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She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 04: Marriage

Monica, David, and Karly the cougar are back. Thanks for your patience.

I'm putting this one back into the Erotic Couplings category, despite the Mature and Group Sex bits. Most of the sex is one-on-one.

As usual, I thank you for taking the time to read my scribblings, and ask only that you cast a vote when you finish, and send me some feedback for future consideration.

I hope you enjoy it.


I was now officially the man of the Pudzianowski household, and had been so for a little over a year now. Even though I didn't share a name with either of the ladies....yet.... they made it abundantly clear that I was part of the family. Some families are closer than others, and this one was very, very close.

My days and nights were filled with Monica, or Karly....often with both on the same day, if not actually the same time, although that took place quite frequently as well. It was all any young man could want, or handle, for that matter.

In Monica, I had a stunningly beautiful girlfriend my own age. We were in love, so besides her incredible body and willingness to satisfy my every sexual need, she also took care of my emotional side. I just really liked being around her, and enjoyed cuddling with her in bed, after sex, almost as much as exploring her body during the act. Almost.

Then there was Karly, my insatiable MILF, possible future mother-in-law, and lover of my adolescent dreams. Every young guy wishes for a sexy, mature woman to show him the pleasures of the fairer sex, preferably one built like a brick battleship. Karly qualified in spades, and she still surprised me from time to time despite the fact that we'd slept together a hundred times. Between the two of them, all my fantasies were coming to fruition.

Things were about to change, however, and as usual, I would be the last to know. Thinking back, I was witness to the beginning of the change, but didn't have a clue what I was watching at the time.

Monica and I were getting along swimmingly, falling deeper in love every day. It was actually Karly who first brought up the potential of marriage, citing her opinion that Monica couldn't ask for better husband material. She winked at me as she said it, so I took it with a grain of salt, pretty sure her opinion was based on the size of my dick, and what it frequently did to her pussy, and occasionally, her ass. Still, a useful testimonial no matter what the reason. She also made it clear that marrying her daughter wouldn't alter our relationship one bit....she wasn't going to come on the honeymoon, but she would be waiting for me, legs spread in anticipation, as soon as we returned. Then she told her daughter not to dally, or she'd take me for her own.

Anyway, I began to notice an increase in whispered conversations between mother and daughter....conversations that stopped short when I entered the room. When queried, I got the same answer from both of them : "just girl talk", and that would be the extent of the explanation. Under normal circumstances, I would have been wise to be concerned, but these circumstances were hardly normal. I chose to believe they were planning a surprise for me.

I could have pressed for more information, but they both had this way of avoiding subjects they didn't wish to discuss. I jokingly called it 'misdirection through sex', and it worked pretty much the way it sounds. After a blowjob, or an hour of frenzied fucking, I rarely remembered the question I wanted to ask. It was an obvious tactic, but very effective.

I knew the two of them were cooking something up....something involving me, but since they were being so tight lipped and evasive, I gave up trying to figure it out. I figured I would find out soon enough.

I believe that I mentioned before about reading an article that women who live together, and their cycles coming into synchronization. I can now say that it's true, because that's what happened at the Pudzianowski house. It was my monthly, four day respite.

Don't get me wrong. I was living the dream....sharing the beds of two beautiful, voluptuous, highly sexed women....and I knew it. Sex was available every day, from both of them, often multiple times. What red blooded young man wouldn't give his eye teeth to be in this situation?

Still, a bit of rest every once in a while was a good thing, and even though both ladies offered me the use of their ass, mouth or tits to fuck, I usually took advantage of their downtime to get a little of my own.

Of course, some women are extra horny during their period, and Karly was a member of that sorority, so even though I tried to rest, it didn't mean I was always successful. She liked to wake me with her lips dancing along my cock, and during her period, her mouth was extra expressive, providing the most exquisitely pleasurable blowjob any man had ever received.

Both of them seemed to want to make up for lost time after they finished, and the days after were always more strenuous for me. That was the pattern of life with these two.

So, when the pattern was altered, I should have noticed, shouldn't I?


I was just coming off my monthly 'vacation', and expecting to be met by a wave of horny Pudzianowski women. Instead, I was left alone. Not shunned, by any means. Both of them were every bit as loving and cuddly as ever, and I was beset by kissing lips and soft breasts pressing in from all sides. Just no sex. No morning blowjobs from Karly, either. It took a few days for me to notice that my vacation had been extended.

By the time the count reached ten days, I had a case of blue balls that was almost painful. I was nearly ready to take things into my own hands, when Karly came to my rescue.

I was leaning against the sun room door jamb, watching her exercise. Monica was at school, and I was bored, and horny, so watching her was like watching live porn. She was dressed, in that yellow leotard of hers, but underwear was optional, and on this day, she had opted for none. That meant she may as well have been naked, jiggling around the sun room, working up a sweat. What I was working up was a lather.

"You could join me," she smiled, dabbing her chest with a towel. The sweat had rendered the leotard transparent, and my eyes were drawn to her nipples. "A workout might help you relax."

"I agree," I grumbled, "but this isn't the kind of workout I had in mind. It's been far too long since......"

"Poor baby," she interrupted, stepping closer. Her eyes sparkled at me, and she craned up for a kiss. "Follow me."

Karly was sympathetic, and horny after her workout, so she and I made a beeline for her bedroom. Clothing flew in all directions. Desperation and need was in the air. I was just about to plough her ass from behind when she rolled submissively onto her back, and offered her juicy pussy for my use. I didn't really care which opening she wanted it in, as long as I got laid, so I slipped into her cunt, and started to fuck her hard.

"Easy, easy honey," she whispered, stroking my hair. "I know it's been a few days, and I'm sorry about that, but I'd really like it gently, okay? I'm feeling a little emotional, and want to feel safe in your strong arms."

Okay, I thought. I can do gentle, if that makes her happy.

