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Siblingly Binding Ch. 09

Two months had gone by, and I hadn't given Brooke an answer; hence, I was force to take care of myself throughout that time. What was worse, my sister took upon herself to drive me insane until I did. She insisted on us spending every night together and used up every ounce of trickery and deceit she had acquired since birth to achieve that goal.

She would get into bed with her to-die-for body clothed in sexy lingerie that she had purchased specifically to break me down, and she would openly admit to it. Among the heap of tantalizing garments she had been sporting, were girdles, stockings, see-through push up bras, panties that featured gaps at the cunt, at the anus, and so on so forth...

Her daily outfits also took a turn for the promiscuous: plethora of tight leather pants and whorish skirts, low cut blouses, slutty crop tops etc. Her makeup was seldom plain and modest, and her hair was constantly loose and sensational. Her odor was damaging as always, and both her hands and feet would undergo weekly mani-pedi with a fresh splash of paint meticulously applied to her nails.

I was fighting an uphill battle as her prowess of malice were beginning to subdue me. It wasn't helpful when she would frequently masturbate in bed, demand back massages and foot rubs, share with me her sick fantasies in graphic detail, inform me as to what degree she had been dripping for me all day, or how much she had been desperate for my monster cock inside her.

At times, she would completely abandon her seductive game plan and switch tactics. She would accuse me of playing with her and cuss herself for being foolish to think that I could actually love her as much as she loved me. In a blink of an eye, she would sob in bed, blaming herself for ever letting me pop her cherry. She was harnessing her manipulative skills to the extent of getting me to hate myself daily for not giving in to her.

But I would not yield. Giving in to her crazy whim would put both of us in real danger of being incarcerated, and I had hoped that if I stood my ground long enough, she would concede and forsake the idea permanently.


"We need to talk. I want you to meet me for lunch at noon. I'll text you the address."

Our relationship had known better days, and that text seriously put the fear in me. I was petrified of the thought that my sister might dump me, and after she texted me the address, I had to calm my nerves with a stiff drink and relaxing music while hunting for good trades in front of my computer.

Upon texting my sister of my arrival at the address she had requested me to meet her, Brooke showed up wearing a face of dismay. She asked me to follow her, and as I did, I couldn't help thinking that she was indeed planning on breaking up with me, which was ripping my heart apart.

We entered the respectable office of a doctor of some sort, walked past the chubby secretary at the reception, and my sister let us into a room that exhibited the doctor's name on the door. Obviously, we weren't about to have lunch.

"Hello, Josh, I'm Dr. Sullivan. Please have a seat."

A middle-aged female doctor shook my hand and gestured at the brown leather chair that was placed in a 45 degree angle to its twin chair, that had my sister's sculptured ass already seated in it.

As I sat in my chair, still flummoxed of where we were or of the intent of this appointment, the doctor sat in her black office chair in front of us, and, thus, completing an isosceles triangle.

"Brooke, what's going on?"

My sister remained in silence, gazing at the doctor and ignoring my concerned tone.

"All of your questions will soon be answered, Josh, have no fear. Would you like something to drink before we start? Coffee, tee, water?"

"No, thank you."

"Alright; let's get started. As I previously mentioned, I'm Dr. Sullivan, and I have been your sister's therapist for the past oh... year and a change. Were you aware that your sister has been having regular sessions with me?"

"Um... no. I mean she told me she was seeing a therapist, but that was long ago... more than—" I gulped and looked at my sister, surprised. "You've kept seeing her all this time?"

My sister glimpsed at me but remained still.

"Well, yes. Brooke had already disclosed before me your lack of knowledge of our sessions; either way, you should know that I am familiarized, and in great detail, with your unconventional relationship as well as assisting Brooke to better understand the reasons why such a relationship might be instigated and why such a relationship should be ground to a halt."

My gaze bounced between the doctor and my sister as I was digesting her preview of this show.

"Brooke, why am I here? And for that matter, why are you?"

My sister bit her lip and gazed at the doctor with a look that sought progress.

"Josh, I have specifically requested your sister for your presence as both Brooke and I feel that you hold the key to the door that leads to a necessary, drastic alternation of the way your relationship is being conducted."

"Alright, enough with this," I said, looking at my sister. "Brooke, what the hell is going on in here?" My voice trembled in nerves. "Are you... breaking up with me?"

My sister gazed at me in ache, as if she wanted to reply but couldn't.

"Josh, let's pace ourselves for a moment since we—"

"I will not pace myself! Brooke! Are you breaking up with me?!"

My sister opened her mouth but shut it quickly. She glanced at the doctor before staring back into my eyes.

"You are breaking up with me," I said in ache before rising and slowly pacing about.

Dr. Sullivan crossed her legs and removed her glasses with a sigh. "Josh, do not—"

"And you chose to do this here out of all places?" I glared at my sister in tears. "You couldn't spare me the courtesy of doing it in private? At home? Where I could drink?! Ah?!!"

Brooke shook her head in pain but still kept quiet.


"Josh..." my sister whined, shedding a few tears.

"Brooke." Dr. Sullivan shot my sister a piercing stare.

"All these talks about how much you love me, about how you'd never leave me... it was all just... a lie." A few tears trickled down my cheeks. "Just one big fucking lie. When I have given you my HEART! Risking EVERYTHING for you... And you summoned me to your therapist's office, who I had no fucking idea you've kept seeing, to break up with me in the cruelest of ways, and in the most estranged environment that you—"

"Josh, please do not jump to conclusions," Dr. Sullivan said. "There is more than meets the eye in here. Please sit down."

I sat back down while both my sister and I were wiping off our tears.

"Well just fucking do it!!" I looked into my sister's tearful eyes. "Why dragging this?! Let's get it the fuck over with! Are you breaking up with me, Brooke?!"

"Josh, please—"

"You stay out of it!" I snapped at doctor. "It's between her and me." I gazed back at my sister as tears kept running down her cheeks. "I swear to god, if you don't open that treacherous mouth of yours—"

"Tell him already!" Brooke cried out.

"Josh, your sister hasn't brought you here for the purpose of ending your romantic relationship."

"What?" I looked at the doctor in relief and disbelief.

"I am not breaking up with you, sweetheart..." My sister sniffled while wiping off her tears. "How could even think that?"

"Brooke, please." Dr. Sullivan shot my sister a stern look.

"Then what the fuck is going on in here?! Why aren't you speaking?!"

"The reason why Brooke is silent is because I asked not to respond until I have told her to. Now, Josh, if you please indulge me as I will be needing your full cooperation in proceeding, and we've already squandered more than ten minutes without going anywhere."

"I don't have a fucking clue what's going on in here, but please, do proceed, doctor."

"Very well. It is my understanding that you have come to a juncture where you seem divided in opinions regarding the future of your romantic relationship. Have you not?"

I glanced at Brooke. "Yes, you can say that."

"Before we discuss this, Josh, I would like to get your perspective on your incestuous relationship as you understand it."

"You're Brooke's therapist, not mine. I have neither the inclination nor the energy to share my perspective with you. I share it with Brooke as she's the only person who matters to me."

"You're not being very cooperative here; however, I can understand your reluctance; that said, it is vital that we should discuss your sister's perspective and the manner in which this relationship has been influencing her from its inception. Incidentally, I've noticed you're refraining from referring to her as your sister; you persistently uses her name."

"That's because I don't see her as my sister and haven't for a long time. Now if we could please proceed with Brooke's perspective, and more importantly, why I was brought here instead of having this conservation with her behind closed doors."

Dr. Sullivan took a few notes and looked back at me. "I am well acquainted with your history from birth to present, so we don't need to dig up and try to pin the reasons for any of this to a specific childhood incident or to the conduct of your household."

"That's a relief," I sighed in hostility.

The doctor ignored the tone of my voice and took a sip from her tee mug.

"Since the beginning of your relationship in its current format, your sister has been subject to extreme mood swings, specifically, depressions and states of mania. I'm not diagnosing her as bipolar in any shape, way, or form, but she has been exhibiting similar symptoms, as if she had been on a roller coaster with no ability to get off as she once described it."

"Depressions?" I looked worriedly at Brooke. "You've been having depressions?"

She didn't reply and looked away, refraining from eye contact.

"Yes, Josh," Dr. Sullivan replied. "So much so in fact that I was forced to prescribe her short-term antidepressants of medium strength; nothing to worry about, yet... I'm assuming you had no knowledge of that."

"No." I looked at my sister in perplexity. "I had no idea."

"When Brooke portrayed her life as being on a rollercoaster, she stated that you were the person who was operating and maneuvering it upwards and downwards. Brooke sees you as the sole factor that influences her happiness, which is a whole different issue... but one step at a time."

I looked at my sister for the second time with a face of concern as I was taking it all in.

"Baby, have you been having depressions because of me?" I asked apprehensively.

My sister silently wept in reply.

"I'm sure Brooke would not object to me answering. I can give you a definitive yes to that question, Josh."

I sighed at my sister. "This is all new to me, doctor. I mean I was aware of her mood swings, but I didn't think—"

"That's why you are here, Josh, and please don't feel guilty nor responsible as I see you're already beginning to experience these truly undeserved emotions. This is not your fault, rest assure."

I gazed at Brooke, hurting her pain. "Honey, why didn't you tell me about this?"

She just kept crying and sniffling with a box of tissues by her side and with her face turned away from me.

"It is of no relevance at the moment, Josh, as we need to keep our focus on the present. Now that we've established that your sister's frame of mind tightly correlates with your actions, we can proceed. Were you aware of Brooke's obsession with masturbating?"

