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Travis and Adam Ch. 06

This is the last chapter for my Travis and Adam series. This was my first series on this site and I have enjoyed writing every second of it. I have more than 5 other chapter stories I am working on- as time permits- and will be posting them soon. Thank you for the comments online and the emails sent to me.


Adam paced outside the conference room, oblivious to the whispers and looks from his co-workers. Everyone was buzzing about the fact that Travis was being interviewed by two police officers and nobody was getting any work done. Normally that would irritate Mr. Martins, but he was so worried about his son that he wasn't even paying attention.

Mr. Martins had called the lawyer and he had arrived quickly and joined Travis. When Adam tried to follow him in, Mr. Matthews held up his hands, effectively shutting him down. He frowned, but didn't try to force himself into the conference room.

But he didn't like the fact that the police were interviewing Travis. Albert must have filed charges, that asshole! How the hell had he slipped back into his life? He let his guard down at the hotel. He should have understood the danger he was putting Travis in by even being with him. Oh god, this was his fault! If he hadn't fallen for Travis, he would be safe. How could he have let this happen?

The more he paced, that angrier Adam grew towards himself. "Fuck!" he muttered under his breath. "I am not going to let that psycho hurt Travis."

Before he thought anything through, he found himself striding through the office, out the door into the elevator. He huffed as the door closed, punched the button for the lobby and leaned against the wall, his arms folded in front of him. He wasn't even sure what the hell he was doing, he just knew he had to do something to make Albert go away. He had to show Travis how important he was to him. Surely Travis realized this was all Adam's fault; knew that if he wasn't with Adam anymore, his life wouldn't be in danger. He couldn't lose Travis!

As he entered the lobby, he was irritated to see so many people milling about, but it dawned on him that it was probably close to lunch time. He didn't feel hunger, though; no, he only felt rage. He made his way through the crowds and headed out to the parking lot. It wasn't until he was outside that he remembered that they had come to work in Travis's truck and he didn't have the keys.

"FUCK!" he yelled out, frustrated. He didn't know what to do. He threw his arms up in despair and growled out loud. His heart was racing and he just wanted to hit something. Anything. Maybe the pain would take away some of this rage. Knowing he was very close to losing it, he felt a little touch of sanity make its way through his brain telling him to calm down, to breathe. He heard the mantra in his mind, but struggled with it. He didn't want to calm down. He wanted to beat the crap out of Albert. But, deep down he knew his rage would only cause more issues. No, he admitted, anger wasn't going to help: he needed to calm down and think rationally. A walk around the building might help, he thought, and he took off at a brisk pace, rounding the first corner in seconds.

The last thing he saw was a hand holding a rag of some kind coming at his face.


In the conference room, Travis sat next to his lawyer, gritting his teeth and trying not to wonder how Adam was doing. Both policemen sat directly across from him at the large oval table.

"So, you are saying, sir, that you did not try to strangle Albert?"

Travis's tried not to roll his eyes. Seriously? That psycho said that? "No, I only protected Adam and pulled him away. I may not have been gentle about it, but he was putting his hands on Adam and threatening him."

Both officers looked at each other as an understanding seemed to pass between them.

"I see. So, you and Adam are... friends? Lovers? Partners?" This was from the younger cop with the blonde hair.

"We are dating, yes, but I would have done the same thing even if we were just co-workers. Albert was acting crazy." Travis wasn't going to let them make this into some gay lover's quarrel.

"Officers, my client has explained his side several times. Have you looked into this Albert's past? You do know he was hospitalized for stalking and trying to attack Adam, correct? He also attacked a security guard at the college Adam attended." The lawyer's voice was calm, almost as if he were bored with the whole meeting.

"Yes, sir. We have. But, unfortunately we have not been able to talk with him."

"What do you mean?" the lawyer asked, leaning forward. "Why not?"

The officers looked at each other again before the blonde spoke. "Well, he went to the station to file charges in OKC, and then when we got the call from Oklahoma about it we tried to reach him. So far, we have only been able to leave messages on his voice mail."

"Are you saying you don't know where he is?" Travis shot out, jumping up from the table. His heart nearly stopped as the possibilities bombarded his brain. Adam! He turned to the door before waiting for an answer and pulled it open. Fuck! He wasn't there. "Where's Adam?" he yelled out to the office.

