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Silver Pt. 03

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This story is for adults only and contains content that is sexual in nature.

This is part 3 in the "Silver" series. I urge you to please read, or at least, peruse the pages of, "Silver Pt. 01 and 02" before reading the story below in order to get a better understanding of the characters. This story is fiction, but, it does contain versions of sexual experiences that I have shared with lovers throughout my life.

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It was mid-morning and I found myself in my workshop, struggling to shoot some screws up through the bottom of a carpeted cat tower base that I had built the previous day. While on my knees, I grabbed the impact driver that was lying next to me on the floor, and from an awkward position, began to shoot a screw up into the post that would be the main support for the cat tower. As the impact driver began sinking the long screw into the post, I heard the phone ring out in the TV room. Of course, the phone always seems to ring when I am most unavailable, I thought to myself. It was on the third ring by the time I had the screw completely driven in. I raised up from the cement floor with a few creaks and cracks in my knees and raced for the phone.

"Hello," I said, answering the phone in heavy breaths.

"Michael?" the female voice asked.

"Marlene?" I asked, still breathing heavily.

"Hey Handsome, are you alright?"

"Hey Sweetheart, yes, I'm fine. I was just in the shop wrestling with a cat tower that I am building."

"Oh geez, it sounds like you're losing," Marlene said with a laugh.

"I was at first, but eventually made a comeback and screwed it good," I said with a double entendre.

"Oh, you better not be screwing anything except me," she said in a giggling, seductive voice.

"Are you at work?" I asked.

"Yep," Marlene simply stated.

"Are you on your break?"

"Yes, kind of, but not really." Marlene answered.

"Marlene, that doesn't make one bit of sense," I laughed.

"I'm in my office working, but I needed a little break from the monotony of the morning."

"Oh, you have your own office? What do you do there?" I asked in an inquisitive voice.

"Oh Michael, it doesn't matter right now, and I want to talk about you, not me."

"But Marlene, I just wanted..." I began, before being interrupted.

"Michael, I'm sitting here looking at your little cat tower page. Are you telling me that you made all of these beautiful cat towers yourself? Is that what all of those saws and tools are for?"

"Um, yes, all of those things that I showed to you the other night are what I use to make those towers."

"Oh Michael, please, I can't think of you using those big saws..." she said nervously, "They make me really nervous thinking of you with your hands near those blades."

"I've been doing this for a long time Sweetheart, but just to let you know, I'm much more careful around those machines since I can't see," I said in a reassuring voice.

"That doesn't make me feel any better, just to let you know," Marlene said in an uncomfortable tone. "So, Michael, these things are beautiful and the pictures of the cats on them are really cute! The leopard print one is gorgeous."

"You know, the funny thing about that one is that the pattern of the print matched up exactly with the trim around the edges. And believe me, that was a one in a million chance that it fell into place that way," I laughed.

"Do you like leopard print, Michael?"

"Yes, I love it. Leopards are beautiful cats, why?" I answered.

"Do you like leopard print on other things besides cats?" she asked in a low, sensual voice.

"Yeah, sure," I replied quickly.

"Hmm, I'll have to rememberr that," Marlene replied in her patented, sexy voice. "What other things do you like? What do you like on your women, Michael?"

"My women?" I asked, laughing hard into the phone.

"Yes, your women, and by women, I mean, me. What do you like as far as clothes, looks and that sort of thing?" she asked in her best soft, seductive voice.

"Marlene, are you by yourself in your office? Are you sure that no one else can hear you?"

"Yes silly, I'm all alone, sitting here thinking about you and maybe some other things that are attached to you."

"Oh geez, Marlene, don't get me started when I'm here, and you're in Philadelphia," I said with a hard on quickly growing in my jeans.

"C'mon Handsome, tell me what you like..." she said with an exaggerated moan.

"Oh god... Well, first of all, I like everything about you. I love your tits, nipples and areolas, and your beautiful ass. I love the way that you dress; your thongs and high heels of course. I love your tight spandex shorts and that little denim skirt that you wore the other night, which was the icing on the cake."

"Well thank you, Handsome," she said, "But, tell me what really turns you on. give me a list of things that you think are sexy."

"Well, I love lipstick; especially glossy lipstick. I think that dangling earings are incredibly sexy, and after thinking about them on you, I may need to take a cold shower after we hang up," I said.

"Oh is that right?" Marlene replied with a giggle. "Go on, what else?"

"Form-fitting clothes," I said next. "Shirts, dresses, jeans,and yes, tank tops!"

"Tank tops with a bra or without?" she asked again in that sensual voice of hers.

"Oh Marlene, I think that you already know the answer to that one! Your breasts are so beautiful and I think they are even more amazing when they aren't covered with a bra. You have the perfect body for that look," I said with a full fledged hard on, now straining uncomfortably in my jeans. "But don't get me wrong, I think that sexy bras are great too," I added. "I love perfume, revealing dresses, stockings, long, painted finger nails, and a sexy, playful, horny girlfriend too."

"Oh, am I your girlfriend, Michael?" Marlene asked.

"Um, well, if you want to be," I stammered, embarrassed at my forwardness.

"Hmm, we'll discuss that later," Marlene said, in a hesitant, seemingly unsure voice.

I couldn't understand why I had to say that. I was thinking that I had just ruined the whole conversation and once again, I would find myself left out in the cold. I didn't know what to say and the silence on the line was unbearable. I thought that the best thing to do now was just to say everything that instantly came to my mind. It couldn't do anymore damage than I had already done, I surmised.

"Marlene," I finally said, "Do you know what I really like the most? I like kindness; I like people who care; I like understanding, acceptance, and appreciation. I like helping, giving, and compassion towards humanity. I like talking to the elderly, children, and people of other cultures. I like the sound of ocean waves crashing into the shoreline. I like the sound of howling wind, driving rain, the distant whistle of a train, and a lonely piano. I like the magic of christmas, the smell of spring, the crisp Autumn air, the silence of a summer night and the first snow of the season. I like to be touched, held and hugged tightly. I like to be thought of just because. I like closeness and lying together in someone's arms, I like soft, full lips, soft kisses, soft skin, and soft hands stroking my face. I like vulnerability, honesty, and humility. I like passion, being seduced, teased, and having a lover that isn't afraid to take charge and tell me what she wants. And maybe the simplest of all... I like to be surprised and the thought that someone took the time and thoughtfulness to do so."

"Oh Sweetie, are you sure that you're a real person and I'm not just dreaming?" she asked, with a little bit of shakiness in her voice.

"No, you're not dreaming... It's just plain old me."

"I like just plain old you," Marlene said, sounding as if her eyes were welling up.

In the background, I heard a female voice say, "Mrs. Stanton, you have a call waiting on line 4."

"Thanks, Margie, I'll pick it up in a second," Marlene said to the woman, as she held the phone away from her mouth.

"Stanton is your last name, Marlene?" I asked.

"It won't be much longer," she replied back in a serious tone. "Hey Handsome, can you do dinner Friday night?"

"Yes, sure, that sounds nice," I replied with a smile, giving myself some comfort that I hadn't screwed things up with my "girlfriend" comment.

"Sweetie, I have to take this call. I'll talk to you tonight after I get home, OK?"

"Sure, I'll talk to you then," I replied.

"See ya, Handsome," she said before hanging up the phone.

I clicked the phone off and went back into my workshop and continued to assemble the cat tower. I finished screwing in the post and was happy with the results. I had created three wooden jumping pads that needed to be covered in carpet. I measured and cut the carpet and managed to only knick myself once with the utility knife! I thought that this would be a good time to take a break and grab a bite to eat, but more so, to stop the blood that had trickled down my hand. I certainly didn't need to deliver a bloody cat tower to the animal shelter to whom I was making this donation. I grabbed a couple of paper towels from the roll that I had in the shop. Yes, unfortunately, this wasn't my first rodeo and I finally wised up to the fact that it was easier to keep a couple of rols in the shop instead of having to run upstairs every time that I cut myself! I held the clump of paper towel on my hand as I made my way upstairs to clean it up, and then fix myself some lunch.

As I sat at the kitchen table, chewing on a piece of cold fried chicken, I thought about some of the things that Marlene had said during our conversation that morning. She was hiding something I thought. "I don't know, what do you think girl?" I asked Misty, as she laid on the kitchen floor next to my chair. I felt a paw on my leg and reached down to give Misty a scratch on the head and found that she was once again, lying on her back. "Oh, I'm shocked, girl," I sighed. "Well, it certainly isn't hard finding out what you like best," I laughed. I gave Misty a belly rub for a couple of minutes before finishing my lunch. I cleaned up, made sure that I was no longer bleeding, and went back down to my shop for a few more hours of work.