"Obsession? Um... what do you mean by that?"

"Well, not precisely obsession as fixation."

"Fixating? On what?"

"The right question would be on whom."

"On whom then?"

"Can't you guess by yourself? I would think the answer was clear by now."

I glanced between Brooke and Dr. Sullivan. "Well, that's not uncommon. I masturbate to her constantly."

"How many times a day?"

"I don't know. Twice a day?"

Dr. Sullivan took a few more notes. "Brooke explained to me that she's withholding sexual contact of any kind at the moment. Were you masturbating that often when you have been having sexual intercourse?"

"Making love!" my sister exclaimed.

"Pardon me; making love?"

"There was no need. We were making love sometimes five times a day, and there hasn't been a day that went by where we weren't making love at least once."

"I see. Would you be surprised to learn that Brooke has been masturbating throughout that whole period multiple times a day in addition to your love making?"

"Um... she has a really high sex drive, I'm aware of that, but that is a major plus; she shouldn't feel bad about it." I smiled at my sister.

My sister smiled back, still in tears.

"We are not here to make Brooke feel bad about herself, not should she be; however, as you stated, she has much more than a simply healthy libido. What concerns me is that she seems unable to satisfy her appetite, and even though you made love multiple times a day, she continued masturbating to you several times more."

"She's um... just recently became sexually active, so that might have contributed—"

"She has been masturbating since she was 12, which is natural and healthy as she was maintaining a reasonable amount of sessions per day. She had been masturbating to different fantasies which incorporated various scenarios and diversity of figures; in contrast, since you have started this relationship, approximately eighteen months ago if I'm not mistaken, that number has increased considerably, and her fantasies now include you and you alone. She claims to be incapable of masturbating to anyone but you."

My eyes darted between them. "I don't know how to answer to that. Should I be flattered? Should I be worried?"

"Worried would fit more appropriately, and I'm basing it on the grounded fact that people can and do masturbate to different figures, and they do so effortlessly. Take you for example, have you been incapable of masturbating to other women?"

"No, though..." I glanced again between the two women, trying to make out the real reason I was here. "Can we... Can we get to the point here? Because I feel you're leading me to somewhere... but to where exactly?"

"Very well. My point is this: Your sister is clearly demonstrating symptoms that are consistent with obsessive-compulsive disorder, in which you are the object of that obsession. It manifests itself from her extreme mood swings, through her over-developed sexual drive, and to her constant need to masturbate to you.

"Through all of that, she has objectified herself and is to this day using herself as a sexual object to solicit you to succumb to her wants. I believe that what she perceives as love, and I'm not by any means ruling out the possibility that she might be indeed in love you, is in fact a mental illness that should be treated accordingly."

"That's not true!"

"Brooke, we've talked about it." Dr. Sullivan shot my sister a pointed look. "You will get your turn... Josh, I haven't even unraveled other aspects of my diagnosis."

"Such as?" I asked, worried of what else she might uncover.

"Her constant fear of you leaving her, which is backed up by recurring dreams of it happening; her around the clock preoccupation with your whereabouts and the company that you might be with; suicidal thoughts etc."


"Don't listen to her, Baby!"

"Brooke, please, you will get your turn." Dr. Sullivan gazed back at me. "Suicidal as in: should infidelity or abandonment occur on your part..."

"I want to talk to now," my sister emphatically said, glowering at Dr. Sullivan.

"In a minute, Brooke." Dr. Sullivan gave her glasses a quick scrub using her blouse and adjusted them back on her nose. "Josh, you must be wondering why I'm telling you all of this."

"I'm too... whelmed to even..." I sighed.

"I am telling you this, with Brooke's consent of course, as I have an obligation for my patients: legally, morally etc. Your sister will have the stage in a minute, and she will no doubt use it to refute everything I have just said. What you need to remember is this: I am the specialized doctor and a good enough authority, I'd like to believe, not her.

"I'm addressing you because your sister values absolutely no opinion other than yours, and since I need you to help me convincing her to consent to the corresponding medications and to hospitalization. This is my medical opinion and one that has no relation to your incestuous relationship, although I have my fully developed opinion on that subject, as well."

"Are you done?" My sister furiously glared at the doctor.

"Yes, Brooke. Please, you have the mic."

My sister pulled her chair closer to mine and clasped my hands in hers. "Baby, look at me."

I lifted my gaze to lock it with hers, in a daze from that overload.

"Let me just start by saying that every single word that she has said... is completely and utterly true."

My eyes went wide in response, and had I looked at Dr. Sullivan, I had no doubt she would have been just as unprepared.

"I'll explain," my sister quickly said. "Am I constantly thinking about you? Yes. Am I jealous and care very much to whom you are with? Definitely. Do I masturbate to you and only you? Relentlessly. Am I crazy in love with you? Couldn't be more sure about anything in my life. I'm not going to deny those things 'cause they are the beautiful characteristics of the way I love you, of how I never loved anyone in the world the way I love you.

"The good doctor here is stuck on the idea that if you love someone to that extent, then there must be something wrong with you. She can't grasp how I feel since she has never felt like that, and I doubt if she ever will. I don't doubt that she's the expert and the one who is educated on all things mental; however... you need to remember a simple fact: The person who can claim be an expert on love has yet to exist.

"Love is the most powerful, complex, enigmatic emotion that is possible for a human being to feel. It's a force that can take and save lives, shift continents, cure hunger, and fight evil. It would be preposterous to claim to have a complete understanding of it. And Everyone feels it differently. Many times one will feel different levels of intensity when falling in love with two different persons. It happened to us: We've never been that in love before."

She got closer to me and interlocked our fingers together.

"I am not ashamed of how I love you. I love it that I can masturbate to you time and again. I love it that I only see you when I touch myself. I love it that I orgasm in seconds from the moment you touch me. I love it that I cum on your cock ten times, one after the other, and still can't be satisfied. I love it that I'm insatiable when it comes to you: body, heart, and soul.

"Would I be depressed and suicidal if you cheated on me? Obviously. Wouldn't you? I don't need to defend myself as this is the most fundamental concept of love. Do you really think that hospitalization and meds could yank it out of me? Yank you out of me? There is no force that can touch you inside me. You are safe there against whatever, sweetheart...

"And just know this: I wanted you to hear her. I wanted you to hear how much I love you from her lips, how I want us together like a real couple, how I can't keep going with this pretence which is hurting me every day — that I can't be with you like I'm dying to. This was my way of manipulating this situation to my advantage and nothing more. I could have easily said no to her, and you'd have never known about any of this. This is me playing the players, sweetie, just like in poker. Dr. Sullivan is entitled to her expert opinion, but she was just a pawn on my board; she had a part to play, and she played it well—no offence, doctor."
Dr. Sullivan giggled in disbelief, shaking her head. "Non taken, Brooke."

"This was my endgame: Bringing you here and make you confront with how much I love you, Josh. I want us to be a family, a real family. I wanna have your kids, and I want us to be married. We'll move far away, and no one will ever know. Give me this, baby, and I will repay you by the thousands for the rest of our lives and beyond."

My eyes welled up with tears as my sister squeezed my hands in hers after that moving speech.

"You... played your own therapist?"

I was still reeling from the shock.

"I had to, sweetheart—sorry, Dr. Sullivan—you left me no other choice."

I shook my head. "What am I gonna do with you?"

My sister melted into my touch as I cupped her cheek, eyes flooded with vast love.

"Whatever you want... Just do this for me, Josh. Show me how much you love me."

I shook my head again, sighing. "This means jail time if we get caught. Do you understand that?"

"We won't get caught, I promise you. We'll move far away and keep a low profile. It will be amazing, sweetie. You'll just wait and see."

"I don't know."

Brooke took a moment to study my face. "You know what? Let's meet halfway. Let's move somewhere and start our lives together, and we'll take it from there; no rush. When you feel more confident, we'll tie the knot."

I took a minute to process. "When um... do you wanna move?"

My sister smiled her biggest smile ever, realizing she had prevailed. "The sooner the better. We need to quit stalling 'cause the friends we have today will not be a part of our lives anymore, and the longer we postpone this the harder it'll get."

I nodded. "Dad and mom?"

"We have to tell them. I'm not going to lie to them about us, and I want them to know."

"They won't understand."

"We still have to tell them, Josh."

"Jesus," I sighed.

"Sweetheart?" Brooke anxiously gazed at me.

"Alright." I shrugged, defeated. "You win."

My sister giggled in excitement. "Really?! Do you really mean that, Josh?!"

"You always win with me, baby. Don't you know that?"

Brooke sprang up to her feet and dropped herself in my lap, kissing me like the obsessive-compulsive person that her therapist had just made her to be.

"I must say, that's disappointing, Josh," Dr. Sullivan sighed, watching us hungrily kissing. "I was sure you would see that your sister is ill and in need of help."

Brooke pulled out of my mouth. "Dr. Sullivan, I thank you for what you did for me, but I don't think I'll be needing your services any longer."

The doctor regretfully nodded. "I assume there's no point of talking you out of persisting with your incestuous relationship?"

"You are correct, doctor," I said, gazing into my sister's sparkling hazel eyes, "that would indeed be pointless."


My room. My bed. My sister.

Brooke was lying on her back with her arms resting beside her. Her knees were pinned to her shoulders, and her legs were pointing high up in the air. She was naked and magnificent as she was gazing into my eyes in love, passion, and excitement, relishing me stroking inside her.

She had ceased boycotting me ravaging her body parts as soon as we had stepped out of her ex therapist's office, and she allowed me to penetrate her for the first time in months about three minutes ago. I missed being inside her so much I could die, and I was making sure that she was aware of that, as well.

