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Siblingly Binding Ch. 08

I arose the next day to the most appetizing scent in the world: my sister's body odor. Oh, there was also a great breakfast waiting on my desk. I glanced to my right, and Brooke was sitting Indian style peacefully looking at me. She looked so yummy wearing nothing but red cotton panties and one of my blue T-shirts that was way too big on her. Her hair was combed and loose and cascaded down her back like a golden brown waterfall.

"Good morning, lover," she whispered and leaned to kiss me.

"Good morning, angel," I replied with a blissful smile. "How long have you been up?"

Her fingers twiddled with my hair. "Long enough to finish making breakfast, to shower, and to watch you sleeping."

I smiled groggily. "You're incredible. Do you know that?"

"I do. I just waited for you to notice." She lay on top of me and kissed me in tenderness. "Last night was absolutely dreamy... The best night of my life."

"Was it?" I smiled.

"Don't you know it?" She smiled back.

"I know it was mine." I planted a soft kiss on her neck.

"Though this morning is a whole different story."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I'm really sore, and I'm still bleeding; more than last night."

"Yeah," I sighed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, "that would be me."

"Ya think?" she pointedly said.

"Sorry, baby, I just love you so much that I guess I got carried away."

She chortled. "You guess?"

I kissed her neck and held her tighter, pressing on her shapely ass to have her covered pussy crushing my morning wood.

"God, I love you," I whispered in her ear, grinding my erection against her.

"If you'd loved me, you wouldn't have pounded my pussy with your ginormous cock like you've been fucking me for at least a year."

"Honey, don't say that. It's because I love you I was pounding your pussy like that."

"Then I guess you love me too much because there's no way we're going to repeat today even a fraction of what we did last night. I'm really hurting now."

"I'm so sorry, baby. Please forgive me."

"I don't know... You were pretty violent. I can barely walk, and it's all because you started raping me, even when I screamed and cried that you were hurting me."

I genuinely got scared I might have caused her some serious damage.

"Beautiful, I'm so sorry," I sighed in guilt. "Let's go see a doctor. We'll get you checked out."

"You'll have to carry me."

"God, are you serious?!" I rolled her off of me and wore my briefs in urgency. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, Brooke!" I sprang to my feet and started looking for my clothes. "Christ, just let me get dressed, and I'll call a cab, and we'll—"

I bounced around the room on one foot trying wearing my left sock.

My sister was laughing so hard I thought she might roll off the bed.

"What are you laughing about?! Where's my fucking shirt?!"

"Josh, relax," she giggled. "I was just kidding..." She covered her eyes and continued erupting in laughter.

"kidding? Jesus," I sighed, "don't laugh about things like that." I slumped onto the bed. "You really scared me now. That's not funny, Brooke."

She kept going. "It's a little... funny."

"And here I thought I really did hurt you." I joined her laughing.

Only she wasn't laughing anymore. "Yeah, I wasn't kidding about that part."

I stopped laughing. "You weren't?"

"No, Josh. That was some pretty brutal deflowering, and from my own brother of all people."

I began hating myself when thinking how rough I had been with her last night. "Fuck... Then what part were you kidding about?"

"The part that you'll have to carry me."

"Brooke, I'm so sorry, baby! I'll make it up to you, I swear. Whatever you want! I'll go get you—"

She started laughing again, infuriating me in the process.

"What now?!"

"It's so fucking easy for me... to guilt you... You're adorable."

Her roaring laughter brought her into tears.

"Then stop doing that! What a way to wake up a person..."

She straddled me and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back, and we spent the next twenty minutes tangled, stroking each other's tongues and bodies.

She pulled out of my mouth grinning. "It just proves to me how much you love me, how much you care about me."

"I love you more than anything in this world."

"Then I'm going to be able to guilt you like that forever?"

I chuckled. "Probably."

She ceased smiling. "Good." And she sent back her delicious tongue into my mouth.


Monday evening, and I was going over potential trades for the next day when my door was opened and shut a second later. I didn't even need to look as I knew it was my sister. We stopped doing that —knocking. Brooke rationalized it by saying that since we were in a relationship now, there was no need of protecting our privacy from one another, and I had to agree that she had a point. Privacy suggests secrecy, and we were way past the point of keeping secrets from one another.

She hugged me from rear and kissed my neck. "Hey, lover."

I gave her a rushed kiss. "I'll be right with you."

She took off her thin shawl that was concealing my bluish love marks and observed me for a spell.

"How's it going with your trading? Are you able to make money out of it?"

"Sure, baby; otherwise, I wouldn't be doing it."

I documented today's trades in my trading journal and spun my office chair to face my sister. She sat on me, and we kissed long and hard.

"How much do you make there?"

"I don't know. It depends." I sucked on her neck, where one of my stains was showing early signs of fatigue. "Why the sudden interest in my trading?"

"Sweetie, now that we're starting a life together, I should know more about what you do, and you should know more about me. Don't you agree?"

"I agree with whatever those angelic, pouty lips of yours ever utter. How's that for an answer?"

"A very good one, my love." She tongued me in satisfaction. "So tell me more about your trading."

"What do you wanna know?"

"How much money do you have invested, how much money do you make, and so on and so forth."

"Ok." I whirled around to my computer with Brooke in my lap. "You see that?" I placed the mouse cursor on my account balance. "That's what I'm currently worth."

"25K?! That's a lot of money, Josh... You made all of this from your trading?"

"No. I worked for a year, so I could have a decent capital to start from. You can't make serious dough here without bringing a substantial amount of money to start with."

"So I don't get it. How much do you make? Like monthly."

"Monthly? I make anything from 7% and up. I'm lately averaging on 10%."

"Out of what?"

I brushed my lips against hers. "Out of my capital, silly."

"Really? You're telling me you're making $2500 a month?"

"For now."

"What do you mean for now?"

"As I'm accumulating the money I earn—I only take out what I need to get by—my capital increases accordingly. So 10% of my what I currently have will not be same next month, when I'll have more."

"Wow... so you're gonna be rich?! I mean, we're gonna be rich?!"

"Easy there, honey," I giggled. "It's a process, and a long one. I need to get to 100k to really make big money."

She pondered for a moment. "You'll be able to make 10K a month by then!"

"Maybe. If the market doesn't shift too much or become volatile."

"Don't you ever lose money here? Like taking bad trades or something?"

"Sure I do. You see? That's my account statistics. I'm currently averaging on 65% success rate. Meaning, out of twenty trades I take, I lose seven of them on average."

"That also means you're winning thirteen of them. That's a lot, Josh."

"Yeah, I'm happy about that. I always strive to do better, but that's a pretty good win-lose ratio when you don't know where the market is going, theoretically speaking."

"I had no idea... If you're able to make 5k, it'll be awesome! Along with my salary, we should have a pretty comfortable life."

"That's the plan, beautiful. It'll take awhile to get there... but we'll get there, eventually."

She held my cheeks, grinning. "I love you so much."

She started kissing me, and she was pretty wild about it. We kept loving each other for ten minutes or so.

"How was your day, sexy?" I kissed her neck.

"You'll be happy to know that my boyfriend has now officially become my ex boyfriend, not before crying on the phone, which got me so sad, but I thought of you, and it made it so much easier for me... He'll get over it."

"That's very good news, sweetheart." I was so relieved. "And how's everything down below?"

"Not great; still sore; still bleeding... A few more days, sweetie. Trust me, I want it to go away no less than you. I've been hankering for your monster cock in my pussy all day."

"That's too bad...'cause I'm really tense," I whispered suggestively.

"Are you really," she giggled her comprehension. "Well, spending so many hours in front of this screen will do that to you."

"I don't suppose you have any suggestions for me to"—I shot her an obscene look—"unwind?"

"Actually, I do. I hear that a nice stroll in the open air can do wonders."