As I sat in the chair that night watching a sitcom on TV, I was hoping that I would hear the doorbell ring. I couldn't get Marlene out of my mind and even though we had only spent two nights together, I was feeling a bit empty inside. I was craving her touch, her soft lips pressing into mine, and the full weight of her body lying on top of me. I wanted to hear her voice, her giggles, her sensuous moans, and seductive whispers in my ear. I wanted to feel her hard nipples dancing across my skin. I wanted to hear her talking to me, telling me what she wanted and what she was going to do to me. I wanted to feel my tongue sliding along the wet lips of her pussy, her mouth wrapped around my cock, and my cock plunging deep inside her. I wanted her on top of me, raising up and slamming back down on my engorged shaft, and the feel of her pussy frantically rocking against my pelvis as she screamed in an exploding orgasm. I wanted everything, but most of all, I just wanted her.

The phone rang as my hand was busy rubbing my dick through my shorts while thinking of Marlene.

"Hello," I said after picking up the receiver.

"Hey there, Handsome, what are you up to" Marlene's cheerful voice said.

"Hey Sweetheart, I was just sitting here thinking about you."

"Oh you were..." she replied, "And what were you thinking about me, Michael?"

"Um, well, let's just say that I may need another cold shower," I said in a sheepish tone.

Marlene giggled and said, "I can just picture you sitting there, red faced. Were you possibly thinking about last weekend?"

"Kind of, but just more about you, and everything about you. I was actually sitting here hoping that I would hear the doorbell ring," I said in a wishful tone.

"Oh Michael, I would be there in a second if I could, but I have to run out to pick up some things that I need."

"Oh, OK..." I replied in a disappointed boice.

"Oh Sweetie, I'll surely make it up to you, don't worry about that," she seductively responded. "So Friday night, where would you like to eat?"

"Marlene, that's a loaded question, do you realize that?" I laughed.

"Actually, yes I do," she purred. "I kind of thought that both of us would enjoy two meals Friday night," she whispered into the phone, just as she would have loved to do in my ear.

"Do you like Italian?" she asked.

"Are you Italian?" I responded with a laugh.

"No, but we can pretend that I am," she giggled.

We talked for awhile, laughing and bitching about the week's trials and tribulations. Returning to the subject of dinner, I asked her what I should wear and she told me that casual would be fine. She also said that she had a nice, small Italian restaurant in mind and that she would pick me up around six. I told her that six would be great and that I couldn't wait to see her.

"I can't wait to see you either, Michael," she said in her trembling voice.

"Hey Beautiful, it's alright; everything is going to be fine and we are going to have an amazing time," I reassured her.

"I know that it will be amazing," she said in a sweet, caring voice. "I have to get going, Handsome."

"OK, be careful wherever you are going tonight," I told her.

"I certainly will, Michael. I'll see you in two days!"

"Alright, have a nice night," I said, still craving her touch.

"Same to you Handsome. And Michael, enjoy your cold shower," she said, giggling as she hung up the receiver.

Friday evening couldn't have arrived quick enough, but alass, the long days had passed and I found myself getting ready for my highly anticipated dinner with Marlene. I was back in my bedroom running my belt through the loops of my black Dockers, when I heard the rumble of an engine turning off, followed by the closing of a car door. Misty raced out of the room, toward the front door and I soon heard her dancing and grumbling. The door open and I heard Marlene's voice say hello to Misty. "Michael? Where are you?" she hollered from the doorway.

"Back here in the bedroom, Sweetheart," I yelled.

I heard a big thump and knew that it was Misty dropping to the floor! "Oh Misty, is this going to happen everytime that I come over?" she asked, while laughing at the black Lab that was lying at her feet.

As I rounded the corner of the hallway, I said, "You're the one who started it and yes, it is going to happen every time!"

"Oh Michael, look at you... My oh my, you clean up nicely," she said in an almost surprised voice.

"Sorry Misty-girl, I have other things that I want to rub," Marlene said as her voice came closer and the smell of leather filled the room. Marlene bypassed Misty and ran into my arms, squeezing me tightly. I held her securely, never wanting to let her go. I was at the point where I thought that I may be hurting her, but she seemed to pull me in closer, if it were even possible. The scent of freshly sprayed hair and sensual perfume raced through my senses, as I nuzzled my nose into her neck, kissing and sucking on her soft, delicate skin. "Oh my god, you smell and taste so good," I told her, as I continued nibbling on her neck.

Marlene let out a long, hungry moan and with a fist full of my hair, pulled my head back. She pressed her soft lips onto mine and our tongues met in a slow, passionate kiss. I could feel the lipstick that she was wearing, as our lips mashed against each other.

Gently pulling away, Marlene said, "Oh Michael, I missed you so much." Her tongue began to seductively trace along my lips before she clamped back down onto my mouth in a feverish kiss. She backed me around into the hallway, as she had done before and pressed me against the wall. Our kiss was long and sensual. I felt her reach down and feel my crotch. A big smile grew across her face when she felt the massive hard on that had grown in my pants as she rubbed my cock. "Oh, Michael, I really do like how you clean up," she moaned into my mouth as her hand continued to caress me through my pants.

My head was pressed against the wall and I lifted my neck in an open invitation. It didn't take long for Marlene to begin kissing, licking, and finally sucking my neck into her mouth. As her lips clamped onto my throat, I felt her tongue swirling against my skin. Chills raced down my spine and I let out a long, low groan. Marlene lifted her mouth from my neck long enough to tell me how good I smelled and how delicious I tasted, before taking me between her lips once again. "Oh God, Marlene, that feels so good," I moaned aloud. "Suck me harder," I pleaded. "Mark me as yours."

I felt the pressure increase on my neck as Marlene hungrily moaned into me. My breathing was heavy and I told her that I was getting close to coming. Marlene's hand left my cock and her mouth seperated from my neck with a moist pop. "Oh no, you're going to come in me, or on me, but we're not going to waste that cum of yours in those pants," she panted before pressing her lips back onto mine for another soft, sensuous kiss. The fullness of her lips pressing against me, was a feeling in which I have no words to justify.

We slowly ended our kiss and the moist sound of our parting lips filled the hallway. We stood there, gazing into each other's eyes watching the heated passion that burned in their depths. She knew that I couldn't see her, but could tell that I saw the same vision.

"You are so beautiful, Marlene," I softly said.

"You make me feel beautiful, Michael," she said in a quivering voice, as she gave me a soft kiss.

Marlene stepped back and gasped, "Oh Lord... Well, you certainly are mine now, Michael," she laughed, wiping her lipstick and saliva from my neck.

"Did you leave a mark?" I asked.

"Umm, you could say so."


"Uh, yes," she said apologetically, "It's pretty dark. I need to get a tissue to wipe off the lipstick from your neck and mouth."

"What color?" I asked, as she walked into the bathroom to retrieve a tissue.

"Kind of an earthy brown," she answered as she wiped my neck and mouth clean. "It's called Brown Sugar."

"Holy crap, Brown Sugar?" I exclaimed.

Marlene was back to the same height as me and it was time for me to see just what she was wearing. "Can I take a look?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure, Handsome," she answered, stepping back and lifting my hands to her hair.

"Deja Vu," I whispered in a smile and she gave me a little poke in my belly.

My hands drifted down her hair and around her neck. Marlene pulled my hands up to her ears and I could feel her smile. "Dangly earings," I said. The hanging earings spiraled down in a corkscrew design. "They're beautiful, Sweetheart," I told her as my hands feathered along her jawline and up to her lips. Instead of tracing my finger across her full lips, I leaned in and softly kissed them. "Hmm, pouty lips..." I said with a smile. Marlene once again, exaggerated her pout with her bottom lip and gave me a big smile. I grabbed her mouth and as I gave her fish lips, planted a big smooch on them.

"I'll pay you back later," she said with a giggle and again, poked me in the side.

My hands dropped to the soft, thin, leather that was covering her shoulders. I ran along it's length down to her wrists. I let my hands traveled down to her delicate fingers, and finally to her polished nails.
"Brown Sugar," she whispered.

As I had done the first night when I met her, I brought the polished sides of her nails up to my face and ran them along my cheek. I took her index finger and gave it a light bite before sucking it into my mouth.

"Oh god, Michael... that will never get old," she moaned.

"Mmm, I like Brown Sugar," I said with a grin.

I returned her hand to her side and ran my fingers down the soft leather of her back. I had never felt leather so soft, and the light jacket that she was wearing conformed snuggly to her body. Kneeling down in front of her, my hand left the bottom of her jacket, and drifted onto the soft leather that hugged her beautiful round ass. The material came down just above her knees. A beautiful brown leather skirt was staring me right in the face and for once in my life, found myself speechless.

Marlene reached down and grabbed my right hand and brought it to her side. She guided it to a slit that ran three quarters of the way up her skirt. My cock couldn't have gotten any harder as my hand raised up along the slit and reached around to grab the back of her silky, soft thighs. I sat back on my heels and looking up at her said, "I don't want you to say anything when I tell you this, OK?"

"OK," she lightly moaned.

"You are so unbelievably beautiful, Marlene."

I felt her tense, but then relax, as she raked her long nails through my hair. "You have more to go," she then said.

My hands glided along the softness of her skin and down her calves. I was expecting to find a strap to her heels, but instead, found a delicate ankle bracelet waiting for me. "Marlene..." I whispered.

"Brilliant, sparkling gold, the same as my earings," she said as her fingers raked harder through my hair and scalp.