This was another one of those rare occasions in which my sister forsake her foul-mouthing in exchange of powerful stares and soft whimpers. The trade off was paying dividends as our intercourse was textbook love making in both feel and technique. Our breathing was quick and audible as we concentrated on the unimaginable bliss of our fusion.

My sister's panties were long soaked in her lust by the time I stormed into my room with her in my arms. Our parents were still at work and with no knowledge of me defiling their youngest, and my dick couldn't be anymore erect as it was rubbing against Brooke's blood red elastic walls.

Her tight pussy gloved my member in a loving embrace as it swallowed me in and out of her in immense passion. My expanded cock infiltrated her tightness and filled her up to the brim, making 120% use of her capacity. My skillful stroking was spotless with my groin scraping my sister's rich, velvety bush every time I was bottoming out in her.

"Josh, baby?" my sister whispered with eyes shut, coming down from her second orgasm.

She was so horny that she came the first time in less than twenty seconds from penetration.

"Yes, my love?" I answered in labored breaths.

"I missed you so fucking much..."

"Christ, honey, I don't want to ever get out of you... I'm moving in, I swear to god."

My sister giggled. "By all means."

I sent my tongue into her mouth and tangled with hers in love.

"I love this sound," my sister whispered, gripping my sheets with her long fingernails. "When my pussy is sucking your cock."

The position emphasized the vacuum-like suction noises her vagina was making with each of my thrusts.

"As do I, baby," I panted. "I wanna record it and use it as your ringtone."

Our brief laugh ended with a zealous kiss that now involved all of our oral parts.

"I can feel you so fucking deep," Brooke said. "It's incredible..."

I kept fucking her with her legs in the air, which exaggerated her pussy's elongated shape, increasing the tension on my dick. Fortunately, my sister was as wet as it gets, so I was able to stroke inside her with no pain at all to either of us.

"What's incredible is that your cervix seemed to have gone A-wall. Like now."

I crammed myself all the way in and only paused when my balls smote my sister's anus.

"Oh, god," she whimpered. "Fuck me slow a few times and shove your cock all the way in me. That should push me to my third."

I obliged and caressed inside her slowly, gluing my balls to her ass crack with each thrust. My sister knew what she was talking about and fifteen strokes later, her cunt began twitching around my cock.

"Do you feel that, Josh?" She tensed up, arching her back. "Oh fuck..."

"Bring it, and this time I wanna feel it," I teased.

"Oh you're going to feel it alright..."

"I love you so much, baby," I panted.

Brooke let out a wild whimper. "I love you... FUCK, fuck, fuck me..."

A massive current hit my tip as I rode it out. Her pussy gave my cock a ten second rinse before my sister was able to loosen her strained muscles and take down the volume of her unrestrained whimpers.

"Well?" she playfully gasped.

"I don't know," I taunted. "I don't think you love me anymore."

"You mother fucker," she giggled.

"Don't you mean sister fucker?" I chuckled.

"That too... Well, if you wanna make me cum harder, then start doing me like you mean it. I don't want to punish you for another two months."

"Alright, that's it. You're gonna wish you've never said that."

I pulled out and leaned on my sister, pinning my shoulders under her knees. Brooke was completely folded, with her knees mashed between both of our respective shoulders like a rag doll. I grabbed my bloated member and placed it against her entrance, which was narrower than ever due to the position.

"I'm gonna do you so fucking hard that you'll be begging to return to times when you didn't even know the feeling of a cock inside you."

My sister sent me a smug smirk. "Forgive me if I remain doubtful."

My thick mushroom split her open as I slowly glided myself in. Her tight cunt was struggling a bit, and my sister's grimace of pain was as visible as the sun in broad daylight; still, in a single thrust, her pussy had no other option but to swallow every inch of me.

"Fuck," my sister sighed, as if she had been deprived of air. "You're so fucking deep..."

"I told you you're going to regret it."

"I think I already am, fuck..."

I drew back all the way until my tip peeked out of her soaking cunt before shoving myself back in until I could distinctly feel hitting an organ of some sort. My experience and my sister's cry of pain told me it was probably her formerly absent cervix.

"Shit!" my sister cried, writhing.

"Sorry, honey," I quickly said, "I'll go easier."

"No, that's ok. It felt kinda... nice."

"It didn't sound nice."

"But it did. Do me a favor, Josh... fuck my cervix?"

"You're unbelievably sick," I sighed in awe.

"I know, but I still want you to do it."

"Just making sure: You're asking for your cervix to be fucked."

"Yes. Fuck it."

"Normally, I would ignore you, but I think you need this to understand how sick you really are. And just so you know, from my ex-girlfriends' experience, this is absolutely gonna hurt, for days."

"Thank you, doctor, for your due diligence, but if you could now start fucking my cervix, it'd be much appreciated."

I chuckled in bewilderment. "You asked for it." I pulled back until I was almost out. "Ready?"

My sister worriedly nodded.

I catapulted my fat cock until I nailed her cervix when I bottomed out. Brooke convulsed with another one of those arduous cries of pain, but she actually did seem to enjoy it as her face contorted in an interesting blend of ache and arousal.

So I kept going. I was thumping her pussy like a vile rapist, disregarding her moans, whimpers, and squirms. Each thrust further bruised her cervix, and oddly enough, made my sister wetter and wetter. Tears started trickling down her cheeks after intense pounding, and I could see that the delicate balance of pain and pleasure had been disrupted, with the pain taking over the more I poked her.

Seeing my sister bravely having her cervix fucked and feeling her inconceivable wetness had me building the orgasm of a lifetime. I was seconds from spraying that crushed dimple when my sister's worming got out of control: her head shook from side to side, and her knees jerked relentlessly between our shoulders as she was gasping for air each time I nailed it. She was in pain alright.

"Josh, baby, that's enough," she was barely to gasp. "You can stop fucking my cervix now; I wanna come."

I was too excited to comply. "Brooke, I'm coming in seconds, and then I'll let your cervix go."

"No! I wanna come, also, and I can't when you keep hurting me!" She concentrated on her rapid breathing for a spell. "It's too fucking painful now..."

I rammed myself into her cervix and paused, ignoring her sad sob. "You came three times, and I didn't at all. My orgasm trumps yours, just simple math."

"But it hurts, you rapist! I don't want you to fuck it anymore!" She let out a heartbreaking whimper. "Shit, it hurts so much..."

"Just a few more seconds, sweetheart," I gasped, pounding her cervix.

I removed her legs from my shoulders and pushed them beyond her head, folding her to a position a woman should never be folded to. Luckily, my sister was just as limber as her lithe frame promised.

"YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!" she bawled her heart out as her cervix was being raped and without anything she could do about it.

I was intensely fucking her: each thrust was bouncing my sister on the bed and countering my following thrust. Soon, my vein started throbbing as I was crushing her folded frame and tapping on her more than bruised cervix.

Brooke was genuinely wailing now. "Just fucking cum already!"

I buried my cock inside her until I was coercing her cervix into her uterus and extorting the most painful of cries from my baby sister. I exploded, coating that aching dimple in my thick cum and setting a new record when I kept shooting well longer than my previous one. Shattering my previous record was made possible when my sister kept feeding more excitement into my orgasm with her cries of hurt and stream of tears.

What was unexpected, was to feel my cock being rinsed for the fourth time as my sister inexplicably managed to climax while sobbing, begging, and whimpering in agony. It was surreal to watch once I got a proper handle on the situation. She didn't look at all like she was orgasming; in fact, she looked like she was being raped, and yet, still, she was coming and was coming hard, mimicking me by shattering to bits her previous record, as well.

Her angry pussy smothered my cock mercilessly when it began pumping out my semen into her young womb. Luckily for it, the road was shorter this time as my tip was drooling on her fucked cervix. Once her cunt ceased its spasms, I withdrew an inch back and allowed her bullied cervix a much needed relief.

We locked eyes in labored breaths as we were recuperating from our respective record breaking orgasms. I leaned in to kiss my sister, but she had another idea in mind when her hand flew like a jet to slap the shit out of my cheek.

"What the fuck was that?!" she asked furiously. "Do you think I'm your fuckin' pain whore?! Ah?! I told you to stop fucking it, you sick rapist!!"

"But you came... and pretty hard."

"That's irrelevant! When I tell you to do something, you're gonna fucking do it! Is that clear?!"

"Yeah, baby, I'm so sorry. I got carried away."

"I thought you love me, Josh. You don't keep raping the girl you love's cervix when she is begging and crying for you to stop. Now unfold me, you sick fuck!"

I permitted her legs to resume to their natural stance, but I kept myself crammed in my sister as I was kissing her spectacular tits and pleading for forgiveness.

"Alright, alright... I forgive you. But another one like that, Josh, and you're going wake up the next day neutered. Do you understand me? And don't you dare to fuck with me. You heard what Dr. Sullivan said: There are saner people than me."

"I swear on my life I'll never do that again. Can I kiss you now, baby?"

She pulled my head to hers like a savage and tongued me while her legs were enveloping my waist and my depleting dick was clogging her pussy. We kept kissing in enormous passion for minutes.

"That was some fucking insane orgasm, sweetheart," my sister purred, smiling and appeased.

"Yeah? You came like a river. You just didn't stop..." I laughed.

"That was seriously fucked up, that I managed to orgasm. I think I'm sicker than I thought," she giggled. "Shit," she moaned. "That's it, you destroyed my cervix, and now I need to go see my doctor."

"Was it worth it though? Honestly?"

