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The first time I saw her, she was perched on a barstool on the tiniest little ass I have ever seen. She looks twelve or thirteen, but I found out later that she is a college sophomore, and nineteen. My buddy spotted her first,

"Mike! See that one at the bar?"



I chuckled immediately as I took another swig off my Dos Equis. Although I had never really heard that expression before, I knew exactly what he meant. He means that she is so tiny that in a cowgirl position and tucking in her knees, you could just spin her around impaled on your cock... a spinner! Crude remark perhaps, but just stuff between guys and not meant to be shared in any other company or context.

The problem is that she looks sweet, and as far as I can tell she is alone, nursing a lite beer that appears to be her first and only. I'm thinking that she just stopped in for a quick beer on a hot and humid day. Her short shorts ... white ones... define a perfect little ass. A pink halter-top and pristine white tennies completes the vision. I am guessing that she tops out at somewhere just under five feet and about a hundred ... mmm, maybe ninety-five pounds!

She has perfectly shaped brown hair down just past shoulder-length. A pink ribbon pulls her hair away from her face ... I actually kinda like that look ... school-girlish! From what I can see of her face from my angle, she is cute! No, make that very cute!

I need to know her!

"I'll let you know when I find out, Jake!"

I say to my friend in answer to his crude observation. I slide off my stool and away from our table; sidle up next to her stool and say,

"Buy you another, doll?"

She looks me up and down with a very obvious appraisal, smiles and says,

"Mmm, no thanks honey. You're cute n'all, but I just stopped in for a quick one."

"Well, how about something else? A burger? A car? A house?"

She giggles musically (which, by the way quickens my heartrate) and asks,

"Are you hitting on me?"

Always being an honest and straightforward guy I answer with a confident smile,

"Um, yup!" I sweeten the smile as much as I can and continue, "Thing is, I think you are kind of cute and quite frankly, would just be interested in getting to know you."

"That's very flattering handsome, but not today. I appreciate the effort though!"

I hear Jake chuckling. She notices too, and says,

"Friend of yours?"

"Yes, that is my imbecile friend, Jake. I'm Mike, by the way."

"Well Mike, it was very nice to meet you, but I have to get going. Bye!"

Usually that 'bye' would have been a knife in the back of any nascent relationship, but I decide to take matters into my own hands. In the time it takes her to get her purse out and pay her tab, and get to the front door, I am already waiting for her outside. The sidewalk was busy, but as soon as she appears outside the place I drop to one knee, with my arms outstretched. I have a lyrical baritone singing voice and as a last ditch effort, I decide to serenade her right there. I sang,

"I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles, girl-from-the-Fifth-Street-pu-u-uu-ub!"

She covers her mouth with both hands; to stifle a giggle and her surprise, as a crowd around the entrance applauds my effort ... I even get a couple of whistles! Smiling, she says,

"Okay, okay! Um, I do have some time, so how about a nice iced chai tea at Starbucks around the corner? Your treat, of course!"

She extends her hand to help me to my feet,

"Gillian! But, everyone calls me 'Gilly' and I kind of um, like it. Does anyone ever call you Michael?"

"Nope. Mostly Mike since I was about uh, a minute and a half old."

She laughs and says, "I want to call you Michael! Is that alright?"

"Find by me, and actually I like the way it sounds when you say it!"

She smiles and takes my arm. As we walk away, I see Jake watching this from the other side of the door, inside the club. He is slowly shaking his huge bearded head and saying something that I cannot hear...

...but I know what he is saying. He is muttering to himself,

"How'n the fuck does he do that shit?"

I wave goodbye to him smiling at my triumph. Pretending she didn't notice, Gilly says,

"Wave goodbye to Jake for me too, Michael!"

"I did. You're covered, baby!"

We just chit-chat on the way to the coffeehouse: where are you going to school, what's your major, the usual pre-first-date-getting-to-know-each-other bullshit! I ask her,

"Why lite beer, Gilly? I'll have to take you out sometime and buy you a good beer ... one you can actually taste."

"Um, thanks Michael, but let's just get past a chai tea at Starbucks first, before we start naming our children."

Great sense of humor!

This tiny little girl is going to be fun! If I can close the deal, that is!

"You're right, first things first. We need to get to know each other first, maybe a movie or dinner or something. By the way, what are some of your favorite baby names?" I joke.

"Michael!" she responds quickly in a giggly accusation.

