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Siblingly Binding Ch. 10

Tender love songs were playing in the background. A sweet-sour fragrance encroached on my lungs, making my nostrils tingle in excitement. The faint light that flickered from the scented candles could barely be visible in an otherwise dark room. A $200 bottle of red wine was resting on the bedside table along with two half-full crystal glasses.

A soft pant was delivered into my ear canal. A second, a more potent one, quickly followed. My naked body was tangled in my sister's to-die-for frame as our legs incessantly rubbed one another in this convoluted mess of sweaty limbs and torsos. Her bushy genitalia was accommodating my own on this cold winter night. The room was heated though. Our bodies supplied the bulk of the heat, and an old, tired gas heater was in charge of the rest.

"I love you so much," she gasped in my ear, her breasts fighting to swell with air under the weight of my muscles.

"I love you," I gasped back, "my beautiful wife."

I clasped our hands together and stretched our arms beyond her head as I rippled inside her in loving waves. My wife's trickling folds molded around my manhood as snugly as they had always had, and the crimson walls of her pussy adhered to my cock like a second skin. Her excited clitoris dangled out of its hood and onto my scepter, continuously scraping me.

I kept her lean arms fixed above her head as our pubic bones clashed time and again. Her fully grown bush caressed my groin each time my sister was filled to the brim. Our legs playfully brushed against each other and so did our feet. Her strained toes ran up and down my shin while I was stroking inside her. As I began devouring her delicious neck, she hooked her legs over my knees and locked them onto the mattress, softly whimpering as she was repeatedly invaded by her brother's python.

Her old necklace, that I had given her on her birthday years ago, danced on her abundant bust as we were edging closer to the exchange of our liquids. They were accompanied tonight with a newly purchased pair of diamond earrings that symbolized my everlasting love for her.

With a powerful wriggle of her curvaceous body, my sister rolled us over and rode my cock through the final stage of this glorious love making. The bump on her belly was barely noticeable, even when her figure executed slow, erotic waves that accentuated her curves to the limit.

Tonight, our bodies and hearts were perfectly in synch. Just as her pussy transmitted the first contraction around my cock, I began throbbing in response. My sister felt my vein aching to fill her up, so she lay flat on me to augment both of our orgasms, clamping my cheeks between her soft hands. Her pouty lips sucked on mine a second later, and her pleading gaze shackled my own in this poorly lit one bedroom apartment.

Her twitches became more frequent and aggressive and so were her lustful whimpers. Her pussy was soon gushing, bathing my cock in her savory, thick cum, just as I bellowed my love for her as deep as I could. Her beat-up cervix welcomed my brutish thrust in understanding as I coated it with countless ropes of chilled semen.

Throughout this textbook example of love making, Brooke was unwilling to release my cheeks from her loving hold, and my hands kept the pressure on her plump ass cheeks, forcing her pussy to take me as deep as it had ever swallowed me.

As we kept blending our respective cum into a viscous mixture of pure love, we kissed in the most lewd meaning of the word. My sister coated my lips with her spit in immense passion, and mine licked her fat pads back in equal zeal. Our tongue rub was performed outside our mouths with brief pauses to allow us to exchange the breaths of our orgasms.

Brooke squirmed on my cock when her pussy began clenching and milking me for every drop. I pulled her head to mine to suck some more on her heavenly lips in reply. Audible pants kept flowing from one cavity to the other until my sister's last of contractions died down. She collapsed on my chest, and I embraced her for more than ten minutes in exemplary stillness.

"Happy three year anniversary, my amazing husband," she whispered in my ear and granted me an electrifying kiss.

She sat up straight, with my cock still impaling her, and handed us our wine glasses.

It had been four years since that day we revealed to our parents the true nature of our relationship. We had settled down in South Portland, Maine the next day, just as my sister had planned. We hadn't had contact with either of our parents ever since. Apparently, their unconditional love for us had a single condition after all.

The transition from siblings to lovers was made with ease since we hadn't known anyone here. It was frightening at first to hold her hand in public, to kiss her, to be around friends while she was sitting in my lap and raping my mouth, yet the more we forced upon ourselves these situations the more we learned to let go and to be natural. We had long ceased worrying and would rarely even think about it.

