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Twin Cities Tryst Ch. 02

Chapter 2 - Champagne Dreams

When I stirred and began to wake, I felt the warmth of Janie pressed into me. We had fallen asleep holding one another and it was a wonderful sensation. She hummed and stirred as well, finally stretching her body and then leaning down onto me, her arm resting on my chest and her chin on her arm. She smiled at me, still not fully awake but clearly pleased to see me.

"Hey, beautiful," I said, keeping my arm around her. "Sleep well?"

"Like a baby," she replied, nodding. "Which weird, considering I had a naked man in bed with me."

I gently pulled her up to me and our lips met in a deep, loving kiss. Her soft, naked form felt so amazing pressed to mine. Tongues slid and tangled around one another gently and she hummed into my mouth. She slowly crawled on top of me, allowing me to put both arms around her and hold her close. Her warm pussy nestled down against my cock and I felt him stir slowly.

"Mmmm, hello," she giggled as she felt him come to life and gave a little squirm against him. "Looks like you're not the only one who's happy to see me this morning."

"I think I speak for us both when I say I'm beyond delighted." I agreed, giving her dainty nose a kiss.

"Mmm, well, my girl and I are pretty happy to see you both this morning too." Janie said. "Feel her giving him little kisses?"

I smiled and nodded. "I was thinking of giving her some good morning kisses myself, actually."

"Oh," she mused, considering the prospect. "She's never been kissed by a guy before, and frankly, you're probably the only one who ever will be allowed."

"Great," I said cheerfully, reaching down and squeezing her cheeks. "Bring her up here."

"Like, sit on you?" she queried. I nodded. Janie pushed herself up and straddled my stomach for a moment before sidling forward toward my face. Seconds later, her pussy was right in front of my mouth and she stared down at me intently, curious about what I'd do. I smiled up at her, taking gentle hold of her thighs and sidling her a little further forward until I could kiss her netherlips. She had a warm, pleasant musk from sleeping, coupled with a hint of arousal from our good morning kisses.

She shivered as my tongue slowly lapped at her, sliding over her clit, which peeked out shyly from beneath its pink hood. Her knees were on either side of my face and I could feel them tremble slightly, tighten in around me a little as her body responded to my teases.

"Mmmm, not bad, Michael..." she sighed as I let my tongue work up and down her slit, making her increasingly moist. I was taking my time, wanting her first oral experience with a guy to be a memorable one, not some quick over-and-done thing she wouldn't recall fondly. "Pretty damn good, in fact... ooohhh..."

I squeezed her thighs gently, then began sctratching my nails very lightly back and forth along the pale, tender skin, sending little tingles of delight up her spine while I slowly worked her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her body moved subtly above me. She certainly seemed to have no complaints, which pleased me. Yes, I've had sex with lesbians before, but I adored Janie, and knowing that I could pleasure her was really special to me.

She shivered and sighed again, beginning to squirm on my face. I finally pushed my tongue between her pussylips and she gasped as I began to explore her. My hands moved further in, resting on the top , of her thighs, but close enough that either of my thumbs could gently press against her clit or pull her lips wide if I desired. She tasted musky and a little fragrant, as well as getting increasingly wet. She leaned forward, bracing her hands against the wall behind the bed, supporting herself. Her hips undulated slowly and I matched her rhythm, letting her decide when I got deep inside her.

"Gnn, Michael!" she rasped, almost doubling over as I hit a spot inside her and my thumb pressed on her clit. "Oh, fuck, yes... yes, right there..."

Her movements were becoming more direct, her need building so I ramped up my assault on her inner pink, my tongue almost fluttering inside her, twisting and snaking around or pulling out to flick her clit quickly before diving back in. My fingernails grazed her delicate skin in time with my tongue's movement. She groaned, her body trembling.

"Oh, you're going to make me cum..." she breathed. I could feel her body getting warm, even a sheen of sweat starting to glisten on her. "Oh, holy shit, I'm gonna... mmmmm, fuck yes..."

I sucked her clit into my mouth and she sat up suddenly, her back arching and her body going rigid. My tongue rolled around her button while I slid two fingers deep inside her. Her arms almost flapped as she fought for control, body shaking. Her hips were now grinding against my mouth wantonly, my face shining with her arousal.

"Fuck fuck fuck..." Janie gasped. "Oh, fuck, I can't... gnnnnn..."

She groaned loudly and guturally as she pressed down on me, hips bucking and her thighs closing in. I concentrated on lashing her clit with my tongue and snaking my fingers rapidly in and out of her clenching tunnel as she came, trying not to think about the fact that she was about to squash my head like a grape if she pressed her thighs any tighter. My face got very wet quickly but I pressed on relentlessly, determined to give her an oral experience she couldn't forget.

Janie fell off me onto her side on the bed, shaking and holding herself. Her eyes were closed and if I hadn't seen this reaction in girls before, I'd have thought she was suddenly freezing to death. She panted loudly and clenched her hands together, flexing her fingers. I just watched her patiently, not touching her since her entire body was probably highly sensitive right now.

"Holy shit..." she murmured quietly after nearly a minute of silence. "Oh my fuck... total blackout orgasm. Fuck..."

"You gonna live?" I asked cheerfully, propping my head on my hand as I turned sideways to face her.

"I think so..." she said breathlessly. "I don't have the blackouts very often, but when I do... oh, God, Michael. You're a guy, you have no business being that good at sucking pussy."

"I beg to differ," I replied lightly. "Straight men need to be that good to compete with lesbians and keep you from stealing our straight girls."

"Okay, fair enough," she admitted, finally calming down. "I do love stealing straight girls. But I maintain you have no business being a lesbian level of good at it. Straight girls will settle for less."

"Maybe, but I'm making love to a lesbian," I pointed out. "Seriously, would you want me to not have done as good a job as I just did? I was working hard to impress you."

"Muurrrr, you self-righteous mother fucker," she sighed, pulling herself close to me and putting her arms around me. "Damn you for being so logical."

She kissed my face gently, even sliding her tongue around my mouth and jaw, tasting her cum on me. Her body almost glued to mine as she basked in the afterglow of her climax.

"Mmm, I love how I taste," she purred softly. "But I apologize in advance, Michael, because when I suck your dick, I'm not going to be anywhere near as good."

"Oh, you don't need to, silly," I said gently, hugging her. "I know you're still a lesbian, even if you made an exception for me last night and this morning."

"I want to," she said, almost insisting. "Mike, you're the one guy I've ever wanted to fuck, seriously. You know I'm crazy about you, I love you. And when I think of guy's bodies and dicks, I get the fucking jibblies and it grosses me out. But not you, because you're you. You're my exception and I want to do this."

I considered what she was saying. "Janie, do you want to do this all week? You and I, making love when we're not out doing something?"

"Yes," she said, her voice emphatic. "I'd considered it before you got here, wondering, and I can't explain it now, but I am really enjoying having sex with you. It's not like my lesbian circle has to know, right? They just think I'm hanging out with a guy friend for a week, drinking and going to strip clubs."

"Well I'm immensely enjoying it too," I concurred. "I'll happily have all the sex with you this week we can possibly handle."

"Kiss on it?" she asked.

I pulled her into me and we kissed deeply, sealing the deal. She broke it off when she heard me chuckling.

"What's amusing you?" she queried.

"Nothing of note," I replied, lying on my back and staring at the ceiling. "Don't worry about it."

