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My first real love - that would be Molly. As the old song went, she was a dark haired beauty with sky blue eyes. Barely 5'3" tall she was slender with long legs and small round breasts. We met at orie

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Author's Note: It's here! For those of you just tuning in, I highly recommend reading at least the previous chapter before jumping into this one. As always, don't be shy to send some feedback :) Thank

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Author's Note: I can't thank you enough for your patience! I want to apologize for the major delay in updating this story - we all know how unexpected life can be. Thanks again to SexyGeek and abMarie

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The doorknob's tongue did not catch into the door strike plate when my mother shut his bedroom door. She had gone to the kitchen to have coffee with her visiting sister leaving Daddy sleeping in his b

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This story is my first ever attempt at writing something of an erotic nature. I was encouraged to post it by a friend of mine so I hope you enjoy it! It's been written for someone I have been friends

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The cute dark-haired flight attendant gave him a nice smile and handed him a visitor packet. "Have a wonderful time during your stay. This should give you some ideas for things to do." Asch had waited

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Summary: A nude model and art professor fuck after class. Note 1: This is a VALENTINES DAY 2016 Contest story. Note 2: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, Wayne and cuckdynasty for editing this story. FIRST CU

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After spending our whole lives living in the same city, my husband's job gave us a chance to move about as far away as imaginable. We were thrilled to have our first big adventure and in 3 short weeks

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