We had gotten hitched approximately a year from our arrival. I had had to legally change my name, so we could pull it off, and my sister was the one who chose our last name. I kept my first name intact though. As long as we kept a low profile and eluded social networks, our secret was in no danger of being exposed.

Brooke had graduated out of a local college only a few months back. She majored in business administration and was hired not long after. She had been working long hours but would still make time for me and for her occasional poker tournament that I would accompany her to.

We had found a tiny place that more than met our needs. Since Brooke had been working and studying around the clock, she was barely around anyway, and I was used to spending my time in the confinements of a medium sized room. I was the perfect housewife, and I kept our place cleaned, our clothes washed, and our food deliciously cooked as I would get fresh ingredients every day from our local market.

I kept hitting my stride in my trading and after Brooke added 10K from her own savings to my account, I was able to provide for us, and my sister's salary served to put her through college. I had one good friend, which was a fellow trader I had the pleasure of meeting at the market years ago, and my sister had too many friends, mostly from college, as she was such a lovable, incredible person.

"Josh"—she kissed my neck—"baby"—she licked my ear—"thank you so much for this."

"For what, honey?" I sipped my wine.

"For all of this! The pricy wine, the overly expensive earrings, the candles, the music... I really wasn't expecting such a thoughtful, amazing anniversary."

"Why, baby? You've been working so hard that I barely get to see you." I planted a soft kiss on her sappy lips. "You deserve all of this and more. You deserve everything." I gave her right nipple a good suck.

She pushed my head away, giggling, "Down, boy..."

"Don't tell me you're done."

"I'm just getting started," she purred, "but I want to talk first about something important."

"Why do you always do that?" I sighed. "Making us talk when my dick is inside you. I really want you again, baby..."

"And you think I don't? Josh, sweetie, we're pulling an all-nighter, have no doubt about that, but we really need to talk about"—she stuck out her belly—"this."

I rubbed her belly, smiling like a simpleton. "Yeah, I guess we should... Listen, honey, you really need to cut down on those Pringles—"

"Josh!" She burst out laughing. "Are you calling me fat?!"

I joined her laughing.

She stuck out her belly again to stress her miniscule baby bump. "Those are no Pringles, sweetheart. That's our baby."

"Yeah," I sighed joyfully before regrouping. "Well, what did you want to talk about that is so important that I can't start nailing your cervix?"

"Well, since I'm now working full time, and since you're doing great with your trading, and since in six months we're going to be parents, we need to find a new place; a bigger place; a nicer place."

"But I really like it here. We've been living here for so long that I'd hate to move out." I gulped my glass empty. "And it's so fucking cheap."

"It's because it's cheap, you cheap bastard, isn't it? This is how much you love me?! This is what I'm worth?! Your sister?! Your wife?!"

How I would love whenever she tried to guilt me.

"Well, yeah," I said, carefully scoping the room, "this is how much I love you."

"You mother fucker!" She laughed and started beating a pillow into my head.

I gripped the pillow and tossed it on the floor. I pulled her into my brute kiss, withstanding her pitiful and fleeting resistance, and I started bucking my hips since I was manifesting a proud erection inside her approximately a minute from dropping my load.

She softly moaned into my mouth as her pussy began lubricating my cock in response. I allowed her to whirl on my erection, so we were now in a reverse cowgirl position, and her mesmerizing body began undulating. As she was fucking me slow and tight, she scattered her long golden brown hair behind her back since she was aware of how excited I was getting from that.

I sent my hands to her chubby mounds and got a good squeeze out of each before proceeding with my nipple torture. My sister adored her nipples being abused, and I could normally make her come just by ruining them; she didn't even need my cock inside her. A few wild whimpers were consequently fired, and my cock got his first bath not long after.

I flipped us over to doggy style and pounded her shaggy cunt from the rear. I was so violent that with each ram of my cock, her slender build jerked and her head kept tapping on the bedframe. Her cervix had nowhere to hide in that position, but my wife would always allow me to rape her cervix on special occasions.