We end up spending an hour at the coffeehouse, just talking and laughing. She is a delightful person, with a terrific sense of humor and a quick wit. She is going to City University, and is in a B.S.N program, studying to be a nurse. I tease her about being a pediatric nurse so she will at least be taller than her patients. She slugs me in the arm with her tiny fist for teasing her and giggles a little.

"That's yery funny Michael, but I have actually heard that one before ... about a dozen times a day, actually!"

"I doubt that!" I challenge her.

"Well, okay, that's an exaggeration, but I have heard it before." She admits.

"And I was so hoping to come up with an original insult for a girl I just met!" I tease her.

I find out that she is four-foot ten, and ninety-two pounds. She is about six months away from her twentieth birthday, but she looks so much younger. I decide not to tell her about the 'spinner' comment from Jake, since she might misconstrue my interest in her. I lose track of what she was saying at one point in the conversation, just staring into her blue eyes, and searching her pretty face with mine.

I get caught when she asked a question that I missed,

"Michael! Did you hear what I asked? I asked about your program at school!"

I tell her exactly why my attention wandered ... looking at her, admiring her pretty face ... and she smiles sweetly, idly running her fingertips through the hair on my forearm says,

"Oh, Michael. That's so sweet!" She looks at my watch and says,

"I have to get going but you can walk me home! It's just a couple more blocks."

We had a club sandwich with our drinks, and I left a tip for the waitress, and we walked out. On the way to her apartment, I asked her out for Friday night. By way of answering me, she fishes a pen out of her purse takes my hand, and turning it over writes her number on my palm.

"Call me tomorrow night, Michael!"

She kisses the tip of her finger, and presses it to my lips as a goodbye kiss. She smiles, knowing that I am hoping to taste her lips and says,

"Bye, Michael!"

I am too stunned to answer, and just give her a lame kind of half wave. I watch her perfect tiny ass, as it ascends the stairs and disappears into the darkness of her building. I walk back to the bar, and am not surprised to find Jake still there, trying to put moves on a pretty coed. I walk up to them and tell the girl,

"Don't believe a word he says, darlin'! He's the biggest liar in town!"

Jake turns around and with a big smile,

"Mike! Where's that pretty little thing of yours?"

"Walked her home ... maybe Friday night. Ask the bartender for a piece of paper and a pen will you?"

I copy Gillian's number onto a bar napkin and stuff it in my pocket.

"Mike, you are a real master ... you know that? I would have bet against your getting that little spinner's number!"

"Gilly ... her name is Gilly, Jake, and she is a very nice girl!" I say as I clap him on his monstrous shoulder. Then I turned to the girl he was working on and say,

"He is big and ugly, but he is a lot of fun, and has a heart of gold so, my dear, you are a fool if you don't give him your number!" She smiles at me and says,

"What if I give you my number handsome? You can call it, but if you don't I will be very disappointed. I won't complain too much if you give it to Jake though. I like the big bear type!"

She writes her number on a napkin and hands it to me, and I hand it off to Jake.

"Have fun, you two!" and with a fatherly look and a sideways glance I add, "Be good!"

As I make my exit, I notice Jake moving in a little closer, and his new friend responding to him. He turns and his broad smile says, "Thanks Mike!"

"What's a wingman for?" I think to myself as I walk out. Over my shoulder, I hear her as Jake, "What's a spinner?"

Back at my place, a crappy dorm room actually, I am just sitting at my small crowded desk, thinking about Gillian. I think about how her hair looked with the sunlight on it. I think about how incredible her blue eyes look with her darkish brown hair ... stunning, really! Then I have a dirty little thought about her being, well, tiny underneath. Since she is so small, I am thinking about how tiny her little pussy might be.

I have been with small girls of course, but this one will be the smallest if I ever get the pleasure. After that semi-vicarious kiss as we shared as we parted, I am not sure that will ever happen. I decide, looking at the rumpled napkin containing her phone number, not to call her tomorrow night as she suggests. It might seem a little over-anxious.

It will definitely put me on her mind ... and on her radar. I also decide to come up with something more creative for a first date than dinner and a movie. Something to get her little heart racing. But what? I turn to my books, and tomorrow's assignment and vow to work something out later.

I meet Jake at the pub again the next night, instead of calling Gillian.

"Mike! What the hell! Are you crazy? You didn't call her?"

