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State of Grace

It takes a bit to get to the good parts, but it helps to explain how the two main characters come together and connect.

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All characters are over 18.


My house is a wreck. Walking through the rooms I can see hole after hole in the drywall, deep scratches in my wood floors, a broken window, and other small dents and dings here and there. I can still feel Kevin's wrath as I run my fingers over the damage he inflicted on my house. I realize now he was, and is, a dangerous man and I'm just thankful that my neighbor called the cops before it could get much, much worse.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I can see multiple images of myself in the broken glass staring back at me. I was lucky to have walked away with just a black eye and a split lip, the bruises on my ribs a testimony to how close he had come to ending everything. How a promising, good looking young man could ever lose himself to drugs and alcohol was still a mystery to me. I guess the pressure of trying to fill his dad's shoes as the CEO at his company had been too much for him and the narcotics were the only escape that he had. Either way, last night his daddy had been unable to get him out of this mess. He was currently sitting in a hospital room with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. He had been so high on drugs that the cops had had to shoot him to get him calm enough to arrest and take away after their Tasers had failed to stop him.

I had wound up staying at a hotel, unable to face what was left of my house once I had left the hospital and police station. In the daylight it wasn't quite so scary but the damage was bad and beyond my abilities as a homeowner to fix. I'm an Accountant by trade, not a handyman, and while I could caulk and paint with the best of them I couldn't fix drywall. I was going to have to call somebody to fix what I couldn't and I sighed at what it was going to cost me.

Hearing a sound, I jump and spin around; a shard of broken glass in one hand. Walking through the house that my grandmother had left me when she died, I don't see anything but how could I? My eyes are clouded over with tears and my nerves are buzzing with all the caffeine running through my system. I count to ten and breathe deeply through my nose as I close my eyes to try and calm myself down, throwing the glass across the room in disgust.

Walking back to the kitchen, I pull a glass out of the cabinet and gulp down a shot of vodka to calm me down some. I know it's not going to sit well in my stomach since I hadn't had anything but coffee since lunchtime yesterday. I had been in the middle of making dinner when Kevin had burst through the door enraged about something.

Rummaging around in the pantry I pull out a sleeve of crackers and start to nibble on one, ignoring the sting of the salt on my cut lip while I rummage in my purse for my cell phone. There's only one handyman in town and it's my best friend's dad. I'm sure he already knows what's happened. In a town this small, news gets around fast. I had yet to call Lacey, my best friend for over 20 years, but I knew she'd understand. We were so close we were practically sisters and I knew that she'd be upset that I hadn't called sooner. The only phone call I had made since last night was to my dad who was a cop the next state over. He had started off here in Oklahoma but after he had remarried he had transferred to Kansas to be closer to his new wife's family. She had a daughter up there with a grandbaby on the way and I couldn't fault her for wanting to be closer to them.

One thing I did know was that my dad was going to be on his way down here soon. I had haltingly told him about Kevin and how bad he had gotten just last night. Of course, it had come as quite a shock to him since I had only ever told him about how driven Kevin was and how happy we were. Not entirely a lie since we had been up until a few months ago.

Pressing the send button, I hear Lacey's phone start to ring on the other end. "Hello? Grace?"

Talking past a lump in my throat I manage to get out, "Yeah, it's me."

"Oh my, God! Grace, what happened? Sue called and said that her brother's in the hospital with a gunshot wound and then Billy Jo texted and said that she heard that the cops were at your house last night. I've been texting and calling you since I heard."

I can hear the concern and fear in her voice as I close my eyes and explain to her what happened and apologize for not getting back to her sooner. "Do you need me to drive out there? I can get Tommy to watch TJ." Lacey lived about an hour from me and six months ago had given birth to her first son, Thomas Junior.

"No, I'm fine. I do need your dad's number though. Is he still taking on clients?" Her dad had built a thriving construction business years ago and, while he still owned and operated it, he had a foreman that took care of most of the work while he sat back and collected the money. In his spare time, he did construction/handman-type work around town but the last I heard he was booked solid and wasn't taking on any more jobs for a while.

"I don't think so but you can call him anyway. I know he'll make time for you, honey." Rattling off a number, I quickly write it down as we chat for a few more minutes. I can hear the baby start to cry so I tell her to go ahead and take care of my nephew and I'll talk to her later. "Keep me posted, okay?"

"I will. Love you."

"Love you, too."

Hanging up with Lacey I dial Will's number and listen to it ring until it's finally picked up just as I'm ready to hang up. "Hello. Will speaking."

"Will, hi. It's Grace."

Instantly his voice warms and memories of him silencing countless slumber parties run through my mind. "Hi, Grace! How are you, honey?" Ok, so he doesn't know anything. This could be good or bad.

