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Romancing the Librarian Pt. 01

Excitement in Death Valley

I met Marian at a fund raiser for the library. We knew each other distantly, but socialized with different people. She had a degree in library science in her past, and substituted for the full time librarians when they went on vacation. She was tall and slim and always well dressed. Elegant wasn't quite the right word. There was a quality of aloofness that added to her feminine allure. It said this was not a woman to make a casual pass at.

"Hello, Jeff, are you enjoying the event?" I was a writer. A nearly fifty year old divorced writer, to be more exact. I had grown up in an academic family with a respect for learning, so libraries and librarians fitted into my world view of goodness.

"Just getting some of my donation back in a glass." I smiled at her and she laughed with me. "You've been on the donor list forever, don't kid me. By the way, I saw that piece you did on the salmon up north. It was very good. Sounded like the trip to research it was fun."

The article was free lance that I had done on the spur of the moment, not counting much on it being picked up. But it was and got a lot of positive feedback. My editor sent an email complimenting me and asking when the next novel would be done if I was catting around in the redwoods.

"I caught hell from my editor for that one. She wants my next manuscript, not salmon." We laughed again. "Are you an outdoor person," I asked.

She spoke carefully, "A little. But it's nice to get away to quiet places now and then." She paused, and added, "Do you like company on your trips?"

I gave her my quizzical look that invited more conversation. "Do you have a favorite place that could generate another free lance feature? I pay for good leads."

She reached out and touched my hand. I felt more than a touch. "If you are flirting with me, I like that. My friends tell me I should be dating, but it's really hard after twenty years of being a single mother. Sarah is at Wellesley, so I don't have a good reason not to get out."

"I'm not sure you need a date with a divorced, middle aged writer, but it would be fun to try." I looked straight into her wide blue eyes. They didn't blink, and she quietly said, "What if we went around to Lee Vining and looked for rare birds?"

"If you are serious, my brother will lend us his RV and we can camp." We were exchanging noncommittal glances, but some emotion was flowing.

"I have a substitute assignment going on right now, what about week after next?"

Not quite believing a five minute conversation was getting me a trip with this special woman, I looked at her and said, "I would really like that. Let's go to lunch on Friday and talk about details. My treat."

"No, if you are providing the camping equipment, I am doing the food and buying lunch too." Her eyes were dancing. She emphasized 'equipment' as though it was a private joke between us. For me, at least, the aloofness was melting.

Ten days later, on a sunny warm morning, we were cruising down the highway on the east side of the Sierra with twenty-five feet of RV behind us. Marian had a big smile on her face and said, "This is fun! I've always looked down on the RV crowd, but it has its virtues, doesn't it?"

"My brother says if you keep the RV park directory handy, and think ahead a bit, it can be very pleasant. Just don't plan on stopping or turning around any old place!"

"Are girls on a first date with you allowed to drive it?" Her smile was getting my juices going. I asked myself what goes on between a 51 year old man and a 42 year old female on a first date. Time would tell.

Marian said, "We could detour to that gold mining town for lunch if you think the RV will take some gravel road."

"That's a great idea. I haven't been to Bodie since I was a kid."

After a dusty stretch of gravel road, I parked on a rise above the abandoned town that once held ten thousand miners. The view south to the Mono Lake basin, and east into the Nevada desert, was spectacular. I got out the camp chairs and a folding table while Marian unpacked the lunch.

"Would you like me to open some wine or get you a beer?" I inquired

She gazed up at me from her canvas chair, looking very comfortable. "The wine and the altitude will put me to sleep in no time. Have you decided where this luxury vehicle is going to spend the night?"

"Let's skip the alcohol while we ponder that important question." I got lemonade from the refrigerator and brought two glasses out. Marian had her binoculars and was looking down at Mono Lake. "I can almost see the birding platform at the northern end of the lake. Do we get to go there this afternoon?" She looked at me and smiled. I leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose.

"You made a wonderful choice getting us this far. I'm content to have you navigate. Feels reassuring, somehow, to have a librarian in charge of where I'm going."

She reached over and ran her fingers through my hair. "You are just funning me, Jeff Martin. If I couldn't see Mono Lake right in front of me, I wouldn't have a clue where we were or where to go." She smiled and almost giggled as she took another bite of roasted tomato and avocado sandwich. I could get used to gourmet chow in the mountains.

I pulled out my iPhone. "Do you have one of these?"

"No. Should I?"

I handed it to her. "Read me what it says."

"It says Google Maps wants to use your current location."

"Say ok."

"Oh my. It's showing me Mono Lake and it has this pulsing blue thing. Is that us?"

"Yep. Hard to stay lost with GPS gadgets like that phone."

She got up and came to sit in my lap. "Will you show me about all this if I'm nice to you?"

"You are already nice to me. Look at this fantastic lunch."

"Well, I could find ways to be nicer."

I hugged her and went to kiss her cheek, but got her lips instead. A long slow passionate kiss.

"What did I do to deserve that? This is only a first date."

