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To Have and to Cuckold Pt. 04

***Author's note:

I want to apologize to all of the people who emailed me and told me that they were fans of the story, as well as the ones who didn't email me. I know that the wait was long for this next chapter. I recently got hurt doing something stupid involving a football and a bunch of 20 year olds. My wife keeps telling me that I should act my age. Maybe one day I will listen (Who am I kidding? Men, do we ever listen?). My flash drive was at my job, but I hadn't been there for a while because I was laid up. When I was finally able to go, I had a lot of catch up work to do. Uncle Sam likes his shit done pronto, no matter if I am hurt or not. Anyone with a government job or contract can concur with this.

On top of that, I got a nasty virus on my laptop that took me a couple of days to eradicate.

I thank all of you who emailed me to let me know that you enjoyed the story. With all of the negative publicity I did wonder.

I also wanted to thank the observation of FD45 that he made in Chapter 3. I was taking the attacks on Naomi personally, mostly because I was her at some point. I didn't realize it until he pointed it out. I never defended Josh, and he was bashed more than Naomi. Yet I vehemently asked questions regarding what she did or didn't do that was so wrong. Very curious. Thank you for that insight FD45.

As for the rest of you, you guys are awesome. Whether you love the story or hate it, you still give me the courtesy of reading it and getting involved with your feedback. Honestly, I post stories on this site for that very reason. The scores are only a mouse-click. The comments and emails are personal thoughts that people take time out of their day to write. They are much appreciated. I tried to answer all of the emails, but they were too numerous. If I didn't respond to your email, I apologize.

On another note, I made a mistake earlier. I said that there would be seven chapters. There are really six.


THE PAST: Josh and Naomi finally embarked on a relationship that actually led to marriage. Their road had a lot of growing and compromising before them, but they worked hard at it and were rewarded with a loving partnership.

Naomi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. While they loved Henry without limits, this joy came at a price. Naomi wasn't able to lose the weight that she'd gained from a rough pregnancy. This had a domino effect on her overall personality and she soon became someone that her husband was not attracted to.

A loving gesture that went awry started them on the path towards September 2015. Naomi started to lose the weight that she'd gained. Shedding the cocoon, her inner butterfly started to emerge. She became more confident. Since that confidence was the source of her overall appeal, her sexuality started to return.

Josh capitalized on this newfound glory. He searched for ways to fan the flames. He was desperate for the old Naomi to return to him. Be careful what you wish for.

On their anniversary, they began a game that would ultimately amp their sex life up to new levels. It started with a dollar bet that Naomi couldn't flirt with the owner of a restaurant that they were at and get their meal for free. Testing the true capabilities of her "power", she took the bet. And won.

THE PRESENT Josh returned to the real world. He felt revitalized. He was soon able to deal with the problem directly. Finally returning home, he confronted Naomi to get some much-needed answers.


STILL IN THE PAST - January 2013 - 6th Anniversary

I was all over her in the car. We sat in the parking lot of the restaurant necking like we were high school kids at a make out point. My hands traced her body as I breathed in her sweet aroma. One of her hands was on the back of my neck as she cradled me into hers. The other hand was desperately trying to loosen up my pants.

"Why is your belt so fucking tight?" She moaned impatiently. Sharing her frustration, I took a break and unclasped the buckle. Immediately her hand snaked its way down to what she craved.

"Oh my God you are fucking hard!" She gasped and she wrapped her fingers around my rigid erection. I could only groan in response.

"Okay Josh. Get off me. Get me home and fuck me please?"

I had other wicked ideas. My hand made its way up her dress until I found her sopping wet thong. Very carefully, I grasped it and started sliding it down.

"Josh! What are you doing?"

Completely ignoring her, I continued to pull it down until it was at her knees. She leaned her head back and opened her legs up as far as the thong would let her.

My fingers found her hot opening. I swear I could practically feel steam coming from it. I inserted one, finger, then two, and began working them along the inside. When I reached her G spot, she started moaning. With my thumb, I found her clit and began massaging that. Her moans increased to guttural groans.

"Fuck Josh! Keep doing that!"

By now her thong was stretched past the point of ever being usable again as she had her knees straining against the thin material. Her hips lifted off of the seat and began bucking wildly in the air. She was so wet that I could hear the sloshing sounds that her pussy was making as I fingered her to an explosive orgasm.

"I'm cumming Josh. Don't you fucking stop! I'm cumming!"

Her wish was my command. By now I was working my fingers so fast that my wrist began to hurt, but I didn't care. I needed to see her cum.

And cum she did. When it hit her, her body went rigid as she screamed out. At that point, I didn't give a fuck who was in the parking lot, or whether they were watching or not. I was mesmerized by watching my wife's convulsing body. I could feel her thighs quivering on my hand.

With my free hand, I pulled her thong completely off. She was still coming down from her high, so she barely noticed that she was now panty less. I placed it on the dashboard like a trophy as I climbed across the car into her seat.

"Josh. What the hell are you doing? You're not seriously going to fuck me right here are you?"

I answered her by finding the latch to recline her seat into the horizontal position. She splayed her legs open giving me enough room to slide in between them. Her left heel hooked into the steering wheel and she put her right foot on my shoulder. She wasn't even pretending to resist anymore. We were both lost in the sea of lust. The only thing that could have stopped this from happening would have been a cop banging on the window, and even that was debatable.

I lined my achingly hard cock up and slid into the place that my fingers were moments earlier. The wet warmth welcomed me in as it wrapped around my member.

"Goddammit Naomi! You're so wet! God you feel good."

I pumped my hips in rhythm with hers. Her hands wrapped around my neck as she pulled me in for a kiss. Our tongues wrestled for a moment until I had to break away. I needed my concentration to be channeled to my hips.

"Fuck me Josh. Do to me what Antonio wants to do."

The mere mention of his name fired me up. Yes, I was doing what he wishes he were doing. I was outside fucking the shit out of my beautiful wife while he was in that restaurant, probably still thinking about her. This turned me on. Big time.

My woman, asshole. Not yours! You can only wish you were me.

I couldn't hold out for long on that thought. Luckily, Naomi was really close to another one. Her nails dug into me as she sped her hips up. The sound of slapping skin permeated the car as it shook in rhythm to our coupling.

When I felt her spasm again, I knew I was free to release myself. I couldn't stop from letting out an animalistic howl as I felt myself spurting gobs of cum deep into her.

Once I was able to return to this solar system, I looked into Naomi's face as I heard her giggling. I noticed that she wasn't looking at me, but past me. My heart almost stopped as she gave a wave over my shoulder.

What the... I thought as I whipped my head around. Through the foggy windshield my eyes locked on an elderly couple that stared back at me with their mouths hanging open. My gaze returned to Naomi as we shared a laugh.

"Do you think they saw us?" I whispered. She giggled again and said, "Uh, yeah!"

Later on that night, we laid in bed and snuggled. Henry was spending some quality time with his favorite (only) aunt, so we had the evening to ourselves.

"What did you do with him?" I asked casually. Naomi looked up at me.

"Do what with who?"

I felt a flash of annoyance that she was pretending to not know what the hell I was talking about, but when I looked at her I saw that she was genuinely confused.

"Antonio. At the restaurant. When you went to the back with him, what did you do?"

A smile crept across her lips. "Josh, are you jealous?" she asked coyly as I felt her hand creeping down my stomach.

"No. Just curious." I croaked, trying to sound casual. But let's be real. I was lying through my fucking teeth. I was jealous as hell!