No one seemed to know. The last anyone had seen him was about twenty minutes earlier when he had torn through the office and out the doors. Most people had assumed he just needed some air.

No! Adam! Travis's breath froze in his lungs and his heart pounded in his ears as he punched the button to the elevator. It was taking too long and he gave up waiting. Instead he ran down the hall and flung open the door to the stairs, bounding down them two and three at a time until he pushed out the exit and found himself on the side of the building. His heart nearly crumbled when he spied Adam's wallet on the ground. He picked it up and held it tight for a moment as he looked around.

"Adam? Adam! Where are you?" he screamed, as he sprinted around the building, his eyes scanning everywhere. But Adam was gone. He was nowhere to be seen. Travis's heart beat faster and he felt his breathing become shallow as he crumpled onto the cement. His Adam was gone and he had no doubt who had him. "Adam!" He screamed again.

The police, his lawyer, Mr. Martins, and most of the office had followed behind in the elevator and arrived just as they saw Travis fall.

The younger, blonde officer hurried to his side and knelt down. "What's happened?" he asked.

"It's Adam. He's gone. And I know..." his voice cracked for a second. "I know that Albert has him. I know it in my heart." Travis sobbed as he spoke. He didn't care who was watching, or what anyone was saying. The man he loved with all his heart was gone.

The officer helped Travis up and walked with him to a bench at the edge of a small flower garden along the parking lot. Once he had him sitting down, he gestured for the other officer to join him.

"Have you tried to call him?"

Travis looked up at the older officer. What was he asking him? The sound of his heart beating so loudly in his ears made it hard to understand the officer's words.

"Have you tried to call him, son?" The older man asked again, gently.

Travis pulled out his phone and instantly pressed his number. It went straight to voice mail. "Adam! If you get this message call me! Are you okay? Please call me baby. Please! We need to know you are safe."

As he hung up, he remembered the wallet in his hand and held it out for them. "When I came out, I found this. It's Adam's."

Mr. Martins ordered everyone back upstairs as more officers arrived and spent the next hour or so interviewing Travis and searching for any clues to Adam's whereabouts. His wallet was taken as evidence, as well as the card that arrived with the flowers.

As Travis stood in the office, looking through the window down at the chaos surrounding the building, he had never felt more miserable in his life. Adam was in danger and he couldn't help him. How could the world be so cruel? To have just finally found each other just to be ripped away? This couldn't be right, he thought, as his head fell into his hands and tears began to fall.

"Travis. Mr. Martins!" the blonde officer yelled. "We might have had a sighting!"

Excited, they listened as he explained a gas station attendant had just phoned in about a man that had been acting weird. The man had filled his tank, but paid first with cash and then grabbed two sodas before heading back to his car. The odd thing was that he banged on the trunk and hollered at it, as if he were speaking to someone.

The attendant, named Jerry, called 911 immediately. While he hadn't been able to get the license number, he informed the police that they had a security camera that may have caught the whole thing on tape.

"Let's go!" Travis said.

"No, son, you need to stay here," one of the officers began.

"No way in hell am I staying here." Travis growled out. His jaw was clenched and his eyes dared him to disagree with him.

The officer relented, sighing. "Fine, but you have to stay in the car."

Travis nodded in agreement, but knew that if Adam needed him, he would not hesitate to disregard those directions.

Mr. Martins decided to stay at the office. Adam's mom was heading up to meet him and they wanted to be there in case he Adam was able to find his way back to the office.

Travis followed them out to the police car, climbed in and buckled up. His heart was racing and all he could think of was killing Albert.


Adam's mouth felt like cotton and his head was pounding. He tried to open his eyes, but felt like he was moving in quicksand. Blearily, he tried to look around, but he couldn't see anything. It was too dark. He pulled his tongue from the roof of his mouth and tried to remember where he was.

His memory was hazy, but he recalled police officers for some reason. Flowers. Something about...He sighed. Why was he so disoriented? It was on the tip of his tongue, but he just couldn't grasp it. Maybe sitting up would help, he thought and tried to pull himself up. That's when he realized he couldn't move.

"What the fuck?" he whispered to himself. His chest tightened as the fear began to take hold. His breath came out in short little pants and he felt that old friend panic creep in. His terror warred with his mind as he tried to gain control. Yes, he was claustrophobic. Yes, he had panic attacks. But, he was not going to give in this time. He needed to gain control over his situation and he knew he couldn't do that as long as he was in panic mode.