"For a first date, you are doing a lot to impress me. I understand that women who remember the bases from their teenage years are considered hopelessly out of it."

"You don't feel out of it to me. I just got a nice kiss, and even promises of more delights if I help you learn some new technology."

"Yes, more delights. Are we going to fool around up here, or are we going down there and watch birds?"

We gathered up the lunch things and I started off, grinding down slowly through town and following more dirt road into a side canyon to the south. No signs, no railings, just a steep grade and tight curves.

"I don't see this on the road map." Her voice had an unhappy edge to it as we bounced around another tight corner.

"Look on the map on the phone."

"Yes, I see a very tiny line headed toward the lake. Is that what we are doing?"

"Yes. All of us Martin boys know the backcountry roads."

She saw through me in an instant. "If you roll this thing, your brother is going to be very unhappy."

"Yes. He has a vicious streak from time to time."

She let me concentrate on the road, but muttered under her breath about male ego. In just a few minutes more, we were out in the open at the bottom of the grade.

"Are you going to tell me the truth about this route?"

"Only if you promise not to beat me."

"If we see a murrelet, you are off the hook."

I found the parking lot with no trouble and we hiked to the platform, which jutted inconspicuously into the edge of the lake.

An hour's watching got us a list of birds, but no murrelet. She said, "They are ocean birds, really. They even have webbed feet. But they nest in trees, mostly within easy reach of the coast. So a murrelet here is rare."

As we walked back to the RV in lengthening shadows, she asked, "Are we still undecided about where to stop?"

"Let me show you a possibility and see what you think." About a mile away and a little higher up, there was an empty lot across from several houses. I could drive straight in and out, and the view was great.

"Here? Really?"

"A friend of my brother's owns one of those houses. The RV's been here before. I wasn't sure whether you would like it with sand and sagebrush all around."

She leaned over and kissed me again. "There! That's for getting us down that awful grade and finding such a nice spot to spend the night."

I pulled her down into my lap and tried another kiss.

"Are you being fresh?" She stuck her tongue in my mouth and explored.

"I thought french kisses were not allowed?"

"Play later, cook now. Fix us a drink."

We sipped some oakey Chardonnay and I chopped vegetables as the stir fry took shape. The shadows of the Sierra peaks lengthened over the lake, spotlighting the black volcanic island at the east end.

She asked, "Does being divorced make you gunshy about women?"

"I wouldn't be here if I was. My wife was never happy that I didn't have a regular job.We drifted apart and a guy at work started chasing her. That was it. Do you have lost loves in your past?"

She took a sip of wine and smiled at me. "I was married at twenty and widowed at twenty-one. He was in an Army vehicle on maneuvers and it overturned. Took me a while to get over, especially since I was pregnant with Sarah. I put a lot of energy into finishing school. Got coerced into looking after my grandparents and they left everything to me when they died. I live in their house on the income from their trust. Small, quiet existence."

I watched the darkness creep across the lake basin, thinking of small, quiet lives.

"I look at you and see an attractive woman who should be doing something more exciting. Maybe my job is to light your fire."

She gave me a hard stare. "That is a terribly corny line. You couldn't pick up a teenager with that one."

I went over and stood behind her at the sink. She was stiff under my hands. I wrapped my arms around her and caressed her breasts. "I think there is some fire in you. These are teenage tits, if we are talking about teenagers."

She moved around in my embrace. Her behind rubbed on me. She could tell I was hard. "You are making me wet. Doesn't that put out fires?" She giggled.

"Female juice is incendiary."

"OMG, you are so bad. I've let myself get trapped in the wilderness with a horny writer and he is killing me with words."

My fingers worked on her neck and shoulder muscles. My tongue licked her ear and worked around to her lips. She turned and pressed into me. We kissed and rocked back and forth. The bed was only a few feet away.

"Which do you want more, me or dinner?" She was smiling and laughing again.

"I could stand here and help."

"You will pour me some more wine and sit down."

The dinner was good. We were both hungry. Looking out the window at the lake and the few lights in Lee Vining to the south took the place of talking.

I put the dishes in the sink and said, "Let's have a walk and I'll cleanup later."

She took my hand as we strolled in the crisp desert air under a blanket of stars. "Being over here always excites me. These mountains have ruled for millions of years. Their snow waters the desert and provides food for all the creatures who survive the heat, cold and drought."

"You admire creatures with toughness?"

"I do. Think of the early humans who came here. The Indians finding their way on foot, gathering nuts. The first European men, who came thousands of miles, exploring for riches, living off the land."

"Are you tough enough to put on a pack and hike the trails and passes?"

"I've thought about it. Seems like a lot of work for not enough return. Are you a Sierra hiker?"

"My father was an oil geologist who hiked here for relaxation. He took us along when we were kids. My younger self had the same reaction you do, not enough return. But maybe we are missing something. Maybe our fire doesn't burn bright enough."

She leaned over and kissed me. "We are back to fire, are we?"

Writers, and maybe librarians too, lead a singular existence. You have to be comfortable in your own skin, as the saying goes. You have to have enough inner drive to survive the rough spots. I thought of the prospectors out here a hundred years ago. Wanting to be alone, wanting to find a bonanza of their own. A mostly demented quest.

