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The One Exception Ch. 01

I felt the wine swimming in my head, sloshing about like waves as I took another sip of rose. The girl opposite me was smiling, her eyes shining in the light of the candle that was dripping its wax on the table. She was leaning her elbows on the mahogany, pushing her breasts forward and I noticed her cleavage. I checked myself, and averted my gaze as I felt a weird warm and tingling feeling in my stomach.

"So, what do you want to do with your life?" Laura asked.

"I want to write. I know it doesn't pay but I love to write."

A small smile crept across her lips; the way her eyes wrinkled made her look so welcoming, "Well, do what you love. That's the only thing worth doing."

I brought my index finger to my hair and twiddled a piece of hair around the fingernail. Without thinking, I bit my lip and smiled back at her, "Exactly.' There was a pause as we looked at each other. I coughed awkwardly, 'so... what do you want to do?"

She took a breath, leaning even closer and whispered over the candle "To see the world."

Her breath caressed my cheek and then I realised how close she was. We didn't move, just looked at each other across the flame. She took a sip of her wine without taking her eyes off me. There was a prickling at the back of my neck and I shifted in my seat.

Suddenly there was a hand clamped on my shoulder, looking up, Sam's face was beaming down at me, "You gals want another drink?"

Shaking my head, I raised my glass, "No need, still got a full one here."

He looked at Laura; she declined too, "No thanks. This is my last one, I've had one too many already."

"Aw, shame on you two, I thought we were on it tonight?" Sam said.

She laughed, "I've had enough. If I have more I won't be able to control myself."

Sam raised an eyebrow, taking his hand away from my shoulder, "Really? Maybe I should buy you a bottle anyway. Could be a lot of fun..." he gave her a wink, which made me cringe.

Laura was shaking her head before he had finished his sentence, "Really no. This is enough."

He shrugged, "Whatever' and turned his attention to me, 'I would expect more from you Elle. Seriously." And with a frown, left us alone again as he got another drink.

Laura watched him leave, then turned back her attention to me, "What are your plans after the pub?"

"Home." I downed the half full glass of wine in one go.

One perfectly plucked eyebrow was raised as she watched me.

"What?" I asked, as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

"In a hurry?"

"No...I, um" the sentence trailed off as she continued staring at me with her elevated eyebrow.

She shrugged then did the same, putting the glass back down heavily on the table, "I can drink too, just because you think I'm a posh snob."

"I never thought that." I raised my hands in defence.

"I can see it in your eyes. Just because I went to a finishing school and my family are full of Lords and Ladies doesn't mean I'm not normal."

Laura shuffled forward in her chair, again leaning on the table, and started picking at the wax. I watched the way her fingernails scratched the hardened liquid away delicately. She had long slender fingers with perfect nails- I got a shiver looking at them.

Looking at me up through her eyelashes, I saw how her eyes glittered in the light of the candle and had to swallow. I couldn't understand what was going on with me; I was getting a knot in my stomach looking at Laura. She was beautiful; there was no doubt about that. I could appreciate a female's beauty but I had never felt myself getting butterflies. There was something about her that made me feel uneasy in myself.

"Where are you staying tonight?" She asked, not taking her eyes off mine.

"I was going to get a taxi home with Sam."

"And how much is that going to set you back?"

"No idea. A fair amount being the centre of London and way after midnight."

She stopped scratching at the wax, and looked me dead in the eyes, "You could always come back to mine.' Then hurriedly continued, 'I mean, I'm staying with a friend for a while. She's out of town visiting her parents so you are more than welcome to stay over. It'll be cheaper."

"Is Sam welcome too?" I asked.

Laura's eyes flicked over to where Sam was sitting at the bar. "I'll doubt he'll be needing anywhere to stay." I followed her eyes and saw he was eating the face off some blond girl.

She giggled. I hadn't seen her laugh before. Her nose wrinkled and so did the corners of her eyes. Her teeth were pristine; I didn't know why I noticed that. It set me on edge even more.

Shrugging, I replied, "As long as your friend doesn't mind, and as long as it's okay with you."

"Don't be silly, I'm inviting you. She doesn't need to know, but either way she'll be cool with it. Promise." She flashed her smile.

The red wine¬ was really taking its toll and I felt my head swimming. Laura's eyes were the only thing I could focus on, the rest of the room seemed a blur. Suddenly my tongue was talking and I couldn't stop it.