She smiled. "Yeah... it was worth it; though we'll save those for birthdays and anniversaries. I don't wanna walk around constantly broken."


A couple of months had gone by, and my sister was feverishly surveying for cities that we would want to reside in. We had already told our respective friends that we were leaving and never to return. That didn't go well with some, but what could we do? Our relationship was the most important thing in the world to us and superseded everything else.

"Sweetie!" my sister called, jumping at me while I was lying on my bed watching a movie.

"Beautiful," I said, flinching from the startle, "how did you get in without me noticing?"

"I slithered on the floor like a sneak."

We laughed.

"Did you miss me today?" She coyly smiled, lying on top of me.

"Brooke, you don't need to ask that every day as the answer is always yes."

Her pouty lips lingered on mine. "I still love hearing it."

"Then you should know that I missed so much that I jacked off twice to you."

"What?! Only twice?!"

We laughed again.

"The day isn't over yet, baby..." I gripped her tight ass. "What about you?"

"What do you mean? Did I masturbate? At work?"

"Yes," I said, waiting for a reply.

"Well"—she smirked—"a girl needs to keep some secrets."

"Knowing your deformed and twisted mind, I'll take that as a yes."

"Twice." She giggled. "I told you I'm not obsessive-compulsive."

"How does that in any way negate it?"

"Well, I cut down from four. Doesn't it count for something?"

We laughed again.

I sucked on her delicious neck. "What did I do to you this time, honey?"

"On lunch break, you were my naughty hogwarts professor, enchanting my pussy with your monster wand."

We convulsed with laughter.

"And the second?"

"You were my tennis instructor, teaching me how to play with your special balls after noticing I was wearing a slutty skirt for practice with no panties."

We burst out laughing for the second time.

"Oh my god," I giggled, wiping off my tears. "Those are some pretty wild fantasies, baby..."

She sheepishly giggled, looking more self-aware. "Don't make fun of me. I love it that I can fantasize like that."

"I'm not. I love it about you just like everything else." I dealt her sappy lips a healthy suck. "I am simply crazy about you, my love."

She grinned and awarded me a loving kiss. "I have a surprise for you, Josh."


"I've found our future home."

"Really? Well, let's hear it."

"Drums please."

I indulged her with my best execution of drumbeats when I vibrated my lips.

She clamped my lips together to shush me.

"South Portland, Maine. Isn't that exciting?!"


"Yes! Do you remember when you gave up on me, you wanted to take a holiday there?"

"I didn't give up on you. And yes."

"You did too, but I deserved it, so don't feel bad... But do you remember the Maine part?"


"Just think about it, Josh: the seafood, lobsters, lighthouses, forests, rivers... Oh my god! It's going to be amazing!"


"Yes! It's perfect! It's thousands of miles away, we don't know anyone there, and South Portland is a great coastal city: not too big to overwhelm, but big enough for us to get lost in the crowd. Perfect!"

"You know, it's pretty chilly there. You won't be able to show off that awesome body of yours."

She smiled in satisfaction. "Don't worry, I'll manage; besides, when we take vacations, I'll be able to show off just fine."

I chuckled. "So, Maine?"

"Yes, baby! Maine!"

"Alright. Whatever you say."

"Yay!!" She kissed me frantically, flooding my oral cavity in her palatable spit. "Josh, how much money do you have in your trading thing?"

"It's not a thing, honey, it's forex... and I have about 33K."

"That's it?! You were at 25 months ago!"

"And I would have had much more if I hadn't been taking you out to fancy restaurants all the time, or buying you... pretty much everything you wanted."

She shot me a dismissive look. "What did you ever buy me?"

"Um... those earrings you're wearing, those sandals you're wearing, those denim you're wearing, your necklace, your—"

"Alright! You don't have to be that specific... So you're making about 3K a month?"

"A little less, but yeah."

"That's not half bad... My looks should help me find a good job as a hostess or something, and I still make money online playing poker." She grinned. "We'll do just fine."

I grinned back. "We'll do great, not fine."

We made out in my bed for the next half-hour or so.

"Josh, sweetie," she gasped in pleasure, "please stop for a second."

"Why?" I kept teasing her pretty ear.

"There's still—god... Baby, stop..."

I detached from her ear and took off her sandals. "There's still what?"

"An unresolved matter that we put off long enough."

"Which is?" I unbuttoned her jeans and removed them.

She spread her legs for me. "You know what I'm talking about, sweetie."

I cupped her cotton swathed cunt. "Sadly."

"We're taking care of this on Sunday when they're getting back, ok?"

"Do we have to?" I whined, brushing aside her panties and diving to lick her exquisitely toothsome pussy. "Let's just disappear and send them a postcard or something."
She began rocking her pussy against my tongue while fiddling with my hair. "And tell them what?" She whimpered. "Josh, stick out your tongue and penetrate me."

"That you're doing me for the past year"—I stuck out my tongue and shoved it in her a few times—"and we decided to become lovers."

She parted her pussy lips with two fingers to grant me more room to work with, and I instantly licked her vagina, working long strokes from bottom to clit.

"Oh my god, suck the shit out of my clit..." She slapped her pussy twice and permitted me to engorge on her clit. "We can't like that... We owe it to them, sweetheart. We have to sit with them and explain; otherwise, they will never understand."

I tapped on her clit while curling my fingers in her. "They will never understand, regardless."

My sister let out a reckless whimper of lust. "Lick the fuck out of my cunt... Do it for me then. For me, Josh."

I twirled my finger in her and licked her clit some more. "I hate it when you're playing the 'do it for me' card."

Brooke spread her legs even further apart once I made her buck. "Because it—shit—always works..."

I clutched her clit and sucked on it hard. "One day, it won't anymore, and then you'll be screwed."

She chortled in derision before returning to gasp and tremble. "I know you, and I know me — it will work forever."

I smeared around her savory juices and fervidly licked her cunt.

"Oh god, yes... Lick me, lick me... Take out your cock, sweetie."

While still licking her, I pulled down my sweats and briefs and ground my erection on my sheets.

"Fuck," she whimpered, her legs wounding around my neck. "I'm coming, Josh... Don't let me spill, baby..."

I guzzled from her cunt hole while my sister was fucking my mouth and spouting as if she had been deprived of sex for at least a month. She was indeed insatiable.

"Jesus," she gasped, slowly coming down. "I adore your tongue, Josh... I absolutely adore it..."

I finished my meal and let her pussy go. I sat back, and my sister's feet immediately sandwiched my cock. She was wearing that lewd face tonight, and I knew it was going to be a wild one. After watching her groomed feet beating me off for awhile, I climbed on top of her and mounted her tits. I held her cheek and guided my cock to her face. She shot me an obscene look and parted her jaws as wide as she could.

I started fucking her mouth while she was lying down on her back and playing with herself, vibrating her index finger at her nub and smearing her liquids around. It was incredibly gratifying letting my sister suck me like that while I was resting on her supple mounds, but I wanted her to take all of in, and for that, a change in position was essential. I pivoted on her bosom and took a few steps back, so now I was kneeling behind her head.

"We never did that, right?" Brooke inquisitively asked, fingering herself.

She couldn't help taking a scientific approach, even to the most primitive, carnal ritual. She was really more intrigued by the technicality of the position rather than by the fact that her throat was about to be brutally defiled. She had such a curious, analytic mind.

Since Brooke wasn't even aware that gagging is actually a thing, I could cram myself all the way down her wanton gullet, hindered only by my balls, which kept smacking her cute nose. It was the best feeling ever. I hovered over her head and dipped my stiff dick all the way down time after time, struggling to fathom how was it that her throat could engulf such a sizable object without any discomfort or protest.

I had seen this done in many porn videos, but the girl always gagged at some point, usually at the 5-6 inches mark, and so it was incomprehensible to watch my sister, with maddening ease, swallowing my cock—which if 6 inches were to be deducted from it, would still be able to pleasure some very tiny Asian women.

"Your magical throat is making me feel so damn small suddenly." I shoved my cock into her wet mouth. "Just look at you"—I pulled halfway out—"you look bored."

I lowered myself all the way down and rested my nut sack on her nose, almost sitting on her face. I kept my cock inside her ingaggable throat for over five seconds before I pulled out completely.

"It's incredible," I sighed in admiration, "like sorcery."

She giggled and unleashed her tongue at my slit, whirling and flicking at my underside.

"Baby, just 'cause I can suck you all the way in, doesn't mean you're not huge. God knows my pussy can attest to that." She gave my pole a harsh lick and shot me an unequivocal look. "Speaking of pussies..."

"No." I shook my head, determined. "I wanna make you gag."

She rolled her eyes, annoyed. "Josh, you're never going to make me gag, even if your cock was a foot long. Now you know how I feel empty after having a clitoral orgasm. I need it."

I shot her a look.

"Josh!" She burst into laughter. "You're not a foot long..."

"And how would you know that exactly?"

She wiped off her tears. "Because I... I measured you."

"I think I would know if you measured me."

I turned her onto her back, spat on my cock a few times, and started rubbing against her gorgeous looking anus.

"Not necessarily," she said in playfulness, looking over her shoulder.

"What?" I stopped thrusting. "When?"

"A few months back, when we were out with my friends. We got back home, drunk, and I just had to know."

"You could have just asked."

"I asked you many times, and you kept claiming to be a 4 incher, so you forced me to do this, basically."

I chuckled. "Why was that so important to you?"

"I don't know. I just wanted to know how many inches I'm able to squeeze in me... Well, Jessica—you remember her, don't you?"

"The red?"

"No, the other one."

"Oh, yeah. Crooked teeth."