"No, tell me," she pressed, putting her chin on my chest and tracing a pattern around my pectoral with her fingernail. "Inquiring minds want to know."

I sighed. "I almost feel bad for Hannah is all."

"Why?" she asked.

"I shouldn't tell you."

"Now you need to."

"Well, she and Les had a bet going about my visit. Les said you and I would end up in the sack and she said no way in hell. If he lost, she fucked his ass raw. If she lost, she swallows for a month, no complaints."

She was silent for a moment. "They made a bet on us?"

"Well, more like on you," I corrected. "Hannah is convinced you'd be totally repulsed by me."

"Because you're a guy." Janie said somewhat flatly.

"Maybe," I mused. "But I know she and Les keep entertaining some fantasy where the two of them get you into bed and fuck you. So I think it has more to do with Hannah judging that you would not find me attactive in a sexual way."

"But she thinks I'd sleep with Les?" she almost demanded. "Or her? She's freaking huge and he's a scrawny douche with a pedostache. Fuckin' ew..."

She flopped onto her back. "Now I'm pissed. Not only that they made a bet about me, but because they dared to second-guess my choices. Don't they know I'm crazy about you, even if you are an overly large, hairy male?"

"I think she doesn't want to believe it, you know how she gets. What she wants to believe is usually more important than fact."

"Her and Les..." she almost growled, still staring at the ceiling. "Fuckin' ew..."

She now turned her head to look at me. "Well, you won, or more to the point, Les won."

I shrugged. "Doesn't matter, you know her, she'll say I can't prove it as an excuse to get out of swallowing."

"Oh, no fuckin' way," Janie said, turning on her side. "She's not getting out of this. I'm pissed. We're gonna send her proof, all fucking week. We'll send her Snapchat pics and videos all fucking week to drive her nuts, really rub it in."

"You sure you wanna do that?" I asked warily.

"Normally I wouldn't, but it's Snapchat. She could possibly save the pics, but not the videos. And I'm pissed that she thinks so little of you. She's gonna pay and it's gonna be a great month for Les."

"If you say so, darling." I acquiesed. "Let's make her life a living hell."

"Good," she declared, snuggling into me. "We'll start slow, of course. Since we're in bed, we'll send her pics of us lying together and kissing. That'll make her frantic and send her into denial. Then we'll ramp it up later today."

"I love how you think." I said, smiling slyly. "Get in here and let's snap some humiliation her way."

She curled her body into mine as I reached down for my phone. Hers was right nearby it so I passed it to her and we began taking pictures. The first one showed us looking up at the camera, side by side, shoulders and collarbones exposed. The swell of Janie's breasts were just visible above the covers. We both had serene smiles on our faces, not to mention hers was still flushed from her orgasm earlier.

The next pic we took showed us kissing, with her turned onto her side and pressing her lips to mine, her right arm slung across my chest and her breast barely exposed above the cover. We immediately sent both pics to Les and Hannah's phone, so they both knew what was happening. Hannah couldn't just erase the pictures and claim they never happened if Les got them too.

"I don't think we'll be hearing back from her just yet," I chuckled. "Shall we shower and get ready? We have a big day ahead of us."

She nodded and looked at her phone. "And still plenty of time to get ready, since we don't check in until noon. We've got just over five hours."

"So we'll shower, have a quick bite, pack up and get on with the errands." I suggested. She nodded and we got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, holding one another very close. She turned on the water and we clambered in, embracing and kissing one another lovingly as the water beat down on us. Aside from kissing and caressing, the shower was tame, because she was still sensitive from what had apparently been a mind-blowing orgasm. We cleansed our bodies of our sleep scent and sex before stepping out and drying one another off. I let Janie pick my outfit for the day. She went with my black Moroccan shirt and white linen pants, finishing it off with my flip-flops. She then dressed herself in snug jeans and a low-cut shirt and we went to the kitchen for sustainence.

"What about the Godvia goodies, like the strawberries and fruit cups?" I asked.

Janie pouted. "But I was hoping we could eat those in the hotel. Y'know, in our jacuzzi."

"So I'll buy more," I said, shrugging. "There's a Godiva on the way, I'll buy another round, no biggie."

"In that case, I accept!" she declared, grinning and breaking out the goodies, followed by making some strong coffee. We destroyed the sweets and two cups of coffee each before we began packing away everything we were bringing. I noted she was packing her new robe, which pleased me immensely, since she looked so great in it.

A few minutes later, the car was packed and we were on our way back downtown. The hotel I'd booked was right in the heart of the city, where all the action was, within minutes of all the best strip clubs, restaurants and other attractions. We were sitting at a stoplight when I noticed her looking at me and smiling for no apparent reason. I raised my eyebrow in way of a question.

"Nothing," she said sweetly, reaching over and caressing my cheek and then my long blond hair. "You just don't at all look your age, you look like you're in your early thirties, it's amazing."

"Thanks," I replied. "Good genetics and clean living, I guess."

She snickered. "Clean living, riiiiight. I know what a perv you are and how long you've been living the perv life. Regardless, you look a good ten to fifteen years younger than you are, it can be very confusing for a girl."

"Only if she's a ageist," I said, shrugging. "It's kind of a trap for me, sometimes. Girls are often really into me until they find out how old I am, then they get confused, followed by distancing. And it's not like I did anything wrong."

"That bothers you, hm?" she asked, driving again.

"Not just on my behalf, but I hate the concept of ageism, always have," I said firmly. "Even when I was really young I did, it seemed so unfair. I've been married and nearly married now. In both cases, kids and the family I want so desperately were denied to me. Now if I want a family, the girl I marry has to be considerably younger than me by default, you know?"

"I guess that's true," she mused. "She's gotta be fertile."

"Speaking of," I said, remembering something. "We need to be more careful if we're gonna do this all week, darling. We went a little crazy last night and I came inside you with no protection. I know we're both clean, but I don't want to put you in a situation where you might end up-"

"Oh, that's not a concern," she answered somewhat dismissively. "I'm on birth control."

"You are?" I asked, looking amused. "Why the hell would a lesbian need to be on birth control?"

She was silent for a moment as she merged onto a highway. "I have ovarian cysts," she admitted. "The depo shot helps control them and regulates what is otherwise a very unpleasant one week a month for me, you know?"

"I get that," I replied. "My wife had the same issue with the cysts, but she just took pills because she was scared to death of needles."

"So there we go," she said happily. "No need for condoms, you can cum in me all you want."

"Sounds like a plan." I said agreeably, letting her drive us to the mall for more supplies.


"Holy shitsnacks," she muttered, looking up at the hotel. "We're on the twentieth floor?"

"Nothing but the best for my favourite lesbian lover." I replied, putting my arm around her shoulder as we turned our gaze skyward. It felt weird having the valet park her junky old beater car when we were staying at such a swanky location, but a ten dollar tip kept him from judging us. We went in the big doors while a bellhop trundled in our luggage. It was just past noon and we were now eligible to check in.

They seemed eager to welcome us and were very expressive and descriptive in the details of services available. Then again, for the amount I was playing for the next six days, they were not remiss in doing so. Some small booklets with the range of options we could indulge were given to me and then we followed our bellhop into the elevator and ascended to the twentieth floor.

"How many rooms are in this hotel?" Janie asked our attendant.

"Uh, three hundred and fifty, miss."

