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Rad Bird

When they were little they would wrestle. They would roughhouse. They would tackle each other in the public pool and dunk the other's head. On the trampoline they would fly into the air and collide their chests like mountain goats or bowl one another over on the grass like pouncing tigers. Their mother said, "somehow I ended up with two boys," even though the older one was Evelyn and the younger one was Brandon. For two siblings who were best friends, they sure did cause each other a lot of injuries.

When Brandon was four he stepped in front of Evelyn's skateboard and accidentally tripped her requiring four stitches on her upper lip and a butterfly on her chin. When she was nine she accidentally broke her little brother's arm with a poorly timed jump with her BMX. At twelve and fourteen, they were both beaten up by a mall security guard because she had encouraged her brother to goad the man to a blind rage. Normal kids probably would have told their parents and gotten the young man fired or sued the mall but that never crossed the kids' minds. In fact they never even told anyone of the incident. Brandon and Evelyn were two kids against the world, made independent but the incredibly long leashes allowed by their parents and the inseparable bond they shared. Besides, they got the mall guy back.

Ev, as she became known because 'Evelyn' had never really fit her tomboyish, wild nature was also Brandon's greatest protector. Of the two, Brandon was the more feminine and it was Ev who could really throw a punch. She played basketball and he took theater. She skateboarded and rode trick bikes and he drew comics and printed zines. Brandon suffered bully trouble and had teachers who didn't like him and it was Ev who stood up for him and sometimes took a black eye in his place. "Don't mind them sayin your big sister fights your battles cause they'll be saying it through missing teeth," Ev told him, balling up a wiry fist and grinning at him crookedly.

As the challenges of puberty remapped the terrain of their young lives, they also were each other's greatest confidants. Though they got little help regarding birds and/or bees from their parents and only slightly more useful information from teachers or other students, they each felt less freakish or abnormal through the sharing of fragmented knowledge with each other. They pieced together a pretty decent, surprisingly accurate picture of the way things worked all with nearly no adult intervention or peer recrimination. For a couple of poorly informed kids, they had a lot of good sense and stayed away from that particular kind of trouble.

From this time came the understanding that they both had certain predilections not shared by most of their classmates. Ev, liked girls as well as boys though her range of females she considered enticing was broader than her very specific interest in very select boys. Brandon also had a certain kind of boy appreciation which he seemed to share with his sister. He and his sister also had the same taste in girls. Out of this were born a habit not normal to siblings of opposite sexes, the practice of girl & boy watching together, the comparing and contrasting of tastes and the sharing of desired application of those tastes.

Being the elder sister and, therefore, purveyor of arcane knowledge, she took it upon herself to instruct, and elucidate her brother. In return, she benefited from his very intuitive understanding of human psychology. He was a natural at understanding relationships and what motivated people to act in such confusing ways. When Evelyn felt frustrated in her pursuit of a particular boy, or even more often, a girl, it was Brandon who could parse for her the complex and perplexing responses and signals of her current schoolyard crush.

They shared secrets with each other. Both had variously come across magazines and vhs tapes. They read the same penthouse forums and Brandon wrote erotic stories that his sister would read and then give advice on how to make even hotter. At fifteen, Brandon wrote prolifically and drew darkly witty underground comics. Ev was his biggest supporter and fan, especially of the more adult work.

As they grew older it was Evelyn who dated more. Brandon was naturally more shy and, though he understood the dance of dating better than his sister he participated far less. Many nights during their late teens took on a kind of pattern. Brandon, though he might have a crush, would seldom act on it, leaving him at home on Friday nights and weekends. Evelyn would hotly pursue her latest target but frequently put them off by coming on too strong. The pair of them would find themselves at home, together on a night were every other teen their age was necking at the lake and even their parents were out at a cocktail party, they would be at home, in Ev's room together, a support group of two discussing their various teen heartbreaks.

It is without question that some lines of propriety were crossed in small ways. These two siblings shared a kind of intimacy and lack of restraint few family members would be comfortable with, nor would society examine them kindly were they to have ever come under any significant public scrutiny. Fortunately for them, their apparent bisexuality was enough for people to chew on and implications of possible impropriety between siblings never found their way to the surface.

Both made their way through the tumultuous time of high school graduating classes of '98 & 2000. Neither were virgins either, by graduation and prom, though neither found steady sweethearts. Brandon once lamented, "you know the problem with having every option, is you have a lot more trouble being satisfied with anyone for very long." Similarly Evelyn dated lots of boys and girls at college but never managed to find someone she wanted to spend more than a few weeks with.

Brandon wasn't so much picky in truth but he did want to find someone he could really trust and open up to. As he left high school, he found himself dating older women for a short time and, one, really much older, effete man, named Gerrold, who paid for some of his publishing costs. This delayed Brandon from college as he plowed full ahead building a small, indie press.

By the time Evelyn was in her second year, Brandon had gone into business with Gerrold and was printing sixty-thousand zines a month distributed locally and had a sizable fan base. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough business sense to know Gerrold was screwing him and taking upwards of eighty percent of the fledgling company's profit for himself, even as Brandon did more than ninety percent of the work.

It took only a couple weeks from the time Brandon realized this to a 'blow-up' with Gerrold and a rapid folding of the company. Brandon consulted a couple lawyers but found out quickly the depth to which he had been rolled. Not only did he lose out on most of the profits he had helped create but he didn't own the rights to his characters or even one sentence of his own writing. Gerrold walked away with almost a quarter million dollars and quickly hired a new artist and writer to replace Brandon. Brandon left the company with roughly three thousand dollars to his name.

"Come visit me at university." His sister said. "I'll help you figure this out."

He did. Of the money he made half went into savings and the other half he planned to use to travel and rebuild. He bought a small, beat up Honda Accord station wagon, the cheapest Nokia cellular phone available, camping supplies and drove east to reconnect with his best friend and sister. The girl who had always protected him, stood up for him, and the roughhoused him enough to make him resilient.

"Fuck I'm so glad to see you!" She said hugging him tight as he met her on the campus quad. She was taller now and her chest had filled out. Despite her boyish clothes she was really shapely and her bright green eyes made him want to weep they were so heart-breakingly beautiful. For his part he was no longer so scrawny and had a decent little artist's soul patch on his chin. To her eyes he was as gorgeous a male specimen as she had ever seen. "Damn, I'm lucky." She said. "Sorry it's under such shitty circumstances but I am so damn happy you're here." It was probably twenty minutes before they finally broke the hug.

"Here's my key. I wrote the address down for you. I live in off-campus student housing about a mile from here. I have to go back for afternoon classes but I want you to settle in. Get something to eat, fridge is not entirely empty. There's cable and I don't have a roomie right now. How was the drive? Oh shit! Parking! You'll have to get a student sticker but we'll figure that out later. Just park a couple blocks away for now near the library. There's always parking there. You can unload your stuff parked in front of the student housing building but just have your blinkers on."

"Drive was great. I cried a bunch about stupid shit but I was glad I was coming to see you. I missed you so much the last year." He kissed her neck below her ear and, though he couldn't see it, she started crying." She kissed him back, on his neck and then planted five hard kisses against his neck and cheek, hugging him tighter. "So good to see you again."

She walked him to his car and when he was about to get back in she grabbed him and hugged him again, kissing his cheek over and over. He kissed her forehead and over her eyelid and she crushed him against her again. "See you soon Brandon. I'll be out of class in just a few hours. I have one more three-hour lecture and then a meeting with my councilor. Relax. Watch a movie..." She sniffed him exaggeratedly, "have a shower." She teased. They parted and she couldn't help watching him drive away and she walked backwards toward her next class.