"Exactly," Brooke giggled. "Well, she said that her boyfriend is super hung, so I asked how huge he is, and if she's having, you know, the problems I'm having with you: cervix etc."


"And she said they measured him at 7.5 by 5."

"He is big," I acknowledged, my tip poking her anus.

She shivered and let out a soft whimper. "Yeah, I know, so—"

"What do you mean you know?" I asked, irritated. "How would you know what's big?"

"'Cause... Although you would have loved to keep pretending that I have never seen a cock before you, I have. A few. In person."

I resumed my thrusts, grinding harder between her ass cheeks, not even bothering lubing us. That answer had earned her the pain.

"Sweetheart, don't get mad," she cooed, like a loving mother trying to appease a spoiled brat. "Slow down, baby. I promise you, there's a good ending here."

She raised her butt and played with her pussy. She greased up her anus and my cock with her thick juices a moment later.

"There'd better be."

I resumed driving my cock between her chubby ass cheeks.

"Ok, so I was curious how you measured compared to her boyfriend. So that night, after you passed out in my bed, I brought a ruler, and I had you measured."

"But I was passed out. How did you—"

"I sucked your cock in your sleep," she giggled.

I shook my head, amused. "You're such a fucking whore..."

"Your whore. And yes," she giggled again. "By the way, I made you cum you like a fucking rocket, and you didn't even stir. You were totally wasted... God, that was funny."

I thrust deeper onto her anus, slapping her tight ass a few times.

"I hope you swallowed me."

"Obviously! You know how I hate to see your cum going to waste."

We burst out laughing.

"Where's the happy ending you promised?"

"Well, you know how big you are — That's the happy ending."

"So the happy ending is that I'm bigger than him? That's a very disappointing ending." I spanked her perfect ass and relished watching a red stamp of my hand marking her pale cheek, like a cow that had been freshly branded. "Lube us."

"Josh, you're bigger by quite a margin, and twice as big as one of the other dicks I've seen." She shoved two fingers in her and took my cock in her hand, polishing it thoroughly. "And to remove all doubt — you're not only the biggest I've ever seen, you're also the prettiest."

"Prettiest?" I giggled in mockery, burying my cock deeper between her swollen mounds and spanking her some more.

"Fuck! You fucking... Yeah, spank me like that..." She took a moment to relish the spanking before she resumed our questionable debate. "You'd be surprised, Josh, but cocks differ in how hard they get, angle of the erection, foreskin, shape of the head... There's a lot more to a cock than just size."

"And I'm the prettiest?" I chuckled, placing my tip onto her crinkle and rubbing her there.

"Yes! You have the most beautiful cock in the world, Josh, I swear. It's monstrous, you get it so fucking hard, you're circumcised, so it still looks like a cock even when you're soft..." She gave her lower lip a smutty nibble. "I can come just by looking at it."

I laughed. "You redeemed yourself."

"Did I, baby?" She grinned.

I nodded. "But the size thing? It really isn't playing to your pussy's strengths, so I wouldn't count it as a plus."

"No, it's definitely a plus. I mean, after having your cock inside me, anything smaller is just isn't a cock to me; like I have no respect to even average sized cocks. They don't even register."

"Ah?" My pupils dilated in shock. "You were a fucking virgin, and now you're dissing 90% of the male population? On what ground exactly? You don't even know—and nor will you ever—what it would feel like to have an average sized cock in you."

"It's a problem, I know. I looked it up on the internet. It's called Big Cock Worship."

"Big Cock what?" I asked, puzzled.

"Cock worship is how I'm making love to your cock while I'm blowing you. You know, when I look into your eyes as I lick you... when I leave my spit on... when I'm gently sucking on your balls... when I let you cum everywhere you want... I'm not just blowing you; I'm making love to your cock."

I flicked my dick at her pucker and engulfed it with her supple melons.

"What does that have to do with your hostility towards almost all penises?"

"Well, though cock worship is specifically about blowjobs, for me it's much more. I worship it in the spiritual sense of it."

I stopped stroking along her ass crease and rolled her onto her back.

"Brooke, what the fuck?!"

"Don't look at me like I'm a pervert! It's a known issue that many women have, and I've even talked to a few about it."

"And...? Are they also worshiping cocks?! Listen to me carefully, Brooke: I don't want you messaging weirdos and freaks! Worshiping cocks..."

"But, sweetie, it is a real thing! And I wanted to understand it better, that's all. And just so you know, I think those women might be indeed freaks 'cause they worship almost anything 8 inches and above, but I'm not like them!"

"Oh, you're not a cock worshipper?!"

"I'm only worshiping your cock! I mean, it's true that I developed a dislike towards... let's call them non huge cocks, so you won't get mad at me, but... I don't want to see any cock that is not yours. I'm not a freak... I just worship your cock, Josh. That's a good thing. Your should love me more for it and not making me feel like a pervert."

"You're unbelievable," I sighed and got off of her.

She sat up straight, running her fingers through her long hair. "Josh, it's the same with my pussy and you. You worship it, also. I know you do."

"I don't worship your pussy!"

"Yeah?! You always say how fucking tight I am, how you love that it's pungent, how sexy my bush is, how you want to drink my cum from a keg, how you wanna wear my pussy as a hat... It's exactly the same."

"No, it's not! Although I'm crazy about your pussy, I don't have a beef with other pussies, and I certainly don't worship it." I loaded my pipe and fired it up while she was reflecting on my words. "Is this because of your obsessive-compulsive shit that your therapist said you have?"

"No! I mean, I don't know... I just know that I worship it."

"For fuck sake!" I thrust my pipe into the wall, shattering it to pieces. "What do you mean you worship?! You sound like a mental!"

"I'm not worshiping it like I'm praying to it or other something weird! Worship as in: I adore it. I appreciate it. I love it. I dream about it... Nice things. Like I would do anything to please your cock... I love it so much, Josh; I really do."

"Brooke, you're talking about my cock as if it was a living person. It is not a living person! It's not even a fucking organ! It's a muscle!"

"And it's amazing... Ok, let's not talk about it anymore. I don't want you to get upset."

"It's too late for that now! After you've confessed to worship my cock! What, are you going to start kneading it ski masks for the winter, or maybe a nice Hugh Hefner robe?!"

"No! I just... Josh, you're getting all worked up for nothing." She got up on all fours and crawled to the edge of the bed. "Um... do you want me to blow you, so you—"

"No! You're staying away from my cock till I'm able to make sense out of the deformed relationship you're having with it."

"Ok, I guess that's fair, but um..." She shot me a pleading look, her eyes needy.

"But what?"

"I still need it in me," she whined. "I feel so fucking empty..."

I shook my head, contemplating.

"Sweetie, I'm not sucking it. Just put it in me."

I took her in my arms and sat her in my lap. She took off my shirt and brushed her panties aside while maneuvering herself to have my cock piercing her soaking entrance. She unleashed her tongue in my mouth and impaled herself on me.

"Fuck," I groaned. "Come on, Brooke, faster!"

"Baby, give me a fucking minute! You know I need time."

My sister would very much enjoy the penetration. She would take her sweet time to feel my cock plowing through her, slowly stretching her, and it played a significant role in accelerating her climax. The fact that I was too big for her also tremendously turned her on. Her innate inability to take me in one go would build her orgasm in seconds.

After a moment of slowly sinking into her, she was finally fucking my entire size. I took off her blouse and unhooked her bra to take hold of her plentiful bosom. Brooke was so wet by the time I arrived to her nipples that even her tightest of cunts didn't feel all that crowded inside, and she was easily swallowing my cock with her lush bush scraping my pubes.

"Baby, work my nipples," she whimpered. "No mercy..."

I tugged at her pink buds and assaulted them with my teeth, enjoying my sister's whimpers of pain and the terrified look on her face. She couldn't get rid of that grimace of horror even after almost two years of me molesting her tits. I pushed her plump breasts together and watched my sister undulating on top of me like a porn star.

"I fucking love that huge dick," she gasped. "Love it!"

"That huge dick loves you, sweetheart," I said and moaned a second later, allowing my sister to fuck me hard and tight."

"Josh, tell me you worship my cunt." She descended all the way down and paused when her perfect ass rested on my thighs, a shudder running through her.

"Again with that?!"

"Yes!" She hauled herself up and kept just the head inside her marvelous pussy as she started gyrating around it.

"Baby, take me in," I moaned, conflicted, unsure what I preferred at that moment: her gyrating around my cock head or fucking her like the dirty slut that she was.

"You want all of this pussy on your cock?!" She fed me her hard buds.

I nibbled on them some more, extorting from Brooke a slew of delightful whimpers, and made my decision. "Yes. Drop that gorgeous pussy all the way down," I gasped, frustrated. "Let me feel you, baby..."

"Then say it! Say you worship my fucking cunt!"

She gyrated faster on the head, her oils pouring down my shaft in torrents. Her chubby bosom kept dancing in front of my eyes, and her scarred, wounded nubs were as stiff as my dick.


"Say it, Josh! Say you worship your sister's cunt!"

I shook my head in rage. "Fucking Jesus! I fucking worship my sister's cunt! Every inch of it! I wanna be cremated and to be buried in your pussy! Now fuck me, you sick whore!"

She let out a burst of laughter and plunked onto my thighs, engulfing me inch by inch, and graciously fucking me with all of her truly magnificent pussy.

As Brooke was closing fast on her orgasm, I took her in my arms and squashed her fragile frame in mine while pounding her hairy pussy. Although I immensely enjoyed feeling her fatty mounds bending hard against me, I was doing it for my sister more than anything.

"Josh, this is how much you love me?! Hold me tighter!"