"You are quiet."

"Do you mind?"

"No. It's peaceful. You are comfortable to be around, even if dangerous."

We stood in the chill, arms around each other's backs.

She nuzzled under my chin and said, "Take me back and make dangerous love to me."

There were curtains in the RV but she said to leave them because she liked the view and we could undress in the dark.

I sat on the bed and wrapped my arms around her waist. I eased her underwear down. She smelled like woman. I was hard. She dropped her shirt and bra, and pushed me back. I rolled us over and pulled up covers. The bed was cold.

"Can we warm up?"

"You want some tea with brandy?"

"Later. I want you first." She put my hand in her crotch, which was soft and moist. Her hand found my erection and stroked me.

"I haven't done this in a while."

"I will be especially rough on you. You said I was dangerous."

"Shut up and get in me."

Her cunt was special. Tight, slippery, squeezing me. I drove harder, getting coupled tight. She made a little groaning noise. I pulled back and thrust firmly. She humped up at me. "More."

I had been anxious about this. Flirting is fun, doing it unleashes other feelings. Little worries about performance, about discovering compatibility, or not.

We were compatible. "Hurry, I need to come."

I was giving her my best when she shouted a loud 'Yes' and came hard. I wasn't there and decided a second round would be fine.

"I needed that. I guess you could tell."

"I guessed there was fire beneath the covers."

"Your cock performs better than your mouth." She kissed me hard.

I got her a towel to cleanup with and turned on a small light to make tea. She lay there and watched me, my floppy cock still wet. "Wipe that thing. You are getting juice where it doesn't belong."

I handed her both cups and climbed back in. Our hips were joined, our lips were exchanging tastes of brandy infused tea. She draped an arm around my neck and hummed.

"Do we get to do that again?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

She leaned over me and put her empty cup on the floor.

I ran fingers down her bare back. "How does a woman your age stay trim?"

"You work at it. You do exercises, calorie counts, take up running or biking or swimming."

Her behind was tight and muscular. I palmed her globes. "What kind of muscle is this?"

"Swimming. There is an exercise center near my house. I do half an hour in the pool almost every morning."

"I'm going to revise my opinion of you. You don't just have fire, you have fiery determination."

"I'm not fiery now, I'm going to sleep."

The mountain air and altitude crashed us both.

A coyote yipping somewhere nearby woke us up. The clock's red numerals said 4:05. She was nestled into my front and felt good. I wrapped my arm around her chest and nibbled at the place where her shoulder and neck came together.

"We went to sleep too early, didn't we?"

Her hand was around my cock, which was rising to the occasion. "Someone is awake."

I got up to pee. She followed and sat in front of me. I fumbled in my toilet kit and found what I wanted.

"Hold out your hand." I put a good squeeze of my love lotion in her palm. "Put that in yourself and on me."

After she wiped, I led her by the hand to the kitchenette table with the window looking at the lake. I kissed the side of her face and gently pushed down on her back. She realized what was coming and relaxed. I nudged her legs further apart and easily found my way inside. My sister gave me the lotion and said women liked it. Marian was pushing back on me, testing it out. The feeling was great. I asked, "Ok?"

"Where did you get that?"

"My sister. Told me it helped her have great orgasms."

"In the dark, with wild animals right outside, at 4 am?"

I didn't say anything but went to work with energetic pumping in her. The kind you use on orgasmic women.

The damn stuff was going to make me come. The question was whether Marian would. One moment she was still passive and the next moment her button had been pushed and I had a live, jerking female with a foul tongue in my hands. "There you go again, seducing innocent women you have lured to the mountains with promises of bird watching!"

She'd hardly finished those words when a great shudder went through her and she cried out, "Oh fuck, I'm coming."

Doggy style gives the man a great chance to blast away right into her cervix, which I did. She clenched at me and said, "Doesn't he ever stop?"

I was still panting, holding her in a death grip.

I walked us back to the toilet and let her drain. Her head rested on my belly. "You are a bastard. A fucking early morning bastard." She laughed and used two tissues to get our stuff off me. Before I could react, she took it into her mouth, sucking and tonguing. I played with her hair and told her I loved her.

We needed to get under the covers and warm up. "Love is a dangerous word."

"I told you I was dangerous."

"How could you know that, we've only been close to each other for one day."

"Go to sleep. Love can be patient."

The next time we woke up, the sun was slanting across the lake into our eyes.

I rolled her in my direction and gently went after the white breast with the stiff nipple in front of me.

"I don't think I've been in bed all night with a man more than two or three times in my life."

I hummed.

"The desert sun is on me, your long hair is in my face, and my pussy is wet and tingling."

"Life must not be all bad. You are not allowed out of bed yet. What kind of eggs do you want? This is be nice to your favorite librarian week."

Breakfast in bed is great, especially with a hot woman next to you. She spilled butter from her toast on a boob and I went after it. This led to kissing and wrestling, which lead to a nice fuck which lead to several more orgasms for her.

