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Up and Down in Overtime

*note: A little fantasy about a human system administrator at a company hiring a new canine-human hybrid for marketing.


Okay, I admit, I thought she was cute as a button too and sometimes damned sexy, but I didn't let myself act like a tomcat in heat like some of the others did.

Teena got hired by the boss lady upstairs because she was really good at marketing. And the company needed someone like her to increase our revenue to stay afloat in these meager times.

I think part of her success is that she's hybrid. Part of her genes is canine and it shows in her yellowish eyes, almost black attentive ears and black, lush tail while the rest of her is all woman. Human, that is. And with a majority of the male population having a thing for animal ears and tails, even if they won't admit it, she gets plenty of attention.

Even I noticed it, goiing around the building in my job as the IT guy. From the first day she started here a lot more men visited who usually hardly ever came around here. Some delivered mail or packages that would normally have to be picked up downstairs. Some suddenly paid more attention to their hair, the mess on their desks or the print on their colourful shirts. Hell, even the most stubborn user in the company came by personally for a new mouse when he always insists he has no time to come to me when he needs paper for his printer. If that wasn't an obvious excuse to pass the room where she worked I'll eat my shorts.

There were other women here but either they lacked the right charm or were already married, so she was singled out to be the new centre of attention for the men. I just laughed at their foolish behavior in my mind. Although I had one advantage..

I was the one who set up her account for her, assisted her with the basic organisation of the data on the network, details on the programs she used and thus spend a good part of the first day together with her. I still snicker at the jealous remarks some of the guys gave me afterwards. I also liked her scent. It makes me feel warm inside remembering it.

So, I wasn't completely unaffected by her presence, but I remained calm and kept a friendly business relation with her.

The others kinda drooled over her, no matter how little or how much animal genes they had. They hid it best they could, but it showed.

Not for long though.


'Taku? Do you have a moment?'

I looked past a computer monitor at Teena. 'For?'

'I'd like to discuss a change to the website.'

I looked back at the error message at one of the computers. I had to look it up but I suspected I needed to upgrade one of the packages of our administrative software.

'Come by in half an hour. I've got to fix this first.'


'This can wait.' said Menno, the sales guy and user of this computer.

I figured he wanted to get on her good side by sacrificing his time for hers.

'It can't.' I said and stood up. 'I'd better fix this or it might become a bigger mess.' I exaggerated. 'Coffee's on you.' I told Teena as I passed her desk.

'Yessir.' she joked back and I could sense the looks of a few guys next to me.


I had finished upgrading part of the system to get it running smoothly again and took a few minutes to check the latest news when mister Fisker popped his head around the doorway.

'I hear you're discussing changes to the website with miss Summers. Don't take up too much of her time because she has a new campaign idea to finish.' he said and walked off again.

I didn't like him much anyway, but I felt like deleting the important budget calculations from his computer to finally get him to store those on the fileserver where they belonged.

'You're just jealous I get to spend some alone time with a very cute woman.' I said to my monitor, scrolling further down the news page.

The gentle knock on my door pulled me out of my thoughts.

'The coffee?' Teena said, holding up two cups.

I smiled. 'Thanks.'

She put them down on my desk while I reached back to pull a chair closer for her, wondering if she might have heard me talking to myself.

'Thanks.' she said as she sat down. 'Did you manage to fix Menno's problem?'

'Yeah, it was nothing serious.' I said and pulled up the website on my left monitor, feeling relieved she hadn't heard what I said.

'I was thinking of moving this part of the site to..' she started and we discussed her ideas and the changes I'd have to make to the site. She knew some of the technical details so it was always a pleasure to talk to her. She also asked for my advise when it came to software that might help her do her job and possible upgrades.

'All right.' she said leaning back into the chair after settling on the changes and the proposal for the boss.

She stretched her legs, planted her feet on my desk, then looked at me. 'Oops! I let myself go.'

I laughed at her blushing face and shook my head. 'Feel free to get comfortable here. Sometimes I take off my shoes and spend the day on my socks.'

'That would be so nice if I could do that.' She said massaging her anckles. 'Spending all day in pumps is killer.'

'Find excuses to come here. I won't mind if you wanted to kick them off here for a while.'

