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This is being posted to the romance section. From my point of view romance, even and perhaps especially erotic romance, does not need details such as the length or thickness of a penis. The less biolo

time   waste  

(To my other Lisa) After being gone for 5 days on a business trip I was ready to get home and relax. Unfortunately my flight was delayed and I wouldn't be home until well after bedtime. I'd phoned you

time   bed   but   sleep   for   not  

Author's Note: I can't thank you enough for your patience! I want to apologize for the major delay in updating this story - we all know how unexpected life can be. Thanks again to SexyGeek and abMarie

falling   time   for   the   first  

The doorknob's tongue did not catch into the door strike plate when my mother shut his bedroom door. She had gone to the kitchen to have coffee with her visiting sister leaving Daddy sleeping in his b

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Author's Note: It's here! For those of you just tuning in, I highly recommend reading at least the previous chapter before jumping into this one. As always, don't be shy to send some feedback :) Thank

falling   time   for   the   first