"This is bad. You are getting to me. Like it says in the chick lit novels, my body is betraying me. Come here again."

We lay there in the morning sun, coupled up. Marian was on top whispering to me. "I thought I was going on a birding trip with a friend. Instead, you've got me in this romantic nest, changing my whole life around, talking love at me. My head is spinning. Maybe I will fall for you."

She squeezed me, rolled us over and said to be rough with her.

I was. I slapped the side of her breast hard. I pinched both nipples. I turned us over and beat on her ass as hard as I could until she screamed and squirted on me and I blasted into her one more time.

She cried. I said, "I'm sorry." She said, "It's my fault. I closed men out of my life and now you dynamited your way back in. You are a nasty fucker and I think I love you." She cried harder and I just lay there and held on to her.

I turned on the generator to make hot water and run the microwave. She got her quick shower and looked at me as she toweled off. "You have old shorts on. We are going hiking, aren't we? Even after what you said."

"Think of it as an uplifting experience. Have you ridden second seat on the motorcycle before?"

"Heaven's no. Only sluts ride bikes."

"You are about to be a slut. We have my brother's small, low powered bike in the back. Let's leave this monster here."

I dug in my duffel and threw another old pair of shorts at her. "Try these. Probably fit better without underwear."

She was speechless, but pulled them on. Tight across her ass. I loved them on her instantly.

"I get your tee shirt too?" She was pulling a seamless sports bra over her head, and said, "These do not get to flop around in the outdoors. If you want teenage tits, I have to take care of them."
She giggled and I kissed her. "If you make a couple of sandwiches, I'll get the bike organized."

I filled the gas tank, and it started right up. I went in and we packed lunch into something she could wear while we rode.

I headed south on the highway. "Do I get to know where we are going?"

"Hang on and let it be a surprise."

Half an hour later we reached the end of the road at almost ten thousand feet, with a small hydro reservoir in front of us. "We're going to take an easy hike up that ridge over there."

The trail was faint, but not difficult. We were both out of breath, taking slow steps. It was almost an hour before we reached the top of the ridge, with a glorious view to the west. Mountain after mountain disappeared into the haze. We sat on a rock, drinking water.

"This is the second time you have gotten me somewhere nice after scaring me."

"I warned you."

"You remember that Frank Buck line? Well, if you bring me back alive, your benefits will continue."

"Now you are the one with the sappy lines."

She climbed into my lap. "You see all this sharp rock? It makes me think of the thick Persian rug in front of the fireplace in my house. When we get home, you could ravish me on that rug with a hot fire going. It wouldn't destroy my bottom like these rocks would."

I kissed her and said, "Down around that corner and about a mile to the south is a warm glacial lake with a nice sandy beach."

"You are thinking of taking me there, in both senses of the word?"

"Yes, but it's a bit complicated for our first day. We would either have to climb back out to here, or go farther south to the road and hitchhike back."

"Yes, strenuous and risky. What I'm coming to expect from you."

"Here's another idea. We go back and motor south and east in the RV, taking our time and eating lunch at a good place in the pines that I know. Another hour or so east and we will be at a hot springs resort with marvelous concrete tubs to soak in. Very neat and clean."

"I see. You bring me up here in the stratosphere to freeze, and then down there to parboil."

We sat in silence, enjoying the view, until she stood and started down the trail. "A hot spring sounds nice."

I took it easy, finding our way several thousand feet down the canyon on the bike. Marian had her arms wrapped around me and nibbled at my neck every so often. When we got back to the van, I said, "Before we go home, you have to drive this. Part of your new identity."

She looked at me and finally smiled. "I think you've made me just crazy enough to do that."

I high fived her and we went in to get organized. I called the resort and took an available unit for the night. Unlimited hot shower water was a big attraction. They also knew a place nearby where I could deal with the RV's tank needs.

We sat in the tub in early dusk, wine glasses in hand. Birds flitted in the cottonwood trees above us. A few stars were out.

"This is all part of your grand seduction, isn't it?"

Her lips were soft but demanding. Marian's fires were lit. She had given in. I wasn't after her educated mind, I was drawing out her lust.

She whispered in my ear, "You have reduced me to a quivering, horny lump of female that can't get enough of you."

"Have you gotten over being angry about my seduction techniques?"

"Maybe. Right now I am wallowing in knowing that you intend to take me as often as you like and I will scream and come and scream some more."

I leaned down and licked her very pink nipple, which emerged now and then from the hot spring water that issued from the ground a few dozen yards away and was carried to the tubs in pipes. We didn't have any company at the moment, but Marian looked like that was not a worry.

"Are you going to marry me?"

"This morning, I thought all I had to do was fall for you."

I pulled her into my lap facing away. This let me work on her neck and rub her tits. She took a long drink of wine and relaxed against me.

"I've read novels where men do this to unsuspecting women. Then cart them off to a harem someplace."

"You aren't ready for a harem are you?"

She twisted, arms around my neck. "No, but I am feeling like a fuck toy. That stuff of yours works some kind of magic on my girl parts. They tingle and want to know where your hard cock is."