She laughed. 'I might just have to do that.'

The suggestion wasn't entirely for fun, I had to admit. I liked her voice and scent and her firm legs looked fine to me.

'Ah, time to go. I've got to call the ad agency.' she said noticing the time. 'I'll let you know if the boss approves.'


When she had left I pushed her chair back behind me, feeling the warmth of her body linger for a moment in the seat.

"Ah, we're just friendly." I thought and returned to reading the rest of the news.


The next weeks were uneventful. The proposal was approved and I made the changes to the website which she checked. Together with subtle changes to the company logos and stationary, and presence at industry meetings there was enough of a rise in business for the boss to pay for an evening out for everyone and significant others. An evening which marked a change in the mood at work.

You see, Teena never talked much about her personal life and had no photo on her desk like most had. Nobody asked but most expected her to be single, spending a lot of time on work. So when she walked into the restaurant with a handsome man sporting eyes like hers, the friendly coworkers suddenly had mixed feelings. Some disappointment, a little bit of jealousy, a touch of admiration. The admiration coming mostly from the women and the couple of men who were into tall, handsome, dark hair.

She introduced Franz to the people in her office first, then the group of women and then the group of people I was with.

I shook his hand. 'Nice to meet you.'

'Taku does all the IT work and helps me out on that side.'

'Good to meet you. She has mentioned you before.'

'I refuse to say anything further without my lawyer present.' I said and got a laugh out of them.

We talked a little more before sitting down to dinner and spend a nice evening eating and drinking before retiring for the weekend.


From that monday on I noticed the heat had died down mostly. Everyone was still friendly, but the hunters had given up on their prey. The guys were a little less pushy in getting on her good side, the office got less visitors and I got the idea things became a little more efficient as well.

Oh yeah, the stubborn guy from downstairs told me he had no time to pick up the paper for the printer so if I could bring it that would be nice.

I understood how they felt, but was glad things got settled down, and I didn't want to change just because she had a serious boyfriend, so we got along just as we've done before. I even suspected she felt more relaxed with the decrease in attention. Whenever she had a chance to meet with me to talk about plans related to IT she came over and always took off her shoes.

The company continued into the positive direction so when a holiday on a wednesday came up the mood was cheerful.

I was just talking with the boss about taking the chance to do some maintenance that day when Teena joined us.

'Good idea.' she said when she heard about my plans. 'I wanted to run through some ideas and doing it here would be best. I wouldn't mind not being completely alone here.'

'You know what will happen with just you and me alone in here.' I said.

She looked at me blankly.

I grinned. 'Coffee's on you all day.'

She chuckled. 'Fine, but you bring cookies.'

The boss shook her head smiling. 'Just make sure you're getting your work done.'


That wednesday morning brought a smile to my face. One day without anyone at the office. Except her, which made it even better. She had already arrived when I drove up the parkinglot.

'Morning' she said, looking fresh in a light blue set of jacket, blouse, miniskirt and strapless sneakers.

'Morning. Did you wait long?'

She shook her head. 'Just arrived and saw you coming up the road.'

'Well, you have your own access so I don't have to feel guilty for making a lady wait.' I said.

'Such a gentleman.' she said, hitting my shoulder.

I unlocked the front, disabled the alarm and locked the front again to prevent someone coming inside without us knowing. She made the first round of coffee, bringing it into my room.

'The coffee, as promised.'

I pulled out a roll from my bag. 'The cookies, as promised.'

We started slowly with our coffee and small talk about the weather and news.

'You know, do you mind if I take the desk in front of you?' she asked looking at the mostly empty desk and spare computer opposite of mine. 'I'll probably have a couple of questions anyway.'

'Sure, I said. You can log in and most stuff is on there.'

She went to get her things and soon she was busy typing and I was running maintenance on the servers. I had put on light classical music which helped me focus on the task at hand.

'That's done.' She said later and stretched.

I heard her click the mouse a couple of times, then say 'Schnitzels.'.

It was unexpectedly cute and I laughed. 'What's wrong?'

'Lost network connection.'

'Oh, could be the cable coming loose. It has done that before because it doesn't fit quite well. Hang on.' I said and crawled under my desk to reseat the cable in the floor connection box.