I chuckled. "Thanks for the tip, though I had a very different idea in mind. Care to guess?"

"How many guesses do I have?" She slyly grinned.


"Well, in that case... does it involve me sucking your cock and swallowing your sweet cum?"

"It's like you can read my mind..." I groped her left tit and gave it a few good presses.

"I told you we're perfect for each other."

She started nibbling on my neck while stroking my dick over my pants.

I picked her up, threw her on the bed, and pulled out my cock. "Do your thing, baby. You don't know how much I've missed your throat."

"You don't know how much my throat has missed you."

She smiled and stroked my cock while on all fours, and I was standing in front of her thanking whoever for my good fortune.

"Brooke, baby... god, I missed you. You're the best cocksucker in the world."

She bobbed her hand on my shaft as her tongue swirled at my slit. "So I'm told."

Her lush lips engulfed my cock head and sucked hard before she yanked me out with a booming pop.

"Fuck," I sighed in admiration and pleasure.

She slowly tugged at my tip. "I bet I can make you cum in less than two minutes."

"You're good, baby, but you're not that good. Don't get cocky, just get my cock."

I chuckled, admiring my excellent quip, before moaning a second later, when my sister began gliding me into her oral passageway.

She took me out. "A minute-thirty, and I'll be having my dinner. Mark my words."

She opened her mouth wide and slowly slid my cock in until there was nothing left to slide. My metal hard prick was lodged in my sister's throat, and Brooke wasted no time. With one hand lightly squeezing my testicles and with the other on my shaft, she began avidly bobbing her head, her obese lips grinding me tightly.

She sucked me deep, hard, and fast, taking all of me time after time down her gullet and only occasionally drawing me out to swirl her tongue at my slit or to mix it up with a few licks on my shaft.

She was sucking me so fast that her spit began foaming on her lips before dripping down my pole. She was drooling like a bitch with rabies. She kept ramming me into her, hitting the bent of her throat with zero care for her own well being. The urgency of her sucking approach extorted inarticulate, guttural noises from her that further stressed how lewd her cock-sucking efforts really were.

My sister was the mother of all cocksuckers. She was absolutely the best in the business. My balls started swelling, and I couldn't believe how fast and deep she was sucking me in and out of her mouth and how rapidly I was building my orgasm.

She attempted at whimpering with her head undulating on half of my engorged prick. She was doing absolutely everything for me to get even more excited, which worked quite spectacularly. She skidded out my cock and worked fast strokes while wiggling her tongue at the head.

"Forty-five seconds," she panted before shoving me down her throat with her head rippling in frenzy.

After five seconds of intense bobbing, she glided me out to spit on my slit and jammed me back in her warm mouth, blowing me with a sense of immediacy. She ground me out and tugged fast at my tip while sucking hard on the side of my pole.

"Cum, baby... Cum in my mouth. I want you to cum hard." She sucked me halfway in, quickly bobbed her head twice, and pulled me out again to tug harder at my tip. "You don't even know how bad I'm gagging to swallow your jizz... I bet you're dying for me to deep-throat you as you're cumming."

Her hand swiftly spiraled up and down her brother's shaft as she gazed up into my eyes, begging for me to fill her up. She kept her mouth wide open, awaiting my cum, yet inexplicably, I was reluctant to cooperate; however, my sister was nothing if not determined and resourceful.

"Fuck my mouth like the bitch I am."

She swallowed me whole and rocked my ass back and forth to encourage me to fuck her.

The temptation was too great, so I pulled her hair and pounded into her mouth, feeling the curve of her throat every time I smote it. I kept fucking her mouth while she kneaded my balls, and before I knew it, I was seconds from spurting, and she felt that as well. She sucked me out and rolled her tongue under my cock head while tugging at it fast.

"Baby, cum on my tongue," she panted. "I'm so hungry..." She whimpered excessively. "I want my fucking dinner!"

Her whorish talking and superb performance were too much. I shot the first rope onto her tongue, and Brooke reacted quickly and shoved all of me into her mouth to receive further ropes.

As I was clogging my sister's throat and shooting down her supper, I pinned her harder to my groin to have her fat lips cling to my pubes. She squeezed my balls to force a harder burst and swallowed every drop of semen that was fired into her until I came no more. She slowly ground me out and worked her expert hand like a piston, squeezing tight from base to slit. She sucked my cum leftovers and gently kissed my piss slit.

"God, that was so tasty..." She gave her puffy lips a dirty lick. "Though I think I'm gonna suck you again later since I didn't even get the chance to have some fun with your cock. You came fast, baby," she giggled.

"You're unbelievable," I said in between labored breaths. "Simply unbelievable."


The next few days were quite challenging as my sister needed to conceal her hickey stained neck while closely working with our mother. I had it much easier since I wouldn't exit my room when our parents were home. Sleepovers had become the norm, and not admiring Brooke's contagious smile when I would fall asleep or arise was a rarity. We couldn't stay apart now.

Brooke's deflowering was still taking its toll on us since she was still sore, days later, even though she ceased trickling blood; however, it had proven to be a lesser inconvenience than what either of us had initially thought it would since aside from making love, we possessed a heap of exciting methods of pleasuring one another.

And to pleasure one another we did, in every way we could think of. My testicles had been drained twice a day, and my sister, although sore, was still able to climax multiple times on my lips and tongue with no complications. Sexually, we easily kept each other satisfied and content.

However, what my sister and I shared was so much more than just a sexual relationship. Brooke completed me in every aspect I could think of. She matched me intellectually—if not surpassed me—and would cater to every of my emotional needs with such devotion and care, and I would attempt at reciprocating with all of my heart.

I was in love with my sister. Bad. I was in love with everything about her. Whenever she was away, I would be missing her terribly, so much so that my trading began to suffer as she constantly occupied my mind, and I had a sense that she was feeling the same: calling in sick a couple of days, so we would spend every awaken moment together; incessantly texting about her love for me; pampering me with small romantic presents.

It was so depressing; because while being in love and being loved back was a feeling that was second to none, being in love with a sibling didn't come without its price. A heavy price. Lack of public affection, illegal, and by many — immoral, were just a few of its perks; even so, I had come to accept that my life, our lives, would always be different, and as the days went by, I was less and less bothered by it.

It was too late for me to back down now anyway. My baby sister had me captivated by my heart, cock, mind, and soul, like a fish hooked by its mouth. I couldn't get away from her even if I wanted to. Right or wrong, our lives and future were now firmly intertwined together with no chance to ever unbind.


"Hi, sweetheart. I want us to have dinner together somewhere nice. Come to the flower shop at 8. I love you. : ^*"

It had been almost two weeks now since that incredible night, and I couldn't help grinning as I read her text. I was missing her from the moment I opened my eyes and couldn't wait to see her again.

"Hi, do you know where Brooke is?"

"Who's asking?"

"Her brother."

"Oh, so you're Josh! Nice to finally be able to put a face to a name."

"Yeah, I haven't come here in awhile; or at all," I giggled. "Um, I don't think I caught your name."

"Kelly." She smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Kelly. So I'm assuming you've been working here for awhile."

"Why are you assuming that?"

"From the way you seem to know me."

"I haven't been here that long; I started two months ago. It's just that your awesome mother talks about you and quite often."

"Yeah?" I giggled. "Well, don't believe everything you hear."

"So far, she was spot on—from what I can see." She giggled in coyness.

"Um... I hope it isn't a bad thing."

"No, it's not a bad thing. Not at all."

"Good to know." I smiled. "Because there are many bad things about me, but I don't think you can notice that just by looking at me; for that, you'll need to dig deeper."

"So what are you saying here? Do you want me to dig deeper?"

"No," I giggled. "Let's leave with you a, hopefully, good first impression."

"Oh it's good... very good first impression even."

"Cool." I smiled. "So, have you seen my sister somewhere around here?"

