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River Ch. 09

My lazy stay-at-home Friday, started wonderfully with that car-based release of pressure. After putting our clothes back on with fumbling fingers and trying to fix both my and his hair, whilst looking guiltily out of the windows of his car, John drove us back to the grocery store. We gave each other one long, loving kiss and said goodbye. I slowly walked to my car and then equally slowly drove home, head again filled with sensory memories that needed to be processed.

I walked like a sleepwalker into my apartment and just barely remembered to shut the door. I then threw myself in the sofa, my body warm and spent, with a satisfied smile on my face. The tension I had been feeling for days was gone and I felt deliciously rumpled and very well loved.

The phone rang and I reached for it quickly, "perhaps it's John" I thought smiling hopefully.

"Hello" I answered, my voice as lazy and satisfied as the rest of me.

"Hello yourself" I heard Mary say, "is that a post coitus voice I'm hearing my dear?"

"Ehhh" I answered, once again struck by the fact that my friend was a little bit too perceptive.

"Never mind" she said with a quick laugh "I didn't call you to interrogate you; I just wanted to know how you were".

And that was Mary for you; if she worried about one of us, she usually took some extra time checking up on that person. The fact that she called to check if I was ok made me remember Rose and the way she had acted a little less... rosy that Thursday evening.

"I'm fine" I told Mary and added "but I think there might be something wrong with Rose".

The fact that Mary was silent for a long while spoke louder than words, she definitely knew something and since she didn't say anything, I guessed it was something bad. I went from calm and well pleasured to instantly anxious and worried.

"What's wrong with Rose, please tell me" I begged her. "Is she ill?"

"The only thing I can say is that she's not happy with her Iife" she answered and then continued with "I think Rose will tell us really soon what is wrong, and I think it's better if you don't say anything to her or ask her questions until she's decided what to do". She finished the Rose-discussion with a firm "you know I'll keep an eye on her and help her if I can".

Her simple explanation and my trust in her ability to keep an eye on all of us made me relax enough to laugh and tell her "You know you sound sort of like a fairy godmother sometimes".

She barked out a short laugh and then answered with a surprisingly clear singing voice "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo".

We continued talking for a little while about simple, everyday things and I even ended up telling her what had happened between John and me, the less private parts of our story. She said she was thrilled that I'd finally met someone that was good to me and for me and after wishing each other a nice weekend, we said goodbye and "see you Thursday".

I fell back into my sofa, now suddenly sleepy; it was exhausting jumping from well-pleasured to anxious to happy-friendly. Or if it was just the pleasure after pressure part? I was about to dose off when my phone buzzed. The text message was from John and it said "Do you think we dare try to have dinner tomorrow?" I quickly answered "You, me and Sam?" and just as quickly I got the response "No, just you and me. Sam will go to his grandparents". I answered "Ok" and his last message read "I'll pick you up at 8".

I jumped out of the sofa and did a little "yay"-dance on the floor by the TV. Then that first "uh-oh, I'm going on a date"-wave hit me and I ran into my walk-in closet to try to find something to wear. Half an hour later I had found the perfect clothes for the occasion and this time when I sat down in my soft, comfortable sofa I fell asleep straight away.

- - - - -

The next morning I woke up with a somewhat strained neck, from sleeping in the sofa half of the night, but I felt a bubbly, happy feeling inside of me when I thought about my date with John that evening. Since I had slept unusually late I didn't have that many hours to anticipate and worry myself through. I started with a long leisurely brunch, reread parts of one of my favorite books and then took a long bath accompanied by soft, calming music. After cleaning, grooming, polishing, tweaking and moisturizing myself into perfection I was ready to get dressed. I had chosen my softest, prettiest and most expensive set of underwear, a black set with a gently winding vine curling its way across my bra and panties. The same vine was stitched onto the thigh highs that I fastened to a simple, black garter belt.

I walked up to the mirror and took a long look at myself. As I looked I had to smile, because I looked ridiculously happy and beautiful. I let my fingers follow my generous curves and tickle my soft skin and I could tell that my senses were still heightened. Every brush of my hands sent tingling sensations through my body, tingles that collected at my very core.