"I'm not a lesbian." I blurted. I only realised what I said before it was too late.

Laura's eyes widened, sitting back in her chair as what I said sunk in.

"Wait, no! I don't know why I said that." I panicked.

Then she burst out laughing. Her shoulders shook and her eyes scrunched up as she had a fit of the giggles. Seeing her laugh caused me to start laughing. We both laughed loud enough to get some questioning looks from the other drinkers. It took us a few minutes to compose ourselves, by which point we both had tears on our eyelashes.

"Wow. That was the most random thing I have ever heard." Laura managed to gasp out.

"I am so sorry. I'm a little drunk and have no idea why I even said that."

She smiled, "Don't worry, you could have done much worse."

As she said it the bar lights started flashing and a group moan erupted from the patrons. It was kicking out time.

I shrugged, "Looks like we're no longer wanted."

"Time to go home." Laura stood up, picking up her bag as she did so.

I scanned the bar for Sam but didn't see him; the blond he was with was nowhere to be seen either. I knew Sam well enough to know he could take care of himself.

I felt a brush against my shoulder and turned to see Laura right next to me. I noticed then that she was the same height as me, her eyes level with mine.

"Ready to go?"

I coughed, "Sure. Sam is nowhere to be found, he can take care of himself. How far is your place?"

She slipped on her jacket, "Five minutes stroll at the most."

Up close her eyes were almost glowing, her skin was flawless and I hated her for it. She really was beautiful. She tilted her head, looking at me questionably, "Shall we go?"


Without a pause, she took my hand and led me through the crowd of drunken people to the cold October evening outside. Our breath clouded around us as we started walking towards her friend's flat.

I shivered despite my wine jacket, "Wow, it's pretty chilly out here."

"You cold?" Laura was still holding my hand and I was extremely aware of how warm it was.

"Yes. I should have worn a bigger coat."

Laura took the hand she held and placed it inside her jacket around her waist. I almost automatically drew away but she held me there firmly. It was boiling inside her jacket, my fingers curled around her waist. She was tiny.

"Better?" She asked, looking at me sidelong.

"Much. Thanks.' I smiled 'you're very hot."

She smirked, "Thank you."

"I didn't mean it like that. Not saying that you're not hot in that way, because you are, but-' I sighed, 'God I'm talking such shit today."

Laura was laughing at me, "It's fine. I know what you meant. I am hot, I'm naturally warm blooded." As we walked, we seemed to come closer, our hips coming together and chafing against each other.

The flat wasn't that far away, as she promised. We reached it in a few minutes, despite stumbling most of the way because of the alcohol. I found myself laughing with her- at what I couldn't remember- but I felt happy and no longer took notice of my arm around her waist. She had her arm placed around my back so that we could fit closer together.

We parted as she buzzed herself in and we made slow progress of the stairs.

"Why don't we use the lift?" she asked me.

"I have a phobia of lifts." I gasped as I mounted a step.

She was standing above me, hands on hips. Reaching down, she took hold of my wrist and pulled me up the last step. I stumbled and came to a stop so close to her our breasts touched.

"You're adorable." She was grinning. I felt her breath on my cheek.

I whispered back, "It's small spaces. I don't like them."

"What else don't you like?"


Chuckling, she turned and beckoned me to follow, "Come on, it's just here."

Getting the keys out, she fumbled and dropped them. It was then I realised we were both much drunker than we thought. The walk had not done much to sober us up.

As we stepped over the threshold, she asked as she turned on the lights, "Why did you say you weren't a lesbian in the pub earlier?"

I cringed, being reminded of my outburst. Standing awkwardly in the hallway, I twisted my hands together, "I don't know. I just felt like it was something I should say."

Laura appeared again, jacket gone and shoes kicked off, "Do you think I'm one?"

"No! I, um, I just said it? I'm drunk,"

"You can take your shoes off and follow me."

I did as I was told and was brought into a lovely big open plan lounge and kitchen. The windows looked out over a small green courtyard. It was obvious that the owner of this flat wasn't poor. Everything was polished chrome, glass and white. The sofa was black leather with white cushions. Off of the lounge, there were a set of doors, most likely bedrooms and bathrooms.

"Wow, nice place."

Laura was mixing something on the kitchen island, "I know. It's her fathers place but he's only here once every two years for business, so he said she could use it."

"Is this girl a Countess?" I slumped down on the sofa.

"No. Just a rich bitch like many of the girls I know."