"She's not in her office?"

I shook my head. "Checked there already."

"Maybe she's at the back.

"I'll give it a try. By the way, where's my mother?"

"She's done for the day; she left an hour ago. Well, I'm off. Your sister doesn't need me anymore."

"Alright. Have a great night."

I started walking to the back. It was a midsize shop placed at the city's business district. My mom did very well for herself, and her business had really blossomed since last I saw it. It was aesthetically pleasing with countless of flowers and ornamental plants of all sizes, shapes, and colors, and she had several employees at her disposal. It was a distinctly fleshed out floral business.

I contemplated whether my mother was able to make a substantial income. She might have, although we lived pretty humbly, and I never got a sense of obscene abundance around the house; then again, my parents could just be really cheap.

Brooke was our mother's right-hand and was the boss whenever our mother was absent. She started out with helping employees such as Kelly with all the floral chores: setting up flower arrangements for weddings, pre-arranging flower bouquets etc. When our mother had felt that she was educated enough, she promoted her accordingly.
Brooke took over mom's office and would strictly handle the business side of things. It worked out very well for them both since our mother was a hands-on type of woman, and she enjoyed the craft as she was a florist at heart. She despised handling the business side, and as a result, would rarely do.

My sister was essentially the one who was calling the shots and making the important decisions, such as haggling with vendors, negotiating with bigger clientele, supervising shipments and orders etc. Although very young, Brooke was shrewd and analytic and ran a tight ship, and under her dominion, the flower shop quickly increased in profitability much to our parents' joy.

"Brooke...? Is there anyone here? Brooke?"

After receiving no answer, I pivoted back to the shop. A second later, my view was obstructed by a pair of soft, scented hands that covered my eyes from the back.

"Guess who," the sweetest of voices whispered.

"Really? We're really gonna do this?"

"Indulge me."

"Fine... Mom?"

"Josh!" She laughed.

I took off her hands and rotated to face her. "I don't need to guess, baby. I can smell your sensational odor from a mile away."

She wrapped her arms around my neck and slyly grinned. "Can you now..."

I enveloped her slim waist. "Believe it."

She batted her eyelashes in bashfulness. "Did you miss me today?"

My sister knew all of my weaknesses and knew them well. Whenever she would put on that naive, vulnerable look on her face, she would, in essence, put a leash on my heart. She could simply do whatever with me.

I took a quick peek over my shoulder, and after verifying we were alone, I held her tighter and dove to kiss her in famine. Her soft lips melted like butter against mine and parted in an instance to allow me to feast on her toothsome saliva. I entered her mouth and ran laps around her tongue, and she was more than happy to play along. We gulped each other in a brief yet steaming-hot kiss, struggling to disengage.

I ran my fingers through her long hair. "Does that answer your question?"

"I missed you so fucking much I could die."

"Same here, honey. Your pretty face was the only thing I could think about."

"Was it really, baby?" she asked in between a trail of sensual kisses she honored my neck with.

"When are you going to stop with this? Questioning me?"

"I'm not questioning you! I just love it when you say nice things to me, that's all."

She puckered her lips and looked down to the floor.

I lifted her chin. "Don't do that, darling. You know you're breaking my heart with that pout."

She kept pouting. "It's just that... I don't feel you missed like I missed you. It hurts."

"Brooke, baby, if I missed you anymore, I would kill myself. Stop with this."

She kept her pout on.

I sighed. "Honey, I'm sorry, ok? You're right. I'll—"

She burst out laughing, but I wasn't mad. She liked playing with me, and I had neither the will nor the strength to resist her. She could simply do whatever with me.

"God, you're amazing," she giggled. "I love it that I can guilt you like that."

"I know you do."

"Sorry, sweetheart, I'll make it up to you," she cooed. "Let me just get my things, lock the place, and we'll go eat somewhere beautiful. I have a surprise for you."

"What surprise?"

"Patience is a virtue..."

I chuckled. "Fine. Lead the way."

Watching my sister shaking her shapely booty so provocatively as she slunk to the front of the shop already had my genitalia twitching in my jeans. She looked extra seductive today, wearing a miniskirt and high heels paired with a revealing blouse. I couldn't wait to get her alone and rape... whatever body part of hers I was in the mood for today.

"Honey, what is this?" I asked, halting next to a purple, fleshy plant.

She flipped the open close sign on the door, locked it, and strode to me.

"Sempervivum Purple Passion."

I shot her a quizzical look. "Ah?"

She giggled. "Just call it Purple Passion."

"What is it?"

"A succulent."

I chuckled. "Just like your lips."

"Yes, baby," she giggled back, "just like my lips."

"And what is that?" I strode to another plant close by. "That's not another succulent, is it?"

"No, sweetheart. That's an orchid."

"It's beautiful."

"It is. Orchids symbolize beauty and seduction. They're pretty expensive."

I gazed into her big hazel eyes. "That orchid is beautiful, but you are more beautiful and seductive than any orchid out there, and as for cost"—I brushed her hair from her eyes—"you're priceless."

A subtle glitter could be detected from her eyes when she simpered in bashfulness. "Josh..."

I crept behind her and lingered on her pretty ear. I blew a faint stream of cool air at it.

"Tell me more about these plants," I whispered in her ear.

She gulped before letting out a feeble pant, keeping her gaze at the plants in front of us.

"Alright," she whispered. "Those are daisies, and they're very popular in—"

I gave her earlobe a soft lick, just skimming my tongue over it, which resulted in Brooke focusing on her breathing rather than on my botany lesson.

"You were saying?"

"Um, that's a... Lily, and uh, it's also—"

I licked the crease behind her ear with force.

"Shit," she gasped. "Josh, please..."

"Keep going," I whispered, enveloping her narrow waist.

"Um... these are carnations. If you look closely, you can—fuck..."

That sigh was due to me sucking on her tender neck and planting soft, wet kisses all the way down to her collarbone.

"Fascinating stuff. Carry on."

"Josh, baby, please stop."

"I said carry on."

She sighed in exasperation. "Those are the roses. As you probably already know—Josh! You're not even listening!"

I released her earlobe from my clutching lips and quietly whispered, "I'm listening to every word. Don't stop."

I pushed my hips forward and clung to her tighter, so my sister could feel just how fascinating her lesson had been perceived by my expanding member. I delivered the crease behind her ear a few more potent licks, which instantly aggravated Brooke's trembling and breathing.

"Josh, what are you doing to me... " She cast her long hair aside with a sharp veer of her head, allowing me to continue nibbling on her scorching neck. "Baby, these are—oh, god..."

I let go of her neck and whispered, "They're called god?"

"Sweetheart, you're kill—let's skip dinner and go home."

"Why?" My tongue penetrated her ear canal as I crushed my distending manhood harder against her ass crack, easily feeling its outlines through her thin miniskirt. "What's the hurry?"

She shivered with lust and set free the matching whimper that goes along with it. "I wanna give you your surprise, baby."

"Which is?"


I stopped tonguing her ear. "You mean... we can finally—"

"Yes." She tilted her head to me, anxiously smiling. "I'm not sore anymore."

"That's"—I grinned back—"very good news, baby. Though, unfortunately for you, you haven't finished your lesson yet, and I'm still so thirsty for... knowledge."

"Oh are you really..."

She started slowly gyrating her ass against my aching erection, turning the tables on me.

"Fuck," I gasped.

"In that case, I might as well finish it... off."

"Brooke, baby..."

She kept grinding her impeccable ass against me. "Right here is an Iris. It represents faith and hope." She steered her gaze to me and licked her fat lips. "You do have faith, don't you, my love?"

She pulled my head to her neck, forcing me to further nibble on her as she looked back at the plants and kept whirling her juicy butt against my bloated prick.

"I have so much f—fuck..."

"And hope?" she whimpered.