The dress I had chosen was a simple but seductive black knee-high one with long sleeves and a generous neckline. The sensual creature that gave me a saucy smile in the mirror also gave me a sense of power. The messy but classy hairdo and the high heels perfected the image. With one last application of lip-gloss I was as ready as I was ever going to be, in more ways than one.

A short time later the doorbell rang and with quick, bouncing steps I speeded to the door. I opened the door to a picture of manly perfection. Dressed in everyday, office clothes he had looked pretty amazing, dressed in jeans he had been absolutely mouthwatering. Now, in his black and white suit and shirt I almost wanted to squeal like a teenager seeing her favorite pop artist for the first time.

I saw his body grow tense at the sight of me and my sense of female empowerment grew as his eyes grew large and blank, when I greeted him with a smile. He started taking a step towards med but stopped himself, straightened his shoulders and said "I think it's best if don't touch you right now" with a slightly hoarse voice "Shall we go?"

I got my coat, locked my door and started walking towards his car. With a smile I realized I had yet another place where I would always feel that excited feeling, as I remembered what we had done to each other there. My smile grew wider as I glided into the car, remembering that he'd actually been eager enough to lift me up and into the car the previous time we'd been in it.

Once again every bump in the road reminded me of my sexual readiness, my body balancing on the very edge of release. I made a concentrated effort to pull myself out of my memories and when we reached the restaurant, I managed to look, walk and talk as if I hadn't been stuck in fantasies about completing what we'd started in his car.

Walking into the restaurant I realized that the tall woman with the silver-blond hair standing in front of us, waiting for the head waiter to show her to her table, was actually Susan.

"Hey, Susan!" I said and touched her shoulder. With a jump she turned around with a question in her eyes.

"What, who?" she asked, but when she saw me she smiled and squeezed my hand.

"Sarah! What are you doing here?" she asked and then added with an embarrassed smile "I mean, I'm happy to see you".

I introduced John and Sarah and we talked some about what had been happening since we last met. I almost felt sorry for Susan, eating out all by herself, but before I could ask her to join us for dinner, two nicely dressed, handsome, dark haired men came walking and placed themselves by her sides. "Our table's ready. Are you coming?" one of them asked and placed his arm around her. The other man put his hand on her back and then looked at us with a slight worry-wrinkle between his eyes. With a quick wave of her hand Susan said goodbye to us and then glided into the restaurant closely followed by the two men.

"There's definitely a story there" I thought to myself as my eyes followed them into the restaurant. I turned my surprised-looking face towards John and then realized that he was also watching them walk away, his eyes full of unanswered questions. Our thoughts were interrupted by the waiter wanting to show us to our table.

John had chosen the perfect restaurant for a first, intimate dinner. By the use of a clever interior design and with screens and flower arrangements, the tables were separated from each other, so that the guests would be able to have a larger amount of privacy than in usual restaurants. The lights were dimmed and the soft music that was playing had a smooth, almost sensual feel to it. "All this, and a wonderful man to share it with" I thought to myself. With a wide smile I told John as well, that is was beyond perfect.

As we enjoyed the delicious food we kept a simple conversation going, talking as if we'd known each other for much longer than we actually had. The ever present attraction was kept at bay, mostly by not touching each other. My hands, so eager for contact with any part of him, kept reaching out and I had to stop myself so many times, that it was almost ridiculous and in the end I just laughed when I noticed what kept happening. John on the other hand seemed to be basically sitting on his own hands to keep from touching me, so I think both of us knew that we would eventually end up hurrying out of there.