"Oh. And how many on the twentieth floor?"

"Mmmm, five, I think. And the twenty-first has four, but those are the penthouse suites, one taking up each corner of the building. But don't worry, your hotel room is plenty big, biggest one on the twentieth floor, I think."

We arrived at our designated floor and exited the elevator. He led us to our room and opened the door, gesturing for us to go in...

And it was quite magnificent. The bay windows gave us a splendid view of the downtown core and the Metrodome. Janie's eyes widened in wonder as she looked around. There was a small living room with three plush chairs and a lovely chesterfield, all of which were facing a large, flatscreen TV. Another corner was dominated by a wooden desk.

The bedroom had an oversized king-size bed, remarkably soft and plush. Janie giggled in delight. This backed onto a glass wall that divided us from a roomy alcove, in which were situated the refrigerator, a closet and some other minor amenities. But what really caught our attention was the bathroom- the shower was easily big enough for us both and had dual shower heads. The toilet was in a small, self-contained area with a glass door. A large, circular sink with chrome fixtures and a sizable mirror along the back wall.

But it was the jacuzzi that caught our eye. Long and wide, with a plethora of jets, it could fit the two of us without and we both knew without saying anything that this is where we'd spend most of our time when we were en suite.

Janie was still gawking in the bathroom when I went out and noticed that our porter had unloaded the luggage for us in a recessed corner. I slipped him a hammy and he smiled gratefully before exiting. Seconds later, Janie came skipping out of the bathroom and crushed herself against me, kissing me deeply.

"Mmmm, this is gonna be wonderful," she hummed through the kiss, caressing my back and shoulders. "I can't believe you did all this and invited me..."

"Happily," I replied, my hands wandering over her soft body. "Where shall we make love first? Jacuzzi? Shower or the bed? Shall I bend you over the chesterfield?"

She giggled and was starting to tug at the hem of my shirt when there was a knock at the door. We both froze for a moment and then sighed. I broke the kiss and went to answer it. A smartly-dressed blonde woman in a pencil skirt and blazer smiled genially at me.

"Hello, sir," she said politely. "I'm Erika, the guest relations advocate for the twentieth and twenty-first floors."

"Didn't know I needed an advocate," I remarked, gesturing for her to enter. She swished in and went straight to Janie, shaking her hand. "Here to welcome us, I'm guessing?"
Erika nodded. "Groups of floors have advocates, I take care of our VIP's. I was hoping you wouldn't mind me taking you on a quick tour of the amenities that are now at your disposal."

I looked at Janie, who shrugged and nodded.

"Lead on, Erika," I declared. "We're ready to be blown away."

It might've been a bit of a subtle challenge, but I wanted everything to be perfect this week for Janie and I, even if this hotel had to go out of its way to accomodate us. She led us out of our room and down the hallway, pointing out the ice machine and dispensing machines. Our floor also included a pool with a hot tub, a dry sauna, a wet one and an small gym. We then went down to the seventeenth floor and were introduced to one of the bars, one that specialized in sakes and scotches, both of which caught Janie's and my attention, since we were snobs about both scotch and sake.

She took us to another bar on the twelth floor, a wine bar, and they indeed had some excellent selections. With a particular grin, she then showed us a set of frosted glass doors. She allowed us in and we were quite enthralled by what awaited us.

"This is our spa," she explained. "We have attendants who will give you just about every type of massage or rubdown you require, with the service being tacked on to your overall bill. And since you're staying in one of the VIP suites, you can actually call down and have one of them come to your room if you would prefer the additional privacy."

Janie looked at me and I nodded to her. We could afford a session or two. Erika then took us down to the main floor where she showed us the bistros and restaurants the hotel hosted, informing us that complimentary breakfasts began at seven in the morning and went til ten.

"So what brings you two to our hotel?" she asked as she walked with us through the foyer, noticing we were holding hands.

"Well, I live here, but Michael came to visit me for a week." Janie replied.

"Yeah, it's been a rotten year for me, so my darling Janie suggested I come out to visit and we'd spend a week drunk in a jacuzzi and visiting strip clubs."

Janie blushed but our advocate Erika laughed. "In that case, let me get you a bunch of VIP passes to all the best downtown gentleman's clubs. These'll come in really handy for you..."

She went to a safe behind the check-in desk and returned with several VIP passes, meaning we wouldn't have to pay a cover charge to enter these exclusive clubs and also recieve complimentary drinks. Erika then escorted us back to our room, coming in with us and pointing out some minor details about our suite. She then asked if we had any other questions.

"Just one," I mentioned. "I brought a celebratory bottle of champagne with me, but that'll no doubt be polished off very quickly. Rather than constantly heading out to the store, could the hotel possibly sell us a bottle or two if necessary?"

"Oh," Erika said, pausing. "I'm sorry, I thought you knew. Because of your suite and the length of your stay, your champagne from the hotel is complimentary."

Janie blinked. "You mean, if we kill off a bottle, we can phone down for another and it's part of what we've booked for?"

Erika nodded.

"And we can just keep ordering bottles?"

"Yes, dear." Erika answered. "Order as many bottles as you like, and don't worry about abusing the privilege, we've had rappers and sports stars stay here with their entourages, I'm sure we can meet your needs. Just call and ask, we can legally bring up to three bottles at a time. I hope you two have a splendid stay, I'll check on you tomorrow."

And then she exited, leaving us alone in our deluxe suite. We were silent for several seconds before Janie turned and looked at me. "Absinthe, scotch, cognac, wine and now unlimited champagne? We're gonna be so shit-faced this whole week."

"That was kinda the plan anyway," I said, moving to her and cupping her cheek with my hand and looking down into her eyes. "So, let's get natural and explore our new digs..."

She nodded and I drew her in to kiss her. We stood holding one another close, kissing deeply as we bagan to remove one another's clothing. As she knelt and pulled down my boxers, she kissed my cock gently, sizing it up for a moment.

"I've got all week to practice..." she reminded herself. She put a hand around my shaft and stroked me, causing me to swell a little. I then drew her up while I knelt. Pulling down her panties, I leaned in and planted a slow, firm kiss against her smooth pussy. She shivered and stood me up as she stepped out of the tiny purple underthings. Hand-in-hand, we walked over to the window and looked out.

It really was a magnificent view. Our window took up the entire length of the wall, with a sill large enough for her to stand on. Which is exactly what Janie did. I helped her up onto the ledge and she stood naked in the window, looking over the cities she called home. I just smiled up at her, caressing her butt gently.

"Get the feeling we're gonna do it here in the window?" she mused. "Not many peple can see us, unless they look way up and from a certain distance away. They might have a better view at night, I don't know."

I helped her down again and led her to the bed. We crawled onto it and immediately tangled ourselves together, kissing slowly and squirming our bodies together. Caressing and squeezing one another, it wasn't long before I was hard and she was wet.

"God, I want to fuck you..." she murmured. "But I want to try it in the jacuzzi, I've never done that before."

"Whatever you want, darling," I replied, smiling at her and kissing her nose. "You know I love you."

She sighed. "I love you too. I just..."

I raised an eyebrow. "What? Tell me."

"This... is going to be a very out of control and emotional week for me," she explained. "And no, not because I'm about to have my period, because I'm not. But I've never been so nuts about a guy, nowhere near."

"So? We know we're crazy about each other." I reasoned.

"I just..." she tried to find the words. "I love you. I want to..."