It wasn't just that though. There was something else that I couldn't get a fix on.

That jealous feeling that I had was making me feel excited. No, I didn't want Naomi to fuck that guy. Not really. At least I didn't think so. But that fifteen minutes when I was unsure of what she was doing, or just how long she'd be gone, that was intoxicating! It was the most erotic rush I'd had in a long time. I guess that's what they call cuckold angst. Intellectually, I couldn't make sense of that feeling, or figure out whether it was good or bad. But for some reason it turned me on. Go figure.

"Just curious, huh?" She said as she felt my little guy who wanted to come out and play again.

"Tell me." I said with more force than I meant to. It sounded like a command mixed with lust. Yes, I was turned on! Might as well be honest about it.

I was only wearing boxers, so she was easily able to free me from the hiding place. She slid down until she was eye level with my crotch. She knew what this did to me. Slowly, her hands started pumping.

"Weeeeeell, if you must know, it was almost completely innocent."


"He gave me a tour around the kitchen and I got to meet the chef who prepared our meal. As I was complimenting the chef I felt Antonio..."

Her voice trailed off as she gazed my reaction. I was gone. She'd officially taken my brain out of my skull and reinserted it in my ball sack.

"He what?"

"I felt him rubbing my lower back, and butt."

"What the fuck!" I practically screamed. But there was no anger in my voice. Anger was gone. The only thing that I felt was lust.

"Yeah" she said with a little more confidence. "He started to rub my butt. I think he thought I didn't have any panties on because he couldn't feel the thong. All he felt were ass cheeks."

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I yelled out as cum shot out of my dick. It surprised both of us, but she got the bigger surprise as some of it hit her in the face. The rest of it dribbled onto her hand like melted ice cream.

She went to the bathroom to clean up as I laid there, feeling completely drained. She returned with a wet rag and cleaned me up.

"You let him grope you?" I asked with less lust. I began thinking like a jealous husband again instead of a horny teen. We all know that once you cum, your minds clears of the lust that clouded your vision moments before and you see things differently. No question about it. You go from being horny to human.

"I didn't let him grope me, but I didn't stop him either. I just moved out of the way." She answered honestly.

"But he felt enough to think that you didn't have any panties on?"


I chewed on this for a moment. I could tell she was trying to figure out what I was thinking. Hell, I didn't even know exactly what I felt. I should have been angrier, shouldn't I? I was a little jealous, sure, but not angry.

"Well, it worked." I finally said. She breathed a small sigh of relief.

"I really wanted that dollar."


THE PRESENT - September 2015

"Naomi, do you love him?"

Nothing else matters. This question is the one that had plagued me for the last week. As I sat in Trina's basement consumed by the misery of my thoughts, that was the one that kept me awake.

"Oh my God Josh! No I don't love him! I don't love him at all!"

I look up at the ceiling in disgust. If she starts with the "It's just about the sex" cliché I'd read so often in those stories, there is a good possibility that I could be going to jail tonight for spousal abuse.

"I don't love him. I...I don't even like him all that much." You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.

"So you want me to believe that you snuck behind my back, fucked a guy for WEEKS, and you don't even like him?

"It's the truth Josh, whether you believe it or not."

I rub my fingers into the temples on my head as I try to quell the headache that is threatening to come on. Naomi sits across the room on the bed, looking up at me.

"Naomi, are you still seeing him? Have you been with him since you told me?" I asked, afraid of what the answer might be.

"No! Of course not, Josh. I am so ashamed and afraid. No. I have not been with him! I promise. You have to believe me!" She answered immediately and decisively.

If you have been with me from the beginning of this tale, then you would have to agree with me on one fact. Naomi is no liar. If she says something was the truth, I am inclined to believe her. She hasn't lied yet.

But there is always a first time. I'm not naïve you know. Well, not completely naïve, anyway.

"So why? Why did you risk it for a guy that you didn't like? Did he have a big dick? Did you cum a lot? What made him so special?"

"I DON'T KNOW JOSH! I DON'T KNOW! He didn't have an abnormally big dick. And you know that's not the only thing that's important to me. For some reason I couldn't stop meeting him. There was something there that I couldn't put my finger on. It was just...I don't know what it was."

"Did he make you cum?" She nods her head sadly and suddenly can't look me in the eyes.

"Was it a lot?" I ask softly, not really wanting to know. But I pretty much know the answer to that one. Once again she gives me the affirmative.

We both sit in relative silence. Well, I am silent. Naomi is alternating between crying loudly and softly.

"Why are you crying mommy?" An innocent voice queries from the hallway, breaking through our bubble of misery. Both of our heads shoot in the direction to find our son wiping his eyes sleepily.

I'd completely forgotten that Henry was watching tv in the living room. Henry is such a good kid that at times you forget that he is even in the room. He doesn't throw temper tantrums or command attention. All you need is something to distract him and he will take care of himself.

Forgetting her own pain, Naomi immediately jumps into mommy mode.

"Mommy's okay sweetie. Just a little tired, that's all. Its getting late. You should be in bed."

His eyes started to tear up. "I don't wanna go to bed mommy. I..I'm scared."

"Is it the witch again?"

Henry pouts and nods by bobbing his head up and down like small children at that age do. Kind of an exaggerated nod that was both cute and heartbreaking.

For some time now, Henry has had nightmares about a witch. Trina's kids were watching "Insidious" one night (she didn't know) when Henry was over there. They didn't realize that he was in the room until he'd seen about 10 minutes. That was enough to fuel him with nightmares for the following two weeks.

"'Would you like mommy to lay with you for a while?"

The nod again. Naomi glances back at me as if she were asking permission to put this conversation on hold. A silent message passes between us and she disappears with our son in tow.

With the small reprieve from this gut wrenching dialogue, I am able to sit back and process what happened here. The general synopsis of the facts is that my wife has been covertly meeting a man with the purpose of having sex behind my back for weeks despite our having a way through which she could freely have sex with him.

This is where things get confusing. If she was in love with him, or there was something special about him, I could understand that. It would hurt like hell, but I could at least put a logical explanation to it. But according to her that isn't the case. She doesn't even like him. But for some reason he gives her countless orgasms. Something about their "relationship" made their tryst worth the risk.

There is a missing piece somewhere. Either she is lying for the first time in our marriage, or there is some part of my wife that is fed by sex with this guy that I can't give her. Neither option is favorable. Both of them have serious implications about our future together.

About thirty minutes later Naomi returns from caring for our son. She looks a lot calmer. Her eyes are still puffy, but she looks prepared for round two.

"What are you thinking Josh? Are you going to leave me and Henry?"

Up until this moment of truth, I wasn't sure what I wanted. The part of me that wants to assert my manhood tells me to throw the bitch out in the most hurtful way possible. Yet my true heart won't let me do that. Deep down I know that a few months of chest pounding pride won't make it worth the inevitable lifetime of loneliness and regret. At least not after she answered the two most important questions - did she love him and was it over - the right way. This at least gives us something to build on.

I've been told that the two worst words of an old man is "what if". I don't want to look back over the course of my life and have those words be the mantra of a life lived with reservations. "What if" I gave up too soon? "What if" I had stayed and fought? "What if" I tried to understand why she did what she did before making the decision to walk out of the door? "What if" we could have found a way to move forward together?

"No Naomi. I'm not leaving you. But we have a serious problem that we have to fix."

Relief seems to wash over her entire body as I see her visibly ease its tension. She quickly closes the gap between us as she rushes over to me and wraps her arms around my waist, smashing her face into my chest. I let her hug me close but don't put any effort into returning the sentiment. That may be conveying a message of absolution, and that's not on the table - not yet, anyway.