In truth, she hadn't meant the shower comment. She had missed his smell so much she kinda hoped he'd stay stinky. She was late for class but she had trouble hurrying. She felt warm all over and she ruminated on their deep history. It didn't take long to drift to thoughts of his body, how it was a bit different now. He was even sexier, more manly and she could feel her pubic area thrum. She knew she would get little out of class that afternoon, busy as she was thinking about having her brother back in her apartment.

As Brandon followed Ev's hand-drawn map he thought about her breasts pushing into his chest and her warm, moist kisses on his neck. He could still feel the warmth of her body and the sense memory of her skin against his. His driving became distracted as his penis got harder than it had at any time in recent memory. For his part he was disquieted. He was a bit afraid his body was responding in a way his mind did not want to go. If he let his body have its way, things could go really badly. He could really fuck things up. He was staying in his sister's apartment, he couldn't afford to make her think he was skeezy. "Stop fucking perving on your sister!" He whispered to himself. "Get your dumb dick under control." By the time he found her address, he was angry at himself.

He parked across a driveway to a garage that didn't look used and put on his emergency flashers. The building was four stories of stucco built in the 30's or 40's and had one of those buzzer intercom systems. There was a aging paper sign taped to the inside of the glass side window which read, 'Check all guests through student services. No entry after 1am'. He hoped his sister would do whatever she needed to to keep things kosher with her housing.

He found her apartment on the third floor. Her door was chipped black lacquer and there was a drawing he had done posted there. A photocopy of his Rad Bird character. An ostrich with a backwards ball cap and a skateboard posing nonchalantly. It was a character based on Evelyn. She had colored it and added a word balloon which read, "Bitch House Rules, don't be a pu$$¥" with the 'S's and 'Y' replaced by dollar signs and yen. He pushed the door open and immediately grinned. Hanging from the ceiling on a hook was her BMX like a potted plant. There was a coat rack covered with hoodies and a broken skateboard laying upside down by the hall closet. The deck, snapped nearly in half, was still holding together by the grip tape. Another one of his characters was on a tattered sticker on the bottom.

The place was small. The hall with a shallow closet lead into a small living room with a pass-through to a cracker box kitchen. There was a small bathroom with claw foot tub taking most of the room. A curtain hung from a brass oval suspended from the ceiling with a small pedestal sink and antique toilet. Most charming were the tiny white hexagonal tiles. The place would have been beautiful if not for a hundred coats of chipped paint and the thousand students who had lived here over the years. There was one more door he didn't look into. Presumably Ev's bedroom. He set his bags on her futon sofa and went to re-park his car.

He walked around the small tree lined streets dropping autumn foliage in colorful drifts around curbs and lampposts. Glass fronted cafes and bistros with pretentious names in gold leafed script. Upscale toy shoppes and bicycle galleries. Independent bookstores and co-op groceries. It seemed like a nice town but he worried about how much it cost to live there. He peered at the menu posted in the window of a low lit Italian restaurant and saw entrees listed at fourteen dollars. Damn, he thought, how does anyone afford to eat in this town?

A little further down the way he did find a somewhat rundown Mexican food place that smelled promising. They had a taqueria style burrito for six bucks that came with chips, salsa and an Agua Fresca. He also got a pair of queso con carne sop'es for Evelyn to-go. Cantaloupe Agua Fresca was her favorite. He hoped she had a toaster oven because a microwave would make the sop'es inedible. If worse came to worse a frying pan with a lid wasn't the most awful way to reheat them.

Getting back to Ev's, he set up shop in her tiny kitchen. The only real work-space was the pass-through to the living room and while plating the burrito he noticed her bookshelf in the living room had a dozen or so of his comics. He was touched. He had sent her a couple but it looked like she had sought out others and was now displaying them prominently. He wondered if she came to his house, not that he really had a place right now, but if she had, would she see evidence of his pride in her? He didn't know but he resolved to be a better brother. He set aside the sop'es where he could heat them up just a bit before she would get home. He found she had her favorite hot sauce in a cupboard and he brought it out with him to the futon where he planted himself to eat. He still had about two and a quarter hours to kill before she got home.

She had some early 90's copies of thrasher magazine on the makeshift coffee table; an old buckled trunk. The cover was Elissa Steamer, who he knew was a hero of hers. Evelyn had always been a bit too distracted to commit hard enough to skateboarding to be really good. Now that she was older she mostly focused on basketball. He thought about her body which he had hugged tightly against him just an hour earlier and felt his dick respond again. 'Fuck!' He thought, 'stop getting wood on your sister!' God she felt nice.

She had more of an hourglass figure now. His mind flashed to a vision of her naked and he almost couldn't handle it. He knew he would burst a blood vessel if he ever saw her undressed. 'But you won't because that's not why you're here, right, Brandon! Just calm the fuck down and don't be a monster.' His boner wasn't subsiding though. He got half way done with the burrito before deciding he should take a shower. Maybe a cold one.


In class, Ev was thinking about Brandon and had taken little or no notice of the afternoons coursework. She hoped her friend Barbara would be taking good notes. She'd try and catch up later. She wasn't really that into the class under normal circumstances but with her brother on her mind it got even harder to concentrate. He had really filled out. He had a pretty great hug, that was for sure. Strong and enveloping. When she had kissed his neck her hips had been close enough that she thought she could feel his penis pulse. There had been layers of fall clothes but it felt like his heart had pounded hard against hers. A picture of his heart appeared in her mind, cartooned with arms and legs and a big boner humping toward her. It did the Time Warp with hands on hips. She guffawed inappropriately thinking what the uptight girls in her class would think of her thoughts right now.

Afterwards she saw her councilor. A short, fifteen minute check in to see how she was doing balancing basketball and keeping her gpa up. She thought about blurting, "I don't think basketball will be half as distracting as my brother's dick!" Yeah, grounds for investigation and maybe dismissal for that. Her councilor may have wondered in that moment about her silly grin. She did look at her a bit quizzically.

"Nothing," she said, "just thought of a dirty joke someone told me. Sorry."

She promised good work and solid team spirit and moments later she was running out of the building, Jansport on one shoulder and tossing her skateboard down even before she'd left the doorframe. Ten long pushes and she was cruising to the top of a set of fourteen concrete stairs. A lazy kick flip put her 50/50 on the side burm followed by a nollie off the end and nose manual for fifteen feet or so at the bottom then a shovit from goofy to switch. A passing student suddenly fell madly in love with her but for Ev it was just an efficient way down the steps. Eight long blocks later she was at the front door of her building.

'Shit, he's got my key!' She thought. She hunted for her apartment on the buzzer system, never having had to be buzzed into her own apartment before. 'I wonder if I'll catch him naked?' She thought as she buzzed 304.

After a moment and some obvious fumbling he came through the intercom; "um, ah, hello? Evelyn Palmer residence?"

"Hogan! You better be prepared to defend that belt cause old hacksaw Jim Duggan is coming for you with his trusty two-bah-four!" She said in her best baritone.

"How do I let you in?" He asked.

"You let me in the same way you let Jake the Snake in! With a figure-four and an elbow from the top rope and before you know it, you've lost your WWF world title to me, the man who's gonna finally put the Hulk in his place once and for all!" Ev devolved into coughing as the attempt at the gravelly voice burned her vocal cords, undercutting her bravado.

"Okay, I think I found it." He said as the door buzzed.

"I'm entering the ring, Hogan!" she said trying one last time to get him to play along. Then she bounded up the stairs three at a time.

