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Red Ribbons in Her Hair Ch. 15

"Michelle, my beauty," he said, walking to the cage and unlocking the door. "Come here."

Michelle stared at him in trepidation, fear causing tears to well in her pretty brown eyes, one sliding down her reddened cheek. She started forward slowly, feeling Tina squeeze her hand before letting her go. She just had to remember what Tina said. Be calm, do what he says, no matter what and wait for a way to escape. She could do it, she could.

"Very good, sugar tits," David said, reaching out and rolling one pretty pink nipple between his fingers, feeling her cringe away from his hands. "Go over to my shelves," he said, pointing toward the shelves by the sink, "and bring me back the small tin snips. You'll know them when you see them, honey," he said, patting her on the ass to get her moving. "Oh, and don't touch anything else over there or I'll be mad," he said, turning his back on the girl.

Michelle went to the shelves, her feet timid on the cold cement floor. Her nipple tingled from where he'd played with it and she wanted to wipe away the feel of his hand on her skin. But she didn't dare, he might get upset. The shelf was ahead of her and she shook when she saw all that was on it. Scalpels, cutters of all shapes and sizes, scissors, a variety of drill bits and an electric drill with tiny bits of hair and blood still on the motor of the tool.

Her hand shook as she reached out, wanting desperately to pick up one of the knives, to run at him and plunge it into his heart, to kill the monster before he could hurt her again. A sob broke from between her lips and her body began to shiver. She turned, seeing his back to her, a target so easy to reach, just a few steps away. Her fingers brushed over the handle of one of the scalpels, almost picking it up, her eyes moving from the shelf of tools to his back over and over.

"Hurry up, Michelle," he said, his back still turned to her.

She reached out, grabbing it in her hand, turning and staring at his back.

* * * *

"The list is still too long," Gabe groaned, staring at the pages he held in his hand. On them, hundreds of registered owners of dark blue four door sedans whose license plates ended with the letters "ARS" were printed. "There has to be a way to cull them out."

"Our suspect is neat, his kills are always pristine, even the dump site was clean. I'd say we could get rid of any car older than a 2000." The captain said, standing behind the computer Gabe was working on.

"Okay," Gabe said, hitting a few keys on the computer and watching the new list compile. "We still have over two hundred ROs. What about women under the age of twenty?"

"There can't be that many of them on there," Tony said.

"Yeah, but it's a few we don't have to check out." Gabe looked over his shoulder, cocking his eyebrow at the man.

"Okay, do it."

By the time they'd finished, they had just a little over two hundred cars on the list. Gabe separated the list into geographical areas before going to the conference room where they'd sat up the huge murder board as well as a map of the city.

He walked up to the map, staring at the different colored pins that were placed on it. Green pins had small papers attached marking the names of the victims and where they'd last been seen. A red outline showed the dump site just outside the city limits. Another pin, this one red, showed the restaurant where Kaylee worked and where Devon's body had been found. Still another red pin was placed over Kaylee's house.

Next to it was a printed timeline, showing dates of kidnappings, estimated time of death as decided upon between the coroner and the etymologist who had been sent samples of the insects found on the bodies and given copies of the crime scene photos.

"Killers stalk in areas that they are comfortable in," he muttered under his breath. "They stick to familiar hunting grounds, known routes and access ways. Our guy is no different from any other of these predators." Gabe reached out, picking up a marker from the tray in front of the map. He circled the green pins, adding in the small red pins, ignoring the outline of the dump site.

When he finished, he picked up another marker, this one dark blue. With it, he drew another circle, this one larger around the circle he'd drawn previously. "I want the list that covers this area," he said to the Captain. "Our guy, I'll bet my badge, is here somewhere."

They went through the lists, finding the right one before calling a meeting and sending out men to canvass the streets and find the owners of the cars on the list.

Before everyone left, the Captain held up his hand. "I got a call from the hospital. They've taken Dean off the critical list. He's stable and holding his own." He smiled as the men cheered and then headed out. He stopped Gabe. "I'm riding with you."

"Are you sure, Tony, I mean, you haven't been out from behind that desk in a while." Gabe ducked the hand that reached out to slap him.

"I was carrying a gun when you were still sucking on your momma's tit." The captain slipped his off duty weapon out of its holster and then pushed it back in, snapping it securely.

"I'll take bad movie lines for two hundred dollars, Alex." He grinned at his boss.

"Just shut up and let's go check out those addresses."

* * * *

"Good girl, Michelle," David said without looking back at her, holding out his hand. "Give them to me now."

She laid the tin snips in his palm carefully, tears rushing from her eyes and a sob escaping her lips. She'd been so close to grabbing the scalpel and rushing him with it, killing him and then running out of this hell, but in the end, she'd been too scared to disobey him. He turned now, staring down into her eyes.