I pull her away so that I can look into her face. I need her to see me and understand where I am coming from when I say this next part.

"I need to know what happened Naomi. I don't know what went wrong, and I need to figure that out. I'm a technician. One thing I know is that you can't solve the symptoms. You have to find the problem. That is the only way to keep it from happening again. "

"I know Josh. While you were at Trina's house, I have done nothing but think about it. That's why I set up an appointment with a marriage counselor. I want to talk about all of the shit in my head. I have so many fucked up thoughts running around up there. I can't sort them out."

"What kind of thoughts have you been thinking Naomi?"

I watch her face turn contemplative. She can no longer look me in the eyes.

"Lately, I just feel, I don't know, restless. Anxious maybe. I just feel that something isn't right with me, but I can't place it."
"Are you discontent with me? With Henry?"

"No Josh. Not you. I love my two boys. I have a great husband who understands me better than I could ever dream of, and a sweet son that lights up my world. You guys are my heart. The discontentment that I feel lately is more about me. I don't know what I'm feeling, but I feel like there is something missing with me. I just don't know what it is."

"Does it have anything to do with the game?"

She looks thoughtful for a minute.

"I don't think the game caused it, but I started feeling things the more we got into it. Feelings that I had when I was younger. Things that I buried when we decided to make a life together."

It suddenly hits me that there are parts of Naomi that I know nothing of. As close as I am to her, there are places inside of her that I have never been. She keeps those places guarded so well that I hardly realized that they were there. However, no one can hide who they are forever.

"When is your first counseling session?"


I nod my head. "Well, I guess I better let Tom know that I'll be gone part of that day."


THE PAST - December 2013

Things had settled out for about a year. Naomi had taken on more hours at the gym because Jerry had quit. His full time job was demanding more of his time and he couldn't balance the two. He still came to the gym regularly to work out, but he was no longer on the payroll.

With Jerry gone Naomi quickly became a hot commodity. I mean that in more ways than being nice to look at. She stepped up big time and filled the void that Jerry left. She was seriously helping people reach their exercise goals. The staff and the clients both felt that hiring her was the best decision they could have made. I was very proud of her.

This was also the time that I got my promotion. Tom, who had been my boss, now needed help. The workload was beginning to pick up, so the company had to hire five more technicians. Tom felt that with the added people and the increasing workload that he would need help. He recommended to "the powers that be" that our shop be split into teams. When it was approved, Tom suggested that I be promoted to run the other team. I was hard working, knowledgeable, and had been there longer than most of the others.

This new structure took a couple of months to iron out, but it rapidly started yielding results. Customers were happier because we were able to respond faster to their needs. Our shop became more organized and was run more efficiently and overall we were working less overtime. We soon became the model that the other departments were trying to emulate. As I said before, Tom and I work well together.

As far as my sex life with Naomi, it was fucking awesome! Her confidence was in the stratosphere. This affected how she acted with me. She initiated often, she was vocal, and she was wanton. I had to stuff her panties in her mouth a few times to keep her from waking Henry up. I will tell you this, there is no bigger rush than fucking your wife with her own panties stuffed in her mouth.

The game had taken a life of its own and turbocharged our sexual relationship. We were experimenting with the full power of Naomi's sexuality. It is a good thing that we were only betting with dollars. If I had made that first bet with a $10 bill instead of one, I would have been forced to take a second job just to pay her.

I became amazed at my observance of how dumb we guys can be. I mean really. One flash of cleavage or leg and men were practically putty in our hands. I say our hands because everything that they did for Naomi benefited me.

For instance, she got me out of a speeding ticket. I mean a big one! I was doing 90 in a 65 and a cop pulled me over as if he had been waiting for this chance all day. Naomi told me to give her my wallet. Confused, I did as she told me. Then she slowly slipped a dollar out of it and put it in her bra. I grinned at her as she said, "Don't worry dear. I'll handle this." With that she got out of the car and walked back to his cruiser.

Handle it she did. By the time we parted ways with the cop he'd downgraded my rather expensive ticket to a "stern warning" to watch my speed. In return for not giving me a ticket, I pretended not to notice the fact that he slipped Naomi his phone number.

The bets got more daring. She really got off on that. I'll give you an example. We had a Saturday to ourselves because Jerry was taking my sister and her kids to the amusement park. They were kind enough to include Henry in that. Though Henry was too small to ride any of the rides, Trina recognized that Naomi and I needed a day. She asked Jerry to include him. With their generosity, my wife and I decided to have a nice lunch and go for a walk in the park. As we pulled up, I put a dollar on the dashboard told what she had to do in order to win it.

For starters, she had to take her panties and bra off right there and give them to me. She was safely in the confines of the car so that was child's play. However, I had not won a bet yet and I was going for broke. She was wearing a rather short sundress that buttoned up in the front, so the next thing that she had to fulfill was she had to open it one button too many so that her bra (if she were wearing one) would show. Of course without the bra all she needed was one wrong movement and voila - wardrobe malfunction extraordinaire.

Furthermore, her dress was very thin. If she stood in front of a light source, everyone would get a good idea what her legs looked like all the way up. If they looked close enough, they would also see that she was sans culotte.

The final part of the bet was that she had to go the entire day without adjusting her dress once.

She figured that she could just make restricted movements and be mindful of where she was to be safe. But, as I anticipated when I made the bet, there was a slight wind. While you would hardly notice it in normal circumstances, for her it was torture. Every time the wind blew, she stiffened up. Her nipples were protruding quite obscenely and it seemed that the embarrassment only fueled her lust. I was pretty lustful too. It's a good thing my pants weren't too tight. I would have had to hold a book in front of my crotch all day.

She was very careful with her movements, so nothing "popped out". However, I planned to change that. I was either going to win this bet or my wife was going to flash someone. Either way it was a win for me.

I set out a blanket and asked her to sit. While she would have normally adjusted her dress under her and been fine, she couldn't do that. She gave me a wide-eyed look that said, YOU BASTARD!

Lets just say that between the wind, the sitting position, and a careless husband that kept "mistakenly" flicking her dress, there were quite a few guys and a couple of elderly couples who got a good look at what she was barely hiding. If there were kids around, I would have preserved her modesty for her. But if not...

Against all odds, she won the bet. But so did I. I was so horny from the display and her pussy was so moist that I didn't last long at all when I finally ravaged her. I had to finish her off with her dildo and my mouth to give her an orgasm when I was done.

The game had an amazing effect on us. We were spending more and more time with each other. We made time for each other. Before we started this, we found it hard to squeeze alone time. But now, we couldn't get enough of each other. We were having fun. It was good

She would call me at work just to say hi. She sent texts messages telling me how much she missed me. She even grabbed me around the waist when my back was to her and told me that she loved me so much, and that she would be lost without me. Because or her aversion to saying the "L" word, this was significant.

The best memory that I have is when she showed up at my job one day. My team and I had a long day ahead of us because of inventory. I told her that I would be late that night because the numbers were not matching up and we had to go through all of our logs, stock, and invoices for an entire month to figure out the discrepancies. She sounded disappointed when I told her. She asked me if I'd eaten that day, and I told her that I would try to grab a bite when I had a moment.

Apparently, that was not good enough for her. Because of my diabetes, Naomi is always on me about my diet, and she always makes sure that I eat.