I was wrong, my cock could get harder and it did, as it strained within the confines of my pants. I slid down further to the four inch leather heels that covered her feet. "these are so sexy," I said as my hands graced the softness of her leather shoes.

"Same color as my jacket, skirt and nails," she whispered.

I stood up and kissed her gently on her glossy lips. "You're not finished yet," Marlene said with a grin on her face.


"You didn't see what's under my jacket, Handsome," she mused. "You might want to remove it first."

I slid her jacket from her shoulders, down along her arms and placed it on the back of the dining room chair. As I stepped back towards Marlene, she took my hands and placed them onto her shoulders. "Go ahead, Michael."

This time, I knew exactly what she meant and felt nothing but soft skin as my hands worked across her shoulders. I didn't feel any fabric until I came to the very corner. I traced my fingers along her arms, finding a skintight material which ended three quarters of the way down. "Holy shit," I sighed. she returned my hands to her shoulders and told me that I might want to feel the back first. Just as I had done the previous Saturday, I began to feather my hands down her back. I was expecting to run into her neckline, but ran into nothing except more soft skin. "Jesus," I whispered, as my hands continued dropping until they finally hit the material that stopped six inches above the waist of her skirt. "Marlene, are you kidding me?" I asked in shock. I slid my hands along the skin tight material and followed it around to her belly. Marlene grabbed my hands and with heavy breaths, slid them up along the ultra-slick material, and cupped them over her braless tits. Her nipples were straining through the incredibly thin material. Thinking the absolute impossible, my cock grew painfully larger within the confines of my Dockers. I squeezed and played with her gorgeous tits and Marlene moaned louder as she covered my hands with hers and squeezed them harder. Each of us groaned in the other's name, as we squeezed, pinched and pressed her tits together.

"Oh yes, yes, Michael, keep going...harder," she pleaded, as I felt a shiver race through her body. She rested her forehead into my shoulders, reached down to my ass and pulled hard into me. "Oh God yes..." she moaned, this time into my neck, as she ground into my hardness. Another shiver raced down her body and she let out a final moan into my neck.

"Oh Michael," she gasped in shallow, rapid breaths. "That felt so good."

Marlene once again took my hands up to her shoulders and began pulling them down the front of her chest. I felt nothing but skin until the slope of her breast were present. "It's called a Draped Front, backless bodysuit."

"It should be called, I'm going to have a heart attack," I said in total shock. "Is this Brown Sugar too?"

"Nope, this one is called, Leopard," she answered with a sly smile in her voice.

"Are you fricking kidding me, Marlene?" I questioned. "You're just teasing me, right?"

"Nope," was all that she said, as she reached down to check my crotch.

"Michael, I decided that I want dessert before dinner tonight," she seductively whispered into my ear.

"Oh God," I moaned, as my cock lurched in her hand.

Marlene took my hand and led me into the bedroom, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my Dockers, and pulled down my zipper. In one move, she pulled my pants and my underwear down my legs where they gathered around my ankles. Taking my raging cock into her hand and slowly stroking it, she looked up at me and said, "Michael, I hope that you're ready, because I am going to suck the life right out of you."

My knees buckled as I felt her tongue lick the base of my shaft up to it's angry looking head. She repeated her action, this time taking the head inbetween her full lips and sucked softly on the sensitive skin, sliding her tongue around it's circumference. She jerked her hand up to her lips and back down to the center of my hot shaft. Her full lips released the head with a moist smack of her lips and her hand quickly replaced them, squeezing and stroking the slippery skin. Her mouth dropped down below her hand and took the remaining side of my cock between her lips and she sucked as much of it into her warm mouth as she could, sliding her painted lips along the base and up to her jerking hand. "Mmm...Mmm...", she moaned as she lathered my cock with her saliva. Leaning back on her heels, Marlene began stroking the whole length of my cock as she encouraged me to give her what she had thought about all week. "C'mon, Michael, give me that cum... I want it now... It's been five days since I tasted you and I get wet just thinking of this..."

"Oh please, Marlene, suck me, don't tease... Finish me off, Sweetheart," I moaned, as her hand continued to slide along the full lenght of my cock.

"Oh Michael, are you ready? Are you ready to fill my mouth? It's been so long; it's going to be so much and I want it all down my throat."

My cock lurched with her words and she knew that I was getting close. Marlene pulled my cock to her mouth,sucking it halfway down before slurping it back up to the head. Her tongue swirled around the head again before she dropped back down, this time burying the remainder of my cock into her mouth and throat. I moaned loudly as her lips pressed against my pelvis. she backed off once again before beginning to suck it's entire length in a rapid, rythmnic pace. Her hand reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me in, as her mouth dropped back down in succession. Her slurping noises filled the room and I felt myself beginning what would be a monumental orgasm.

"Marlene, I'm going... I'm coming... god, yes...", I moaned, warning her of the mouth full of cum that she was about to receive.

"Mmm...Mmm...Mmm...", she hummed, as her lips raced along my vein textured hardness.

"Marlene...Marlene... I'm...coming..."

My cock swelled in Marlene's mouth and shots of cum blasted into her. Spurt after spurt followed as she struggled to swallow the volume. She held onto my ass, pulling me in and swallowing every drop that I could produce. She kept her mouth firmly wrapped around my length, cleaning and massaging the soft warm skin that filled her mouth.

My breathing was rapid as I gasped for air and held onto her head for support. She brought her other hand around to my ass and with both hands, held me firmly in her mouth as her tongue added to the sensation of my now fading orgasm. she slowly drew her lips back, and teased me, as she delicately took my shaft between her white teeth and looked up at me with a smile. She released my cock from between her teeth and pulled the remainder from her mouth, giving the head one last kiss before raising up and kissing me. "Mmm, that was better than cheesecake, Handsome," she purred, while playfully biting my earlobe.

"You are simply amazing," I said, still weak in the knees. "You are so incredibly sexy, Marlene."

"I love being sexy for you, Michael," she said as her lips pressed softly into me.

"How about if you get yourself together, while I go in and fix my lipstick and then we'll be off," she said, grabbing my balls and giving them a little squeeze before exiting to the bathroom.

I got myself tidied up, while Marlene was getting herself ready. I called Misty to let her outside before we left for the restaurant and stood out on the deck waiting for her to do her business. The evening air was warm, but the humidity that is so prevalent for a July night, was low. The slightest hint of a breeze was present, as I leaned on the railing and looked mindlessly out in the backyard. The wind chimes occasionally gave the slightest sound as the sun shined over the neighbor's roof onto me. I heard the screen door slide open and Marlene's heels step onto the deck. She walked up behind me as I stood, looking out into the yard and wrapped her arms around my chest.

"Penny for your thoughts," she said, leaning into me and giving me a kiss on the back of my neck.

"Mmm, it may take a bit more than a penny," I replied as Misty ran up the steps and headed towards us, wagging her tail in happiness.

"All done girl?" I asked Misty as I turned to face Marlene.

"No, I'm not," Marlene teasingly said, "But I think that we should get some dinner to hold us over."

I smiled as she gave me another soft kiss, cleaned her lipstick from my lips with a finger, and took ahold of my hand.

"Ready to go, Handsome?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure, Sweetheart, we better get out of here while we're still vertical," I replied with a laugh.

I locked up the house as Marlene grabbed her purse and we made our way out the door to her car. "Why aren't you bringing Misty, Michael?" she asked.

"I just want to be alone with you, Sweetheart, and the only thing that my hands are going to be holding onto is you," I said as I held the wrought iron railing and descended the steps to the sidewalk below. As we stepped onto the cement walkway, I slipped behind Marlene and holding onto her, said, "OK, lead the way." My hand slid onto her belly and gave her a little squeeze. Marlene gave a sigh, and started walking towards her car.

As we walked along the front of my house towards the driveway, Marlene stopped and said, "Oh Michael, she's looking out the window at us with those sad, brown eyes."

"She better get her hairy butt off of the sofa," I laughed, as I slid my hand up the silky leopard print fabric of her bodysuit and cupped her tits.

"Oh Michael... The neighbors can see us," she moaned, as she hesitated for a moment before taking a deep breath and pressing back into me.

"I told you that it was nicer walking this way and that we should do it more often," I said into her ear as I gave her erect nipples a light pinch. "Mmm, they're nice and hard for me."

"Oh god, we can turn around and skip dinner," she moaned as her pace slowed to a halt.

"Keep walking, little girl," I said, as I playfully kissed her neck and continued caressing her nipples.

We somehow managed to reach her car without ripping off each other's clothes. Marlene opened the passenger side door for me and asked, "How do we do this?"

"Just take my hand and place it on the top edge of the door frame," I said.

Marlene took my hand and did as I asked, placing my hand on the pointed edge of the open door. I stepped between the door and the car, reaching my hand out to feel for the seat before putting my leg inside, and sliding in to take my seat.

"Watch your head, Sweetheart," She said, as I felt her hand guide me inside so I wouldn't hit the roof of her car.

"I'm good, Sweetheart," I said as I settled into the leather seat.