He focused on his breathing. One deep breath. Two...then a third. By the time he had taken ten slow, deep breaths, he was back in command of his body. He was still scared, but knowing he could focus his mind and body on the situation gave him some confidence.

He rolled a little and finally felt the restraints on his arms and legs. Somehow he had ended up here...wherever it was... with his arms pulled back behind him and his wrists bound together. His fingertips reached up and brushed against the restraints and he thought it might be duct tape. His ankles were held together as well.

His eyes were adjusting to the dark and he was able to see what looked like metal over his head. It was about 5" from his face, so he tried to lean up and bumped it with his head. It was hard. And he was right; it was metal. He twisted to look at the other side and thought he saw a latch of some kind. He rubbed his cheek on what he was pressed against and it felt like carpet.

Suddenly, memories flooded his mind. Albert! He had drugged him! It hit him then: he was in the trunk of a car. Albert's car, he was sure of it. He tried to kick the roof, but he couldn't maneuver his legs that way, taped as they were. He raised his head and banged against the roof. It hurt, but maybe someone would hear him. He didn't feel movement and knew they must be parked. If he had felt the car moving when he first came to, he would have immediately known it was a car trunk he was in. Damn! How did this happen?

He banged his head once again and tried to get his voice to work. "Help!" he cried out with all his might, but his voice was weak and came out as a croak.

He gave his head one more bang against the trunk and suddenly heard someone yell at him to 'shut up' and then hit the top of the trunk.

It had to be Albert. He had come to kill him for rejecting him.

Seconds later, he felt the car engine rumble to life and he lurched as the driver sped away carrying him with it.

Adam had no idea how long he had been out, but he vowed that if he tried to take him out, he was going to fight Albert to the death. He needed to get back to Travis!


Travis watched from behind the car window as the two officers talked with Jerry. He had long, greasy hair and an unkempt beard and his clothes were ripped and stained. Travis didn't like to judge people, but this man looked... well, he looked a little like someone you normally tried to walk away from. He realized that made him sound like a pompous ass, knowing he should be grateful that this man had called in his suspicions to the police.

Jerry looked like he was getting agitated and the two officers looked just as upset. Travis had seen enough. He was going to see what the hell was taking so long to view a damn tape. He pushed the door open and climbed out. Both officers turned to him when they heard the door slam. Jerry looked over at him, as well, but his expression was more of curiosity, whereas the officers looked pissed at him. Travis didn't care and made his way over to them.

"You were to wait in the car, Travis," the older officer reminded him, the irritation obvious in his tone.

"Yeah, well, it appears you needed me," he shot back, before turning his attention on Jerry. "Jerry? Are you the one that called the police?"


"Great, then what's the problem? Get the damn tape!" Travis voice was raising and he was done with crap. He needed to find Adam NOW!

Jerry didn't say a word. Instead, the blonde officer spoke. "He wants immunity before he releases the tape."

"What the fuck?" Travis exploded. "Immunity? For what? Aren't you the supposed to be the 'good guy' here? Didn't you call 911??"

Jerry looked down and shuffled his feet a little, his long, stringy hair obscuring his face. "I wanted to do the right thing, but...I didn't really think it through before I called." His voice was quiet as he admitted his reluctance to help.

"Give him immunity, then!" Travis couldn't believe this.

"Look, Travis, calm down," the blonde one said, "first of all, we can't give immunity, that has to come from a D.A., and secondly, he doesn't even own the station, so it's not his call. We have someone at the station working on getting a search warrant and we have also called the owner. He's a local guy and he's on his way down."

Jerry's shoulders slumped. He appeared to realize he had lost the battle. He cleared his throat. "Um, if I show you the tape, do you need to show the entire tape to my boss?"

Now they were getting somewhere! "What's on the tape, son?"

Jerry sighed. "It will probably show my friend stopping by and dropping off something for me... something that I smoked outside."

"Pot? That's what you are worried about?" Travis asked, incredulous. "Who the fuck cares about some pot you smoked! My boyfriend was kidnapped! KIDNAPPED!"

Jerry's eyes widened in shock at Travis's outburst and was glad to see one of the policemen step between them.

"Look, Jerry, we don't care about pot. We're not narcotics and we don't have time for this crap. Just give us the goddamn tape." Just then the officer got a text on his phone. They had permission to view the tape. "It's time, son. Let us see the video."