When we'd just started with our dessert, a divine chocolate mousse, and I was licking the lovely chocolate goo off my spoon with a low groan I heard a growl from the other side of the table. Looking up I could tell that John was following every move I made and I realized that the way I was enjoying my food was putting him even more on the edge. Feeling completely, wonderfully female I leaned forward, making good use of my neckline and the deep cleavage that appeared at a certain angle. I reached for some more chocolate mousse and lazily licked my spoon whilst looking at him through my eye lashes. His body was twitching slightly and he had a somewhat crazy look in his eyes. From my next spoon of sweet deliciousness I "accidently" spilled some onto the exposed parts of my right breast. I heard one of his knees hit the table hard as he called out for the waiter. Minutes later we were taking yet another quick drive, this time eagerly hurrying towards my apartment.

After fumbling with my keys and finally letting both of us into my apartment, I quickly dropped my shoes and my coat on the hallway floor. Looking back at John, that was still standing in the doorway, I heard him grumbling something about "being eager as a schoolboy". I started walking with slow, sensual steps towards my bedroom, unbuttoning my dress and demonstratively letting it glide from my shoulders and down my back. With a muted bang the door was shut and as I kept walking I could hear long, heavy footsteps following my way down the hallway.

Finally ending my journey at the end of my bed, I turned around just before he reached me and let the dress fall off completely. Pure fire shot between my legs as I saw his eyes grow impossibly dark at the sight of my almost naked body. He froze in speechless, motionless wonder, hands stretched out towards me, almost, but not quite reaching me. I felt the timeless power of pure femininity as I walked towards my bed and sat down slowly, raising my hand in a come-hither motion.

* * * * *

Leaving Sarah at the grocery store seemed like the hardest thing I'd ever done, but I had promised to come get Sam early, and because of all the previous disappointments in his life, I really tried to make sure that all of my promises were kept.

I had to pull my shirt out of my pants to cover some of the evidence of my and Sarah's recent activities. I didn't and wouldn't ever feel embarrassed at the fact that her beautiful orgasm had made me come in my pants. I did, however, not want to try to explain the fact to one inquisitive 6-year old boy.

As we were driving home, Sam looked at me and probably saw a silly smile on my face; a smile that just wouldn't go away. He worried his teeth on his lower lip and then he started talking.

"Daaad" he said "I've been thinking". He paused and seemed to be thinking about how to continue.

"Yeees" I said to keep the conversation going.

"Well, I was thinking that since I like my teacher and you like my teacher too..."

"Yes?" I answered wondering if he could possibly be thinking what I had just recently started thinking.

"I was thinking that since we like her and she seems to like us too, couldn't we ask her to come live with us?"

I looked at him quickly and he seemed to be waiting eagerly for an answer. I'm always amazed at how incredibly perceptive children are. In the few times that he had seen me and Sarah together he'd been able to tell both that I liked her and she liked me. In a child's way of seeing the simple solution in everything he'd quickly formed the idea that we should all live together.

"Would you like that" I asked him.

"Yes, then she could teach both of us how to build things" he answered, seeking another simple solution to his ever present wish to learn how to make things with his two small hands.

"I'm not sure I can just call her and ask her to move in with us though" I said with a small smile.

"No, I guess not" he said with a disappointed pout.

"But you know what" I told him "I could ask her out on a date first, and see if she likes that".

"Yes, yes, tomorrow" he said with a nod.

"Are you sure?" I asked him, "weren't we going to do a lot of things together you and I this weekend?"

"I can go to granny and gramps" he answered "they'll like that!"

And simple like that my worry about not seeing Sarah alone for another 3 weeks got solved by my precious son. A phone call later, with a happy grandmother wishing me a really nice outing with my special lady friend (about time too), I sent a text to Sarah asking her out on our very first date. Several phone calls later I had managed to book a table at "the most romantic restaurant ever" according to a friend's wife. After eating and watching TV with Sam, I fell asleep with a happy smile on my face.

- - - - -

After a Saturday morning playing with Sam and then driving him to his grandparents, I kept busy doing things in the house and in the garden. Through all activities I felt anticipation running through me, getting stronger and stronger as the evening and our date got closer.

I took a long, steaming shower, my imagination painting pictures of her standing in there with me. Pressure had been building up again since our shared release the day before, and I handled the situation with strong, quick strokes that ended in a powerful ejaculation. Perhaps that would make it easier for me to behave like a gentleman through our romantic dinner for two.