As I was smiting that mangled dimple with all my might, I started playing with her asshole. My finger circled the rim of her crack after I stretched her and spat inside her. Brooke wasted no time and reached for the bedside table to open the second drawer. A black replica of my erect manhood was pulled out, and Brooke looked at me over her shoulder, awaiting me to proceed to the next phase.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and she immediately inserted that black dildo into her and started fucking herself. She wasn't quick enough, and some of my previous cum managed to drip down her cunt lips before she sealed her pussy completely.

I pressed my cock to her anus and gently forced myself in, relishing my sister's wince. The head of my cock was plenty lubricated with her thick, pungent cum, so I had no difficulties penetrating her. I popped in my fat mushroom, loving that warm embrace her ass was awarding me with. I stood still in her ass, allowing my wife to adjust to the head inside her, feeling her anal muscles furiously contracting around me.

Her face twitched briefly in pain, morphed quickly to relived, and from there to insanely horny after half of my thickness was engulfed completely by her tight ass.

Once she let out a gratifying purr, I drilled my way in her trunk, gluing my balls to her bush and stabbing her rectum as deep as I could. My sister rested her bosom onto the bed and raised her perfect heinie as high as it would go for deeper penetration. I arose to my feet and started fucking her ass from an almost upright position while her hand was pulling that sizable dildo in and out of her with great speed.

Brooke had learned years ago to properly enjoy anal sex, and as the years went by, she asked to be fucked up her ass more frequently. She would come quite intensely during anal, and not once had I penetrated her up her butt with that aforementioned dildo. Ironically, she was less sore during anal than vaginal, and I could always fill her ass completely; a privilege that was occasionally deprived of me with certain vaginal positions.

That's not to say vaginal wasn't our preferred sex. Both my wife and I had agreed that diversity was required in bed, yet it was clear that having my cock filling up her tight pussy was our greatest joy, and anal was being incorporated on occasion, though at least once a week, to keep Brooke's asshole sufficiently stretched.

Tonight, she was clearly in the mood for anal, and even though she hadn't performed enema beforehand, neither of us could care less. In fact, Brooke had never done enema since we prioritized spontaneity over preplanning, and she knew that had she had an "accident", it wouldn't bother me at the least; on the contrary, I found it to be very arousing, yet my perversions did really know no bounds.

"Josh baby, my god, I love you..."

"I love you more than life, Brooke," I gasped back.

She continued fervently working that massive black dildo inside her while I was power-fucking her ass. She let out a few ungodly curses right before she sprayed that dildo in her delightful cum and collapsed on the bed in labored breaths, watching over her shoulder as I was tearing through her rectum. Her cum and the previous load I had unpacked in her pussy now flowed out of her, unhindered, staining our sheets and Brooke's smooth thighs.

"Baby, I wanna be on top of you when you cum in my ass. I want to see your breathtaking face."

I pulled out of her butt and sat on the bed, leaning against our pillows. My sister straddled me and carefully inserted her dildo into her until it almost vanished inside her. She took my rod and aimed it to her anus. Once I forced her ass crack open, she bit her lower lip and continued lowering herself, loving the slow penetration up her posterior. Soon, both of her gaps were fully occupied, and while the black silicone was lodged idle inside her, I was not.

However, I didn't fuck her this time. My sister rippled herself on top of me while pressing our bodies firmly together. We were completely unite as my cock was sliding in and out of her booty, greased in a thin layer of her cum and stool that served as the lubricant. We kissed in immense passion and whispered our immortal love for one another.

"God, baby, my ass," she whimpered. "You're so fucking huge..."

"Are you ok there?"

"Barely... but I want your sweet cum in my rectum."

She kept wincing as my thickness was coercing her asshole to stretch so wide that she was beginning to trickle blood.

"God, I love your ass," I panted and gorged on her pink stub.

"Fill me up, sweetheart," she gasped and whimpered loudly a second later. "Show me how much you love me... Fill me up good."

Her tongue stormed my tonsils as she picked up the pace of her undulating. She was moving in sharp waves, slowly rising yet sloping back down with force. The sound of the thud every time her ass cheeks thumped my thighs felt as though the gods were playing a harp in my ear. It was sublime.