"Um, I'm fine. Listen; are you able to take on a new customer? I need some work done so if you're too busy maybe you could recommend somebody."

"I'm never too busy for you. What do you need done?"

Where do I begin? "Well....maybe you should take a look first before you agree. I've got a couple of holes in the drywall that need filled and a window is broken." That's putting it mildly but if I say much more he'll just worry.

"I had a cancellation this morning so I could come over right now if that's okay with you." His voice is more hesitant now; almost like he can already detect that something bad happened.

"That would be great. My main concern right now is the window. I heard it's supposed to rain tonight and...."

Will interrupts me before I can continue. "Say no more. I'll be there in ten minutes. Bye, Grace."

"Thanks Will."

Quickly changing into shorts I look through my shirts before deciding on one of my dad's old flannel shirts and no bra. My ribs hurt too much to pull anything over my head or to have a tight bra strap wrapped around me.

I briefly think about trying to cover the bruise on my face with some makeup but I wouldn't be fooling anyone anyway so why bother? I'm not ready for the look I'm going to see on Will's face but I know it will be very similar to my dad's when he sees me.

Will was a gruff man but had the heart of a saint. He was just your average working man who had made something of himself but never flaunted his success in front of others. He had always seemed to be a mountain of a man when I was a kid with his bulging muscles and deeply tanned skin from working construction all of his life. As I'd grown up, I'd realized that he was only about six foot and not the giant I had always imagined him to be. He had a deep voice that had boomed down the hallway at us girls when we'd stay over at Lacey's house, our giggling echoing down the hall until he had to yell for us to go to sleep.

I had had a secret crush on him as I reached my senior year of high school but I had never said anything to anybody about it. There was something about him that appealed to me and to this day I'm still not sure what it was. Maybe it's because he's just the average blue-collar worker, or it could be the way he seemed to fill a room with his personality. Okay, maybe not his personality, but I was one of the few who knew how much of a teddy bear he really was. When my mom had died he had held me as I'd cried into his neck. When Lacey's mom had left them for a younger man, I had been as heartbroken as Lacey because I had attached myself to her after my mom had died when I was 15.

The ringing of the doorbell is loud in the silence and I jump from nervous energy. Wiping my sweaty hands on my shorts, I open the door to see Will standing on the porch.

Nothing is said as I slowly raise my eyes to look into his soft brown ones, noticing that he's taken to buzzing his receding blonde hair so it looks like he's almost bald. I don't want him to think I'm weak when tears start to burn my eyes so I dig my nails into my palms to distract me as he silently takes in my face. One tear slowly slips down when his hand haltingly reaches up to cup my damaged cheek in his callused hand, his thumb ever so gently running over my split lip.

"Why didn't you call me sooner?" His voice is low and hoarse and I choke back a sob before I lose it completely.

Stepping into the house, he doesn't take his eyes off of me as he closes the door and pulls me to him. I gasp out my pain when his arms touch my ribs so he circles my shoulders instead while I wrap my arms around his back; sobbing out my heartache and pain into his neck just like I did so many years ago.

His soothing hands pull the hair back from my face as I finally quiet and pull back. "What happened, Grace?"

He pulls me to the couch and we sit with our knees touching, his warm hands holding my clammy ones as I tell him everything. "Your dad?"

"He knows and should be here today or tomorrow."

"What's going to happen to Kevin?"

"I don't know. They're talking serious jail time for attempted murder, drugs, etc."

I can see Will looking around the living room but he doesn't say a thing. "I guess you should see the rest of the house." Getting off the couch is a lot harder to do than sitting down so Will helps me by lifting me up by the armpits. "Thanks."

Room by room we survey the damage while he takes notes on a little pad he pulled from his front pocket.

Finally finishing the tour, we stop in the kitchen and sit at the breakfast bar. "It's going to cost a lot, Grace. Just about every wall is damaged and the doors might need to be replaced. I can fix the scratches in the floors and the window is going to be pricey but I might be able to work out a deal for you."

"I have some money saved but I can't afford a lot."

"Tell you what, I think between me and you that we could get this done pretty cheap. I have lots of drywall in my shop that we can use so that won't cost anything and the rest is just elbow grease. I'll run back to the shop and grab a piece of wood to cover the window and then you're coming home with me for the night until I can change the locks on your doors and fix your window."

"I'll be fine...." I start to say but he cuts me of with his hand in the air.

"No arguments. Grab some things and you'll ride around with me today. I don't want you here alone. Besides, I could use the company. It gets lonely working by myself all day."

I have to admit that his offer is tempting. I'd just sit here and think anyway since there was no way I was going to be able to concentrate on work. I work from home as a CPA so I had my own schedule.