I slowed my pace, and Karly's legs wrapped snug around my waist, holding me close. We kissed, cuddled, and caressed each other lovingly, my desperation melting away as the pleasure of her body took over. We went from fucking, to making love, and to be honest, it wasn't a big leap for me.

While I was in love with Monica, I loved Karly too. I knew we were never going to have a 'normal' relationship, especially once I married her daughter. There would be no 'mother-in-law jokes', unless they were recounting occasions like this one, and we'd always have a unique physical relationship.

I was stroking into her buttery snatch with long, slow thrusts. The sensation of her pussy rippling around my shaft was incredible, and it wasn't until I experienced it again that I realized how much I missed it.

She began to shudder in my arms, and gasped as she had a first, gentle orgasm. When her eyes opened again, she smiled.

"Ooooo, yes honey, that gets the ball rolling," she whispered. "You know how I like it, don't you? Do me, honey. Do me good."

I had been between her legs often enough to know what she meant. Karly was well beyond multi-orgasmic, and could build on each climax, making successive ones more pleasurable for her, and more frequent. In the end, she would have them like popcorn, and I was thrilled to be able to do it for her.

I set about my task, and was soon rewarded with a second orgasm from her. Fifteen minutes of gradually increasing intensity later, I was drilling her furiously, watching her big tits wobble uncontrollably on her chest, and she was screaming through number six. Or Seven. I lost count. The only thing I knew with absolute certainty was that I was going to cum.

"I hope you can hold your breath, baby, 'cause I'm gonna drown you!" I grunted, planning to pull out and let it fly all over her. Her legs clamped around my hips, and she grabbed my ass with both hands.

"NO!" she screamed. "Inside! I want it inside! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!"

Well, there was no stopping that now, anyway. She was too strong, and I was far beyond the point of no return. I screamed and erupted, spewing white hot cum up her twitching twat so hard, I'm surprised it didn't come out her nose. Not having had sex in days, after getting used to being active daily, this was not a small load, and I spurted, over and over and over, until she was awash in creamy goo. Through it all, she held me, and cooed in my ear.

"That's it, sweetie, let it all out. Give me what I want. One more time."

I melted, resting atop her for several minutes, while she embraced me.

"I think I'd like some more of that, later," she whispered, softly caressing my butt.

"Give me a couple of hours, and I'd be happy to," I mumbled, feeling a little wasted.

"No rush, honey," she breathed, holding me close against her chest, still with her legs wrapped snug around my waist. My cock had withered, but still plugged her opening. "Just rest, right here, in my arms."

I almost fell asleep on top of her, but about an hour of quiet snuggling later, she finally asked me to move, so she could pee. When she returned, her first order of business was to suck me clean.

Cleaning led to sucking with purpose, and she brought my cock back to life. Moments later, she was riding my renewed erection smoothly, while I played with her nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling at the tall, stiff buds. She had this strange look on her face, like she knew something I didn't, but I was too busy worshipping her fantastic chest to notice.

"Fuck! Your cock is so good inside me!" she growled, bouncing happily. "I could fuck you all day, every day, for the rest of my life!"

The way things were going, she just might get her wish. Monica was a very sharing person, and I didn't mind at all.

"Oh shit!....Oh!... OH!... OH MY GOD! YES!" she screamed, bucking in the saddle as she came again. She tossed her head back, and a gurgling gasp of pleasure was heard. She slowed, then stopped her motions, and cuddled in a ball on my chest. "Ooooo, boy. That was good."

I rolled us over, and picked up where she left off, shafting her deep. She moaned softly, and wrapped her legs around me again, letting me have maximum access to her juicy gash. I fucked her, getting more energetic by the minute, until I was pounding her hard. She was hissing a constant stream of 'yes, yes, yes, yes', and quivering through a near constant orgasm.

"Hard... er.... Fast... er...." she whispered, and I moved into high gear, slamming my cock into her furiously. The room echoed with moans and slapping bodies. "Cu... um... in... me... a...," she begged.

Her timing was impeccable, and within seconds, I was filling her again. Hot semen flowed into her pussy, and she moaned her enjoyment.

"Wow, that was something to see," I heard from the doorway. Monica was watching us, which wasn't usual, in the least. "Can I have some tonight, too?"

"Um, I think I am, uh, done for now," I groaned, still nestled against Karly's pillowy chest. "Raincheck?"

"Oh, definitely," she smiled. "I'll hold you to it."


The next morning, after a good night's sleep in Monica's bed, I tried to deliver that raincheck, but was rebuffed.

"I'm running late," she said rolling out of bed, and racing away, "but save it for me, okay?"

Save it? Yeah, right. Oh Karly?.....

You see, this is the point where I should have known I was being manipulated, but I was too horny to notice. Karly always has time for sex. She makes time for sex. Sex is number three on her priority list, right behind sex, and sex.

Another day in Karly's bed, then another....and another. I hadn't spent this much time exclusively with Karly....ever, and I had certainly not cum inside her this often. She usually liked to wear a few loads, but recently, had only wanted it in the pussy.

Finally, I found myself between Monica's thighs. Her feet were pointing at the ceiling, and I was fucking the shit out of her, after she had insisted on a long and drawn out session of foreplay. I hadn't been with her for so long, I was beyond excited, and she knew just how to push my buttons.

"Oh yeah, baby, FUCK ME HARD!" she screeched. "Cum on my face!"

Oh, that did it. She knew how much I liked to see her beautiful face and perfect lips painted with cum, and I went into overdrive, pounding her harder.

"Get ready, Mon," I grunted, "gonna spray you good." Before I could, though, she clamped down on me, wrapping her legs around my waist, and her arms around my back.

"Changed my mind," she giggled. "Fill me up instead!"

Changed my mind? Changed my mind?! I know it's a woman's prerogative, she tells me?

I shotgunned her vagina full of thick, sticky semen, pumping her so full it oozed out around my still twitching dick, while she just moaned happily.