Driving to her apartment I kept thinking about the incredible way that everything seemed to just fall in place, as if Sarah was supposed to be a part of my and Sam's life, as if it was all a part of some divine, greater plan.

Walking up to her apartment this sense of everything being predestined filled me with calmness. Of course, just one look at Sarah made all that calm evaporate as if it had never been there. I had never seen her in a dress, and oh boy what a dress it was; short and showing all of her curves to perfection. She had done something with her hair making it look stylish but also slightly tousled, as if someone had pulled his fingers through it; just as my fingers were itching to do. Or perhaps it was the hairstyle of someone who'd been spending the afternoon in bed, vigorously active.

"Beds, mustn't think about beds" I thought to myself as I got a hold of the doorframe, to keep myself from throwing myself at her. I muttered something about not touching her and then we were on our way. Of course, sitting in the car, I couldn't help thinking about the way our grocery shopping ended up in this car and I had a feeling that she was thinking about it too, the way she kept twisting in her seat.

The restaurant that I had chosen was supposedly the perfect place to bring someone special, and hopefully Sarah liked the place; I only had eyes for her.

Standing in the short line waiting to be seated I saw Sarah look once and then again at a tall, thin, blonde, attractive in a cold sort of a way woman standing before us. She touched the woman's shoulder and by the short conversation they had it was obvious that they were friends. By the slight pinkish tint to the tall woman's face, it seemed she was a bit embarrassed to meet us there. Before long, two men came walking up to her. The strange thing about it all was that both men showed the distinct male signs - that has been handed down to all of us, probably since the cave man age - that the blond woman was his.

Finally seated at the table, we started a conversation that we kept up all through two courses. The comfortable feeling of knowing each other and food that was very well prepared and seasoned made time pass quickly. I had to keep myself from touching her and she laughingly confessed that she had to concentrate real hard too. Nevertheless, I was having hope that we would manage to get through the complete dinner without me behaving like a cave man again.

My hope was still alive up until the point where dessert arrived and I got my first look at a chocolate-loving woman devouring chocolate mousse; the way she slowly and thoroughly licked every last piece of mousse off of her spoon; the way she moaned in pleasure. I had just about reached my limit when she suddenly spilled some mousse straight into her cleavage. And that was it, I quickly payed for dinner and then rushed her out of there, heading straight for her apartment.

Standing in her door, holding myself still by hanging on to the doorway, I could see her walking a slow sexy walk down the hallway, throwing off clothes as she went. When her dress started falling off, my ability to hold myself still also fell away. Closing the door as slowly as I could possibly manage, I threw my shoes off and followed her quickly into what was obviously her bedroom. As I reached her she turned around and let the dress slide off all the way.

I had always been fascinated by the effect that really nice underwear had on not just me, but on the woman that was wearing them. The effect that made the woman that stood before me now, look like a powerful sexual goddess. She slowly slid away from me, climbed onto the bed, seated herself and waved her fingers like a snake charmer, smilingly asking me to join her.

With a whispered curse I pulled all of my clothes off, walked up to the bed and climbed onto it. Standing on my knees I could tell that she was looking at me and her breathing getting quicker told me that she liked what she saw. She reached out and touched the only part that was close enough for her to touch, my right thigh. With a shudder I closed my eyes, unable to both watch her touch me and feel her hand stroking me up and down, as far as she could reach, but just not far enough.

She rose up on her knees and glided closer ending up in front of me, just inches away. She took one of my hands and pushed it onto her breast and then she pulled me in, kissing me slowly but passionately. My hand was filled with her heavy breast; my nose was filled with her special scent of female arousal; my mouth was alternatingly kissing her, licking her lips, greedily sucking her tongue or gently biting it; without pattern and without control.

