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Stripper Heels & Coupon Deals Pt. 06

Chapter Eleven

It very nearly killed him, but Deok-su didn't touch the woman beside him the entire car ride. It was more for her benefit than his, since he assumed having sex in that backseat of a cab wasn't how she wanted the night to continue. Touching Mercy was off.

Lauren, he reminded himself, crossing his legs and openly regarding her across the cab. Six or so inches of cracked and faded black leather separated them, and he was actually aware of every centimeter. She was lovely. Dressed down, hair in a hasty ponytail, face free of any make up. Women like her didn't exist in his world of perfectly coiffed beauty achieved through expensive treatments, cosmetics, and creams. Lauren was a dandelion among roses.

"I don't do this," she whispered quietly, too low for the cab driver to hear. If he hadn't been watching her very carefully, Deok-su was sure he wouldn't have caught it either.


"One night stands." She winced. "And whatever that was a few days ago. Momentary insanity."

There'd been an edge of formality to their conversation in the Cognac room, but now that barrier was broken. Her colloquialisms, while hard to follow, allowed him an insight into her character. She was intelligent, educated, and had been raised well. Interesting that the only job she could get was at a strip club. He found that went against what she presented, how she acted and behaved.

"You're staring too hard."

He blinked, drawn back into the moment with her brown eyes boring holes through him. "I do not do this either."

"You're speaking more slowly and formally."

"It happens when I think too much. I have to translate my thoughts into English. The process can be . . . difficult when I have many things on my mind."

She nodded, seeming to understand. The drive to her apartment proceeded quietly and uneventfully. Within a few more minutes, they pulled up to a non-descript, four story apartment building. Lauren reached for her purse, but with a click of his tongue, Deok-su stopped her. "I will pay."

"We'll split."

Deok-su sliced his head to the side in silent negation. The day a woman paid for anything in front of him was the day he lost his balls.

Lauren climbed out of the cab and Deok-su was quick to follow, dogging her every step. He took a cursory glance around the neighborhood. The cars were dusty, older models, and the homes on the street circa 50s and 60s. It was a working class neighborhood, made more noticeable by the back and forth barking of two dogs, a resident pulling onto the street and getting out from his car in a suit and tie, and the smell of barbeque and sound of laughter floating toward him from halfway down the street.

"This is nice," Deok-su commented as she stepped up to the white-painted brick apartment building and pulled out a key.

"Thanks." Lauren unlocked the door and shoved it wide. "I love the neighborhood. And with the hours I work, it's nice to come home and not have to worry about getting stabbed or mugged. We even have a Community Watch!"

He wasn't sure what that was, but Lauren seemed happy enough. Deok-su waited as she got her mail, unlocked yet another door with a press-in code, and led him up three flights of stairs. As far as one nights stands went, this one seemed oddly uneventful, mundane even. Everything the woman did seemed more out of habit than a rush for him to be in her bed. There was a calm reassurance in the way she handled herself and the situation. Inside, Deok-su felt like a knot of lust and longing. The second he touched her, she'd be on her back or at the very least against something sturdy enough to hold their weight.

"Ya comin' in?"

He looked up to see Lauren peering at him, a stack of mail held to her chest, the door wide open to her apartment. "Excuse me." He slid past her and stopped at the threshold of her home, immediately beginning to remove his shoes.

"You can leave them on," she rushed to say, before a wince contorted her face, "or take them off. Your choice. I just haven't swept or cleaned or . . . Well, really done anything in forever." She tossed the mail onto a table off to the side, already overflowing with similar packets and magazines.

He knew some Americans left shoes on in the home, but the thought of doing that now made him uncomfortable. So, despite her reservations about her less than sterile living space, he continued to undo his laces and carefully set his shoes near the door.

"Let me go find the menu for Kebab Time," she tossed out as she strode into the galley kitchen and opened a series of draws. "You're still hungry, right? Want something to drink?" She opened her refrigerator and began listing off what she had. Her rambling gave him ample opportunity to look around. The apartment couldn't have been more than one hundred some-odd meters, with all the rooms bleeding into each other so one couldn't tell where the kitchen stopped and the bedroom began. The only things separated from the room were a small closet and the bathroom.