Brooke made it a rule that every time we made love, we would have to be mashed together. She had an obsession with feeling my entire body against hers, and it amplified her orgasms considerably. As I applied more force, she held my cheeks and gave me one of the most obscene kisses she had ever given me as an act of appreciation. Her spit dripped off my lips by the time she claimed her smutty tongue back.

She was barely able to breathe while worming on my cock, and her sizable assets were fighting to swell. As her wooly cunt started contracting, I fucked her slow and deep, making sure she could feel my entire length with each thrust.

"Fuck the shit out of me!" She played the most addictive set of whimpers into my kiss. "I'm such a fucking whore!"

My baby sister was confined in my arms and cussing in ecstasy when her dick-size discriminating pussy began flooding her brother's worshiped stick. She was orgasming in intensity that could have easily been dispersed between three different normal females. Her savory liquor rinsed my cock over and over again as her cunt sprayed the room with an acute fragrance of sex that catapulted my lust for her to more assertive levels.

"SHIT! I can't believe it," she gasped. "God, what an orgasm..."

As I was smothering her hourglass build, I let us fall into missionary position and rammed my cock into her like a horny dog fucking a bitch on heat, continuously smacking her pubic bone.

"Fuck!" she cried, taking aback by my aggression. "God, baby, you're so horny..."

I ripped her panties apart, which extorted a satisfying whimper from her.

"Like crazy," I panted, claiming both of her ample boobs in my hands.

I kept thrusting into her shaggy pussy like a guy on a mission.

"Josh, sweetheart?" she gasped, clearly on the fast lane to her third.

"Don't worry, you still have time," I panted. "Go for it."

"No, it's not that... Take out your cock for a second."

I pulled out while sucking on her pinkish nipple.

My sister gripped my soaking manhood and pinned it to her anus.

"Do you want to?" she asked apprehensively, almost doubting herself.

I almost cried out of happiness. "Um... do I want to? You gotta be kidding me."

She nodded. "Then go ahead—just be gentle and caring. I'm not into you hurting me tonight."

I kissed her lips. "Neither am I.

While my sister was gluing my aching erection to her asshole, I pushed myself into her as slowly as possible, splitting open her anus in painstaking care.

"God!" my sister sighed. "You're so fucking thick..."

"I don't think I'll be able to squeeze in," I admitted as I broke contact.

"You will; I've seen it in porn. If some girls can take two dicks up their butts, then I'm sure hell not stopping till I'm taking yours... You'll just work it slow, one inch at a time."

My sister reached for her cum-trickling gap and drenched her hand before playing with her asshole, sliding in her fingertip and coating the rim of her crack in her viscous juices. My dick was already lubed up pretty good from her previous orgasm, so I didn't need the extra attention.
"Josh, get a pillow under my ass. It'll help you glide in better."

I put a pillow under my sister's rounded butt and placed my tip back against her glimmering crinkle. Brooke clutched my sheets and took a few deep breaths to soothe her brown hole.

"It's all about positioning, breathing, and relaxing my sphincter," she said as if she was meditating. "And once you're inside, I'll squeeze as if I'm taking a shit, and that will let my ass easily swallow you."

I stared shockingly at her. "How the fuck do you know all that?"

She giggled. "What? Did you really think I would let you shove that thing up my butt without doing my homework first? Don't make me laugh... Now penetrate me."

I gazed excitedly at her tiny pucker as I started sliding myself in. My sister gasped as my fat mushroom was laboring to stretch her asshole.

"That's the hardest part," she panted, wincing. "Once I take your head, the rest will be child play."

"If you say so," I said, still in awe by just how knowledgeable she was about anal sex.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck... Shove it in already! I'm dying here!"

I exerted extra force until my tip had vanished out of sight and was sucked into my sister's once virgin ass.

"FUCKKKKKKKK!! Jesus Christ!! That shit hurts!"

"Brooke, shouldn't we have started with fingers and stuff? To get you more stretched?"

My sister attempted at writhing with my mushroom stuffing her, but she was only able to squirm lightly as my cock was transfixing her with no real ability to stir.

"That's for little cunts!" she said, frustrated and aching. "I can fucking do this! Just don't move at all... Let me get used to you."

Watching Brooke contorting from the obvious pain and discomfort raised a few questions that begged to be answered.

"Honey, why do you even want to? I mean, I would love to fuck your ass, but I'd be more than happy just to fuck your tight pussy to my last day."

"I read that... I can come even harder if you're fucking me up the ass while I'm playing with my clit or shoving toys in me... so I have to try."

We remained still for another minute while my sister was adjusting her breathing.

"Ok, this isn't going to work," she said.

"You want me to pull out?"

"No! I meant the slow, patient thing isn't working..." she moaned, wincing. "Just shove yourself in till you're balls deep, and then"—she shot me a look—"you'll be fucking me slow and tender. Do you get me, Josh? If at any moment you're rough or ignore me, I'm kicking your face as hard as I can."

"Got it."

"I mean it, Josh. I'll break your fucking face if you don't behave."

"I'll behave, I swear."

"Good. Now give me a kiss."

I leaned in and kissed her gently and lovingly, taking my time in her sweet mouth.

"Alright, Baby," she sighed in nerves. "Go."

I lay on her and forced myself up her anal passageway, feeling severe pressure on my cock as I was drilling my way deeper into her rectum. My sister's face displayed a slew of contortions and pain twitches throughout.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!! Fucking shit! Son of a fu... owwwwww..."

"Are you ok?" I sighed, filling up her ass with my entire size and almost exploding just by the sheer heat and tightness of her rectum.

"Do I look ok?!! YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!"

"What do I do now?" I asked worriedly.

"FUCK ME! Just fuck me already!"

I withdrew halfway before plowing through her ass all the way back, fucking her in slow, caring strokes. My sister twitched and screamed as my fat cock was repeatedly stabbing her tight ass.

"It hurts so fucking much! It's like taking a shit backwards... Fuck!" she whimpered in pain. "I want you out; I can't take it... I can't..."

"No, wait," I quickly said, concerned that anal sex might be off the table permanently after this ordeal. "Do you remember when I popped your cherry? How tight you were? It's just like that. Your ass needs to be stretched, that's all."

"I know," she whined, "but I don't think I want it to be stretched, Josh... You have no idea how much it hurts."

I pressed her knees to her bust and kept them spread as I was spiking her.

"But you're doing it! I'm fucking you up the ass! Which is no small feat considering how tight and tiny your asshole is and how my cock isn't."

My sister's heartbreaking whimpers and abrupt jerks still hadn't forsaken our anal experimentation.

"Yeah, I guess I am... God, you have no idea, Josh, you have no fuckin' idea how much it hurts..."

"Just looking at you and hearing you is more than enough for me to grasp how painful this must be, but don't give up, baby."

"But there's so much fucking pressure inside!" She squealed as my balls smote her cheeks. "I feel like I need to poop, like now."

I pulled back slowly and rammed into her tight keister hard, feeling an incredible rush from fucking my baby sister up her ass like that.

Brooke's hazel eyes almost bulged out of their socket as she gasped in a desperate attempt to suck in as much air as she could.

"JOSH, YOU JERK! I told you to watch to it, didn't I?!! You almost ruptured my fucking rectum!"

"Sorry, baby... There, I'm gentle again."

There was something so powerful about anal sex. To penetrate my sister and yet to see her pussy vacant was exhilarating. To know I was going in a gap that probably should have been left alone... Not to mention the tightness and scorching heat inside. It had a different feel to fucking a pussy; not better, just different.

While a pussy is an aquatic environment, and its walls feel elastic and expandable, my sister's ass was anything but. It was tight, smothering, and unyielding, almost refusing to contain me, and it wasn't wet, though it was greased, to an extent. It felt like her anal tunnel was coated in a nice thick layer of stool, and that alone was tremendously exciting; however, interestingly enough, I felt I was wronging her pussy by pounding her ass.

"I don't know how they do it, god," she whined. "How can anyone enjoy this, fuck..."

"Those porn actresses you watched doing double anal, they had to start from somewhere, didn't they? And in the video you can clearly sense that they're having a wild time. I bet that a couple more sessions, and you'll be having the time of your life," I confidently said, desperate to alter my sister's perspective, so I could fuck her up her sweet ass until the end of time.

Brooke's whimpers and cusses were as frequent as ever and so was her aching wince, yet now she looked a bit less resolute in terminating her ass from being ground into tissues.

"I guess you have a point there... Fuck," she sighed at loud. "I bet those whores were playing with themselves at least a month before taking a cock up their butts... Fuck, it hurts... Not to mention that I'm taking one huge cock in me, so I guess I kinda skipped a few sizes along the way... Josh," she whimpered in pain, "please cum already... I'm dying here..."

"Don't worry, baby, you have less than a minute before I'm spraying you," I gasped, ecstatic. "You're doing great, and you did skip a couple of sizes. We didn't even stretch you before!"

"Yeah... Why the fuck didn't we, oh god... I really need to take a shit now."

"In a minute."

I crammed my sister's ass with my entire size and gazed down to allow my eyes to feast on the experience. My thickness coerced my sister's anus to stretch as wide as a soda pop.

"Josh, it hurts real bad now... I'm drying out, and I feel like I'm bleeding. I'm not bleeding, am I?"

I looked down and visually confirmed my sister's concerns, watching my cock stained in a rich shade of maroon-red, an excitement-building spread of her feces and blood no doubt.

"No, baby, you're not bleeding." I pulled back a bit and watched her blood coating more of my dick. "It's all in your head."