"That's my man," she whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too, Mon," I slurred slightly. The room was spinning. A few minutes later, I was asleep.


The next morning made me wonder if I dreamed the whole thing. I woke with Karly's mouth on my still sticky cock, and when Monica got up to use the bathroom, Karly laid back and pulled me on top of her. By the time Monica returned, we were well into it, fucking loudly and without a care. After I got Karly off twice, Monica subbed in for a few minutes in the saddle, before coaxing another load out of me. It was a very good way to start the day.

In other words....things were back to normal in the Pudzianowski household. Monica and I made up for her absence. The three of us fucked each other into submission, and for a few days, it seemed the only place I was allowed to squirt was inside my girlfriend. Even if I was in bed with Karly, Monica showed up in time to play cum receptacle.

I know, I're right, I should have seen it, but I'm a guy. We don't always see the obvious, especially when we have no reason to question the order of things. I didn't have a reason. I was getting laid more than a porn star, so why rock the boat?


I had no idea the boat was about to get crowded.

"Honey? Could you come up here, please?" Monica called from upstairs. I was in the living room, watching TV, and turned it off, anticipating that I was being called for the usual reasons. I bounded up the stairs, searching for her.

"In here," the voice came, from Karly's bedroom.

Oh boy....Karly has the bigger bed. Maybe it's threesome time again!

I walked in, and was surprised to see both of them still fully clothed. Karly was sitting on the bed, and Monica was pacing around the room. Something was up.

"Yes?" I asked. Monica turned to see me, and smiled.

Karly laid back, and motioned me to her. I never turned down a hug, so I crawled in beside her. Monica followed me onto the bed, and the ladies sandwiched me, snuggling into me under each arm.

"Okay, you've got me," I smiled, kissing each in turn. "I assume this is more than just a hug?"

"Yes, it is," Karly said softly, but with a smile. "It's time we had a little talk."

"Talk? About what?"

"Well, several things, really, but one in particular," she replied. "We have some news for you, and I'm hoping you will find it as happy as we do."

So, it's not even 'good news or bad news'. I don't have a choice of which I get, just whether I like it or not. What the hell is it?

Alright," I nodded. "Is this going to hurt?"

"I don't think so," Karly smiled, and nodded to Monica, who reached into her pocket. She produced a white, plastic device, like a big flattened pencil, with a display window on it and handed it to me.

Oh. My. God. I had a feeling I knew what it was, and took it with trembling hands.

Yep. The logo said EPT, and in the window, it said.... Pregnant!

My brain shortcircuited. I had nothing against having kids, and wanted to be a Father at some point....just not necessarily now, before we were married.

"Honey? How?" I asked. "I thought you were on the pill?"

Monica just looked at me, a happy grin on her face, and shook her head. She pointed across me, at Karly.

Okay....I correct my previous statement. Nowmy brain shortcircuited. I turned my head slowly toward Karly, and she smiled, waving her fingertips at me.

"Hi Daddy!" she giggled.

Oh....but....what? would....really? My mother-in-law-to-be? Pregnant? With. My. Child.

Words failed me. I vapour locked, unable to say a thing.

"Don't freak out," Karly whispered, and kissed me. I didn't respond, my lips limp. "I wanted this. It going to be my last chance, I'm sure, and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have as my baby-daddy."

Fine, but couldn't we have talked about it first? Still no words. Suddenly, the change in routine made sense. Only fucking Karly, and only cumming inside her. I had been set up, and Monica was in on it. Now, I found words.

"So, I'm the last to know, huh?" I asked, a bit angry, looking at Monica. Not about the baby....just the way I was tricked into supplying the sperm. "Is that the way it's going to be?"

"David, if you're going to be angry at anyone, then make it me," Karly said, turning my head back to face her. "My idea. Yes, I should have told you, but I wasn't even sure I could get pregnant again, and didn't want to pressure you. You have some pretty potent spermies there, stud!" she giggled.

Okay, that was funny....calling me stud, after using me as I laughed.

"That's better," she smiled. "This is a happy day, honey. I'm very happy!"

The three of us cuddled together, talking, and eventually fell asleep together. When we woke up, it was late, but we went out for dinner to celebrate anyway. I was feeling less shocked.

That feeling was premature.


Two days later, I came home from class to find Karly and Monica sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea. I had made my peace with the idea of being a father, and walked over to them.

"Hi sweetie," I smiled, kissing Monica.

"Hi Mommy," I laughed, kissing Karly.

"Um, yeah, well..." Karly smiled. I looked at her, and she pointed at Monica. I flinched, and turned slowly, to see my sexy girlfriend holding another test device. She wagged it at me, like it was dancing.

"Me too!" she giggled.

Oh my good God!


I was laying in my room, curled up in a rather appropriate fetal position, contemplating life. Two days ago, I was a happy-go-lucky, carefree guy, with a hot girlfriend and a sexy MILF at my fingertips. Sex was fun, frequent, and string free. Now.....I was going to be a Daddy. Twice. Holy shit!
One of my kids would be my girlfriend's sibling. The mother of the other one would be the sister of the first. It's a good thing their wasn't any more women involved, or I could end up my own uncle, or something equally ridiculous.

"Honey? Are you okay?" Monica asked, as she and her Mother came in to check on me. I hadn't said a word when they told me downstairs, just left the room and came up here to hide. That was an hour ago.

"That any more surprises for me?" I groaned.

"Nothing more we know about," Karly said. I didn't even want to think about what that might mean.

"Then yes, I'm okay....or at least I will be. I'm never having sex again, though," I grunted. They both laughed at that.

"Oh, I'd bet the farm we can change your mind about that," Karly smiled. "Come on....we're going out to celebrate again."

Well, at least I was out of women to get pregnant. It couldn't get any worse.


For once, I was right. No more surprises were forthcoming.