I reached for the seatbelt, but Marlene already had it in her hand and began to pull it across my body to buckle it. Her hand rested on my hard cock as she clicked the belt into place. "Does that thing ever go down?" she asked, as she gave me a soft kiss.

"You know, it doesn't seem so, since I met you," I replied with a laugh.

"I guess I still have it," she said with a smile, giving it a little squeeze before closing my door and walking around to her side and sitting in the driver seat.

"Oh, believe me, you still have it," I said, as I reached over and grabbed her thigh.

I heard Marlene's car keys jingle and slide into the ignition. As she turned the key, the engine roared to life. She gave it a step on the gas peddle, and the engine raced louder before slowly settling down to an idle.

"Holy shit, what kind of car is this?" I asked, as the engine idled in an angry rumble.

"It's a Mustang GT, Michael."

"It is beautiful, what color? And don't you dare tell me that it is silver."

Marlene laughed and said, "No, it's Midnight Blue."

I heard Marlene playing with something on her side of the car before reaching over towards me and clicking something else. She pushed a button and the roof began to retract back. "Oh, I forgot to mention, it's also a convertable."

The canvas roof disappeared into the back of the car, followed by the sound of the windows sliding down. She grabbed the shifter and slipped it into reverse and eased the beautiful, blue beast out of the driveway. We slowly made our way through the side streets of our neighborhood until we came to the main road. The engine growled as we came to a stop and I could hear the clicking of the turn signal as we sat, waiting for the traffic to clear. Marlene made a right hand turn, and slipped out onto the main road. The engine screamed to life and my head slammed back into the headrest as the Mustang's wheels gripped the asphalt roadway and hurled us down the street. My hands grabbed onto the door handle and the other one onto the center console as we raced down the street. Marlene let her foot off of the gas and the car slowly eased back to a regular speed.

"You can let go of the door and console now," Marlene laughed. "Sorry, I just like doing that every once in awhile... Are you alright there, Handsome?"

"Yes, I'm fine... Just a little startled," I replied with a smile, which eventually led to a laugh.

Marlene took my hand into hers and rubbed it softly as we made our way to the restaurant. We talked along the way, as the car purred down the road. "When did you get this?" I asked.

Marlene told me that she bought the car as a present to herself after her surgeries and wounds had healed, and was capable of going out in public. She told me that she had me to thank for her being able to do so.

"Do you drive this into the city?" I asked.

"No," she answered.

"To the train?" I asked in disbeleif.

"Nope," she replied again.

"Then how do you get to work?"

"I have a SUV that I drive to work," she nonchalantly answered.

Looking over at her, I asked, "Marlene, what do you do for work?"

"I already told you, Handsome, I work for a law firm."

"Yes, I know, but what do you do at the law firm?"

"Michael, does it really matter?"

"No, it doesn't matter, but what do you do there," I asked.

"Um, I'm a lawyer," she said under her breath.

"Say that again..." I said.

"I'm a lawyer."

"Wow, that is really cool," I said in surprise.

"Do you think so?" she asked in releif.

"Yeah, it's great; you should be proud of yourself," I said, squeezing her hand tightly. "What's the name of the firm?"

"Hartgrove, Cassidy, and O'Neil," she answered, with hesitation in her voice.

"Marlene, what's your maiden name?" I asked, as I began to put things together.

"Oh Michael, it doesn't matter... let's talk about you instead, my life is boring."

"Marlene, tell me," I said with a little bit of mischief in my voice.

"Michael, please..." she pleaded.

"Marlene, you can beg later on tonight when my tongue is between your thighs, now tell me..."

"C'mon, Michael, please..." she pleaded further.

"Marlene?" I said, this time in a light, teasing voice.

"Alright, it's Cassidy," she said, as she exhaled heavily afterwards.

"Is your dad a partner?" I asked excitedly.


"Your uncle?"

"Michael, do we have to talk about this?" she said, with her voice pointing away from me.

"Yes, we do..." I said. "Your uncle?" I asked once again, this time in a higher pitched voice.

"No, Michael, not my uncle," she said, now looking towards me.

"You? You? You're the Cassidy in, Hartgrove, Cassidy, and O'Neil?", I shreeked. "You're a partner in a law firm?"

"Yes, I'm a partner in a law firm," she finally gasped. "Are you happy now?" she asked with a smile.

"Marlene, that is great... that is amazing... Why didn't you tell me?"

"Michael, I don't like to make a big deal about it, it's just a job."

"But it is, you should be proud of yourself," I told her. "You are amazing!"

"Michael, remember when I said that you were amazing when we were talking about the loss of your sight and you told me that you were just a regular guy with broken eyes?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Well, I'm just a regular woman with a broken soul," she said as tears trickled down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry Sweetheart, I didn't mean to hurt you, I was just interested in your life," I said apologetically.

Shortly after, we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and Marlene parked the car. I unbuckled my belt, opened the door and trailed my hand along it's smooth sides, and around to Marlene's door. I opened the door and took her hand and helped her out of her seat. I pulled her into me, hugged her tightly, looked into her eyes, and told her that nothing or no one will ever do that to her again. I kissed her softly and wiped the tears from her beautiful face with my hand.

"Michael," she said, "You are the spark that gave me life and the slightest bit of hope that there is actually some form of kindness that exists in this world... My broken world."

She kissed me softly as we stood in the parking lot, unaware of our surroundings. "You are so beautiful and sexy," I said to her as our lips gently parted.

"Michael...please..." she said, this time with a smile and a little poke into my stomach.

"I'm never going to stop telling you that," I said, "So you had better get used to it."

"Oh Michael, please, you are too much," she said as she pressed her soft lips onto mine once again. She laughed after our kiss ended, and wiped my lips with her fingers, removing the traces of her glossy lipstick. "We can't have you walking into the restaurant wearing lipstick," she giggled.

Marlene sat back down into the Mustang as the engine continued to rumble in a low groan. I heard the convertible begin to close and she clipped the latches shut that secured it to the car. She put the windows up and the engine silenced as Marlene turned off the ignition. I heard the jingling of keys and the sound of paper rattling before she stood back up and closed her door. "Ready, Handsome?" she asked. "Can you carry this for me?" she asked again, as she placed a bag containing a bottle of wine into my hand. "It's byob, so I picked up a bottle of wine for us," she said, giving me a pinch on my cheek and another one on my butt.
"Hey, hey, watch those hands," I laughed.

"Oh, you have a lot of nerve," she laughed, pinching my cheek once again.

"Well, I can't see, so I need to hold onto things," I said with an amused grin.

"And those things always seem to be my tits," she laughed.

"Are you telling me to stop?" I asked.

"God no, Michael, I'll never ask you to stop," Marlene said, as she took my hand into hers and we made our way into the restaurant.

We were seated at a table for two, in a more secluded section of the room. Our waiter greeted us, uncorked the bottle of wine and poured a bit into the glasses that rested on the table before us. After placing the bottle into a bucket of ice, he revealed the specials for the night. He took our orders for soup and salad, and after thanking us, left to put our orders in to the kitchen. Marlene took my hand and carefully placed it onto my wine glass to show me where it was located. We lifted our glasses and toasted each other. I took a very small sip and continued to nervously hold the glass.

"Don't you like the wine,Michael?" Marlene asked.

"No, I like the wine... I just don't drink," I said. My hand began shaking as it continued to tightly grip the glass.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Michael. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I want this night to be special for the both of us," I said, as I gently placed the glass back down onto the table.

"Michael, you don't have a drinking problem, do you?" Marlene asked in a frightened voice.

I gently took her hand into mine while looking up at her and said, "No, my father did."

I went on to say, that I made a promise to myself and to my daughter that I would break that chain, and promised to tell her all about it at a later time.

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry," she said apologetically.

"There is nothing to be sorry about," I said, raising my glass back to her and after hearing the cling, took another small sip.

Marlene read the menu to me and after awhile of bantering back and forth with our selections, finally placed our order to our waiter. We held hands like high school kids, as we talked about each other and the current events of the day. Our dinner was outstanding and our conversation continued throughout our meal. I had finished my glass of wine by the end of our meal and was feeling a bit lightheaded, as it had been a good amount of time since I had my last drink. Our table was cleared as we finished our meals and the waiter politely asked us if we were ready for coffee and dessert.

"I believe that she already had dessert," I said, as I looked across the table to Marlene. Instantaniously, I felt a heel kick me in the shin from under the table and I laughed. We both ordered a cup of coffee and decided to share a slice of New York style cheesecake.

"Michael, let me see your eyes," Marlene giggled as she lifted my sunglasses up to the top of my head. "Oh geez, they look a little fuzzy," she said, continuing her giggle.

"It's been a long time, Sweetheart," I admitted.

As the words, "Maybe you'll get lucky tonight," left my mouth, our waiter was standing at the table with our coffee and cheesecake.

"Michael..." Marlene whispered with a laugh.

I looked up at our waiter with a grin and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean you."

Marlene was in tears as the waiter put his hand on my shoulder and said in a humorous voice, "Thank you sir, I was starting to get a bit nervous. Is there anything else that I can get for the two of you?"