It suddenly dawned on me what my beloved Janie was saying and I held her head gently as I kissed her face and neck.

"Well, how about this..." I suggested. "Let's just go crazy and be madly in love all week. You're right, you're a lesbian and I'm leaving, so why shouldn't we just be the most in-love couple anywhere in the city for the next six days?"

She considered what I was saying. "So just... say whatver we feel, no matter how silly and if you propose to me, I say yes and just enjoy the dopaine rush?"

I nodded. "Endless alcohol, strippers, fucking and being madly in love for the next six days, no hesitation or anything held back."

"Then I am madly in love with you, Michael," she purred, rolling over onto me and kissing me hungrily. "Now take me into that bathroom and fuck the hell out of me in our jacuzzi while we drink champagne and eat chocolate-covered strawberries."

We kissed hungrily for a while longer, squirming our bodies together and fondling one another. I was damned hard and her pussy was slippery against me. I wanted to take her right there and then, but she'd made it clear that the jacuzzi was our first obejctive. I rolled her onto her back and held her face in my hands, looking down into her wide blue eyes as I slid my cock up and down her sticky lips, making us both shudder.

"Alright," I breathed, fighting the urge to thrust deep inside and just take her right there. "You go get the hot tub filled and turn on the jets while I bring the champagne and other goodies."

She nodded. "Don't forget the camera, we'll send Hannah more pictures to drive her crazy."

Reluctantly I clambered off her and she made her way off the bed and into the bathroom. I sat on the bed for a moment, rubbing my face as I tried to rein in my flaring libido. I reached down and run my fingers along the underside of my throbbing cock, feeling them come back sticky. I held them to my nose and sniffed, getting a delicious shiver from her wonderful scent.

A few deep breaths later, I got off the bed since I heard the water running in the bathroom. I found the bottle of champagne and retrieved the strawberries from the small fridge I'd put them in. I discovered two pretty crystal champagne flutes and both of our phones. Armed with all the goodies, I now sauntered into the bathroom and found Janie bending over the tub, reaching in and splshing the water around to test it. She didn't seem to know I was there yet.

I quietly put the goods down and move up behind her. I took hold of her hips firmly and pressed the head of my cock against her pussylips as they peeked out below her pert ass, moving it up and down. Janie shuddered and gasped, raising herself up to avoid losing her balance and then pushed her body back against mine, snaking an arm around my neck and kissing me.

"Mmmm, not just yet," she moaned through the kiss. "In the tub. It's so hard to wait, but I want you in the tub, Michael..."

She bent over and tested the water again while I kept massaging her behind and sliding my cock up and down between her cheeks. She moaned and squirmed back against me while waiting for the water level to rise.

I stepped back finally, no longer trusting myself to not just pin her and fuck her, not that she would have objected. She turned around and sat on the edge of the tub, smiling at me while spreading her legs. She crooked her finger and beckoned me closer. I stood between her legs, the head of my pulsing cock touching her pussylips. She reached down and took hold of my shaft, teasing the head up and down her slit slowly, smiling at me wickedly.

"You love me?" she asked coyly.

"I love you." I said readily.

"Think I love you?" she queried, winking.

"I'm getting that feeling." I replied.

"Think we're in love?"

"I know we are and we want to get married and be crazy in love." I breathed.

Janie shuddered at my words, enjoying how they made her feel. We were essentially going to roleplay being madly in love, just for the sheer joy and endorphin rush of it all week. And it was working. We held nothing back emotionally. It had been a rotten two years for me and a sweeping romance, even if it was only for a week, just might be what I needed.

Even if my newfound love was a devout lesbian.

We kissed again, body to body, my throbbing shaft pressed flat against her stomach while she wrapped her legs around me. We made out for several seconds until she broke the kiss and took a deep breath. She picked up her phone and took several pictures and video snaps of us from the waist up, meaning her breasts were exposed. I took several as well, although the regular pictures and videos I saved to my phone, while the snaps went to Hannah. Since we knew she and Les were lusting after Janie, this would drive her absolutely crazy.

The last snap video we sent was of the two of us kissing deeply, shot from two different angles. She giggled as we fired them off and we put down the phones. Janie unpacked the strawberries while I popped the cork on our champagne and filled the elegant flutes. I handed her one and we clinked our glasses, looking into one another's eyes.

"To my wonderful Janie, the girl I'm madly in love with." I said, smiling.

"To you, Michael," she replied quietly. "You made this all happen and I love you so much."

We each downed our glass and I refilled them. I'd have to be careful for now, we might get two refills out of the bottle before needing to call down for more. Janie took my hand and guided me into the tub, settling me down at one end. Clearly she felt the need to both tease and pamper me, because she refused to let me do anything. She turned off the water and smiled at me while finding the button for the jets.

The hot tub thrummed and grumbled to life, sending pressurized water jets against me, the best one being in the small of my back. Janie settled herself down on top of me, laying on my body and cuddling, her cheek to my chest. She nuzzled me for several moments beofre settling back to the other side of the tub, our feet locked in a casual embrace.

"Oh, God," she sighed as she took a sip of her champagne. "Good thing we have an agenda for getting out and doing things or I'd never want to leave this tub."

"Found a jet you like?" I asked, smirking.

"Not yet, but I will for you, I promise." Janie said. "Mmmm, this is heaven."

We sat silently for a few minutes, letting the jets work their magic. Finally, Janie stirred and reached over from her end to the sink and took the small tray with the strawberries on them. She now moved forward on her knees, placing herself between mine and held up one of the chocolate-covered delights.

"Mmmm, the chocolate's a little melty..." she purred, examining it and then placing it against her nipple, rubbing it around gently and leaving a swirling trail of sweetness. She offered me the strawberry and I took it in my mouth, biting it delicately just below the stem. I took one from the tray and traced it around her other nipple before offering it to her and she ate it daintily.

Janie then moaned and put down the tray as I pulled her closer, my mouth latching on to one of her breasts, sucking and licking on it wantonly. She shuddered and put her arms around me, settling into my lap, her pussy pressed against my cock again. He swelled and throbbed to life quickly, causing her to groan and squirm on my lap. As I licked her other breast, she squeezed the first, pulling on the sensitive nipple while my hands cupped her ass cheeks.

"Michael..." she whispered. "Please fuck me..."

I reached between us and placed my cockhead against her pliant pussylips, bracing her with my other hand around her back. With a moan, Janie slowly sank down onto me. She shivered as she took me in, my shaft opening her and stretching her insides wonderfully for us both. She was so tight.

"God, I love you..." she breathed as she kissed me. "Love you so much."

I held her to me and she sat still on my lap for some time, just adjusting to the feel of me inside her. Eventually, though, she began to slowly move, squirming on my lap while kissing me. The feel of the jets on us while her tight pussy gripped me was absolute heaven. We were warm and covered in sweat and bubbling water.

Janie groaned as I pulled down on her hips, pushing me deeper inside her. Her head fell back, her long blonde hair now trailing in the water. I kissed her neck and breasts lovingly, enthralled with the taste of her skin. My fingers caressed her back while hers gripped mine.

"Mmmm, want to take me from behind?" she purred, smiling at me. "I'll take snaps and pics to send to Hannah..."