Helping me off of the chair he follows me into my room, his eyes narrowing at the blood on the wall from where the cops had shot Kevin to keep him from me.

Locking up, I spend the rest of the day with Will, finding him to be a great companion. He makes quick work of the window so rain can't get in and then we head back to his house. Since this had been my second home for as long as I could remember growing up, I make myself right at home in the kitchen. Looking through the fridge I find the fixings for a casserole and get it started while I munch on a celery stick and peanut butter to calm my queasy stomach.

"I see I don't have to tell you to make yourself at home." Turning I find Will leaning against the doorway in a fresh pair of jeans and a t-shirt, his muscles moving under his skin as he folds his arms over his chest, watching me with a smile.

"Habit, I guess. It's easier not to think when my hands are busy."

"You need to call Lacey. She just texted me asking how you were."

"I will. Why didn't she text me?" I ask.

"I asked her that. She said that she didn't want to bother you in case you were resting. I told her you were probably cooking or cleaning and she said that you'd better get your ass in bed and get some rest. Oh, and your dad will be here tomorrow around noon."

"You talked to him too?"

"Yeah, remember he's my best friend? I told him I have you and he decided to stay in Kansas until tomorrow. He was going to be here tonight but I talked him out of it."

Closing my eyes, I sigh and brace myself on the counter with my hands to ward off the pain. I really needed to take some more pain killers. Hearing his boots softly thumping across the hardwood floor, I open my eyes to watch him walk towards me.

"Why did you stay with him, Gracey?" Standing in front of me with his hands in his pockets, I can't help but feel a surge of love for this man. It's a love for a man that I've known most of my life when he and his family had moved here when I was nine and I had become friends with his daughter. It's more of an affectionate love for a person that is like a second dad to me.

I'm not sure how to answer this. The cops asked me the same thing last night and I didn't have a good answer for them either. Walking over I cautiously lower myself into the dining room chair, the scent of chicken filling the air as it bubbles away in the oven. Will follows me and sits down in the chair across from me.

Looking everywhere but at him, I start to explain. "He was so sweet and caring when I met him. We bumped into each other at the grocery store and by the time he left, he had my number and my heart. I can't explain the spell he had over me only that I loved him and never in a million years thought that he'd ever hurt me."

Will gets up then and walks over to the bar, pouring me a glass of wine and himself a Scotch before sitting back down across from me. Taking the glass from his outstretched hand I take a small sip and feel the warmth of the Merlot slip down my tongue.

My hands now have something to do as I twirl the wineglass around on the table. "I will say that he never hit me until last night. I'll give him credit for that." Taking another sip to steady myself I explain how he felt so pressured that he had turned to alcohol and then drugs to take the edge off. "The drugs got stronger and stronger but he never acted as violently as he did last night. I'm not sure what he took or what set him off. I thought that I could change him, I suppose. Even when the sex stopped because he couldn't get a hard on or when the drugs became his new love, I still thought that if I loved him enough, he'd see what he was doing to me."

"But he didn't."

Softly I say, "No."

"Well, your dad and I talked and we both think that you should stay here until we find out for sure what'll happen to Kevin. He talked to the sheriff and he said that he might get out of the hospital tomorrow but it was up in the air if he was going to jail or a drug abuse place to clean out."

"You can't make me stay here. That's my home, Will." I want to protest even more but I'm getting tired and, honestly, I'm kind of scared staying in the house by myself now.

"So is this," he says with finality just as the buzzer on the stove goes off.

I move to get up but he stops me with a look and gets dinner on the table for us. He even cleans up afterwards and helps me up to the room that used to be Lacey's. Deciding I need a shower, I let the hot water run over my skin and sink into my bones before I crawl under the clean sheets. He must have put them on while I was making dinner.

I'm able to get some sleep over the pounding rain and crashes of thunder but am wide awake at 4:30 in the morning when I hear Will moving around downstairs. Realizing that I'm not going to get any more sleep, I get up and join him for coffee.

"Good morning," Will says with a tired voice.

"Good morning."

The rest of the morning is spent out in his shop while we wait for Dad to show up. I'm more sore today than I was yesterday so I'm unable to do much more than watch when I hear the growl of a diesel engine, signaling the arrival of my dad.

I'm his only child, and dad takes it hard when he sees me. Wrapping me in his arms, he gingerly pulls me to him and just holds me as I sob into his chest. You'd have thought that I was cried out after all that I had done yesterday but there's something about your daddy's arms that just makes you feel safe and secure and able to let down all of your walls and fears.

The men hug and slap each other on the backs but soon get down to business and have a plan of attack for fixing the house in no time.

The next week is a blur of cooking for the men, catching up on old times, and working to fix walls and floors.