"I just thought it might seem a little overly urgent and needy to call her on command. I'll call her tomorrow night, but I have to come up with something to wow her on the first date. Any suggestions?"

"Well, I just take 'em out for a few drinks to get them loosened up, and then try to get them into the sack. Works more often than not Mike!"

"Wow, Jake! That's magnificent! Are you shitting me ... get her loosened up hoping to get her in the sack? That's your idea?"

"Well, yeah. It works, sometimes."

"What kind of a wingman comes up with a bullshit suggestion like 'loosen 'em up and get 'em in the sack'? Jake, I want this girl! I want an on-going relationship with her, not just to test your 'spinner' theory!"

Jake thinks for a moment and says,

"Well, how about that Art Fair down by the lake? It starts this Friday; maybe pack a lunch or sumthin'!"

"Okay, well at least that's on the right track. Let me think about that. By the way, what ever happened to that busty blond we met yesterday?"

"I am seeing her again tonight later. I am taking her to dinner and a movie! How's that for creative? I think she likes me ... she asked about you though!"

"You are just a savant, Jake! But thanks for the tip about the Art Fair ... she might like that!"

The next night, the night after she expected to hear from me, I call her. The phone rings, once, twice, three times ... she made me wait until the fifth ring, then I hear her voice,

"Hello Michael!"

"Hi Gilly, um, I am wondering if you have any plans for Friday night?"

"Mmm, nothing major! What did you have in mind?"

"I'll pick you up at seven, wear something casual ... jeans or shorts ... but bring a light sweater."

"Hmm, sounds mysterious, Michael! May I know what we will me doing?"

"If you can wait two days, I think we will have fun!"

"Okay handsome, but it had better be good ... I am looking forward to doing something I can brag to my girlfriends about!" I laugh, and simply say,

"See you on Friday ... seven, doll!

"Bye Michael!"

Okay, so now what am I going to do? Tramping around some dusty Art Fair might be fun for a while! But what else? I have two days to come up with something she can brag to her friends about. I didn't chat with her on this phone call, but you never do when you are calling just to set up the date.

I have homework to do, and work on a research paper to get it started. I hate cramming big projects into the last night, but I have about a week, to I get it done.

Friday night arrives, and at about ten minutes before seven, I call her on my cell phone telling her to meet me out in front of her building.

She is sitting on her stoop as I pull up. She slowly rises, her eyes widen and she puts both her hands to her mouth in a surprised smile. I stop the tandem bike right in front of her, and remove my 'Blues Brother's' style sunglasses.

"Oh-my-god, Michael!" she says half laughing.

"Hop on baby ... room for two!" She looks over my rig, eyes wide as I hand her an identical pair of sunglasses to wear as we ride. She giggles and puts them on and we mug our imitation of the Blues Brothers, and she gets onto the back seat. I have a small cooler bungeed to the carrier behind her seat.

"Where are we going Michael?"

"Dinner!" is all I say.

She smiles as we pedal away from her dorm building. She has handlebars attached to my seat post, but only mine can steer. We ride without her knowing where we are going, but she happily provides half the pedal-power. We ride for about twenty minutes and enter the park by the lake. There is an amusement park across the lake, and this weekend they are having an Art Fair, starting tonight.

I find a nice quiet grassy spot near the lake, and pull us over to a stop. She gets off, and immediately pulls the basket off the back of the bike. She is surprised to find still warm roasted chicken, a salad, a couple of bunches of grapes, and a bottle of Chardonnay with a couple of plastic flutes.

"Oh, Michael! I love it ... so romantic! Can you open the wine; I'll fix us each a plate."

I pull out my portable wine bottle opener, it is pocketsize, and has two prongs that slide down each side of the cork. A couple of twists and the cork pops out. I fill the plastic wine glasses halfway, and we make a toast. "To us!"

"Michael, I love this so much ... we can see the lights from the amusement part, this is wonderful. I was worried that you might just come up with something lame, like dinner and a movie. This is sooo much better!"

"Glad you approve! Plus, you make the cutest Blues Brother ever, baby!"

"You really think so?" she says as she reaches over and dons the sunglasses I brought for her, and giggles musically.

After dinner, we decide to ride over to the Art Fair, and the amusement park. It is just a ten-minute pedal around the lake; she jumps off as I chain the bike to a post. We walk around the fair, with Gilly checking out several of the booths. We watch a stilt-walker striding through the fair, and a fire-eater. We admire some of the more creative artwork, discussing various pieces.