"I'm very proud of you, Michelle. Now take them back and snip the ties from my wrists." He handed her the tin snips and held up his hands. "Do it carefully, I'd hate to have you cut me."

She slipped the blade between his skin and the tie, sawing at the hard plastic that wouldn't cut through under her pitiful strength. She finally got the one, shaking when she heard his impatient sigh. "I'm trying, sir," she whispered, glancing up at him.

"Sir? I think I like that, Michelle. Give me those," he said, taking the snips away and easily cutting through the other tie. He reached out and pulled her naked body against him, running his hands down over her back and cupping her ass. He squeezed the firm cheeks, yanking her against his crotch and rubbing against her obscenely. "Thank you, Michelle. You might be worth keeping around here after all."

Michelle stood under his abuse, allowing him to paw her as he wished, unable to do anything to stop him. She sighed in relief at hearing that she had pleased him, but hated the feel of that awful bulge of his against her skin.

"Open my pants, Michelle. I want you to reach inside and pull out my dick. Show these two ladies how a real woman treats her man," he whispered into her ear, low enough the other two couldn't hear him.

Michelle sniffed back her tears, bringing her hands down and unbuckling his belt and then unfastening his pants. She reached her hand inside, tentatively wrapping it around his hard cock and freeing it from the material of his briefs. When she'd finished what he told her to do, she left her hand on him, afraid to do anything less.

David's hips moved, jacking himself off in the smooth hold of her hand, the tip of his cock brushing up against the soft flesh of her smooth pussy. "You're going to be my helper now, Michelle." He laughed when she shook her head no, before looking up at him quickly, terror in her brown eyes.

"Go to the detective. I want to see you play with her tits, sugar tits." He turned her in his arms, once more patting her on her firm ass to get her started.

Michelle dropped down in front of the detective who was still sitting in the chair. Her eyes met Sheri's hazel ones, Michelle's begging for forgiveness for what she was being forced to do. Her hand came out slowly, wrapping gently around Sheri's bigger breast, squeezing softly.

"You know, Tina," David said, walking over towards the cage and standing where he could watch everything Michelle did. "I never thought I'd be so cliché but there is just something about watching two women together that really does get my dick hard. Especially little Michelle there, she's just so sweet and innocent, isn't she. You tasted her pussy, was it sweet?"

"Yeah," Tina said, though she answered him grudgingly.

"Still the rebel," David laughed, his hand coming down to slowly stroke his cock. "You know, with that attitude, you're going to have to miss out in all the fun. I plan on tasting the good detective over there before I kill her for fucking up my plans tonight. You three could really show me some good lesbian action if you were of the mind to cooperate nicely, Tina."

He didn't wait for her answer, instead going to one of his cameras and turning it on. "On your feet, sugar tits, bend over at the waist and play with them pretty titties of the detectives." He aimed the camera carefully, then walked around it and stepped up behind Michelle. Sliding his hand from her waist, he rubbed gently over the curve of her hip before slipping his hand between her thighs, pushing his finger into her dry sex.

"Oh, Michelle," he sighed, using two fingers to force in and out of her. "I had so much hope for you and now I find you like this. Dry as a bone," he sighed again, pulling out of her to hold his fingers up.

Michelle had stiffened as he'd forced his disgusting fingers inside of her, unable to stop herself from yelping in pain from his invasion of her flesh. Another smaller cry erupted from between her parted lips as he slammed his hand down on her ass, a nice red welt forming quickly against her pale skin.

"Do I need to bring Tina out here to get you wet? Is it only women who can get you off now, little Michelle?" He rubbed the welt he'd made, enjoying the heat of it against his hand. "Answer me!" he snarled, surprising her and making her jump.

"N... no, sir," she sniffled, turning to glance at him from over her shoulder. "I... I'll try ha... harder sir."

David sighed loudly, grabbing her by the waist and lifting her to move her out of the way. "I know you will," he said, turning her in his arms. He found her mouth with his, kissing her harshly, tasting blood on his tongue from where the split on her lip opened under his abuse.

"Now, I have a huge decision to make," he said, when he lifted his head, his strange eyes lighting upon each of his kidnapped beauties. "I have too many toys." He touched Michelle's lip with his finger, wiping up the smear of blood and licking it off. "How am I going to decide which one of you I should keep?"

"Y... you could let me go, sir. I wouldn't tell anyone. I promise," Michelle whispered quickly.

David slapped his hand down once more on her ass, the force of the blow making her jerk against him, rubbing against his exposed cock. "Michelle, that was a rhetorical question, in other words, shut your fucking trap."

He moved away from the warmth of her body, turning back to the detective. Her breasts were heaving with the harshness of her breaths, her body flushed with shame and her face tight, but when he looked into her eyes, all he saw was anger. It made him feel more powerful, that helpless anger and the way she sat, her knees together, her shoulders straight, not trying to hide her body. With a grin, he reached down, forcing her to her feet, turning so she stood in front of him with her back to him.