Our kiss grew in power and intent and was rapidly transforming into a smutty spectacle of lust and love. We guzzled each other's spit as if it were the last time we would ever taste one another. Her ass swallowed my cock increasingly swifter and harder, and my sister's whimpers escalated, as well.

I crushed her divine frame in my arms, bending her sizable assets to the point I genuinely feared they might pop. The veins in her supple melons unveiled themselves as blood was finding it harder and harder to flow through her pale bust. My sister absolutely adored it, and her teeth were nibbling on my lips in utter craze.

"Josh, I love you to death..." She whimpered as loudly as her hard-working lungs had allowed her. "I can't live without you..." Tears sprang to her eyes from the emotional turmoil that was raging inside her. She shut her tearful eyes and bit her lip. "You're my whole world..."

I was moved to my core, planted in that perfection of ass with my dick collecting more of her feces and blood.

"Brooke, baby, I can't even breathe without you... God, I love you!"

I held her down with every bit amount of force my muscles were able to deliver, smothering my wife's inconceivably sinful frame. My sister released an outrageous whimper followed by a subtle mixture of her contagious smile and that wanton face she would make whenever she was coming.

My gigantic vein throbbed inside her ass in potent pulses, fighting for an extra tenth of an inch to pump out my love for her. Even though her strong anal muscles attempted to resist it, there was no force on this planet that could have stopped her trunk from being filled up with her brother's cum.

"Baby, I'm coming," Brooke whimpered, working complete, slow waves. "Start shooting..."

As if almost on command, I exploded in the depths of my sister's sizzling hot bowls, attracting more of her stool and blood with that thuggish thrust, and taking my baby sister's breath away, literally. Even though I had ejaculated before in her hairy pussy, my balls worked overtime to give Brooke, the love of my life, their very best, and a not insignificant batch of my cum was fired into her tight rectum.

I kept her still for as long as I could, unwilling to relinquish even a hair of her fucked bowls that snugly wound around my drooling prick. My sister gazed into my eyes, trickling tears, and an emotional smile decorated her ravishing face. We kissed as lovingly and delicately as we ever did, tangled in each other, our hearts beating as one.


"Congratulations! You've just won..."

I deleted the junk email as I was going over my inbox on this excellent spring morning. There were several emails from fellow traders, contemplating trading strategies in wake of the last wave of volatility with the Euro, and there was an email from... my father?

"Hello, Josh, I know you must be quite surprised, but I have been doing some thinking lately, and I would really like for all of us to meet and have a serious discussion. Would you and your sister be willing? Please respond to me as quickly as possible. Love, dad."

I couldn't even process what I just read. It took me a few rereads to fully comprehend that our father wanted to, most likely, reconnect with us, after more than four years of zero contact.

I couldn't respond that day as I had been laboring to transform our new place into an adequate enough residents as my sister was edging closer to her due date. We had moved into a much nicer apartment two days ago, and I had been busy painting, cleaning, and arranging everything.

We had bought new furniture and electrical supplies a week ago, and most of it arrived today. A new bed, mattress, sofas, and closets were present, and so were a new 55" LED TV screen, a state of the art home theatre system, oven, stove, fridge etc. Once everything was in its rightful place, I started unpacking box after box, and... only at dusk I conceded that I wouldn't be able to conclude this arduous and monotonic labor before tomorrow.

The baby's room was my wife's project. She picked the furniture and wallpapers and described me in great detail what she was expecting the room to look like when I was done. She swore to me that if the room wasn't completed by the birth of the weekend, I would be kissing my "pregnant sex" privileges goodbye, and since I would have not been able to accept such a cruel reality, I busted my ass on that room.

The next day, after my sister left for work, I emailed our father back that although I didn't think he deserved it, I would be willing to hear him out. I concealed from Brooke this correspondence since her feelings for our parents had taken a turn for the hateful in recent years. She would have deleted his email without giving a second thought to it.