About 45 minutes after I hung up with her, she called back. I was a little irritated with her because of the amount of work that was ahead, but that disappeared when she told me that she was in the parking lot and she needed help carrying the food that she had brought. When I went there to help her, I saw that she brought four large pizzas and some drinks.

"Josh, you need to eat. I don't care how much work you have to do. Take a break."

I was about to object, but I saw her face go into a pout.

"Besides, I miss you. You're going to be late coming home. At least let me spend an hour with you."

That break boosted my team's moral. For an hour, my wife sat with us and hung out. The entire time she sat on my lap. She was flirtatious, but not overly so. Her charm had every one of my guys eating out of her hand.

She talked to the guys, telling them how great of a husband I was. My team looked at me with envy from then on. I even overheard a couple of them talking about what a lucky fucker I was for going home to that every night. I could not have agreed more!

She also got me to go to the gym. She sold me on the fact that I could see guys hitting on her first hand instead of just hearing about it later. I suspect that her real goal was to get me to work out. She saw the pouch developing over my midsection, so she used my lust to manipulate me into doing something good for me. I told you guys were stupid! I was no exception to that rule.

We decided that as part of our game, we would not tell people at the gym that I was her husband. It was just some weird coincidence that we had the same last name. I was just another horny client who needed instruction.

On the days I was there, she was in full flirt mode. I would catch her shooting glances at me when she would let a guy rub his hands on her muscles to "feel the tension". Or when she had to help the guy get into the right position by rubbing her hands all over his body.

Those nights she would tell me to do all of the things that those guys wished they could do. Then she let me do them.

Life settled into this wonderful new norm for about a year. Then came the night that the nature of the game changed, throwing us into a world where the line between love and lust blurred.

It started out innocently enough. Naomi had a friend named Jasmine who was getting married. My wife was a bridesmaid. The wedding was going to be in a location that was special to the couple, and it was about three hours away from our town. It was a fairly easy trip to make, so there was no hardship. The wedding was on Sunday, but the bachelorette party was on Friday so she wanted Naomi there then.

My partner Tom had a family emergency and had to take a few days off at the last minute, so I was left picking up the slack. I had a lot of work to finish up on Friday. Since I did not know any of the guys that were going to be in this wedding, I didn't really feel as though my presence at the bachelor party, which was also on Friday, would be missed. Naomi and I discussed things and the new plan was for her to drive up there, hang out with her friends, and I would join her later on that night when I finished up.

She left, giving me loving kisses and telling me to hurry and join her. When I told her to be good, she said, "I'll try. There will probably be a hung stripper there rubbing a piece of man meat all over me. You had better get there quickly. No telling what I may do if you make me wait!"

We all know what Murphy's Law says. Apparently, one of Tom's team members (new guy) made a rather costly mistake and it needed to be addressed ASAP. I did not want to bother Tom, so I took a trip down to the site to talk to the customer. Since it was a guy that I had a rapport with from my "field tech" days, I was able to smooth things out. I worked with the new tech to make the necessary changes and show him what he had done wrong. Unfortunately, when I was finally able to return to the office I was left with two choices. I could stay there until the wee hours in the morning to finish my paperwork or I could get up early on Saturday and work until about noon. I chose the latter.

When I finally made it home, I tried called Naomi on her cell but she didn't pick up. I left a message on her voicemail telling her the situation. A little bit later, I realized that she probably wouldn't even check her voicemail, so I sent her a text telling her to call me because there was a change of plans.

About 20 minutes later a rather drunk Naomi called me back, and I could tell that she was having a VERY good time. I could not help but to become amused at how drunk she was. Her speech wasn't slurred or incomprehensible, but she was speaking way too loudly and saying things she would normally not say. Things took a turn though.

"Josh, I need you here. I am so fucking horny from looking at all of these delicious men. I need a cock in me NOW!"

"Delicious looking men?"

I felt that angst. Sure, some jealousy started to surface, but there was a little excitement there too. I was trying to figure out a bet to trigger the game and make sure my wife was dripping for me when I got there, but in her drunken stupor, she had already made the next move.

"All of these dicks in my face. And they taste so GOOD!"

Suddenly, everything stopped. Well, except for my heart, which could have gotten a ticket for breaking the speed limit had a Doppler gun been pointed at it.

"They taste good? What do you mean by that?"

"You know what I mean baby." She cooed seductively.

I was beside myself. The tornado of feelings were rushing through. Anger and jealousy were swirling around with arousal and lust, completely confusing me. Words choked up in my throat

"You put them in your mouth?" I was finally able to get my mouth to say. She giggled and said, "We all did, honey."

I don't know what I felt at that moment. Anger? Yes, I was fucking angry at that point. I was angry with her, but not as angry as one would think. I found that a bit curious. The anger was more directed towards the situation. I was angry with Tom for taking time off. I was angry at the distance between us for being too far away for me to get there to her. But I was mostly angry at the fact that I had a wife who was so juicy at that moment that I would simply sink into heaven when I entered her, and I was unable to do anything about it.

She went on. "There is one called the Italian Stallion. He is so fucking sexy. And he is a BIG boy. We are trying to see who can make him cum. He keeps switching off to the next girl before she gets a good rhythm going. I think he is trying to hold out."

That's when lust took over my better judgment. This was the moment when I allowed the game to reach its new level. The moment when I made a decision and let it all go off of the rails.

"I have a dollar that says that you can't make him cum with your mouth."

PRESENT DAY - September 2015

Thursday is finally here. This is the day of our first appointment with the counselor. Naomi and I sit together on a leather couch in a surprisingly comfortable office. I notice the soft music playing in the background. All around me, the office is splashed with color from various plants. There are even a couple of paintings on the wall to match the decorum set off by the plants and furniture. Overall, someone went through great lengths to make this place as pleasant as possible.

I do not mean to be sexist, but the moment that I was led into the office by the receptionist, I knew that our Dr. Carter was a woman. No man would put this much care into decorating an office like this. Men's offices tend to be a reflection of our achievements. It is as if we are bragging about our lives through the items that we display. This office seems to be completely about comfort and relaxation. It is pleasing to the eye and very soothing

Naomi and I are understandably nervous. We tabled our discussion of her affair for the time being and figured we would save it for the professional. We were getting nowhere on our own so we called a temporary truce and waited. We had been cordial to each other throughout the week, but it was a chilly politeness. There was hardly any affection.

I hear voices on the other side of the door. Two voices, both female. A slim woman swings open the door and she smiles warmly as her eyes take us in. I have to mentally applaud myself at my deductive skills in correctly assessing her sex. "Elementary" is one of my favorite shows. Naomi and I watch Dr. Carter enter and stand in front of us.

"Well hello there Naomi and Joshua!" She says cheerily, as if she has been dying to see us all day. She extends her hand and front of me, which I take and shake. She repeats the gesture with Naomi.

"My name is Dr. Carter, but I would really like the two of you to call me Beth." We nod to her as she takes her seat across from us. She quickly crosses her legs and places three notepads on her knee.

Beth looks to be about in her mid fifties. She is very small and somewhat attractive in an older "Ally McBeal" kind of way. Her sincere smile seems to be a permanent fixture, like it's just another part of her face. Her voice is soft, but assertive. She is a perfect blend of professional and friendly.

"Okay, so before we get into what brought the three of us here, let me tell you about myself. My name is Dr. Bethany Carter and I have been a counselor for 22 years. The last twelve years I have been working as a marriage counselor. I have seen and heard it all, so I can honestly tell you that nothing you say will shock me."

She pauses and looks at us, as if she is waiting for some kind of acknowledgement or response. Naomi and I both nod our heads, indicating that we understand.