She pressed her ass harder against me and arched her back to gyrate with my cock head deeper in her swathed crack.

"Yes, honey, I have—god," I gasped, "keep going."

She let out another sexy whimper and accelerated her gyrating.

"Do you like Lilacs, Josh? Because you can you see from their—"

I twirled her to face me and kissed her hungrily, raging in her mouth. I picked her up by her thighs, and she instantly wrapped herself around me. I took a few steps forward and plunked her down on the table that had a few bouquets of flowers resting on it, and now, also, my sister's tight ass.

"Sweetie, please," she whispered, "people will see us."

"How exactly?" I ran my fingers up her slender thighs. "That wall is kinda in their way."

We were concealed behind a three feet wide wall that buffered between us and the outside world.

"But, baby—"

I lifted her skirt, lapped it up to her tummy, and shot her a lewd look. "I want you, Brooke."

She fleetingly pondered before shaking her head, frustrated. "Come here."

I took a step closer, and she started violently unbuttoning my jeans. While she kept herself busy, I cupped her lace covered snatch to feel how hot and wet she had already been for me.

"Finish your lesson, honey."

I stormed her neck while she was tenaciously tugging down my jeans and briefs.

"Did I tell you... about the tulip," she panted, stroking my bare cock.

"No," I gasped. "I'm dying for you to tell me."

My lips clung back to her neck and sucked on it in barbarism.

"The tulip is a tall flower"—she brushed her lace panties aside to reveal her own delicate flower—"and it comes in a variety of colors." She placed my cock against her clit. "One of them is red, just like my panties, baby."

"Tell me more," I gasped and plunged into her mouth, suckling on her sappy lips with all my might. "Don't you dare to stop."

I gazed down between her legs and almost exploded just by scent and sight. Her thick golden brown bush was out and about, and her delicate folds were trickling desire on the very edge of the table as my sister spread her legs in the air and was getting ready to be penetrated.

"Are you going to be gentle with me?" She ran my cock along her pungent slit, coating the head in her thick gravy. "Because I don't wanna wait so much time ever again."

"Oh my god, I'm going to be so fucking gentle that you will barely feel me," I panted in excitement. "I swear to god, just take me in you already, baby."

"Josh, sweetheart"—she parted her labia and began splitting herself open with me—"an elephant would have felt you."

With an arduous gasp, she permitted her succulent plant to suck in my engorged tulip. Her arms were resting on the table as I was cupping her cheek in one hand and keeping her panties out of the way with the other while my dick was making headway into my sister.

Our lips fused together to form a lovers' kiss that was soaked in our plentiful fluids and vast love. She was just as wet as I remembered, and her velvety lubricants quickly adhered to my cock. Sadly, she was also as tight as I remembered, which again made for an onerous task to plough through her.

"Oh god, baby, I missed you so much," my sister whimpered. "Please be gentle... Please..."

"I love you so fucking much, Brooke, that I'm afraid to even throb inside you."

Some couples are a match made in heaven when it comes to genital compatibility. We were not. I was too big for her, and she was way, way too tight for me. I would need to stretch her for months—if not years—while intensely fucking her multiple times a day to force her unyielding pussy to fit me.

"Josh, sweetheart, don't move; I'm too afraid. Let me."

With only a third of my cock stuffing her, my sister locked her feet around my ass, and her arms enveloped my neck. She tightened her grip to skewer herself further and released to skid away. A few careful pulls saw her pussy gaining another couple inches of me, and soon, Brooke had almost three-quarters of her elder brother filling her up.

During that methodical fucking, I was battling myself not to thrust into her. I never wanted to spear a pussy more than I wanted now. It was painful to say the least.

"Christ, you feel so good, sweetheart," I panted, caressing her smooth, laboring thighs.

"You feel so... amazing," she gasped in bewilderment

"I do?" I was equally perplexed.

"Oh you do, baby, you do... I think I'm ready to take you all in," she said, surprised, almost second guessing herself.

"That's the most exciting thing anyone has ever told me." I chuckled, aflutter.

She giggled back. "You do it, Josh. I know how much you want to."

I nodded and fired my lips at hers, rioting in her mouth. Her pouty lips clutched my tongue and sucked it dry before she wiggled her slippery flesh at my Adam's apple.

"Brooke, I'm crazy about you," I moaned, enjoying her wetness, both vaginal and oral. "I love you to death..."

She released my neck and planted her hands on the surface of the table behind her, locking her arms while leaning back. Her high heel clad feet were still crossed around my butt.

"Go, baby," she panted. "Put your balls on my bush."

Still staving off my sister's red lace panties, I held the back of her neck and slowly forced myself in while locking eyes with her. She arched her back, and her gasp for air—although lengthy and audible—was conspicuously one of pleasure rather than hurt. Astoundingly, my sister willed her reluctant pussy to glove me in a perfect snuggle: tight, but just right.

"Oh my god, you feel incredible!!" I excitedly announced, unprepared for that rush.

My sister just finished recuperating from that previous gasp while I was delicately stroking inside her, shaking my head in disbelief.

"You feel fucking sensational!" she belched back and untangled her feet, keeping her legs suspended in the air and bravely accepting all of me inside her.

"Brooke, I love you more than life, baby..."

"I love you even more..." She whimpered at the top of her lungs. "I can't believe how good you feel... I just can't fucking believe it."

Her tender folds were parted to the limit to allow my thickness to infiltrate her, molding so snugly to my stem. Her stimulated clit swelled considerably and dangled so erotically out of its hood, making direct contact with my bloated log as I drifted inside her as deep as the position allowed. The distinct aroma of sex was carried across the flower shop when Brooke's savory pussy kept exuding more of her excitement.

My sister had the zestiest pussy I had ever tasted or inhaled. It had such a punchy odor to it that I found to be so arousing. I had always been more of an adventurer and relished piquant spices that were able to bombard both my nostrils and palate, and my sister's home-brew was as intoxicating as appetizing. I could sometimes smell her mouth-watering excitement from the other end of the room. I was simply born to respond to it.

"God, sweetheart, take out your beautiful tits," I panted in bliss.

I wrapped my free arm around her back as I was stabbing her time and again. Her wetness was felt to a greater extent, now that her tightness allowed more room for it to rinse me.

Brooke held my neck and propelled her lips forward like a torpedo; they cracked on impact with mine, and her tongue was sent to probe in my mouth. While we kissed in immense passion, she unbuttoned her blouse until she reached her toned tummy. She unhooked her white push bra from the front and pulled out of my mouth with a booming suction of my lips.

"They're all yours, sweetie. Fuck"—she released a delicious whimper—"I could die now and be the happiest girl on the planet."

Her ample, fair twins fought their way out of her blouse and gazed at me in anticipation. I reached for her left breast and tried holding whatever I could of its plentiful flesh. My sister had the perfect rack; she really did. My hand was nowhere near to claim her entire plumpness, and her tit overflowed from my hand so alluringly when I pressed harder on its abundance.

Still fucking my baby sister with love, I clutched her sensor-stacked nipple and brushed my fingers at it, getting it to protrude even more. Brooke jerked and twitched with every twirl and tug of her sensitive projection. My lips plummeted to engulf its hardness, and my tongue swirled at it the second I sucked it out with a gratifying popping sound.

"Oh my god, Josh, I'm coming," she vigorously whimpered. "I swear to god I'm coming... K—Keep torturing my nipple."

While twirling her hurting nipple, I mashed our lips together and tongued her all the way in, scraping her tonsils. She guzzled me in thirst, unwilling to except that I was now long vacant of any spit. She began rocking her hips back against me, meeting my extremely gentle strokes in harmony as she was closing fast on her orgasm. I broke our kiss and fastened my grip on her chubby tit to tug at her ruined nipple with my teeth.

"Fuck!" She whimpered, writhing on the table. "Baby, you're so rough..."