"There is a nice steak dinner ready for the broiler in the RV. Can your supercharged pussy wait until after dinner?"

She pulled my hair as she climbed out of the tub. "I'm cooked enough. Going to the shower in the room." Her fine white ass disappeared in the gloom.

I sat there, parboiling and considering my fate. I had already made several errors. Well, at least errors from the point of view of preserving my bachelor freedoms. Taking a new partner into your life is not a little deal. I had learned that the hard way with my first wife. But Marian was something special. I'd never run into a smart, literate, sexy woman who was fun to talk to and fun to fuck. A little voice said giving up some freedom to her might be a good deal. Another little voice said, 'Bullshit!'

I followed after her, pink all over, weak in the knees, and not sure what to do next except make dinner.

She was seated at the kitchenette. The vegetables were started. She was sipping bourbon and had her nose in a magazine. I sensed I was in trouble, so grabbed clean clothes and went to the shower in the room. I soaped up and wondered what she was thinking. Probably unhappy about tossing all her reserve out the window and letting this guy she doesn't really know have his cock in her every few hours. Not very dignified. What was the little voice telling her about the orgasms? She could find a better cock somewhere else? Maybe she was trying to decide if my offer of marriage was real. Even if real, did she want to give up her freedoms?

I walked slowly back to the van. She was up against the headboard. "Come here."

"Take your shirt off and sit in front of me."

She started with my scalp, massaging thoroughly. Then the neck, rotating my head to right and left, making it crack. Then shoulders, beating them with the heel of her hands and digging hard with fingers.

Finally, I said, "What's going on?"

"They say massage is good for you after being in the tub."

"Why aren't I working on you?"

"Because I got to you first, and because it is helping me work out my frustrations. Now shut up."

What she was doing was very nice, so it was easy to be quiet. The hands got softer and slower and stopped. Her head was on me and she was crying. One hand came up and tried to pound on me. She mumbled under her breath, "Oh, shit, this isn't working."

I got us worked around with her on my chest. Tears were running freely. I pulled the bedcover over us and she quieted down. Lying there motionless with her eyes closed, she said, "Maybe you should take me home. I can't be any fun to be around like this. I'm a basket case of nerves and emotions."

"I didn't give you permission to use me for therapy."

She was silent for a while.

"Yes, I guess that's it, unauthorized use of therapist. Long time single librarian talks to guy and everything tumbles out. Guy's cock opens up librarian and inhibitions she didn't even know she had fall on the floor." She giggled. I thought, things can't be all bad.

I moved my hand under the tee shirt. The breast was warm and inviting.

I whispered in her ear, "Guy finds woman of his dreams and loses his head."

She sat up and beat on my chest. "Didn't I tell you I would beat you if you didn't stop using those sappy lines on me!"

I pulled the shirt off and tickled her. She pounded harder. I slipped the shorts off and stuck my hand between her legs.

"No, you can't. We have to be grownup about this."

I jammed my hard as nails cock into her and swung us around so she was on top, still trying to beat on me.

"I read some place that if you want to have a serious talk with a woman, get her speared on your cock first."

She went wild, yelling at me, rolling us over and over, trying to squeeze me out of her. When she was exhausted, I was still in her hot twat, and she was on top, laughing and crying.

"I'm not letting you go until you talk to me."

"I refuse." Her eyes glared at me.

"You said you were working on a new identity. Is this it? The woman who cries, beats on me, fucks me, laughs with me?"

"That's the woman I want to marry."

"Oh shit, shit, shit. How can I do this? We haven't dated, we haven't courted. What about an engagement?"

I had her over my legs, working on her the way she worked on me.

"Damn, that feels nice. If I am so foolish as to marry you, do I get regular massage?"

"Every night without fail."

"Do you have any money? Will two of us have to live on my trust?"

"I'm worth more than seven figures. Publishing has been good to me."

"I'm almost too old for babies. Are you going to make me pregnant?"

"I'd love to knock you up. It was one of my dangerous teenage fantasies."

"I live in a very nice house. Will you make me move?"

"Not if you agree to a little remodeling and restoration. My nickel."

"Do you think you can tolerate my awful relatives? There aren't too many."

"Mine are bad too. We can trade off dealing with them."

She got up. Her red eyes were sparkling. "Let's eat."

After all that, we ate like cowboys, wolfing down big hunks of red meat. She didn't talk and kept me in suspense until she had dished up the vanilla ice cream, put chocolate sauce on it, and fed me the first spoonful.

"I accept." Her cold tongue found mine and we had a long ice creamy kiss.

I was in shock. She actually said yes. My little voices were totally confused. I was not thinking straight, but I knew enough to keep my arm tight around her.

"You have to promise to make me keep liking sex with you. If I slack off, you can beat me."

My fingers went up under the leg of the shorts and found a very wet place.

"That's all your doing. Every time we wrestle, I gush like crazy."

"The way to your heart involves wrestling?"

