveled at her full hard bottom, soft yet still firm. He took his time caressing each cheek, kissing and softly massaging each lovely moon. Then he gently eased her legs apart into a wide "vee" completely exposing her lush pussy and opening up her butt cheeks so that her sweet pink rosebud was fully exposed.

She lay quietly on her belly, hugging a pillow and enjoying his attention and tongue. He leaned down and began to kiss her bottom and the inside of her thighs, trailing his tongue across her tender flesh, across her full pussy lips and up to her tight pink anus. He began to tongue and probe her anus, getting it very wet. He sucked and licked her pausing to pay attention to her hard jutting clit and then a hot rush swept her body from top to bottom; she moaned loudly and lifted her bottom hoping to get even more attention from his insistent tongue.

In a husky voice he asked, "Is your bottom still reserved for me?"

"No one has ever been there but you and no one else ever will ..." her voice was thick with desire and lust.

He spread her cheeks even more and began to work his fore finger into her bottom; using his saliva as the lubricant he worked it in past the second knuckle then back and forth until she relaxed and her breathing quickened. He leaned in kissing her tender flesh and added another finger and then a third. She was making soft mewing and groaning sounds, lifting her bottom up to meet the thrust of his fingers. Leaving his fingers fully imbedded in her rectum, he moved up to her face and began to kiss her, pushing his tongue into her mouth to meet and mix with hers in a timeless dance.

"Oh Jimmy, I have missed you so much, thank you, thank you ... it feels so good ... thank you honey!"

She opened her mouth and they kissed again until he moved off the bed to his dresser and brought the small tin of Aunt Rae's salve to the bed where he coated her anus liberally. He worked all three fingers back in as he moved between her legs and then he began to work his cock head against her slick butt hole.

He lifted her bottom up sliding a pillow under her hips. He smiled at her and blew a kiss as he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and rubbed his drooling cockhead against her anus. With continuing pressure and a gentle stroke he pushed his crown past her sphincter about an inch. He said, "I'll go slow baby, if it hurts too much you be sure to tell me, Ok?"

"You won't hurt me Jimmy, you don't need to stop, I want you to be inside me where no else has ever been. Fuck my bottom my love, fuck me hard!" Her voice purred with desire.

He felt the her tightness like a liquid glove squeezing his cock forcing it to shrink to fit as he worked his way all the way in until he felt his pelvis bump flush against her cheeks, her pussy oozed hot fluids down onto his shaft and balls. He felt the hot need to stroke in and out with increasing speed like an itch that seemed to fill his balls and cock. Very soon he squeezed her hips and began to rock in and out listening to the liquid sound of his cock penetrating her and his balls slapping against her ass.

She eased her legs off his shoulders wrapping them tightly around his back, her feet interlocked. Then she pulled him down onto her breasts and pushed her tongue into his mouth where the two danced and probed. She was sucking his tongue forcefully hoping this could go on forever. He rested on his elbows putting his hands under her shoulders and holding her tight against him as he continued to plunge in and out of her little pink hole - a hole that was gaping open and sopping wet from her secretions. They continued for almost a hour.

He leaned back and turned her turn over onto her hands and knees, staying firmly embedded as she did so. He could see the sheen of perspiration over her body, her white blond hair was sweat soaked and she was pushing onto him like an animal striving for more. He knew he was caught up in the primal need to couple, then he felt her begin to shiver and shake as her rectum clamped down on his cock in a vice like grip. She cried out, "Oooooh Jimmy ... Dear God ... Oh sweet, sweet Jimmy, cum for me, fill me up baby ... cum for me baby, cum ..."

Her words triggered his long suppressed need to cum; he blasted ropes of sweet baby batter deep into her bowel. When he was completely empty he fell back dragging his cock out of her ass. She flopped on her belly breathing heavily. In his position on the bed he could see her rectum gaping open at least two inches and he watched a rivulet of cum begin to ooze from her bottom sliding down her pussy lips forming a puddle on the sheet.

He captured her in his arms and they fell asleep, sleeping soundly for several hours. Darlene woke about 4:30 in the morning and gently eased off the bed and into the bathroom. When she finished she quietly walked to the kitchen for a glass of water then she saw the common door between his and Olivia's living rooms. Her curiosity caused her to carefully turn the knob testing it and it wasn't locked. Very carefully she opened the door and slipped inside.

She tip toed through the living room then to the right peering into the bedroom and there she saw them tangled in each other's arms, naked. She smiled to herself and quietly returned to Jimmy's bed. He awoke as she lay down, "What's up pretty girl," he asked.

In a soft warm voice she said, "I looked in on the kids, you were right, they are sleeping in a pile just like two puppies."

"Are you alright with that?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I am. You have a lovely daughter and I have a wonderful son; no matter how it turns out they will be good for each other," she said as she nuzzled and kissed his chest.

"I take it you're alright with what we did last night?" he asked.

"OH YES, very alright, it was fantastic ... well ..."

"Well what?" he asked.

"To put it bluntly, last night you gave my ass a magnificent fuck, the very best ever I should say ... but, my pussy hasn't been used in quite a while and since we're both naked ..."

"Say no more my princess, its Master James to the rescue!" and he moved between her legs sliding down so he could take her pussy in his mouth.

After a few moments savoring her flavor and stimulating her juices he moved up, suckling her nipples and caressing her breasts. She took his head in her hands and brought his mouth to hers kissing deeply then she said, "Quit fooling around Master Jim, put your big beautiful cock in my pussy!"
He pushed himself in to the bottom feeling her cervix push back against the head of his cock; he began stroking her from bottom to top. He loved the snug feel of her pussy as it clung to his shaft as he stroked out and the heat of her flesh. "Damn Jimmy I swear it feels better than before, promise me I can have you more, much more ..."

He began pistoning in and out as he said, "Anytime pretty girl, anytime!"

Soon she locked her legs around him and tightly gripped his arms as she moved into a deep orgasm grunting and groaning her pleasure. In short order he began to push his body deeply into hers as he sent blasts of hot cum into her waiting vaginal vault. As their bodies calmed, she said, "Oh God, I have missed you so much," there was a tear in her voice.

She kissed him softly and he said, "You don't have to miss me anymore; what are you doing for the next few days?"

She looked at him curiously as she said, "I thought I'd look the old town over and spend a little time with Josh, why?"

"Have you ever been to Morocco?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"I'm leaving for Marrakesh later today, do you have a passport?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes I have a passport, but why are you going ..."

"Well ... I'm a very important guy, there's a jet waiting in Dallas for me, buuuuut, I can make room for you. Would you fancy a short trip to a far place with me?"

"I'm not prepared for such a trip Jimmy ..."

"I have a credit card ... what do you say?"

"I've never been to Africa, YES, I'll go ..." she kissed his nose, smiled then reached down and took his sticky cock in her hand, then licked her fingers, "Can we do more of this?"

He laughed and kissed her as Livy and Josh quietly stole back up the small hall and on into their bed. Josh kissed Livy saying, "Who would have dreamed that my mother, my serious strict mother would be doing this ..."

Livy laughed a lusty laugh as she stroked his cock to hardness, "Life is full of surprises!"



Jun 8, 2018 in romance