When she got to the door he was already opening it but she noticed the photocopy of his character on the door and was suddenly embarrassed. She had forgotten about it. What did he think of my using his character like that? He grinned at her as she came in. The apartment smelled of grilled onions and spicy meat. He hustled ahead of her to the kitchen and began plating the sope's. He brought them out with her only cloth napkin and a pint glass of cantaloupe Agua Fresca with a straw in it.

"I see you found La Candide," she said smiling wide and accepted the plate and glass. He brought out his own, half demolished burrito and a can of Diet Coke from the fridge. They sat down on the couch, half facing one another and ate, grinning like fools. Evelyn took off her hoody and hucked it in the direction of the coat hooks. It missed and flopped on the hallway floor with the broken skateboard. She was wearing a faded 'Cheers' t-shirt underneath.

"How'd you break that board?" He asked.
"It was in a tournament this summer. I was on a six foot vert with a shoulder to another transition and I popped over the top. I was gonna stoppie on the far rail but I missed my truck and landed full force on the center of the deck. I totally bailed and ate shit. I had a bruise the size of Alaska on my inner thigh, almost broke my wrist trying to catch the rail, raspberry cheek on the tranny. It was straight knar.

"Damn! You didn't tell me about that."

"I kept the deck though, cause I don't think anyone got video. I asked around. I wanted a trophy."

"I would never skate again if that happened to me. Be like, here, Goodwill, here's a broken skateboard. I'm gonna play Cricket from now on" Evelyn laughed and he smiled, liking that his joke had landed with her.

"I fucking love it. I'm gonna skate til I'm ninety."

"You're gonna break alllllll the hips." He was looking at her legs in slightly baggy jeans but could still imagine their shape.

"Be made of steel pins by then. Like a cyborg. Indestructible!"

"How was your last class? What are you taking?"

"Oh fuck, it was alright I guess." She sighed. "I'm taking Gender Studies. I'd don't know. It's kinda bullshit. I originally took it cause this girl I was dating thought it was a good class but all it is is like women are always victims and shit. I think it's pretty dumb."

"Really? I don't know. That sounds like maybe not exactly what the class is about. I mean, a lot of fucked up shit happens to women. It's pretty unfair. Women were basically like slaves, doing laundry and scrubbing floors for most of history."

"Yeah but guys were out in the fields plowing or coal mining or building houses. It's not like anybody had it all that easy. I'd prolly rather do laundry than get black lung in a mine."

"...And being President and owning land; Yeah but that's not like what women go through, like sexual harassment and rape and stuff. I think they should be teaching it. Might change some things for the better. Enlighten some people."

She made a face at the word 'enlighten' and made a short raspberry. "Yeah but they act like all men are just on the verge of raping at like, any minute." She turned to him, "Oh my god! Would you rape me!? Holy shit, I would get SOOOO many brownie points in that class if I was raped by my brother!" She clutched at his chest, popping her eyes at him comically.

Brandon visibly paled. "Fuck!, don't even joke like that! Ew! Jesus, Ev! No, it's not like every guy is going to rape all the time. I would never do shit like that but there are a lot of gross fucking guys. Like, a LOT! Dudes are fucked up."

"Yeah, some are but they act like it's basically every guy. 'The patriarchy uses rape as a way to oppress women.' " She made air quotes with her fingers.

"Well, it's kinda true, at least historically. Like women didn't have the right to vote until super late and they'd get beat up by cops for trying."

"They were talking about the suffragettes and how long it took for women to get the right to vote but, like, most men didn't have the right to vote not that long before. It was just the rich white land holding gentry, not all men. Black men only got the right to vote like a little while earlier and they act like all men got to vote and no women did. Even if that was true we all know it was their wives calling the shots, like Eleanor Roosevelt..."

"That's not even the right Roosevelt! You're thinking Teddy, who was around at the time of the Suffragettes. Eleanor was FDR's wife in the 30's and 40's and she was in charge of a garden! She wasn't calling shots."

"She did WAY more than garden, Brandon!"

"Yeah but she wasn't telling Franklin Delano Roosevelt what to DO! He was like, running World War Two."

"The thing is the teacher acts like women never got to do anything in history but there are sooo many stories of the wife or queen or who ever being 'the real power behind the throne.' Women just use power differently, like more secretly. They act like it's still that way, like women aren't allowed to do anything and I think it's kinda bullshit! I can do whatever I want!"

"Well, like how many women CEOs are there? Like five or something? Doesn't that seem like there's a limitation there?"

"Not really, not if that's what I wanted to do. I'd do it! That's something that came up in a previous class, like, 'women need role models so they can see themselves in positions of power,' cause they think that's why all these little girls wanna be princesses, cause they can only imagine Disney movies or something. I don't buy it. I never wanted anything to do with princesses. You coulda showed me a thousand Disney princesses and I never woulda wanted to be one. Be WITH one, maybe, cause, ya know, Ariel was hot under those seashells."

"But you don't think women need role models? To see that women can do some thing?"

"No, just fucking do it cause it's what you want to do! Anyone can be your role model. I wanted to dunk like Michael Jordan but that didn't make me wanna be a bald headed black guy. I just wanted to be able to jump like that, and now I can, pretty much, sorta."

"But like, skating; you have a thrasher right HERE with Elissa Steamer on the cover, she was like a role model for you. You used to have a POSTER of her on your wall in the Grant st. House."

"Yeah but I didn't skate because she skated. I skated cause it looked like fun and that was long before I'd ever even heard of her. Who was her role model? Did she need to see some other chick doing it first before she felt like it was okay for her to try it? Nah, she did it cause she's a byaad-ASS!"

"Yeah but not every girl is like you. Maybe some girls do need that and there aren't enough role models to encourage them."

"That's like claiming women don't have imagination. I don't want to be treated like some delicate flower that needs to be led by the hand to what ever, if I wanna do something, I do it! Nothing is gonna stop me..," she shifted her register lower' "like how I'm gonna take that World Championship Belt from you, Hogan!" She raised her arms theatrically. A second later she pounced on him. He barely had time to move his plate from his lap to the coffee table before she had both hands on his wrists and was struggling to pin them to the back of the couch.

"Whoa sis! You're gonna break something!" He said, a little annoyed. He had more trouble switching from the more argumentative back and forth they had been having to her playful rambunctiousness.

"Yeah, YOU," she cavorted, crossing his wrists against his chest and putting her knee between his legs, her green eyes burning with malicious mirth.

At first he struggled in mock defense but he soon realized her grip was actually really tight and she was crossing his arms, putting his left hand under his right armpit and right arm under left. He lifted a knee to hook around her thigh and she evaded then he got both his thighs wrapped around her thigh, drawing his knee up high so she couldn't wrap his arms further around his body. She clamped her thighs around his upper shin and he felt the warmth of her crotch pressing just below his knee. It distracted him for a moment, her firm pubic bone against his leg. He twisted on the couch, pushing with the other leg off the floor and she toppled sideways still not letting go of his wrists, grinning and laughing at him.

"Oh, yeah? Oh yeah?" He said as he slowly wiggled his way to better position. She no longer had her weight as leverage and he uncrossed his arms, now both laced fingers, grappling hands. Now laying with shoulders pinned to the futon she snaked a leg up and around his waist, her heel pounding him in the small of his back. "And the ref begins the countdown!" He bellowed.

"So you think! So you think!" As she got her other leg up to the front of his chest and managed to plant a foot in his kidney, she turned his body. He released one hand to try and grapple with her leg and she used the opportunity to push on his chin toward the ceiling. Now he was on his back and she had all arms and legs wrapped around him, the pair of them turtled. She stuffed her pointy chin into his shoulder.

