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Robin's Quest Ch. 04

Robin took a moment to collect herself when she woke the next morning. Sunlight filtered through the Venetian blinds, causing her to shut her eyes briefly to acclimate them. It took her a moment to realize that this was neither her Master's bed nor his room. Robin's wanton behavior of the previous evening fell upon her like a summer cloudburst. "What type of woman am I?" she thought followed by "How can my own Masted and Master David read my wants and desires so well? Can God forgive my relishing the touch of men who are not my husband?" While her mind puzzled over these imponderables, she realized that to see Simon, she would have to allow her Master to share her again, perhaps more than once!

Master David still slept, his arm encircling Robin's narrow waist. The young housewife considered the naked body sharing the strange bed. Master David was only the third man she had ever slept with. She contemplated her husband, Simon, "What would he say? Would he consider me a whore?" Robin certainly did not feel like one. So remembered, suddenly, that if Simon wished to see her at the convention, he too would have to agree to be shared. With that thought, a bit of the turbulent clouds occupying her mind lifted. "He will understand what I had to do. I KNOW Simon, he is a good soul who loves me fiercely. At least he still does if that woman ... that Goddess has not poisoned his mind!" With a soft gasp of frustration Robin realized that she MUST do whatever was asked of her in order to see Simon. "I MUST know where I stand!" she thought morosely.

She gazed at the slumbering Master David. Although, Robin knew that she should be appalled with herself for enjoying this new man's touch, she just could not work up the rage. Master David had been gentle, perceptive, and kind. Any woman, Robin concluded, would feel blessed to have shared his bed. With a slightly guilty feeling, her fingers gently stroked Master David's tight abdominal muscles. She noted his morning wood and the tell tale flutter of his eyelids and Robin knew what was expected of her. She slid her mouth and body into position to perform fellatio on the massive organ. That this ritual was now second nature to her, never entered her consciousness.

Master David's eyes opened and spied Robin's lovely strawberry blonde head bob up and down as she worked on his cock. She was far from the most talented performer of oral arts amongst the slaves that he had encountered, but there was an enthusiasm and attention to detail in her work that made up for her failings in technique. His good friend, Geoff, her Master, had confided Robin's history. "A most interesting experiment." had been his response. The fact that she was so well trained and relatively at ease in her new role, gave David a new respect for his friend's abilities as a Master. Robin's efforts were, presently, about to bear fruit. Master David allowed himself to relax as his rod spent its fuel into Robin's soft and pliant mouth. To her considerable credit, Robin managed to capture nearly all of it. With a smile and a nod, Robin forced the load down. This time, she was sure, Master David tasted a bit better than her own Master.

Once Robin had performed this expected task, Master David, embraced and kissed her, "Well done, slave Robin, well done! You are a credit to your Master."

Robin was not quite sure why those particular words resonated with her so thoroughly but they did. She replied with an enthusiastic, "Thank you, Master David." Robin felt very good in these new arms, still she wished they were Simon's. To both her surprise and consternation, she and Master David engaged in a prolonged impromptu makeout session. Not in the least understanding how things had progressed so quickly, she found herself under Master David, his huge manhood filling her. She gasped and moaned with pleasure before her mind stopped her short, "You are a whore, Robin!" she thought to herself. The realization that she could no longer claim innocence about herself hit hard. Tears filled her eyes, but she managed to prevent herself from crying out.

Master David had not seemed to notice her tears, Robin sat up and gazed at her reflection in a mirror on the wall, "Who are you, really?" she asked her mirror self. Robin knew that she did not have anything approaching an answer, she was only sure that she had left the naive church woman behind. She was transforming into something else. What that was, she hoped to puzzle out before the calendar had completed its march around. One thing she knew with even more desperation; whatever life had in store for her after this year of slavery ended, she wanted Simon at her side. "I will spend every day making him the happiest man on the planet." she thought so intently she was positive that it could be heard on Mars, followed by, "That's not too much too ask, is it, God?"

A short time later she was taking a morning stretch when she noted something new in the room. During the time she had slept two suitcases had materialized. Robin was instructed to open the smaller one and was stunned to discover that in held clothes meant for herself! Robin's eyes grew wide and questioning.

"As your Master, I have to provide everything for you. I COULD keep you naked twenty-four seven, but I am not that type of Master. Geoff, sent me your sizes I chose what I like. Your Master will put these away in case I ever visit again." explained Master David with a wide grin.