"Crazy, but it seems to be that way." She tousled my hair and applied her teeth to my neck. "Grrrr."

The bright desert sun was shining on us. We were nestled together, pretending to be asleep. She pushed me away and sat up. I turned over and looked at her boobs. She had plump tits with a little sag. The skin around her large pink nipple was very light colored. She looked at me looking at her.


I reached out and pinched the closest nipple.

"Molester of innocent women."

"You don't know how many women I have molested. Come here."

She lay on me and we gazed at the desert out the window. I ran my fingers down her spine.

"If I marry you, you have to promise me lots of lazy mornings like this in exotic locations."

Silence. My fingers worked around on her back muscles. Lazy circles.

"We don't have to go home, you know. My brother doesn't need this any time soon. Have you seen the Indian country in the southwest?"

She raised her head and bit my nipple, gently.

"Are you still trying to blast me out of my small time existence?"

"Smart librarian needs to expand her horizons."

"You are swelling my head with all this talk about smart."

"I'm doing my best to be the infatuated lover saturated with lust."

"You are succeeding. I just gushed on your leg."

"Let's go to the shower. You drained me with that middle of the night attack and I can't get it up."

She sipped her coffee and stared at me across the dinette table. "I said I'd marry you last night, didn't I?"

I stared back. "Regretting it?"

She put her hand on mine. "God, no. I'm sitting here all in a daze trying to figure out what being married means. The first time was over before it started."

"Being married isn't fashionable anymore. I shouldn't have leaned on you with a proposal."

"Did you mean that business about needing to be married to a woman you loved?"


"And a pregnant woman should have a married father for her baby?"

"Yes, but terribly old fashioned."

"I could get married in my grandmother's wedding dress. My mom insisted that I take care of it. If I lose a few pounds I could fit in it."

"I don't have a high collar or a top hat."

I picked her up, grabbed the coffee and walked to the unmade bed.

She straddled me and kissed me and dripped tears on me.



"Double damn. I've hopelessly fallen in love with you. Hot, wet, passionate love. That's only supposed to happen to young girls."

I held her and we rocked back and forth. She asked, "Can we go to Death Valley on the way?"

"Of course. There is a nice place to stay. It even has a toy golf course with green stuff they call grass."

"When are we going to do the ceremony, before you are knocked up or after?"

She sat up grinning and pulled my ears. "You have been having sex with a woman without any protection. You haven't even asked. I suppose you thought the smart librarian would know to take care of that item? Maybe I'm knocked up already." She leaned down and whispered, "Lover."

I jumped up, pulling her into a clinch and pounding on her butt. "I'm scandalized. You casually seduced me, faking orgasms to get my precious sperm deep inside you. Now you pull out the shotgun and blackmail me."

I kissed her hard. She hissed, "Your imagination is too active, buster. We better get on the road before you have any more crazy tales in your head."

The RV was headed straight down a very straight road, going to the low desert.

"I have a compromise. I won't turn you in to the police. Instead, you and I will have a virtual trial marriage for thirty days on the road. All the standard married activities. At the end of the month, we are back home, and we are announcing our wedding if we are still in love."

She glanced over at me.

I waited a minute. "You made that up to scare me. To get back for the stupid thing I said to you about babies."

She was smiling. "You're right. I saw you wince. You deserved it for scaring me with that talk about shotguns."

"So, in our own minds, we are married?"

"Yes, but there is that condition I told you about last night."

I tried to remember. "Which one?"

She was out of her seat, yanking my hair and threatening an RV wreck.

"There was only one, good for nothing. I said you have to keep me coming on your big cock."

The RV sat in the Furnace Creek sun, almost two hundred feet below sea level. I had my aviator sun glasses on, the ones with gold frames that make you look aggressive and risky to women. Marian was behind the wheel, elegant in short shorts and a black tee I had bought her in a sports store before we came over the Panamints. She looked aggressive and risky to my eye. In an earlier day, she would have been called a pushy broad. I said to myself, you already knew that. In a while, I was going to take her to the old timer saloon and watch what the local studs thought.

We were still having sex several times a day, most of the collisions started by her. She made fake threats in a husky voice to report me for abuse. Last night, we camped in a dry canyon aways back from the highway and had rough sex. She threatened to cut off my dick and I put her over my knees and told her threats would keep her ass red for days. She dared me and I did it. Ten good swats. She screamed at me she didn't mean it and please stop. When I did, she was crying real tears and creaming on my fingers in her pussy. Two minutes later she was straddling me and dropping herself on my cock and climaxing with moans and shudders. She fell asleep in my arms, but woke at midnight, used the toilet and got me back inside her for a tearful fuck in which she apologized for being a slut. I told her I loved her and please don't stop beating on me.

We hiked almost every day, and her legs were tanning up and slimming down. Muscle showed in her calves. This was my girl and I was feeling possessive. Silly guy. No man possesses a woman like Marian. I was overwhelmed by the way she consciously gave herself to me, matching my lust with hers. We told each other we were just silly newlyweds and it would wear off. I hoped not.