Jerry looked at them, seeming to weigh his options and finally told them to follow him inside. He led the three men to the back room where the almost ancient security camera system was housed. Within minutes, he had the video queued up to the correct time and pressed play.

The video was grainy, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. They were able to clearly make out the license plate and the man getting out of the car. Travis's breath caught in his throat and felt himself sway when he saw Albert. "That's him; that's Albert. Fucking psycho!"

The officers were busy taking notes on the make and model of the car, the license plate number and the direction the car took as Albert left.

They watched as Albert screamed at the trunk and struck his hand down on the top of it before getting into the car and speeding off. Travis's stomach was doing flip-flops as he watched the scene. Adam was in that trunk. What must he have been feeling? What was going through his mind? Was he scared? Was he mad that Travis wasn't there? Was he even alive? He raked his hands through his hair and stormed outside to pace while the police talked with the station.

This was taking too long. Adam could be dead! He didn't want to think that, but the horror of the situation was pushing him into despair. He felt himself begin to lose control and inwardly yelled at himself. Adam needed him! Travis needed to keep it together for him. And he did. He would do anything for Adam.


Adam felt the car slow down and make a right turn, before finally rolling to a stop. The engine cut off and he heard Albert exit the vehicle. He held his breath as he listened for his footsteps, but they seemed to be moving farther away. Panic began to set in as he wondered if he was being left for dead somewhere... But, that wouldn't make sense, he thought to himself. Albert's ultimate goal was for the two of them to be together. Surely, he wouldn't leave him somewhere.

Ever since he had awakened and heard Albert yell at him to shut up, he had been desperately scooting around the trunk, feeling for anything he could find that might help him cut the tape from his arms and legs. At last he had come across a small metal box that had sharp corners. He thought it might be a mini-tackle box or something to hold small tools. He tried to open it with his limited reach, but it was impossible.

However, he realized that the corner may be able to shred the tape and moved back towards it, rubbing it against the tape around his wrists. It took a long time, but he finally felt it pierce a section of the tape! He rubbed again and it began to shred through.

Suddenly, the trunk opened and he was looking into Albert's wild eyes. He stood over him, holding a pocket knife.

"Listen up, Adam," Albert hissed, "I'm going to cut the tape around your ankles so you can walk with me into the motel room. If you are a good boy, I won't put them back on. But your wrist ones stay on. If you scream, or make even one sound, I will stab you. Do you understand?"

Adam nodded. His body felt cold and clammy, as if he were about to be sick. Then when Albert reached in and grabbed his legs so he could slice the tape with the knife, Adam had to choke back his disgust at his touch. Once Albert cut the restraints off, Adam moved his legs a little and felt feeling begin to return. He hadn't realized that his feet had fallen asleep in this awkward position. Those painful pins and needle sensations swept through his feet.

Albert grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to a sitting position. He stared at him in the eyes and held a finger up to Adam's mouth. "Not one sound."

Adam wasn't about to make a sound. He was desperately trying to keep Albert from noticing that the tape around his wrists was beginning to come off. He got his wish when Albert draped a jacket over Adam's shoulders and scanned the parking lot before helping Adam out of the car. Then he put his hand on the back of the jacket and guided Adam to the motel room door just a few feet in front of the car.
Adam looked around and recognized the place. It was one of those rent-by-the-hour places that kids in his high school used to brag about using when they 'scored'. He also knew it was where prostitutes took their johns, so he wasn't really happy when Albert shoved him onto the edge of the filthy bed. But he kept his mouth shut. Something told him that Albert would slip up and he could escape. He just had to keep working on the tape and he could get free soon.

Albert sat down on the bed and pulled at Adam's legs until they were both on the bed. He immediately began taping the ankles back together. He looked up and caught Adam's stare.

"I know, Adam. I don't want to hurt you, but I need to keep you from running off. You obviously have been brainwashed into thinking you and I don't belong together! I am so sorry you have to go through this." Albert sounded almost apologetic. "But, don't worry, baby, we'll soon be in our own little home and you will never have to worry about that awful man you were with."

Adam felt sick when Albert referred to Travis. He didn't want Albert to even think about Travis. Travis was too good, too smart, and too wonderful to be part of this horrendous event. Albert wasn't even good enough to talk to Travis! And he never wanted to hear that man call him baby. That was an endearment that only Travis could use. He glared at Albert.