Carefully, Deok-su picked his way over to Lauren, wary of the precarious stacks and odds and ends scattered across her floor. "Lauren," he interrupted her rambling, standing on the other side of the refrigerator door she clutched with white knuckles.

A curly head popped up and wide brown eyes met his. She looked . . . conflicted. "We do not—" Deok-su sighed, running a hand through his hair as he thought about how to say what he wanted in English. "I can leave."

"No, no, no!" She closed the refrigerator door and moved toward him. Laying a hand on his chest, she took a shaky breath in. "Just kiss me, okay?"

He did, fumbling at first, gripping too tightly. Need coiled in his gut, and Deok-su felt like it was his first time again. Roof of the school with a locked door separating Min-yoon and him from the rest of the world. All clumsy touches, too wet kisses, and insecurity-tinged desire.

Thankfully, Lauren had no such predilections. "Lift me. Counter." Her words brought Deok-su back to the moment, in a small kitchen with handfuls of firm ass and a willing woman grinding hard against him.

"The bed," he gasped, breaking away long enough to get the words out before diving back and running his tongue over her lips, teeth, melting into her mouth. There was no way their first time together was going to be on a counter. Maybe the third or fourth, but not the first. When he entered her for the first time, he'd look in her eyes, grip her hands, and watch every nuance of expression cross her face.

Stumbling away from the kitchen, he sought to remember where the bed was while also trying not to injure himself on her cluttered floor. "Damn!" He gave up, pulled back, and yanked her up against him. Scanning the small studio, he spotted the bed and took two large steps toward it before throwing her against the pillows and comforter.

"Hey!" Lauren cried indignantly, bouncing for a second, hair a mess around her flushed face, clinging to her bruised lips. "You could've broken my bed."

"Still might."

"Try not to. These things aren't cheap you know. No matter what the IKEA commercials say."

"If we break your bed," he said darkly, bending to her. "I will buy you a new one. Now take your clothes off." It was hard continuing a conversation in English when all the blood used to translate suddenly went to his dick.

Lauren tugged the t-shirt over her head as he went for his own clothes, pulling and tugging, not giving a damn if things ripped or buttons flew. He needed her. Now.

"Lights off."

Deok-su shook his head, flinging his shirt toward the couch. "On."

"My one night stand, my rules. You're lucky to be gettin' any at all. Don't blow it. Lights off."

"That mouth . . ." he was unsure how to phrase exactly what she did to him. A part of him wanted to devour Lauren (completely eat her up) while another part wanted to wrap her in silk and place her among the softest pillows so she never hurt, never worried, never felt fear or trepidation. They were new emotions, violent, blindsiding him completely.

"Is gonna get me in trouble?" She raised a brow and smiled sardonically.


Fluidly, she rose to her knees among the thick violet comforter and black sheets. Her fingers went to the button of her jeans, flicking deftly, parting the placket, slipping down the front of her zipper, caressing—Shit! If he didn't know better, he would think she was teasing him. Deko-su looked up and caught her gaze. Definitely teasing.

"Turn the lights off and I'll slide down my zipper."

Temptation rode him hard. She asked for something simple, something that shouldn't have irritated him so bad. But it did. "I want . . ." he cursed violently in Korean, unsure of the English words to say. "I need . . . to see you. All of you. To make it real. To make you real."

The words weren't right, they didn't feel as desperate as he needed them to be. He'd beg, plead, worship her in the same breath he'd wrap her hair around his fist and fuck her immobile, until she couldn't think without his dick inside her. Madness. Perhaps the same momentary insanity that took her over was contagious.

Lauren opened her mouth to say something, but damn it he didn't want to hear it. Stepping close, Deok-su slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her senseless. He drew away long enough to push Lauren gently on her back and slide her zipper down. In one fluid move her jeans and panties whipped down her legs, sailing across the room to join his shirt. Now all Lauren wore was a plain black bra, and a flick of his fingers and a quick tug, found that too in the growing pile of clothes.

Beautiful. Her skin glowed in the light, a collage of different browns that painted a picture of what she'd worn. She never wore anything that showed her stomach or her thighs outside. The skin there was light, while the skin of her arms and legs was darker. Her arms moved to cover her breasts, two shades lighter with nipples that looked like confections. Deok-su's hands shot out, yanking her arms away and pinning her wrists above her head.

"Do not hide!"