"That actually feels really good!" He crowed, "It's like your giving me a massage. A little... tiny... Baby.. MASSAGE!" He said with effort as he tried to gain purchase on the futon frame. She was on the verge of getting him in a headlock if he let go of her other hand, which she was now twisting out of his grip. She grabbed his nipple and twisted. "Ow! Fuck!" She laughed at him, "playing dirty now!" He declared. He lost both her hands and instantly he was head locked.

"Do ya give up? Or are you thirsty for more!"

"Really? 'Home Alone' quotes? I thought college made you smarter!" He got his fingers in behind her knee where he knew she was ticklish and exploited it. She bucked wildly under him trying to get away from his fingers. Her grip around his neck intensified and suddenly a button or two of his shirt popped off.

"Ev, fuck! I need this shirt! Don't ruin it!"

"So take it off, shit, you can't wrestle in a button down." She put her hands around his chest and began unbuttoning.

"No, no, stop!" He said trying to pull her hands away.

"Okay, I'm gonna totally ruin your shirt then."

"I'll do it, you're just gonna tear more buttons off." She put her hands on his shoulders and shoved him up to a sitting position. He began unbuttoning slightly sullenly. He heard her fly and then she pulled her legs out from around him and put her feet on his shoulderblades, pushing downward on his shoulders. "What are you doing?" He asked as he saw her pulling one leg of her jeans off her socked foot.

"Getting into my wrestling leotard!" She declared and her jeans sailed past his head. "You should too." He was just getting his shirt down his arms so he was awkwardly straight jacketed for a moment when she reached around and undid his belt buckle and unbuttoned his fly.

"Wait, no!" He sprang into sudden erection seeing his sister's bare leg and he clasped both her hands to pull them away from his fly. She grabbed his penis fully through his pants, laughing as he yanked her hands upward she tweaked both his nipples and circled his chest. "Ev! Stop it!" He twisted around to try and face her and he laced fingers with her again, grappling. He got knees up on the couch to gain leverage and she opened her legs fully, wrapping both feet around his hips. He looked down at her crotch to see little yellow cotton panties and long, lean legs covered with little bruises and scrapes. She was wearing only the soft T and socks besides. His erection rigidified further. She used her feet to push down on the waistband of his pants, threatening to pull his boxers down right along with his jeans.

He let go both hands to save his pants and leaned back on his knees but her circling legs unbalanced him and she pulled him forward, placing both heels firmly on his butt and clamping down. He stopped himself from landing full force with his 175 lbs directly on her. He was aware her head was laying on the wooden armrest of the futon and didn't want to slam her noggin on it. She wrapped one arm over his shoulder and the other under his armpit and then she grabbed her forearms with the other hand and clamped down like a vice in a bear hug. His full torso was pressed entirely against hers. He immediately became aware that his hard cock was pressing directly against her crotch with only panties and boxers between. Her breasts squashed against his naked chest and she started humping against his hardness.

"Oh, help!" She cried rather loudly, giggling, "My brother is raping me!"

He panicked and twisted and writhed to get out of her grasp, shaking and turning in every direction. "Shhhhh! Don't say that! Fuck, someone will think you're serious!" He jumped backwards putting his back against the couch on the opposite side. His jeans were half way down his legs and as he reached to pull them up, she leaped forward to grab his hands and he tucked them into his armpits, crossing his arms to deny her a grip. He was upset now. Suddenly in no mood to play and she straddled him more tenderly.

"I'm sorry," she said, putting her forehead against his but still giggling. "I didn't mean to use the dreaded R-word."

"It's not funny. Like AT ALL." He was pouting and not making eye contact.

"I know, I'm sorry." She said more seriously. Her butt settled down onto his lap and she cuddled against him. "It's okay. I didn't mean anything by it." She could feel he had deflated and she refrained from humping against it. She hugged him.

"That a terrible thing to say. What if your neighbor heard?"

"This wall doesn't have a neighbor. The unit's empty right now. We can be as loud as we want." She said breathily.

She was warm and soft and almost entirely naked and sitting on his lap. She kissed his cheek and her softly labored breathing in his ear was effecting him. 'Stop! She's your sister!' He told himself. His cock began expanding again and he was nervous. He didn't want to let things get ratcheted up again.

"I feel something," she whispered in his ear. He could hear the smile in her voice and his face reddened but his cock grew twice as fast. He tried to pull his hips into the couch and bring his knees up to lift her away from his erection and she had her arms around the back of his neck now and she held herself close. "It's okay, Brandon. I like it." It now pulsed and leaked pre-cum.

He could feel everything was wet. He could feel the warm cleft of her sex wrapping part way around his member and was aware she was positively soaked. She slowly rocked her hips again as she breathed into his ear and her liquid coated the underside of his cock. She reached a hand down, slowly between them and he felt her fingertips directly on his wet head.

"Your fly is open." She breathed heavily into his ear. Then she licked his earlobe and his cock lurched, oozing out more fluid. "The only thing protecting you from my pussy is this little pair of panties." She ground her clit into the underside of his cock helmet. He felt her fingernails caress his shaft, scratching him lightly. "You want me, don't you, Brandon. You have always wanted to try my pussy. Even the boys you date are like me. Scrawny skater boys. The girls you are hot for all look like me." She stroked up and down the side of his cock and he could feel her reaching under her panties, pulling them aside. "You're so hard for me these thin little panties probably don't even matter. You could push your cock right through them." She raised her hips and he could feel her incredibly wet opening touch the tip of his naked penis. She made small circles around the head.

But he was also ruminating. She had mentioned the boys he dated and that flashed him to Gerrold. Gerrold WAS a little like Ev. He thought he was an older protector. He had a personality a little like her with his dry quips and cavalier attitude. His heart suddenly really hurt and some of the anger at being used rose up.

She detected the change. Just a slight thing almost unnoticeable but she knew he was thinking about darker things suddenly. She said what she was thinking out loud, "It's so close, your cock is practically in me." She whispered, and she did put the head entirely inside her and roll her hips on him. It felt so good. So, so good. Just that tip. "I could just do it. I told you, I go after what I want." But she didn't. She let his head pop out and slide up against her clit. Relished the feeling of her outer lips resting on it and feeling his pulse.

"I can't." He said shakily. "I want to but I..." He trailed off, thinking bitterly about Gerrold again. She kissed his forehead and tears spilled over his lower lids. "I don't know how to trust anymore."

"I know." She said, her butt sinking back down. Her pussy lips still hugging his shaft but her determination evaporated. "I'm your sister. You can always trust me."

"I know, but..." He trailed off again. Hugging her hard his head tucked under her chin so she wouldn't see him cry.

"It's okay." She said. Kissing the top of his head, stroking his neck. She was aware that she left a little trail of wet on his neck with the hand which had touched his penis. She felt it slowly deflate again and she was a little sad but it also felt nice. It was comforting to feel his softening cock wrapped in her folds. "I'm sorry I pushed you. I know what you're going through right now. I'm here for you." He was entirely soft now and the moisture between them was a little clammy. She kissed his temple. "We'll make it alright."

"Thanks." He said. His face was now between her breasts and she could feel his tears soak through her shirt. "Thanks for being my sister." He said. "I love you."

She raised his head and wiped his tears away. She lifted the hem of her shirt and wiped with that and he didn't seem to react when it exposed her bra and nipples. She held his face in her hands and his hands caressed her back. "I love you too." She said, seriously, holding his gaze and looking deeply into his eyes. "I love you." Then she kissed him lightly on the lips. One quick peck. He craned his neck and she gave him another, longer kiss. Then they were kissing full on the mouth and it felt wonderful. She held his face and they kissed gently and with exploring tongues.