"I see my words have not convinced you, Adam."

Still Adam was silent.

"At least say something, Adam," Albert whined.

Adam smirked. He was getting to Albert. He knew he could wear him down and escape. But he didn't like that knife still in his hand. He kept it too close. And he had seen him with a knife before. He shuddered at the memory of him attacking the security guard back at his old college. Albert was truly psychotic, so he needed to really be careful before initiating a plan. This man wouldn't hesitate to hurt or even kill him.

He watched as Albert paced the room, muttering to himself. He let himself think about Travis and all they had shared recently. It was funny how in such a short time, Travis had become his world. He knew in his heart he loved Travis. They had a journey to travel together, and there was no way he was going to let Albert destroy that. No, he wasn't going to give up. His love for Travis would get him through this.


It was getting dark and they were still at the damn gas station. More police arrived as well as detectives and several news vans. And not one person would tell him a goddamn thing. He watched as several detectives seemed to be setting up a podium and chairs... were they going to have a conference? Was that why the news vans were here?

One of the detectives approached him and stuck out his hand. "Travis? I'm Detective Akers. I think it's about time we filled you in."

Travis breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god. Maybe he knew something.


Adam wasn't sure how long they had been at the motel, but knew it was getting dark outside. Albert was in panic mode and the only time he stopped pacing was to stop at the window and pull aside the hideous orange and green drapes, checking on police.

"We need to get out of here, soon, Adam." Albert twirled around and faced his captive. "The police may find us and they may not understand our situation."

Adam finally spoke, keeping his voice as even as possible. "And just what situation would that be?"

Albert's hand came down hard on his cheek, knocking against his teeth. Pain shot through him and he tasted blood.

"Don't you lip off to me, Adam!" Albert screamed. "This is all your fault! All because you try to pretend you don't love me! After all I have done for you!"

Adam's level of fear was rising. Albert seemed to be getting more desperate and he knew when people are desperate they do impulsive, crazy things. He needed to change tactics.

"Now, Albert, you know you can fix this," he began in an effort to soothe the psychotic man. "You always know how to handle bad situations."

Albert's eyes narrowed as he searched Adam's face for a sign that he was being insincere. Adam must have done a good job of hiding it, because Albert's face relaxed and he sat down on the edge of the bed next to him.

"You're right, Adam." He sighed. "I will take care of us. I can get us out of here," he vowed as he put an arm around Adam's shoulders and pulled him close. "We're in this together, baby."

The scent of something rotting filled Adam's nostrils and he instinctively pulled away. Albert stiffened and Adam forced himself to stay in Albert's arms.

Albert stood and told him to wait a moment as he quickly darted out the motel room door. In seconds he was back with a small glass tank. Adam glanced at it and cringed when he saw at least two snakes curled up inside. He didn't know much about snakes and had no idea what kind they were or if they were even poisonous, but he cringed at the sight of them. He had never liked snakes. He watched Albert delicately set the tank on the cheap dresser against the wall. He got a whiff of the same rotten scent he had smelled on Albert and realized it was coming from the snakes. What the hell was with the snakes?

Albert was leaning over the tank and cooing to them as if they were his babies. When he reached in and picked one up, Adam gasped. What the hell was he doing?

Albert turned around to face Adam, holding the snake carefully. It made a hissing sound as he moved closer to the bed. "Did you know that snakes can sense fear?"

Adam shook his head, afraid to speak.

"They can. In fact, they are able to do so many things that we humans are unable to do." Albert slipped into his teaching mode as he began sharing his knowledge of snakes. Adam had a hard time listening with the damn snake so close.

"Yes, people used to think snakes were immortal, did you know that?" Adam shook his head slowly, still unsure where this was going. "Because they shed their skins, people used to believe they died and were reborn." He smiled. "And, did you know the Bible talks about snakes?"

Adam's eyes widened as he held the snake out closer to him.

"Once you dominate a snake, nothing bad can happen to you." He saw look on Adam's face and smiled. "It's true. It's in the Bible! That's why nothing bad can ever happen to me. I have worked with snakes for years and I am one with them, now." Albert's face was one of complete calm. For some reason, the snakes seemed to make him feel better.