I was aware shabby I must have looked placed on this backdrop. Laura came forward with two elegant glasses filled with a pink liquid.

"What are these?" I asked as she placed one in my hand and placed herself next to me.

"Cosmopolitans. It's the only cocktail I can remember how to make."

Taking a sip, I was surprised how sweet it was, "Nice."

"Thanks.' There was an awkward moment as we continued drinking, then Laura broke it, 'can you appreciate a woman's beauty?"

I choked a little on my drink, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, can you look at a woman and see that she's pretty? I know you're not a lesbian as you so obviously stated earlier, but do you know your taste in women?"

I was frowning, "I can appreciate a beautiful woman. Like, I have a type. If I was a lesbian, I would know my type."

"What's your type?"

"Natural beauty. No fake tan, fake boobs, short dresses or massive high heels for me. Nice, natural looking girls who don't have to cake themselves with powder, makeup and fake eyelashes to look beautiful. They need to be confident in themselves too. I mean, they won't look normal to me because I would think they were beautiful but... you know what I mean." I finished my cosmo in one sip.

"Good choice, I agree with you there." Laura said.

I curled my feet up under me and faced her, my tongue took over again, "Have you ever kissed a girl before?' she frowned instantly, 'I mean, like, you go to an all girls school and I thought maybe you would have played truth or dare, or spin the bottle at some point. Seeing as there's no guys, spin the bottle would be predictable."

"I have kissed a girl, playing Spin the bottle, you're right. But I've never kissed a girl because I've wanted to. I've had a few boyfriends but they take too much effort."

Laughing, I replied, "That's so true. Plus, they can be so immature."

Laura set down her drink once it was finished.

Now I felt my head pounding, this was not good. I was at the stage where I had no control and I didn't quite know what I was doing. All I knew was that I thought Laura was so very hot. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen, and the way her hair fell across her face, one strand almost touching her eye made me want to run my fingers through it. My brain was asking me what the hell I was thinking; I had no answer. This wasn't me at all.

Without knowing why, I had brought my right hand up to her face and was actually brushing the strand of hair away from her eye.She didn't back off like I expected her too.

"Thanks." She muttered.

"It was annoying me."

"I'm not a lesbian either." Laura whispered.

"I didn't think you were."

She slid forward, our knees knocked together. My hand was still in her hair, tucking it behind her ear; I was about to remove it when she caught it in her own, placing it on her cheek. She was flushed, and I was growing increasingly warm.

"Do you ever wonder what it is like kissing a girl?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No, because I've done it before."

"Oh...right. But, have you ever wondered what it would be like kissing a girl you wanted to kiss?"


We were slowing leaning towards each other, my thumb began caressing her flawless cheek. My brain was literally shouting at me to stop, what the hell was I doing, but my body and curiosity had more exciting ideas.

"I'm not a lesbian." I whispered again.

Her eyes were half closed and I could almost see every individual eyelash. Her breath was warm and fast. The way her chest rose and fell at the bottom of my vision made me tingle all over.

"You've said that before. Neither am I. But there is no harm in experimenting." She whispered back.

Our noses met, I brushed hers with mine, closing my eyes. I felt her hand come to rest on my knee and slowly travel upwards to my hip. Our breathing was fast as we stayed in this position for a few minutes. Her eyes were closed like mine, and all we could feel were our nose tips brushing against each other. My hand was still on her cheek; her hand resting on my hip.

Laura then tilted her head to the right and our lips met. I didn't know what I had been expecting but it wasn't very different to any other kiss I had had. Except her lips smelt and tasted like watermelon. I thought kissing lip-gloss would be sticking and sickly, but it was so soft I felt jealous of boys getting to kiss girls.

She was soft. Her hand found the edge of my shirt and gently she reached underneath it. Goosebumps rose all over my skin as I felt her fingertips run up the length of my spine. I no longer cared; I wanted this to happen. Yes, she was a girl and I wasn't a lesbian as I was so adamant in saying. But there was no doubt that I thought she was breathtaking. Everyone said that university was the place you experimented. If I wasn't going to experiment with a hot girl who was here right now, while I was drunk, I would never. And how would that be fun?

She said she wasn't attracted to girls either, so she was experimenting too. Why was I asking myself so many questions? Shut up brain.

My hand that was on her cheek pulled her closer so the kiss grew stronger. With that, Laura parted her lips and I had no choice but to follow. Surprisingly, it was my tongue that found hers and caressed it before she had a chance.