Using her bound arms, he forced her to bend over, quickly ripping off the panties she wore and exposing the pale flesh of her ass. Rubbing his cock in the cleft between her thighs, he heard her small whimper and reveled in her fear.

* * * *

The house was set in a small neighborhood subdivision built back in the fifties with small two to three bedroom ranches being the style of the day. It didn't look as if much had been done to it besides painting the trim and keeping up the lawn, the brick still the original pink that had been all the rage back then.

Gabe stood outside, his police instincts on overtime. He got a vibe from this house unlike any of the others he'd gotten. They had about ten houses left on their list, he was tired, his stomach hurt from the coffee he'd drank all day and he had a major yearning to pick up Kaylee, take her back to his place and fall asleep in her arms.

"It feels different," the captain said from beside him.

"Yeah, it feels evil," Gabe said, taking the first step up the driveway towards the house. "I'm going to see if I can see inside the garage, see if our suspect's vehicle is in there.

"I got your back."

Gabe checked the windows of the garage, annoyed that they were tinted making it almost impossible to see anything inside except for shadows. A huge shadow seemed to be a vehicle but he couldn't see the license plate much less the numbers on it. Still, the house just didn't feel right.

"David Brody, 32, is the registered owner here," the captain said quietly. "That puts him solidly in the age range of the profile we got on the killer."

Gabe nodded absently, his mind on what could be going on inside. Making up his mind, he headed toward the front door. There was a lighted doorbell next to the old fashioned metal screen door and he hit it with his finger.

* * * *

The buzzer at the top of the stairs went off, startling David, making him jump slightly. He pulled his cock out of the detective's sweet pussy, yanking up his pants. "Get in the cage, all three of you," he ordered hoarsely, trying to stuff his cock back into the confines of material and zip up.

"If I hear a single peep out of you, anything, even a whisper of a sound, all three of you will pay for it," he warned, quickly locking the door behind the detective. He stood for just a second, watching how Michelle huddled against Tina and the sneer that was on the waitress's face. "Not a sound, Tina," he warned her specifically, wiping the light sheen of sweat on a towel he picked up from a shelf. He dropped it on the floor and headed to the stairs just as the buzzer sounded again.

"Are you okay?" Tina asked Sheri, holding out her hand to the redhead who stumbled over and sat on the cot.

"Yeah," she said, though the shock of the rape was in her eyes. She fought to ignore the pain both in her wrists and arms as well as coming from between her thighs. "Are you two okay?"

"I'd be better if I'd wake up from this nightmare," Michelle said, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"You did real well out there, Michelle," Tina told her, pushing the dark locks out of the girl's eyes. "Just do as he says, no matter what. Don't fight him and you should be okay."

"You fight him," Michelle argued.

"Yeah, and I'm going to keep fighting him, the slimy prick. He killed the only person I've ever truly loved," she snarled, her eyes staring at the now closed doorway at the top of the stairs. "If I get the chance, that bastard will be going to hell, preferably with that disgusting dick of his stuffed down his throat."

* * * *

David answered the door after glancing quickly in the mirror to make sure he looked all right. He saw the blood on his shirt and quickly stripped out of it, throwing it in the bathroom and kicking off his shoes as well. Using his hands on his hair, he mussed it as if he'd just woken up. Then he went to the door just as the doorbell binged for the fourth time.

"Yes?" he said, making sure to add a little ire to his voice.

"David Brody?"

"Yeah, who wants to know?"

Gabe flipped open his badge, noting that the captain did the same. "Detective Gabe Hampton and Captain Tony Morales. We need to ask you some questions, sir. Do you mind if we come in?"

"Hell yes, I mind. I was sleeping. What's this about?"

"Do you own a dark blue Ford Taurus with the license plate 881 ARS?"

David narrowed his eyes as if he were thinking. "I got a Taurus but I'm not sure of the plate number. Why?"

"Where is the car, sir?"

"Listen, I'm not answering anymore questions until you tell me why you want to know about my car." He crossed his arms across his bare chest, his manner belligerent. But inside David's brain was racing. How had they found out about his car?

"A car matching the description of yours was used tonight in a kidnapping. Is your car in the garage sir?"

"My car?" he asked, putting a big dose of surprise into the words. "You think I kidnapped someone?"

Gabe wanted to grab the man and throw him against the wall. He was lying, he knew it, he just couldn't prove it yet. "Yes sir," he said, still being respectful. "Is your car in the garage?"

"Yeah," David said, rubbing a hand over his face as if he were tired and now cooperating with the police. "I parked it in there right after I got out of work today. I haven't been sleeping all that well and decided to go to bed early tonight."