By the end of the five days that Dad took off from work, the majority of the house is put back together and mostly repainted. By then my ribs don't hurt quite as bad so his tight bear hug doesn't hurt like it did before when he finally leaves to head back home.

"Take care of her, Will."

"You have my word, Tony."


Somehow Will convinced me to stay and a month later I'm still at his house. My house was now done so I wasn't entirely sure what held me back but Will's place felt more comfortable than mine did. Maybe it was because of the ugliness that had happened with Kevin or maybe it was because I was too chicken to face my fears but Will and I quickly settled into the routine of an old married couple.

I cooked all the meals and cleaned the house, even taking over the laundry and ironing. I was able to keep my clients happy from my little office I'd set up in the room I'd come to think of as my own. When Will came home from work and checked in with his foreman, we'd sit either on the porch or in the living room and just talk; sipping wine and Scotch as we probed each other's minds. He was a fascinating man and my feelings were getting deeper and stronger towards the gentle giant. I knew that there was no way he had any feelings for me other than paternal so I made sure to keep my growing feelings under a tight lid when he was around.

One night I was standing in the kitchen, Will at the breakfast bar watching me beat frosting for a cake, when I turned towards him unexpectedly and caught him staring at me. The look in his eyes had taken my breath away and I wasn't quite sure what to think. Maybe he felt the same way I did but was afraid to say anything because there was a 23 year age difference between us. Catching my eye he slowly raises his glass up and sips his Scotch before resuming the conversation we were having. His warm brown eyes continue to burn through me as if he's undressing me or trying to see into my soul as I regain my composure and answer back to some question he had asked me about the cake.

Another night, about a week later, we were getting ready to head inside after enjoying the crisp fall air on the porch. I was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a thick sweater to ward off the chill and he had on an OU sweatshirt and jeans. We had been talking about me moving back home and he had been against it. I felt that I was ready to banish my demons and, while the conversation was heated at times, we both understood where the other was coming from. I had eventually conceded to staying a bit longer. Kevin was awaiting trial in jail with no hope of getting out on bail so I didn't have that to worry about him coming after me anymore.
Will was holding the door open for me and without thinking I raised my hand to run it lovingly down his stubbled cheek in thanks. His hand darted out to hold it to his face as he turned his head to kiss my palm, taking my breath away. It had been months since I'd had sex and I quickly became aroused at the simple touch of his lips caressing my palm. My mouth opens in surprise as he presses another kiss to each of my fingers, flipping my hand over to kiss the back while gently pulling me to him at the same time.

"I'm going to kiss you, Grace." He doesn't ask, he just tells me as if he's trying to warn me of his intentions. I'm not afraid of him so I step even closer and move my hand to the back of his head, curling my arm around his torso to press him against me, my hand still holding my empty wineglass.

Will's hand cups the back of my neck, his other arm circling around my shoulder as we stare at each other. I wonder what he's thinking as he gazes down into my green eyes, his head moving closer as we press against each other tighter still. My breasts are smashed against his muscular chest, his cock mere inches from my pussy as I feel the bulge growing in his jeans.

The first touch of his warm lips on mine and I'm a goner. Closing my eyes I deepen the kiss by moving my lips against his, opening my mouth wide enough to allow his tongue access to my own. Chasing his tongue with mine, I slip it into his mouth as he captures it and lightly sucks on it. A low groan comes from my throat when he releases my tongue but his deeper groan comes out like a growl when I copy what he just did to me.

We stand there for what feels like forever as we kiss in the doorway. Our lips and tongues moving together, finding what the other likes. I've been kissed before but never like this. It's like we're trying to express our feelings for the other without saying a word and it is incredibly erotic.

Finally I pull back when I start to feel the low sting of a beard rash on my face. Licking my lips I look up at him in wonder at what had just happened. His hand moves to cup my cheek again before pressing a soft kiss to my lips. "That was nice," he says almost in a whisper.

"It was," I whisper back. "Where did you learn to kiss like that?" I blurt out, widening my eyes in embarrassment at having asked about his sex life.

Chuckling, he moves away and takes my wine glass with him as he walks into the kitchen with me right behind him. "Remember, I've been around a lot longer than you, girlie."

Mulling this over, another thought comes to mind. "Will?"


"You never...well; you never thought..." biting my lip I try to spit out what I've been dying to ask him for years. "Did you ever think about me in a sexual way when I was younger?" There, I said it.

"No, Grace, I didn't. I've always cared about you and I guess even loved you like you were my own daughter but I never once thought of having sex with you back then. You were too young to know what we were doing and it would have been wrong to do that to you because it would have felt like I was taking advantage of a child. I guess seeing you at Lacey's wedding stirred up some different feelings but it wasn't until recently that I started to really think about pursuing anything with you."