My free hand came to the other side of her face and dug into her hair. Blood rushed to my face and all I could hear was the smack of our lips. Laura took her hand out from under my shirt and pushed me to the back of the sofa by the shoulders. In one swift movement, she had straddled me and was sitting on my lap without breaking the kiss. She was definitely the one who was in control, which I was more than happy with. She was confident and seemed strong in herself. She could do whatever she wanted to me.

I found the kiss growing more in passion and I found my hands travelling down to rest on her bum. But then her lips were gone and I was forced to open my eyes.

She was inches from my face, looking back at me with those cornflower eyes.

"What?" I asked, surprised my voice came out so strong.

"Nothing. I'm just making sure you're okay with this."

I raised an eyebrow, looking down at where my hands had gone to rest, "Does it look like I'm okay with this?"

"But you're not a lesbian." She was joking, I could tell by the light in her eyes.

"I know, but how many times am I going to be in this situation with a smoking hot girl like you? I don't know why I want to do this, but I do."

Laura was pulling a side smile, she looked evil and very seductive, "Then lets do it."

Our lips touched again and I was no longer confused by what I wanted. I wanted her, in every sense of the word. I wanted her to do things that no girl had ever done to me before, not even some men. I wanted to feel those lips on the most sensitive area of the whole female body. Right now, I felt my clit throbbing against my silk pants. At least I had worn good underwear. My body was completely aroused.

Laura pressed her body against mine, hard and I felt the cushions of her breasts squash my own. It felt strange but good. Both her hands reached under my shirt this time and slowly traced circles up my front. I tensed as they came to rest on my bra. I felt her smile against my mouth as she reached under the bra and brushed my hard nipples with her fingernails.

Being a girl herself, she knew where all the sensitive areas were and how to use them. Squeezing her bum, I pushed my breasts towards her, wanting to feel her bare skin against mine. Her fingers left my nipples and began undoing my shirt buttons as if she knew I wanted skin against skin. Through all this time, we hadn't stopped kissing and my face was burning.

Laura undid the last button and threw the shirt off my shoulders exposing my bra and stomach. Now she pulled away, wanting to take in the sight. I would have felt extremely self conscious if I wasn't so horny and drunk. Her eyes caught sight of the belly button piercing and she bit her lip.

"That's cool." She breathed, too out of breath to talk properly.

"Thank you." My own voice was barely audible.

"How big are your boobs?" she laughed, coming to cup them in her hands.

"32D" I replied looking down at them, 'Why? What are you?"

As if to show me, she pulled her top over her head, revealing a white lace plunge bra with an immense cleavage "36D"

"Close..." My hands left her round bum, automatically more attracted to this newly revealed prize. Her breasts were like cushions filled with water, they felt much better than mine.

Without asking permission, I reached around her back and undid her bra. She would have been impressed at the speed if I had been a man. She slowly let the straps slip down her arms until the bra fell onto my lap. There were no words I could find to describe her breasts, they were like breasts I had seen before but somehow better. Desire took over and I leaned forward, pushing her towards me at the same time. I found myself clamping my mouth around her nipples and felt pleased when they hardened against my tongue. My pants were pretty wet already, but when I heard a stifled moan at the back of her throat I felt my whole being pulse. She was just as aroused as I was, possibly more. I was doing a good job for a newbie.

Her fingers came to entwine in my hair and she ran through the strands as I moved from one nipple to the other. My hands were at the base of her spine, kneading her skin; it smelt of coconut and was soft like satin.

"Oh god." She moaned.

Gently, I tilted her backwards in my arms and moved downwards. My tongue touched her stomach just above the waist of her jeans and slowly I licked upwards; over her bellybutton, between her breasts, pausing at the dip at the base of her throat, then continuing all the way to underneath her chin. When my tongued had finished, I sat back up straight. Laura was tense leaning back on my hands; I could see and feel her quivering. Her eyes were closed and she had her mouth open a little showing the edge of her teeth. She was glistening with a film of sweat.
I couldn't help but be proud that I was making her feel this way, when I was a complete novice. With a new burst of confidence, I pushed her towards me and began kissing along her collarbone. I moved up to her neck, kissing behind her ear with soft, breathless caresses. Her hair was sweet smelling and fell over my face.