I kept gliding in and out of her freshly deflowered trunk, sensing her strong anal muscles contracting, milking me with each of my strokes.

"I swear that if you're not cumming in a minute, I'm taking a poop on your cock, Josh," she whined, her knees pressing her rack, and my cock occupying her ass. "I fucking swear..."

"I don't know why, but it excites me so much," I panted.

"God, your perversions know no bounds!" She let out another hurting whimper. "You need to cum now, Josh... like now!"

I pushed myself all the way up her ass, locking her knees between our shoulders, and came as hard as I ever did, shooting a sizable load into my sister's flaming hot bowls. Brooke didn't enjoy that savage press as it undoubtedly increased the pressure inside her considerably, and her tormented face and aching gasp for air did very little to conceal her distress.

"OH FUCK! You take of all me now, sis..." I groaned and kept shooting up her ass, loving every second of it.

Her hurting anal muscles continuously milked me, pressing on my cock in wrath, and taking every rope I had to offer.

"Fuck, that was amazing," I gasped. "Oh god, I filled up your ass real good, honey..."

My sister's face lacked the appreciation I was searching for. It was still twitching and oscillating between pain and agony.

"Shit," she barely exhaled. "Oh my fucking god... Come on, move it! Fucking move it..."

I took Brooke in my arms to adjust us into a sitting position while keeping myself deep in her ass. Once she was on top, I slid my cock out of her traumatized rectum and bleeding anus.

"No don't pull out!!"

I halted with my tip halfway out.

"Sorry, I forgot," I said in labored breaths, pushing myself back up her ass.

"You need to carry me to the bathroom. I'm not sure I'll be able to hold if you don't."

"And that's why you do enema before anal. I'm surprised you didn't read about that during your extensive research."

She sneered. "Oh foolish me for wanting to surprise you and being spontaneous, though don't worry, you'll just be sure to remember that useful tip next time, when you'll be the one on the receiving end."

I faked a chortle. "That was a good one, honey. Ha, ha, so funny..." I looked at my sister, but she was not laughing back. "Baby, that was a joke, right? Brooke? You were kidding, right?" Her face did not stir. "You were joking, weren't you?! Brooke!"


"Daddy!" Brooke briskly strode to him and embraced him in her arms. "How was your weekend?"

"Very good, pumpkin." My father kindly smiled. "You and your brother managed ok?"

"Yes; we always do." She smiled nervously at me before returning her gaze to him. "Um... where's mom?"

"She's taking a shower. Josh"—he joined me in the kitchen—"get me one, too."

I opened the fridge and handed him a beer, evading eye contact.

"Is everything ok?" he asked after observing me for a spell.

"Yeah," Brooke said, "everything's fine, daddy. Josh is just a little... nervous."

"Why would you be nervous?" He took a moment to study my face. "What did you do?" he sighed. "It'd better not be something criminal."

"Daddy, relax," Brooke said, rubbing his back in circular motions. "Josh and I need to speak to you and mom, and that's why Josh is nervous."

He glanced between Brooke and me, slowly sipping his beer. "I don't like the sound of that. It makes me cringe whenever you both want to speak to us. It's not about money, I hope."

"No, daddy," Brooke said, appearing a bit nervous herself. "You know what? Let's start, and mom will join us later."

We switched settings as we walked to the living room. My father slumped into his TV couch, and my sister and I sat on the sofa, increasingly becoming more agitated.

"Yeah?" He turned on the TV but remained focused on Brooke. "Let's hear it."

"Um... I don't... Shit," my sister sighed, glimpsing at me. "Daddy, Josh and I have some potentially upsetting news to deliver, and so it's really important that you'll try to remain calm and open minded."

"Pumpkin, you're losing me," he sighed. "Now you didn't burn down the house, so whatever it is you want to say can't be that bad." He gulped down his beer. "Out with it."

"Hey you two." Mom entered the living room, smiling and tranquil from her soothing shower. "I trust you had a good weekend?" She sat on the sofa next to me and got herself engaged in her phone.

"Dear, the kids have something to say to us, which could potentially unsettle us. Did I explain it to her ok, pumpkin?"

"Yes, daddy; thank you."

"Well, what is it?" Mom laid her phone on the table. "I hope it's not about money."

"No, dear, it's not about money. And now, kids, you've got our full attention, so off we go."

"Alright," my sister sighed, glancing at me once more, and in obvious distress. "Um... what we have to tell you will be extremely hard to understand at first, but we hope that you will be tolerant and understanding, nonetheless."

Brooke arose and paced in the living room, head down, and clearly pensive and worried.

"I don't like the sound of that," mom said. "I don't like it one bit."

"Dear." Dad pointedly looked at mom before gazing back at my sister. "Pumpkin, we haven't got all day, and your mother and I have dinner with friends to go to. Whatever it is, we promise to do our best to be understanding and tolerant. Now spill it."

The house was still like a graveyard, and a burdening silence was unraveling everyone in present without even a single word to had yet been uttered. Brooke's gaze made the round trip between the three of us before she sighed and opened her mouth.

"You know what, it's not that important," I quickly said, springing to my feet. "You go enjoy your night, and we'll talk some other time."

"Josh." My sister shot me a menacing look. "Sit down and man up. We're telling them now."

I sighed with my eyes resembling those of a cornered pray. I gobbled empty my beer as I looked at my sister in dread.

"Brooke, you're scaring us," mom said. "I would really like to know what's going on, and I want to know it now; right at this second; no more stalling. Speak out."

My sister nodded and let out her now tenth sigh since we descended the stairs to talk to them.

"Mom, dad," my sister said, her gaze veering between them, "Josh and I—"

"Brooke, it's really not that important! Let's do this another time. Don't you—"

"Josh," Brooke said, "sit down and shut the fuck up!"

"Brooke!" mom said. "That's no way to speak to your brother. Apologize to him."

That bark mother just gave Brooke seemed to charge her with the necessary courage that she had been lacking. My sister's worried gaze had completely morphed into resolute and fearless.

"No, mom. I will not apologize to my brother; however, I will apologize to my boyfriend. Josh, sweetheart, I'm very sorry for how I snapped at you. Will you forgive me?"

"Holy fuck," I sighed, burying my face in my lap and vanishing my head under my arms.

Since my head was cocooned in my limbs in a false sense of security, I couldn't tell how my parents received the news, yet the oppressive silence could have not boded well.

"Brooke, please clarify yourself," I heard my dad saying in a harsh, quiet tone, "and for your brother's sake, I pray to misunderstood you."

I quivered out of fear as he finished, still invisible, or as I would have liked to believe, struggling to breathe appropriately.

"You didn't misunderstand, daddy," my sister softly uttered, "and you have nothing to be angry about."

Another spell of silence commanded the room.

"Josh?" I heard my mom saying in shock.

"Sweetheart?" my sister kindly said. "Please lift your head and join us."

I took a deep breath and raised my head in an abrupt swing, resigning to my fate. I looked at mother, absorbing her baffled gaze.

"Mom, I'm..." I sighed in pain. "I'm so sorry."

"Baby, you have nothing to be sorry about," my sister quickly said. "It implies that you did something wrong, and you didn't, however difficult it is for them to process this."

"Josh," my dad said, "you look at me now."

I regretfully stared into his blazing eyes, scared shitless.

"Tell me your sister is lying. Tell me she's making this up. Tell me it's a distasteful joke."

I squirmed in my seat, sweating like a pig.

"Daddy, I know—"

"You keep quiet now, pumpkin," my dad sternly said, his eyes firmly fixed at me. "You're done talking."

Brooke respected his request and remained silent.

"Dad, I realize that this is not an easy thing to accept, but the truth of the matter is"—I sighed—"I'm in love with Brooke. And please don't ask how it happened or why it happened because I have no good answer to either question."

My sister sat next to me and clasped our hands together.

"Josh and I have been in a relationship for some time now, a romantic relationship, and just know that it's very difficult for us to confess it to you. We're not expecting a warm embrace or words of encouragement; that said, a little tolerance and respect will be much appreciated."

"How long?" mom whispered in ache, staring at the void with a glazed look.

"It's started about two years ago on and off," Brooke said, "and it wasn't until a year ago that we fully committed to each other, to our relationship. And before any of you suggest that we terminate it — don't. It's not gonna happen. This is a reality that the four of us will have to learn to cope with."

Mom started weeping, shaking her head.

"Pumpkin, please go upstairs to your room," my dad sinisterly whispered.

"Why? So you can attack Josh at will? I'm staying."

"Brooke, that was not a question. Your room. Now."

"Daddy, whatever you want to say to Josh, you can say to me. We are equal partners in this."

Dad sprang to his feet, almost turning over his beloved TV couch. "BROOKE, YOU GET UPSTAIRS! NOW! Don't make me ask you again!"

That outburst was beyond terrifying. I had never seen him this furious in my life. Even my sister flinched, curling her arm in mine and pressing her body to me in fear. My dad's 6 foot frame, the same as my own, had never looked more ominous, and his demeanor was intimidating as it gets. Mom's sobbing escalated as she rocked herself back and forth in her seat.

"Josh?" Brooke whispered in terror.

"You're asking him?! I'M YOUR FATHER!" He breathed a few times, attempting to compose himself. "And I told you to get upstairs."

My sister was now as frightened as she had ever been. Just as I was.

"Baby?" she sought for my approval once more however terrified she was to do so.

I achingly nodded, looking down to the ground.

She got up slowly, her eyes darting between my dad and me. "Daddy, promise me—"

"You are in no position to request for anything", he said in a harsh, cold tone. "Leave us."