"Huh?" She blinked wide eyes up at him, her words sharp, "Speak in English. I can't understand Korean."

"Do not hide from me," he translated, the words a bit softer. "I want to see you."

"In all my stretch marked, fatty glory?"

Does she never shut up? Deok-su shook his head as he ignored her words and ran his eyes down her body to the triangle of curly hair between her legs. Her thighs were closed, clenched tightly. Immediately, he let go of Lauren's wrists to touch her thighs, thumbs moving up to those curls. "Open."

"Say please," she whispered shakily.

His eyes never left hers as he tugged her body to the edge of the mattress and knelt in front of her. "I beg you. Please."

On a sigh, her legs opened wide.

Chapter Twelve

Deok-su's favorite color had always been silver, the color of the moon when it was full and hung heavy in the sky. That favorite died a quick death when Lauren parted her thighs. His new favorite color was now shinny pink, the color of Lauren's pussy dripping wet.

"It doesn't suddenly change into a dragon," she laughed, breathless. "No matter how long you stare."

A smile curled the edges of his lips. With near reverence, he leaned forward and scented her deeply. Nothing in the world smelled better than wet woman. It filled him with the same anticipation as a storm on the wind.

"Do you have a STD?"

Deok-su blinked, completely taken off guard. He looked up from between her legs, but Lauren's expression was entirely serious. "No. I do not."

"Good. I don't have any either. I was tested six months ago, and I haven't had sex since."

Six months? He nearly staggered at her off-hand admittance of a time frame that seemed unfathomable to him. Six days was long. Six weeks interminable. But six months . . . Not even when he was doing his mandatory military service did he go without sex for more than a couple weeks.

The fact she choose him to break her celibacy wasn't lost on Deok-su however. That was why he wouldn't mess this up. Not if he wanted her again. Which—he gulped and tried not to shake—he very much did.

"Jagiya," Deok-su whispered softly, leaning closer to her heat. "Dangsin-eun jeongmal aleumdabseubnida." You are so beautiful.

He flicked his tongue out and caught her clit in a brief tease. Lauren tensed, thighs straining in his grasp as he parted her thighs wider. The next caress wasn't nearly as playful. Deok-su was hungry—starved for the taste of her. Tangy and sweet on his tongue, she melted beneath him, spreading out on the sheets like liquid. Small, mewling sounds spilled from her lips, inciting him further. All he could think about was her taste.

She cried out when he scraped his teeth along her clit, snaking his tongue around the nub a second later. He tilted his head, lifted her legs, and covered her with his entire mouth, sucking and licking and nipping.

"I'm coming," she moaned, panting above him.

Not yet. He wanted to be inside her when she blew. Deok-su drew back and switched tactics, pleasuring her with his fingers. Lauren was so wet, she had no problem taken in two. Arching her back, she scratched at the sheets when he pushed his fingers all the way in and curled the tips, stroking her g-spot. Her muscles clenched with the beat of her heart, the inhale and exhale of her breaths.

"Don't stop. I'm close. Don't stop," she pleaded. There was such fear in her voice that he'd leave her wanting that it broke his heart.

Finding the words to tell her what he felt, what he'd do, what he'd make her feel was a akin to crawling through mud. It was hard going, the words so close, but trapped just beyond his mind's reach. He gave up and finally said what he needed to in his mother tongue, the words pouring out of him. "The first time you come, I'll be in you. I'll be riding you hard, and you'll scream my name and love it. Love me. And we'll do it again, until you can't walk. Until all you want to do is ride my cock and come. You want that, Lauren, don't you?"

"I c-can't understand you."

"Yes, you can."

Her eyes widened when he pulled back and shucked his pants. His feet were barely out of them before he was back on her. "Do you have a condom?" she asked.

Considering this wasn't how he'd planned his night to go, no, he didn't. "No."

She worried her lip between her teeth before leaning up and pushing him off her. A growl crawled up from his throat because she was not going to leave him again. There would be no abuse of his hand or icy showers.

"I'm not going to tell you to leave," she promised with a small laugh as he let her up. "Would you be okay with a blow job?"

The thought of her lips wrapped around his cock nearly undid him. "You do not have condoms?"

"If I did?"

He looked down at her, watching the emotions play across her face. "That would be better."

