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To Love the Professor Ch. 03

I let out a frustrated grunt as I left the building and made my way across campus to my next class. I really wasn't lying about being nearly late for class as I headed inside of the classroom. Everyone was slowly starting to file in and taking their seats.

"Can I borrow a pencil," I heard a male voice ask as I was setting up my writing utensils. I grabbed a pencil, looked up and held it out for the stranger. but I was met by a familiar tall ,blonde-haired guy with hypnotic brown eyes. I watched his eyes slowly take me in and I smiled wider.

"You remember me?" he asked.

"Mason, right?" I responded.

He nodded his head in confirmation. "So, Emma, did you get into trouble?" he asked.

"In trouble?" I asked him.

"You know...that class you were late for?" he reminded me.

"No, he decided to wave the first day," I said to him.

"Good, so...." He was about to ask me something else, but the conversation was cut short by the professor entering the room and taking attendance.

This class was actually enjoyable since I am a true fan of everything that is literature. Also ,Mason kept smiling at me and making hilarious commentary.

After taking the last bit of notes, the professor quickly wrapped up class for today. I gathered my bags and was headed out to leave when I heard my name called. I turned around and saw it was Mason, waiting for me.

"Emma... your pencil," he said to me.

"You could have kept it," I grinned as I took the pencil from him and he chuckled.

"Well, I was hoping to also get your number," he said as he looked at me.

"Oh really?" I smiled at such a cheeky comment.

"Well, if you said no then my other alternative was asking if you wanted to hang out with me this afternoon," he continued.

" regards to the phone number, sure. As for hanging out with you, it will have to wait. I have a late class at four that doesn't finish up until after six," I said to him.

"How about this weekend?" he asked. "Saturday? It will be fun, we can just hang out," he suggested.

"Okay," I said.

"2 pm good for you?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said to him. I quickly scribbled down my number and handed him the slip of paper. I then left the classroom with him and he said , "See you later. " I headed toward the cafeteria, seeking out a caffeinated beverage to keep me going for the rest of the day. I purchased a soda and a bag a chips and sat outside watching the sun slowly set. I was thinking about Mason and how I wanted to say no to "hanging out" with him. However, I felt as though I need to be distracted from the feelings I was developing for Sebastian. I felt naughty to still feel slight tingles all over my body at the mention of his name. I wonder why I haven't felt that with Mason.

Just as my thoughts were alternating between Mason and Sebastian, my phone rang. I checked the screen and saw it was Carmen calling and answered it.

"Hey Em's," she quickly said to me.

"Hey Carm," I said in a nonchalant tone.

"Why do you melancholy?" she asked.

"Well, I got asked out on a date," I said.

"Really, with who?" she asked.

"This guy named Mason who is in my English class," I said.

"Shouldn't you be excited?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. I stood up and began walking toward my last class of day with Professor Blaire. I was hesitant about going to class especially after that moment in the hallway. I was now wondering if I should tell her about it.

"Emma, you still there?" she asked.

"Yes," I said quickly.

"I've been saying your name a dozen times...did something else happen?" she asked me.

"Well...I sort of ran into Professor Blaire," I said to her.

"Really! What happened?" she asked.

"Nothing...he asked me to help take some of his books to his office and then he accidentally bumped into me and he...kind of... well we...sort of...felt each other...I mean I could feel him...behind me and he was hard," my words came tumbling out.

"Oh my God!" she screeched as I entered the building and rode the elevator up. "He wants you and you want him," she said.

"Let's just say...we might want each other but he's got gremlins from his past. In particular, a very sexy paralegal that stopped by to see him," I said to her.

"Did he seem into her?" she asked. As I thought back on it, he didn't seem into her. He didn't cringe away from her but he also didn't seem interested.

"Not really," I conceded.

"Well are you interested in you like him?" she asked me. "Be honest," she demanded.

"I do...I mean I am interested in him...but I know it could never go anywhere," I said.

"There may or may not be any possible future. You will never know unless you try... I mean you will always be wondering "what if"," she said.

"What about Mason?" I asked.