I was fairly confident that my sister enjoyed that thuggish nibble, and so I kept going, gnawing on her scarred, pink prominence some more and extorting more of those strenuous whimpers of pleasure out of her quivering lips. I could soon feel the moist walls inside of her contracting as her dam was seconds from crumbling.

Her arms strangled my neck, her feet were locked around me, and with a powerful pull, she launched herself on the table all the way to me, coercing her untrained pussy to swallow a significant number of inches in the process. Her thick bush clung to my pubes as my cock skewered her as deep as it had ever spiked a pussy.

Brooke gripped my cheeks with both hands and whimpered the birth of her orgasm straight into my forceful kiss. Our tongues and lips made carnal yet fleeting contact, withdrawing only to allow Brooke to whimper some more before she was back wreaking havoc in my mouth.

Admirably rocking her rookie cunt on the last thousandth of an inch of her brother's cock, she erupted with devastating force, spurting her silky cum in immense pressure, one that I yet to had felt. This was, undoubtedly, the hardest any girl had ever climaxed on my cock. She was gushing so much that I felt I was now fucking heavy water.

"Josh, I love you so much," she whimpered, tightening her grip on me and relishing her powerful orgasm. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you..."

Brooke was out of control and got very sentimental as tears began trickling down her delicate cheeks.

"I love you too, baby," I panted, "and you're about to feel just how much."

Astonishingly, not before she uttered those words had I felt my impending ejaculation; in fact, I felt like I could fuck her for at least another five minutes, though I was, apparently, delusional.

I cupped her tearful cheek, crushed her lips with mine, and ravaged her pretty mouth into submission. I buried myself inside her and ripped her panties apart, so I could pick her up and take her into my arms. The standing position in which I chose to lift her to was questionable at best; even so, I decided to go for broke.

My sister's arms were tightly wound around my neck, my hands were supporting her divine ass, her knees were hooked over my elbows, and my cock was buried deep inside her shaggy cunt. That was the most dangerous position in terms of possible pain that could be caused to Brooke, but her welcoming pussy and exceptional wetness convinced me that I might just be able to dodge her cervix after all.

I pounded into Brooke quickly and violently, fucking her like a hooligan. The thud of my pubic bone clashing with my sister's combined with the suction noises her ecstatic pussy was making produced a satisfying harmony that served as the perfect catalyst in pushing me over the edge, and in just less than a quarter-minute of fucking her this way.

With Brooke still, incredibly enough, riding out her never-ending orgasm, I pressed her lithe frame emphatically to mine, and I went off inside her like a nuke, splattering her crimson tunnel with every drop of cum my balls had been laboring to generate. Miraculously, her cervix had kept itself out of my way, and we could enjoy maximum penetration with zero pain.

My baby sister was confined in my arms, taking the full length of my sizable cock in her tightest and wettest of pussies. Her mouth was welded to mine in an impossible kiss of pants, whimpers, and lewd pandemonium, and all of that with me firing like a canon and with her gushing like a river. It was earth-shattering. It felt like the world had come to an end.

I didn't allow her to break our kiss for her occasional whimper, and I forbade her to even breathe. I coerced her to carry her freakishly lengthy orgasm with her into our kiss. Whimpering and breathing were allowed but only in either cavity. It was the most demanding, the most chaotic kiss that had ever been shared by two living organisms since the dawn of man.

We remained like this until the mist dispersed and the fallout settled. The rainstorm clouds faded away as if they had never been the spectacular setting of the most savage, emotional act of love making, and all was serene and peaceful yet again.

My cock eventually depleted enough to permit my sister's pussy—that was filled to the brim—to leak our cum medley onto the plant just below us on the parquet floor. We didn't break contact though. Our grip may have somewhat loosened, but it remained firm and emotional. Our genitals were equally tangled in a loving embrace, but our mouths...

Our mouths were in the midst of the most emotional of kisses: tongues lapping in slow rhythm, lips gently sucking, soft pants transmitted back and forth... The tender melody of our kiss beautifully resounded across the room with all other things now still, like a violin that had been playing after a ruin of a hurricane. Quiet. As if nothing happened.

Brooke broke our kiss with tears streaming down her cheeks as though she had just learned of the passing of a loved one. I was trickling a few tears myself as it was impossible for me to contain everything that had been raging inside.

The powerful staring into each other's eyes made me feel vulnerable, and I didn't approve of that. I looked away in a moment of weakness only to be pulled back into my sister's piercing, watering gaze. She held both of my cheeks at point blank range and shook her head, but that's all she did.


Christmas eve, a few months later, and my parents were hosting dinner for family and friends. As I entered the kitchen, my sister and mother were engaged in last minute preparations with most of our guests present and seated in the living room, having aperitifs before the crackling fireplace.

My sister was clad in an astonishing violet dress that brought out the curves of her even more astonishing body with ridiculous ease. Her hourglass frame was tightly lapped in an apron as she was tasting the thick gravy that was meant to drip down the mouth-watering roast beef, which, incidentally, had just finished tanning in the oven.

Her long, silky hair was gathered in a high ponytail with a few golden brown strands of hair draping down her left eye. Her makeup was lush and alluring with her succulent lips stained in seductive violet to compliment her dress. One could easily be tempted to speculate she was a runway model. She was just effortlessly divine.

"Oh, Josh, here you are," mom sighed in relief. "Please lend your sister a hand and place those dishes on the dining table."

"But, mom—"

"No buts. We are about to sit to eat in a few minutes. You'll have plenty of time to drink some more later."

As I placed my cocktail on the kitchen counter, my sister awarded me a smirk of gloat and proceeded to set the plates for me to carry.

"So, what do you think?" mom said, anxiously smiling at Brooke.

"I don't know." My sister batted her long eyelashes and gave me a sly smile. "He isn't really my type, mom."

"Nonsense. He's handsome and studying to be an accountant; he's perfect for you. Just give him a chance."

"I'm assuming you're talking about the irksome offspring of dad's distinguishable work colleague?" I derisively chimed in.

"His name is Chris," mom emphatically stated.

"Duly noted," I replied in blatant disinterest.

"You look so beautiful, Brooke... Doesn't your sister look beautiful, Josh?" Mom kissed Brooke in pride. "You know, it wouldn't kill you to pay her a compliment every now and then."

"I would have if I'd thought she deserved it." I smirked at my sister.

"Deserve it? Look how a graceful she looks in this dress. If that isn't worth a compliment, then I don't know what is."

Mom smiled at Brooke, who sheepishly giggled in reply.

"She has the grace of a linebacker, mom."

Brooke faked to be hurt as I chuckled at my excellent burn.

"You're incorrigible, Josh," mom said, shaking her head. "I hope your manners improve by the time the last of our guests arrive."

"I wouldn't count on it, mom. Your son is a pig at heart."

"Now stop it, Brooke. I don't want you two to bicker and embarrass me tonight. I want both of you on your best behavior; especially you, Josh."

"Why do you pick on me for? Brooke is just as incorrigible as I am."

"Well, I have my reasons to pick on you," mom cryptically uttered. "I'm going to sit with our guests, and I expect everything here to be neatly placed on the table." She kissed Brooke and left us be.

My sister playfully smiled. "So... the grace of a linebacker, ah?"

I slunk behind her and pressed my dick to her ass crease, generating an erection in less than tenth of a second.

"You're so inconceivably beautiful, baby... Why did you have to wear such a sexy dress? Now I won't be able to take my eyes off of you all night."

"You're one to talk." Her ass gave my cock a few presses back while my sister pretended to arrange the plates on the counter. "You're not making it any easier on me."

"What, this?" I pointed at my holiday outfit that consisted of a white button down shirt, a grey vest, and designer jeans that my mother had purchased for me especially for this occasion. "You're way out of my league, gorgeous."

I truly wasn't feeling all that special next to my goddess of a sister.