Marlene jumped in before I could say anything else, and said, "No, no, I think that we have put you through enough for one night."

The waiter laughed, thanked us once again and left us to ourselves. Marlene was still laughing as she helped me with the cream and sugar. As I stirred the mixture together, she said, "Michael, you are so stinking funny and even more so, after you've had a glass of wine."

"It's tough being me," I said with a laugh.

We sat at our table, secluded in our own little corner of the world and drank our coffee. Marlene spoon fed me pieces of cheesecake as we relaxed and enjoyed our romantic dessert together.

Marlene called for our bill and as our waiter placed the leather folder containing the bill onto the table, I reached for it, but Marlene had beaten me. "Marlene, no way," I said as I held out my hand.

"Yes way," she said as she rooted through her purse for her card.

"Marlene, please, it's my job," I said

"It's not your job, and I was the one who invited you out to dinner," she said, as she placed her card into the folder for the waiter to pick up. "Don't worry, Handsome, you can certainly pay me back when we get home."

Our waiter had once again reappeared as the words were leaving Marlene's mouth. "Oh geez, I'm so sorry," she said to the man as he retrieved the bill.

I was crying in a fit of laughter, and could just picture the look of embarrassment on Marlene's face. "How does it feel?" I asked, still laughing hysterically.

"Oh Michael, shush, you," she giggled as she slapped my hand.

Our waiter had come back with the receipt for Marlene to sign and as she did so, he asked us if he could say something. "Utt oh," I thought. Marlene and I looked at each other and then back to the waiter and said, "Yes, sure..."

He began by telling us that he didn't do this very often, but felt compelled to say something to the both of us. "I've observed the two of you throughout the night," he began, "And I must tell you, the way that you interact, the way that your faces light up when speaking to each other, the way that you touch, laugh, and talk, is heart warming. You know, I have worked here for thirty-seven years, and every now and again, I come across special people. The two of you together, are special. It has been nothing but my pleasure to have waited on you tonight and it gives me security to know that kindness does indeed, still exist out in the world. I wish you a good night and a blessed life together."

Marlene took my hand into hers and thanked our waiter for his kind words and excellent service. We stood and said our goodbyes and exited the restaurant, walking out into the warm July night air. "Wow, that was really nice," I said, as we walked hand in hand to the car.

"Michael, that was so nice and so much fun. It was a perfect dinner," Marlene added. "But, did you hear what the waiter said to us before we left?"

"Yes, the thing about us?" I replied.

"Yes that, but also the thing about kindness and how it was nice to know that it still existed in the world," she said, tucking her arm under mine and pulling me close to her.

"Yes, that was very nice of him," I said. "Why do youpoint that out?"

"I pointed it out because it was the exact thing that I said to you when you helped me out of the car in the parking lot tonight," she said as she stopped and stared at me. "Do you carry some kind of aura around you? Or angels that draw people to you?"

"Marlene, don't be silly, I'm just a regular guy who tries to treat people nicely and put a smile on their face," I replied.

"No Handsome, there is something special about you," she said as she lifted my sunglasses up and looked at my eyes. "Those eyes see something that the rest of us can't."

Marlene drew her long nails across my eyebrows and down my cheeks to my mouth. I gave them a light kiss as I felt the tingling sensation travel across my lips. "Mmm, I'm hungry," I grinned.

"For what? You just ate all of that food and then had cheesecake afterwards," Marlene replied in disbelief.

"I'm not talking about food..." I said, as I smiled and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Oh, wow...well...we better get going then..." she said in a shakey voice, as she quickly guided me to the car.

Marlene was in her seat and the engine came alive before I ever buckled my seatbelt. She didn't put the roof down, rev the engine, or put her purse into the back seat. She threw the Mustang into reverse, backed out of the parking space, and before I knew it, we were out of the parking lot and on the road back home. Her hand rubbed and squeezed my thigh, sliding it up to feel the buldge in my pants as we drove home. It wasn't long before the Mustang eased into my driveway with a low growl. Marlene turned off the ignition and opened her door. She was out of her seat and reaching into the back seat for something. I was out of the car as she came around and grabbed me, guiding me to the front steps. As I climbed the steps and pulled my keys out to open the door, Marlene asked, "Is it alright if I stay tonight?"

"Sure," I answered with a big smile.

"Good, because I brought a night bag with stuff to change into," she said with a giggle.

As we entered through the door, Misty greeted me from the front and Marlene greeted me from the back, as I bent over to give Misty a scratch on her head. Marlene grabbed me around the waist and ground herself into my ass. I straightened up and her hands dropped down to my hard cock and pulled me back into her. I groaned as she humped against my ass and her hands played with my cock.

"Why don't you let Misty out while I go back to freshen up in the bathroom," she whispered in my ear, with a warm, seductive breath that sent chills through my body.

"C'mon, Misty-girl," I said in a rapid breath, and the both of us raced for the back door.

Marlene went into the bathroom as I impatiently waited for Misty to do her business. Misty was in no hurry as she meandered around the yard, sniffing and looking for just the right place to go. "C'mon girl," I said, "I don't have all night." It was ten minutes before Misty pounced up the steps to the deck and ran to the door. It was time for her bone and she knew it. "You could have had it five minutes ago goofy, if you didn't take so long," I said to her as we made our way over to the kitchen cabinet to retreive a bone. She gently took the bone in her mouth and raced back to the bedroom where she would spend the rest of the night. Marlene was already in the bedroom as I approached. "Don't you come in here yet, Handsome... I'm doing something." I heard the rustle of a bag and the sound of a zipper closing what I guessed was her nightbag. I decided to go into the bathroom to freshen up a bit too. After brushing my teeth and rinsing off my face, I toweled off and stepped into the hallway.

"Can I come in yet?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah, just give me one more second," Marlene said in a hurried tone.

I heard the bed creaking and the pillows being fluffed before she finally said, "OK, Handsome, you can come in now."

I entered the bedroom and walked immediately to the bed. I felt the bed and after coming up empty, asked, "Hey, where are you, Sweetheart?"

Marlene's voice came from the foot of the bed as she said, "Take your belt off, Michael."

"Huh?" I asked in surprise.

"Take it off," she said again.

I removed my belt from my waist and rolled it up, placeing it on my dresser. "Take your shirt off now," she instructed next. I did as she said and I proceeded to undo the buttons and pulled the shirt off and dropped it to the floor. "Very good," she said, "No need to waste anymore time by folding anything else. Remove your shoes and socks next." I sat on the bed and untied my shoes, throwing them aside.

"Marlene, please, do I have to..."

"Take them off, Michael. You're not going to lay naked with black socks on."

"Can't I put my white sweatsocks on instead?" I pleaded.

"Nope, take them off now, Handsome."

"Geez, you're no fun," I said as I began to remove my socks and throwing them aside with my shoes.

"Oh Michael, you don't know how fun I can be, but you're about to find out!"

My cock was already droolling in my pants, but after hearing that, the pre-cum seemed to be flowing freely in my pants. "Alright, take your pants off next, but leave that underwear on until I tell you to remove them." I unsnapped the button to my pants, slid down the zipper and dropped them to the floor, doing my best to step out of them. "Wo, sporting black tonight are we, Michael?" she said from the same distance. "Oh, it looks like you have a big problem there, Handsome. They are looking a little damp," she purred. "Now, slowly start pulling them down until I tell you to stop."

My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum as I began to pull down my underwear. The head appeared quickly and after an inch or two, Marlene ordered me to stop. "Oh Michael, he doesn't look very happy." She was prolonging my agony with her verbal orders. "That's quite a bit of pre-cum that you have accumulated, big boy. I hope that you're saving some for me."

"Oh, I imagine that there may be a bit left in there for you," I said with a grin.

"that's just what I wanted to hear, now drop them down a bit more."

I pushed my undies down along my shaft and as I dropped them beneath my balls, she told me to stop again. "Oh god, Marlene, please, you're killing me here," I whined.

"Oh, look at them, they are full and hanging low with all of the weight," she said with a moan. "Ok, you can take them the rest of the way off now."

I dropped them to the floor, stepped out of them and left them right there. She told me to put my hands behind my back and not to move them until she said so. I stood there in front of her with my hands behind me and my raging, leaking cock standing straight up at full attention.

I heard Marlene walk towards me and stop just in front of me. Her perfume radiated through my senses and my cock twitched. "Hmm, seems like someone is anticipating something," she said, kissing me softly on my lips without any other part of her body touching me. "Here's how this is going to work," she began, "I'm going to take your hands and bring them up to my shoulders and you're going to run them down my back, all the way down to my feet."