She could feel his penis begin to harden again under her. This time it had no place to go and began to slide directly into her wet hole. She wanted to let it. Wanted to feel his cock grow it's way into her like a plant through soil and then ride it but she felt him lift her slightly with his knees. Knew he still wasn't ready and with a pang, she lifted her hips off him and broke the kiss.

They both looked down and saw the strand of brilliant silver liquid stretch from the head of his penis to her cleft. She reached down and wiped it off the head. Holding his penis for a moment. "It's such a nice penis." She said. "I've always liked your penis." She stroked it again, circling it with her hand and then let go to cover her pussy again with her soaked panties. She got off of him and sat beside him on the couch as he returned his very rigid cock to the inside of his boxer slit. There was a single button he re-closed but the size and contours of his cock were clear in the wet front of his underwear.

"I need a shower." She said scratching her crotch. Her shirt had tear stains on the cleavage and her yellow panties were entirely soaked. "I'll be quick. I imagine you need one too."

"Yeah." He said sheepishly, not mentioning his earlier shower. Remembering how he had masturbated thinking about her. He carefully pulled his jeans all the way up, gingerly covering his wet cock. She noticed how nice his stomach looked. His lean form was super hot and he had a little bit of definition to his abs. A thin trail of hair lead down toward his crotch.

She took her t-shirt off with her back to him, not yet walking toward the bathroom. She reached back and unclipped her bra, shedding it down her arms. Before entering the bathroom, she turned half way toward him, leaning on the door-frame and he could see her beautiful breasts in profile. They were so much fuller now. "I'm really glad you came to stay with me." She was smiling. "I missed you so much." He smiled back and she disappeared inside, partly closing the door and then turning on the shower.


She finished and walked out in a towel which covered his breasts but left just the very bottom of her vulva exposed. He walked in to the bathroom and she took off her towel and handed it to him. "The others are in the wash," she explained. The towel was pretty wet and the bathroom was steamy. "The fan doesn't work either so I just leave the door open." She opened the door to her room and walked in. He stared for a moment at her naked butt before she closed the door behind her.
He showered and jerked off again. He came like a hose, nearly losing his balance on the cast iron surface of the tub. 'Fuck what am I in for?' He wondered. He no longer wondered if he was a perv for wanting to fuck his sister. It was way more than clear she wanted to fuck him, almost did! He just had to figure out if it was what he wanted.

When he got out she was on the couch in fresh bed clothes, watching TV. A pair of flannel men's boxers and an over-sized band shirt. It looked like punk or metal. He didn't recognize the name. She smiled at him and patted the couch next to her, hopefully. He had only the towel. He moved quickly for his bag and brought it into the bathroom with him. She chuckled at him for being a wuss.

His own bed clothes were pretty straight laced. He came out in literal PJs with stripes and a top pocket and snaps on the shirt front. She guffawed when she saw it. She patted the couch again and he sat down. She pulled him toward her but he resisted a little. "Don't worry!" She said. "I Jilled off while you were in the shower. I'm not gonna pounce on you. I just wanna snuggle." He leaned against her and sighed. She lifted her hand to his face and caressed his cheek.

The TV volume was off. It was just commercials but they both pretended to watch. "You wanna talk about Gerrold?" She asked.

"Fucking asshole. He stole everything."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, like I said on the phone, he owns all my IPs. All my characters and stories are legally his. I'm not even allowed to draw them at conventions according to him."

"How can he do that? Did you talk to a lawyer about it?"

"He had a lawyer there. A guy named Clousterman who informed me of my situation. I wasn't even allowed to talk to Gerrold. He was in the other room for most of it. The lawyer just showed me various bits of the contracts I had signed over the last two years. Showed where I had given control over to Gerrold for this or that character. He had always represented the contracts differently but now this lawyer is showing me, rubbing my face in it. 'Look what a dumb kid you are', basically." Brandon lapsed into sullen silence.

"But that's like, his lawyer, right? So he's trying to scare you. Did you read the contracts?"

"I never did read all of them. My eyes always glaze over with that kind of stuff. Plus, Gerrold always seemed like he had my back. I fucking believed him when he summarized things. Fuck, I'm dumb! I read a bunch of the clauses Clousterman underlined and I think he's right. He took my shit. Ya know that I can't draw Rad Bird anymore? Not in public anyway."

"whaaaat?" She looked at him seriously. He could tell she was enraged. He had seen her like this before.

"It's okay, Ev. It's just a dumb character..."

"It's NOT a dumb character! That's me!"

"I can create more. Gerrold can't do anything but hire hacks to keep recycling what I started. He hired some forty year old artist to copy my style and a douchebag twenty-eight year old to keep writing. But they aren't me. Besides, I think zines are history anyway. The Internet is taking over. Gerrold executed a hostile takeover of a medium that's on the brink of death.

"No. We need to get your characters back. Fuck that guy. We need to fuck him up."

"He's not like Raynard Bannerman in the fifth grade. You can't just go punch his lights out."

"Nope. I know. I'mma think of something though. We'll get him back."

"Ev? Don't do anything crazy. Don't get yourself in trouble cause of me,"

"No. I got maybe an idea. I'm gonna keep thinking about it though." He saw her fist was white knuckled on the armrest. This was how she got just before their ultimate revenge on the mall security guy. She was angry and she was plotting. Evelyn was now the most dangerous woman on the planet.


Both Evelyn and Brandon rested fitfully. Evelyn was keyed up by the situation with Gerrold on one hand and berated herself for pushing Brandon sexually on the other. 'I do that every fucking time!' She thought. 'Go after people like a freight train and scare them off. Why can't I just learn to settle down and let things happen? Why do I have to always be the driver?' She wondered too at how sick she was. She felt horrible for trying to sleep with her brother. Trying to make him do something he clearly didn't want to do.

In the other room Brandon was angry at himself for rebuffing Evelyn. 'You had her right there, sitting on your lap with her pussy right on your cock and you were too scared to go through with it. You masturbated about her an hour earlier but when she was right there hot and ready to go you were a chicken shit!' He smacked his forehead with the heel of his hand hard enough to see stars. He was also hard as a Russian symphony and the memory of what it felt like to have the tip of his cock inside his sister's pussy was driving him insane. 'Why the fuck didn't you let her sit down on it!?'

The next morning he woke up bleary eyed. It was bright outside the window with sharp fall light and it stung his eyes. His sister was crouching on the floor by the futon and she was fully dressed with her skateboard under one arm. She was petting his hair and had tears in her eyes. She looked miserable.

She was saying; "I'm so sorry about last night, Brandon. I'm so sorry I acted like that. I didn't mean to try and push you into shit you didn't want to do." He was almost too bleary to comprehend what was going on. His sister was apologizing to him for something. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming but she looked terrible.

"What?" He asked, still gathering his wits. "What's wrong, Ev?"

She began crying for real, something he had almost never seen. Big tears spilled over her lower lids and rolled down her cheeks. "I'm sorry I tried to fuck you." She said. "Please, you have to know, I won't do it again."

"No, sis, no, don't." He pulled her onto him and she buried her face in his neck. "I wanted it. You didn't do anything wrong. I was a scared little shit. Please, don't cry. I wish I wasn't such a loser. I woulda spent the whole night with you. I wanted to make love to you so bad but I was a wuss." He hugged her tight.