Other than the fact that I knew each of my sexy partners was carrying one of my children, nothing much changed. Karly was right about my celibacy. It didn't last the week, and Monica was the one who 'talked' me out of it. She was very persuasive, and things sex wise returned to normal.

In other words, we still fucked like hyperactive rabbits.

A visit as a trio to the doctor had confirmed everything. They were indeed both pregnant, and I was some kind of folk hero, for managing to knock up both mother and daughter within days of each other. We left out the part where I was the only one unaware of the plan until after the fact.

So far, dealing with two pregnant women was no problem. They scheduled their doctor's appointments together, so we didn't need to make multiple trips, and moodiness due to hormone swings wasn't an issue. If anything, they were even more insatiable.

Karly, in particular, just couldn't get enough. Despite the fact that her orgasms reached epic proportions, and left her a sweaty, exhausted wreck, she couldn't stop. As the only penis in the house, she was wearing me out. My fears were twofold. First, that her desire might continue to escalate, and second, that Monica, who had as yet not shown an appreciable increase in libido, would match her Mother. If she did, I was going to be in serious trouble.


I was laying in Monica's bed, alone. She had left for school fifteen minutes ago, after we had finished our morning routine. That would be a quick, frenzied fuck, complete with a couple of screeching orgasms for her, to jump start her day, and a protein smoothie in lieu of breakfast.

This whole situation was still settling in. We were only a few weeks in....six, actually....and things were still pretty normal, relatively speaking. No one was showing yet, so there were no baby bumps to work around. All positions were still on the table, but I knew that the list would gradually grow shorter, as their bellies grew bigger.

I was deep in thought when Karly came around the corner, into the room. Naked, as usual, she climbed into bed beside me, and snuggled under my arm.

"Am I still in your doghouse?" she asked softly.

While I think I would be justified to be mad, I really never was. Just shocked into disbelief, that made me quieter than usual. She took it as angry. Truthfully, even if I had been angry with her, it wouldn't have lasted long, and we had hardly missed a beat in the bedroom.

"Nah," I laughed. "You know I couldn't stay mad at you. But....if you need to feel guilty, you can suck my cock as an apology." Never turn down a free blowjob.

"Hmmm, sounds like a good idea," she smiled, "but I'd like to talk to you first."

"Um, I don't know....the last time you said that, you told me you were pregnant. You're not having twins are you?" I asked fearfully.

"Oh god, I hope not!" she gasped, slapping my chest. "No....I just thought we might talk about what you're going to be forced to deal with. I have done this three times, and both of you are rookies. Monica and I have already had this talk, but you need to know what's going on."

"You mean like craving pickles and ice cream?" I asked.

"Ewww!" she giggled, wrinkling her nose. "Speaking only for myself, I never had cravings like that. Monica might. Every woman reacts differently to the hormones. I was thinking more general. First, I suppose you've noticed I'm a bit more, um....."

"Frisky? Horny? Excited? Lascivious? Ravenous? Rapacious? Lecherous?.... " I listed.

"Ooooo! Rapacious! I like that! It!" she laughed, squirming against my side. "Okay, smart ass, I get it. You noticed. I can't help it. The hormones make me It happens every time I'm pregnant. Call it a happy side effect. That and the orgasms, which are....oh, just so fucking good! A stiff breeze can make me cum, now, but I prefer your stiffy." Her hand moved under the sheet, and caressed my dick gently, as if to clarify her statement.

"You're okay with that, right?" she asked, still stroking me softly. Her smile was beaming at me. How could I say no? Why would I say no?

"Well, if I must....I must," I sighed, playfully. She pouted.

"You know, there are other changes coming, including one that I think you're going to enjoy a lot. I know I do," she grinned. Her hand was still busy.

"Like what?" I asked. My cock was growing slowly, beginning to stand up.

"Well, let's just say....if you like my tits now, you're going to love them in a few months. When Monica was born, I made it up to a G-cup. I was absolutely huge, and produced a lot of milk." She smiled. My cock was rock hard. As soon as she said her already impressive breasts were going to expand, it stood straight up.

"A lot?" I asked, licking my lips unconsciously.

"Oh yes. A lot. I had to be let down four or five times a day, not counting feeding her. I loved it. My nipples got bigger," she moaned, stroking my shaft, "and more sensitive. I can cum from breastfeeding. It gets a little messy, sometimes, with milk spraying all over,'ll help me, won't you? You won't make me walk around with huge, sore full breasts, will you?" Her voice was a sultry, teasing purr, and she wore a petulant pout, while she awaited her answer.

"No.... I sure won't." I had an image of both of them, breasts swollen and dripping, tying me down and forcing me to suckle them. Forcing. Yeah, right.

Karly had straddled me while I was daydreaming about getting my lips on her lactating funbags, and impaled herself smoothly. She was already shaking, nearing an orgasm at the thought of it. I grabbed one of her conveniently located breasts, as it dangled over my face, and latched on, suckling madly.

"Nothing in there yet, honey," she giggled, gliding up and down slowly on my cock.

"Just practising," I smiled, when I felt like releasing the thick, spongy spire from my lips momentarily. Then it went right back in, and I gnawed away at her.

"Well....good boy. You keep right on practising. Suck Mommy's nipples, so she can feel good." The end of her sentence trailed off, as her brow furrowed, and a gentle orgasm arrived. This was just the opening act, a warmup. She would sing several arias, maybe a cadenza, and perhaps even an encore, before she left the stage.

"Ooooo, yes....that's my good lover," she breathed, stroking my hair while I continued to graze on her stiff buds. "Such a nice, hard cock, that fills my pussy so full." Her hips undulated, doing little figure eights, and grinding her hypersensitive clit against the base of said hard cock. "It even gave me what I wanted, just one more time. You did that for me, honey."

Her hands on my head told me I should look up from my position moored to her breast. She was looking down, her eyes dewy with emotion

"Thank you so much for my baby," she whispered, and pulled my face up, pressing her lips to mine. Her gratitude was genuine, and poured out through her kiss, even as she rolled us over, welcoming me to take control.