Next thing I saw was enough of the bare place between her partially spread legs to bump my head.

I cursed and rubbed the back.

'Are you okay?' she asked, joining me under the desks.

'I'm okay I think.'

'Let me see.' she said and moved closer to examine my head.

Enough light came thorugh the space between the desks to let me see two lovely bare humps through the opening of her blouse.

She carefully ran her fingers through my hair. 'Doesn't look like you hit it hard enough for it to bleed but there will be a bump. Does it hurt when I touch?'

It felt better in fact. 'Not really.' I said, feeling an erection pushing against my zipper.

'Thank goodness.' she said and placed a kiss on the spot. 'Just in case.' she said with a grin.

I felt myself turn red. 'Thanks.'

She looked me in the eyes for a moment, then at the wiring on the floor. 'So which one's mine?'

It took a moment for me to realise what she meant. 'Right, the network cable.'

I unplugged her connection, then plugged it back in.

'Stay here, let me check.' she said and crawled back out from under the desk, sat down on the chair and moved against the desk providing me with another good look between her spread legs.

'Looks like it's looking for the network.' she said moving one leg up.

My eyes were fixed on the front of her slit. She had trimmed her hair.

'Yes, I've got a connection again.' she said and I noticed every move she made with her hips.

Thinking how stupid it is to sit here with an erection under the desk I crawled back out.

'It's working again?'

'Yes. I can save my work. Thanks.'

Her smile and eyes were dangerous and I needed to cool down.

'I'm just going over to the server room. Need to check on a few things.'

She nodded and I made sure she wouldn't see the bulge in my pants as I left. Inside the cool server room I let my own animal side speak out in grunts while pacing up and down, then leaned against the wall under the airconditioning.

'Oh man...' I told myself. 'Maybe I should spend the rest of the day in here just to keep my head cool.'

'Which one?' she whispered in my ear.

My heart just about jumped out of my throat. I spun around and almost crashed into the shelves with the food and drinks we keep cool in here.


She leaned in closer to me. 'Did something make you hot?'


She stroked the back of her hand against my pants. I felt so embarrassed that she knew. It was like my first crush finding out about it, and that ended up in being humiliated in front of the whole school by her.

I looked away. 'Sorry.'

She smiled and kissed my cheek. 'Don't apologise. It's my fault.'

'No, I was just thinking of inappropriate things.'

'Oh? Like what?' she asked keeping her hand still against my dick.

'I shouldn't have peeked.'

'Why not? I didn't come to work wearing no underwear for no reason.'

I had trouble believing what she just said and looked at her. 'You? On purpose?'

She nodded with a devious smile. 'I fantasized about you crawling under my desk on a day I had to go without panties while you did that at another desk. Thinking you could see my pussy excited me.'

'Wow.' I said, surprised at her confession. 'I feel, honoured?'

'Don't tell me you haven't fantasized about me at all.' she said and stroked my neck.

I swallowed. 'I did fantasize about moving close during one of our meetings and kissing you.'

She pressed herself against me and kissed me.

I lost myself and kissed her back, welcoming her tongue in my mouth. She pulled me close, I embraced her tightly and we spend what seemed like an eternity dancing with our tongues until I pulled away remembering something important.

'I'm sorry. I can't do this.'

'You don't like kissing me?' she asked and stroked against my pants over my close to bursting dick. 'This says otherwise.'

I shook my head. 'It's fantastic, but I can't do it while you already have a lover.'

She ran her fingers gently down my chest. 'Not even when this would be the only chance of fucking me in your entire lifetime?'

'I'd curse myself plenty of times, but it just wouldn't be right. Not for me, not for you, not for him.'

She ran one hand through my hair. 'He's my brother.'

I stared at her. 'Whu?'

She smiled, caressing my lips with a fingertip. 'I felt bothered by the attention of those walking hormonal sacks here, so I asked Franz to escort me to the party and only keep quiet about being my brother. It worked well enough to give me some breathing room.'

I took her hand in mine. 'But, now me?'

'You did mean me when you said Fisker was jealous of your meeting with a very cute woman, right?'

I blushed remembering that day. 'I thought you hadn't heard.'