She bent her head forward nuzzling her nose into my shoulder as it was the only thing she could think of doing. Then I felt her fingers at the button on my trousers; but before she had them off, she said, "We should move."

"Yes, we should." I slurred against her neck.

Slowly, she got off my lap, pulling her with me. I felt dizzy as I stood up; from the wine or the lust I couldn't tell. She led me to one of the doors like she had led me through the pub; as we left the lounge, she switched off the light.

A small sidelight was turned on that was much softer and flattering than the lounge. I didn't take much notice of her room except the double bed we sat on. Laura forced me to lie down and began on my trousers again.

"Are you nervous?" she asked as she slipped them underneath my bum.

"No." I watched as she threw them to the floor. Her fingertips traced a line on my hip and around the hem of my underwear.

"Where did you get these from? I like them."

"Right now, I can't remember. Ask me again tomorrow." I gasped.

Laura chucked, looking at me again through her eyelashes. I wondered if she could see my clit throbbing through the material but didn't care as she began pulling them off too.

"You're so wet." She sounded surprised.

"I can't help it." My cheeks blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed. You're not the only one' She moved up over me so her hands were either side of my shoulders, 'I'm so hot for you right now.' Leaning down she came to a stop just over my lips, eyes piercing into my own, 'I love the Brazilian by the way."

"Thanks." I whispered back.

"It's sexy. I'm completely bald. I have to be. Wearing a leotard for gymnastics and doing all those back flips and stuff, even with a Brazilian I would always be flashing some to the judges." She smiled.

My face was the picture of surprised, "Completely bald?"

She nodded, "You'll see."

The thought of her being completely bald turned me on even more. Here I was, lying completely naked under this beautiful woman and I could smell the sex already.

Laura leaned down and we were kissing. I encased my hands over her bum and pulled her down onto me so I could feel her jeans against my pubic bone. She started moving her hips backwards and forwards against me, I gripped on tighter to her bum. One of her hands stopped supporting her by my head and I only realised she had moved it when I felt fingers fiddling with the tiny amount of pubic hair I had. She was making no attempt to go further down and I could have screamed at her. I was dripping for it.

Forcefully, I sat up; she was so surprised she would have fallen backwards off the bed if I hadn't had her firmly by the ass. I flipped her over so our roles were reversed. I didn't waste any time, I took her trousers off and her socks. We were now completely naked, the desk light causing our skin to glow.

Laura was smiling, "Are you taking charge now?"

Shaking my head, I answered, "No. I don't know what I'm doing but I'll give it a guess."

She was about to say something, but it caught in her throat as I lightly touched her clit with the tip of my thumb. I could feel her pulse, I never realised that was possible. She was completely bald. Laura closed her eyes and her back arched automatically. Here I was, with all the power.

Gleefully, I pushed a little harder and heard her groan. She reached her arms above her head and grabbed a pillow, scrunching it up in her hands.

I knew what I liked and guessed Laura would like it too. I began making circular movements with my thumb, watching her squirm as I did so. Laura's body was pink all over and her forehead was creased in an intense frown. Her hair was still in a ponytail but most of it had fallen out, fanned out around her face.

"Elle..." I heard her whisper, but she could say nothing more.

Taking a deep breath, I used my index finger and middle finger on the same hand to go inside her. I went up to the knuckles and as I did so, Laura made a loud moan, hands twisting the pillow she grasped above her head.

Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and her toes flexed where they hung just off the bed. I had never felt so good about myself than in this moment. Here I was, with just my right hand causing this beautiful girl to squirm with pleasure.

My thumb continued circling her throbbing clit and I hooked my fingers that were inside her. She was so warm and soft. I felt her muscles around my fingers quiver; I now knew what it had been like to be one of my boyfriends. Was I this warm? I brought them out again and looked at the clear slime that came out with them. Surprisingly, I wasn't disgusted by it but found myself putting my fingers in my mouth and sucking off her lubricant. It was a little salty but nothing like the semen I had tasted.

She watched as I did it without me knowing. Laura bent her knees and muttered into the air "Lick me..."

I met her gaze, but said nothing. I started to feel nervous now; this was something I had been not looking forward to. Not because the idea disgusted me, but because I wasn't sure I could actually do it properly.

I thought, 'Just do it, you'll manage. You've blagged it so far. I took a deep breath and knelt down on the carpet so she was level. Her cunt glistened in the light. I swallowed and moved forwards.