A short while later the two of them were exercising together in her Master's gym. Robin really liked the exercise attire that her temporary Master had chosen for her. These togs covered rather more of her than her usual microscopic work out attire, but they were equally sexy. During the extended workout, Robin could not match Master David's pace at all. She was severely winded when they were done even though she was currently in the best shape of her life. As gently as he had dressed her, Master David, stripped her, all the while praising her efforts.

"You did very well, Robin. Now just relax in the shower and allow me to do everything. I'll want breakfast after we are dressed. Even though it is Early October, this weekend promises to be just like summer. If I know Master Geoff, he has kept you mostly confined to the house. I love him like a brother, but I swear he's part vampire. Anyway, there is a lovely large park not far away. You and I are going hiking. While you are making breakfast I'll pack our lunch. You'll find I'm much more active than Geoff. Oh he stays in shape, but outdoor activities?" With that he chuckled. Robin found her shower with Master David, one of the most enjoyable of her entire life.

After the shower, Master David carefully dried her body and hair. With a touch, even more gentle than her own Master, he dressed her in hiking attire that Robin found the cutest thing ever. A lacy bra, rather short, but otherwise a quite wonderful feeling hiking shorts. Robin was a bit disappointed that no panties were provided, but the lining of the short felt divine, making up for their lack; a tight tee shirt, over that a flannel shirt. On her legs, knee high white socks and the a pair of kicky hiking boots. Robin wished she that someone had offered to take her picture.

Robin felt adventurous, she made crepes and fruit cocktail for breakfast and was delighted when Master David dubbed it, " Superb." Claire and her own Master had apparently already risen and eaten. There were dirty plates in the dishwasher. She wondered where the two could be when she noted the door to her Master's room was closed. Emanating from it, the muffled sound of laughter. Robin was not sure how she felt about this situation but she was not going to let it spoil her day.

Robin finished loading the dishwasher, turned it on and straightened up. Master David approached her with a kiss and then strapped a heavy pack to her back. He read the questioning look in her face and anticipated her objection. "You carry the pack, dear sweet Robin, because YOU are the slave. Never forget that."

The early afternoon day was picture perfect. Many of the leaves had already begun to change color, but otherwise, this day might as well have been June. Robin was temporarily relieved of her burden so that she could ride comfortably and safely in the passenger seat. As her Master's house vanished from view, Robin realized that this was the first time she had been apart from him in nearly five months. She reflected that she had come many miles since taking up residence in his house. Miles of change, miles of hardship, and yes, miles of pleasure. She tugged at her collar. glanced at the third finger of her left hand and ached anew at the loss of her wedding ring. "Who will I be when this year ends?" she thought to herself for the ten-thousandth time. Further reverie was interrupted by the pressure of Master David's palm upon left thigh.

"Robin, SLAVE Robin, your focus is to be upon me and me alone this weekend. I am completely within my rights to discipline you as I see fit, you know."

Robin turned and gazed into the soft brown eyes next to her. "Yes, Master David, I am sorry, it will not happen again."

"You had best seal that promise to me with a kiss." Robin was happy to oblige.

The drive to the park was not especially long. Master David opened the sunroof on his car and the two of them savored the fresh, warm air. Once they were in the parking lot, Robin was once again saddled with the pack. As instructed, she stayed three steps behind the Master as they started out on one of the hiking trails. Robin had almost forgotten how wonderful sunshine and blue skies could be, she had been shut up in the house for such a long time.

Before too long, Robin forgot about the weight of her backpack, Master David gave her a lecture as the two strode deeper and deeper into the forest that was worthy of a professor of ecology. Robin was surprised by the variety of edibles Master David discovered along the way. He allowed her to eat only enough to take off the pangs of hunger. "I won't have you spoiling your lunch." he said with a wink. Robin knew that she would never look at the forest in the same way again. Robin also caught herself wondering how often Master David visited her own Master. "Bad girl!" she told herself when she realized that her mind had traveled that road. Even so, she did not feel especially chagrined.

Presently they were deep into the woods at a small clearing. Soft mosses carpeted the ground and a small brook could be heard babbling in the distance. Master David removed her backpack. Robin realized that it had been hours since she had felt its weight. The Master spread out a blanket and stated very matter of factually, "We will eat lunch after we make love. Take off your clothes."

As she listened to Master David's words, Robin was nonplussed by them. This day had been so perfect there was only one way it could end, should end. Robin wanted to be made love to at this particular moment and she relentlessly sealed off any other thoughts. "I WANT Master David, and I want him now, no matter how wrong it may be." Robin arranged her cast off clothing neatly and turned to face Master David, His mocha colored skin fairly glowed in the fires of the afternoon sun. He was the handsomest, manliest gentleman Robin had ever met. His huge, erect uncut penis,seemed to draw Robin like a moth to a flame. she fell to her knees before him and savored every sensation. Everything, the sky, the brook, the trees, the moss, seemed alive and sentient. It seemed to Robin that she could hear them all, singing softly to her as she performed fellatio with the most enthusiasm of her life.