She smiled deviously. 'A woman doesn't reveal all her secrets.'

'All men would call you very cute.'

'Yes, but you treated me normal from the start and not like some precious dolly or trophy. And even after the party, although I could sense a little disappointment in you when I introduced Franz. That was the one thing I wished I could have avoided.'

She flattened her ears, wagged her tail slowly and looked at me with big puppy eyes. 'Forgive me?'

I was completely sold by her cuteness, pulled her tight and kissed her with more passion than before.

She clung to me, rubbing her body against mine, pressing her hips hard against mine.

'You want to do it in here?' I asked inbetween kisses.

'Yeah. I'm literally a bitch in heat since knowing I'd be alone with you. The cool air in here feels sexy on my skin.' she said, pulling my shirt out of my pants.

We kissed while I unbuttoned her blouse and she unbuttoned my shirt. I rubbed her firm breasts while she unzipped my pants, reached in to free my rock hard dick and stroked it.

I wanted to ram it so much inside her.

I pulled up her skirt, slipped a finger between her pussy lips to find her soaking wet, grabbed my dick and slid it all the way inside her.

She gasped, then growled from pleasure.

Her heat ran through my dick into my body and I plunged my dick hard into her, ready to break her. She groaned harder and harder, clenching me tightly with her cunt.

'Oh god give it to me!' she groaned, biting me in my neck.

'Oh you really are a dog.' I said, clenching her ass with one hand.

'I'm your dog. Your bitch to fuck all you want.' she moaned as I smashed her pussy.

'I'll do just that.' I groaned, feeling her tighten more around me and hear her cum loudly.

That was enough to make me shoot my load inside her after a couple more pumps.

We panted and looked wild at each other, sweat pouring down our cheeks. I pulled off her blouse, tossed it aside, unzipped her skirt and let it drop on the ground. She stepped back and slid her bare feet out of her sneakers, looking deviously at me with her wagging tail.

'You're a little wild bitch.' I said, admiring her sexy curves.

'Want to try and tame me?'

I never thought a girl would bring out my wild side and I liked the challenge.

'Definitely.' I said with a grin, kicking off my own shoes and moving closer to her.

She growled playfully and bit at me.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her against me. 'Bad dog.' I said and hit her ass.

She let out a yelp and growled again while pulling off my shirt. I spotted several patchcables hanging on the wall.

'Maybe I should put you on a leash?' I said with a grin, grabbed one cable and put it around her neck.

She let out a playful half bark and I tied the cable tight enough around her neck for her to feel it.

She barked and growled at me again.

'Down girl!' I said and pulled gently at her leash making her whimper a little. 'Behave, and maybe I'll give you a treat.'

She looked sideways at me, wagging her tail and hips.

'If you're a good girl I'll give you more of my meat.'

She growled playfully and stroked my dick.

'Now show me what a bitch in heat needs to do to deserve her meat.' I said and pulled down on her leash.

She went down on her knees, undid my belt and pulled down my pants and shorts. I shoved them aside and pulled off my socks with my feet. She looked first at my dick, then up at me.

I nodded. 'Go ahead.'

She ran her nose along my shaft at first, then caressed it with her lips before she traced my tip with her nose and lips. A careful lick against my tip sent a tingle down to my balls.

I hummed approvingly and she gave my tip more licks wagging her tail a little harder for a moment. I pulled her closer with the leash making her take my tip into her mouth. She whimpered a little.

'There's a good girl.' I said and stroked her head. 'If you do your best I'll give you plenty of meat after.'

She wagged her tail again and licked my tip, slowly taking me in deeper. Her tongue was wonderful in tracing my ridge and teasing my sensitive tip. My breathing became heavier as she bobbed her head and ran her lips around me. I felt her tongue curl around my head and around her mouth as she moved her head in circles and started massaging my balls.

'Good girl.' I said. 'Very good girl.'

I watched her head move while stroking her ear. She let out a soft growl occasionally and bit softly, heightening the pleasure.

'This bitch is so getting a stack of meat from me.' I said as she sucked hard a couple of times before continuing with her tongue.

She moved it quicker all over my tip, sensing the tension in my balls.