He emailed back an hour later that he wanted us to fly home for the weekend, and I hastily replied with a definitive no, since my sister couldn't fly in her very pregnant state. I kept it from him, though, that she was carrying a baby in her perfect womb. I simply wrote that if he was interested in conversing, he would have to come us.
He then asked if we were still living in South Portland, as our last communication was an email from my sister detailing our whereabouts and both of our contact information, almost five years ago that is. I replied with a yes, and he emailed shortly after that he was jumping on the first plane to see us.

I was astounded by how quickly he had made the decision to fly to us, but I gave no thought to it after an hour of immersing myself back in my house duties. My sister returned in the evening, and again, I said nothing to her about it. I knew she wouldn't want to see him and most likely unleash her wrath at me for agreeing to speak to him.

The pregnancy had made her more hormonal than ever as she was an outright raging bitch most of time. God forbid if I didn't succumb to her every want and whim. I had once dared to stand up to her when she disturbed my sleep and demanded I would go fetch her favorite ice cream bucket, at 2 AM. It was a bad move by me; one that its possible implications I hadn't taken a sufficient time to conjure in my mind.

I was being punished severely for that error in judgment, and from that day, Brooke hadn't heard the word "no" coming out of my mouth. I wouldn't dare say no to her again... That fucking hormonal bitch.

Friday noon, my father texted me that he was in South Portland and asked where I could meet him. I texted him the location of a close by cozy bar that my sister and I had spent many years getting shitfaced at, and I notified Brooke that my heart craved a stroll. She was at home that day and was very pleased with my work on the baby's room, so she graciously consented... That fucking hormonal dictator.

I entered the bar an hour after noon and spotted him sitting in a remote table, guzzling a pint. He looked so old... His hair grayed out, and multiple wrinkles were etched onto his forehead. He looked somewhat neglected. God, I barely recognized him as my father had always kept himself groomed and presentable.

As I approached him, he lifted his head, and his tiring gaze met my worried one. He stood up, swiftly and sprightly, surprisingly, and I stood next to him for a moment, my lips sealed. The obvious awkwardness dominated that moment.

"Hello, Josh," he quietly said, an apprehensive smile on his aging face.

I bobbed my head in silence.

"Please." He gestured at the seat in front of him.

I took my seat, and he ordered a pint for me a moment later.

I never thought I could ever feel this detached from either of my parents, but at this moment, I couldn't have felt more distant and numb.

"Thank you for seeing me," he said, genuinely looking grateful.

I took a sip from pint, still silent.

"So um... where's your sister?" he worriedly asked, guessing the answer himself.

"Suffice it to say, you are not one of her favorite persons, and neither mom for that matter. I didn't even tell her you're here, so she wouldn't flip out and forbid me to see you."

He achingly nodded, puckering his lips as he would always do whenever he was in deep thoughts.

"Yeah, I figured. She didn't even respond to my email."

"When did you email her?" I asked, surprised.

He finished his pint and ordered another one. "When I emailed you."

I gulped half of my pint, pondering how my sister had dared to hide it from me. I would have to lay down the law to her later though.

"Well, you're here," I sighed. "What do you want?"

"So many things," he sighed back, warmth and pain are visible in his eyes.

He commenced a ten minute speech of how much he missed us and of how wrongly he had tackled this unusual situation. He resurrected memories of us as children, of how we used to be such a tight family...

"So what are you saying here, dad?" I put a stop to his never-ending trip down memory lane. "What is it that you want, exactly?"

"Do you want another one?" He pointed at my almost void pint glass, eager to please me.

"No. I just want—"

"Excuse me, can we have another round?" My dad blatantly ignored me as he addressed the bartender.

Two pints were coming our way a second later, and he took a healthy gulp from his momentarily.

"I have been sick; for quite awhile."

My heart writhed in unbearable pain from the thought my father was terminally ill or was—

"On my god, you're sick?! What do you mean?!"

"Calm down, Josh," he calmly said. "I'm fine now."

"What does it mean, you're fine now?!"

I was so worried for him that I completely forgot I hated him.

"I've been battling some form of cancer for the past year, but you know me, I'm not a quitter. I pulled through, about two months ago. Everything is fine now. Strong as an aux." He chuckled.

"Jesus Christ, dad! How could you not tell us that?! For fuck sake!"