Adam shuddered. He had known Albert was psychotic, but now he was seeing it first-hand and Adam knew that trying to be rational with him was not going to be work. He felt the tape at his wrists loosening, but tried to keep them still, so Albert wasn't aware that he was close to shedding them. God, he wished Travis would come and rescue him!


Travis was elated to hear the latest information. A motel clerk recognized Albert's picture from the news and called 911. Thank god the police had started flashing Albert's picture, even before the press conference that afternoon.

Police were already in route to the motel, and Travis was antsy to join them. He finally talked his way into riding with one of the detectives and they pulled out onto the highway and hit the lights and sirens. His heart felt like it was lodged in his throat and he felt like he might vomit. He had no idea if Adam was even alive. Had that psycho hurt him? Killed him? He stopped his mind from going down that road again, but Travis felt anguish that he had never known. Adam was his soulmate and he needed him. He couldn't breathe without him.

He looked out the window and tried to focus on the scenery flying by, but couldn't see anything but Adam's face. He was brought back to the present when he saw the dingy little motel. Several police cars were already in the parking lot and it appeared that they were emptying the building. He saw several men and women near the opposite end of the parking lot. Most of them looked like prostitutes and johns, to him.

When the car stopped, he jumped out and took stock of the surroundings. It appeared they were already in front of a particular motel door and he knew that must be where they thought Adam was stashed.

"Please be okay, please be okay." He whispered over and over as he fought the urge to run to the door.


Albert jumped when he heard a siren. He ran to the window and peeked out. "Damn! The police are here." He hurriedly set his snake back in the tank and pulled his knife.

Adam knew it was now or never, as he felt the tape at his wrists finally give completely. He would have to hop, if he wanted to get out. He watched Albert pace and when he reached the opposite end of the room, Adam jumped up and hopped to the dresser. He had his hands on the tank before Albert realized what had happened.

"Nooo! Sit down!" Albert screamed and lunged at him with his knife.

But Adam was ready. He picked up that tank with the two snakes and threw it at him with all his might. He heard Albert scream, but didn't waste time watching. He hopped to the door and yanked it open, just as a police officer grabbed him and ran, carrying him to safety.

Several more police officers flooded the room as Adam was set down on the top of the police car trunk. He was surprised to see so many police, but still anxiously searched the crowd for the one face he needed to see. He heard a gunshot and then another and swiveled his head to look towards the motel.

So many people were talking to each other, to him, talking into their radios; there was so much noise he couldn't think clearly. He couldn't find Travis and the idea that he had run into the motel room flashed through his mind and he felt himself panic, before he realized there was no way the police would let that happen. He wondered who had been shot. Had Albert hurt someone? Was he so deranged he would shoot a police officer in his quest to keep Adam? He shuddered at the thought and craned his neck to see past a group of officers.

The twirling red and blue lights against the dark sky made it difficult to see anything, but he kept searching for Travis. A paramedic kept asking him something, but he couldn't quite make it out. All he could hear was the thunder of his heart over the sirens. And then he thought he heard his name. It was almost a whisper it was so quiet. Then again. He turned his head and still couldn't find him.

"Travis?" he screamed out. "Travis!"

And suddenly Travis was there, his arms wrapping around him and pulling him into his chest. His warmth enveloped Adam and he felt it seep into his being. Travis was talking to him, but again, he couldn't hear over the sound of his heart. Only this time, he could make out two heart beats. While his own heart thundered in his hears, his head was pressed against Travis's chest and he could hear his heart, too. It was racing; pounding so hard his body shook.

He pulled his head back a little and looked up into Travis's eyes and he felt tears finally fall down his face. When Travis saw that, he broke. He pulled Adam tightly, his gut-wrenching sobs finally coming to the surface and shaking his soul. Neither man wanted to let go. They had each other and they would be okay now. No matter what happened, their love would see them through.

They both turned as the paramedics carried out a body bag from the motel room. A detective finally filled in the details for them. When Adam had escaped the room, Albert had been lunging after him with his knife. Instead of reaching Adam, his knife sliced an officer's arm, but it wasn't life threatening, thank goodness. As two more officers rushed him, he pulled something from his waistband and they realized it was a gun. He was waving it wildly and suddenly he shot and it ricocheted off the dresser into the ceiling. One of the police officers aimed his gun at Albert, but before he could pull the trigger, Albert had shot himself. He was dead instantly. They said he was so out of control that they weren't even sure he meant to shoot himself or the officer, but in the end it didn't matter. He was dead.