"I'm sorry." She said. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. I want to, too. I just have to get my head right I guess. I love you, Ev. I love you so much. I've always loved you." She sobbed hard and hugged his prone body fiercely. After a moment she got herself together and looked at him, wiping her tears on his blanket. Suddenly he kissed her on the mouth, tasted the salty tears, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her like a lover.

"I have to go." She said, after they broke the kiss. "I'm late for class. It's already almost nine. She kissed him but hers was more timid, not wanting to be the pushy one. "I love you Brandon." She got up and gathered herself, tucked her board under her arm and the Jansport backpack on her back and was out the door.


Brandon explored the town again and checked on his car. No tickets. No break ins. He stopped in a coffee shop and read the local paper with an Americanoand a pastry. He felt like he spent too much money but he was in kind of a dreamy, romantic place. It was hard to feel overly worried. The future seemed very positive. The paper didn't think so. The paper was very concerned about the coming decision to invade Iraq as Bush attempted to gather a 'Coalition of the Willing' but all that seemed very far away.

Brandon turned to the entertainment section, looking for local events. He wanted to see what his new city had to offer. He also found the want ad section. He had a feeling he would be here at least long enough to need a job.

He thought about his sister's warm, wet pussy, poised on the end of his cock. How she could barely restrain herself and it made him very hard. What she had said about the people he dated. She was right. Lots of people he had been with had resembled Evelyn. He did have a kind of obsession with her. After all, her's was the first pussy he ever saw. She formed lots of the basis for his sexual psyche. He was still uncomfortable with the taboo of it though. He wasn't sure how they would get away with it. It was probably pretty obvious to a lot of people that they were siblings.

Maybe Ev would want a kind of 'siblings with benefits' scenario which was really hot and sexy but In his heart he knew he was a romantic. He wanted her, but as a girlfriend, possibly as a wife, though that was something he was sure he would never be able to reveal, even to her. How embarrassingly childish to want to marry your sister. It was the stuff that toddlers said and parents said, 'isn't that adorable,' but, truth be told, it was what he most wanted. He also feared the kind of pain he might be setting himself up for. Dreaming of something he could never have with her and settling for half measures. That more than anything made him think the path they were heading down was a bad idea.

He began thinking maybe he should just let things play out. He had felt so warm, kissing her this morning. It felt right even if it wasn't. He knew his sister loved him, probably more than anyone had ever loved him, including their parents. Maybe the best thing to do was relax and let things happen naturally.

He moved his car just to be sure he wouldn't get in trouble parking it in the same spot for two days. He worried about the out of state plates. He wondered if things would go in a direction where it was necessary to re-register his car. He got a a few more things out and remembered he had Ev's only keys so he looked for a hardware store to make copies.

On the way he passed a flower shop and, on impulse, bought a bouquet. He wasn't sure if Ev would appreciate flowers. She had never really been the type but he just felt like making a romantic gesture. There were choices of cards and he stopped for a moment with three options in his hand. "To my wonderful sister", "blossoming love is a beautiful thing" and "I will love you forever." After a long think he opted for the third. However things turned out, he would certainly love her forever.

He got keys copied, bought some pastries and headed back to Ev's apartment. Inside he remembered the night before again. The wresting on the couch which had very nearly turned into full incestous fucking. The feeling of her pussy hovering on the head of his penis. He got an idea but he didn't know her class schedule. He needed to find her events calendar or something like it. He noticed her bedroom door was ajar. He had been careful not to pry the day before but this time he decided to go in.

He found what he was looking for almost immediately. On the inside of her bedroom door was a dry-erase calendar with her weekly schedule scrawled in her usual sloppy handwriting. She was actually getting off a little earlier today than yesterday. He was amused to notice how much her room resembled that of a teenage boy. She still had skate and punk rock posters on the walls and a bikini babe calendar on her closet door. The floor was covered in dirty clothes and class work. The room was mostly taken up by her full size bed, unmade, her dresser and a night table. On it was a picture of him, a pot pipe and something else which made him laugh. A magic wand vibrator. He fought an urge to sniff it, maybe even lick it but such an act didn't fit his romantic mood. Instead he left the room un-disturbed.


Evelyn had much the same trouble concentrating in class this day as she did the day before. She felt much better about the night before after her, admittedly abject, apology. He had accepted it. That was something she sort of knew he would but she hadn't been sure how much he'd mean it. She had been terribly worried he would tell her it was okay but it wouldn't be. That what she had done would hang between them forever like a wedge. That had kept her up all night and when she saw him in the morning she hadn't really gotten any sleep. She was an emotional wreck but then he had kissed her and he had definitely meant the kiss. She could definitely feel that.

She was still tired but there had been a wonderful lightness all morning. She was plenty awake and mostly just thinking of how nice he smelled and the feeling of his skin against hers. She leaked like a faucet thinking about his cock nestled in her pussy lips. At points in her morning class she clamped her legs together and she could almost get off that way. Her needs down there still threatened to drive her. That was something she wanted to get under control.

That was a part of her bemusement this morning as well. She didn't usually get so infatuated. There had been a girl last summer who did some similar things to her but there was something fundamentally different. That girl had never been with a woman and Ev felt excited by the sort of deflowering of her innocence. She loved showing that girl a good time and making her feel better than she ever had. 'Daddy's little girl went off to college and got ruined for men by a butch skater dyke.'

But Brandon was much different. There was the entire history of their friendship underpinning her desire for him. He had been there as long as she could remember and he had always loved her unconditionally. Even when she got under his skin he loved her. Even when she got him into trouble or beat up or made fun of for having his big sis fight his fights for him, he had always loved her.

He was hot too. Damn he was hot. He fit her exact ideal of male flesh. He was Venus as a boy and triggered her sexually like no other boy ever had. But, she suspected she would still have wanted him even if he were on the opposite end of what she liked. Maybe her 'type' had more to do which who he was than how he looked. Maybe if he were stocky and bald she would be into stocky and bald guys. Maybe he just represented everything that could possibly be attractive about men. He was her sexual 'patient zero.'

Problem with that was keeping her hands off him. She needed to let him breathe or she would chase him away. She had to let him make the decision and the respect that decision even if it didn't go in her favor. That was a really hard thing for her, letting control go and letting other people do what they needed for them.

Class let out and she walked across the quad toward her next class tired and lost in thought. Smiling to herself thinking about his kiss. Normally she would have been caroming across the brick central court, driving crowds of panicked college nerds before her, grinding planter edges and power-sliding around slow moving clumps of students. Today she was floating slowly along like a rudderless log in a lazy river, head down and grinning to herself like a goof.

"Hey, Ev." She looked up and there was Brandon, standing before her, smiling and looking so handsome she could die. He held something behind his back. He also had a goofy smile. "I wanted to ask you on a date with me tonight. There's a punk band playing some place tonight, and I think it's one of the ones you have a poster of. I don't know though, I hadn't heard of them before." He rushed on. "I'd like to take you to dinner too. My treat." He shrugged and looked like he knew he was making an ass of himself but he brought the flowers from behind his back. "I brought you these too."

She looked around, sure everyone was staring at them. A couple people might have noticed but if they did they didn't let on. Her face felt hot and suddenly she was sixteen and being asked to a dance, uncharacteristically on her back foot. "What am I supposed to do with these, ya gump? I can't carry around flowers like an ice skater all day!" She lightly punched his arm but couldn't hide her delight. She took them from him and sniffed, "ugh! They smell so fucking girly!" But she was blushing fiercely. She read the card and her eyes welled up. She dropped her board and the flowers and hugged him tightly, crushing him against her. "You too, Brandon. You better believe I'll love you forever."