My blood was boiling with rage.

"Josh, I'm so sorry. I've made so many—"

"Fuck you! You come here now, want to make amends is my guess, which is complete bull, but when you were dying, you couldn't be bothered with letting us know?! You're such a fucking..."

I took a deep breath and reduced the content of my second pint glass to half.

He sighed. "I didn't know what to say. I didn't do it because I couldn't be bothered. I genuinely didn't know how to approach you." He sighed again and drank some more.

Suddenly, a pregnant shadow was cast on our table. We both simultaneously veered our heads to see what figure was causing it. The very moment my mind processed who that figure was, I started regretting the day I was born.

"Um, baby"—I gulped—"hey, sweetheart. What are you doing out in—"

"Shut your mouth, Josh," the figure replied.

"Fuck," I sighed, squirming in my seat. "Brooke, baby, please—"

"You shut your fucking mouth!"

"Yeah, baby, I'm shutting it; just please don't get angry."

"Wanted to take a stroll... " She sinisterly chuckled. "Luckily for me, I always know where you are," she said in wrath, still completely avoiding our father.

"Um... how do you—"

"I installed a tracking app in your phone. In case you'd ever get ideas of cheating on me."

"What? Baby, I would never cheat—wait a second, you're tracking me?"

"You bet your fucking ass I am! You got a problem with that?!"

"I... I think so." One look at her, and I knew it was the wrong answer. "I mean, no! Baby, of course I don't care! I mean, Brooke, sweetheart, I'm a little confused here. I'm not sure how I'm... feeling about... but I know I like it!" I quickly added, when noticing that ill-boding stare she had jabbed me with. "Please don't be angry with me. Don't forget that you're preg—"

"I swear to god, if you don't shut your fucking mouth..."

"I'm shutting it. I'll just say I'm so terribly sorry, and there, I'm shutting it. Shut. Completely shut. Sorry, baby."

"I will deal with you later," she ominously whispered to me. "Now get the fuck up, and let me sit. Unless you want me to miscarriage right here on this very spot. Or maybe that's exactly what you want? So you could—"

"Jesus Christ, sit!" I sprang to my feet and pulled my chair for her. "I would never, my love. Never."

I put on the most groveling and helpless look that I could muster in fear of her. That scary, hormonal bitch...

She shot me a blazing glare in response and sat in front of our dad. While she was busy assaulting him with a diversity of her hateful stares, I got a chair and sat between them.

"Can I have a whiskey shot, please?" I said to the bartender. "Make it two in second thought," I quickly added after glancing at my wife. "Thank you."

Dad looked to be a bit shocked, confused, and every bit as afraid as I was.

"Hello, pumpkin," he said, his voice trembling.

"Patrick," my sister answer coldly.

He nodded in pain. "I see you're..." He stammered, changing grip on his pint glass.

"Pregnant?" she helped him. "Well, yes. You're very perceptive, aren't you?"

"Brooke, please," he apologetically said and took a moment to carefully choose his words. "I'm assuming its..." He paused again.

"Your son's? Yes, it is."

I gulped down my two whiskey shots, barely able to endure this strained atmosphere.

"You've got some nerve, Patrick... I didn't reply to your stupid email, so you went after the weak one?" She pointed at me.

It very much bothered me that she belittled me like that, but... whatever. I wasn't ready to go that path. Her hormones were raging as they had ever did, and she would have chewed me to bits.

"I deserve it," he sighed. "Don't think I don't know that."

"Deserve it? No. You deserve much less. You and that... I don't even want to say her name."

"Brooke, I have a few things I would like to say, and you can do whatever you want afterwards, but please allow me to speak."

"Well, you're here," she drily said, crossing her arms and resting them on her gigantic belly, barely able to squeeze them under the weight of her massive boobs. "Speak."

Dad spent the next twenty minutes updating us on last few years, and his illness was amongst the subjects he discussed.

"Cancer?" my sister whispered in pain, her eyes wet. "Oh my god, daddy..." She burst into tears.

Dad got up and took Brooke in his arms. They spent a prolonged moment in this emotional embrace, whispering to each other things I couldn't quite make out as they were too muffled with tears and shakiness; however, I did managed to fish "I love you" being sent back and forth.