Marlene gently took my hands and placed them on her shoulders. I felt her soft, delicate skin and nothing else. I began to descend down her back and stopped at a thin neckline. "Keep going, Handsome," she ordered and my hands proceeded to slide onto a very slick, body hugging material. I arrived at the sexy small of her back which seemlessly led to her beautiful, round ass. My hands glided along the round cheeks to the underside, to the remarkable part, where her thighs met her ass. The material fit her body like a glove and I quite frankly didn't know how she managed to put whatever she was wearing on. I had to return my hands to the small of her back and run them down along the perfect roundness of her ass once again. I grabbed her ass and tried to pull her into me, but was scolded by Marlene as she raised her hands to my chest and pushed herself back. "You're being bad and you better watch yourself before you get punished." I continued down to her thighs and noticed that I hadn't come across a seam anywhere. the slick material continued down her thighs, to her sculptured calves where I ran into stirrups thatdropped down into her four inch, open toe shoes.

"Holy shit, Marlene, what do you have on?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Stand up, Handsome, you're not finished." I stood back up, naked and sporting a painfully hard cock. Marlene once again, took my hands and placed them on her shoulders. "Give me your index fingers," she instructed next. She took my fingers and slowly drew them across her neckline until they finally arrived at the material at the very corner of her shoulders. She then gently began to slide them down along the edge of the material. My fingers kept dropping further, past the inside of her tits and continued plunging down until they met at a point which maybe was an inch above her naval. "Oh my good God in heaven," I whispered. Marlene wasn't done with me yet as she placed my flattened palms onto her hips and brought them up her sides, to her braless tits. Her nipples were straining through the thin , silky material and she cupped my hands over them and squeezed them tightly with her own hands as they remained over mine. "Oh Michael, that feels so good...squeeze them...Pinch them hard. Oh God, you are making me so wet...more, more, yes..." She let out a slight gasp and lifted my hands up to her neck where I found a one inch collar surrounding her throat.

"Oh my god, Marlene, you are so sexy, you are so beautiful, you are perfect," I moaned as my hands trembled around the collar. My entire body was shaking as she told me to put my hands behind my back again because there was one more thing, and it was her turn to show me.

I took my trembling hands and placed them behind my back, clasping them tightly together. Marlene's warm hand grasped my cock and it jerked in her hand. "Oh, I like when he gets that excited," she said as she stepped close to me. I felt her thighs widen against me and she pulled my stiff shaft downwards. she stroked it a couple of times before I felt the head rub against the warm wet lips of her exposed pussy. "Jesus H. Christ," I moaned as I felt Marlene slide the head of my cock up and down the length of her slit, as she slipped it in deeper with each pass. She began to groan and placed her one hand on my shoulder for support. She brought my cock up to her clit and rubbed it aggressively against the sensitive nub. "Oh Michael, make me come...I'm" she rubbed my head faster across her clit, down along her slit, and returned back up where she attempted to finish herself off with my raging prick grinding against her swollen clit. "Oh Jesus, yes, yes, shit...I'm right...there...yes, yes..." Marlene released my cock from her grip and flung her arms around my neck as she pulled herself into me for support as her legs weakened beneath her. She kissed me deeply and passionately. Our tongues danced and played in each other's mouths and I reached around and grabbed her silky ass and pulled her harder into me. She groaned in my mouth as she began to grind her pussy over my dick and onto my pelvis. I aided her by pulling her up and down against me and I felt her ass cheeks tighten as she came hard, not letting go of my tongue in her mouth. "Oh my god, Michael, you make me crazy..," she said gasping in my mouth.

She finally ended our kiss and stepped back, taking my hands and bringing them up to her stiff nipples and said, "I'm wearing a plunging V-neck, crotchless, leopard print bodysuit. The heels are leopard print too. Surprise!"

"My God, Marlene, you are unbelievable. You did all of this just for me tonight?"

"Yes, I did it for you and I loved every minute of it, but I'm not finished yet."

"You're not?" I asked in surprise.

"Up on the bed, Handsome," she said as she backed me against the mattress and pushed me back onto it. "Lay yourself in the middle, but don't put your head up onto the pillows. I want you to lie there and relax."

I shimmied myself up towards the head of the bed, making sure that my head was beneath the pillows. I felt the mattress dip down and creek as Marlene knelt onto it and straddle my chest. The silky material of the Leopard bodysuit pressed against my sides and the heels of her shoes pressed into my thighs. The sensation of the material raced through the nerves of my entire body and I thrust my hips upwards as a signal that I wanted and needed some kind of release. Marlene pressed her ass down into me, forcing me back into the bed. She reached behind her and grasped my throbbing dick and stroked it softly. "Easy big boy, you'll get your turn eventually, but first, I have something else planned." She released my cock and I moaned in frustration.

"Marlene, please..." I groaned as I thrust my hips up again.

She leaned forward and kissed me softly, while taking hold of my left hand. She brought it up under the pillow and I felt a soft cuff wrap around it and the sound of velcro tightly secure it. I bucked my hips upward again as the excitement of being tied to the bed post sent electrical pulses of stimulation throughout my body. She took my right hand and repeated the same action, securing it tightly with the soft velcro cuffs. I could feel her body extending over me as she gave both of my wrists a tug to check that they were indeed secure and therefore rendering me helpless. I raised my head up and kissed the exposed part of her belly between the plunging neckline of her bodysuit. "Hey you," she said as she grabbed the back of my head and held it up for me as I sucked on the softness of her skin. She sat back onto my stomach, breaking the connection of lips and skin with a moist sucking sound echoing in my head as it fell back into the bed.
"Michael, you are so beautiful and you are so sexy. And the way that you are lying there, helpless, vulnerable, and frustrated makes it even better."

I pulled at my restraints and tried to lift my hips once again, in a silent plead for some kind of release. "Oh Handsome, you can pull all you want, but you are all of mine for now and I am going to enjoy every second of this."

"Marlene, please... I"

"You want me to what?" Marlene asked in a sensuous voice as she leaned over me again and raked her long nails down the inside of my arms to my armpits. I strained against the cuffs once again. She repeated her actions, as chills raced down my sides and into my legs. " so...fucking good," I groaned loudly as my neck arched up off of the bed. I could feel the wetness of pre-cum oozing from my enraged cock as she continued to run her nails through my hair, along my face, and down my chest, taking a nipple into each hand and pinching them agressively. "Oh God, please...Marlene..." I groaned louder as I bucked my pelvis up and down, reaching nothing but air.

Marlene giggled and asked if I had a problem. She reached back again and grasped my cock tightly in her hand. "Oh, Michael, you do have a problem," she moaned as her hand gathered the slippery substance and slid it slowly up and down my pulsing shaft.

"Yes, make me come...please, I need to come," I begged.

"Oh no, you will do no such thing until I say so," she said teasingly.

Marlene released my cock once again and I groaned in frustration, still straining helplessly against the security of my bonds. I felt a finger press onto my lips and instinctively opened my mouth. she inserted her finger inside and I could taste the faint salty substance against my tongue. I felt her fingernails trace their way down the side of my head and along my jawline. she leaned over and I felt her tongue lightly grace the perimeter of my lips. My breathing was heavy and rapid as she continued to tease me with her stimulation. Her full, soft,lips pressed against mine as she gave me a passionate kiss, sliding her tongue between my lips, swirling it inside my accepting mouth as she moaned softly. Our breathing was heavy and our moans grew louder as she grasped two fists full of my hair and pulled me harder onto her lipstick coated mouth. Marlene broke our kiss, breathing heavily and said, "Michael, I..."

She dove back into my mouth again before I could respond and kissed me once again with the softness and passion of a longtime lover. My hands were restrained, my hair was entangled between her fingers, and my feet were firmly dug into the mattress, still pushing my ass up from the bed. I was under the total control of an absolutely beautiful woman who just happened to be dressed in the sexiest outfit that I could have ever dreamed of, and her exposed pussy was pressing into my stomach.

Marlene broke our kiss again, panting heavily and said, "I need to come, Michael."

At last, she was going to shove my engorged cock into that beautiful pussy of hers and ride me hard. I felt her lean over and grab something off of the nightstand. The sound of a zipper opening, raised my interest and I heard a bag hit the side of the bed next to me. Marlene sat up straight on my stomach and began to slide her way up closer to my face. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as it trailed upwards along my chest. I heard her grab the pillows and dispense them onto the floor. I felt her knees cross over my restrained arms and her shins then came to a rest on top of them, now rendering me totally motionless. Her exposed, wet, pussy couldn't have been anymore than ten inches from my face as her ass relaxed onto my upper chest.

"Open your mouth, Handsome," she said in a sensual moan.

My lips parted and my mouth was opened for her services. I slid out my tongue waiting to feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy. Instead, I felt the cold, smooth texture of something much different than anything that I had ever felt before. "close your mouth and warm this up for me, Michael," she ordered next.

I closed my mouth around the object and Marlene began to slide it in and out between my closed lips. It was super smooth as I said before. It was maybe an inch thick and had a rounded end, similar to the shape of the point of a bullet. "C'mon, Michael, suck it like you want me to suck that gorgeous cock of yours."

I sucked it and moaned as Marlene continued to physically slide it inbetween my lips. Soon, she withdrew the object from my mouth and I heard her begin to softly moan. The sound of a low hum began and I widened my eyes. I realized that Marlene was using a vibrater on her pussy, mere inches from my face and even more so, it was the object in my mouth seconds ago. "Oh shit, Marlene," I said as I tried to lift my head towards her pussy.