"May we see the car, sir?"

"Why?" Shit, David thought. They walk in and touch the hood and they'll know it's recently been ran. It hadn't been too long since he'd gotten home with the redheaded slut in the basement.

"We need to verify it's there, sir."

"Check in the window of the garage, it's there." He made as if to close the front door, stopping only when Gabe's hand blocked it from closing completely. "What?"

"I need to inspect the vehicle, sir. I'm sorry if we are keeping you but there's a girl out there who's been taken from her family and I'm just trying to do my job and get her back in one piece."

"You got a warrant?"

"No, but I can get one if you wish. Of course, then I'm going to be wondering why you're throwing such a huge fit about letting us see the car and I might have that warrant extended to the house and it's contents as well." Gabe let that sentence hang, waiting.

"Fine. Go out front and I'll open the garage door. It might take me a couple minutes. I broke some glass out there this morning and haven't cleaned it up yet. I gotta find some shoes to wear." He shut the door, this time, slamming it hard.

* * * *

"He's dirty on something," the captain said, turning toward the garage.

"You caught that, too? Wanna bet he makes us wait before he opens the door?"

"Do I got sucker written on me anywhere?"

He did make them wait, so long that Gabe was ready to go back to the house and knock again, but finally the door to the garage slid open slowly. David stood in front of his car, blocking their way to the rest of the garage.

"See, it's here. Now, do you mind if I get back to sleep? I have to be into work early tomorrow." He scowled at Gabe as the man stepped forward and dropped his hand on the lid of the trunk.

"You know, captain, it seems to me that David here doesn't want us here. You think maybe he has something to hide?"

"It sure does look that way," Tony said, moving off to the side a little to split the man's focus. He turned as if looking at the walls of the garage, wanting to give Gabe some time to check out the rest of the garage.

"Hey! I let you two see the car, now, unless you have a warrant, I want you off of my property!" David picked up his arm, pointing towards the wide open doorway.

Gabe stared at Tony who nodded. "Okay, sir," he said, holding his hands out in a placating way. "You have to understand, it's a female detective, one of our own, who was taken tonight. We have to check out every lead."

"She must not be that great a cop if she let's herself get kidnapped," David scoffed, heaving a silent sigh of relief as they started towards the door.

Gabe turned, his expression hardening. He opened his mouth as if to make a scathing remark, managing to stop himself at the last moment. "Thank you for your time, sir," he said, his voice acidic.

They started walking down the doorway, feeling his eyes on them, watching them. Gabe glanced at Tony. "I think it's time to take David Brody's life apart, what do you think?"
"I think I'm putting an unmarked on this guy. He's dirty and now we got to prove it."

"Yeah, before anymore bodies show up."

* * * *

David closed the garage door quietly, his body tight as anger flooded him. How dare they think to invade his privacy? How dare they question him or touch his things? He stared at the spot on the floor that he'd stood on while they'd been in his garage. If there had only been one, he'd have killed him, but with two, he'd been forced to stand in front of the drops of blood on the back of his car, blood from that bitch's nose.

His hands flexed and closed into impotent fists as he thought of the two men in his private domain. Then he opened the door to the house, an eerie smile starting upon his face, a smile that promised death. Humming, he locked it behind him and headed for the basement once more.

* * * *

Kaylee barely stirred when Gabe slid his hand down her back, mumbling his name in her sleep. The captain had sent him home after almost twenty hours straight on the case, telling him to come back in fresh in the morning. He'd fought it, but then Tony had reminded him of Kaylee and the fact that she was still at the hospital with Dean.

Now all he could think about was taking her home and climbing into bed, wrapping himself around her and going unconscious for four hours. "Kaylee?" he murmured, kissing her cheek.

"Gabe?" Kaylee sat up, blinking her tired, red rimmed eyes. "Did you find her?"

"No, not yet," he said. "How's Dean?" he nodded toward the still form on the bed hooked up to machines and medicine by tubes and wires.

"He's going to make it, they say. He hasn't come to yet, but they'd rather he didn't until they can make sure his lung isn't going to collapse again. They don't want him fighting the ventilator."

Gabe held his hand out to her, helping her to her feet and noting her wince when she stretched out. "They should have given you a bed," he said.

"No, I thought I'd sit with him, just in case he woke up."

He wrapped an arm over her shoulder, steering her towards the door. "The captain sprung me until morning. Want to go home, climb into bed with me and sleep for a few hours?"

"Sleep?" she asked, her eyebrows arching.

"Hmm, and anything else that might come up along the way," he said, smiling as he nuzzled her neck.

She held him for a moment, sharing her strength with him. He kissed her, lingering a moment as he let her fresh taste and soft lips distract him from the ugliness of his job. "Let's go home," he whispered, lifting his head.

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