We registered to get another endless shower and sat next to the RV in our folding chairs, munching on tuna sandwiches. The sun felt good. I told her we were turning into snowbirds. She read to me from the book on Death Valley hikes. Anything interesting seemed to involve a lot of driving, or a lot of hiking, or both. I closed my eyes.

She asked, "Is this a good place for me to learn to drive the bike?"

"Uncrowded road, good sight lines."

"I'll give you a special reward if you get it down and make sure it starts."

"You give me so many special rewards I can't keep them straight." I got up and got the bike down. It started on the first try. "Let's go get some gas. You can wear my helmet and goggles and try it out in the open field here in the back."

I moved my chair and watched her making cautious circles, then not so cautious circles. Braking and accelerating. Looked like a natural. A biker lady with her black tee and bare legs. A couple of guys were looking at her as they unloaded their car. One of the women with them said, "She's not for you, Gary," and laughed, glancing at me. I winked at her.

Marian brought the bike up near me. "I suppose the acid test is whether you get on the back of this with me?" I nodded and climbed on, keeping my hands off her boobs because of the audience.

She popped the clutch and we moved off smartly. I yelled in her ear, "You impressed those two guys back there." I directed her along the path to the saloon and we parked it. She stowed the helmet and shook out her hair. "Put on the glasses and your biker lady look, we're going inside."

There were tables along the side and a few stools at the bar. We took two stools and ordered two MGD's. None of that craft crap for bikers.

She had my hand under the bar, bending and twisting my fingers like she'd break one if I misbehaved.

We had a couple gulps in us when the two couples walked in. I whispered in her ear, "You have the lead, we are on our way to Chaco Canyon and then Yucatan."

The woman who cautioned her husband asked Marian if she could take the stool next to her. She answered in a cool, edgy voice that it was not taken and she was welcome to it. The others took the next three stools. The bartender asked for an order and she said, "The same," gesturing at our bottles.

She opened the conversation, "That's a nice RV you've got there. I keep telling George and Rick we need something like that." Their beer arrived and she took a long swallow. "Where you headed?"

Marian looked at her and jerked her head over her shoulder, "My friend wants to see Chaco Canyon. I want to see Yucatan, so we're doing both."

The woman absorbed the answer and asked, "What do you do that lets you move around like that?"

"He's a writer and I'm a web designer. Gives us freedom." Marian was working on short, punchy biker answers. She shifted the flow of the conversation and said, "I'm Rhonda and this no good is Jake." The other woman said, "I'm Sheila, and this is my husband Rick, his friend George and George's wife SueEllen. "We're from Philly. We do audio support for bands and have a gig in Vegas next week."

I said, "Sheila, I hate to break this up, but I have a call from my editor to take in ten minutes."

We drained our bottles and stood. Rhonda squeezed Sheila's shoulder and said in her ear, "Real nice talking to you, Sheila, have fun here below sea level. There's a lot of outdoors to play in."

The guys didn't miss the tone of Rhonda's remark and laughed as we left.

My biker lady offered me the front seat but I bowed and got on behind her. As she accelerated toward our room, I dug my fingers into her bare hips. "Pretty convincing, Rhonda. You had me fooled."
"Jake, you old galoot, did you see her sticking her tits out at us? As though she had something to compare to mine? I'd like to get her down and slap those around!"

"Now honey, relax. You can't be taking other women on like you do at home. I know you go both ways but take it easy on the road, ok?"

We got to the RV and she got off and handed me the helmet, which I put away. She had a menacing look on her face. She grabbed my ear and pulled hard in the direction of the van. "Jake Richards, you get your lazy ass inside. I've got words for you!"

She slammed the door and pressed me up against it. "OMG, that was such a rush. I was digging for every movie line I ever heard from a biker."

I whispered into her ear, "Rhonda, you slut, if you get into my stash again, I'm going to tan your ass red for a month! Understand?"

She shivered, "Jake, I promise never again. Please don't take that strap to me like you did the last time."

I moved to the bed. "Get us a beer and come over here."

I stretched out and pulled her across me. My hand was in her hair. "There are real people who live like that, you know. Use their weekends for drugs, sex and trouble."

She leaned up and kissed me. "Pretty much ends badly, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but they come from backgrounds that didn't expect much from life in the first place."

She unzipped my pants and pulled me out. "Do me like you were still Jake and I was misbehaving Rhonda. I want to be wild tonight."

By the time I got her over the dinette table with her jeans and briefs down, I was plenty hard. The wild woman thing was turning me on. I gave her a hard swat on the ass and plunged in with no warning.

"Oh Jake, you don't give a girl a chance. Have some mercy on me, will you?"

"Get into my stuff and want mercy, do you? Where'd that shit come from? Maybe I better go back to Mary Lou." I drove hard several times and she gushed on me.

"Oh, that's better. Jake, I do love you. Your cock does things to me no one else does."

"Comin' around, are ya? Now that you mention it, my cock does like your pussy. Maybe I better keep you riding with me."

"Just a little more, Jake. Finish me off, I'm almost there."