I smiled back wickedly, loving how intent she was on proving my roomie wrong. I nodded and she clambered off me slowly, shuddering as my cock popped out of her. She turned herself around and leaned against the back of the tub, pointing her ass at me now. She took a moment to dry her hands so she could use the cellphones effectively while I knelt behind her.

Taking gentle hold of her cheeks, I spread them slightly and pressed my knob against her waiting slit, which bobbed on the churning waterline. She had my phone in one hand and hers already propped up facing us and recording. She began a long snap film as I slowly pushed inside her. She groaned as I slid forward, penetrating deep into her pussy.

"Oh, Jesus, that feels so different than a dildo..." she wheezed, composing herself and beginning another film. I allowed her to adjust again and then began to slowly move in and out, intoxicated by the sight of my cock slowly moving back and forth inside her, between those pink lips that swallowed me so prettily and hungrily.

She handed my phone back to me and I took several short videos of her back and ass, along with shots of my cock fucking in and out of her. I continued showing my shaft burying itself inside her, the thumb of my free hand squeezing her ass cheek and occasionally pressing gently against her little knot. She bit her lip and sighed at the tease.

I reached over her back and wrapped her long blonde hair in my fist, giving it a gentle pull. Janie groaned again, her pussy clenching around me in delighted response to my firm handling of her. Seeming to have finally adjusted to my cock inside her, she began to squirm her ass back against me in circles, trying to match my rhythm. She reached for her champagne flute and drank slowly from it as I fucked her.

"I want to try going a little faster and harder, Michael," she breathed, looking back at me. "Can we do that?"

"Of course, lover," I said, nodding and putting the phone aside in a safe place. "You start it off and when you tell me to pick up my pace, I will. Take your time, I'm enjoyng myself."

She nodded and braced her hands on the lip of the tub. Seconds later, she began moving back and forth a little faster, a little stronger. She was grunting as she did so, her body trembling as she experimented. I simply held on to her ass cheeks to steady her and let her do her thing. It felt wonderful to have the gloriously tight, wet pussy sliding up and down my length, her wet lips kissing the skin at the base of my shaft repeatedly.

"Nnnnn, fast feels good too," she panted, losing herself in the sensations. "I love how soft and hard your dick feels all at once, so much better than just rubber. Ah! And it throbs!"

"And you feel so tight and smooth, darling." I replied, squeezing her lucious cheeks before leaning forward and snaking my arms under to grope her dangling breasts. She gasped and shuddered, grinding herself back against me wantonly at the unexpected but most welcome touch.

"Fuck!" she grunted, now working her hips in strong circles against me. "You sure know your way around a girl's body."

"Well I like girls exclusively, so it's kind of a hobby of mine," I quipped, pinching her nipples and eliciting another shameless moan. "But I must say, I love everything about how you feel, Janie."

"Nnnn," she gulped. "Is it... because you love me?"

"Yes." I replied, nodding, moving my hips against her, reveling in the feel of her pussy swallowing my cock greedily.

"Because we're in love..." she sighed, now moving back and forth, faster and faster.


"God, I'm in love with you, Mike!" she keened, her shining body slick with sweat as the water roared and bubbled around us. "We're gonna do this... all week... fuck..."

Her pussy was clenching me tighter and tighter now, it wouldn't be long before we lost ourselves in the throes of orgasm. I began thrusting more strongly, returning to my position kneeling behind her. My fist gripped her hair again and pulled back on her neck while the other one squeezed her ass cheeks. Janie hissed and arched her spine while pushing back against me. My thighs thumped against her ass as my cock invaded her increasingly moist and hungry womanhood.

"Oh, God, you're gonna cum in me..." she whimpered. "Mmmmmm, do it, fuck..."

I pumped in and out of her quicker and quicker, her breath coming in gasps before she seized up suddenly, letting out an almost strangled sound, her body rigid. Then she squealed through clenched teeth, her pussy clenching me incredibly tightly, pulsing around my shaft as she came. I moved back and forth quicker than ever, my throbbing cockhead pushing back inside mercilessly as her tunnel closed around it.

She pushed back with her hands against the edge of the tub, driving herself onto me as deep as she could, her whole body straining and shaking with effort as her orgasm continued. Her pussy pulsed and tightened around my surging cock, unwilling to relinquish me. She was growling in her throat, as if she was trying to not scream loudly and alert the whole floor of our carnal activities.
She she sagged forward, panting slowly and barely holding herself against the edge of the tub. But I hadn't cum yet and I pulled her up onto my thighs, making her sit straight up on them. She shuddered and gasped as she sank onto my cock, while my arms wrapped around her, pulling her tight to me. I thrust inside her vigrorously, not giving her a moment to recover, her pussy still fluttering around my manhood. Her eyes widened as she squirmed on my lap, feeling another climax building. I felt my own orgasm approaching, a boiling, tingling sensation that was spreading through my body rapidly. I held Janie close, both of us straining against one another...

I groaned loudly against her neck and shoulder while she cried out, both of us shaking as I pumped my cum deep inside her. Her pussy spasmed around my throbbing shaft greedily, milking me for my essence. She turned her face to mine and we kissed feverishly as we fucked, bodies locked together in ecstasy. I squeezed her breasts and she ground down onto my lap in a frenzy.

I almost fell over, panting from my exertions. Janie slowly leaned forward, supporting herself on the edge of the tub, breathing like she'd just run a marathon. We said nothing for some time before she reached over with a trembling hand to take hold of the champagne bottle and stook a stiff drink from it. Exhaling slowly, she passed it to me and I tilted my head back, draining the rest of the contents before putting it aside.

"Can we... go hug and kiss and cuddle on the bed?" she asked in a quiet voice. "I'm feeling very emotional and cuddly right now."

I nodded and stopped the jets, the quietness that followed almost defeaning. I snaked one foot backwards and pulled up the stopper on the drain. The water level began receding and we just held still for some time. I caressed and fondled her gently until the water had become low enough for me to pull out of her and turn her over to lie on her back in the tub. I then lay on top of her and she shivered as I pushed back inside, her tired pussy giving easily before me. We wrapped our arms around one another and kissed deeply and lovingly for some time. Finally, I rose to my knees and pulled her up, helping her out of the tub. I dried her while she gathered the phones and strawberries up and then dried myself, following her to the main room.

We climbed into the bed and snuggled together, pulling the covers over ourselves. Lips met and tongues tangled as we kissed and caressed, enjoying a heartfelt closeness brought about by losing ourselves to our emotions for the week, totally in love. We whispered it to one another softly and without reservation, knowing the other meant it too.

"We'll need more champagne when we wake up," she said quietly, her eyelids already closing as sleep came to take her. "Sound good?"

"I'll call down for three bottles when we get up," I assured her. "Sleep now, I love you."

"I love you too, Mike..." she murmured, drifting off. I kissed her gently and closed my eyes. The day was young, it wasn't even late afternoon yet.


I woke up when I felt Janie stirring. She purred and moved her body against mine, hands exploring my frame. I smiled and pulled her close, kissing her around her face before smiling at her. "Hey, you..."

"Hey," she said back. "Love you."

"I love you. Marry me?"

"Oh, God, yes..." she said, pressing her lips to mine and kissing me deeply as we enjoyed the dopamine rush of confessing a deep and unabiding love along with the taboo of marriage. Intellectually, of course, we both remembered deep down that we weren't getting married, but our agreed emotional attachment for the week provided us with the perfect opportunity to indulge our very strong feelings for one another.