With a decisive hand on my shoulder she pushed me down onto her bed and then slowly crawled up, placing her thighs around my waist. Just as I could feel the moist heat of her, she placed a quick kiss on my lips and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

"First I'm going to caress every part of you..." she said with fire in her voice "...slowly". "Then, I'm going to lick every part of you, thoroughly" she added with a nod. "Then I'm going to ride you... slowly... and then you're going to..." She ended the sentence without finishing it, but in my mind I had already come up with hundreds of ways I was going to...
She slowly crawled down my body, obviously set on caressing my body from the bottom to the top. She sat up shortly looking into my eyes as she lifted first one heavy breast out of the cup of her bra and then the other. She then leaned over my body and started caressing me with the erect tips of her glorious breasts; one soft-but-hard nipple sliding up my left leg and the other up my right one; the only parts of her body that were touching mine. As her face reached my full erection I could feel her hot breaths whisper teasingly over it, making it jump and twitch. A short moment later her breasts brushed by, close but not close enough. As much as I was enjoying her taking control, the pain of the building pressure and having to keep myself still was almost driving me crazy.

When she finally reached my face with those two glorious globes and caressed my lips with one of them I opened my mouth wide and devoured her. The sound of her whimper made my body shake and I tried to get a hold of her, to continue licking, sucking and biting but she twisted away. With heavy eyes and a wicked smile she shook her head and started crawling down my body again, this time gliding her whole body against mine, inch by glorious inch, down and down and down.

Gritting my teeth I decided to endure her torment a bit longer, but to punish her with my own sensual torture just as soon as I could.

She pushed my legs apart to be able to crawl in between them. She then let her left hand caress its way up my right leg at the same time as she licked and nibbled her way up my other leg. This heaven was starting to feel a bit too much like hell; I thought to myself just as her heavy, warm breath caressed my groin once more. Disappointment hit me when she pushed herself up and away from what needed her attention the most, my heavy cock reaching for her hot mouth. She reached my mouth and pressed a quick kiss there again, and then started licking and kissing her way down my neck down to a nipple that she flipped her tongue across quickly. She placed a hand on my other nipple and set to caressing and flipping both nipples in the same rhythm. My groin was lifting and reaching for her and I was finally able to press myself against her stomach. This obvious effort of mine made her loose her speed and she abandoned my nipples to glide slowly down, licking my stomach with long, a bit rougher, swipes of her tongue.

Finally, finally she reached my hot, leaking cock that was so desperate for her attention. She leaned in and ran her nose from the base to the top smelling me, as her hair tickled my legs. Seconds later she swiped her tongue in one long, slow lick up my cock and ended it by swirling her tongue around the head, licking my pre-cum, tasting me and obviously liking it. Her mouth opened and she slowly slid her mouth down my cock, covering the head, sucking gently, pushing down further, letting her tongue twirl a pattern on the sensitive underside of my cock, going up and sucking a bit harder. Going down and licking and up and sucking; down and up, down and up. I could feel my balls lifting wanting to release into her mouth.

As if she could feel that I was ready to blow, she lifted up and away from me and rose up to stand up on the bed, trying to keep her balance as she was hurriedly removing her panties. With her panties gone I could see her lips glistening wetly and eagerly. I suspected that the picture of her standing there, wild eyes, breasts uncovered but pushed up by the still present bra and her genitals bare and eager would always stay in my mind, until the day that I died; a day that came closer for every second that I was still not inside her.

"Now, please" I groaned. She responded by sitting down on her knees again and crawling up my body. She let her pussy lips glide along my cock once and then she leaned away, lifted me up, placed the head at her entrance and slowly pushed herself down and down, until my cock was buried inside of her. She let herself rest for a while, to get used to my length and my girth, and then she started moving slowly, slowly up and down, up and down.

With a grunt I flipped her over and onto her back. Slowly was just not cutting it anymore, I had a need for speed. I pushed her legs over my arms and started thrusting into her with fast, hard strokes. I saw her hand crawl down her stomach and start rubbing her clit, and when I could feel her start pulsing around me, I pushed myself even faster and harder into her. She came with a scream and as her pussy squeezed my cock with hard pulsating motions I finally let myself go. Our heated attraction finally ending in glorious, glorious completion.


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