"Oh sweetheart, if you only knew," my sister sighed, adjusting her ass cheeks to clamp my cock deeper between them. "On second thought, maybe it's better for me that you don't."

"Don't know what?" I faintly gasped, relishing the feeling of her tight ass fighting to engulf my erection.

She tilted her head to stare into my eyes while pressing back harder on my cock. "How devastatingly breathtaking you really are..."

The look on her face was backing up every syllable she just whispered.

"Baby, no," I whispered, shaking my head, "I'm nothing next to you."

My sister gave her thick lips an outrageous lick and escaped from my tight pressing member. She took off her apron and strode to the living room, swaying her ass as teasingly as possible with her high heels click clacking in a straight line. She glanced back at me over her shoulder, shooting me an obscene look, and vanished out of sight.


"Oh, they're here!" mom exclaimed. "Brooke, if you could please answer the door and show our guests in."

My sister walked to the door and a minute later returned to the living room, visibly angry, followed by Kelly, one of our mother's employees, and Kelly's father. After dispersing pleasantries and salutations, we relocated to the dining room with Brooke and mom lagging behind and clearly in the midst of a stormy debate about something.

The seating arrangements were particularly interesting and helped to shed some light on the sudden change for the worse of my sister's once good mood. Brooke was to sit next to her suitor, and my behind was assigned to the chair adjacent to Kelly's. It was evident that our mother took the liberty to assume the role of a matchmaker tonight much to my sister's rage and to my amusement.

Dinner was on its way with Brooke and her wooer sitting across the table and opposite to me and my mother's candidate for my future mate. The overall conversation was flowing with all participants chattering to various degrees; however, my sister's scorching glare, first at our mother, then at Kelly, and finally at me was relentless.

Mine and Kelly's talk was diverse and enjoyable as I didn't allow mother's meddling tarnishing a great holiday meal, yet when glancing at my sister, it seemed she was not having as much fun, if anything, she looked irritated even more than before, which had an immediate impact on the now grim face of her beau next to her.

When dinner came to an end, the four of us sat in seclusion and continued previous talks. Meaning, Kelly and I engaged in a conversation with the other pair observing, having nothing else better to do.

"That's fascinating, Josh," Kelly said. "I wasn't aware of that."

"Not many do," I sighed in self-admiration and rinsed down the roast beef with a healthy sip from my glass of sherry. "Anyway, that's enough history for tonight. Why don't—"

"So Kelly, I have to admit I was surprised to see you here. No family invites?"

"Brooke," I pointedly said, "play nice."

"What?" My sister acted naive. "Was I out of line?"

"No, it's ok," Kelly quickly replied. "It must have looked a bit strange that I showed up at my boss's house on Christmas eve with my dad."

"It did, yes," my sister said, nodding, not at all looking friendly.

"Well... we don't have much family, dad and I. So when your mom asked where I was going to spend Christmas eve, I told her we were staying home, and she was very sweet to invite us."

"Yeah, of course..." my sister said, pretending to care. "No mother around?"


"What?! Stop attacking me!"

"Josh, it's ok," Kelly said sheepishly. "It's a legitimate question... and the answer to that is no. My mother had left us years ago, when I was just an infant, so..."

"I'm sorry," I said, feeling like shit on Brooke's account.

"Yeah, that's life for you." Kelly sipped her martini."I know it sounds sad, but it really isn't. I mean, I don't know any other life."

"It must be hard though," Chris said, "just you and your dad, and with no other family close by."

"Well, I have friends who are like family, so it isn't all bad... And I someday hope to have my own family."

Kelly glimpsed at me as she said that, and it was a bad, bad move by her as my emotionally unstable sister was all over that glance.

"Oh, no," my sister ominously giggled. "Oh, no..."

"Brooke, calm down. Now."

"You must be loving this," my sister furiously said to me. "You must—"

"So, Chris, what brings you here?" I quickly steered the course of the conversation, before my sister could demonstrate just how mental she really was.

"My parents," he giggled. "Our dads are good friends, and the alternative was much worse... my aunt Aida," he comically whispered, making a goofy face.

Chris and I laughed, and I was relived to see my sister and Kelly participating, improving on the somewhat strained atmosphere from just a second ago.

"You're funny, Chris," Brooke said, surprised. "I wasn't aware of that."

"Well, if you'd given me a chance tonight to start... well, any sort of conversation, you would've been laughing for a couple of hours by now."

We laughed again.

Yeah. Chris wassssss funny... That bastard.

"Well, I hope I'm not too late... am I?" my manipulative sister seductively purred, putting on that vulnerable, cockenslaving look.

"Um, no," Chris answered, excited beyond belief, "of course not."

Yeah. Chris wassssss excited... That fucker.

"Brooke, please cover yourself," I obeyed, after noticing my sister allowed Chris a better view into her already plenty generous cleavage.

"Oh I'm sorry," she giggled coyly, doing her best to appear embarrassed while adjusting her sizable cleavage.

As if... That fucking whore!

"You two are really close, aren't you?" Kelly said.

"What gives you that idea?" I glowered at Brooke.

"I don't know. Just something about the dynamics between you."

"Oh, we're so fucking close that you would be in total—"

"Brooke, a word? In private? Now?"

My sister shot me a despicable look and got up.


We entered my room, and I shut the door.

"Well, I thought I was aware just how deranged you are, but you seem determined to surprise me... What the fuck was that?"

"Don't you fucking dare! Have you got no shame! Sitting there and planning yours and Kelly's future family! How many kids are you going to have?! Ah Josh?! You fucking son of a bitch!"

"Listen, chemically unbalanced person, I wasn't planning a family with Kelly. It's only your dysfunctional mind playing tricks on you. You have to stop listening to the voices. They're not real!"

"Oh really?! So was I imagining that she—"

"I had nothing to do with that, so don't go there; besides, you were fired up from the second she got here. What's up with that?"

She ignored me while pacing back and forth, attempting at relaxation.

"Oh, I understand now... How could I have been such a fool? She's the reason why you didn't want me to come to the flower shop anymore."



"What do you mean why? Do I need to spell it out for you?"


She lit up a cigarette in trembling hand and kept crazily pacing. "Mom has been plotting for months to set you two up!"

"So? She can plot all she wants. You know it's you and me, baby."

"Yeah, well..."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"What it means, is that I don't know if I believe you when you say that."


Brooke inhaled from her cigarette and blew out the smoke in my face. "We were out last Friday to that bar, and your friend came over—"


"Yes, Rob. He asked who I was, and what did you answer to him, Josh?"

"That you're my sister," I said, confounded, unsure of where this conversation is heading.

"That's right. Now do you understand what the problem is?"

"Um... you'll have to make more sense than that, honey."

"You told him I was your sister!"

"Because you are."

"But I'm much more than just your sister, aren't I, Josh? I'm your girlfriend, your lover, your partner for life..."

"Baby, what are you saying here?"

"That I'm sick and tired of this! Of this whole fucking pretence! I don't wanna be introduced as your sister. Not anymore."

"Well... the alternative will put us behind bars, so weighing—"

"Don't do that, Josh. Don't talk to me like I'm a stupid child, or I swear I'll cut off your balls in your sleep."

"But you're not making any sense here!"

"I want you to marry me! I wanna be introduced as your wife! Am I now making enough sense?!"

"Um, not really... as it's impossible... plus illegal..."

"There are ways; I looked into it."

"What are you doing? We have such a good thing going, and you wanna mess it up?"

"What good thing?! For whom?! It's not good for me."

"Brooke, I don't know what to say to you. You were the one who was pushing for us, even though I clearly stated, and numerous times, that this is a life destroyer, and now you wanna make things worse?"

She shot me a hateful look and put out her cigarette. "You know what? You're right. This is a life destroyer, and I don't mean to keep going like that anymore." She scooted to the door.