Taking my hand we walk into the living room and sit on the couch side by side to talk. Swinging my legs up I sit cross-legged so I can face him. He's tucked into the corner with his legs crossed and his arm spread across the back of the couch next to me.

"I've always loved the fact that you were so independent and didn't take anything from anybody. I guess that's why it was so hard to figure out why you stayed with Kevin but I know you have your reasons even though you've tried to explain them to me." Will's hand reaches out to rub my shoulder when I look away.

"Honey, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I'm just trying to explain to you some things that I've wanted to say to you for a while now. Okay?"

Nodding my head, I look back at him and smile but he was right. I guess every woman has her weak moments and Kevin had been mine.

"I was so proud of you when you got your bachelor's degree and I thought that you were so beautiful when you stood up at your graduation party and gave a toast to your dad. When I saw you standing at the altar, waiting for Lacey as I walked her down the aisle, I realized that you had turned into an exceptional woman. I'll never forget that dance we shared at the reception. Do you remember?"

Nodding my head, I think back to how handsome he'd been in his tux. It was only two years ago, back before I'd met Kevin, and I'd danced with anybody and everybody that night. But that dance had been special as we'd swayed to "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole.

"You had let your hair down and your curls were all over the place." Reaching over he tugs on a chestnut curl and watches it spring back. "You used to be so self-conscious about your hair and body but that night you couldn't have been more sexy if you'd tried. Your cheeks were pink from dancing and your skin was moist. That dress showed off every curve you had and I wanted to press you closer."

"Why didn't you?"

Twirling my hair around his finger again he doesn't answer right away. My heart is pounding from the kiss earlier and listening to his deep voice recall the feelings he's had for me.

"I don't know. Maybe because you're young enough to be my daughter...hell, I helped raise you. I guess I thought that I'd just be in the way of any hopes and dreams that you had and I wanted you to be able to experience life without being attached to a 51 year old man. You have your whole life ahead of you and mine's on the downhill slide, honey. I wasn't going to do that to you. Besides, I had Lacey to think about and I thought that she might be upset if I went after her best friend. But, that was two years ago and a lots changed since then."

"Like what?" I counter.

"Well, I'm 53 now, Grace and you won't be 31 for another couple of months. That's 23 years and I'm not sure that I can get past that. I'm also a grandfather now."

"If the feelings are mutual, and both people are happy, what does age matter, Will? It's just a number and there are relationships where the age difference is even greater and they work out fine. Think about this, divorces happen regardless of the age difference."

"What about Lacey?"

"What about her? Yeah, she might think it's weird that I'm with her dad but she'd know that I was happy and safe." Seeing his mouth open to argue I hold my hand up to stop him. "And I already know that you're going to bring up Dad. He's your best friend and you're worried about what he'll think. Again, he might think it's odd but he'll be fine with it."

Scooting closer, I rest my hands on his legs and watch as he smiles a crooked grin at my touch.

"I'm not a little kid, Will. I'm a grown woman that's made some stupid mistakes when it comes to men but this is not one of them. I love my life but I'm happier when you're around. Did you not know that?"

Shaking his head, I scoot closer so I'm practically in his lap. "I'm going to go to bed now. I think that we both need to think about what happened tonight and everything that was said and then make our minds up because I think that if we do something now, we might regret it later."

"You are wise beyond your years, lady."

Leaning over to kiss his cheek I get up and wish him good night. It's a long time before I can quiet my brain and sleep is a long time coming.

We both work hard the next day and don't see each other until after seven when he comes home from remodeling a kitchen. I can tell he's tired and sore so I offer to run him a hot bath. Surprising me, he says, "Only if you'll join me."

Staring at him in surprise I can't say anything until he laughs and pulls me to him for a hug. "Don't look so offended, sweetheart. It was just a suggestion."

"I'm not offended. Just surprised, is all. I'm game if you are," I say with a smirk and watch his eyes go wide before narrowing in mock anger.

"Young lady, it's not right to tease an old man."

"I'm surprised you can even hear me. Did you lose your hearing aid again?"

"Oh, really? That's how you're gonna talk to me, missy?" I squeal in surprise and laugh when he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

Walking towards his bathroom, he deposits me on my feet with a flourish of his hands. "Now, fix my bath water, woman, while I go and get our drinks."

Oh my God! He's serious! Thinking fast, I try to remember if I shaved this morning. I had gotten a Brazilian wax two days ago so I wasn't worried about that except I did wonder what he would think about a hairless pussy. Pulling my hair up into a bun I start running the water and find a bottle of bubble bath to pour in. I've been in his bathroom numerous times to clean and had eyed his huge tub on several occasions, dying to try it out but too nervous to ask.

