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Short sex stories

It was the first set of pole dancing Saturday night and both Danny and Diego were on the poles. This was Danny's only set. Sam had said he'd do the Saturday night specials only once a month. He wasn't

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Down into a Burning Square of Fire My name is Sarah. When I logged into a Minecraft server, I got a starter kit and a rulebook. After accepting the rules, I threw the book away, because I didn't want

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[Note: This work has six chapters, the posting of which should be completed by 15 January 2016.] ***** Danny was concentrating on the probability examples in his textbook that he didn't realize that h

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I am so sorry as always. I had some pretty rough reviews so I almost decided not to continue the story. However, I wanted to know how this would play out. Some people don't like the drama...but the pl

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"See that man over there?" "The one in black leather? With those other guys who parked their cycles out front?" "Yes," Sam said. "He's looking over here, so, no matter what, keep a smile on." Danny ha

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