Eventually, she ended our liplock and began kissing her way down my body, complimenting me on the fragrance of my skin. I smelled very 'mannish' according to her, which I could only assume was a good thing, since she wasn't objecting to it.

She arrived at my cock finally, which was not hard, but might have been swelling somewhat due to her proximity. She stared at it for some time, lifting it and poking around at it with interest. There was a certain kitten-like curiosity to her expression, like she'd never seen a dick before. She looked up at my face and saw me smirking at her.

"I've never voluntarily been this close to one before." Janie explained. "My one straight sex experience was a complete disaster, as I've told you, and I sure as hell didn't spend time nosing around at his johnson."

"Well, take your time to say hello and get to know one another," I said casually, putting my hands behind my head. "Warning you now, though, he spits if you get him riled."

She giggled. "Like a one-eyed llama." She examined him some more, her other hand fondling my sac. Eventually she began planting kisses against him, around the head and along the shaft. I controlled myself, not allowing him to get hard, since she was just being curious and experimenting, which I didn't object at all to.

"I assume you've done anal with a girl?" she asked, watching intently while she hand stroked up and down my shaft slowly. I nodded. "Ever had it done to you?"

"No," I said softly but with a finality of tone. "I let a girl finger my ass once, that was enough. Not my thing."

"Didn't like it?" she mused. "Did it hurt?"

"It didn't hurt, no, but it just made me feel really full and it was hard to breathe."

She looked up at me curiously, still jerking my cock slowly. "Full? What did she have in you?"

"Just her middle finger," I replied. "She moved it back and forth while she was sucking on me and I remember thiking I felt really full and not understanding with some women and guys liked it so much. If I want to feel full, I'll eat, dammit, not shove a burrito up my butt."

She snickered. "Everything is food with you. Well, I like having my ass fingered and licked, at least by girls. I've let a girl fuck my ass once with a pocket dildo, but nothing quite as intimidating as your cock. If I decide to try it, will you fuck my ass?"

"Of course," I said. "Whenever you like, we've got plenty of alcohol."

She giggled again. "Well, that will help lower the ol' inhibitions and fortify my bravery. I'm pretty proud of how I'm doing through all this."

"Yes, such a horrendous trial for you, oh sapphic goddess." I laughed. "To have thy divine and unmarred lesbian temple so defiled and desecrated by a hulking barbarian male like myself."

"Oh, I'm enjoying the pillaging of my temple, I promise..." she purred, holding my cock and gently putting her mouth around the head. She held it in her mouth for a moment, enjoying how it felt and tasting my skin. Her tongue pressed against the head while her hand moved slowly up and down again. My shaft started to harden and she made a pleased sound at the effect she was having on me.

"Mmmm, are you okay with me just practicing on you for a bit?" she asked, looking up at me. "I'm really wanting to experiment at the moment."

"By all means, darling, do what thou wilt," I said cheerfully, enjoying watching her and feeling her mouth on me. "I am at your service."

Janie nodded and went back to work, her hand moving up and down my thickening, hardening length and her mouth concentrating on the head. Her tongue poked and swirled around it. She sucked on it gently, while her thumb found the thick vein on the underside of my shaft and pressed along it.

"Does it really feel good when the girl does this?" she asked, keeping up the gentle pressure as she stroked. "I admit, I read about it in a women's mag and I've seen it in porn."

I nodded. "It's an accent, not a primary sensation," I said. "It's to enhance how you feel, not take your mind off the woman's mouth or anything."

"Gotcha," she said, going back to work. She put her mouth around my cockhead again and then hummed as she moved a little past it, working her way down my shaft. She pulled back and sighed, looking at me in comical despair. "This is gonna take a lot of work and practice, Michael, I'm sorry. You okay with that?"

I laughed. "I'm sure I'll survive your oral experimentations, babe."

"Good," she said, before pausing to ponder something. "Remember, we need more champagne."

I nodded and reached over to the side table and took the phone, dialing the front desk. Per Erika's guidelines, I asked three bottles and was informed they'd be along in short order. Janie played with my cock for another five minutes before releasing me somewhat reluctantly. I rose and went to my suitcase to fish out my robe, putting it on and tying it around my waist.

"I love that robe," Janie cooed as she crawled underneath the covers while we waited. "Never seen that one on you."

"My fave." I said, spinning slowly for her. I had brought along two silk kimono-style robes, one red with gold accents, covered in oriental dragons, while the other was black with silver accents covered in graceful cranes. I wore them smugly, knowing I was the best-dressed man anywhere in the city when I had them on. I had opted for the red robe at this time.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door and I answered- a bellhop presented me with three bottle of champagne and I thanked him with a ten. I was putting the bottles on the table when the phone buzzed at us. Janie crawled across the bed slowly and answered it.

"Hello? Oh, hi, Erika," she said, looking at me and winking. "Yes, we did just receive three bottles, thank you. That should cover us for tonight, I would think. Yeah, we're really celebrating just being on vacation together... yeah, we've broken in the jacuzzi, of course, and the bed is wonderful. Love the view too, we can see the whole city. Oh, okay, yes, let me write that down, I just need the pencil... okay, I've got it. Thank you very much! Yes, you too!"

She hung up. "Just Erika checking on us," she said casually, laying out and stretching languourously, drawing my eye to her lovely form. "She left us her personal cell number, in case we need anything special or... sensitive."

"Must be a slow week on the twentieth and twenty-first floors," I chuckled. "Still, personal attentions from the management is always a nice touch. And we know they're well-stocked for champagne."

"But it's not really champagne, is it?" she asked, sitting up with her legs crossed. "It's sparkling wine."

I shrugged. "Sparkling wine and champagne are exactly the same thing, but by international agreement, it can only be called champagne if it's from the French region of Champagne. But they're made exactly the same way and taste the same. Some Sonoma spakling wines are better than some champagnes."

"Our friends are right," she giggled, smirking at me. "You are completely annoying with all the trivia and irrelevant shit you know."

"Irrelevant my un-fingered ass," I retorted. "If I hadn't explained that, you'd be hiding your disappointment about getting sparkling wine and not champagne, as you'd been promised."

"Okay, you got me there," she admitted. "Think they have any actual champagne?"

"Oh doubtless their bar does, I'll see if I can con Erika into getting us a bottle," I said casually. "Have you ever had a Death In The Afternoon?"

She shook her head.

"It's a shot of absinthe in a champagne glass, topped off with champagne," I explained. "Ernest Hemingway is supposed to have invented it."

"Ooh, for real?" she asked, curious.

"That's what I've been told he named his book after," I replied. "But it's not like I was there."

"Wow," she mused, smirking at me again. "A historical event you aren't old enough to remember. I didn't think that was possible."

I paused and looked at her. She smiled back at me smugly. Without another word, I pulled a second bottle of champagne from the alcohol bag I'd brought with me, twisting the wire that held down the stopper off. I walked up to her and climbed onto the bed, her eyes locked with mine.

Before she knew what was happening, I'd pressed the stopper against her pussylips, pinning her back against the headboard. I smiled evilly at her when her eyes widened.

"Who's old?" I whispered, nuzzling the stopper against her lips. "Hmmm?"

"I... I..."

I pressed a little harder. "I'm waiting. It ain't long before this thing pops, you know."

She almost seemed too shocked to speak, as if afraid that the champagne stopper would shoot through her pussy and out the back of her skull when it went. I teased it against her lips some more.