"You're still dressed." Turning I see that he's removed his work shirt and is now standing bare chested in front of me, holding our drinks. The man is built. He doesn't have six pack abs but his stomach is flat and his pecs are defined. He's got a light dusting of chest hair with a line of hair leading to the fly of his jeans. "Like what you see," he says with a wink.

I'm not normally shy in front of men but I feel my face turn red at being caught ogling Will. Taking my wine glass from him, I turn to set it on the edge of the tub and test the water to make sure it's not too hot.

Taking a deep breath I turn back and slowly work the buttons on my shirt, watching his eyes follow the movements of my hands.

Letting my shirt drop off of my shoulders and pool at my feet I watch him swallow hard as he gazes at my exposed flesh. Looking down I can see a bulge growing in his pants but my eyes quickly dart back up to meet his. Not taking my eyes off of him, I reach behind me and unhook my bra; letting the cups sag forward but not removing it just yet as I watch him.

Folding my arms over my breasts to cover them I watch his eyes lower as if he's trying to undress me himself. "Like what you see?" I repeat what he had just asked me as I get the courage to lower my arms and let my bra fall to the floor.

Setting his glass on the edge of the tub, Will sits down and spreads his legs wide, crooking his finger towards me to get me closer. Stepping between his legs, I rest my hands on his shoulders and let him stare at my breasts. My nipples are hard from excitement as he lightly runs his fingers up the sides of my breasts. Moving his eyes up to meet mine, he brings his hands up to cup my cheeks for a second before moving them back down again. Down his hands go, barely touching my skin as he runs his fingers over the swell of my breasts and down my stomach.

Will stares at my breasts as his fingers come up under them and circles around each coral colored nipple. "You're beautiful," he says so low I barely hear him. I feel beautiful with the way he's staring at my body.

"Oh my God," escapes my lips when he circles his tongue around my left nipple. His hands make quick work of my jeans as he works the fly loose and tugs them over my hips and down my toned thighs, reaching down to help me out of each pant leg and sock before circling an arm around me to press me closer to him.

I press his head closer to me and he correctly guesses what I want, pulling my nipple into his warm mouth and swirling the tip of his tongue around it. "Will? Please....more." I gasp out as he switches to my other breast.

His fingers move over my ass and down lower to my pussy. I know that he has to feel how turned on I am and his low "Fuck" whispered around my breast tells me that he's found out how wet I am. I sometimes soak the bed when I get turned on enough and I know that he'll find out just how much wetter I can get if he continues what he's doing to me.

Dipping a finger into the crotch of my underwear, he scoops up some of my juices and brings his finger to his mouth to suck it clean. Making a noise in my throat I move to kiss him and soon we're lost in each other. I can taste myself on his tongue and I can feel him curling his fingers into the waist of my panties and tugging them down my legs.

I'm so turned on I feel like I might cum right then but he seems to sense this and backs away. "Take my pants off," he orders in a hoarse voice as he stands up.

My fingers fumble for the waist of his jeans but I make quick work of them and soon they're lying on the floor next to mine. Not wasting a minute, his underwear and socks quickly follow until we're both naked as the day we were born. Reaching to touch his cock, he stops me with a hand on my wrist and a quick shake of his head. "Not yet. I want to taste you first."

Glancing over I see that the tub is only half full then back down when Will kneels in front of me on the bath mat. Turning me so I'm sitting on the spot that he had just warmed for me, he gets between my legs. Kissing me with passion he moves away to press kisses against my jaw, trailing down my neck and chest to my breasts. Stopping to suck on each one, he makes me groan out my pleasure before working lower down my flat belly. My stomach sucks in slightly when he lightly sucks a ticklish spot. I want to hold his head to me but I'm too afraid that I'll fall back so I brace myself with both arms on the edge of the tub as he puts both of my legs over his shoulders.

Watching him I can see his nostrils flare slightly as he breathes in the smell of my pussy. Meeting my eyes he slowly swirls his tongue around my clit, causing me to buck up slightly against his mouth. My mouth is open in awe as I watch him move lower to my opening. Using his tongue, he scoops some of my liquid out and swallows with his eyes closed as if he just ate the most succulent dish ever offered.

I can't take it anymore and throw my head back, moaning out my pleasure as his tongue moves in and around my vagina. "God, baby...yes, yes! Right there! Don't stop!" I plead when he sucks my clit into his mouth.

Holding onto my ass, he holds me to him as he works my clit with his tongue and lips. His groan is so low it comes out in a growl as my juices coat his chin and run down my ass crack.