For the next hour or so, we made love, gentle pleasuring of each other that gave way to....what was that word she thought was hot? Oh yeah....rapacious. Gentle was gradually replaced by rapacious frenzy, as she came over and over, greedy for the next one, which was only seconds away.

"More!" she gasped, dripping sweat, and clawing at my back. "More! Harder! Fuck me, you beautiful man! Fuck my brains out!"

Well, if I was going to do that, I'd need some leverage, so I raised up on my arms, and started, shifting gears into high. Karly's mouth formed a permanent 'O', and she screamed, as I pounded into her oozing, dripping wet cunt. Her breasts went wild.....shimmying, wobbling, swinging across her chest in response to my thrusts. You already know what that does to me, and I felt the cum beginning to search for the exit. She felt it too, or just knew what her bouncing tits would bring about.

"Cum on me!" she demanded. "Shoot that beautiful, hot seed on my tits and face! I'm your Mommy-slut!"

Okay. That did it.

I pulled out, and aimed as carefully as any man can, stroking feverishly. Fire!

Cum streaked across her body, falling in straight lines that radiated from the source, that being my twitching cock. Some reached as far as her long, blonde hair, but the bulk of my load landed on her big, round tits, and smiling face. Her tongue caught a few spurts in midair, like a bear plucking a spawning salmon from a waterfall. I shook the last few drops out, and sat back to watch her clean my gooey batter from her face.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, breathing hard, but not willing to recover before she consumed my load. She licked her fingers, and went back for more. "Damn, your cum is so fucking delicious....I just can't get enough."

I let her scrape my discharge off her body, then we went into the shower together, and spent a few minutes washing each other's bodies, before finally retiring to her bed. We curled up, and I spooned her throughout our nap.

It was only 10am, and a long day alone with Karly was only beginning. That was fine with me.


Four times. Four ecstatically exhausting times. About every two and a half hours, or after an hour or so of sleeping in each other's arms, she would wake up, nearly as horny as before, and require my attention. We'd fuck each other into oblivion again, and collapse in a heap, only to wake an hour later for another round. It was tiring, but Karly was such a joyfully enthusiastic partner, she was letting me tap energy reserves I didn't know I had.


I felt soft lips on mine, and opened my eyes to find Monica's blue eyes staring back at me. They were sparkling with emotion.

"Did you spend the whole day taking care of my Mother?" she whispered. I looked over to my left, where Karly had rolled out of my grasp. She was laying on her side, sleeping, apparently finally sated.

"Um, yeah. Pretty much. How was your day?" I mumbled, rubbing my face.

"Fine," she giggled. I rolled carefully out of bed, and she followed me to the bathroom. "Undoubtedly less strenuous than yours. Did you save any for me?"

"I can probably scrape some together," I laughed. "Might have to wait until later, though. I need to recharge."

"It's a date," she smiled, looking at my soft dick as I peed. "You go back to bed, and stay out of my Mother's clutches. I'll go make us some dinner, and come get you when it's ready." She patted my butt, and walked out.

I turned the other way when I left, and went to my room, climbing into my own bed. I rested, but didn't go to sleep.

I knew the changes my life was going to experience were just beginning. I was going to be a Father. Twice. I wondered how often any man had two women pregnant at the same time. I suppose it wasn't the first time, but for me, it was hopefully the last. I wasn't planning on ever leaving Monica's arms, which meant Karly was going to always be in my life, but I was almost certainly the last man ever to impregnate her. Even though she kept herself in remarkable shape, and was healthy as a proverbial horse, she was in her forties. Her eggs were getting old.

My thoughts turned to Monica. I loved her. Yes, she had participated in Karly's little deception, but it didn't change my feelings one bit.

I was deep in thought when Monica peeked into my doorway.

"Ready for dinner?" she asked. I took a deep breath, and smiled.

"Marry me?" I replied, veering way off topic.

Monica stood, frozen in place, her mouth open in shock. Her hand came up to cover it, and she nodded.

"Yes! Of course! Yes!" she gasped, and pounced on me, kissing me ardently. What followed was several minutes of passionate moaning and kissing, before we finally parted.

"Not the most romantic proposal. I'm sorry," I conceded. "I just think we should be married before the baby is born."

"I understand," she giggled. "Besides, I'm hardly one to demand a traditional marriage, after tricking you. I hope you know that I didn't get pregnant to force you into marriage. If you want to retract the offer, well, I understand."

"I love you, Mon. That's why I'm asking, not because I feel guilty, which, obviously, I shouldn't. So the proposal stands. Does your answer?"

"Yes," she smiled. She rolled out of bed, and extended her hand. "Come on, husband, let's go eat, before it gets cold."

I was naked, so I pulled on some shorts and a shirt before taking her hand.

"Lead the way, wife," I replied. She giggled. "I like the way that sounds."

"Me, too," she whispered, and kissed me once more before heading down the hall.


We were downstairs, holding hands at the table, and eating our dinner, when Karly wandered in. She was wearing a robe, sort of, as it was fastened loosely enough that her big tits were hanging out.

"That smells good," she giggled, sitting down. Her hair was a bedraggled mess, the result of our energetic afternoon exploits.

"Jeez, Mom. How many times did he make you cum?" Monica asked, sweeping the hair out her Mother's eyes.

"Ooooo, just enough," Karly answered. "Well into double digits. It should hold me for a day or so."

I certainly hope so, I thought.If I had to do that everyday, I'd be dead in a week.

"Mom, we have a question for you," Monica said, holding my hand tightly.

"Okay. Shoot," Karly smiled, drinking her coffee.

"We were wondering what you were doing next Saturday?"

It took a few seconds for it to sink in. She looked puzzled for a while, before the lightbulb went off. She gasped, and her eyes opened wide.