Master David was surprised at the new intensity of Robin's work. She seemed freer and more talented, somehow. This session of fellatio was miles ahead of the one from the morning and light years ahead of her first one the previous night. Master David recalled his conversations concerning her that he and Geoff had shared. The question had been whether sharing her would bring her further out of her shell or drive her inward like a turtle. That question was now academic. He could not wait to tell his good friend about Robin's progress. With a wide smile, he came, some of his seed falling to the blanket but Robin took most of it. She presented her open mouth to Master David so that he could see his semen in her mouth, Then demonstrating what she had learned from Claire, she smiled and visibly swallowed. For some reason, this time Master David tasted like ambrosia.

He fell to his knees and embraced Robin. "Excellent, slave Robin." After an avalanche of kisses, the two sat and stared intently at each other. "Master Geoff told me a great deal about you but he negated to inform me as to how sweet you are."

"That is very kind of you to say, Master David."

For the next hour or more Robin and her temporary Master had a very deep conversation covering her history, her mission, and what she hoped to accomplish.

"You are to be congratulated on exceeding your comfort zone and on seeking to do good. Your compromises were necessary. I'm not as dogmatic in my thinking as Geoff is. Not that I believe there is a benevolent force micromanaging the universe, but I DO think there is more to life than what we can see, touch, or hear. Even so, I agree with my friend's views. If there IS a God he, or she, wants us to be happy and open, not miserable and repressed."

Robin, deep in thought, replied, "There is much wisdom in what you say. I'm still so confused about so many things. Much of what I have done and will do, is wrong according to how I was raised and taught to believe, but I have also found pleasures I never knew existed. I still pray, but now I pray for different things. At first, I prayed for purity or, at least, to be unsullied by behaving in a manner contrary to my nature. I prayed for the salvation of my Master and wisdom in how to speak to him, But now I mainly pray for Simon, that he still loves me and will be able to see past all of the sins I have committed and will commit. One thing I have learned in agonizing detail, as a wife I was no prize. I treated Simon shabbily and never gave him the love he deserved. I think I could stand just about anything, walk through any fire IF I knew for sure that Simon would be waiting at the end of my trek. I remember something my uncle said about Simon shortly after they first met, 'I like that boy, at heart he is a giver' He didn't say it then, but now I know he was inferring that I was a "taker". That is an absolutely true statement. My uncle is far wiser than I even dared to believe at first. Now I'm not exactly sure of what I am, but having a role to play, duties to perform, an assigned place, prevents me from focusing on what an awful person I was. I don't think if I will ever be able to say that God is behind this, but for now it helps to believe it."

As quickly as the mood for conversation had arrived, it fled. On the blanket upon its soft moss floor, Master David had Robin stretch out. While she relaxed, he kissed her all over and plunged his tongue into her secret place. Robin, always eager to receive cunnilingus felt just like an icicle melting in the sun as Master David, gently at first and then more forcefully, eased every tension from her body. Robin gasped both "Master" and "Simon" in her euphoria. The mention of her husband's name did not seem to bother master David as he silently gestured for Robin to assume a new position.

In a nonce, Robin found herself on all fours, gazing at the beautiful landscape while Master David mounted her from behind. "Like a stag and a doe," thought Robin at first before decided rather, that she was a nymph and he was a satyr. Before coming to live with the Master, Robin had not utilized this position much. Simon got it on special occasions, grudgingly. Now she savored the closeness and intimacy of the position. There were so many things Robin had not allowed herself to enjoy, simply because she believed they were wrong. This doggie style position for example. During her first week of slavery, her Master had presented her with a Bible and challenged her to find an injunction against the position in its pages. It was around this time that Robin discovered that her Master had a fuller and more thorough understanding of scripture than she did herself. That an Atheist could cite chapter and verse better than she could was, at first, beyond her comprehension. Robin was shamed and humbled. From that day on her objections to new and sometimes arduous forms of intercourse became weaker and weaker. "How can he know so much about God, yet still reject him?" Robin had asked herself before turning it around and asking herself, "How can I claim to know so much about God but be so ignorant?" All these months later she was no closer to an answer. It was a still bitter lesson. Robin knew that she could not hope to resolve it here and now, so she focused upon the present.