I quickly grabbed her and confined her to the wall. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that you don't wanna give me what I want, what I need, and I know plenty of guys who will." She put on a vicious face. "God, isn't Chris funny? He completely blew me away..."

"Be careful what you wish for."

"I wish for you to love me, Josh... I mean, if you loved me, you would give me I want," she slickly whispered, caressing my expanding cock over my jeans, "wouldn't you, sweetheart?"

"Brooke, it's not that I don't want—"

"I know, baby, I know... It's just difficult, right?"

"Yeah," I panted, manifesting a full blown hard on from her cock massage.

"But, sweetie... am I not worth it? For you to do anything for me? You know Chris would." She rubbed my dick faster."He barely knows me, and I bet he's ready to jump off a bridge for me."

"Brooke, stop," I pleaded, clearly sensing her manipulative aura beginning to overpower me.

The problem was — she felt that, as well.

"Baby, do you think Chris"—she unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock to stroke it in the open—"would like how I would suck his cock? I think he would... I'm positive."

"Angel, you have to understand—"

"And what about my pussy? I bet he's dying to shove his cock in me." She swirled her thumb at my piss slit." He hardly got a glimpse of theses babies, and I promise you he's going to beat off to me tonight." She tugged at my head faster. "I know he will."

"Shit," I sighed." I wanna give you what you want, but... Honey, please, I don't have a solution."

She tugged down my jeans and briefs and turned to face the wall. She began gyrating her tight ass against my strained member.

"Josh, you're gonna lose me, baby... If you don't give me what I want, I'll found someone who will. You don't want that, do you, sweetheart?"

"You're not gonna leave me," I panted, "you wouldn't dare. You said we're forever."

She gyrated faster, letting my cock put a harder dent in her dress. "I don't wanna leave you, baby; I want us forever... but I can't like that, when you don't wanna give me what I want. My man should do anything for me, sacrifice everything because I'm... I'm worth it, aren't I, my love?"

"God, yes," I gasped. "You're worth everything."

I lifted her dress and kept it lapped over. I reached for her panties and tugged them down to her knees while she had already set my aim at her soaking entrance, awaiting me to penetrate her. I pushed my hips forward, but she held me back by my cock.

"So are we in a agreement, sweetie?" She rubbed my tip with her slit. "Will you do anything for me?"

"Brooke, you have to understand what you're asking, baby. I will do anything for you... aside from that."

She spun her hurtful gaze around to face me while sinking my cock into her a tiny bit more.

"Then I guess... it's goodbye."

She let go of my cock and tried walking away.

"Alright! Let me think about it! Just... let me think about it."

She grinned and took my cock back in her hand while facing the wall, taunting her clit with my tip.

"That's not good enough, sweetheart... I love you to death, and all I'm asking is for you to love me back the same way. I deserve it, Josh... I deserve everything."

I had taken her piquant lust juices into my lungs a bit too long, and their scent was quickly rendering me groggy. My judgment, unquestionably, had been severely impaired since we walked into my room. I was fighting her with both hands tied behind my back.

"Yes, you do," I sighed, exasperated, "but this is a monumental step, and it's not fair that you're playing with me now just because you can. Meet me halfway, honey. Let me calmly think about it with no distractions."

She placed my tip against her anus and pushed herself back ever so slightly, barely stretching her asshole.

"Fuck," I gasped.

"There's so much we haven't done yet, my love. I want to experience everything... with you."

"God, Brooke, please stop, please..." I was losing my mind. "All I'm asking for is some fucking time to think! Please, baby! If you truly love me, then stop with this; I'm begging..."
She slid my cock head from her anus to her bush, allowing me to feel its thickness, before adjusting my tip against her opening that was faintly trickling down her smooth thighs.

"I love you so much, Josh... I just wish you loved me back. That's all I wish for."

I held her right knee and raised her leg in the air. "I love you more than life, Brooke."

I rocked my hips forward, and my sister finally permitted me to enter her. My cock was slowly drilling its way further up her wet tunnel as Brooke took in a satisfying gasp of lustful pleasure, pressing her arms against the wall.

She swayed her long hair aside, and my lips instantly clung to her neck, kissing her in desire and love. As I was tasting her smooth skin and inhaling that devastating sweet-sour fragrance of hers, I continued making progress in her tight pussy, working slow, gentle strokes and penetrating her deeper each time. Soon enough, I was balls deep in my sister and gradually fucking her harder.

I forced her to the wall as I was encroaching on her love passage with savage thrusts, extorting a powerful whimper from her each time. Her body and cheek were mashed to the wall as she was bravely taking me into her with one leg in the air. Her pussy was as drenched as it had always been, and I relished the sensation of her thick fluids clinging to my cock.

"God, baby, go slow," Brooke gasped, placing her hands on the wall and countering my strokes with greater resistance.

It wasn't long before my sister climaxed, as it rarely was. Ever since I stretched her enough, months ago, Brooke would normally orgasm in less than a minute from penetration. The first few times, I was in complete awe, but now it was to be expected, and whenever she didn't cum on my cock that fast, she knew I would have a serious talk with her since I would find it unacceptable.

"Let go of my leg, sweetheart," Brooke panted, coming down from her orgasm.

I released her leg, and my sister pressed both of her legs together and arched her back. Her tight ass bulged, making it easier for me to bottom out in her, but I wasn't in the mood for easy tonight. I shoved myself harder, crushing and fucking her as if she was nothing but a cheap prostitute.

Brooke was pinned to the wall so hard that she couldn't even arch her back any longer. She was standing flat and looked like a wallpaper with her right cheek smeared on the wall as she stared into my eyes and let out her whiny cries, as if her brother was stabbing her with something other than his dick.

I seized her hands and nailed them to her sensational ass, putting extra pressure on her lithe frame. I rammed my cock into her so ferociously that her bush was smacking the wall in brute throbs; subsequently, escalating her whimpers.

I was fucking her like a violent defiler, and my sister responded to that very well as was evident from her high volume cries. It almost looked like a rape scene from some independent, low budget movie; if Brooke wasn't such a cooperative partner that is. Still pinned to the wall, she lifted back her right leg and hooked it around my ass.

"Josh, sweetie, pick up my left leg," she panted, wincing in pain, pounding the wall with her fucked pussy.

I stopped to raise her left leg, and my sister hooked it around my ass, as well.

"Baby, are you sure about this?" I asked, concerned.

She looked back at me equally worried. "No."

She placed her hands on the wall and pushed herself back at me, releasing a heartbreaking whimper when my massive balls collided with her equally massive bush. She kept forcing herself against me until she got me to lose balance and to reposition myself a feet or two back.

I was holding my sister by her narrow waist while she was airborne, horizontal, tummy down, and her legs wound around me, with her hands planted on the wall and with my cock buried inside her as deep as it could ever be in any conceivable doggy style scenario. Her dress was folded over her back, and the curves of her sculptured ass were further emphasized the more she pushed back against me.

"Shit," I sighed, luxuriating in her wetness yet afraid for my sister's well being. "Honey, I'm not looking to hurt you."

Brooke relaxed her leg muscles to let me pull back a bit and took a moment to breathe. "You just need to stretch me... like how you made me fit you when you cracked me open."

She contracted her leg muscles and pulled me back to her. A second whimper of pain resounded in my room when her suffering pussy engulfed me completely.

"Brooke, I don't like it when you whimper like that."

My sister took another pause to adjust her breathing and gazed back at me over her shoulder, determined. "Stretch me, Josh. Make me fit you."

I didn't want to, but I relented. I told myself that if she kept whimpering in anguish for more than a minute, I would put her back down.

I set up a slow pace, and though I did my best not to bottom out in her, neither the position nor my sister were allowing it. I was sucked with ease into her hurting cunt, and my sister tightened her muscles with each of my strokes to coerce me into her even deeper. Her once whimpers of pleasure were now clearly cries of pain, and the tears that trickled down her cheeks clearly supported it.