"On a personal note, I have been married to the same wonderfully frustrating man for 28 years. He is my first and only husband. I made him promise that if I died before him, that he would follow me into the grave. It took me years to iron out his rough edges, and I'll be damned if I'll let some other woman reap the rewards of my hard work!"

This gets a laugh from both of us. Beth's overall amiable demeanor puts me at ease. I can also feel Naomi loosen up next to me.

"Now I will let you know my role here as well as some ground rules. For one, I am not here to fix your marriage. I cannot do that. Anyone who claims that they can is either lying or has delusions of grandeur about their abilities. The only two people that can save or end your marriage are you. My only role here is to foster an environment in which the three of us can communicate openly and honestly. Together we will take this journey and see where we end up. Sound good?"

We once again nod.

Hearing Beth say that she can't save our marriage takes me for a loop. I honestly did not expect to hear her say that. I always just assumed that counselors have all of the answers to get us where we need to go.

However, it actually makes me feel a little better. I had just assumed that Beth and Naomi would spend an hour trying to talk me into forgiving and moving on. Now, with that statement, I feel as if there is no pressure on me to make this right. I do not have to defend how I feel. We can just talk.
"Good. Now rule number one is that we LISTEN. That means that only one of us talks at a time. No interrupting. If you have a question, you will write it down on a pad that I will give you and you will ask it only when I give you the go-ahead. Number two is that we will only use language in here that will help us in our journey. So that means no name-calling, no unnecessary swearing, and no belittling each other. We are all intelligent adults and we can find words that will convey our feelings without resorting to juvenile tactics. Okay?"

Of course, the only thing we could do is nod in agreement again.

"Awesome. Let's get started. Here are pads for the two of you. Pens are on the table in front of you. Now Josh, I would like to start by hearing from you. I am very interested in hearing your perception about how we came to be here today."


THE PAST - December 2013

I could hardly keep my mind focused on the monotonous paperwork that I had to do. All night I had dreams that Naomi was sucking a large dick of some buff stripper and being sprayed with cum. I tried to text her a few times, but I didn't get a reply. That sent my imagination even further into overdrive.

Did she really suck a guy's dick?

Did she make him cum?

Did she sneak off with him away from everyone else and fuck him?

Why won't she answer my texts? Is that a good sign or a bad one?

I finally decided that there was no way that I would get any sleep, so I got up and started my work. The sooner I started the sooner I'd finish and the faster I could get some answers.

I was on the road by 10 in the morning. I made the three-hour trip in two hours and thirty-two minutes. Jeff Gordon would have been proud.

When I made it to the hotel and got my key from the front desk, I was panicked when I didn't find Naomi in our room. I frantically fished my phone out of my pocket and texted her.

Made it. Where r u

The five minutes that it took her to reply were the longest ever. It finally chimed.

Hanging out with Jasmine. On my way up.

I didn't know what I would find when she came up. I was on pins and needles. When she opened the door and we locked eyes, I took her in. She still looked like my Naomi. She didn't look like she'd been getting gangbanged all night.

"Hey hun." She said as she grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me in for a wet kiss. "I missed you last night"

"Did you Naomi?" I asked. It sounded a little accusatory, which wasn't what I wanted it to sound like. She stiffened up and looked at me for a moment with slight confusion. I smiled at her to set her at ease and I watched her relax.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a dollar.

"I lost." She said with a mock pout.

"Really? Well, I'll take that." I said as I hummed "We're in the money". We both laughed as we snuggled closer.

"So what happened? How did you lose? Couldn't go through with it?" I said smugly. I was a little bit disappointed, but I felt relief too. She broke that.

She snickered a little. "Oh, I went through with it."

I felt a pang right through my chest. I tried to calmly choose my next words.

"Y-you went through with it?"


"So you sucked his dick?"

She looked me in the eye as she gauged my response. I tried to have an impassive look on my face, but my emotions were in turmoil. I didn't know what I was feeling. One minute I was turned on, the next I was angry, the next I was jealous and turned on again. After a while those emotions just blended together. I couldn't get a handle on what I felt.

"I did." She said, still waiting for my reaction.

"So you sucked his dick, but didn't make him cum?

She shook her head as a sneaky smile spread across her face, like she had a juicy secret that she was just itching to tell.

"Did anyone win?"

She nodded her head and bit her lip, as if she were trying to keep her mouth from shouting it out. She just couldn't help it though.

"The bride-to-be won." She whispered as if she were trying to not get caught by probing ears. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Your friend Jasmine! She's getting married tomorrow!" I yelled out in disbelief. Naomi laughed as she was trying to shush me.

"So she sucked his dick and made him cum in front of all of you?" Naomi shook her head with that sneaky smile on her face. I knew there was more to this story.

"She took him to her room." She said, her eyes wide with disbelief at what she was saying.

"Are you telling me she fucked him?"

Naomi nodded. Instantly, my mind assaulted me with images of her friend, who was about to get married the next day, getting plowed by some Italian stripper. I was equally appalled and aroused.

"What did she say about it?"

My wife giggled and leaned in closer. "She said he was the best fuck she'd ever had."

Now I know that you guys are hopping up and down in your seat. Your brain is about to explode out of your head. This woman, who was about to be married, getting pounded by some big dicked stripper!

What a slut! What about her fiancé? The poor sap is clueless.

Judge me if you will, but that made it more arousing to me. Do not ask me to explain it to you because I can't. Nevertheless, I could not get the images out of my head of her grabbing this guy around his neck while he pounded orgasms out of her in missionary position, or the hand that held her engagement ring crumpling the sheets as she grabbed them while her pussy was being assaulted doggy-style. I saw the diamond twinkle as the light hit it.

After running that porno in my head, I was ready for some action of my own. However, we had to hurry so that she could make it to the rehearsal. So I reluctantly followed her into the shower as we washed each other and got dressed.

I sat in the audience as the women talked with the priest and the wedding coordinator about the sequence of events that was going to be happening the next day. I found that I could not take my eyes off the bride. She acted like nothing happened the night before. She was all smiles; her excitement about getting married was obvious. But I couldn't look at her without wondering how she looked with a dick in her mouth. A dick other than her fiancé's. I tried to imagine what her moans sounded like. Was she flexible? Did he bend her like a pretzel with her legs on his shoulders as he drove his massive dick into her wet hole repeatedly? Did he slap her ass when he fucked her doggy style? God! I was driving myself crazy!

I took in my wife, who stood next to her. How would I feel if she were the one in Jasmine's position? Would I be as aroused? Would I still marry her?

The next day the wedding and the reception went off without a hitch. People ate. People danced. People drank. We all had fun. After it was over the happy newlyweds disappeared in the limo to start their life together, after a two-week trip to Jamaica. I waved goodbye with the rest of the attendees as I staggered drunkenly with my wife up to our room. We had a satisfying round of sex before we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up earlier than my wife, who was still passed out naked. As I laid there listening to the birds chirping, I found myself thinking about the blushing new bride. More than likely she and her new husband were just now awakening after a night of newlywed sex. They probably were going at it again, doing all of the things that Naomi and I had done the night before. What she let the stripper do to her 48 hours before.

If Naomi had done that and I found out, would we be married?

The answer to that question was murky. When we were first to be married, if she did what Jasmine did, we would not be here today. It was one thing for her to do it when she was free and not committed to me. But to accept my ring and do that, that would have been a deal breaker. Back then.