"Oh yes, this is what I need," she moaned as she worked the vibrater along her pussy. "Michael, this feels sooo good. I'm sliding it along the outside of my wet pussy. Oh yes, yes..."

I heard the volume of the vibrater increase and Marlene's moans increase along with it.

"Michael, it's beginning to slide inbetween my wet lips. Oh Christ, yes... Shit, it's going deper. I want to feel it inside of me now... Oh yes, yes, shit...shit...fuck's so...good."

The increased volume of the toy lowered as Marlene inserted it deeper into her pussy. My head was spinning as the scent of her sex drifted into my nostrils. I felt her hand reach onto the bed next to my head as she raised herself from my chest and pushed the smooth vibrater deep into her pulsing hole. I could hear her breath increase as she sunk it deeper with each thrust of her wrist. "fuck yes...fuck...fuck...yes..." she groaned loudly as the hand that was supporting her on the bed began to quiver. "Michael, fuck, I'm coming...fuck...Mich...ael...yes...oh...yes."

Pulling the vibrater from her pussy, she sat back heavily onto my chest and cried out, "Michael, it's on my clit...yes...right...there. Oh Michael, I'm coming, I'm going to come right in front of your face, yes, yes, oh..."

Marlene ground her soaked pussy into my chest as her orgasm exploded through her body. "Michael, Michael, fuck yes, yes...fuck yes..." she screamed as she continued thrusting against me. "Oh my God, that is so good," she said as her orgasm streaked through the nerves of her pussy and ripped through her entirety. Her hand gripped my chest and her head fell forward, as her orgasm slowly subsided and her breathing eased. The vibrater was still buzzing and I felt it press against my lips. the tingling sensation danced across my tongue as I sucked it into my mouth. I sucked and cleaned her juices from the vibrating toy and Marlene pushed it a bit further into my mouth and said, "Clean it all of the way, Handsome." I felt her push the vibrater in more and I began to panic as it came closer to the back of my mouth. "Relax, I have it, Michael. I won't hurt you, love." The vibrater slid in a bit more and I felt Marlene's fist lightly press against my lips. As it hit the back of my throat. I began to choke on it and felt as if it were going to get caught. Marlene pulled it from my mouth and lifted my head from the bed and asked, "Are you alright, Michael?"

I shook my head yes as I continued to cough a bit more before finally relaxing back into the bed. "Marlene, that was so fucking sexy. You are by far, the most sexy, sensual, and perfect person that I have ever known."

Her hands raked through my hair and caressed my face as she said, "Michael, you are the one who makes me feel sexy. You are the one who shows me and tells me that I am indeed sexy and beautiful. And of all of the people that I have known in my life, you are the one who I trust with my heart."

"Sweetheart, I..." I started saying, but was stopped by a finger on my lips.

"I'm not finished," she whispered into my ear. She raised herself over my face and said, "Open your mouth and stick out that soft, warm tongue of yours."

I held my mouth open as Marlene lifted her pussy just out of my reach. My tongue slid out as far as it could and I lifted my head from the bed in an attempt to taste her sweet juices. "So close, but not quite far enough, Michael," she teased. "Tell me what you want, tell me what you want to do," she seductively teased.

"Marlene, press your pussy into my face. I want to taste you, lick you, and make you scream in another orgasm."

She dropped her pussy onto my open mouth and my tongue easily slid between her soft, wet lips. I darted my tongue directly into her hole and swirled it inside of her hot, juicy, entrance. "Oh fuck, Michael, lick my pussy... Make me come, yes, Sweetheart, lick me, please..."

Marlene leaned forward, grabbed onto the headboard, and ground her slick pussy against me. "Fuck yes, Michael, lick me...fuck me...yes...yes...yes." She continued to rock her pussy onto my mouth and nose. I could only hold my extended tongue still as her pussy slid against it's length. "Fuck, Michael, yes, I can feel it. I'm almost there...yes...almost...there." She was furiously grinding herself into me as she held onto the headboard. "Yes...I'm coming... I'm...fucking...coming... Michael, yes...yes...right...there...oh...yes..."

My tongue was becoming numb against her thrusting pussy, as she suddenly screamed out her orgasm. She continued to ride my face, as her orgasm raged through her body, until she could take no more and threw herself off of me and onto the bed. She was gasping for air as her heavy breathing filled the otherwise silent room. "My god, Michael," she tried to say, "That was, I never had...never experienced that before."

I layed there, still restrained from moving. My face was drenched with her pussy juice. I felt Marlene's hand caress my cheek, followed by her soft lips, as she gave me another wet, lingering kiss. "You are so beautiful," she said to me, as she tenderly kissed and licked her juices from my face.

"So are you, Sweetheart," I said, as I ly there, enjoying the pleasure of her touch against my face. "I need a drink, can you undo me?"

"Um, no, I can't, but I'll get you a glass of water. You just lay there and wonder what is coming next."

I arched my back up as she got off of the bed and went out to get some water. She had me under her control. the feeling of being the total focus of someone else's wants and desires made my cock twitch in anticipation. I heard Marlene's heels approaching the bedroom as my cock continued to lurch hungrily against my pelvis. "Hmm, somebody is a little frustrated," she said, sitting on the bed next to me.

"Marlene, please, you have to do something," I begged.

"I did... I got you water," she giggled and teased.

"Here you go, Handsome," she said, as she lifted my head to the edge of the glass. I drank the whole thing as some of it ran down my face and behind my head.

"Wow, you were thirsty, Michael. am I wearing you out?"

"No, I'm good now," I said with a smile.

"Oh, are you? We'll see about that in a minute."

Marlene left the room to bring the glass back out into the kitchen and came back with a towel. She dried my face, along with the back of my head where the water dripped. She threw the towel to the side of the bed saying that we'll probably be needing it again.

She lifted herself back over me and sat back down on my chest, this time though, I felt the tops of her heeled shoes resting on my arms. She wiggled her ass onto my chest and asked, "Ready for more?"

I didn't bother to answer because first of all, I didn't have a choice, and secondly, she knew that I was indeed ready for more. She leaned over once again and I heard her ruffling through the bag that was left on the bed. She sat back and teased me by pressing her ass into my face. I was going crazy and my cock continued to twitch and drool pre-cum from it's opening. "Oh, Michael, you have a lot of pre-cum on your stomach."

I heard a cap open and then snap back shut. Marlene grasped ahold of my cock with one hand and the next feeling was the one that made me yell in pure, animalistic pleasure. The feeling of lube surrounded my throbbing shaft as Marlene slid her hand along it's length. "Fuck, Marlene, that feels so good." Her hand continued to slowly apply the slick lube. It warmed up as she continued to stroke my cock. My hips raised up to meet her strokes. The feeling was undescribable as she stopped at the head and rubbed her palm around it. "Marlene, please..." I begged, pleading for release.

"Sorry Handsome, I'm not finished with you yet," she said, as her hand left my cock and began to caress my balls.

"Marlene, fuck...please..." I pleaded again. Her hands left my slippery balls and I heard the cap open and close again. Marlene stretched my balls up towards my cock and ran her hand down between my legs to my ass. I could feel her apply the warm lotion to my ass with her hand and then begin to circle my tight entrance with her lubricated finger. "Oh god, yes, yes... Marlene, yes, stick your finger in me," I begged frantically.

I felt her begin to press her finger firmly onto the entrance of my ass as I lifted up to give her better access. The pressure began to build as she slowly inserted her finger into me. "Fuck yes...more, Marlene," I said. Her finger pressed harder into my ass and I finally felt it slide past my tight opening. She held it there as I groaned loudly in a combination of pain and pleasure.

"Are you alright, Michael?" she asked.

"Yes, just hold it there for a second," I said as my body shook. "OK, go ahead, you can go further," I said, as I began to relax.

Marlene pushed her finger in and then drew it back, before sinking it in deeper. She fucked my ass with her finger, as my cock strained hard against my pelvis and I began to thrust up to meet her plunging finger. Marlene slid her finger in and out of my ass as she grabbed onto my cock and stroked it with the other one. My hands struggled against the restraints, as Marlene continued to finger my ass and stroke my cock. I was helpless and begged her to make me come. "Marlene, please...please..." I pleaded, attempting to raise my hips to meet her plunging finger and the hand that was stroking my slippery, lotioned shaft. "Please, make me come, I need to come...yes...I can feel it, yes," I gasped, as I could feel the slightest hint of an exploding orgasm.

Marlene heard my excitement growing and my breathing growing heavier. She pulled her finger from my ass and released my cock from her slippery grip. "No, no, you can't do this to me," I screamed in pain and frustration.

"Oh, but I can," she said as she picked up the towel and cleaned her hands. "Not to worry though, Handsome, you will be filling me very soon."