"Please, please, please..." I pant as my face flushes and my pussy pulses. My clit is throbbing and I can feel that I'm going to cum soon. The man can suck pussy and right then and there I vow to never let him go!

He sucks a bit harder on my clit and I start to shake as my orgasm shoots through me. My screams echo against the walls as I spasm against Will as wave after wave of pleasure crashes through me. I've never cum so fast before and my clit is still so sensitive that I pull back from him with a pop.

Rising up on his knees, Will brings my face down to his for a kiss so I can taste my tangy juices on his face. The whole bottom half of his face is shining but I don't think that he cares judging by the huge grin on his face as I pull back to catch my breath. "I'll take that reaction any day!"

Will gets in the tub and leans back as I sit between his legs. The water is almost too hot against my overheated skin and I let some out to run some cold water in to cool me down.

I can feel his cock against my ass and feel guilty for not even stroking it before. Reaching behind me I give it a gentle tug. "If you keep that up, I'll probably cum and then you'll have to wait until tomorrow before you can play with him again."

Getting the message, I laugh and release him. Relaxing in the water we sit and talk until the water starts to get cold and my toes are wrinkly, our drinks long since gone.

"We should probably get out before we turn to prunes," I say with a yawn.


We both get out and dry off. Will reaches for a bottle of lotion and rubs me down with it and I repeat the process, not touching his half-hard cock. I want to suck him but I wait to see what he wants to do. He might be tired and I know he needs some sleep.

Gathering my clothes off of the floor, I move to walk away but his hand on my arm stops me. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Aren't you tired?"

"Yes. Are you?"

"Well, yeah."

"Then let's go to bed." Finally understanding what he wants, I drop my clothes and follow him into his room.

As I reach for his cock, Will again moves my hands away and puts them up around his neck. Turning me, he guides me to the bed and gently lifts me up onto the mattress. Scooting us both up to the center of the bed he leans over me for another kiss. My hands go to either side of his head as he cradles my head in the crook of his elbow and brings my leg up alongside his hip.

"You taste so good, baby."

I groan in response and reach between us to touch his hard cock. While we kiss I explore with my fingers and get a mental image of his cock in my head. He's a bit longer and thicker than I'm used to and I get excited thinking about sucking and tasting him for the first time.

"Is that what you want, baby?" He asks in an excited voice as I continue to fondle him.

"God, yes!"

Squirming out from underneath him I rise up on my knees. He matches my motions and kneels in front of me as we kiss again. Looking down I can see that his cock is slowly oozing precum, jutting away from his body at an angle with low-hanging balls swinging underneath. Taking his cock in my hand, he lets me stroke him a bit before again asking, "Did you find what you want?"

Kissing his neck, my words come out muffled but he must have heard my positive reply because he finally lets me have my way with him. Scooting back on my knees I bend over, sticking my ass up in the air as I brace myself with one hand on his thigh and hold his cock out farther from his body with the other. Licking up his precum, I sink my mouth down his cock and then swirl my tongue back up to the head, listening to his groans of pleasure as his hand guides my head up and down his beautiful cock.

His heavy moans fill my ears as I bob up and down. Releasing him, I gently push him backwards so he's on his back. Moving so I'm coming at him from the side, I lean over him and watch his legs spread as I fondle his balls with one hand and jack him off with the other. His hand guides my head back to his cock and I go back to sucking him, concentrating on speed and depth as I sink lower and work to take more of him into my mouth. "Fuck, baby. That's good. Right there," he whispers as I hit my gag reflex and back off to start again.

His hands caress my ass cheeks as he moves me close enough to his mouth to bite my hip. Licking up and down his shaft I suck the head of his cock hard and lower my mouth until he again hits my gag reflex. Working to concentrate I try to relax enough so he can slip further down my throat but he's distracting me by fingering my pussy.

Pausing to look underneath me, I see him moving around to get underneath my pussy. Realizing he wants to 69, I swing my knee up and over his head so I'm now straddling his face with my legs. His hands press my pussy onto his waiting tongue as I suck and slurp on his cock and gently move his balls around in his sack.

His mouth finds my clit and sucks before he runs his tongue lower and kisses my pussy. The wet sounds of oral sex fill the air as he licks and sucks enthusiastically. Losing my concentration, I back my mouth off of him and stroke his cock with my hand, bucking back into him as he brings me closer and closer to another orgasm.