"You want my big cock to make you come, Rhonda? Sexy, fucking cunt. Here, take me and come!"

Three strokes and my biker woman was rolling into a great big fucking biker orgasm. I smiled to myself. Marian the librarian was definitely expanding her horizons.

Just as we were fixing up our clothes, there was a knock at the door. Marian nodded at me and I opened up. Big titted Sheila was there, crying her eyes out. I helped her inside and she hugged Marian. "Oh Rhonda, he beat me. They just stood there and he beat my ass and slapped my boobs!"

She sat at the table and buried her face in her hands. Marian motioned toward the whiskey bottle. I doubted that was a good idea but fixed her a short one.

I decided Rhonda had to reappear so I didn't call her Marian by mistake. "Rhonda, get her some tissue please. Now Sheila, can you tell us what happened?"

She raised a tear stained head and said, "We were talking about the gig after you left and Rick started saying he was the crew boss and the rest of us had to take orders. We've never had a boss before and I have more seniority than he does, so I told him off. He slapped my face real hard and I swore at him. The bartender told him to knock it off and take the argument outside. That's when he walked us down in the trees and went after me. Said I was taking orders or else. I was really hurting and really mad and told him the band coordinator would throw his ass out of the gig. He lost it and threw me against a tree and said we were over, and I was out of the gig. If I showed up, he would take a knife to me."

Rhonda was looking unhappy over my head.

Someone pounded on the door. "Sheila! Come out of there!"

"In the shower," I whispered as I went to the door. Rick was standing there, red in the face and still shouting at her.

"Your girlfriend isn't here, and please lower your voice."

"I saw her walking this way, she must be here."

"You can look inside, there's not much room, no place to hide."

He started up the stair and I said, "You can look from there, no need to come inside my home."

He said, "Why is the shower running?"

"Before you tried to crash in here, my girlfriend was getting ready for a shower. That's who is in there. Now please take your fight somewhere else, I'm tired of looking at you."

There was fire in his eyes, but mine were genuinely pissed off, which he could see. He turned and walked off in the dark.

I carefully closed the curtains, then opened the bathroom door and told them he was gone. Two bodies with soaked clothes were clutching each other for dear life and breathing hard. I got two of the biggest towels and told them to shed the wet things right where they were. "And don't raise your voices to let him know there are two women in here."

They couldn't bend over in the tight space, so I was pressed into service to get pants and panties down. This was not all bad. She was plumper and softer than Marian but no one I knew was going to throw her out of bed. I worked their legs with a towel, going higher and higher until Marian's hand swatted me away. She glared and I got busy with the dinner. A voice said next to my ear. "She has gone silent and you and I are going to talk normally. Fix me some of that whiskey."

Marian got Sheila into the bed and brought her the glass we had poured earlier. She watched while the pasta boiled and I finished the marinara sauce. We had some cauliflower and salad. Marian and I talked about hikes in the Valley, and when we might move on. When the food was ready, I turned the lights down and we squeezed into the bed with our plates. Marian told me to find one of my tee shirts for Sheila so she could be decent. The towel came off and the shirt on in front of me. She had nice tits. I held out a pair of boxers, but she shook her head. Marian crawled over her to the far side, and I took the inside edge. It was tight but warm.

We ate our food in silence. She whispered, "This is really good. Thank you so much." She winced and Marian said, "Can I put something on you? There's lotion and I can give you a pain pill."

Belatedly, I realized this woman was going to spend the night right where she was.

Marian said, "Change places with me so I can get stuff for Sheila." Her tight body rolled over the other two of us and Sheila said, "Your girlfriend has a nice body." Her hand rubbed Marian's butt as it went by.

Marian came back and told her, "I need to check you over. Should I tell Jeff to take a walk?"

She realized her mistake and decided to come clean. "His real name is Jeff and mine is Marian. We were just goofing around this afternoon and not using our real names with strangers."

"That's all right. And he can stay here. I haven't got anything special he hasn't seen better on you."

She turned to me, "I know this is asking a lot, but do you suppose I could keep hiding out with you and get a ride back to Vegas? My things are in the room and I don't dare go back, but my important stuff is in a locker in Vegas and I need to get there and find the band guy and tell him what is going on."

Marian and I exchanged looks. This was a curve ball. An abused woman who needed to get out of town, aka Death Valley, as soon as possible.

It was early, but I was sleepy. I wondered, if I slept now, could I wake up in the dark and ease away. I had the vehicle buttoned up from before dinner. I did the climb over and used the toilet. Skinned out of my clothes and went back. Burrowed under the covers and said, in a low voice, "I have a plan, sort of."

They ducked under the covers with me. Lots of flesh, nice curves. "I'm going to sleep now. Get up early and slip out of here. Call the front desk from the road to check us out."

Marian said, "Ok. Go for it." The strong silent cowgirl routine was growing on her. I liked it.

To Sheila, she said, "If he pesters you, we can both beat on him."

Sheila gave me a tender kiss on the back of my neck and said, "He looks safe to me. I owe him, and you, a lot."

(cont'd in Part 2 - Another Stray)

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