"Emma, listen to me," she stated. "You are young, as I mentioned before. You are at a time in your life where you should feel free to date and experience new things. You are not in some committed relationship with Mason. Before I met Brandon, I was dating practically everyone. I was searching for the right guy before I finally met Brandon. So you need to get out there and date, take chances, and try new things," she said. "Also, judging by your tone earlier, you are clearly not into Mason," Carmen observed. She was telling the truth, I didn't feel the same way about Mason as I feel about Blaire. It is also true, that I spent most of my college, even high school, life completely avoiding dating and the opposite sex. I felt ready to experiences.......ready to take a risk. "Take a chance," Carmen chanted.

"Isn't it wrong to be attracted to your professor?" I hesitated.

"Who said it is wrong? If you look throughout history, those relationships have always existed. Also, it is technically not illegal, since you are very much over 18," she stated. I was now approaching the door of the classroom, and students were passing me to go inside. I peeked at the clock and knew I had to go.

"Carmen...I've got to go...I have Government now," I said quickly as I hung up. I then headed into the class, along with other students who were rushing inside, and I saw that Blaire was facing the board writing notes.

I took a seat in the middle row this time and lined my books, notebooks and writing utensils on the desk. I then looked up and caught his eyes directly on me and before he looked around the classroom.

"Good evening, everyone," he said. He was beginning to talk and I was mesmerized by his lips as he began to speak of upcoming assignments. However, the conversation was quickly interrupted by the sound of my iPhone blasting out Katy Perry's, "Roar". I quickly searched for my phone and saw it was Jessica calling me. I quickly pressed the ignore button and turned the phone off. I looked up and was absolutely startled to see Blaire standing in front of me with his hand out.

"I'm sorry, I cut it off," I said to him.

"It seems, Miss Carrington, that you are unaware of the policies I have when you enter this classroom," he said. "It rule three, which I was just discussing last class and it is also in your syllabus. Here's another copy," he said as he placed the syllabus on my desk. I looked at the syllabus and glanced at the words. "Read it aloud for me, Miss Carrington," he said.

"Cell phone use is prohibited once you have entered within this classroom. Individuals found using a cellphone within class will have the cell phone confiscated," I said. He held out his hand and I placed my cell phone on it. He took it and placed my cellphone on his desk and then went back to instructing class. It felt as though I was reliving my old boarding school days, when Sister Mary Francis confiscated my lip gloss.

After class was dismissed, I slowly approached the front of the room. He had my phone in his hand and I thought he was going to hand it back but, instead, he waited for everyone to leave the classroom. Once the room was clear, I watched him approach and I thought he was going to hand my phone back but he walked right by me. I watched him go to the door and lock it.

" there something else you want?" I stuttered as he turned around and slowly approached me. Soon I felt myself backing up to the edge of his desk. I could see those hunting green eyes laced with lust...for me. Before I could speak another word his lips were on mine. He arms encircled my body, pulling me close.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I pulled my lips from his warm lips. His answer was to kiss me even more. What was even more shocking was that I soon began kissing him back. I moaned as I gave access inside my mouth and his tongue began to tease my tongue and then his tongue slowly retreated but not before he traced a line around my outer lips.

His hands which were on my waist originally were now caressing my ass. Before I knew it, he was lifting me up by my thighs. I could feel my mound was settled against his groin. I felt him slowly walk and this little movement was causing his hard shaft to grind against my mound. A gasp escaped my lips as he pulled me even closer and settled in his desk chair.

"We shouldn't be doing this," I moaned as his mouth kissed down my neck. Any thoughts of pulling away quickly evaporated. He kissed my lips again harder and pulled me close by my waist.

"I know we shouldn't...but I want you," he whispered against my lips.

"Me too," I said. I felt his hand grabbing my bottom, pulling me close and his lips gaining more entrance to my already open mouth. His mouth slowly began kissing along the visible parts of my breast. I felt myself grinding against his already hard shaft and he was pulling me against him. I pulled away and moaned as I was grinding harder into him.

"How do you feel baby," he whispered as he caressed my back. "Tell me how I make you feel?" he demanded.