Now, with all that we'd been through together, things were different. Somewhere along the line, my perception had changed. I didn't fantasize about her getting fucked by another man. That wasn't something that got me off. What did get me going was the fact that other guys found Naomi attractive enough to want to fuck her. To add on to that, the fact that they wanted to have her, to possess her, but that she was MINE...that did get me going.

Yes, she was mine. I felt confident in that. Because of that confidence, her having sex with another man wasn't as much as a deal breaker as it would have been. I don't know - maybe the game was changing the way I saw love and lust.

The real key to this was honesty. The "game" had shown me that we could explore sexuality that broke the conventions of marriage, but we had to be honest with each other. I trusted her. That was the only thing that made this work. A lesson that I later learned was that this was CRITICAL to what we were doing.

I realized how much my thinking had been changed when I thought about my reaction to Naomi when she said that the strippers' dicks tasted good. I was a little angry, but I was more upset that I wasn't there to fuck her. I should have been pissed at her. But I wasn't.

Even now, thinking back on it, I can't find the appropriate anger. I did feel jealous that she called him "a big boy", but it wasn't the all-consuming jealousy that makes husbands go insane. The only thing I felt was the need to ravish my wife.



When we returned from the wedding I didn't give Jasmine another thought. Life continued as it had been. My wife and I were having sex just about daily. She flirted shamelessly. We got off on it.

The game took a new turn. My wife started openly flirting with people that we knew, especially when I was around while. I would pretend to be clueless. She would feign being drunk and let her inhibitions drop. She would dance suggestively and allow guys to grope her discretely. Our eyes would lock as lust passed between us when the guy wasn't looking at me. When I knew that he could see me, I played the part of the idiot, laughing and talking to others as if I had no idea what they were doing. This would cause some of them to get bolder.

We did this at a couple of parties with some friends of ours. You would think that this would cause everyone to start looking at us funny, but it didn't. Because she was "drunk" she could just pretend like she wasn't her normal self. It was the guy that was taking advantage of her. When we saw them again, she let them sit back with the comfort of knowing that she didn't remember a thing about the party. She would say, "I hope I didn't do anything too embarrassing last night!" They would assure her that she was the epitome of well-mannered behavior. Since I was "clueless" then I could act proud and say, "You were fine baby. I didn't see you do anything wrong."

Of course I noticed the faint smirk on the asshole's face.

Later on in the night after she'd had an evening of getting groped she would regale me with the details. We would talk about just how far the guys got with her. Some of them were satisfied with squeezing her butt and tits. Others pushed the envelope and took advantage of my wife's "vulnerable" state. They did things like run a hand up her skirt or inside of her blouse. One of my good neighbors almost pushed her panties to the side and got a finger inside of her before she pushed him off. Going over these stories would always end with us trying to fuck each other into unconsciousness.

Life with Naomi could not have been better. On top of that, my son made my long days at work worth it. I loved watching cartoons with him. Sponge Bob? Hell yeah! I could say that I only watched it to spend time with him, but I cannot lie. I found myself laughing at it too. My wife would just roll her eyes at us.

We also started spending more time with my sister and Jerry. You know, her booty call (yeah right). We went out on double dates when my sister and I could con our parents into watching all three kids.

Naomi had also started a new tradition called game/movie night. I think that was an excuse to hang out with my sister more. Jerry and I went for it though. We would alternate homes and either play a game or watch a movie. We tried to do this once every other week, but it varied throughout the month. My sister still worked for the DA so there were times when she was just plain tired.

Naomi still worked at the gym. She still got hit on constantly. If Jerry happened to be working out on a night that she was working, he still chased away the saps. This never ceased to be funny. All in all, things were going as they were supposed to go. At least in my mind.

One day I was cleaning out the attic when I came across an old box of Naomi's stuff. I remembered moving it up to the attic years ago but I never thought anything of it. Curiously, I started going through it. It was filled with a bunch of memorabilia and other things that looked sentimental. At the bottom I found an old photo album.

I leafed through it and found a wealth of pictures that I had never seen before. There was no doubt that these pictures were of Naomi when she was a kid. The man and the woman who appeared in various ones were presumably her parents. She'd never really talked about her parents, so I sat there engrossed in the visual display of my wife's childhood.

In the few conversations that I had with her about her parents, she only told me that they were dead. Nothing else. Nothing about how they died, any memories that she had of them, what kinds of things they did together when growing up...nothing. I always found it very strange and disconcerting, but I figured that it was too painful for her to talk about. We had a lifetime together. I would get the story eventually.

So I put everything back in the box and returned it like I found it. I never mentioned it to her, but I hoped that one day she would share. I figured that at least she would want to tell Henry about his heritage, so I could be patient until he was a little older.


The weekend I became a full-fledged cuckold (I hate that word) for the first time is ingrained in my memory forever. That weekend was simultaneously the most exhilarating and humiliating of my life - that infamous angst multiplied by a billion. I remember it well.

We'd gone out of town for a couple of days to celebrate Naomi's birthday. We had a party earlier in the day with family and friends. Then my mother watched Henry as we took a plane to a resort. It had spas, a casino, tennis courts, the works. I wanted to give her a couple of days of relaxation.

The first night there, I honestly did not do anything but sleep. I had been planning the party with Trina for the past two weeks and it had taken its toll on me. That mixed with the plane ride wore me out. Naomi understood my need for rest, so she made herself scarce by checking out spa.

I don't know how long I slept, but I was awakened by Naomi plastering herself across my body.

"Wake up honey bun. Momma needs some loving!"

I was still groggy, but I knew that in her frame of mind she was not to be denied. So I took my shorts off and grabbed the back of her head. She knew what came next and she greedily wrapped her lips around my dick.

Within moments I was hard enough to drill for oil. She removed her shorts and jumped on. With her manicured hands planted on my chest for leverage, she bucked her hips wildly as she rode me for her pleasure.

"I just got a massage." She said breathlessly as she looked into my eyes as she impaled herself repeatedly. Now I knew what got her so hot, so I pressed for details.

"Was it a man or a woman?"

She began bucking more wildly as she said, "A hunk."


"Did he rub you?"


Images were beginning to form in my brain as I started to match her riding with thrusts of my own.

"Where did he touch you?"

She started moving faster and more violently.

"My tits and my...Oh pussy!"

When I heard that I started to reach my crescendo. My mind's eye saw him, fingering my wife's luscious pussy. She probably was making the same sounds that I was hearing at that moment. I could hear her pussy sloshing as I drove my cock into her and I imagined it making the same sounds on this guy's fingers. Did she moan for him like she was doing for me? Did she lift her ass in the air and give him better access? It was too much for me.

"Did y-you let him grope you?"


"Did he enjoy groping you?"

"Yes. His dick was so hard!"

She was getting closer. That was a good thing because my penis was not willing to wait for her.

"You saw his dick?"

"Oh God! Yes. He put my mouth as he..."

"What did he do to you Naomi?"

"HE FUCKED ME WITH HIS FINGERS AS I SUCKED HIS DICK!" she screamed out as she exploded in orgasm. I felt her quivering all over my dick, which set me off also.

She lay to top of me with my deflating dick still inside of her, completely spent. Her breathing was deep as she laid her head on my shoulder.

"Did you really suck his dick?" Once the euphoria had lifted, I had to admit that I was a little hurt. And pissed. Like I said before, nothing like an orgasm to turn a man from horny to human.

"I didn't suck him to completion. He took it out of his shorts and had it by my face. I just put it in my mouth. He was fingering me so good that it just felt natural. I didn't think anything of it because of the bachelorette party that you had me suck that stripper."