He eventually let Brooke go and reclaimed his seat.

"I'll be the first to admit that I dealt badly with your uh... situation, but events like this really makes you realize what's important in life. You two is what's important to me, to both me and your mother. Mistakes were made, but let's not keep making more of those. We want you back in our life, and we hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive us." He wiped off a few tears that trickled down his cheeks and let out a long sigh of relief. "That is what I came here to say."

A tension stacked moment followed. My sister was still very much weeping while caressing her enormous belly, and as for me, I couldn't be certain of how I felt about it. I was still quite resentful and angry.

"As much as I'm hurt by your behavior," my sister wept, "if you are prepared to accept that Josh and I are a couple, a married couple, with a kid on the way, and if you are willing to do right by us, then"—tears gushed down her cheeks—"I would very much like to get my parents back..."

Dad nodded in tears. "Whatever you say, pumpkin."

"Daddy..." She arose, and they hugged once more.

After they detached, dad approached me. "What do you say, kiddo? Do you want us to be a family again?"

I slowly nodded, and we hugged on it while Brooke was sobbing next to us and was as emotional as I had ever seen her.


We all sauntered back to our place minutes after; it was a ten minute walk. Brooke and dad were arm in arm, and I lagged closely behind. I couldn't help admiring her for forgiving them. She was infinitely more hurt by them than I had been. I guess life-threatening events do alter one's perspective.

As I looked at my sister, I couldn't believe that she was carrying our baby. She didn't even look pregnant. She was one of those women who were fortunate enough to keep their figure, and from the rear it was impossible to tell. Only her belly and bosom had increased in girth.

Her breasts were so bloated now that they doubled in cup, and I was taking full advantage of that in the bedroom. I would motorboat her twice a day, at least, and would make love to her either when she was on top or when I would spoon her, so her milk brimming tits were easily in my reach.

We entered our place, and Brooke gave dad the tour, lingering in the baby's room and explaining him her vision for the decor. I was feeling lightheaded and cheerful from the alcohol, and this day had surprisingly turned out to be an incredible day.

Minutes later, dad put mom on the phone and handed it to Brooke. He joined me in the living room as my sister was crying her heart out on speaker in the baby's room.

"Mom, I'm pregnant!" she sobbed a spell later.

"So, is it a boy or a girl?" He smiled, as if he had never found it inconceivable that his son would sow his seed in his only daughter.

"We don't know. Brooke wants it to be a surprise, so she swore the doctors and ultrasound technicians to silence."

"Just like your mother." He let out a wistful chuckle. "They're both hopelessly romantic." His face suddenly disclosed a wrinkle of worry. "Is... everything alright with the baby though?"

"Yes." I smiled. "As far as the doctors can tell, it's just another baby. A healthy baby."

"Good," he sighed in relief. "With the size of your sister's belly, I was sure she was carrying twins." He giggled.

"Yeah," I giggled back. "She is quite big."

We sat in silence for a moment, attempting to adjust back.

"You don't know what he's been doing to me!" we heard Brooke sobbing out loud in the baby's room. "He's been nothing but cruel and abusive to me throughout this pregnancy..."

Dad and I locked eyes and burst out laughing a second later.

"Just like your mom. Hopelessly dramatic."

A few minutes later, after dad and I continued to catch up on everything, my wife returned and handed me the phone after bidding mom farewell with a heartfelt "I love you". She sat in dad's lap, her hazel eyes still pouring tears, while mom and I talked for a bit.

"Well, I missed her," I sighed, returning dad his phone.

"And she missed you, Josh. Both of you. You have no idea."

I nodded. "So... how are we going to play it?"

"I honestly don't know... Yet," he swiftly added, smiling.

We spent the rest of the day together. We sat for lunch in a luxurious restaurant, having lobsters and whatnot, all at dad's expense. We proceeded to Greenbelt walkway and took a nice stroll there, indulging in the scenery. My wife insisted that the walk would benefit her despite my obvious concerns for her sore back and swollen feet.