She started walking, trickling tears, and halted near the staircase. "Josh, I don't wanna lea—"

"Brooke, get upstairs!" I said. "You're just upsetting him more. Go; I'll be fine." I faked a smile at her when her tearful eyes implied that she had no faith in my words. "I promise."

"I love you," she wept and soared upstairs.

I wished she hadn't said that as my dad's thuggish stance took a step closer to me in response. He remained in complete stillness for two painfully long minutes before speaking.

"Define romantic."

I was aware what was the true intent behind his question as well as I suspected how he would respond to a sincere reply. I gazed to my right, where my mom was crying relentlessly; however, she had now ceased wobbling in her seat and focused her fullest attention on me.

I reluctantly looked up to meet my father's stare of doom. "Romantic as in... sexual relationship."

Mom burst into wailing. Her sobbing was the only sound disturbing the otherwise silence that no doubt was looming in the shadows. It was almost comforting.
He nodded in wrath. "Define sexual."

I sighed and met once more his hazel eyes—that my sister had been lucky to inherit. "Full sexual intercourse."

"How could you?!" mother sobbed. "Your own sister! Your own flesh and blood!"

His fingers stretched and stirred before converging in his hand to form a solid fist.

"Up," he whispered, hovering over me.

I nodded, in piece with what's next to come.

I arose slowly, and he respected me enough to allow me to achieve a full standing posture before—"


His fist, that carried a heavy punch, was thrust into my face from point blank range, knocking me out cold a second after my head bounced off the harsh granite floor.


"Josh! Sweetheart! Josh!"

As I slowly regained consciousness, I could hear my sister's sobs and squeals. She was leaned over me, tenderly stroking my hair and kissing my forehead.

My eyes attempted at opening for more than half-minute before I was successful. Blurry images drifted before my eyes as I was trying to make sense of what just happened and of my inexplicable migraine that kept throbbing in correlation with my heart pulses.

Indistinguishable screams echoed down my ear canals for more than a spell before I was able to make out those ambiguous figures. The nearest figure to me was soon defined. My sister's relieved yet torn face welcomed me back to awareness with an aching smile.

"Oh my god, you're ok!" She kissed my cheek. "Thank god you're ok..."

"What happened," I faintly muttered, my head spinning.

"What happened?! That beast we called our father has knocked you out!" She helped me to my feet and laid me on the sofa.

"Brooke, my head... is killing me."

"Don't worry, baby, I'm taking care of you. Just keep lying down."

I scoped the room for my parents. It was empty. Brooke fed me two aspirins, and I rinsed them down with a glass of water. She handed me a bag of ice, and I placed it on my brand new shiner. She then instructed me to rest and only returned twenty minutes later, after the pills enfeebled my headache to a bearable existence.

"Hey, sweetie. Do you feel better?" She sat next to me, caressing my cheek.

"Much. Thank you." I guzzled another glass of water. "Where are they?"

"Who? That animal and that tool of a wife?!" She sniffled. "They'll... They'll be right back."

"Baby, why are you crying? I'm ok; I really am."

"I just can't believe he did that... We're getting out of here today, Josh." She wiped away her tears and kissed me on the lips. "Do you hear me? Today."

A moment later, our parents returned, and a colossal brawl of throats instigated between my dad and Brooke, with my sister and mother weeping throughout. I was still in a daze and out of focus, though the chemicals were slowly taking care of that, and a few minutes later, my head was clear enough for me to comment.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop," I interrupted their battle of lungs, slowly sitting up straight.

"Josh, baby, lie down. Your head—"

"Is fine now. I'm ok, honey."

"You should listen to her before the next one I'll send to your perverse face will keep you permanently down."

Brooke lunged at him like a pussy sheltering her offspring. "If you so much as lay a finger on him again, I'll—"

"Brooke, sweetheart, calm down," I calmly said. "Come sit with me."

My sister stabbed dad with a hateful glare and joined me on the sofa, collapsing in my arms. Mom sat on the other sofa, trickling the last of her tears while dad stood a few feet away, looking even angrier than before, sipping on his whisky.

"Did you get it out of your system?" I said, soothing my sister with loving caresses to her ravishing face.

He shot his whiskey down his gullet and plunked down the lowball glass on the table. A grimace of rage faced me a second later.

"You defiled my only daughter, my little girl. You abused her, and—"

"He didn't abuse me!" My sister broke free from my gentle embrace. "Why can't you get that in that thick head of yours already?!"

"There's no way he didn't abuse you." He poured himself another glass. "You probably can't remember because you suppressed it for so many years, but a good therapist will yank it out, and then, mister"—he shot his second glass down his throat—"you're going to jail. I give you my word."

"I already told you that I was seeing a therapist on the matter, and she couldn't figure it out. Things like that shouldn't happen, but they sometimes do. There was nothing Josh has deliberately done that caused this. Now you need to stop trying to fault it and just accept that this is happening and that you have no say in the matter whatsoever. You can accept it or not. If not, then we'll go on our separate ways and wish you all the best."

"I'll be damned before I let you leave with him. He'll be six feet under before you even—"

"Dad, stop," I sighed, lowering the bag of ice that concealed my left eye. "Listen to me both of you. As Brooke said, and on the contrary of what you may think of me, I did not abuse her in any way, shape, or form. I understand the need to rationalize it by shouting molestation or abuse or whatever, but the truth is simpler, neater, and much more beautiful: We fell in love without any intention to however depraved and sick it is perceived in the collective mind. We tried walking away from it but eventually couldn't.

"We are aware of the legality issues, yet we repel any moral accusation that you might throw on us. Neither of us finds this immoral or indecent or sinful. We see it as a beautiful gift that we were lucky enough to be awarded with; having said that, we also acknowledge that you may never accept it. You're certainly entitled to. If that is the case, as the love of my life said, we will part ways and bid you farewell, because us — is not going anywhere. Ever."

My sister kissed my cheek and interlocked our fingers together. "We didn't mean for this to happen, but it did happen. Obviously, we'll be moving away, so we can a start our lives together as a couple. You don't have to speak to us anymore or even acknowledge us. We're not expecting anything from you, even though we would very much like for all of us to keep being a family albeit in a slightly different format."

"What did we do wrong?" mom said, tears springing to her swollen, flushed eyes. "What did we do to deserve this?"

Brooke sat next to her and clasped her in her arms. "You did nothing wrong, mom. You have been incredible parents to Josh and me both. These things—"

"You mean incest?" My dad glowered at her.

"Yes, I mean incest." She returned her attention to our mother. "These things happen all the time, all around the world, and in the best of families. Trust me, I had plenty of time to conduct a thorough research. It doesn't imply that you've been bad parents or that Josh and I are sick and twisted."

"But it does," mom wept. "How could you be intimate with him? Your own brother? It most certainly implies that something is very wrong with you both."

"Mom," Brooke sighed, petting her hair, "you have raised an incredible son. He's beautiful and smart and funny and sensitive, and every woman would have been fortunate to have him."

My sister paused with face beaming, and a loving gaze was sent to me subsequently. I reciprocated with its twin look.

"I know that I am not suppose to look at him that way, that I should have had a mental inhibitor of some sort to prevent me from looking at him this way, and there had been such an inhibitor, but... one day... that inhibitor was gone, and all I could see before my eyes, was this perfect man that I could have not allowed any other woman to have.

"Why did that inhibitor go away, I cannot explain, even to myself. It had been a tough pill to swallow, trust me. I was very much aware that I shouldn't have seen him this way, and yet... I had no say in it. And as fate would have it, Josh was going through the same thing. Again, we can't emphasize enough how excruciating it was for us to acknowledge it, to accept it... to be in piece with ourselves. You did nothing wrong, but... neither did we."

Mom asked for a glass of whiskey, and she gulped it down just as quickly as dad emptied his third.

"Now you listen to me both of you," dad said. "This is unacceptable by any stretch of the imagination, and we will not allow this to continue. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I'm making an appointment to the both of you with a psychiatrist, and we'll get down to the bottom of this. Do you think that we'll sit by and let you destroy your lives? Our lives? Bring shame and scorn upon our family?! No." He let out a lengthy sigh and pondered. "Josh, pack a bag, I'm taking you to a motel."

I remained still, scoping my sister's eyes for guidance.

"Did you not hear me? Get up, go to your room, and pack a bag. Now."

"Daddy, no," Brooke sighed, sitting next to me. "You must have not understood us — You have no say in this. None. We're very sorry that you feel this way, but this is the end of the road. We're not seeking for your approval or for your opinion. We wanted to be upfront and real with you. We didn't want to lie to you for years. Don't confuse our desire to be genuine with a misguided cry for help."

"But this is incest! For the love of god, Brooke! You may not see how sick and perverse it is, but trust me, it is! You cannot have a sexual relationship with your brother!"

My sister arose and gazed into my eyes. "I think we're done here."

I nodded and stood up, as well.

"What are we suppose to tell your uncles?! Your cousins?! Our friends?!"

"Dad, I don't know, and I don't care," I said. "I'm not going to pretend for the rest of my life that I am not crazy about Brooke. I'm not willing to let her go for anything. The fact we are deprived of the most basic of rights, the right to be with whom you love, is not our fault. So tell them whatever you want."

I took my sister's hand in mine and proceeded to the stairs.

"I'm warning you, Josh"—his right fist reappeared—"if you take another step with her..."

"Dad, I indulged you before, but I will not again." I made a fist in my right hand. "I love you, and I respect you, but if you take another jab at me, be ready for me to defend myself."

Brooke stood between us, facing him. "We love you very much. We really hope that you will someday accept us." She kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye."

*** *** ***

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