"I had you suck that stripper? If I recall, you'd already blown that stripper before you called me!"

She sat up and looked in my eyes. "Are you angry with me?"

I was angry. She hadn't asked permission before she did this. I didn't answer her in words, but my face said it all.

"I'm sorry baby. With the bachelorette party and all I didn't think you would be upset. I did suck that stripper before I called you, but you made the bet after. I thought it was okay."

"You let that masseuse finger you though. What the fuck Na?"

Her eyes started to water.

"I'm sorry Josh. I really am. I didn't think you would be upset. Please forgive me."

I couldn't stay angry at her. Things were ambiguous at this point. There was no line in the sand for what was acceptable and non-acceptable. I blew a breath out and sighed.

"Don't worry about it Na."

She flashed me a smile of relief as she lay back down on my shoulder. I heard her sniffling a few times.

"But if we continue like this, we have to have some respect. I don't know about rules, but if there were any then rule number one would be that you don't do things without letting me know ahead of time. Okay?"

"Okay honey."


The next day had us sightseeing and doing the "tourist" thing. We ate in a few restaurants. We went to a wine tasting. We had our picture taken in one of those photo shops where you put on silly costumes. I was a cowboy and she was a lady of the saloon. Those net stockings and that low cut dress did her justice.

The night found us in a club that Naomi had heard about. It was a club for the 25 and up crowd, so it wasn't full of a bunch of silly 21 year olds.

Naomi and I danced for a few songs. She asked me to go get her a drink when we sat down at our table, so I headed over to the bar. It was a bit crowded, so it took me a minute to get one of the bartender's attention. When he finally handed me my order, I went back to search out my wife. Imagine my surprise when I saw a guy sitting in my seat,

Naomi saw me she smiled and waved me over.

"Renaldo. This is my husband, Josh."

Renaldo extended his hand to shake mine. I had to put the glasses down on the table to return the gesture.
"How do you know my wife Renaldo?" I did not mean for it to come out like an interrogation. But it did. He didn't look the least bit phased though. My wife however, started blubbering.

"He is the masseur that gave me that massage yesterday." She said with a little uncertainty in her voice.

"Yeah. I was telling your wife about this club when I gave her the massage yesterday. She said that she would check it out if she could get you to come with her. I'm glad to see that she was able to talk you into it."

I think my face conveyed my emotions accurately because I saw Naomi begin to shrink into her seat.

"Really? Well Renaldo, I think I need to have a word with my wife, so if you'll excuse us..." with that I grabbed my wife by the arm and jerked her out of her seat. I was practically dragging her behind me as she shuffled in her heels to keep up with my pace.

"What the fuck is going on Naomi?" I asked her when we were out of the club. Naomi stammered to answer me as I glared at her. That was when the chivalrous Renaldo decided to check on the fair lady and see if she was in need of a manly intervention.

"Is everything okay, Naomi?

The fact that this Asshat had the nerve to make his way out here and ask my wife anything filled me with enough rage to end this fucker.

"Renaldo, this is between me and my wife. So if you don't get the fuck away from us I swear I will break every last one of your fucking fingers, STARTING WITH THE ONES YOU STUCK INSIDE OF HER PUSSY!" I was yelling so loudly that I was starting to draw a crowd.

Now Naomi went from contrite to furious. Without a word, she stomped off in the direction of our rental car. Renaldo and I glared at each other for a few more seconds before I had enough.

"Go try to fuck someone else's wife Renaldo. Mine is off limits." He looked at me with a laughter in his eyes as he licked his fingers. Point made. He walked away leaving me with a head full of steam. I angrily stalked my way to the car.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Josh! I cannot believe you embarrassed me like that! Dragging me out of that club like a rebellious kid and telling the entire world that Renaldo fingered me! God!"

"Are you serious? You manipulate me into going to a club so that you can meet up with the asshole that fingered you and you have the nerve to be mad at me? I humiliated you? YOU HUMILIATED ME!"

I saw her face soften at my outburst. She looked at me inquisitively for a second and then took a breath

"Josh, you thought I wanted to go to that club to meet Renaldo? Shit. No wonder why you were so mad."


"I didn't go there to meet him. He told me about it, but I did not go there to meet him. I told him that I wouldn't go unless you were there with me for a reason. I didn't want to give him the impression that I was meeting him there. But I still wanted to go because he made it sound like fun."

"The two of you looked awfully comfortable while I was getting drinks. What were you talking about?"

She blushed when she thought about that. "He was saying that he enjoyed giving me a massage and was trying to talk me into doing...other stuff."

"Really? What did you tell the asshole?"

Naomi actually looked hurt that I would ask her that.

"Josh, I have been faithful to you. I haven't done anything that I thought would be inappropriate. I know the massage got out of hand, but I didn't think it was any different than what we've been doing. But I would NEVER intentionally do anything that would hurt you. Never. You got to believe me on that."

"What did you tell him?"

Tears started to well up in her eyes as she shook her head, as if she couldn't believe that I still had to ask.

"I told him that I wasn't going to cheat on you."

I did believe her, but it did not stop the anger and the hurt.

"Would you fuck him? If you weren't married to me, would you fuck him?"

"What does it matter? I am married to you, and I know that it would hurt you. So the answer is no."

"You didn't answer the question."

She blew a breath of air, as if she was exasperated.

"If I wasn't married to you, then yes. I would fuck him. Happy?"

I sighed and put the car in gear as we drove back to our room.


The final day of our fun filled weekend started like the two previous. Naomi woke up before me and headed for the spa. When I woke up, I showered and waited for her to return. She came through the door, showered, and we left together to eat some breakfast. After that, the rest of the day consisted of doing nothing. The fight of the previous day faded and we continued as if nothing happened.

When we returned the hotel to change for some swimming, I found that there was a message for me at the front desk. It was from Renaldo.

Hey bro,

Sorry about last night. I didn't mean to piss you off. I was just concerned about Naomi because you were being kind of violent with her when you dragged her out of there. I can't stand by when I think that a woman is being abused. Your wife set me straight and told me that I should apologize to you. So here it is.


"Who is the note from dear?" She asked in a voice dripping with innocence. I looked at her and scowled.

"You know who the hell it was from. It was from your boyfriend apologizing for being an ass. Why would he do that?"

"He apologized because I talked to him this morning when I saw him at the spa."

"Did you..."

Her eyes went wide and her brow furrowed with anger.

"No I didn't get another massage or anything else Josh. God!" She said as she stomped toward the elevators. This fucking woman is going to be the death of me...

That night found us in the same club again. I was surprised that they let us back in after the ruckus that we made the night before.

"I'm just letting you know ahead of time dear. Renaldo is going to be here."

"What the fuck Naomi!"

"I wanted to put last night behind all of us. It was a misunderstanding and we were all embarrassed. I told him to meet us here so that we could have a few drinks and see if we can get along. Okay?"

I didn't answer. But I didn't have to. Seconds later Renaldo made his way to our table.

"Hey bro. No hard feelings?" He said as he extended his hand. He actually looked sincere so I warily took it and shook.

Things pretty much were a blur from there. We alternated between buying shots. We actually had a pretty decent time. At first, Naomi was a buffer between us, but after the alcohol flowed it was less awkward. Before I knew it, we were all laughing and joking.

I even let the two of them dance. I did watch closely for any signs of impropriety. They did dance rather close, but there was no over the top rubbing or grinding. Then she came back to the table and grabbed me on the floor.