I felt her lift up from my chest and crawl down to straddle my hips. She took hold of my painfully hard cock and began to rub it along the lips of her pussy before raising herself up, placing the head at her entrance and dropping down hard onto it. My lubed cock speared into her pussy and she braced her hands onto the top of my thighs, digging her nails deeply into them. My cock slid easily along the hot walls of her pussy as she repeatedly raised and slammed down onto it. I wanted to grab her hips with my hands and slam her down harder, but was held back by their bonds. I wanted to raise my ass from the bed to meet her downward motion, but was unable, due to her hands firmly pressing down against my thighs. Her heels were digging into my chest as she continued to slide along the full length of my cock. I could picture the scene of her leopard print ass facing me, as her perfectly round globes bounced up and down, giving me brief glimpses of my glistening cock appearing and disappearing from sight.

Marlene's voice brought me back to reality as I heard her say, "C'mon Michael, fuck me, fuck me... Come, come, come"

My groans were growing louder and my breathing was heavy and rapid. The sound of my cock slamming into her pussy, along with our combined moans and pleads, filled the bedroom as the bed creaked beneath us.

"God, Marlene, yes, fuck me, harder...faster...harder," I pleaded.

"Oh, I'm coming, I'm...almost...there...yes...God...", she exclaimed.

Her hand left my thigh and I heard the vibrater begin to buzz loudly among the sounds of sex that was already very audible. Marlene brought the vibrater up and pressed it firmly onto her clit. "Oh fuck, I'm coming, Michael, I'm coming...fuck...fuck yes..."

I felt her legs tighten along the side of my body as she held herself down onto my pelvis. Her whole body shook as another orgasm ripped through her. She grabbed my balls and drew them up to her clit, dropping the vibrating tool along them and down towards my ass.

"Fuck yes," I yelled as I felt the beginning of what would soon be a monstrous orgasm.

Marlene quickly withdrew my cock from her pussy and twisted herself around, reinserting it deeply into her as the buzzing vibrater bounced off of the bed and dropped to the floor. She faced me with her hands pressing into my chest and fucked my cock hard and fast, continuing to rub her clit into me.

"I'm going to come... I'm coming..." I screamed, as Marlene encouraged me with her words and actions.

"C'mon, Michael, come in me, fill me, please come in me..."

My body went rigid, as my arms tightened painfully against their restraints and jets of cum began to shoot deep into Marlene's convulsing pussy. "Aaahhh..." I yelled, in both pain and pleasure as the cum raced through the length of my shaft and into Marlene's depths. Marlene kept grinding into me as my cum raced into her, filling her pussy with my hot, sticky liquid. Her hands left my shest and grabbed my hair as her body fell hard onto me. Her lips met mine and she kissed me wildly, as my cock spasmed inside of her.

"Oh Michael, yes, you are so good," she said as her kisses covered my face, ears, and neck. "You are just so, so beautiful," she said again, as her voice quivered and her tears began to fall onto my face. My cock gave a last twitch before it laid silently inside of her cum filled pussy.

"Michael, you are so special, you are just so special," she said as her tears continued to fall along her face and now onto my chest as she sat up straight.

"Marlene, you are amazing," I whispered in a quivering voice of my own. "Can you kiss me again?" I asked.

She leaned into me and her soft, pouty lips pressed against me, giving me a long, lingering kiss.

Our kiss continued until Marlene broke away and reached up to release the binds that held me captive. I heard the rip of the velcroed cuff and my right hand was freed from it's confines. She sank her chest onto my face and ripped the velcro bind from my left hand. "I thought that you would like a little boob in the face, since you never really got the chance to play with them tonight," she said in a mischievous voice.

"We can sleep that way tonight," I said, as she rubbed her spandex covered tits across my face.

"Michael, you would suffocate, silly," she said with a laugh.

"That's the way that I want to go," I said, as she raised up from my face.

I brought my arms down from the open cuffs of the bonds that held them and groaned as the stiffness in my shoulders awakened me to the pain. "Are you alright, Sweetie," Marlene asked.

"Yeah, just a little stiff," I replied, as I slowly brought my arms down and rested my hands on Marlene's wet back. "A little sweaty from your workout?" I asked with a grin.

"Yes, but it's a good sweat, as they say on those workout tapes," she giggled. "How about if you turn over and I'll rub your shoulders and see if we can loosen them up a bit."

She raised up so I could turn over and a splat of cum dropped from her pussy onto my stomach. "Whoops, that's quite a large glob," she said in an embarrassed voice. Marlene grabbed the towel that was lying on the bed and cleaned me off. "Stay there, Handsome, I'll be right back."
I laid there as Marlene got off of the bed and went into the bathroom and cleaned up a bit. She soon came back with a warm washcloth and another clean towel and wiped my cock and balls a bit before drying them with the towel. "OK, now you can turn over," she said with a laugh.

I rolled over onto my stomach with a groan and rested my head onto my folded arms. I felt her hands begin to rub my shoulders and I let out an appreciative moan of pleasure. "You sound like a big old bear," she laughed. Her hands felt so good as they rubbed the stiff muscles in my shoulder and back.


"What, Handsome?" she answered.

"Is that my head, balls, or your pussy that is still buzzing?" I asked with a laugh.

Marlene laughed and slapped me on the back. "It's the vibrater. Where is it? Oh Jesus, it's on the floor," she said, as she got off of me and retrieved her toy. I heard the buzzing stop and soon after, Marlene was back on top of me, straddling my ass and rubbing my back again.

"Oh god, that feels so good, Sweetheart," I moaned again. Eventually, she laid her body onto me and kissed my neck and ear and suggested that I grab a shower while she cleaned up the bed.

"As long as you wait until I'm done, so I can peel that leopard piece of art off of you," I moaned, as I rolled over beneath her.

She kissed me on the lips and said, "OK, Handsome, it's a deal."

The pulsating, hot water felt good as it pounded onto my back and shoulders. I stood there, reaching my head back and the warmth hit my scalp and trickled down my face. I heard the shower curtain open and Marlene said, "Hey, you're using up all of the hot water," while she entered the shower behind me.

I turned to let her share the warm spray and she gave a low sigh, as the water beat against her back.

"Hey, you promised that you would let me peel that suit off of you," I said, as I leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"I fibbed," she replied, in another low groan as the water continued to pounce on her back.

"Didn't your mother teach you that it's not nice to fib," I laughed.

"Yes, she did, but she also told me not to do a lot of other things that I do."

"Oh yeah, like what," I asked.

"Like kiss cute boys," she said as she reached down and gave my balls a little squeeze.

"Mmm, I'm telling," I said with a laugh.

We continued our bantering back and forth as we soaped and washed each other. We both sighed and moaned as each of us ran the wash cloth over the other. The water temperature started to fade and we quickly rinsed off, stepped out of the shower and dried each other.

"How come it always feels so much better when someone else washes you?" I asked, as she ran the towel over my back.

"I don't know, I wish it felt like this all of the time though," she replied with a smile to her boice. "All done, Handsome," she said as she gave me a pat on the ass.

As I began to walk towards the bedroom, she said, "My night bag is on the floor on my side of the bed, so be careful."

"Oh, you have your own side of the bed?" I asked with a smile.

"Yep," was all that she said and once again, all that she would ever have to say.

I heard the hair dryer as I slipped into a fresh pair of underwear. I thought to myself that I hadn't heard that sound in ages and it gave me much happiness to hear the volume fluctuate, as Marlene raised it above and below her hair. The usual chill ran through me as it always had whenever I heard the sound of a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. Everything just felt right in my life for the first time in a long time. I walked back into the bathroom to see if Marlene could quickly dry my hair. As I entered, I ran into her ass. She was bending over and drying the back of her hair. I ran my hands up her sides and around to cup her dangling tits.

"Jesus, Michael, your hands are freezing," she said, as her areolas crinkled and her nipples instantly hardened to my touch.

"Sorry Sweetheart," I said, as I lightly caressed her hardened beauties. "Can you dry my hair real quick when you're finished?" I asked.

"Mmm...sure...anything for you, Handsome," she moaned as she wiggled her ass into me.

We soon found ourselves lying together in bed. I drew in close behind her and wrapped my arm around her as I nuzzled my head into her neck and my crotch into her butt. Marlene moaned and reached back, grabbed my butt and pulled me harder into her.

"Marlene?" I asked.

"What Sweetheart?"

"What is the song that you always hum when you're taking a shower?" I asked into her neck.

"Mmm, it's called Storms," she answered in a soft voice.

"Where did you hear it?" I asked.

"Fleetwood Mac sings it," she whispered.

"It sounds sad," I stated.

"Hmm... Yes, I guess so," she whispered again. "It reminds me of you and the first time that I saw you," she continued. "When you and Misty disappeared around the corner and I thought that I would never see you again."

"Why?" I asked softly into her back as I gave it a soft kiss.

"It seemed to parallel the way my life was going," she softly said.

I wasn't going to prod anymore, she had said enough and I knew that she was tired. "Goodnight, Sweetheart," I whispered to her.

"Goodnight, Love," she replied, as I felt her relax back into me. And all was right in our world that night.


Thank you for your time in reading the Silver series so far! Hoping that you are enjoying it! Your comments are so very much appreciated! Part 04 coming soon, as they awaken to another morning together... A bit of the two lover's back stories, maybe a Halloween party? A wedding to attend? Stay tuned to find out!



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