"Not you," she finally said, still wide-eyed. "You're not old."

"Damn right," I muttered, pulling the top off and smirking as I turned the bottle upside down to demonstrate it was in fact empty. Her eyes went even wider.

"Motherfucker..." she whispered. "You scared the living shit out of me. Why are you carrying around an empty bottle like that?"

I shrugged. "I figured we'd fill it with something as a memento of our time together. I have another one for you as well."

Her eyes softened and she sighed. "You crazy bastard, I was all kinds of shocked and a little scared."

"Oh, I'd never do anything to hurt you, I love you," I said gently, pressing the bottle's mouth against her pussylips and teasing it gently, just parting them. "Perfectly willing to scare you, though."

She flopped back on the bed. "I think I'll take that drink now."

I laughed and went back to the table to retrieve the absinthe. I made two Deaths and joined her on the bed. She sipped it experimentally, almost making a face.

"Jesus," she exclaimed. "I knew absinthe tasted like anise or licorice, but that really strong."

"That's why it's so dangerous," I said, sipping mine. "You can't taste the alcohol, at it tends to be about a hundred and seventy-proof on average."

"So the stories about people hallucinating are bullshit," she mused. "By the time you could have ingested enough of that thujone stuff, you'd be dead from alcohol poisoning."

I nodded and clinked my champagne flute against hers. We drank again and she finished her glass off, concluding that she liked the concoction.

"Maybe, but we should also eat." I pointed out. "I don't want you drinking on an empty stomach. Then you'll pass out and I won't be able to take advantage of you."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind if you fucked me in my sleep," she said, waving dismissively. "Wouldn't be the first time, just the first time a guy's done it."

I laughed and pulled her to me. We kissed and rolled around on the bed for a while, whispering loving words to one another. Finally we decided to ask the front desk where would be a good place to eat nearby, so we got dressed and went downstairs. It turned out there was a Thai restaurant not far away and their food was excellent. We headed in the direction indicated. The food was indeed excellent. The decor of the place was also lovely and I took several pictures of Janie wearing one of the tall, pointed golden crowns you see on dancers in Thailand.

Maybe two hours later we returned to the hotel, with bellies full of curried and chili'd beefs and basil chicken. We'd had a few Thai beers and Janie was feeling pleasantly buzzed. She leaned against me in the elevator, smiling up at me.

"We've got all week for strip clubs," she mentioned. "Tonight, let's stay in and christen that room real good. I want you to fuck me everywhere in it."

I turned my head to look at the middle-aged woman in the elevator who Janie seemed to have forgotten about. She looked back and me and smiled. Clearly she wasn't too horrified by my partner's language.

Which was just as well, because Janie chose that moment to pull my face down to hers and kiss me rather sloppily while pressing her body to mine. If there'd been a rhino horn on her crotch I would have been impaled on it. She got off on the twelth floor and we continued on to our floor uninterrupted. Doubtless we were putting on a good show for the elevator security cam, because Janie could barely keep her clothes on.

She had already removed her top by the time I pressed our keycard to the lock on our room and she pulled me inside. She kissed me greedily as she pulled my shirt off me and then her bra. Her breasts squashed to my chest while I lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom, her legs around my waist. If was getting dark outside finally, the lights of the city now illuminating our window. I put her down on the windowsill and she stripped off her pants while watching me. I made another Death in The Afternoon for each of us and she drank it without hesitation.

"Mmmm, look how wet my panties are already," she purred, spreading her legs to show me the dark spot that was decorating the front of the purple panties. "I get really fucking horny when I'm shit-faced, so get me good and drunk and we'll go wild, okay?"

She took another sip of her drink and beckoned me to her. I drew my body into hers and kissed her deeply. She moaned languidly, passing absinthe and champagne from her mouth into mine. As she did so, she fumbled with my pants, unbuckling my belt and then allowing my pants to fall. I stepped out of them and was now clad only in my boxers, my hardening cock pressing to her wet panties.

"Mmmmm, gimme that cock..." she said, getting off the windowsill and sinking to her knees. She pulled down my boxers and took my stiff shaft in her hands. She swirled her tongue around the head and put it back in her mouth, humming. Clearly alcohol did away with any reservations she had, because she slipped lower than before down its length before starting to bob back and forth. She fondled my balls while she sucked on me and I held her head gently.

Granted, she didn't exactly know what she was doing, but it was my Janie and it thrilled me to have her mouth on my dick. She squeezed and pumped her hand gently, rolling her tongue around the head when she'd pulled back before sliding her lips back down again. She moaned as her fingers snaked inside her panties and fingered her pussy. Her lovely alabaster skin took on a flushed tone as she grew warmer and wetter.

"Nnnn, the phones..." she murmured. "Need the phones to put Hannah in her place."

I reluctantly detached myself from her mouth and stepped across the room to retrieve the phones while she stripped out of her panties and tossed them aside. She sat herself up on the windowsill, the marble warmed by the afternoon and evening sun. She looked at me expectantly as I returned, her legs slightly parted. I stopped and opened another bottle of the champagne, passing it to her. Without hesitation, she drank directly from the bottle before passing it to me. I took a stiff pull as I handed her phone to her while I stood between her legs. I placed the bottle beside her on the windowsill and gently pushed her back onto her elbows, legs still dangling over the side.

"Gonna fuck me here in the window?" she said in a husky voice, her blue eyes smouldering with desire. I responded by lifting her legs and puling them apart, pressing my swollen cockhead against her gooey, pliant netherlips.

We both groaned as I slid inside her slowly, her pussy taking me within its tight confines. She sucked in her breath and squeezed herself around me. I was finally pushed in to the hilt and we stared at one another for several moments before she took another swig from the bottle. I began moving back and forth, still holding her legs apart, her body jiggling at my thrusts. She moaned softly as I fucked her, picking up one of the phones and beginning to record us moving together in rhythm.

She pointed the camera at my face and then trailed it down to our middles, where she filmed my cock sliding in and out of her, then up her body to her own face, leaving no doubt as the veracity of the identity of the people fucking. She then put the phone down and picked up mine, repeating the process for posterity.
"Jesus, your cock feels good in me," she grunted, body moving back and forth in time with my thrusts. "So fucking warm..."

I squeezed her legs closer together now, increasing the pressure on my cock and hooked her knees over my shoulders. She shuddered and gasped as the angle of penetration changed. She tilted her head back and clenched her teeth, sighing in pleasure. I slid in and out, my hips now slapping against her ass while we fucked.

"Holy fuck," she gasped, finally stopping me and moving me back so she could clamber down. She turned around and leaned on the sill, slowly swaying her ass at me and smirking. "Get back in there, Michael..."

I took hold of her cheeks and teased my cock up and down between them for several seconds before slipping back inside her pussy. She breathed loudly and pushed back against me as I filled her. Without hesitation, she began grinding back against me, squeezing herself around my shaft. I pushed in and out of her, gripping her cheeks tightly. We both moaned in pleasure as we fucked, lost in a universe no bigger than our hotel room and devoid of all distractions. There was only the two of us.

"Fuck, your pussy is tight," I grunted as I thumped against her ass rhythmically. "I love how you feel."

"Gnnnnn, just fuck me," she panted, leaning on her hands and pushing back and forth now, her skin pink with desire and starting to glisten. "God, Michael, fucking cum in me again..."