I placed my mouth around her clit just like I had done with her nipples earlier. I flickered my tongue over it and felt her tense up instantly. Forgetting about everything, I just went with my instincts. I lapped at her clit until I could hear her moans increase in volume, then brought my tongue down to her entrance and dug deep. She smelt like sex, as I know I did too. She tasted like cum. I wasn't grossed out by what I was doing- I was impressed.

Then, she was sitting up, legs wrapped around my neck, hand on my head, pushing me further into her. I found it hard to breathe but I complied. I brought my hands to the base of her back and pushed her towards me.

My nose rested just above her clit and I used it to caress it. Her fingers dug into my skull. She rubbed herself on me in pleasure. Removing my tongue from her hole, I licked around it, licking away the natural lubricant and underneath her flaps.

"Oh god!" she groaned again, 'stop! I don't want to cum yet."

She forced my head away and left me gasping as she unwrapped her legs from my neck.

"Sorry." Was the only thing I could think to say.

"Sorry? Shut up Elle, that was amazing. No guy can possibly do it like that, they don't know what gets us girls off."

She pulled me back onto the bed and I took her place. I watched her tongue move down my front and came to stop at my breast, sucking away at the hard bullet of my nipple. I felt a finger brush against my own clit and I held my breath. She took three fingers and forced them inside. It wasn't hard; I was so wet it was unbelievable. She straddled my left leg so she was pretty much sitting on it. At the same time she brought her knee down to my vagina, her fingers still inside.

"Sadly I don't own a dildo." She said.

She took her hand away and came forward so our skin was touching up the length of our body. I understood, how I wasn't sure. I closed my legs slightly so I could grip around her leg. Her face was slightly under me so all I could do was look at her. Laura began to rub herself against my leg- I felt her wetness come off on my thigh. She closed her eyes and continued to rub her clit against my leg. I did the same. I lifted my bum off the mattress and began rubbing myself against her knee.

I could see the way her muscles were tensing that she was close. My hands ran the length of her back, fingernails digging into her. I teased the hair tie from her hair and watched it fall around her shoulders- it was magnificent. The speed of which we rubbed against each other's legs increased and I felt my self almost there. Laura tossed back her hair and let out the most arousing moan I had heard, ever. Her brows knitted together and her mouth opened showing her pink tongue. Seeing the look on her face as she reached orgasm was enough for me. It cascaded up my body like a wave. Starting small at my clit and fanning out along my skin- I heard myself cry out. My fingers clawed at her back.

Laura slumped forward, cheek resting on my boobs. I could feel her cum drying hard on my thigh already, but I liked the feel of it. Her knee was still resting against my clit that hadn't stopped throbbing. We were grasping for breath. Never had I felt so sexy before, I could see the bumps of this woman's spine from the glow of the lap, the way her ass curled out of sight, the way her hair fanned messily about her and on me, made me wonder how I had managed to get her into bed.

"You still not a lesbian?" she muttered against me.

"Still not a lesbian."

"Me neither."

Sweat frosted our skin and dried as we cooled. I was running my fingers through her hair, eyes closed when I realised I was naked. The wine was beginning to run away from my brain and I was becoming both sober and exhausted. She seemed to feel the same.

"Do you want to sleep?"

"I am pretty tired after that."

She raised her chin, resting it on me as she looked back at me, "I'm not surprised. Me too."

She slid off me and under the covers. I felt awkward- did I stay here to wake up next to her in the morning? Or do I take the sofa?

I had no need to worry, "Come on then. Get under otherwise you'll get cold."

With a smile, I slipped under the covers myself. Before I knew it, she was pressing herself against me, her leg reached over and soon we were entwined again.

"I had fun." She whispered, her nose close again.

"Me too." I whispered back.

Our lips met, and we kissed. This time it was slow and tender, all our energy had gone. She still smelt of coconut but now sex was mixed in too.

When we parted, she reached over and turned off the light. A small chink of light came in through the gap in the curtains, but other than that it was pitch black. A hand sought out my cheek and she guided our lips together again. Despite being more sober than I had been a few minutes ago, this did not worry me. I liked kissing her, and I liked being so close. Her breasts moved against mine and it felt nice. I moved my hands down to her waist, feeling the dip that every slim female had. She certainly had a wonderful figure.

We parted, and I caught her eyes glistening in the moonlight, "Goodnight Elle."

"Goodnight Laura."

With that, she nestled her head against my neck and said no more.

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