"Good...very good," I moaned. I was practically begging to get closer to him and to feel him. I wanted relief that I knew he could give me as I ground myself even harder in his lap. I felt his hands pushing my dress up to reveal my tights. His hand then ventured under my tights and then slipped inside my lace thong. His hand began exploring my folds, and he was testing me as he slid one finger, which was then followed by another -- I was excited to feel his two fingers within me. Then his thumb came up and gently caressed my clit. My eyes squeezed tight as a new feeling was taking over me.

"Emma, open your eyes baby," he demanded. I was caught off guard as I opened my eyes to see his deep emerald eyes staring back. His eyes were probably a mirror image of each other, filled with abandoned lust. "Let me make you cum," came another demanding request.

"Please!" I begged as I felt his skillful fingers circle my nub again.

"Say my name," he ordered. "Say...Sebastian!"

"Sebastian!" I screamed his name. In that moment I felt like I had given over to the dark side as he stroked my clit through the silky material of my thong while two fingers probed inside of me. I felt my insides began to clench and I began to grind and rock against his fingers.

"Take it!" he growled in my ear. "Take your pleasure baby," he encouraged as he kissed my neck. It was enough to send me right over the edge as I picked up speed and rode his fingers. My hands gripped him tightly as I began to reach nirvana and had the most intense orgasm...well, the only orgasm of my life.

"Oh, God!" I screamed.

"Yes baby," he kissed my neck and never stopped stroking. Slowly his fingers began to still and I collapsed against his chest. I whimpered and purred with pleasure as he eased his fingers out of me. He took his hand out of my tights, making me feel empty without them. My body was exhausted as I felt myself drifting between amazement and contempt. I then began to come out of the euphoria and realized I was still very much on his lap. I slowly began to climb off his lap but he gripped me by the hips and held me still.

"Have dinner with me?" he asked.

"What?" I questioned as I became more alert of what he said.

He repeated his request and I looked at him. I knew where this was heading, which was a one night stand. I hated the idea behind a hit and quit fling. However, I remembered what Jessica and Carmen said, "I should be having is my last year and I am too harsh on the male sex". Also, it's only going to happen one time. He and I would just have some fun and I think it is what I need. A night to just release all that pent up passion that is boiling over.

"Umm...okay, I just need to run home and change," I whispered. I also needed a shower as I felt the warm wetness between my legs.

"Okay...I will meet you at the Biltmore, in the lobby at eight," he said.

"Okay," I said to him. I was about to pull away but he kissed me once more. I moaned and gasped while in his arms before I pulled away. I grabbed my phone off his desk and grabbed my bag off the floor.

I left the classroom with a stomach filled with nerves but they were the good kind. I got in my car and caught my breath. I was truly hot and bothered and even my mind and maybe my heart were battling it out...I knew in the back of my mind I need this...just for one night. To wipe away the stress and give me sweet salvation.

Speeding........I was definitely speeding on my way home in order to get ready. I took the stairs two at a time as I went into my apartment in search of something to wear. I decided on the emergency little black figure hugging dress. I was then in and out of the shower within less than a minute. I glanced at the time and knew there was no time to waste. I was dressed and out the door headed towards the Biltmore.

While in the car, I took the time to apply a little make up and combed my fingers through my hair. It was a little less than I would do on my normal primp session but it would have to do. As I checked my phone again for the time, I noticed I had several missed calls from my friends but I wasn't going to answer. I knew they would want full details and right now I didn't want to provide any. Rose would probably attempt to talk me out of it, while Jessica and Carmen would be chanting "Carpe Diem" meaning "Seize the day".

I arrived at the front of the hotel where not only the valet was waiting but also Blaire. He was dressed in a navy suit with a light blue tie. He looked extremely gorgeous, as though he should be modeling for a top of the line designer instead of practicing in the law field. He seemed even taller as I looked at him and his smile grew larger. His green eyes which were normally light seemed darker and filled with lust.

"Wow! You look amazing," he pulled me close into his arms. Instead of kissing my cheek he kissed my lips, which surprised me.

"Hello, Sebastian," I said. He grasped my hand and took me into the main lobby of the hotel. He escorted me to a very crowded restaurant, and there was a table all the way in the back that led out to a balcony which overlooked the city.

He pulled out my chair for me and then he quickly sat down. I watched the waiter approach with a bottle of wine and he began to pour.