"It's quite beautiful here. Maine." Dad relished the view as we sat on a bench.

"Yes, it is," my sister replied, sitting in my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck.

She wasn't looking at the scenery though. Her big hazel eyes were firmly fixed at me.

I stroked her cheek. "You're not mad at me anymore?"

"With that face?" she softly said before shaking her head. "It's not possible for me, sweetheart."

She pressed her succulent lips to mine and awarded me a mouth to mouth right there in front of our dad.

"Well, that will take awhile to get used to," dad said and chuckled to soften his uttering.

My sister pulled out of my mouth, yet her gaze didn't release mine. "You'll get used to it faster than you might think since this goes on around here quite a lot. Isn't it right, my love?"

Her eyes were twinkling at me in vast love, and her touch was softer than butter when she cupped my cheek and caressed me with her thumb.

My wife had the innate ability to get effortlessly sentimental and to move me to my very core in the process.

I rested my forehead against hers and held her tight. "It sure is, beautiful."



"I can't," my sister whined. "I can't..."

"Brooke, look at me," the midwife said. "You're doing amazing, but now you have to push! With everything you have! The baby cannot wait!"

"Oh my god... Josh, you fucking son of a bitch! AHHHHHHHHHHHH—"

"Excellent! I can see the head! Again!"


"No, you're not dying." The midwife laughed. "You're giving birth. Take a moment to gain enough strength for the final push."

"Can I leave now?"

"YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! You did this to me, so you're fucking staying!"

"Brooke, don't waste your energy," the midwife said. "You'll need every bit of it in a minute."

"Josh, sweetie, try not to upset her now," mom whispered. "It'll all be over in a minute."

"Just, please, let it be over with... I'm not cut out for this."

"No one is," mom giggled and returned to my sister, clasping their hands together.

"Mom, is the head really out?" Brooke wept.

"Yes! And that was the hard part! It's a piece of cake from here, baby." Mom caressed her hair and kissed her.

I kept sitting in the corner, facing the wall. I couldn't suffer my wife's scorching glower, and I certainly wasn't about to watch the crowning. I heard that shit scars you for life.

"It's time," the midwife said, placed between my sister's legs. "Common, Brooke. Final push."

I plugged my ears with my fingers and got mentally prepared.

"I wanna fucking kill you now," I barely heard my sister say. To whom? I could only guess.

"I love you, baby," I replied subserviently, eyes shut, facing the wall.

"Let's go! Let's go!" the midwife said.

A few heinous screams later, I was declared a father to—

"A baby girl!" mom said.

I could hear my sister emotionally weeping in excitement and pain as well as my daughter's first perfect cry.

"Oh my god, a baby girl?!" I enthusiastically said. "Can I look now?!"

"You can," the midwife said, "but just so you know, we're about to yank out her sibling, so you might wanna rethink it."

"Her sibling?"

I almost fainted.

"Surprise..." my sister feebly wept to my back, physically spent.

"You knew?!" I said to the wall.

"Of course she knew," mom excitedly giggled. "You didn't think the doctors would actually keep it from her that she's having twins, did you?"

"JESUS CHRIST!" I whispered to the wall. "Are you insane?! How could you keep this from me?!"

"She'll have plenty of time to answer that later," the midwife said," but now what she really needs to do is push!"

"No, not again," my sister tearfully whined. "Let's keep the baby in a little longer."

"No can do, Brooke. It's now or never. Push!"

"God damn it, Brooke, push already!" I said to the wall, eyes shut, ears plugged.

"You mother... When I'm done here, I'm murdering him. Did you hear me?! You fucking cunt! I'm offing you!"

"Brooke, calm down and concentrate on the task in hand," the midwife said.

"Josh, now be nice to her," mom whispered to my back. "All she wanted was to surprise you."

"SORRY, BABY! I LOVE YOU! NOW FUCKING PUSH!" I said, ears plugged, volume clearly not calibrated.

I could hear my wife laughing in tears. "I LOVE YOU TOO, BABY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

********THE END********

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you found the ending to your liking. For those who are wondering, I have started writing my next piece which is going to be as long and as moving, so keep your eyes open. :)

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