'Good dog.' I groaned. 'Such a good dog.' Then I came hard into her mouth, holding her leash tight, preventing her from pulling back. 'Such a good dog.' I said cathing my breath.
She looked up at me and I stroked her head. 'Good girl.' I said as I watched her swallow my cum and clean my softening dick before loosening my grip on her leash.

She jumped up at me growling and barking but I restrained her in my embrace.

'Yes, yes. I'll give you your reward.' I said and kissed her again.

She moaned soflty as we let our tongues play around. I fondled her ass and she wiggled it slightly before I pulled back and pulled her down on all fours with her ass to me. She looked back at me wagging her tail slowly. Her strong scent fired me up.

'Time to satisfy this bitch.' I said, running one hand along her back and the other inside her thighs.

She gave a whimper and a soft bark. I took the base of her tail and held it up, exposing her anticipating pussy. I licked the rounding of her buns, biting and sucking gently, then ran my tongue around her lips before sticking it inside her.

I could sense the tremble through her body and moved my tongue firmly inside her. I used one finger from my hand holding her tail to massage her tight asshole, using my other hand to massage her clit while I licked and sucked on her pussy.

She moaned louder every time I pushed on both her asshole and clit, sometimes letting out even more animalistic noises. I licked her asshole and soaked my finger in my spit, pushing once more harder against her asshole, entering it slowly. It was like she howled in pleasure.

I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy again, massaging her clit faster and she pushed her back further into me, wiggling it as she got more excited.

'So.., good...' she moaned, twisting her body until I could feel her pussy and ass tighten in a loud growling orgasm.

She sank onto the floor and turned on her back. 'Owner makes his bitch very happy, but she hasn't had her meat yet.' she said with a growl.

'Owner.' I said with a smile, running one hand along her leg. 'I like the sound of that.'

'You better since you're stuck with taking care of this bitch.' she said and barked.

I moved up between her legs. 'Looks like I'll have to keep my meat handy more often to keep her under control.' I said taking a hold of her leash.

She massaged my dick to full strength, pushed up her hips and pulled my tip against her cunt.

'Does the doggie want her meat?' I asked, holding back.

She nodded.

'Does she really want it?'

She barked.

'How much does she want it then?'

She let out a loud bark and I plunged my dick inside her wet cunt, causing her to bark even louder in extacy. I pumped hard, spurred on by her moans and growls, loving every sound she made.

'You're hitting my womb.' she moaned. 'So good..'

'You're so going to get puppies from me.' I groaned.

'Yes please!' she moaned. 'I want lots of puppies from you!'

'Good!' I said banging my dick even harder inside her. 'I'll make sure you're in heat constantly.'

She wrapped her legs around me, clinging to me. 'I have no choice with your meat.'

I pulled her up, licked her hard nipples, she grabbed my head, holding me tight, then I pulled back. 'Turn.' I said with a pull on her leash.

She turned on her hands and knees, I pulled up her shaking tail and plunged my dick into her gushing cunt again. She moaned as I pulled on her leash, forcing her to push herself hard against me. She yelped excitedly as I spanked her twice and smashed my hips against her red ass. Her tight cunt felt fantastic around my dick.

'You're, even, deeper.' she moaned, tightening with each thrust against her womb.

'You feel perfect.' I groaned, feeling a shot of electricity going through dick and balls with each punch of my tip against her end.

'Then come lots of times into this bitch.'

'I'll take you any chance I get.'


I pushed my thumb against her asshole and felt her tail tremble. She was still wet there and I pushed hard enough to slip inside her, accompanied by her louder moaning. She loved the feeling as she pushed her hot asshole farther around my thumb while I massaged her.

I couldn't hold back much longer and slammed full strength against her ass. She almost screamed it out as I exploded into her and followed soon with her own climax.

I pulled her up against me, stroking her front and kissing her neck. 'Good girl.'

'This bitch did good?'

'Yeah. Did you like your reward?'

'I did.' she said and we played with our tongues.

I still hadn't settled down and soon she stroked her pussy along my raging dick. She moved her hips forward more and my dick slipped up between her buns. She pushed back, squeezing my tip inbetween, massaging it.