When we decide on a couple of rides, we start with the roller coaster. I am not one for heights, but not afraid of them either and we find ourselves raising our hands off the bars on the down hills. It is exhilarating! She wants to checkout their Ferris wheel, and as luck would have it, we are stuck on top for a few minutes. I tell her,

"You know Gilly, it is tradition that if a couple gets stuck at the very top of a Ferris wheel, they have to kiss."

She didn't say a word as she turns to me, closes her eyes and parts her lips. We share a very soft and nice kiss, until the wheel jerks us back to reality and starts to descend. We kiss each time the wheel stops to let someone off. I hear some guy a couple of seats behind us yell, "Give her the tongue, dude!" We just laughed, and she slides her tongue out just to touch my lips at the next stop. Her soft, warm and moist little appendage tastes sweet as it presses against my lips before she quickly retracts it.

"Michael, I hope you don't think I am being forward, but the roller coaster excited me, and being on top of the world with you is just too much!"

"No Gilly, it was nice ... felt nice!"

She moans softly as she cuddles closer to me. When we reach bottom, I climb out first and take her hand to help her out before the scraggly-haired operator can take that pleasure from me.

"Why, thank you kind sir!" she says with a sweet smile (one that melts my heart!).

"Da nada, baby!" I answer as she giggles.

When we reach the bike, she is standing there in her prim little white short shorts and tennies. Her breasts are small, but push out against the material of her halter-top as she breathes heavily. She brushes her hair back off her neck on each side with her hands, and softly says,

"Kiss me Michael!"

I waste no time in closing the distance between us, take her in my arms as she tiptoes up and I kiss her as passionately as I can. The kiss lasts for a long time as I hold her with my hands on her back; one high and one lower down. We decide to kick off our shoes, and walk along the shore for a while, talking softly and holding hands. The cool sand feels great on our bare feet and between our toes.

At one point, she teases me trying to trip me with a torrent of giggles, and I pick her up in my arms and pretend I am going to feed her to the waves as she screams,

"MICHAEL ... NO!!"

On the count of three I pass her over the water and then set her back down on the sand. My counter-tease earns me a slug in the shoulder, and then another kiss as she throws her arms around me.

"Oh, Michael! I am having a wonderful time tonight, and I will definitely brag to my friends about our evening together."

We are walking along the beach hand in hand again, and she is quiet, thinking hard about something. She suddenly comes out with it, as if it is an addendum to her last comment,

"But, Michael ... what is a ... 'spinner'? I overheard Jake use that expression ...his voice carries ... and you chuckled when he said it. So what does that mean Michael ... does it have anything to do with why you asked me out?"

"Wow, that's a lot of questions from a very curious little girl!" I say, buying some time to form an answer to her main question. I decide that leveling with her is best, even if it cost me her continued company.

"Gilly, 'spinner' is a kind of sexual term use for a girl that is very petite, as you are. Before I explain what it is, let me answer another of your questions first." She is intently interested in every syllable coming from me as I continue,

"When Jake pointed you out, he used a crude comment, but when I saw you I forgot what he said. I didn't know anything about you, and just chucked at a comment between guys. When I saw you sitting so prettily at the bar, and could see at least part of her pretty face and I was smitten! I told Jake that I had to know you. We are out together tonight to start fulfilling that mission ... and nothing further ... I have no ulterior motives in asking you out, but to get to know you, and show you a nice time."

"Michael, that's sweet, but I am still unfamiliar with that term, so can you um, explain what it means ... to a guy."

"Gilly, I am not going to equivocate, and I will always answer questions you ask honestly. This might be one of those occasions where you might want to be careful about asking a question you don't really want the answer to."

She let go of my hand and we stopped. We are facing each other as I admire the way the the breeze plays with her hair. She is looking up at me intently waiting for my answer to her first question. I did not let her wait long,
"Honey, a spinner refers to a girl who is tiny, as you are. It describes the image of a girl on top of a man, and if she draws her knees in, the man could simply spin her around on his, um, manhood ... a spinner." I could tell that she wanted to comment, but I held up my hand to stop her.

"Before you respond, let me finish. Jake is a great guy, but can be a little crude sometimes. His comment caused an involuntary chuckle from me, but then I saw you. I saw the dainty, very feminine way you were perched on that stool. I saw you brush you hair back, and my heart skipped a beat. I saw the way you held you beer, and the way you raised you little finger as you took little lady-like sips from it. I wanted to know you, and said as much to Jake."