"Well, it's about fucking time!" she giggled, and grabbed Monica's left hand. There was nothing on the ring finger. She frowned, and looked at me.

"I know," I replied sheepishly. "Didn't plan it out so well."

"Well, I can fix that," she smiled, and leapt up from the table. "Be right back!"

We heard her running up the stairs, and into her room, drawers opened and closed, then she ran back down, coming into view. She was breathing hard, and her robe was wide open.

"Here. I'd like you to make use of this one. I knew I kept it for a reason. May it last longer, in its second try." She held out her hand. In the palm, a diamond solitaire glittered. "Do it right."

I took the ring from her, and she used both hands to retie her robe, grinning at me while I watched with obvious lust. I had a feeling I knew what she meant by 'do it right'.

I took a knee, and held Monica's hand, gazing up at her.

"Monica Louise Pudzianowski....will you marry me?" I reiterated. Karly looked on, in rapt joy, her hands clasped together. She hopped happily, waiting for her daughter's reply.

"Yes, David. I will marry you," she smiled, as I slipped the ring on. It was a perfect fit. Like mother, like daughter. Karly giggled, and clapped her hands.

"My little girl is getting married!" she beamed. "I feel like celebrating!" She stepped over and kissed me hard. Her arms encircled my neck, and she pulled me tight against her chest.

I think we're headed back to the bedroom, I thought. At least I got a meal before hand.

Indeed, we were destined for the bedroom again, but this time as a threesome. Within minutes, I was giving my 'wife' a smooth shafting from behind, while she licked her Mother's pussy gently. Having sex as a group was sounding like a great idea, and not just for the usual reasons. It was more efficient from an energy point of view, if I could please one of them while she pleased the other.

And it was hot. No matter how often I saw it....and it had become a far more regular occurrence than I could ever have hoped....watching two women together was always a huge turn on. That they were mother and daughter didn't diminish it one iota.

After we had finished our 'celebration', we laid there quietly. I was the meat in the sandwich, as usual, and Monica was holding her hand out, admiring the ring that glittered on her finger.

"It looks good on you, honey," Karly smiled, as her hand traced playful circles on my chest.

"Thanks for letting us use it," I said quietly. "I'll pay you back."

"Oh sweetie, you already did," she giggled, leaning up to kiss me.

I was pretty sure she was referring to the new life growing in her belly, but I still wanted to get her something in return. An idea had sparked in my mind, that would include her in our happy coupling.


It actually took two weeks to schedule our appointment at City Hall, to get married. Karly took Monica shopping for a dress, which I wasn't allowed to see before the day of the ceremony. Those logistics were quite funny, as I live in the same house, and usually sleep with Monica, but I didn't peek.

The delay let Monica and I do our own shopping. I explained my idea to her, and she thought it was a great idea. I was pretty sure Karly would love it, and it made sense, as a symbol of our unique arrangement.

When our wedding day arrived, I woke up in Karly's bed. She had insisted that I not sleep with her daughter the night before, but I think she just wanted me to herself. Whatever the reason, I got a very good nights sleep, mostly because she wore me out, with a two hour session of non stop fucking and sucking that left me unconscious, and her finally satisfied. That didn't stop her from giving me my morning blowjob, though, and it was her lips on my morning semi that brought me back to life.

Monica appeared in the doorway, and watched her Mother bobbing her head in my lap for a few seconds, before joining us, slipping quietly in beside me. She wore a rather impressive smile, and kissed me softly.

"Guess what?" she giggled, rubbing her naked body against mine.

"You're horny?" I guessed. I groaned, as Karly twirled her tongue around the head of my cock.

"Well...yeah, especially after listening to you two, fucking your brains out last night. I got myself off three times!" she gasped. "That's not really the answer I was looking for, though."

"Well then, I would think you're excited about today," I smiled. "I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but....we're getting married today!"

"Mmmmm, yes....I had heard that," she moaned, kissing me again, this time deeper and more passionately.

Karly was still doing her thing down below, and had me very close to the edge. Monica's tongue was exploring my mouth, as we shared our amorous embrace, when I couldn't take any more stimulation.

I groaned into Monica's mouth, and shook, as I spewed my hot cum down her Mother's throat. She maintained contact, holding me gently through my orgasm, and kissing me, while whispering encouragement to me.

"Yeah, honey.....that's it.....cum in her mouth. Does that feel good, sweetie?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck....yes!" I hissed, my shaft still twitching between her Mother's lips.
"Well, you deserve it. I love you," she smiled, while Karly cleaned up below.


We parked the car outside City Hall. My parents were already there, and my Mother walked over to us slowly. My Father hung back.

Ah yes, we haven't really discussed my parents, have we? Well, they were less than thrilled when they learned I was moving in with Monica and her Mother. Actually, Dad was fine with it, if a bit jealous. Mom was just appalled. How could a mother let her daughter have sex under her roof before marriage?

Speaking of marriage, they weren't much more impressed with that bit of information than they were with my moving in. Again, my Mother was very unhappy.

If she knew the truth, I'm sure Dad would be collecting on her life insurance. I decided they didn't need to know the details of my relationship with Karly. They were accepting of Monica, and undue complications would just make it worse. The shit was sure to hit the fan in a few months anyway, so why deal with it now, on a day that was supposed to be happy?

"Hi, Mom," I smiled.

"Hello, David," she replied, with a forced smile for the benefit of Monica.

Like most mothers, mine was protective of me, her only child. I knew that was the real reason behind her attitude, and I still loved her, even if she was doing her best to disrupt the nuptials. She was only miffed. She called me David. Happy Mom called me 'honey', and angry Mom gave me the full 'David Allen' treatment. She dragged me aside immediately.

"David, are you sure this is what you want? It's not too late to back out. Don't let them pressure you into this," she whispered. How she came to that conclusion, I don't know.