Things gradually took a turn from friendly to something else. The drunker Naomi got, the more uninhibited she became. Then, during one dance, the three of us were out there on the floor together. Naomi was dancing with the both of us. I was in front of her and Renaldo was behind her. I did notice that his hands was running along her thighs. I made a point of removing them, but I didn't do it too forcefully. Maybe it was the alcohol, but seeing his hands on her did not irk me, as it should have.

Naomi gave me a hot kiss that could have melted metal and then turned around to face Renaldo. I could see his surprise when she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. I saw his eyes flash towards me to see my reaction, but the liquor had my mind twisted at that point. I don't think any of us were in our right minds.

I saw his hands snake down to her shapely ass and pull her close. The two of them swayed back and forth in a sensual union. I know I should have been angry. But I wasn't. I heard her whisper something in his ear, but I couldn't make out the words. He didn't answer though. He just kept holding her as they kept in rhythm.

Then she suddenly broke free from him and found me. She plastered her body to me in the same way that she'd done him a few seconds ago.

"Mmm. You're hard Josh. I can feel you. You turned on baby?"

"Yeah" I could barely breathe I was so fucking horny. "I want to fuck you."

"What if I told you that I wanted Renaldo to join us?" Her voice was soft and throaty, but the words that came out of her mouth stunned me. Her breath filled my nose. I could feel how hot she was.

"What?" I croaked out. She looked me right in my eyes.

"I said I want you and Renaldo to fuck me. Tonight." I could see the lust in her eyes. They looked straight at me, piercing through my liquor-fogged mind. She meant every word she was saying. I was lost.

"Will you let him join us?

I didn't know what to say. The feelings that were swirling around inside me were at war. The lust and the jealousy battled each other until they formed an alliance and began to merge into one blurred emotion. It became difficult to separate the two. I knew at that moment that my wife was going to have a dick in her that wasn't mine. Her spell over me was now complete. I nodded my head dumbly, still unable to speak. But that wasn't enough for her.

"Give me a dollar Josh. I want you to bet me that I can't take the two of you back to the room and fuck the both of you into incoherence."

"No. Not in our room. I can't...not there."

"What if we went to his room then? Renaldo lives in this hotel. Would that be okay?"

I nodded my head, still in a haze. She smiled at me and held out her hand. I reached in my back pocket and grabbed my wallet. With shaking hands pulled out a dollar and handed it to her.


Things were a haze of naked bodies and sweat from there on out. The scene was pretty surreal. As I was fucking her and watching her suck his dick, I was numb. Then he ripped open a condom and switched with me.

At some point, I stopped participating. I hadn't really cum. Things were just too outrageous. I extricated myself and stood back to watch.

Naomi was getting fucked from behind. Renaldo was grasping her waist with one hand while his other was on her shoulder. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as her body jerked with his thrusts. She wasn't moaning, but she took an intake of breath every time his stomach made contact with her butt.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

I had to get out of there. I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. As I dressed, my mind began to clear. Things were officially out of control. I quietly crept out of the room.

I think I wore a trench in the floor of my own hotel room. I'd been pacing back and forth for the thirty minutes since I'd left Naomi with a practical stranger.

What the fuck was I thinking? A threesome with some strange guy? Fuck!

Did she even realized that I left? I tried to call her cell but her it just went to voice mail. So I just turned off the lights and waited. And paced. And raided the little liquor bottles in the minibar. And belittled myself.

The uncertainty was killing me. Not knowing what was happening was death by a thousand cuts. Every time the second hand ticked on my watch, I was sliced with another cut.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Thirty minutes later my phone jarred me out of my trance. I looked and saw that my wife was calling.

"Baby, where did you go?" She said in a panicked voice.

"I'm back at the room Na."

Five minutes later she came bursting through the door. She wore a "just royally fucked" look on her face, but it was twisted with apprehension.

She crossed the room and wrapped her arms around me.

"Baby. What's wrong?" She said as she kissed my face. I couldn't get a handle on my emotions. I was alternating between relief that my wife was still mine to anxiety about what door we opened up. The emotions were so fickle that they were switching inside of me like a strobe light. I couldn't get a handle on them.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. Then she gently turned me around until my back was to the bed and pushed me over it. I fell helplessly on the softness of the mattress and laid there. She began to unbuckle my belt and slide my pants down. I was on autopilot, so I impassively lifted my hips to give her room to get my pants down.

Then she took my member in her mouth and began to suck softly. Up and down, her lips lightly massaged me. This wasn't like her normal blowjobs. It wasn't energetic or vigorous. It was a like she was slowly, softly making love to me with her mouth.

"I love you so much Josh. Never forget that." She said in between sucks. I looked down at her and saw that she was looking back at me.

I didn't even feel it coming. I just knew when it was there. I didn't have time to warn her. Suddenly, I felt myself erupting in her mouth. She was surprised by the first blast, but eventually her face settled. She didn't release me until I stopped squirting. She swallowed it all.

I was emotionally spent. Drained completely. I lay on the bad as flaccid as my dick was. I felt Naomi crawl up on the bed until she laid her head on my chest. She peppered me with light kisses and rubbed her hand across my stomach. We laid like that in silence, both lost in our world.

"Did you enjoy it? I asked flatly. She continued to rub and kiss me.

"Yeah. I did. It was erotic. I've never done anything like that before." I could feel her face move in what I imagined to be a smile.

Silence. I didn't know how to react to that. Was I angry? Excited? No, I was neither. I was just numb.

"Would you do it again?"

She thought for a minute as she continued to kiss my chest. "No. Not with him."

Relief began to ebb through my clouds. She wasn't in love with him. She wasn't going to run off and leave me lonely and miserable. She was still mine.

"Would you do it with someone else?"

"Maybe. If you bet me." She then sat up and looked at me.

"It was fun with Renaldo because of you baby. If you aren't happy with it, then it isn't fun. When I let him finger me, I got off on it knowing that I was going to fuck you as soon as I got up to the room. When I let him fuck me tonight, I was thinking about you. I honestly didn't think it would be this hard on you. Without you, it is just sex. I would never trade you for just sex."

She laid her head back down on my chest and continued to stroke my stomach. "You and Henry are my world Josh. Without you two, life isn't worth living."

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the top of her head. We lay there in silence and listened to each other breathe. I didn't know what our future held. All I knew was that things were out of control.


Quick note:

I want to dispel a theory that some people have. Some think that I am trying to condone cuckolding or make it "normal". I don't think it's normal. While I don't admonish it as "evil" or "wrong", I'm also not under the impression that most men feel this way. I do feel that more people get into this than what we give credit to, but it isn't close to being a 50/50 split.

Being open minded is not about accepting everyone's point of view as right. Open minded means that I will listen to you without bias and make my decision based on the facts. Some people seem to confuse that. You can be open minded and still disagree. It also means that you realize that your way isn't the only right way. You can feel that it is wrong, but you can respect someone else for feeling that it is right. That isn't going to make you change your mind about your views.

Unlike science, there is no way to prove who is right or wrong. All you can do is use the happiness meter. Are the two in the relationship happy? Does their happiness intrude on other's happiness? If the answers are yes and no, then whatever they are doing is right for THEM.

So I'm not trying people to get people to accept it. I'm not trying to explain it away. This is just one situation in which I can see a guy letting it get that far. It is a story told from my imagination (partly), not an exposé or a persuasive paper. Whether the characters in this story are right or wrong is up for interpretation by the reader.

Finally, I want to thank my editor once again. His work is phenomenal. Any mistakes I made transferring his work to my own is not a reflection on his efforts.

Thank you all for reading.

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