She clears her throat, but was still listening to my tale intently as I continue,

"When I approached you, I didn't know anything more about you than what I could see, just like you, when you called me 'handsome.' But then you spoke, and I started seeing a pretty, smart, and independent woman I wanted to get to know." I took a second, with her still intently interested,

"Gilly honey, I just couldn't let you walk out of my life, so I resorted to some cheap theatrics on the sidewalk outside, that I borrowed from the movie The Pelican Brief." I am about to continue when she interrupted me,

"Michael, you are not intent on 'spinning' me just so you can brag to you friends ... to Jake, are you? If that's what is going on, I would be so disappointed in a guy I am starting to like!"

"I want to see you and get to know you better. If we have any kind of a relationship, and it reaches that romantic place eventually, I will consider myself very honored, indeed. I am a one-woman man Gilly, and I would be all yours, with nothing to prove to anyone ... least of all, to Jake. I will tell you that we are not doing anything remotely close to that tonight ... it is just too soon, honey. Tonight is just about showing you a good time. I am beginning to like you too!"

"Michael, I just do not want to end up being some bar room joke between a couple of immature males. I will be through with you forever if that ever happens Michael, and there will be no way for you to ever get me back!"

"Gilly, I am so sorry you over-heard that remark, and my reaction to it, but I can promise that I do not discuss my sex life in bars with anyone. A gentleman just doesn't do that. I am young, and maybe I don't yet know all of the ins and outs of being a perfect gentlemen, but I know what is, and is not descent behavior regarding women."

Gillian takes both of my hands and says,

"Michael, let's spread the blanket out by the bicycle, and just enjoy the lights from the park ... there should be fireworks soon." Her voice is somewhat cool.

We spread the small blanket, just quietly sitting together. I was careful not to take advantage of the situation, so we just sat quietly, passing little comments back and forth. She let me put my arm around her and she moved closer, but after our semi-contentious talk about barroom language, neither of us wanted to push it too far. She slides her hand down between us and places it lightly on my thigh for a moment. We settle back on our arms to watch the fireworks.

I turn toward her and can see the reflection from the starbursts in her eyes as she turns and gives me a smile I do not understand. Her smile is asking a question, but I am not sure what it is, as I start to move my face closer to hers. She must be trying to keep herself from going too far after our discussion, and says quietly dropping her smile,

"Let's watch the fireworks Michael!"

We settle back and watching the big finally of the light show, and I rise to help my pretty date to her feet. We put the stuff away in the basket, and I re-bungeed it to the carrier behind her seat. I get on first to steady the bike for her to mount. When she is on, she reaches forward as far as she can, puts her arms around my waist, and I feel her resting her head against my back. It is just a momentary gesture as we start to get underway. I take it as just a nonverbal 'thank you' for the evening.

We seemed to be in no hurry, as we slowly peddle enjoying the cool breeze in our hair. The trip took nearly half an hour back to her dorm. I steady the bike while she gets off, and she offers me the sunglasses back, but I put up on hand telling her,

"You keep them ... as a sort of souvenir of the evening, Gilly!"

"Thanks Mike."

"Did you just call me Mike?"

"Yes ... but it didn't sound right to me, you will have to continue being 'Michael' to me!"

"I like the sound of ... continue!" I said hoping to warm thing up.

I walk her to the door of her dorm building. I am expecting a kiss, but she just kisses her finger and presses it to my lips like before.

"Goodnight Michael, I had a wonderful time tonight. Don't lose my number!"

Not knowing what to say to her somewhat cool 'goodnight,' I simply say,

"I won't ... night Gilly!"

She giggles, turns and gives me a nice view of her tiny butt as she climbs the stairs. About half way up the stairs, she turns and smiles, and then disappears into the bowels of her dorm building. I ride back to the bicycle rental place with a million thoughts running through my mind about Gilly.

They have a student working late to take back rentals. She is cute and smiles at me as I retrieve my basket from the bike, pay for the time used on the bike. I drive home still wondering about Gilly's little 'finger kiss' and what that means.

It could be just her way of handling the always uncomfortable first date 'goodnight' at the door. It could also be that she is still unsure of my intentions toward her. I was hoping that was all!

I decided that I will wait a week, at least before calling her again!



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