They didn't kiss. It was too public but they hugged a long time and when she felt his boner rise she pressed her pelvis against it. He took the flowers back to the apartment with him to put in a vase and she made another appointment with her councilor, making some major changes to her educational path.


When she arrived home he opened the door for her and was dressed up. He grinned at her and handed her a single rose from the bouquet this time. He wore a burgundy corduroy sport coat which he had tucked a flower into the lapel. Her brother had a motherfucking bow tie! That he apparently tied for real! Like he was Bill Nye or somebody. For some reason she didn't quite understand it made her weak in the knees. He looked like such a nerd but she loved him for it. It was definitely geek chic. All he needed were black plastic framed glasses.

"You dressed up to go to a punk show?" She said laughing at him and shaking her head.

"I dressed up for you he said," smiling, "the punks won't mind, I don't think." He took her hand and she stepped into the apartment.

She had butterflies in her stomach. Now she kinda wanted to dress up too. The idea was fun. She closed her bedroom door behind her and started looking through her closet for something that would rise to his level of snazz. She mostly had t-shirts, hoodies, baggie jeans and few sports jerseys. The flyest shirt she owned was a pink and purple plaid western style button up with sparkley fringes. It was cut nice to fit and showed off her tits in a way she didn't normally go in for. There were abalone shell buttons on the top pockets that landed right where her nipples were. She didn't quite remember where she'd gotten it but decided it was right. Along with it she found a jean mini skirt that had been made out of a pair of blue jeans. She thought she might have gotten the get up with the intention of a Halloween costume or something. She also had some Mary Janes she had never worn even once that were squashed in the back of her closet. A pair of fishnet purple stockings torn through with holes completed the look. She even spent a few minutes on her hair which was short but she threw some gel into and styled it. Even to herself she though, 'I'd do the fuck outta me!'

Though Brandon was unaware of her last thought he would have agreed. She stepped out of her room looking great. He was unsure he had ever seen her in a dress but her legs were fantastic. Even with the dozens of little scrapes and bruises, her athleticism showed through. The skirt and western shirt hugged her curves and made her breasts look incredibly inviting. She had even put on a touch of make up, which she didn't need but the thought that she had dressed up for him, warmed him. She looked lovely even as she maintained a hard ass appearance. Even dressed feminine she looked like the type to get into a knife fight.

He gave a wolf whistle grinning. "Wow! You clean up nice!" He walked up to her immediately bringing his hands to her waist which gave her a delightful shiver. He helped put the stem of the rose through hair and she got a barrette to help hold it in place.

They couldn't walk to the venue. As they left the building Brandon remembered to give her back her keys. She kissed him on the cheek and they want hand in hand to Brandon's car. He moved a few things from the front seat and then helped her sit like she was a dame in a noir picture before closing the door after her.

When he got into he driver's seat she was laughing hard. "Oh my gawd! You are SUCH a nerd. I love it though. So dorky. SOOOO dorky!"

The punk club was a little concrete building with a graffiti covered steel door and no windows. The walls shook and there was a line of kids dressed in black jersey and white shredded t-shirts with chrome studs or safety pins. Brandon did stick out but somehow Ev blended in just fine. Within moments she was talking to some kid who looked ten about a band called The Butchies and the drummer, Melissa York.
The band they were there to see probably wouldn't take the stage until midnight and it was still not quite eight o'clock so Brandon tried his best to get into the noise that was currently on stage. Evelyn was tired from lack of sleep but wired by the date. She seemed to be having a pretty good time though. After ten minutes, she held his hand and banged into him to the beat, lightly moshing. Half a dozen songs in, the band started playing rockabilly and Evelyn grabbed his other hand to twist. Suddenly he was having fun too. Neither of them were great dancers but Brandon began testing the limits of his understanding of swing which fit fine when someone on stage pulled out a horn and pushed the music in the direction of ska.

"You know we're gonna starve to death if we try and wait til they get on!" She shouted into his ear over the cacophony. They had both worked up quite a sweat.

"I'm starving now!" He shouted back. The ferocious pace of the music used up a lot of energy, especially as he was trying to pull of wilder and wilder whirls and lifts. "You wanna go get food?"

"Will you be disappointed?" She asked, shouting just quieter than a jet engine.

"No, I figured you might be. It's not really my music!"

"No way, these guys sold out years ago! I'm totally cool to leave!"

They walked back to his car an both of them were drenched in sweat but the night was cool and felt wonderful. He took off his sport coat and loosened his bow tie a bit and they let the fall breeze relax them after the hyperactive dancing. The got into his car and consulted about where to eat. Brandon wanted to take her somewhere nice and Evelyn wanted someplace cheap. They compromised with a Thai restaurant she knew of which made great Massaman curry and iced coffee and Evelyn directed them there.

"Do you have a lot of stuff in storage?" She asked looking into the back seats and seeing only a few small boxes, camping supplies and some things under a blanket in the back.

"Yeah. I put almost everything in a unit back home. I just brought what I thought I'd really need. I should probably take the stuff I have in the car out before it gets broken into. Probably been lucky the last couple nights."

"So, I guess you will have to go back at some point." She looked a little downcast but Brandon tried not to make too much of it. "Do you know how long you plan to stay?"

"I don't know. Maybe a week or so. I don't want to wear out my welcome." He laughed lightly but she knew it actually worried him.

"Can't you stay longer? You definitely can't wear out your welcome in a week. I was hoping it would be a while, like, maybe you'd move here. I missed you, dude."

At the restaurant they talked about his plans and what he thought he would do to recover. He went on about new characters and the possibility of a web comic but he was fairly demoralized. He mentioned plot lines he had planned that he would never finish now and a big reveal that the new writer had no idea he had been building toward. Evelyn held his hand and listened. After a while, she kicked off her shoes under the table and hugged one of his calves with her feet. She just wanted to touch more of him.

"Sorry, I've been monopolizing. I wanted to ask how school was going? I guess I only know you didn't think much of that one class."

She snorted. "Ha, I made some changes today with my councilor. I'll tell you about it later. I think it'll be good. I'm excited by a new possible direction." She looked at him meaningfully but he was mystified. She laughed at his bewildered expression and took his hand in both of hers, "don't worry, I'll tell you bout it soon."

Talk turned to other things and as the night went on it felt more and more like a date to Brandon. He had never really seen his sister look quite so feminine for one thing and she was engaging him entirely, really connecting in a way he couldn't remember happening with anyone else. She was beautiful in her rather masculine way but she also just loved him. He felt totally supported and he hoped she felt the same about him. They shared food and touched and laughed a lot. They had more fun than either had had in a long time.

On the ride home, she leaned against him, sleepily. "Your the best brother I ever had, Brandy."

"I'm the only brother you ever had. What's with 'Brandy'?" He chuckled. She had never had a nickname for him before.

"Ev and Brandy," she laughed. "A couple of queers who got each other's crotch-parts!"

"I guess I am kinda girly sometimes." He tried not to be needled.

"I love it. My kid sister. Metro as fuck. I would seriously not have it any other way. I love you just like you are."

"I love you too, Everett!" He said, teasing her back.

She snort-laughed and pulled on his arm until his cheek was in kissing range then planted a lipstick kiss on his cheekbone. His hand landed on her upper thigh and he felt the hem of her miniskirt and the soft texture of her fishnet stockings. Compulsively his finger slipped inside one of the large rips and touched her bare skin.

"That feels nice." She whispered in his ear and he continued to stroke her toned inner thigh. She snuggled into his shoulder, wrapping both arms around his arm. Her legs opened and she stretched to encourage him to explore.