"Mom, I love you, but you're way off. I want this," I replied, looking over her shoulder at Monica, who was observing the exchange. I shook my head, telling her to stay out of it.

"I can object, and get you out of it, if you don't feel comfortable changing your mind," Mom suggested.

"You will not!" I snapped. I put my hands on her shoulders gently, and spoke to her softly, from the heart. "Mom....listen to me....I love Monica, and that's why we're getting married. I want this, and I want you and Dad to be here for it.....but I swear, if you try to block the ceremony, or disrupt it in any way, we'll just do it without you, and it will be a very long time before we have a conversation again. I love you Mom. Just trust me, please."

"I'm sorry," she said softly, her eyes tearing. "I just worry about you."

"I know, Mom," I smiled, and wrapped her in my arms. She sobbed for a minute, until my Father joined us, patting me on the shoulder, and taking my place.

"We'll be in in a minute," he said evenly. "Congratulations, son.... She's a lovely girl."

As I let Dad take over, consoling my Mother, I looked over to where Monica was waiting, nervously, but patiently. Karly had already gone inside, but my bride was going nowhere without me.

I should tell you now about that dress I wasn't allowed to see. Obviously, it wasn't the traditional white wedding dress, as she wasn't going to pretend to be a virgin. Besides, you only wear that once. She wanted a dress she could wear for our anniversary, every year, and this one certainly fit the bill.

Royal blue, with black panels up each side, to accentuate her she didn't reached just below her left knee, angling up to just above her right. The lower half was snug, moulding to her hips and thighs like a pencil skirt. The upper half was equally form fitting, with cap sleeves, that showed off her sexy arms and shoulders, and a deep slit neckline that did the same for her cleavage. Her dirty blonde hair was draped over one shoulder. The dress brought out her eyes. She was, in a word, stunning.

And soon to be my wife.

I walked over to her, and kissed her.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied, and put my arm around her. We walked in, and joined Karly, who was waiting in her own breathtaking dress. Hers was similarly styled, but all black, and with a wider V neck. Not surprisingly, this put her big breasts on display, and she was loving the attention.

The ceremony went smoothly. My Mother's only disruptive input was her tears, as she sniffed and sobbed in my Father's arms. At last, our 'I do's were exchanged, and the justice pronounced us husband and wife. Everyone hugged after our kiss, and my parents left us, heading for the restaurant where we were having our celebratory dinner. That left Monica and I to surprise Karly with her gift.

We made a little deviation on the way to the restaurant, and stopped at a scenic viewpoint, overlooking the lake. Karly was full of questions, but we had no answers for her until we stood looking out at the water.

"Mom, we wanted to do this alone, just the three of us," Monica said, kissing her Mother. "We love you."

Karly still had a bewildered look on her face, as I reached into my pocket. I handed one item to Monica, and took the other myself.

"Karly, we can't do this officially, because I'm now married to your daughter, but we want you to know that as far as we're concerned, we are a trio. Given the situation with the babies that will be coming soon enough, it seems appropriate," I smiled, taking her left hand, while Monica took her right.

We each produced a thin, gold band, and slipped it on the ring fingers of Karly's hands, mine on the left, Monica's the right.

I had never actually seen Karly at a loss for words, but there she was, stunned into silence. She looked from one of us, to the other, her eyes moist. She wrapped us in her arms, holding us close.

"Thank you so much, both of you," she whispered. "I don't know what to say. I love both of you so much."

We were about ten minutes late for dinner, but my Mother was on her third glass of wine, so she didn't even notice.

Karly sat on the other side of my Father, and Dad was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her devastating cleavage. Fortunately, my Mom was getting wasted, so she couldn't focus well enough to see him checking out those big, beautiful tits. I could sympathize. It seemed like yesterday that I tackled her in the backyard, and had those same soft boobs surrounding my face.

Dinner went well, although my Mother was very quiet. We had a final toast, and Dad herded Mom into their car. He gave me a hug, and they drove off.

Karly turned off her phone, having called a cab for her ride home. It was her idea. She wanted us to be alone, and had made reservations for us at a nearby resort, as her honeymoon gift. We would have four days, with no one to worry about but us.

We might even make it out of the bedroom.


It was a three hour drive, and we actually managed to keep our hands off each other until we got there, largely because Monica had a nap for most of the trip.

Upon our arrival, we checked in, and were escorted to our suite by a bellhop, who let his eyes wander freely over my new wife's sexy form. A little too freely, in my books. I didn't mind him looking....Monica was definitely look-worthy....but he didn't have to leer. Leering was my job. Too bad he was spending his tip, and didn't know it.

After the grand tour of our accommodations, he held out his hand, and I shook it, staring him down.

"Maybe later," I growled, "if you can make me forget how you were undressing my wife with your eyes." He left, grumbling about 'not being able to help it'.

The suite was very nice. We had a private balcony, with high dividers on both sides, and a hot tub, that looked out over the rocky beach, strewn with driftwood. In an hour, we'd be staring down the barrel of a lovely sunset.

Inside, a two person soaking tub sat in the bathroom, and the shower was over sized. Well, it was the honeymoon suite. Everything was made for two to have fun in. The couch was even one of those serpentine type lounges, with several different areas of varied angles, for creative positioning of sex partners. Speaking of fun....the bed was enormous, bigger than a regular King. Karly would have fit easily. If she knew what this place was like, I'm sure she wouldn't have been so quick to insist we go alone.

Monica laid back on the bed, and started giggling. I asked her what was so funny, and she just motioned me over. I laid beside her, and saw what had tickled her funny bone. Inset in the ceiling, a huge mirror hovered over the bed.

"I've never watched myself have sex before," she smiled, rolling onto her side and pressing up against me. "I guess there's no time like the present."

"I've never had sex with a married woman," I replied. "I wonder what it's like? Probably boring." She didn't let my tease go unchallenged.