Master David's cock entered her and one of his firm strong arms circled her waist. Robin adjusted herself to take in all of him. The warmth of his free hand as it stroked her body and the times when his entire form brushed against and nuzzled her were a goodness to be savored. He praised her greatly whenever his lips came within whispering distance of her ear. He was so big and strong that he could have easily crushed her, but Robin trusted him. The birds were singing as were small insects. Naked save her collar, Robin had never made love out of doors before. The freedom and simplicity of it was as old as mankind. "No ceiling under which to hide from God, naked as Eve. Whatever secrets I thought I had, God surely knows them now." with something akin to amusement, Robin pushed the thought away before gasping with joy of a deep and powerful orgasm.

Wearing just her flannel shirt and Master David his boxers they set upon the lunch the latter had prepared. For Robin, the meal, finger sandwiches, two salads, coffee, yogurt, and some incredibly tasty store bought cinnamon rolls was especially delicious. As she ate her eyes never left Master David. He was so handsome, his unique coloring both beguiling and reminding Robin of other men. In high school and college, before she had met Simon, Robin had been asked out on dates by several black and biracial men. Robin had turned them down without a second thought. Now she recalled one man in particular. He was a perfectly desirable man, good prospects, very handsome, extremely gallant, all in all a wonderful catch. Robin felt huge embarrassment at her refusal now. "Perhaps it would not have gone beyond a single date, but that man deserved more of my time than I gave him" she thought bitterly. This day had been eye-opening in ways both pleasant and disheartening.

Robin noted how expertly Master David had been packed to lunch take up as little space as possible. There were also some power bars and bottled drinks for the return hike. In the pack were towelettes and towels and a surprisingly large set of bluetooth speakers through which Master David played some romantic music from his iPhone. "I love the sounds of nature," he told her, "I also love music, I never know which I will prefer at any given time."

"The lunch is delicious, Master David." stated Robin with a smile.

"Thank you, slave Robin, I enjoyed preparing it. I must say that you have been a thoroughly delightful companion today. Geoff is quite fortunate to be able to spend every day with you. I really must compliment him, only a very talented Master could take on a project like you, Robin, and have her turn out as well behaved and happy as you seem to be. I'm sure it helped enormously that your personality was so sweet to begin with."

"That is kind of you to say, Master David, but I don't think much of the woman I was. I was arrogant, selfish, and nowhere near as devout as I thought myself. As hard as it may be to believe, I am trying to seek and understand the will of God in all of this. My Master is a good teacher. He is patient, gentle and rarely gets angry. I think if I had been entrusted to a lesser man, even now I would be spending every night in the cage and every afternoon over his knee,"
"In other words," replied master David with a chuckle, "He is very good at what he does."

Robin's mouth fell open and her entire body flushed with embarrassment, causing Master David to roar with laughter.

"No shame in being obedient, open and willing to tackle challenges, Robin. Those are good qualities for ANYONE in ANY walk of life." After a moment for those words to sink in, he said, "Well, I've had your mouth and your pussy, It's time for me to take your asshole. Have no fear I will be very gentle."

Robin was surprised that she was full of anticipation at Master David taking her that way. Anal sex had been the hardest thing to resolve herself to. She had heard lots of imprecations against it from the pulpit many times. Her most severe punishments since entering slavery had been caused by her refusals to cede her rear entry. However, much to Robin's astonishment, once she finally submitted, her pleasure was profound. Her own master had gone progressed slowly and gently. It was while under his tutelage in learning anal, that Robin realized just how patient and giving was Master Geoff.

By now she was so accustomed to this form of love that it was almost second nature. One of the first things she hoped to do when reunited with Simon was to present him her asshole. Simon had once confided that he would like to experiment that way. At the time, Robin had called him a "pervert." "There is so much I need to apologize to Simon for when I see him again." she thought Robin was also quite positive than once she returned to her old life that she and Simon were going shopping for another church. She knew that if she were In her old pulpit and the pastor railed against "the evils of sodomy" again she would burst into laughter.

Robin took up her position and had no trouble relaxing as Master David gently lubricated her asshole. Robin's had a transitory pang of regret that the second man to take her that way would not be her husband, but she pushed that dream away. She knew that once she had agreed to be shared everything was on the table. As Robin focused on the here and now she felt Master David's maleness fill her. It was every bit as nice as when her own master taken, if anything it was a bit sweeter. As Master David began pumping in a slow, yet steady rhythm, Robin had a bit of an epiphany, "Is it more enjoyable this time because I like Master David more than my own Master?" Suddenly Robin thought it a good idea that he would be leaving when the weekend terminated. "While I could NEVER fall in love Master Geoff, can I say the same about Master David?" Robin decided to force that thought as far away from her as possible and just focus on the pleasure she was receiving. It was her best session of anal ever, one she knew would be forever etched in her mind like a flash of neon.