"I hope you don't mind," he said.

"It's fine, I am a big fan of Merlot," I whispered.

"You know wine?" he asked me.

"I spent a few summers in Italy with my aunt. We visited a lot of wineries, and had a huge amount of wine," I giggled. I thought about the countless bottles my aunt and I tried. "We were so drunk we had to sleep it off at the vineyard." He chuckled as he rolled the wine around in his glass.

"Which part?" he ask me.

"Tuscany, Rome and other areas," I said.

"I studied abroad for a short time in Italy and Paris," he said. I waited for him to elaborate further on his time in Italy and Paris but he just raised his wineglass and I followed with the same action. Our glasses clinking together before we both tasted the wine.

"Oh," I said as I tasted the sweetness of the wine. "This is good."

"It is a favorite of mine that I have during special occasions," he said. He smiled at me and I smiled before I realize what he was insinuating. He must have a little liquid courage before he partakes in his late night booty calls. Soon the wine no longer tasted as sweet and it had a sour taste. I began to think about how many other women who have sat across from him and had been wined and dined.

"What was I thinking?" I questioned myself. I should just gather my purse and tell him I no longer want to have dinner with him. I should just stand up and say I am going to the restroom and really just leave.

"Emma," my thoughts were interrupted when he spoke my name.

"Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts," I said. "What were you saying?" I asked.

"I was saying how beautiful you look tonight," he said. His fingers caressed my hand and my body trembled similarly to the effects I experienced within his classroom.

"Thank you," I breathlessly whispered. My mind was becoming all mushy and soon any thoughts of leaving were dismissed.

After sampling the wine, I looked through the menu. We both agreed not to have an appetizer and wanted to get straight to dinner. I allowed him to order since my thoughts were blocked or rather occupied.

"So tell me about you, Emma?" he asked. "Do you have any brothers and sisters?"

"No siblings, I wish I did but my mom died when I was twelve and my father never remarried or took up the notion of having more children," I said. "What about you, any brothers or sisters?" I asked him.

"An older brother, Vince, and a sister named Bella," he said.

"Your parents?" I asked.

"My dad's name is Fred and my mom is Cate. They have been married for nearly forty years," he said.

"Wow...forty years," I whisper.

"Yeah they've known each other since high school. My dad worked as the lead District Attorney for about ten years before he opened up his big corporate law firm, and my mother runs several charities," he said. If I remember correctly, his family is one of the oldest and most prestigious families in the area with connections to the first settlers of Jamestown.

"Tell me about your father and mother?" he asked me.

"Dad...his name is Tom, he is a brilliant architect and investor. Recently he was in Dubai designing a massive hotel for some Sheik," I said. "He actually redesigned this building we are currently occupying," I said as I smiled. "I remember that I spent parts of my summer here. I had just graduated from prep school and was planning to attend Williamson in the fall," I stated.

"He redesigned it for my father," he said.

"What?" I asked. I was finally comprehending that his father owns the hotel.

"My father owns the Biltmore," he confirmed. "Along with other Biltmores. The Biltmore name is associated with the maiden name of an ancestor on my father's side. It was said that the hotel was part of her dowry and to honor her, the name has remained the same," he said.

"That is amazing," I said as I listened to the details of the story.

"Please, continue to tell me more about your family," he encouraged.

"My mother's name was Elizabeth. She was a swimmer a long time ago at Williamson, and she got pregnant with me right before Olympic tryouts. After I was born she went back to school and got a degree so she could teach History. She taught first grade for a while, coached my swim team and raised me. When I was ten she was diagnosed with cancer and, right around my twelfth birthday, she passed away," I said. I fought back that feeling of sadness that creeped over me when I talked about her quick death.

"I am sorry about your mother," he said as he caressed my hand. "So after graduating what field are you going into?" he asked.

"Law School," I said.

"I remember when I made that decision to go into law, although my father had more to do with that decision," he said sourly. I could tell there was bitterness lurking in the shadows, in regards to his father.
"My father also had some influence in my decision and my mother as well," I stated. "My mother had been studying to be a lawyer right before she ended up pregnant with me. She chose to have me and put her life on hold. After my mother's death my father definitely pushed for my education. He wanted me to have the best and achieve the dream my mother had wanted for herself," I stated.