Now they were waiting on animal control to come collect the snakes. They insisted on transporting Adam to the hospital to be examined. Initially, Travis was told he would not be able to ride with them in the ambulance, but when they saw Adam clinging to him, they relented.

Travis held Adam's hand throughout the ride. Very few words were exchanged between the two, but they communicated through a look, a touch here and there, a smile of encouragement.

All Travis wanted to do was take Adam home with him. When he had seen the police carry Adam out, his heart had stopped. He couldn't tell if Adam was hurt or dead or okay. It was too much. The police had tried to hold him back, but he couldn't wait. He needed to be with Adam. When he finally had him in his arms, he let himself begin to breathe again. In that moment, he knew Adam was his life. He needed him like he needed air, food and water.

It was a long night at the hospital. Between the doctors, the police, Adam's family and co-workers that kept popping into the hospital, both men were anxious to get away and find some alone time.

It was close to midnight before they arrived back at Travis's place. Mr. Martins had told them to take the day off tomorrow and neither one argued. Adam was bone tired and still needed to process everything that happened. And Travis needed to hold him in his arms all night.

Adam insisted on a hot shower.

"I need to wash away his touch, Trav. I can't handle knowing his hands were on me."

Travis nodded. He understood. The thought that Albert had touched his lover filled him with rage. He guided Adam to the bathroom and started the shower for him, letting it warm up while he grabbed a fresh towel.

Adam slipped in and Travis stayed back. If it was any other time, he would have joined him, but after all Adam had been through, he wasn't sure what to do. He put the seat down on the toilet and sat, listening to the water raining down on Adam.

Suddenly the curtain slid open and Adam peeked out. "Aren't you joining me?" His eyebrows were raised and he looked confused. "Trav? What is it?"

Travis smiled and stood. "If you want me in there, nothing could keep me away," he said as he stripped out of his clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. He stepped inside and they pulled the curtain closed.

He moved behind Adam and brought his arms around his waist. Adam leaned back against his chest and sighed. This what where he needed to be; in Travis's arms.

Travis pulled him close, nuzzling Adam's neck and shoulder. "Adam..." he whispered.


"I was... I was so scared today. I can't lose you." Travis's voice was cracking. He pulled Adam tighter.

"Trav, I'm not going anywhere." He turned in Travis's arms and put his hands on his lover's face, moving him so they were looking into each other's eyes. "You were what kept me going today. I knew that you were looking for me and I knew I would be safe."

Travis leaned in and brushed Adam's lips with his. "Let's get you all washed up so we can get to bed, baby."

Adam grinned. "So we can get all dirty again?"

Travis's cock came to life at that. He looked at Adam and saw the twinkle in his eye. He couldn't help himself. His heart was just too full to keep the words to himself anymore. "I love you, Adam," he whispered.

Adam's eyes filled with tears. His body trembled in Travis's arms and he smiled. He knew it was fast, but he didn't care. He had found his soulmate. "I love you, too, Travis."

Both men leaned in and kissed. It was slow; passionate. Adam had never felt so loved and he moaned into the kiss as Travis pressed his tongue against his lover's lips. He parted his mouth and Travis's tongue swept in to dance with his. It was a slow, sensual dance. Their desire simmering, rather than boiling over. Love flowed between them, settling in their hearts and minds. They were one. They were meant to be together. They would build a life together.

Travis finally pulled away and looked at his beautiful, sexy boyfriend. He grabbed the shampoo bottle and began to slowly wash Adam's hair. He wanted to take care of him for the rest of his life. He never wanted Adam to doubt or worry about his love; Adam was precious to him and he would spend his life showing him.

Adam sighed. Travis treated him like he was a treasure; something to love and take care of. He had given his whole heart to this man and in return, he had been given the gift of Travis's love. A love that was given without reservation; without compromise or caveats. Travis's love was pure. Just as his love for Travis was.

He felt Travis pull him back a little as he rinsed him off under the warm water. He smiled a little as he remembered something. He had purchased a new cowboy hat to go with his boots, as well as a red bandana. When they were through here, he was going to put his new hat and bandana on, along with his boots, and nothing else. He wondered how Travis felt about being lassoed and smiled. He was sure he could find something around the place that would work as a pretend lasso.

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