Once they were finished, Master David stated "Robin, help me clean up then it is time to get dressed and head back to the car, it will be dark before too much longer."

For Robin, the walk back to the car was just as enchanting as the hike to their remote location had been. Robin reflected that, since accepting the collar of slavery, this had had been the most normal day she had spent, even including the sexual encounters. Deep within herself, Robin was willing to admit that, despite her dangerous growing emotional attachment to the man, she would not object if her time with Master David were somehow to be extended.

Robin's mood remained contemplative. She did little talking, content to remain in her mellow mood. On the way back to her Master's house, Master David pulled to a stop at a small diner. "The food is mediocre at this place but they have a jukebox. I want to dance for a few hours, Claire and Geoff will find plenty to keep themselves amused. You do know how to dance, don't you?"

Robin and Simon had often gone dancing. Their church hosted square dances and line dances but Robin and Simon had tried their hand at ballroom and modern dancing. Robin had been able to indulge in somewhat revealing costumes and felt supremely feminine after a night on the floor with Simon. Some of their best sex of her marriage had come after a night on the town. Robin was finally able to admit to herself now that part of the excitement of those nights had been the appreciative stares of men who were not her husband. The old Robin had wanted to reveal even more skin but denied that attire to herself because she had considered it sinful to flaunt her body and cause other men to stumble. Certainly, however, a skimpier dress would have pleased her husband and been more convenient for dancing. Now that she had been essentially naked for months on end, she realized that if men had a problem with her body it was THEIR problem, not hers! There had been this filmy satiny dress that Simon just adored. He had told her a fantasy of taking her dancing in that dress with Robin leaving her panties at home. "The very idea of you naked under that dress makes me so horny, Honey!" And then Simon flashed his most wicked and sexy smile. They had shared a laugh, but Robin had refused to buy the dress.

The inside of the Diner was surprisingly well lit. Big band music was blaring from one corner where a small knot of dancers were gyrating on the smallish dance floor. A few moments after finding a seat and absorbing the atmosphere of the place, Master David took robins hand and led her to the collection of dancers. The young wife had nearly forgotten how much she enjoyed dancing. Her mind had been focused on other things for so long that the elation an evening of dancing had vanished to distant corners of her mind. In a flash it was back. Master David, like seemingly everything else he did, turned out to be a first-rate dancer. Robin missed having Simon as a partner, but her temporary Master made a very good substitute. Since her boots made her a bit awkward, Robin danced in her socks.

After the fourth dance, a very handsome African American man asked to cut in. Master David nodded his approval and accepted a dance from of his own from the man's petite, blonde partner. This man was the equal of Master David in dance abilities and her own skills neatly balanced his. When they finished they exited the floor to a nice round of applause. She sat with the man, whose name was Darius, to catch her breath. Master David and Darius's partner took another turn on the floor. Conversation came easily.

"You are really beautiful, Robin" stated Darius.

"Thank you, Darius, you are quite handsome yourself."

"I've not seen you here before."

" That's because this is my first visit. I live quite a distance away from here. I'm staying with a friend."

Darius gestured to Master David.

"No, he's a friend of my friend."

"That collar..."

"Can we talk about something ELSE, Darius?"

Robin was rescued from potential embarrassment when Master David arrived and escorted her to their table to order. Master David wore a broad smile as he slid into the booth.

"You should have heard what the other guys here said to me in the men's room. I'm the envy of many of them. It is really a shame, Robin that you have no appreciation of just how beautiful you truly are. When I get you home..."

Robin emitted a rich, throaty laugh of anticipation.

"I see that we are on the same page, Mrs. Hanson."

Robin instantly flushed pink with embarrassment at Master David's words.

"Do not be ashamed, Robin you are still Simon's wife but now you are so much more. Little events like this help bring down that wall about your soul that yo have spent years building., yet your essence remains the same. You were ALWAYS a beautiful woman but now you have an aura you previously lacked. Simon is going to be awed when he sees you again. When you enter a room, every eye will turn and every jaw will drop. Master Geoff and me excel at our passion, polishing and refining gems until they glimmer like the sun. Our collars are the means we use to break the gem away from the rock and dross. We turn princesses into queens."

"I never looked at it that way." replied Robin after a moment of deep contemplation.

"Not all Masters as skilled a Geoff and myself but all strive for the same goal.".

"Is that really true Master David?"


Suddenly the prospect of being shared again seemed a far less daunting task.

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