"What field would you have chosen, if you could?" he asked me.

"I...I love architecture...I have a love for the designs of old buildings or houses," I stated.

"Like father, like daughter," Sebastian said.

"I guess you could say that. He really loves restoring things to their original structure but lately his projects involve tearing down and building something new and innovative," I stated. "Enough about me, tell me about your hobbies?" I asked him. He quickly began to discuss several things that interest him.

"If I am not working on a case I like to travel, play lacrosse, rugby, or basketball," he said. "How about you?" he asked me. I discussed my love for swimming, late night television and a love for everything white chocolate. He told me about his best friends and I told him about mine We discussed political topics as the food arrived. We ate and talked until nearly the very end of the meal.

I never thought we would enjoy having a conversation. I thought his primary goal was to get me into bed, but I guess I was wrong. I also never thought we would have anything in common either. However, deep in my thoughts, I assumed this was a part of his ploys to get women into bed. The thought was quickly swept away as he took my hand and he smiled from across the table.

After we finished dinner, we decided against dessert. Sebastian then proceeded to stand up and he took my hands.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"Back to my penthouse," he said. "Is that okay with you?" he asked

"Yes," I stated with no hesitation. We were out of the restaurant and headed towards the elevator doors.

"You live here?" I asked as I turned to him.

"Yes, on the top floor," he said as he led me into the already packed elevator. I thought we probably should have taken the stairs as I stood in front of him. I then felt his arm snake around me and he pulled me back to him. My body was moved closer to his as another individual shoved their way onto the elevator. My body rested back against his and, as I was wearing heels, I could feel his hard member through his trousers. It was currently growing and resting on my bottom.

"You feel that," he whispered into my ear and I nearly gasped as he poked it into my bottom. "It's been like this since I saw you step out of that car," he said. I continued to lean back into him and I felt his hand around my waist giving it soft, gentle strokes while his other hand brushed gently on my thigh. It was sweet torture as the elevator moved up each floor. His hands were caressing me through the thin material of the dress, and his fingertips reached down and played between the hem and my upper thigh.

"Sweet Jesus," I nearly moaned aloud as I felt his shaft twitching against my bottom.

Within a few minutes the elevator was empty. When that last person got out and the doors closed, he quickly turned me around and picked me up into his arms. My legs wrapped tightly around his body and his hand grabbed my ass. I was kissing him as though my life depended on it, and I was practically slammed against the steel frame of the elevator. I felt his shaft grinding against my mound.

"Emma!" he groaned as I rotated my hips against him.

"Please!" I begged. I was in need of relief similar to the relief I felt in the classroom. We both heard the elevator ding, indicating we were at the right floor, and he reluctantly pulled his lips off mine and began to walk off the elevator. My eyes quickly peered around and I glanced at the cream colored walls and marbled floors. There were only maybe five doors on this floor. He then walked to the left until he stood directly in front of the door. His right hand left my back and I heard a beeping sound which was followed by a click. He held me close as he walked into a dark room.

We entered into a dark room except for the glass wall that surrounded the room and allowed moonlight to enter. From what I could see, I could make out a sofa on far right and possibly a table. Sebastian strolled in without hesitation or fear of tripping. He carried me through another entry way and then he lay me down on a soft plush bed. I quickly kicked my heels off while I heard him fiddling with the zipper of his pants. Once his pants were down, I felt his fingertips gliding up my ankles and grazing over my mid-thigh. He eventually reached the hem of my dress before raising it up over my hips. His fingertips continued their lavish journey across my panties. My breathing had rapidly increased by them before eventually both hands grasped my panties and eased them down past my knees and off my legs altogether.

"Say my name," he ordered as he stared me down.

"Sebastian," I moaned. His name sent chills down my spine and before long he was caressing my thigh and touched my slit. His fingers began to explore me once again before eventually circling my clitoris. It was indeed sweet torture he was inflicting on my sex and I was practically pulling him to me, wanting him inside of me but he pulled away.