This daring Kama Sutra position brought back memories of Brooke's deflowering, when her cunt had been extremely tight and ached with each of my thrusts; however, I had managed to stretch her then, if only barely, so I might have just been able to pull it off again.

I kept plowing through Brooke's tightness, watching her shapely ass laid before me while suspended in the air as she kept impaling herself with each contraction of her muscles. Her glimmering butt was putting in much work as was evident from the sweat on its muscle tone ridges. There was plenty of tension applied on my cock as it slid in and out of her agonizing pussy, which was now also bleeding with each time she fastened me to her.

"Brooke, that's enough; it's not working. You're not stretching at all, if anything, you're just getting tighter."

"Just a little longer, Josh," she gasped. "Don't give up."

She tightened her muscles and forced me into her with an audible moan, one she should not have made.

"What the fuck was that?!!" I asked, scared.

My sister eased her grip and allowed me to pull back a bit.

"That was," she moaned in distress, "my cervix... Fuck, that hurt..."

"Down! Now!"

I helped her back down and twirled her around to face me.

"I guess that position is out of the question for now." She tearfully smiled.

I picked her up by her thighs and pressed her against the wall. She took my cock and placed it against her opening.

"Baby, why do you insist on doing that? Hurting yourself?" I pushed forward and split her open.

"Because I love feeling you," she whispered ,wrapping all four of her limbs around me. "I want to feel you as much as I can. Even when it hurts, it hurts in a good way."

"It didn't look like you were enjoying yourself all that much when I nailed you."

I stroked inside her with care, making sure that her cervix was out of my way before changing gears. Her labia were molded so snugly to my trunk, and her pussy was much more at ease now as it avidly swallowed me in and out.

"I know it looked bad, but"—she whimpered, in pleasure to my great relief—"it was kind of a turn on..."

I was now back fucking her with all my might, bottoming out with a brutal thrust and lingering each time in the depths of her. Every time I pounded her pussy, her eyes bulged, and a shaky whimper was released from her ungaggaing throat.

"Maybe I just need to get used to it," she gasped, "to you poking my cervix. Maybe I'll come to like it."

"You are the biggest whore in bed that has ever existed, I swear to god," I panted, ramming into her even harder and in total bafflement by how she was so hooked to pain.

"I know." She let out a power-whimper. "Staying a virgin till 19 and watching all that porn probably didn't help."

Her pain addiction got me angry for some reason. I started feeling myself slowly losing it. I pushed myself against her to the point of almost crushing her, fucking her tight pussy with neither mercy nor relief. I pushed her cheek to the wall and kept it transfixed. If she was so into pain, then I was ready to oblige.

"Fuck! Josh, you're crushing me!"

"I thought you liked it."

I slammed my cock into her pussy so hard that she bounced on my dick like on a trampoline.

"I do," she whined," I fuckin' love it... Don't stop."

"You're such a fucking whore." I shook my head in disbelief and pulled back to thrust into her harder.

"Your whore, baby," she whimpered, her cheek still splattered on the wall.

I kept fucking her like that for another minute, and my pain whore of a sister was loving every second of it, unleashing a barrage of licentious cusses that served as a telltale of her upcoming orgasm.

"I'm ready for my second, sweetheart." She whimpered her heart out. "Are you joining me?"

"Not yet, my love," I panted back, "but you go."

I slowed down yet still fucked her deep and hard, fleetingly lingering inside her with each thrust. My sister's attempt at bucking while her cheek and body were spattered on the wall did not go well; nevertheless, her pussy was contracting just fine, and I was soon rinsed in her zesty cum for a respectable number of seconds, definitely in the high twenties.

"Josh," she whimpered into my kiss. "Oh, god, I'm so in love with your cock..."

As her cunt moved to phase two — gloving my dick tighter and pointlessly sucking on it, I was approaching my own orgasm.

"Baby, I'm cumming," I panted, groping her abundant tit and going up the hilt in her with each thrust.

"Pull out a second before, and I'll swallow you. I don't want your cum dripping down my legs."

"But I wanna fill up your pussy," I panted disappointedly.

"I know you do, sweetie. Don't worry, I'll make it up to you. You're gonna cum so hard you won't believe it."

A moment later, I released her, and she squat down while still on her feet, with her legs spread, and her back resting against the wall. She instantly shoved my cock—that was coated in her thick, savory cum—into her mouth and sucked me fast and tight while applying the precise pressure on my balls as she kneaded them.

She sucked me out and worked fast strokes. "Josh, give me a heads up a second before, ok?"

"Why?" I gasped in ecstasy.

"Just do it, baby." She swallowed me back in.

She continued with her sucking master class although she ceased kneading my balls; instead, her fingers were running along her damp slit before she penetrated herself. Her head rippled on my cock in such graceful waves until she ultimately managed to deep throat me into submission.

"God, baby, get your throat ready," I moaned as my vein began throbbing inside her mouth.

My sister rammed my cock all the way in and pressed her obese lips to my groin.

I was ready to shoot my load when I suddenly felt my anus being stretched by a foreign object. A second later, it was violated completely, and my ass had been penetrated. My sister slid her soaking middle finger into my asshole to my utter amazement. Before I could even adequately process the moment, I belched down her food pipe in a violent burst, groining as if it was the first time a girl ever sucked my cock.

"JESUS FUCK!!" I whispered as I was lasering into her, pushing my hands against the wall to refrain from collapsing.

Her finger—that was lubed in her own cum— bottomed out inside me and exerted a significant amount of pressure on my prostate. I was exploding down her gullet in a way I couldn't even fathom, like a pressurized can of cum that had been unwisely pierced.

Even my sister wasn't fully ready for that barbaric act of eruption as was clear from her hazel eyes that bulged in astonishment and awe; nonetheless, her throat was at its best, and after shaking that initial moment of bafflement, she penetrated me even deeper while sucking the heck out of my spurting cock.

I was having one of the most intense yet brief orgasms, which was to be expected as I was pumping out larger batches of semen down my sister's licentious throat. I wasn't anywhere in the vicinity of my previous double digit record, set in my sister's pussy some time ago; however, I was being more than compensated with hyper levels of explosiveness and rush.

As the last of my ropes had been shot down my sister's throat, Brooke's finger started fucking my ass while she was still sucking my cock in long rippling motions. Surprisingly, that move encouraged my balls to pump out just a little more of whatever cum that managed to cling on inside them.

At last, she glided her finger out of me and squeezed hard on my cock, forcing my pipe to relinquish tenacious casualties that might have survived her risqué version of cock-sucking. She sucked them off my slit and gave my depleting pole one last loving lick.

She arose and gazed into my eyes, waiting for a comment on that outrageous take of a blowjob.

"Who the fuck... told you that it's ok for you to fuck my ass without running it by me first?"

"Why? You didn't like it, sweetie?"

"That's irrelevant!"

"So you did like it," she said as a matter of factual.

"God, yes," I sighed, beaten and elated.

She smiled in satisfaction and proceeded to kiss my lips and to rub my tongue.

"I'm so happy you liked it, Josh," she said, pulling up her panties, "'cause you will get no more of that."

"Ah?" I said, puzzled, pulling up my briefs and jeans.

"You heard me. You are not going into my pussy or mouth, nor are you getting any more handjobs, footjobs, or assjobs. Nothing."

"Um... what?!"

"You're getting nothing from me till... you give me an answer, and to be clear, I mean the answer I want."

"No, you can't do that. You can't withhold—"

"I can, and I am. In fact, I just did."

I stared at her in total bewilderment. "Brooke, this isn't fair! You're blackballing me!"

She opened the door and glanced back at me. "You bet your ass I am."

*** *** ***

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