"Oh, we'll see how boring it is, husband!" she growled, crawling atop me. Her sex kitten demeanour cracked, and she laughed. "I have a husband! How did that happen?"

I briefly thought about replying, but decided to just kiss her, and pulled her to my lips. Her hands caressed my face as we embraced, while my hands wandered over her firm behind. I didn't feel any panties.

"Were you going commando all day?" I asked, and she fluttered her eyes in embarrassment.

"Yes, I'm afraid I have been. This dress shows panty lines like crazy, and I didn't want to look like that. So....I just left them off. You married a woman with her pussy in the open air. Still think it'll be boring?"

"No, but I'm sure my Mother would want to have a chat with you, young lady," I laughed.

"Hmmm," she smiled, kissing me again. "It's a good thing she's not here then, isn't it? I'm lucky." My hands were all over her now, and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. "Oh lucky!"

I really wanted her out of that dress, but there was no way I would be able to peel it off her while we were laying down. It was just too snug around her hips and thighs. Fortunately, she read my mind, and rolled off, taking a stance beside the bed. I sat up, and she smiled down at me, still wearing her tall black heels.

"Please....go ahead. Strip me," she smiled, "and then it's my turn to do the same to you. Mother was so cruel, keeping you to herself, last night, and being so loud about it. It was torture, but now you're all mine, and I'm going to enjoy that big cock of yours, every way possible."

'Every way possible' sounded like something I might enjoy a lot, so I stood up, and wasted no time beginning to bare me luscious bride. I wasted no time, but that didn't mean I was in a rush, as I wanted her to know how how beautiful I thought she was. She was my own, living goddess, sculpted perfection, her warm soft skin welcoming my touch.

I eased the dress forward, over her shoulders, caressing every inch as it was revealed. Her heels brought her up to my level, letting me nuzzle her neck after sweeping her hair aside. She moaned softly, and turned in my arms, pressing her rump into my crotch. I nibbled her ear lobes, feeling her shiver in my grasp, as my hands slid over the muscular curves of her shoulders, and nudged the fabric off. She often worked out with her Mother, and while she didn't have Karly's skills yet, those exercises and self defence training had toned her body to perfection.

As the dress fell slack over her chest, the black, strapless bra that supported her full, round breasts came into view. I looked down her deep cleavage while continuing to kiss and tease her neck. My hands trailed down, rubbing the outer curves of those beautiful tits, while she slipped her arms out of the dress, letting it fall around her waist. Her hand now came up, grabbing my hair, and pulling my lips to her sensitive collarbone.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Mmmmmmmmm.... You're making me crazy, baby! I'm so wet!" she moaned.

I found the catch in the front of the bra, between her globes, and pressed it, letting the black satin spring open, and putting those fabulous boobs in my hands. I fondled them gently, milking them with squeezes that moved toward her extremely erect nipples.

"Ooooo, I can't wait to drink from your tits, honey," I whispered in her ear. My fingers tweaked and twisted the nipples playfully. She groaned, and leaned back against me more.

"You're gonna make me lose my mind," she breathed. Her hands moved down, pushing the dress off over her hips. She stepped out with one foot, and kicked it away with the other. "I'm naked now, so it's my turn."

She spun slowly in my arms. I was still dressed exactly as I had been for the ceremony, in my navy blue suit. The only change was that I had loosened my collar and tie. Her first move was to dispatch my jacket, tossing it across the room.

Now down to more interesting layers, she kissed me, while her fingers toyed with the buttons on my shirt. Slowly, those buttons were undone, and her hands reached inside, caressing my chest and tickling my nipples. A grin spread across her face, as she loosened the red tie a bit more, and eased my shirt off over my shoulders. With the shirt gone, she snugged tie up again, and used it as a leash, pulling me over to the bed. She sat on the edge.

"On your knees, husband," she commanded, smiling as I complied. She spread her long legs wide, and pointed. "I believe you know what I want. Eat my pussy, please."

Her earlier claim to be wet was clearly conservative. She was drenched. Dripping. A slick of her juices extended down to mid-thigh, and her lips were fully engorged, pouting wide open. Her pussy was so pretty, just like the rest of her, and now it was mine.

She tugged on my 'leash', and raised her eyebrows, silently asking what the delay was all about.

I was wondering myself. My wife's cunt was absolutely delicious, and I couldn't think of anyplace I'd rather be. Not even her Mother's pornograhically perfect, thick lipped spectacle of womanhood held my attention the way Monica's did.

I leaned forward, and fluttered my tongue over her clit, cutting right to the chase. Monica moaned, and laid back, but kept her grip on my tie.

"That's it, honey....lick my pussy. It feels so good," she smiled.

And tastes even better, I thought, worming my tongue into her moist depths. I ate her like a man possessed, and it didn't take long to get her off. She gushed her honey into my mouth, and I slurped up the copious juices happily, while she screamed and crushed her cunt against my lips. If the bellhop was nearby, he would know what was going on.

I rested my chin on her pubic bone, and looked up her body, watching her perfect breasts quiver and shake with each desperate breath. She brushed the tousled hair out of her face, and exhaled.

"Oooooooooo....okay, this marriage thing might work out fine, if that's any indication," she giggled. She released my tie. I stood, and kicked off my shoes, beginning to shed clothes quickly.

"What's your pleasure, honey? You can take me any way you like. A blowjob? How about my ass? Wanna fuck my hot cunt into submission?" She struggled up to assisting position, and watched me as I finished stripping off my underwear. My cock was, as expected, rock hard.

"Hmmm," I smiled, looking out at the sun, beginning to set. "I the hot tub."

"Yes? Yes to which?" she asked, still a little woozy from her huge orgasm. "The blowjob, my pussy, or my ass?"

"Yes," I reiterated, with a grin. "All of them."

Monica stood, kicked her heels off, and walked naked out onto the balcony.

"Yeah, I suppose that will do," she winked.


David had better pace himself, or these two will wear him out.

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