She braced herself with one hand while she took another drink of her champagne, groaning into the bottle as my cock touched deep inside her. My hands reached forward and massaged her breasts, pinching and pulling at the nipples. We were both getting hot and sweaty, extra warmth provided by the alcohol we kept imbibing.

"Take me to the bed," Janie said in short breaths. "You should fuck me on that big, beautiful bed."

Reluctantly I pulled out of her and led her over to the bed, each of us carrying our bottle of champagne. She crawled onto it and rolled over on to her back, spreading her legs wide. She reached down and pulled her thick, glistening pussylips apart, showing me her inner pink. I got between her legs and pressed my mouth against her slit, licking her hungrily and she let out a loud moan, clutching my head. She was absolutely sloppy-wet, her arousal permeating my senses.

I finally pulled up and laid on top of her. I placed my cock at her entrance and slid in while I looked deep into her eyes. She exhaled as I glided in to the hilt and then wrapped her legs around my waist. I began pumping my hips slowly, working my cock in and out of her. Janie bit her lip but kept her eyes locked with mine.

Her hips rolled against me, her pussy flexing around my shaft. Janie flexed her fingers on my back, her breathing becoming heavier. I leaned down and kissed her, my tongue tangling with hers. We moaned into one another's mouths as our bodies melded together like pieces of an erotic puzzle. She shuddered as I bit and tugged on her lower lip.

Then without warming I rolled over on to my back, meaning she was lying on top of me. My hands reached for her ass cheeks and spread them while I began sliding in and out of her vigourously. Janie let out a ragged gasp and pushed back on my cock while she sat up. She churned up and down on my lap, her long blonde hair dancing around her shoulders while her breasts jiggled and bounced seductively. I reached up and massaged them, causing her to groan very loudly. Anyone passing our door in the hallway now knew what was happening in here.

Janie took her bottle of champagne and drank from it as she squirmed on my lap, clearly enjoying herself.

"You sure like to drink." I said as I pushed my hips up and went deep inside her.

"Mmm-hmmm," she replied, nodding. She pulled the bottle away from her lips. "I love to drink while I fuck, too. Just my first time ever doin' it while fucking a guy."

"I'm only your second guy." I pointed out, pinching her nipples and making her shudder.

"And you're all... the guy I need..." she moaned, still grinding away on my cock, her movements getting more and more deliberate. Putting the bottle down, she leaned forward, placing her hands on my shouders to brace herself and began pushing down on me while grinding in circles. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the pleasure we shared. I kept squeezing and massaging her breasts while I slid my cock in and out of her.

Our bodies were shining with our exertions, smelling of raw sex and uninhibited lust. I held her tighter as she worked her hips on me faster and faster, the two of us racing toward a titan climax together. Her pussy was rippling around my cock and I pushed deeper inside her. We were both panting and gasping as we fought to hold on, to delay the peak just a little longer. Her fingers dug into my shoulders and my hands squeezed her breasts harder. Her spine curved as she drove her hips down, mouth shut tight as she let out a desperate squeak.

The dam burst and we both came, hard. Janie arched her back and threw her head back as she cried out, crushing her pussy against my hips, almost gushing as she came. I pushed up with all my might, clenching my teeth and growling as I pumped my cum deep inside her. We ground and thrust ferociously against each other, hands gripping so tightly we were leaving welts on one another's skin. She clenched my cock with unreal pressure, so wet and tight it was making my head spin. My cum began seeping out her while we rolled and shuddered, surrendering to our orgasm.

Janie collapsed forward against me, her body soaked with perspiration and trembling. Her eyes were closed as she nuzzled her cheek against my shoulder and I held her tight, my hips still moving gently as her pussy milked the last cum out of my cock. Neither of us could say anything, not yet. We were silent for some time, just content with our microcosm of love and unrestricted pleasure.

We both finally stirred and I slowly sat up, keeping her in my lap and my cock buried inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands behind my neck. Our faces were close to one another as we stared into each other's eyes, bodies still melded together as one.

I think at that very moment we were truly in love.

The kiss we shared was so deep and soul-touching. Neither of us wanted that moment to end and I pretty sure either of us would have given anything to see it continue. Her body pressed to mine while I was still inside her, mouths locked while tongues slowly caressed one another, hearts beating together and hands holding us close. It was scene of perfect love.

She pulled her mouth away from the kiss and pressed the champagne bottle to her lips, draining it finally. I chuckled as I took of mouthful from mine. I was about to offer her the bottle when she pressed her mouth against my mouth and took the champagne from me, moaning in secret delight. As silly as it sounds, we shared most of the rest of the bottle this way, passing the bubbling liquid back and forth until the bottle was empty and Janie decidedly drunk.

"You..." she said, smiling lopsidedly and poking my nose. "Are the best fuck I've ever had. Man or woman."

"I'll believe you when about the woman part when you say it sober," I replied. "But since you've only fucked one other guy in your life, not much of a challenge."

"S'enuff," she slurred, kissing my neck and shoulders, biting my trapezius gently. "If I tell you I like how you fuck, then you should know."

I nodded, smirking, since she was getting more blitzed by the second.

"And I love you," she added. Her pupils were getting progressively wider. "I'm in love with you... 'cuz we agreed on it an' I don't half-ass on agreements. Full ass on 'em..."

We kissed again, sloppily. She was running her tongue around my mouth and lower face, holding me by my cheeks. "'n we've got this whole week to be in love an' fuck one another to little bits..."

She slowly, unsteadily raised her hips, allowing my cock to pop out of her. She seemed to ignore the 'glooping' sounds her pussy was making as she sidled down between my legs, her face now over my still erect manhood. Clearly the alcohol overcame her lesbian inexperience or reticence, because she began sucking our mingled cum off of me without hesitation. Her mouth worked its way down my shaft and she bobbed up and down several times before licking the underside, along the bulging vein.

Then her hand pumped my cock steadily while she rested her forehead against my thigh, trying to stay awake. From slutty drunk to sleepy drunk in three point six. At least there was no crying phase. Finally, she crawled back up to me and made me lay back down. She snuggled onto me, smiling dreamily and saying she loved me forever and then went to sleep. I waited several moments to make sure she was well and truly gone before gently extricating myself from her tangle of limbs and heading into the bathroom. I didn't shower, since using the nifty dual heads without her seemed wrong, so I just washed myself off in the sink before crawling back into bed, wondering what tomorrow held.

And on that suspicion, I got my phone out and began texting Erika, saying I needed the hotel to find something unusual for me...


Author's Notes: A longer chapter, yes, but I can't write short chapters to save my life and am a slave to lurid detail. Some people have pointed out the inconsistencies of my publishing schedules for various stories and for this I make no apologies, since many stories are already written and just need an edit and polish before being posted. TCT is one of them and being posted as a special request.

You'll notice the pace of this story is often quite a bit slower than my others and there's a good reason for that. Some people will no doubt prefer the laconic pace of this offering as opposed to some others, like Alex & Alexa or My Naughty Neighbour, which seem to happen virtually overnight. If you're like me, then fast and slow have their places and it's all good.

It's an exciting time to be a progressive Canadian, since a new Liberal majority government swept into power yesterday. Now if only the Blue Jays can keep it together and the Leafs could get their act together, life'd be pretty damn good.

I think either My Naughty Neighbour or The Great Khan will be the next story to update, so keep an eye out.

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