'Mmm. Such a good spot.' I said, massaging her nipples with my fingertips.

'Would owner like a reward of his own?'

'What would a good doggie give?'

'I'd like to try a new trick.' she said, pushing a little harder against my dick.

'Okay then.' I said and she pushed me back to lie down.

The floor was very cool against my sweaty back but I didn't care with a view of the hottest bitch on top of me.

She looked back at me as she sat on my thighs and lifted her tail. 'Can you get a good view?'

I held my hands behind my neck and lifted my head to look at her slightly spread uncovered ass. 'Definitely good.'

She lifted her ass a little, pulled up my dick and pushed her tight hole against my tip.

I found it incredibly hot that she'd be willing to try taking my dick into her ass and felt a twitch from excitement. She licked her lips, relaxed a moment and pushed again. I could feel her asshole opening up and her heat on my tip.

'Is it wet enough for you?' I asked.

She nodded. 'Your dick gets so wet easily.' she said, pulled back and pushed again, this time popping my tip all the way into her hot asshole.

She let out a sigh of pleasure and I felt my dick shiver from the new found joy.

Proceeding to massage my tip she moved her hips in small circles, getting herself to loosen up more.

'I already like this trick.' I said, desiring to go deeper and shoot my cum inside her ass.

'Then this bitch will do her best to do this trick with owner often.' she said, sliding her ass more over my dick with each circular movement.

'I'd love that. It's so hot between your buns.' I said, wanting to pump her ass but unable to in this position.

I could see her tight hole going down further on my dick, her moaning increasing with it. Her tail twitched but she held on to it. Only a couple more turns and her buns pressed against my hips and she let out a long, deep sigh.

'It's all the way in.' she said smiling at me.

The heat from her ass spread all over my body and my dick hadn't felt so hard in ages.

I took a deep breath. 'Good girl. Such a very good girl doing this trick.' I said and she wagged her tail brushing my belly and chest, which felt like a massage inside her.

She moved her hips in circles again, going up and down slowly, sliding her tight asshole around my shaft and giving me a good view of it. Her hot ribbed insides felt terrific against my tip, rubbing it just right.

'This is so good.' I moaned.

She grinned and stroked my dick all the way a couple of times before pushing her ass hard against me. 'It better, you started it.'

I grinned. 'Makes me want to think of more tricks to teach you.'

She moved her hips back and forth. 'Please do.' she moaned softly.

Her slow and deliberate movements pushed me quickly to another climax. I knew I couldn't hold back.

'I'm gonna cum in your ass.' I groaned.

'Oh yess..' she moaned, tightening her grip on my dick and pushing extra hard against me.

Once more it was an explosion of cum shooting through my dick and loud groaning. She moaned as my dick throbbed inside her.

'I can feel it burn.' she said, smiling at me. 'You're so hot.'

'Only because of you.' I panted and rested my head on the floor. This time I expected to need some time to get it up again.

I reached out to her and she rested her back against me so I could embrace her and kiss her neck.

'Is it really okay to own this perfect doggie?' I asked, caressing her fuzzy ear with my lips.

She took my hands in hers. 'If you don't mind having to take care of this mutt from now on.'

'Then I officially own a pet now.' I said and she rubbed her cheek against mine.


We cuddled for a while until my dick grew soft and slid out of her ass. I took off her leash, we grabbed our clothes and headed for the ladies room where we cleaned each other up, then kissed while waiting for the new pot of coffee to brew. In my office she pulled up next to me to put her legs on my lap while I finished maintenance and she read some papers. After closing the office we grabbed some take out and I spend the night at her place where we watched movies, cuddled and had more slow sex.


The next morning mister Fisker's head popped around the doorway of my room. 'Miss Summers? Why are you here?'

She pointed at her red nose. 'Looks like we caught a cold from someone at the restaurant we had lunch at yesterday. Since I don't want to spread it around and Taku's got it anyway I thought it best to work here until it's over.'

He looked at me blowing my nose. 'Okay, I'll let the others know to only bother you if it's important.' he said and left.

'Looks like we'll have a couple of days to ourselves.' she said smiling at me.

'What better way for a good doggie to get used to her owner.' I said and she giggled while we played with each other's feet under the desks.

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