"Well, um . . ." she dithered, before throwing her hands up and reaching for the nightstand drawer next to her bed. She withdrew a large box of condoms, sized extra-large. A part of him went cold. He'd assume she had one condom lying around that was expired from six months of celibacy (he'd find a way to make it work though, or run to and back from a drug store in record time) but the large box said that was a lie. She was a liar. She had sex. A lot of it.

"They aren't what you think they are," she rushed to say, but he was barely listening. The woman was a liar, one who was probably as disease ridden as the rats in the street. His cock was still hard and painful, but her juices didn't taste as sweet anymore and her pussy didn't look so tempting either. Fuck, but he was still horny, still wanted her desperately. Deok-su was torn. Leave or stay.

"Get out of my apartment."

Her angry words caught him off guard and he looked at her, naked and wet. "I am sorry?"

Lauren slid from the bed and climbed to her feet in front of him. She slapped her hands on her hips, words rushing out of her mouth too fast for him to follow. "You think because I have a box of condoms that makes me a whore. Don't try to deny it, your look says it all. You need to understand that this is my body. I can do whatever and whoever I want." She snapped her fingers in his face, making him blink back. Her head bobbed, breasts swaying with her angry gestures. "And just so you know, I bought these condoms the morning after you finger-banged me because I hoped we'd end up together. My mistake." She pointed and nodded to the door. "You can get the fuck out now."

It was hard to keep up with her spit fire words but the gist wasn't lost on him. Deok-su thought about his next move. It'd taken him too long to get to this point—her naked and needy and so wet for him she dripped. He could follow her demand, leave with an uncomfortably hard cock and keep his views on her, or he could apologize, hope the night wasn't completely ruined, and get back between her legs.

Second option seemed the best.

"I will not leave."

She stomped over to the table beside the door. "Guess I'll call the cops."

"Lauren," his tone was measured as he approached; hers was not. "What?" she threw her hands up, whirling back to him, violent and ready for a fight. "You obviously don't want to—"

She was on her back, against the door, in a second. He was between her legs in another. "Do not tell me what I want!" Deok-su took her lips savagely, irritation, anger, and goddamned lust fueling him.

But Lauren didn't lay tame and acquiescent against him. Her fingers fisted his hair, nipples dragging roughly against his chest as she lifted up and sucked at his lips. When she bit him, he glared at her, but her brown eyes met him, challenging.

He went deeper, lifted her higher, kept their eyes locked as he touched the mushroom tip of his cock to her pussy. Fuck, she was so wet and slick and hot. Deok-su rubbed against her, slipping his dick up and down, swiveling it against her clit.

Lauren drew back and pounded her fist against the door, rattling it. "Condom."

The feelings of disgust he'd had only a second ago blinked out of existence as he slammed her body against his and carried her to the bed. He slipped on her cluttered floor and Lauren's legs wrapped around his hips. Against himself, he entered her. Just a small taste.


Pushing their bodies on the bed, sweat dripped from his forehead and chest onto her as Deok-su blindly felt for the box she'd thrown down onto the bed. The movements caused him to slip deeper inside, and for a second he gave up. His hands moved to her waist, gripping, clenching. Deok-su pushed a little further, felt her thighs brush his flanks, breasts press into him as she arched.

But her words stopped him, "I can't get pregnant. Please . . . put on a condom."

Pregnant? The thought did funny things to him. Made Deok-su think of a family, coming home to dinner, to Lauren and their kids, and her warmth. The thought had always appealed to him but with her it wasn't just a fantasy. He could make it a reality. She felt right around him, good in a wholly unexpected way. Even when she was angry or teasing or driving him absolutely crazy with her fucking mouth it worked. They worked together.

But the "Please" stopped him. Deok-su levered himself up, and pulled out of her tight, wet body. It was one of the hardest things he ever had to do and for a second he couldn't breath. Then he heard the shaky, nearly inaudible "Thank you" that slipped from Lauren's lips, and it was all he could do not to slam back into her. With a shaking hand, he found the box, ripped it open, grabbed a foil packet, and rolled the latex down his length. He winced as the cool rubber met his overheated skin.
"Tell me . . . you want this."

She didn't hesitate. "Badly."

He positioned himself at her entrance, and looked straight in her eyes. "Need it."




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