Brandon was suddenly quiet, concentrating on driving and his sudden erection growing in his natty trousers. He could feel the skirt hem against his wrist and her inner thigh was soft and inviting. He wondered about his earlier reservations, trying to bring up reasons why he shouldn't but the evening had been so nice and he loved her so much, it was hard to think why this could be wrong. He had his entire hand inside a hole in her fishnets and it felt incredibly exciting. He was sneaking in but she was prodding him forward, shifting in her seat to give him more access. Soon he could feel her butt cheek with the tip of his pinky finger and his hand wrapped around her thigh, feeling the softness on his palm.

"It's okay." She said so quietly he didn't actually hear her with his ears but more with an undefinable sixth sense. He tried to drive carefully as more and more of his focus went to tracing up from the cleft where her butt met her thigh toward her crotch. Then his pinky was brushing a few pubic hairs and he knew she wore no panties but only the stockings. "It's okay." She whispered again, just barely audible.

She was wet. She was vibrating inside and his fingers were thrilling her. She pushed her pelvis up in her seat, just wanting him to touch her. The anticipation was killing her. She didn't want to push, wanted to let him make all the moves. Wanted him to want her but it was so hard to let go. Some big part of her wanted to grab his hand and guide his fingers inside her but she would not make him her dildo and the slowness was exhilarating.

When his pinky and ring fingers finally found her slit is was hot and slippery. He felt he was touching an open mouth and he traced his fingers around the wet lips. His hand buzzed inside with electricity and his breathing became labored. As he touched her clit she pressed her hips forward, seeking his hand. He made small circles in her liquidy folds, just caressing the tops of her sex and dipping in to stir.

"Yes, yes. I want it." She whispered huskily. "Touch me" he was driving her crazy. She was so wound up that she nearly began licking his arm like a cat. She was delirious with need. She rubbed his belly through his shirt and then remembered how close she was to his penis, saw his tent in his trousers. She put her hands inside his sport coat and caressed his nipples through his button down shirt, she began heading toward his belt when his fingers finally entered her and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her skirt was up around her waist and she pressed her clit against his palm, hugging his body and straining against her seat belt. "Oh fuck!" She breathed, dizzy for a second and unable to concentrate. "Oh fuck!" His fingers had barely been inside her a second before she came, rubbing her aching wet sex against his palm and crawling up his arm.

When she became aware of her surroundings again they were parked in the area around the library. The car was slightly ajar in the space but considering the circumstance, he had done an excellent job. She was flushed and her need only temporarily diminished.

"So that's why women wear mini skirts." She laughed huskily. "Brandon?" She looked at him earnestly, he met her gaze directly. "That was wonderful, and, I want more. Is that okay? Would you please come up stairs with me?" He nodded and smiled at her, his smile slowly widening.

"I want it to."

Outside the car she leaned against him on the fender and kissed him deeply. His hands went to her ass and she pressed her mound against his boner. They kissed deeply on the darken tree-lined street and for a manic moment he almost wanted to unzip and have sex with her right there on the hood of his car. It felt like she did too.

With much stopping and kissing and fondling they made it back to her apartment. They stumbled in and the door was barely shut before she was loosening his dorky little bow tie. For the first time he placed both hands against her breasts and savored the feeling of her stiff nipples on his palms. She kissed him and yanked on his belt, unbuckling it and he undid the button on her skirt. Soon he was shedding his sport coat and shirt and she shucked the skirt down her legs.

Between kisses she said, "my bed?" He nodded and her western shirt slid down her arms.

She backed into her room until her calves hit her mattress and then she toppled backwards, wearing only her bra and fishnet stockings. He did not entirely go with her but instead planted his face in her crotch, still removing his pants with one hand while he tugged on a hole in her nets with the other. She wanted him to just rip them and it was like he heard her mind, pulling the hole in them large and then thrusting both hands under her ass. Her warm wet slit met his warm wet mouth and he drank of her, plowing his nose into her clit. She grabbed her nipples and plucked as she marveled at the whirling ceiling, her brother was eating her out and she was on the verge of cumming again.

But now she wanted his cock. Now his tongue wasn't enough. It felt good but her need was to be penetrated deeply. She wanted him inside of her or she would go crazy. She pulled at his arms, cupped his face in her hands and and looked down at him, pulling at him. His face was wet and his eyes looked devilish and he lapped her clit with his long tongue.

"Come here," she pleaded. "Come up here." And he crawled up her body. He stopped to suck on her flaming nipples and she felt the wet head of his cock on her knee. She needed it, wanted to feel it push into her. "No, I can't wait." She clawed at his shoulders.

He crawled further up and she circled his hard cock, pulled it to her pussy but she could feel him resist.

"I need a condom." He whispered.

"No, I'm wired for sound." She laughed.


"IUD, copper IUD. put it in me, please."

He melted slowly, still slightly hesitant but his penis came to her slit again, cock-head boiling hot and slick. She looked into his eyes and he smiled, her arm wrapped around his shoulders and they watched each other with blazing love as he sank into her. Her wet sheath welcomed him and he relaxed, his fears and hesitation evaporating like rain on a hot day.

"There." She said when he was fully inside her. "That's what heaven is." And he sighed into her neck.

They made slow, deliberate love that was so pleasurable it was crazy-making, his cock sliding in and out of her like an oiled piston, Evelyn barely able to believe she could tolerate such joy. His back rippled under her hands and he could feel every contour of her soft body below him.

"It feels so good inside you. This is right. I know this is right." And his pace began to quicken.

Evelyn was not normally the vocal one in sex but she couldn't help it. His thrusting encouraged a guttural exultation out of her and she cried, "fuck me, fuck me, oh god, Brandon fuck me!" Soon he was rhythmically slapping his pelvis against hers and she was rising to an incredible orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum." He breathed and she grabbed his ass and encouraged his speeding pace.

Cum inside me, Brandon! I wanna feel you. I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!"

When they did it came together. Both found rhythm impossible and they devolved into gibbering and convulsing. Evelyn felt his hot cum rise through his penis and spray the inside of her body, relished the pulses of his penis as he ejected his seed and the shivering of his body against hers. When their breathing had slowed they kissed.

But he was not soft. Instead of flagging his hips began to slowly move again and as good as it had felt before they climbed yet higher. This time it was slow and penetrated her soul. They made love for another half hour, hovering on the edge of an abyss of pleasure. She traded places and rode him, driving herself down on his cock , still wearing her fishnets, her make up smeared and tears of joys running her mascara. He worshiped her tits with his warm, delicate hands and rolled his hips in circles, stirring her soupy insides.

Her pace quickened and she took her pleasure on his prick, clenching her abs tight and she molded her walls to his shape. This time the orgasm was not so intense but it was deep and resonant. Thrumming her insides like the lowest string on a bass. She still felt his penis squirt but it was a slow and lazy rolling conclusion. She fell on top of him and I listened to his heavy breathing. They both dozed until she felt him leave her body and she rolled off, snuggling against his sticky body.

After a long time he finally spoke. "That was amazing." He said simply. Awe in his voice.

"Yes." She breathed in his sweat. "The best."

After another long time, just as he was nearly asleep, she said, "I want you to stay. I want to be with you."

"How long can I stay?"


After another long pause in the fragrant dark, "what about your school? Will I get in the way?"

"I changed majors today." He looked at her in the dark and she snuggled into his clavicle. "I decided to do intellectual property law." He raised his eyebrows, surprised. She looked up and pecked him on the mouth with full, sultry lips." I'm gonna get your characters back. Rad Bird is yours. Rad Bird is me and I'm yours."


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