"Condom," he whispered. A groan passed against my lips and he chuckled. I then heard the sound of a drawer opening and him fiddling with a foil packet. He grasped me by the ankles and before I could utter another word or have a second thought, he shoved his throbbing cock inside of me.

"Oh!" a low whimper escaped my lips but it was drowned out by his own grunts. "So...fucking...tight," he groaned with each thrust as he entered me.

"Oh Sebastian!" I moaned as his thrusts seemed to have no end. Deeper and harder he would move within me, gripping my thighs to ensure that we never lost any inch of contact.

"Emma, you fucking...good," he gasped as I clenched around him. He and I quickly began to develop a rhythm. My body clenching around him as he pushed in then pulled out, over and over. My body didn't want him to go, it has been so long, nearly four years since I had last had sex. He leaned down and kissed me and I kissed him back. I then felt his thrust become deeper and he went faster. I knew he was going to cum and so was I.

"I'm going too..." he was mid-sentence.

"So am I. Make me cum, Sebastian, please!" I begged. He sped up and hit my spot and I cried out and climaxed into oblivion. I lost my nervousness as I watched him as his cock vanished within me, creating a delicious feeling within me. My eyes drifted closed and my head fell back, my hands were clutching the sheets.

"Open your eyes!" I heard his demanding voice command over the drumming in my ear. My eyes snapped open and I focused on his lust filled green eyes. I felt him speed up and his movements became jerked and his head shot back as he climaxed hard and moaned my name.

"Oh God, Emma, you are fucking amazing," he whispered. I then felt him slowly moving into me and to my amazement he was still hard. My insides still felt heated as he slowly stroked into me and his fingers dipping down to caress my clit. He then pulled away and I watched him remove his shirt. His hands then finished the job of removing my dress and tossing it onto the floor. We were both now completely nude and to my dismay there were no other tattoos gracing his body.

Sebastian now approached me and stood between my thighs as I sat on the edge of the bed. He leaned down and kissed me and then told me he wanted me on all fours on the bed.

"On all fours?" I asked. He nodded his head and I slowly climbed into the position.

"Now look over shoulder at me as I fuck you," he demanded. I was unsure because this was a new move to me. The only thing I had ever done was missionary during the first time I had sex. He slid inside me and he grunted.

"So fucking tight," he groaned. He very deep as he took slow yet leisurely strokes inside of me. He would pull his shaft out to the tip and just before I thought he would leave, he would shove right back inside of me.

Whimpers and groans escaped my lips, which sounded completely inhuman. His grunts became even more animalistic.

"Sebastian...please!" I bit my bottom lip as I looked over my shoulder. It must have set him off more as he grasped my hips harder. "So...fucking... good!" he cried out as he thrust hard and deep. "Take my cock baby!" he screamed as he thrusted.

"Oh yes! Give it to me," I cried out as I met his thrust. He was thrusting so hard that I felt as though he was taking all of me....leaving me nothing but this euphoria or out of body experience. Our bodies were clinging close together, soaked in sex and sweat as we bathed in the intense feeling which stemmed from our orgasms. I collapsed on the bed and his body lay right on top of mine. Having him that close felt amazingly good, and I thought that it was a shame that it would last only one night. He rolled onto his back, and I assumed he would be abandoning me now as I watched him stand. He headed into the bathroom and I heard the shower start running. I stood up and reached down to gather my clothes but I felt his arms come snake around me. He lifted me up into his arms and carried me into his shower. He was kissing me hard and he began to lather and soap my body along with his. I gasped as his hands washed my mound. However, before long his wandering fingers massaged my breasts and then his hands drifted down to massage my clit.

I gasped and moaned into his chest as he worked faster and harder. "Grasp the towel bar," he whispered to me. I grasped it and then felt his mouth kiss down my body, and before I knew it he was kneeling between my thighs. My head fell back as he latched on my clit and I cried out.

"Sebastian!" I screamed his name when I finally could manage to speak. His fingers and tongue seemed to be God's gift to the universe as he caressed and licked me. "Oh yes!" I moaned and a whimper escaped my lips. My hands were tangled deeper into his dark hair. My toes proceed to curl, my hips began to sway, and I was dying to get closer and to reach nirvana.