I don't want to cum yet so I slowly back off of his mouth until my face is in line with his. His arm goes around my shoulder to bring me to him for another wet kiss before I get up on my knees and pull him to my breasts. He quickly takes the hint as he sucks on one nipple and then the other as I cradle his head against me. "That's it, baby. That feels so good. I can't wait to feel you inside of me," I croon and throw my head back as his fingers flick my clit.
Pulling back I lower myself to the bed and spread my legs for him to fuck me. Lying down beside me, he moves one of my legs so my thigh is pressed against my chest and moves me so I'm almost on my side. He slowly pushes his cock into my wet pussy and I gasp out my pleasure as he fills me up with his cock. I've never done it this way and wait for him to move because there's not a whole lot I can do besides hold onto the arm he's thrown across my chest. He nuzzles my neck as he slowly thrusts in and out of me. "Is this what you want?" he asks with each thrust until I yell out yes over and over again.

Slipping out of me he says, "I want to fuck you from behind." Doggie is one of my favorite positions so I quickly move around and position myself on my hands and knees, sticking my ass up in the air for him.

"Damn that's sexy," he growls out before plunging his cock into my waiting pussy. His hands run up and down my back as he increases his pace, thrusting in and out of me faster and deeper. Reaching underneath me, I start to finger my clit.

"Uhhhhhhh.....yes," I moan and let out a loud "Fuck" when he slams his dick into me.

Moving to match his thrusts, I bring myself to orgasm yelling out his name and hissing out, "Yes, yes, yes yes...."

My back arches up and down but he keeps on thrusting into my pulsing pussy and I can tell by his loud grunts and groans that he can feel my pussy spasming around his cock. Hanging my head as I ride out the last waves of my orgasm I can see my breasts swinging wildly underneath me as he continues to pump into me. Sensing that I'm done, he briefly grabs my hips and gives me several hard thrusts before leaning over me; raising me up by wrapping an arm around my chest and another around my waist. Turning my head I find his lips and kiss him as he slowly pumps up into me.

The angle is different and he can't get as deep as he was but the connection I feel with him is indescribable. We're making love, not fucking, and it shows with each kiss we share. His cock repeatedly thrusts up into me but he's slowed his pace so he's barely moving. I can feel him pulling almost all the way out and then all the way up into me again and again, his heavy pants filling my ears.

"Fuck, you're wet baby!"

I can tell he's getting close when he pulls out completely and lies down on his back. His body is covered in sweat. Moving to straddle his hips with my legs I settle on top of his cock and let my weight push my pussy down onto him. A strangled curse word flies out of his lips as he moves to hold onto my hips. Leaning over I kiss his lips again and nuzzle his neck, kissing and sucking, tasting his salty sweat as I slowly rock my hips back and forth on his dick.

His cock is hitting my g-spot and I gasp in pleasure. I slide on his cock until he takes over and pulls me down to him, his arms wrapping around my back as he buries his face in my breasts. My pussy is pulsing as small orgasms rip through me.

Pulling out he flips me onto my back, pulling me with him as he backs off of the bed so his feet are on the floor and my hips are on the edge of the mattress. Holding onto the bedspread, I let him open my legs as wide as they'll go as he plunges into me again, making me cry out as his cock hits another area of my pussy that feels incredible. Slinging my legs up over his shoulders, he leans over me and cradles my head in his hands as he pounds my pussy mercilessly.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum, baby."

"Cum, cum, cum...." I chant as another orgasm rips through me. I'm going to be sore tomorrow but it'll be worth it. Backing off he grabs hold of my hips and thrusts into me so hard our bodies slap together. We're both slick with sweat and my pussy is on fire with pleasure. Gasping and moaning out "yes, yes, yes" I crunch up and see that his head is thrown back, his mouth wide open, eyes slammed shut as he nears his climax.

Yelling out one long, low "fuck" he slams into me one more time and shoots his cum inside of me. Jerking his hips, he empties his balls into my pussy before collapsing on top of me.

Sliding his arms up underneath my shoulders he lies on top of me and nuzzle his head into my neck. I can hear him still panting and his heart is pounding against his chest. For several minutes we just lay there and enjoy the moment as we come down from our orgasms.

His softening cock slowly slips out of me as he pulls back from my arms. I crawl backwards up onto the bed and he crawls up after me, lying with his head on my stomach. Running my fingers through what little hair he has left I can feel his fingers running up and down my legs and waist, sending goosebumps dancing across my sweaty skin.

Looking up at me he says, "Honey, I've had a lot of sex in my day but no one has ever come close to making me feel like you did tonight. You just made an old man very happy."

"Well, I can't say I've had as much as you but I've had my share of lovers and you're hands down the best I've ever had."

Grinning he says, "Really?"

Laughing down at him I playfully slap the back of his head which starts a quick wrestling match on the bed as we try to tickle the other one. Giving up I lay back down on the bed and reach my arms out towards him.

"Will, I think I love you." I whisper as he settles next to me on the bed. I swear I see a tear in his eye as he gently brushes the hair back from my eyes.

"Honey, I know I love you."

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