He pulled back and locked eyes with me and his fingers moved faster. "Come for me baby! I want to feel you come!" he demanded in his rough voice. So I did what he asked and came hard for him. I screamed out as I climaxed and his tongue was quickly there to finish out the job. Sebastian took the time to kiss up my body, gliding his tongue across my breast before he kissed my lips. As we kissed, I wrapped my arms tightly around him. He continued to grind himself against me and his shaft was demanding entrance inside but I pulled away. His face went through a phase of emotions as I stepped away from him.

"Are you hurting?" he asked me.

"No....I just wanted to try something," I stated and before he could utter a word, my hands were exploring his shaft. It was indeed long and very hard as I stroked it. I then began kissing his chest, down across his belly button and before long my lips moved down his body. Slowly my lips kissed the head of his shaft. My inexperienced tongue took slow yet leisurely licks across the tip before licking down the whole shaft.

"Sweet Jesus!" he moaned as I latched onto his shaft with my mouth. I experimented with the weight of him inside of my mouth and moving him around. It was a different experience and surprisingly it wasn't unpleasant. As I looked up at him, his eyes were locked on me and they looked demanding. Demanding for the pleasure he knew I could give and that he would receive. I slowly moved my mouth up and down on his shaft and a groan escaped his lips.

"Fuck!" he cried out. From the look in his eyes I was doing something right. Also he was attempting to move further into my mouth and I allowed him. His head fell back and he cried out as we developed a sort of push and pull method.

"I going to cum!" he cried out. His hand quickly grasped my head and he began to thrust hard and deep into my mouth. He was literally fucking my mouth as I felt him speed up and then before I knew it he climaxed and I was tasting his essence.

He groaned as my tongue swiped over his tip and he still continued to thrust in my mouth. When he fell from my lips he was still hard, and he pulled me off my knees and he began to kiss me hard on the lips.

"Oh Emma!" he moaned as he caressed between my thighs. "You are wet again," he said as he slipped his fingers inside me. I knew I was also wet because I became turned on when I was pleasing him. I liked the idea of having power over him...making him cry out to me instead of the other way around.

He then picked me up and leaned me against the wall of the shower. I then felt his shaft ease back inside of me and he thrust hard.

I moaned and he began to thrust wildly into me. I held tight to him, holding on for dear life as his thrusts became maddening inside of me.

"Oh Sebastian!" I cried out.

"Tell me!" he groaned.

"Tell you what?" I could barely make the words out.

"Tell me to fuck fuck you hard," he spoke as he thrust into me.

"Fuck me....Fuck me hard, Sebastian," I whimpered. Before I knew it I was screaming that I was going to cum and I began to meet his thrust.

"Cum for me baby," he thrust faster and I climaxed again and he came inside of me. I moaned out and then latched my lips onto his mouth. Kissing and thanking him for giving me another gut wrenching orgasm.

"Oh baby, you feel so good," I cried out as I continued riding out those last remaining quivers. I felt his warm seed inside me and finally realization hit me. He wasn't wearing protection this time.

"You didn't wear a condom," I whispered. I felt him freeze his light strokes as he looked at me. I smiled and whispered against his lips, "I'm on the birth control shot." He moaned with relief and carried me back to bed. We rested for less than a couple hours before I felt him pull me to him and he began thrusting into me. He flipped me over, deciding he wanted to see me take my pleasure on top. Nervousness had overtaken me due to this unfamiliar position. However, like the teacher he is , he educated me on how to take my pleasure from him.

"Ride me!" he demanded. I rode him, clenching on him as I went faster. Sebastian screamed and cried out just as loudly as I did. Eventually we were both depleted as I collapsed on top of him. I slowly rolled off and snuggled into his arms and I felt him hold me close. I closed my eyes, cuddled close to him and drifted off to sleep on his chest. He was wrapped around me as well. I murmured his name and he murmured mine and called me endearing words. I felt content and relaxed and wished it could be like this always. My thoughts and dreams were filled with the fantastic images of Sebastian and sex. I've never heard it mentioned that he was a potential nympho, however, the more he had made love and kissed me, the more I realized I was possibly in the same position.

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Apr 16, 2018 in romance